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7.3 star

The Great Gatsby (2013) (2013) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2013

The uniquely imaginative Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge!, Australia) tackles F. Scott Fitzgerald'’s landmark novel, The Great Gatsby, with blockbuster star Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Spider-Man'’s Tobey Maguire stars as the Fitzgerald-like would-be writer Nick Carraway who arrives in New York in 1922, an era of loose morals, glittering jazz and bootleg kings. Chasing his own American Dream, Nick encounters the mysterious millionaire Gatsby and his bewitching cousin Daisy. Soon, Nick is drawn into the captivating world of the super-rich, their illusions, loves and deceits. Bearing witness to this new world, Nick pens a tale of impossible love, incorruptible dreams and unforgettable tragedy -- mirroring our own times and struggles.

The Great Gatsby (2013) Film Synopsis

An adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Long Island-set novel, where Midwesterner Nick Carraway is lured into the lavish world of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Soon enough, however, Carraway will see through the cracks of Gatsby's nouveau riche existence, where obsession, madness, and tragedy await.

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The Great Gatsby (2013) Movie Reviews

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😍😍😍😍This is a great movie!! Amazing cast! It did justice to the book! A must see!.Score: 5/5

EhhhTobey is a terrible actor-and this was literally the book 100%.Score: 2/5

AMAZING MOVIELeonardo did amazing playing his role as the Gatsby.Score: 5/5

Loved it!Great Movie!!.Score: 5/5

One of Best movie ever made !Best there is..Score: 5/5


LoveI love the movie! Leonardo is literally my favorite, but I hate Daisy because of the way she treat him when all he did was try to love her..Score: 5/5

GREAT MOVIEIn my opinion the best movie I have seen so far definitely would advise.Score: 5/5

One of my favorite movies.😍😍This movie touches my heart. I feel so much emotion when I watch this movie. Makes you realize how much you could really love someone. such a great movie! Must buy it. Perfect movie for your collection..Score: 5/5

Poor acting and bad “music” ruin a great storyWhile quite the visual spectacle, the movie is ruined by bad acting and worse, the horrible, out of place soundtrack. There are also elements which are simply not true to the time period. A big “F” grade to this production..Score: 1/5

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Great IndeedIn a word, this movie was very enjoyable. I highly recommend it..Score: 5/5

The Great GatsbyDespite the negative critic reviews, this remains a favourite for me. I will never get tired of watching this film..Score: 5/5

AmazingOne of my favourite films, very well done. Ive been looking for the novel to read, and even if parts arent the same i still think it was an exceptional film.Score: 5/5

GatsbyBoring movie. DeCaprio is good at the role... But there isn't much to the story.... A real disappointment..Score: 2/5

Great gatsbyGood film, well acted, great visuals but modern soundtrack is ridiculous. I don't care who produced it, the music should be of the time not to promote someone's wife and other artists on their payroll! Other than that well directed I would recommend it!.Score: 3/5

WhaaaaaaaatWhy does everyone hate this movie so much? this is definatly one of my favourites of all time. The acting is beautiful, the dialogue is heartbreaking, the visuals and soundtrack are stunning. It might not be everyone's cup of tea because of it's length but if you want a movie that's different, touching, and inspiring this is it. They also play Lana Del Rey five times (i counted)..Score: 5/5

A gorgeous filmI've wanted to watch this movie for quite some time now and the wait was definitely worth it! This movie is probably one of the classiest and most elegantly done films I've seen in a while, and from someone who read the book, the movie does an amazing job at displaying the true emotion behind the words once read in the book. I highly highly recommend this movie to anyone because it covers many genres from drama to suspense, from action to romance, this movie has it all and for me, it is an instant classic. Very well done, extremely impressed..Score: 5/5

ChefCheF.Score: 2/5

GatsbyGenius!.Score: 5/5

It's got a good….soundtrack?The soundtrack is essentially, the only thing I left happy with when I think about the Great Gatsby. Mind you, I have not read the book; though, even without my understanding of the literature, this Motion Picture reeks on underdevelopment in more than just plot, subplot, etc. On the contrary, visually, it's euphoric and almost beautiful. The effects are gorgeous and just the scenery makes it so much more enjoyable..Score: 3/5

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The Great Gatsby (2013) (2013) Series Cast & Crew

