The Great Gatsby (2013)

The Great Gatsby (2013) Summary and Synopsis

The uniquely imaginative Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge!, Australia) tackles F. Scott Fitzgerald'’s landmark novel, The Great Gatsby, with blockbuster star Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Spider-Man'’s Tobey Maguire stars as the Fitzgerald-like would-be writer Nick Carraway who arrives in New York in 1922, an era of loose morals, glittering jazz and bootleg kings. Chasing his own American Dream, Nick encounters the mysterious millionaire Gatsby and his bewitching cousin Daisy. Soon, Nick is drawn into the captivating world of the super-rich, their illusions, loves and deceits. Bearing witness to this new world, Nick pens a tale of impossible love, incorruptible dreams and unforgettable tragedy -- mirroring our own times and struggles. An adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Long Island-set novel, where Midwesterner Nick Carraway is lured into the lavish world of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Soon enough, however, Carraway will see through the cracks of Gatsby's nouveau riche existence, where obsession, madness, and tragedy await. The Great Gatsby (2013) Wiki

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The Great Gatsby (2013) Movie (2013)

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The Great Gatsby (2013) Movie Reviews

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- One of my Favorite book adaptations4 star

The book was one of my favorites to read in high school and the movie might be even better. Every actor disappears into their role but Leonardo DiCaprio is the best in this film. I recommend it!

- The Great Gatsby is overrated but tells a conventional story4 star

I have never read the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerlad but based on what i watched from this adaptation of the classic novel the movie itself is pretty overrated but i understand that this movie is trying to tell a conventional storytelling but manages to be loud and pretty dazzling if i say do myself. See when you adapating a novel sometimes it goes off track or if the movie itself is pretty cliche and stupid it might not work out for most directors who create such adaptations with the matrieal of a genius. And that's why the film verison of the classic novel is to different from the actual novel and the film does has a ensamble cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Jason Clarke, Elizabeth Debecki and Isla Fisher. The cast members are sure worth the wait for this film not embrassed from the actual source material that this film is trying to capture with style and state of the art visual effects which the actors are able to shine. The film follows desaplined gentlemen Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) a humble man who moves to 1922 New York on Long Island next door to his cousin Daisy (Carey Mugllian) who is married to the concern and newly weed college mate Tom (Joel Edgerton) who is obessed with seeing other women in general. But that's not all Nick Carraway lives next door the lixirous mansion that is owned by millionaire Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio who gives a overwhelming but gorgeous performence as Jay Gatsby who is concern about the relationship between Tom and Daisy which sets Jay Gatsby to act in nervous and supicuous behavior towards his newcomer Nick Carraway. The plot is straight out from the novel but the film visual style of 1922 New York was thrilly impressive for many of the shots in the film. And the music is beyond distracting but fits with this movie despite this film being a tradgey between romance and money it still has many flaws to begin with but with Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby was such the brilliant casting choice and as for anybody else all of them gave descent performences such as Tobey Maguire's return to form who plays Nick Carraway who gives a good character for his film as well. I highly recommend The Great Gatsby it's subject material kept me from watching it more than twice because the overloud parties that Jay Gatsby creats is such a interesting world to explore romance and tradgeies.

- My favorite movie of all time5 star

The best movie you will ever see

- Best Movie In The World5 star

I absolutely love this movie. I watched this movie when it first came out and I love it still so much, this movie is my favorite movie in the whole world. I would highly recommend this to everyone, amazing acting, amazing actors, and extraordinary music and narrating by “Nick”. LOVE IT!!!! I would give this movie every Grammy if I could.

- One of my favorite movies.😍😍5 star

This movie touches my heart. I feel so much emotion when I watch this movie. Makes you realize how much you could really love someone. such a great movie! Must buy it. Perfect movie for your collection.



- Love5 star

I love the movie! Leonardo is literally my favorite, but I hate Daisy because of the way she treat him when all he did was try to love her.

- Boring1 star


- Brilliant5 star

This version of the classic novel is one of the most exhilarating, lavish, and downright gorgeous productions ever made. It is breathtaking in its ambition and energy. Simply unmissable.

- It really is great5 star

i absolutely love this movie, it’s one of the best movies i’ve ever watched. it’s completely different from all the other movies i’ve watched and is strongly recommend it.

- Ehhh2 star

Tobey is a terrible actor-and this was literally the book 100%

- Great movie5 star

Great movie ♥️

- Way to lose a dollar.1 star

I just rented this movie and the app says I have no downloaded movies to watch. Thanks Apple. I’ll stick with Google Play.

- It’s an amazing visual5 star

I had to read this my 11th grade year. After reading the book,I rented this to get a good visual. This put the book in a whole new perspective. It is rare for me to say the movie is better than the book. But this is the one exception this movie is 10 times better than the book.

- 😍😍😍😍5 star

This is a great movie!! Amazing cast! It did justice to the book! A must see!

- Great movie5 star

just amazing

- GREAT MOVIE!5 star

I adore the novel as well as the story! Also, look me in the eyes and try to tell me Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t a babe :)

- Favorite movie5 star

Loved the book, the movie, and soundtrack! The ending always makes me cry no matter how many times I watch it

- WOW5 star


- Just yes.5 star

The soundtrack? Spectacular. The movie? Beautiful. The overall enjoyment? Priceless.

- Best movie ever hands down5 star

The first one I saw this in 2013 I wasn’t crazy about it but after seeing it earlier this year I have quickly heck me obsessed . The music choice isn’t exactly 1920’s but it’s fun . I love the plot and Leo in this movie . It’s worth it 💕

- The Truth About James Gatz5 star

"Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter—tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.... and one fine morning— So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." - Nick Carraway (Narrator of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby") An amazing story about money, power, obsession, and tragedy. Fitzgerald's Jay Gatsby, or James Gatz, teaches us about the craziness in love and light—that having hope is something worth dying for.

- Better than reading the book5 star

Really good movie, I was afraid it was going to be a bomb but it was excellent.

- Rap Music in the 1920s??1 star

Not sure what the thinking is on that one..

- AMAZING5 star

Great movie! Beautiful music choices! All around amazing time and it really hits you in the feels. Wonderfully put together and I couldn't be more please with this movie. Highly recommended to watch.

- Great5 star

Good movie

- I give a 5 star5 star

I love this movie! My class had to watch it because we were doing the meaning of the colors and it helped understand the movie better, but this is such a good movie and the actors are incredible.

- Great film!5 star

Currently reading this book in high school and we watched the movie and I have to say that this is by far my favorite movie ever!

- Loved it5 star

I keep watching it over and over. I'm madly obsessed with Leonardo Dicaprio. And I love this movie.💛

- New and improved Jay Gatsby5 star

This is a much more interesting version of this story than the 1974 one. Better actors by far.

- Loved it!5 star

Great Movie!!

- Horrible!1 star

I'll give it two stars just because I didn't watch the whole thing; there might have been something in the rest of the movie worth giving it a 2nd star. I lasted about 40 minutes. The worst adaptation ever.

- Beautiful5 star

This movie is beautiful. I have seen it at least a dozen times. Please more films set in this affluent period of American history.

- Didn't get his shït together1 star

I think the worst movies Leo stared in had high hopes for this movie it's not a bad story line it's not bad film but the soundtracks was off you didn't know what era was the movie 1925 or 2012 bad editing I could of then better overall just over hiped movie that didn't give it a Second look before production

- WOW😭😀5 star

One of my favorite movies yet! Even though it came out in 2013 this movie is very well done! Acting is on point and even a few what I thought to be humorous senses,:) thought I'd just throw that out their😊🙌🏼


Leonardo did amazing playing his role as the Gatsby

- YES5 star



In my opinion the best movie I have seen so far definitely would advise

- So disappointing.1 star

F. Scott Fitzgerald's incredible book has been sullied by this film. McGuire is usually a pretty decent actor, but this was the worst I have ever seen him. He lacked any real emotion or enthusiasm. The over use of CGI effects left a bad taste in my mouth. As did the hip-hop and pop music they constantly played. I escorted a lot of jazz and class, but what I expected is not what I got. There was entirely too much emphasis on the parties, and not enough on the plot. Overall, a horrible disappointment, as was the previous. People should really stop trying to make The Great Gatsby into a movie because no one seems competent enough to do it justice.