The Great Gatsby (2013) (2013) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby), Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway), Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan), Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan), Elizabeth Debicki (Jordan Baker), Isla Fisher (Myrtle Wilson), Jason Clarke (George Wilson), Amitabh Bachchan (Meyer Wolfsheim), Callan McAuliffe (Teen Jay Gatsby), Adelaide Clemens (Catherine), Steve Bisley (Dan Cody), Richard Carter (Herzog), Jack Thompson (Dr. Walter Perkins), Vince Colosimo (Michaelis), Max Cullen (Owl Eyes), Mal Day (The Boss-Probity Trust), Emily Foreman (Pammy), Tiger Leacey Wyvill (Pammy), Charlize Skinner (Pammy), Brendan Maclean (Klipspringer), all returned for the great gatsby (2013) movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby)
Leonardo DiCaprioJay GatsbyScore: 63.3
Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway)
Tobey MaguireNick CarrawayScore: 62.9
Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan)
Carey MulliganDaisy BuchananScore: 47.4
Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan)
Joel EdgertonTom BuchananScore: 35.8
Elizabeth Debicki (Jordan Baker)
Elizabeth DebickiJordan BakerScore: 29.7
Isla Fisher (Myrtle Wilson)
Isla FisherMyrtle WilsonScore: 41.8
Jason Clarke (George Wilson)
Jason ClarkeGeorge WilsonScore: 36.2
Amitabh Bachchan (Meyer Wolfsheim)
Amitabh BachchanMeyer WolfsheimScore: 16.4
Callan McAuliffe (Teen Jay Gatsby)
Callan McAuliffeTeen Jay GatsbyScore: 18.0
Adelaide Clemens (Catherine)
Adelaide ClemensCatherineScore: 17.4
Steve Bisley (Dan Cody)
Steve BisleyDan CodyScore: 18.5
Richard Carter (Herzog)
Richard CarterHerzogScore: 9.9

Craig Armstrong (Original Music Composer), Baz Luhrmann (Director), Simon Duggan (Director of Photography), F. Scott Fitzgerald (Novel), Michael Turner (Art Direction), Jay-Z (Executive Producer), Catherine Martin (Producer), Damien Drew (Art Direction), Catherine Knapman (Producer), Ian Gracie (Art Direction), Baz Luhrmann (Producer), Barrie M. Osborne (Executive Producer), Craig Pearce (Screenplay), Ronna Kress (Casting), Baz Luhrmann (Screenplay), Nikki Barrett (Casting), Lucy Fisher (Producer), Catherine Martin (Production Design), Beverley Dunn (Set Decoration), Kerry Warn (Hair Designer),

Baz Luhrmann (Director)
Baz LuhrmannDirectorScore: 9.8
Simon Duggan (Director of Photography)
Simon DugganDirector of PhotographyScore: 5.4
F. Scott Fitzgerald (Novel)
F. Scott FitzgeraldNovelScore: 16.4
Jay-Z (Executive Producer)
Jay-ZExecutive ProducerScore: 10.9
Catherine Martin (Producer)
Catherine MartinProducerScore: 4.3
Baz Luhrmann (Producer)
Baz LuhrmannProducerScore: 9.8
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'The Great Gatsby (2013)' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the great gatsby (2013), the Baz Luhrmann's popular movie. Watch the the great gatsby (2013) teaser trailer. Baz Luhrmann’s #the-great-gatsby-2013 is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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Dream dangerously...

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All released movie posters so far for the movie the great gatsby (2013) - 2013. A poster for Baz Luhrmann drama movie, The Great Gatsby (2013)! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for the great gatsby (2013) (2013). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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The Great Gatsby (2013) Movie Languages & Subtitles

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A história do aspirante a escritor, Nick Carraway, que deixa o Oeste para ir para Nova Iorque na primavera de 1922, uma era de baixa moral, de um jazz deslumbrante e de reis do contrabando. Perseguindo o Sonho Americano, Nick instala-se perto da casa do misterioso milionário Jay Gatsby e também da casa da sua prima Daisy e o seu mulherengo marido de sangue-azul, Tom Buchanan. É assim que Nick é atraído para o cativante mundo dos super-ricos, das suas ilusões, dos seus amores e deceções. Nick assiste, dentro e fora do mundo em que habita, à história de um amor impossível, sonhos incorruptíveis e amargas tragédias, levando-nos até às nossas lutas do mundo atual.

Nicholas Carraway kommt aus der Provinz nach New York, wo er gerne in der Liga der Schönen und Reichen mitspielen würde. Eines Tages schafft er es, zu einer Party bei Jay Gatsby eingeladen zu werden, einem mysteriösen Mann, über den kaum jemand etwas weiß. Dieser tritt an ihn heran, und bittet ihn, ein Treffen mit seiner Cousine Daisy, die im Nachbarhaus lebt, in die Wege zu leiten, denn schon vor Jahren, als er noch Soldat war, hat er sich in sie verliebt. Daisys Ehemann Tom ahnt, was Gatsby vorhat, und beschuldigt diesen daher eines Verbrechens.