- GOAT5 star

Greatest movie of all time

- dishonors it predecessors in every way1 star

Its not that I'm not a Di'caprio fan. Im not bashing his performance. Its the fault of the director and producers. This movie was more than a "GREAT"disappointment. If you haven't watched the Redford version or read the book. You probably will not after this epic fail. Dub step in the roaring 20's is insulting to say the least. Nothing of this movie is era correct outside of the clothes and cars. Even some of those were incorrect as well. SHAME ON YOU!!!

- Uber Fantastic5 star

Such an amazing movie I could watch it forever

- Absolutely breathtaking5 star

This is my favorite movie of all time. It's beautiful and will resonate in my soul until I die. This movie made me read the book. You know you love a film and story so much that you seek more of it from the book. I love this movie. The colors, the lights, the music, all so beautiful.

- 😍😍In Love!!!😍😍5 star

Omg!! I love this movie!!! Great movie for those long flights!! Amazing!! I would rent this again in a heartbeat!!

- FANTASTIC😋5 star

I recommend reading the magnificent book by F. Scott Fitzgerald before watching this equally magnificent movie. This movie is so similar to the book, it has words straight from the book being spoken. This is my favorite movie ever!!!!! By the way, I'm only 11 years old and I read this book and completely understood it. So encourage your kids to read this fascinating love story about a man named Gatsby

- Beautifully Shot! Excellent Soundtrack! Classic Story!5 star

An excellent interpretation of Fitzgerald's classic story. Well worth purchasing.

- Crazy in a Lovely Way5 star

Brings out the redo pilots in every one

- Worth the Money4 star

I liked the movie a lot and thought it was fun and entertaining. My opinion is that portion with the new director was good. The first director was bad. It's probably why the movie got a crappy review. The second part is really good.

- amazing5 star

Truly one of the greatest movies of all time!!! Leonardo DiCaprio delivers an unforgettable performance. All time favorite. I can't say enough about it. From a guy who usually doesn't watch these type of movies i can say this is my top #1 favorite movie of all time. Classic.

- Perfection5 star

This film adaptation fit the literary classic to a T. It fit EVERY single detail of the book and captured all of the emotion into a visual artwork. I cried sooo so hard at the end; even more wonderful (if even possible) is the soundtrack. Nick Carraway gives me the exact feel as the novel. Masterpiece.

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SRGRMB - Vulgar1 star

Vulgar waste of energy exspelled by this trashy movie. The acting was extremely poor, the director must have stayed home and a stage manager directed it while the director was away. Don't waste your hard earned money on this disgusting movie.

Pip$$$ - Amazing5 star

One of my favourite films, very well done. Ive been looking for the novel to read, and even if parts arent the same i still think it was an exceptional film

ye_es - magnificent5 star

very well crafted. can't wait to read the book.

Tshackelly - Most favourite5 star

I'll always love this movie❤️

rakshaseeb - Absolutely amazing5 star

Extremely well put together, as great as the book!! The audio tracks fit so perfectly too. Young and Beautiful by Lana was amazing choice. The settings in the movie were on point. WONDERFUL CLASSIC. My all time favourite.

Svydbugsghts - The Great Gatsby5 star

Despite the negative critic reviews, this remains a favourite for me. I will never get tired of watching this film.

Love/alexee - Great!! 💕💕5 star

Tellement un bon film qui peu faire comprendre des chose c est la perfection!!

MireilleBo - Gatsby2 star

Boring movie. DeCaprio is good at the role... But there isn't much to the story.... A real disappointment.

BrennanPosmituk - A gorgeous film5 star

I've wanted to watch this movie for quite some time now and the wait was definitely worth it! This movie is probably one of the classiest and most elegantly done films I've seen in a while, and from someone who read the book, the movie does an amazing job at displaying the true emotion behind the words once read in the book. I highly highly recommend this movie to anyone because it covers many genres from drama to suspense, from action to romance, this movie has it all and for me, it is an instant classic. Very well done, extremely impressed.

kelsey85 - Love love love Baz & Leo!5 star

Okay, so no movie is going to outdo the book - that's almost certainly a guarantee - but this film is so creatively imagined and the combination of the flashy 20s costumes and fabulous soundtrack produced by Jay-Z make for an exhilarating and thrilling ride. Masterful performances from Leo DiCaprio and Joel Edgerton. The characters and the richness and depth of the production team really bring it to life. Don't listen to the nay-sayers, this is totally worth the purchase!

juliiiie8 - Gatsby5 star


Comme des ombres soyons!! - Oufff!!1 star

Tant qu'a c'est un navet....ennuyant et interminable! :(

Tseg! - It's got a good….soundtrack?3 star

The soundtrack is essentially, the only thing I left happy with when I think about the Great Gatsby. Mind you, I have not read the book; though, even without my understanding of the literature, this Motion Picture reeks on underdevelopment in more than just plot, subplot, etc. On the contrary, visually, it's euphoric and almost beautiful. The effects are gorgeous and just the scenery makes it so much more enjoyable.

MarianneLachance - Amazing.5 star

Absolutely incredible. The soundtrack makes it even more phenomenal. Gotta love DiCaprio!

STARBLAZER71 - Great gatsby3 star

Good film, well acted, great visuals but modern soundtrack is ridiculous. I don't care who produced it, the music should be of the time not to promote someone's wife and other artists on their payroll! Other than that well directed I would recommend it!

BigBear4941 - Over-Rated1 star

This movie is an over budget "B" movie. If it wasn't for the "big name actors" it would have gone straight to TV and Netflix.

Bimapeppy - Worth Watching!5 star

I read the book before the movie and I fell in love with it. The movie turned out amazing. Many people will say its too Glitz and Glam but thats the whole point! Furthermore the movie is more appealing to this young generation with some pop music insterted between some jazz music. Great movie and very nice picture.Actors are spot on. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Nalda clase - Chef2 star


Season 1234 - 12343 star

It's a beautiful love story. Great cast and amazing imagery!! It's a feel good movie, has a great soundtrack! I enjoyed it.

Heatha49 - Exceptional Movie5 star

This movie is beautifully written. The cinematography is amazing, the acting is fantastic and beneath it all there is a heart breaking love that is gripping and dramatically displayed. Ohhhh and Leo is not hard on the eyes :) Overall, one of the best movies of the year!

Angie cc - Beautiful!!5 star

I love this movie! It's beautiful and I can watch it over and over again!! <3

KEV.J. - loud mess...2 star

Inside this long,loud mess is a simple gentle love story that wanted to be told.It isn t.Leo gives a good performance,but the days when hollywood could make this film work are long gone.And i wanted to like it.

srg.woods - Mind blowing !!! 👌👌👌5 star

One of the best movies i have ever seen!!!

Daywon - Great Indeed5 star

In a word, this movie was very enjoyable. I highly recommend it.

sloth express - whaaaaaaaat5 star

why does everyone hate this movie so much? this is definatly one of my favourites of all time. The acting is beautiful, the dialogue is heartbreaking, the visuals and soundtrack are stunning. It might not be everyone's cup of tea because of it's length but if you want a movie that's different, touching, and inspiring this is it. They also play Lana Del Rey five times (i counted).

Bern76 - Adoré!5 star

J'étais halluciné par les images qui sont si extraordinaire et pleines de couleurs! Je trouves le scénario bien mais j'aurais aimé en savoir plus sur les personnage.J'ai adoré l'intrigue, je conseil ce film qui est un tres bon drame!