Nella primavera del 1922, il giovane Nick Carraway si trasferisce a Long Island, in una villetta che confina con la villa delle meraviglie di Gatsby, un misterioso milionario che è solito organizzare feste memorabili e del quale si dice di tutto ma si sa molto poco. Cugino della bella e sofisticata Daisy Buchanan, moglie di un ex campione di polo, Nick viene a conoscenza del passato intercorso tra Daisy e Gatsby e si presta ad ospitare un incontro tra i due, a cinque anni di distanza. Travolto dal clima ruggente dell'età del jazz, da fiumi di alcol e dalla tragedia di un amore impossibile, Nick si scoprirà testimone, complice e disgustato, del tramonto del sogno americano.

Adaptación de la novela homónima de F. Scott Fitzgerald. En la alta sociedad norteamericana, llama la atención la presencia de Gatsby, un hombre misterioso e inmensamente rico, al que todos consideran un advenedizo, lo que no impide que acudan a sus fastuosas fiestas. Gatsby vive obsesionado con la idea de recuperar al amor de su juventud.

Printemps 1922. L'époque est propice au relâchement des mœurs, à l'essor du jazz et à l’enrichissement des contrebandiers d’alcool… Apprenti écrivain, Nick Carraway quitte la région du Middle‐West pour s'installer à New York. Voulant sa part du rêve américain, il vit désormais entouré d'un mystérieux millionnaire, Jay Gatsby, qui s'étourdit en fêtes mondaines, et de sa cousine Daisy et de son mari volage, Tom Buchanan, issu de sang noble. C’est ainsi que Nick se retrouve au cœur du monde fascinant des milliardaires, de leurs illusions, de leurs amours et de leurs mensonges. Témoin privilégié de son temps, il se met à écrire une histoire où se mêlent des amours impossibles, des rêves d’absolu et des tragédies ravageuses et, chemin faisant, nous tend un miroir où se reflètent notre époque moderne et ses combats.

1922年的春天,作家尼克(托比•马奎尔 Tobey Maguire 饰)满怀希望离开家乡,随淘金热潮来到纽约这个新兴的城市,虽然这里爵士乐流行,股票飞涨,但是贫富两极分化,人们沉沦在纸醉金迷中。尼克为了追寻美国梦,放弃写作而进入证券市场,并搬入纽约附近的海湾居住,成为了神秘富豪盖茨比(莱昂纳多•迪卡普里奥 Leonardo DiCaprio 饰)的邻居。而海湾的对岸住着尼克的表妹黛西(凯瑞•穆里根 Carey Mulligan 饰)和她的贵族丈夫汤姆(乔尔•埃哲顿 Joel Edgerton 饰),尼克不仅被邀请去赴宴,之后汤姆还带着他去找情妇寻欢,尼克渐渐迷失在这个充满魅力,以及富豪编制的假象、爱与谎言的世界中。 但是只有盖茨比最特别,他是唯一让尼克感到在这个迷失城市里充满希望的人。尼克被邀请参加了盖茨比豪宅中的盛宴,还发现盖茨比心中的秘密,原来他一直深爱着黛西,即使她没等到他战后归来,转而嫁给富豪汤姆,盖茨比一直深信他们的爱情矢志不渝。尼克作为盖茨比与黛西爱情的见证者,终于在盖茨比被谋杀之后,看清了这个上流社会的虚情寡义,决心远离喧嚣、冷漠、虚假的大都市,黯然回到故乡……

Adaptacja klasycznej powieści F. Scott Fitzgeralda, nazywanego kronikarzem epoki jazzu, opowiada o niespełnionej miłości parweniusza do kobiety z wyższej sfery. Młody makler giełdowy, Nick Carraway przybywa do Nowego Jorku i zamieszkuje blisko milionera Jay'a Gatsby'ego. Mężczyzna jest zafascynowany Gatsbym i jego wystawnym stylem życia. Wkrótce dowiaduje się, że jest on od lat zakochany w Daisy, która czuje się nieszczęśliwa w swoim małżeństwie z Tomem Buchananem. Nick staje się świadkiem obsesji i marzeń swoich przyjaciół zniszczonych przez pogoń za pieniędzmi i próbą spełnienia amerykańskiego snu. [opis dystrybutora dvd]

A húszas évek Amerikája igazán a korlátlan lehetőségek hazája: ahol minden lehetséges és semmi sem tilos. Jay Gatsby New York-környéki luxusvillájában a fényűző partik, a titokzatos múlt és ismeretlen eredetű vagyon embere. Különös, magányos férfi, akiről csak annyit tudni: nagyon tud és nagyon szeret élni - és élvezi, ha hatalmas, a pezsgőtől és gazdagságtól bódult vendégsereg veszi körül. Ám amikor véletlenül összeismerkedik egy szegényebb szomszédjával, neki elárulja furcsa szokásainak titkát: egész életét arra tette fel, hogy visszaszerezze fiatalkori szerelmét. Minden tettét ennek rendeli alá, minden bűnét ezért vette magára. Amikor azonban találkozik végre a lánnyal és annak férjével, a történet egészen másképp alakul, mint annyi éven át tervezte.