OpiumTears - Brilliant5 star

Words are not enough to express this masterpiece of a movie with an incredible cast. Leonardo DiCaprio shines as one of this generations best actors. His portrayal of Gatsby is magnificent. Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan and so many other actors make this movie BRILLIANT The story keeps you wondering for what is to happen next.

meesaa - Fabulous!5 star

I read the novel before I watched the movie, and knowing all the details and psychological aspects of the novel, I believe that the movie was brilliantly crafted. Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Gatsby with the perfect balance of vulnerability and arrogance, and the rest of the cast is stellar as well. The perfectly crafted soundtrack only adds to an already awesome movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone!

Zapp_Brannigan_19 - IT'S A TRAP!1 star

Don't be fooled by the costumes and party scenes because this movie doesn't delve into the story like it should. The characters were underdeveloped, Toby Maguires acting is atrocious and the word "sport" is used so much that by the end of the movie you want to rip your ears off! Not worth 2hrs of your life or your money.

Caroline_0792 - Waw !5 star

Waw ! Simply amazing ! I love it ! It's one of my favourites movies now !

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Princess7635 - loved it5 star

yes there is hip-hop music but that's not even a big deal. Lana del Ray in "young and beautiful" was a beautiful song. personally I fell in love with this movie.

Haw ties - Greatest of all time😍👏5 star

Love this movie! It helped me on a test also in 7th grade! When he went on to Europe he named Moscow, Istanbul, ect. And it was set back to the 1920s I loved how he had the big yellow custom job!! Wow and I adore how he had the big party's! I can't understand how anybody would not like the Great Gatsby!😍❤️

cmalt21 - best movie i have ever seen5 star

best movie i have ever seen

Anw113 - 💙💙💙5 star

This is my brothers favorite movie and mine too. We can basically act out the entire movie by ourselves and we are constantly quoting it. One of the best movies ever💕

iamtheking4ever - Leo5 star

Beautiful Movie

OctaneX110 - A remarkable take on a classic.5 star

Everyone who says "oh too much cgi "; "too modern music"; "too loyal to the book" .. These are all the great elements that encompass this film. It makes it modern yet fascinating. The acting is great and I have yet to see another movie who's characters captivate my attention as so. I can watch over and over again.

Greggo:- - Great movie!5 star

Such an epic interpretation of the 1920s! Love the book as well, great messages

Ashleigh Inez - ❤️5 star

Best movie ever hands down. Totally captures the novels but in a more current way. I love Leo!

junior.gentleman - Awesome5 star

Such a good movie, but the ending is what really got my just goes to show that fake people have always existed!!

Chris-chin - Overrated!!!2 star

One of the most overrated movies in a long time. Was so excited to see it because I love the book and Leo is great in everything. The directing and cinematography looked amazing from the trailers and commercials, and while there are some good parts about the movie in the end it was much to long and I was happy when it was finally over.

Aituuns - A MASTERPIECE!5 star

There is no way that this movie could have been any better. It's worth to watch The Great Gatsby for its artistic genius alone (or whatever you would call it). I had never seen a more beautifully made movie in my life, and this is coming from a true movie lover (a proud owner of 500+ HD movies). The scenes, the angles and the settings were just perfect! It was like a Disneyland for adults. 5/5 for sure!

Pepsi96 - Love it5 star

It might not be like the old one, but I love this so much more! I've seen it 4 times already!! It's very poetic & a little bit suspenseful an not a stressful plot line

I Like Brownies - Stay away1 star

I really hate this movie. I rented this, and it was so bad that I stopped watching it after the first hour. There were so many flaws. First, it took them 30 minutes just to show Gatsby even though we already know it's Leonardo DiCaprio. Second, I got tired of Gatsby calling Nick "old sport". Dude, just ask him his name. Third, I understand it was in the background while they were dancing, but why was a Jay-Z and Kanye West song playing in a movie that takes place in the 1920s? It was really out of place and uncomfortable. Fourth, I thought the acting was bad. I have given this movie another chance, and watched it past the first hour, but I still don't like it. Just stay away!

.Autumn(: - OMG5 star

I luv this movie and Leonardo dicaprio is hot AF

Lizzy 402 - Great movie5 star

Very nice movie and leo should have won an oscar!

Dlimalg43 - Absolutely beautiful5 star

Amazing movie! Had I never got bored, amazing actors, and you could feel the love. Absolutely beautiful!

prettyiris19 - Absolutely Amazing5 star

In the beginning of the movie I thought it was gonna be boring because of the build up, but I was so wrong! This movie had moments were I laughed and definitely moments were I cried (excessively!!) The ending was devastating yet beautiful. I haven't felt so many emotions (angry,irritated, hurt, warm, excitement) for one movie since the Titanic. Not only was the movie wonderful but the soundtrack was fantastic as well!

Staranaaaa - My absolute favorite movie5 star

Best movie I've ever seen. A m a z I n g

RoadTrip2012 - America Does Costume Drama5 star

No one but Luhrmann could have adequately communicated the environment of the wealthy and privileged of 20th century America. While old-money Europe Downton Abbey's it's way to stately grandeur, the mad inhabitants of West Egg and East Egg careen from extravagance to extravagance, always narrowly escaping collision. There is nothing subtle about American royalty, and this movie shows this in spades.

JackBakerMO - Really Good!4 star

Like many kids in early school I am fond of this story. This was one of the first true books that I read in my youth from cover to cover and the story has always resonated with me. I think it was a fantastic movie and well presented. This is not a heart warming story by any means and will leave you a bit sad but the journey is well worth it. So well made and beautiful in it’s cinema that it draws you in and keeps you there. If you are a movie buyer - it’s worth owning. If you want a great Saturday nighted this a fantastic choice!

Chelseybear - Loved it for what it was5 star

I loved “The Great Gatsby” in high school. It was definitely the book that taught me to love literature. It also began my lifelong romance with the Roaring 20s. I also love Baz Luhrman (I know I butchered the spelling of his name). Romeo + Juliet was my first adolescent love story movie as a kid and Moulin Rouge was a pinnacle movie in my high school years. Therefore, I loved this movie for what it was, Baz’s rendition of my favorite book. It didn’t surprise me in the least bit and was exactly what I expected it to be. Everyone knows the book and everyone knows this director’s style. Both didn’t disappoint.

Superloverbabii - Was thrown off2 star

I couldn't get into it. I was honestly extremely excited for this movie but when I got the chance to see it, I couldn't watch it. It strayed from the book so much that it irritated me. Also the music threw me off. It focused more on glitz than the story

Frann00 - AMAZING💕💖5 star

I really loved this movie.

Andrea Simmons - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!5 star

This is an excellent movie and it is a great representation of the novel! I love the modern twist of music they put in it! I think it makes the movie much more relatable to the present! I recommend it to all!

foofer doos - 😍5 star

Most amazing movie ever. Most definitely one of my favorites.

JohnDSterling - Amazing Movie5 star

Very little people understand the mind of Gatsby's love for Daisy. Very few go through love that lasts an eternity even if you tried to let them go. Because of this, the people who have not gone through this type of love find the character Gatsby crazy or obsessive. This is now my favorite of all movies, and is very beautiful.

MPGIS<3er - Beautiful5 star

Although I have not read the novel, I think this movie is perfect and really goes well with the 20's in which it took place. It is such a great story altogether and like many other wondrous films, it is a tragedy which makes people question what could've been, and personally, I love that. Adding on is that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors. The whole film gives off a sense of excitement, despair, and romance which I think is astoundingly expressed in "Young and Beautiful." Over all, this movie is a work of art and beauty~

nocrickets - Ghastly1 star

Clearly Baz L is a director people either love or hate. I hated Moulin Rouge, and despised this one. Every decision made, from casting to script to the awful CGI landscapes to the cartoonish overacting to the ridiculously inappropriate soundtrack and use of 3D, is a disastrous one. The result is Gatsby for Idiots, and an unwatchable train wreck. I've read he wants to do "Hamlet" next. Please, somebody, stop him.

Masad מַסָּד - HORRIBLE!1 star


JawBreakerBaby - Wonderful movie5 star

Wonderful heartfelt movie! I can compare with the romance in this movie.. What was once something isn't something anymore and I can't bear to except that. The end of the movie was remarkable. I love it!

Jason504 - Terrible Movie1 star

I wish that I could cancel my purchase of this movie on iTunes. What a waste of time it was to keep watching this movie hoping it would get better. It never did get better. The best description is that the movie was dull and pointless.

Memo3000 - Great Movie!5 star

Very similar to the novel and it captures the essence of the Roaring 20's through a modern lens.

LforLane - Amazing!5 star

I've read the book, I'm a senior now in High School and we just finished reading it. The movie may have something's in the book left out but a lot of the book is in the movie. From quotes in the book to simple movements that you notice. I say this is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Top 3 for sure! 😊 I highly recommend it.

Em5478 - The best movie I've ever seen5 star

This movie was so great. It makes me think and question everything in life. Gatsby is mysterious and it makes me wonder if something like this has ever happened before in real life. I didn't think Id like it at all before I watched it but it's my favorite movie. Please watch this it's so emotional and I just love it.💕💔

jazzysio - DiCaprio my future husband!5 star

I love the movie how it shows who is the Gatsby ., so much drama on this guy! When I first saw this ., it really it me how Gatsby wants this girl back! And so much mystery on who killed who and how can I get her back or who is this guy that throws parties every night?! Leonardo DiCaprio is my future husband for this movie! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭

Muphler - loved it5 star

one of the best movies ever

minseochoi - Great Gatsby, Great Movie, Great Leo5 star


jodz02 - Best movie5 star

If you are looking for a movie that won't bore you. Or one you want to watch and not get sick of. This would be the one! This is the best movie ever! It's my favorite!! Definately worth it!!!

Caitlin527 is awesome - A little disappointed.3 star

I rented this movie with great expectations in mind. I am a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and the book, so I was very excited when I rented the movie. I think the movie failed to develop the deep emotional bond between characters, and moved along very slow in some places. I have seen better acting from the majority of the cast. People are overreacting about the music, but there is no denying that this movie did not achieve its full potential.

Tom6622 - Great Gatsby1 star

Horrible...a root canal or a colonoscopy would have been time better spent.

Johnny girl 2,000 - It's q great movie4 star

It is a great movie because it touching I guess you could say

Clau guerrerovidauric - Never downloaded1 star

I wanted to watch this movie on the plane I rented it a night before my trip but it never downloaded. I am asking for a refund and hope to get it because this is so inconvenient. I will rent the movie again for sure but not from iTunes!

BananaDahliaDanielsJelli - Daring5 star

Recommend buying.

Bigjinfla - A Great Movie!!5 star

This movie is great. Some people have made negative comment about the modern twist on a "classic". But isn't it the timelessness of something that truly makes it a classic? This story is romantic, fun, touching, and I think the choice of setting it in a bright vivid past updated and blended with modern music and effects is makes this classic story fun engaging and something you'll want to watch over and over.

TheVeryJeremy - A mixed representation of both modern and outdated art4 star

This version of ‘The Great Gatsby’ clearly depicts how a mind existing in 2013 would have realized a story written in 1925 . i think it was a job well done and deserves to be treated that way

Nayzalsprout - Gatsby!5 star

I love it.

sekhmet007 - Horrible1 star

Could not get through it. Junk! Too many fancy effects for a masterpiece of a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Prefer the elegance of the Redford/Farrow original.

Funguess - Bad1 star

It wont even let me down load it and i deleted all of my stuff

ChriZ805 - Amazing movie5 star

It's exactly like the book and so much more good job

Amandacole - Amazing5 star

I've never read the book, I didn't want my Leonardo baby to die, and they kept throwing in modern day music, but this movie was amazing! And to explain the modern day music...I'd say the director was trying to show us (the viewers) what jazz was like then...sort of demonstrating that our hip hop today, was yesterday's jazz.

The Great Gatsby (2013) Images & Pictures

based on novel or book image infidelity image obsession image hope image long island image 1920s image

The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie images

The Great Gatsby (2013) Posters

The Great Gatsby (2013) movie posters
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie posters
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie posters
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie posters
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie posters
The Great Gatsby (2013) movie posters
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