Mladého spisovateľa Nicka Carrawaya, ktorý má pred sebou sľubne sa rozvíjajúcu kariéru, na jar roku 1922 osud priveje zo stredozápadu do New York City. V honbe za splnením amerického sna sa Nick stane susedom tajomného milionára Jaya Gatsbyho, pravidelne usporiadajúceho nepredstaviteľne pompézne večierky. Na druhej strane zálivu býva Nickova pôvabná sesternica Daisy, do ktorej je excentrický Jay už nejaký ten piatok zdanlivo beznádejne zamilovaný. Jeho láska je totiž vydatá za iného, jej manželom je záletný aristokrat Tom Buchanan. Vďaka Jayovi, ktorý si od priateľstva s ním sľubuje šancu napriek všetkému predsa len získať milovanú ženu, Nick možno až príliš dokonale spozná fascinujúci svet horných desaťtisíc zvonka i zvnútra spozná. Svet, ktorý ho napokon inšpiruje k napísaniu pútavého príbehu o nemožnej láske, nezničiteľných snoch a nepredstaviteľnej tragédii, svet nie nepodobný tomu skutočnému.

In het voorjaar van 1922 verlaat de schrijver Nick Carraway het Midwesten en verhuist naar New York City. Hij jaagt zijn eigen American Dream na en neemt zijn intrek in de buurt van de mysterieuze, altijd feestende miljonair Jay Gatsby, en zijn nicht Daisy en haar man Tom Buchanan, een adellijke rokkenjager. Zo wordt Nick in de fascinerende wereld van de superrijken gezogen en wordt hij getuige van obsessie, waanzin en tragedie.

Весной 1922 года, в эпоху разлагающейся морали, блистательного джаза и «королей контрабандного алкоголя», Ник Каррауэй приезжает из Среднего Запада в Нью-Йорк. Преследуя собственную американскую мечту, он селится по соседству с таинственным, известным своими вечеринками миллионером Джеем Гэтсби, а на противоположном берегу бухты проживают его кузина Дэйзи и её муж, повеса и аристократ, Том Бьюкенен. Так Ник оказывается вовлечённым в захватывающий мир богатых — их иллюзий, любви и обманов. Он становится свидетелем происходящего в этом мире и пишет историю невозможной любви, вечных мечтаний и человеческой трагедии, которые являются отражением современных времен и нравов.

Yazar olma basamaklarını tırmanan Nick Carraway 1920'lerde eğlence hayatının gözdesi konumuna yükselen New York'a gelir. Kendi Amerikan rüyasının peşindeyken tesadüfen milyoner Jay Gatsby ve onun çevresiyle yolları kesişir. Carraway'nin alkolün su gibi aktığı, göz kamaştırıcı partilerle tanışması fazla zaman almaz. Öte yandan bu büyülü Amerikan rüyasının çöküşü de yaklaşmaktadır. Dışarıdan görkemli görünen bu hayatın örtbas etmeye çalıştığı gerçekler su yüzüne çıkacaktır...

I 'Den store Gatsby' rejser forfatterspireren Nick Carraway i foråret 1922 fra Midtvesten til New York City. Carraway jagter den amerikanske drøm og flytter derfor ind i et hus på Long Island, hvor han bliver nabo til den mystiske Jay Gatsby. Gatsby lever alene i et kæmpemæssigt, luksuriøst palæ og holder hver aften ekstravagante fester. På den anden side af Long Island-sundet bor Nicks kusine Daisy og hendes exceptionelt velhavende og noget ældre ægtemand Tom Buchanan. Daisy og Gatsby har en fortid sammen, og inden længe er Nick trukket ind i en fængslende, og ikke helt ufarlig, verden af rigdom, drømme, kærlighed og bedrag.

„Velký Gatsby” sleduje Nicka Carrawaye, začínajícího neúspěšného spisovatele podobného samotnému Fitzgeraldovi, od chvíle, kdy na jaře roku 1922 opouští americký středozápad a přichází do New Yorku. Pro toto období jsou příznačné uvolněné mravy, skvělý jazz, bossové ilegálního obchodu s alkoholem a prudce stoupající ceny akcií. V honbě za vlastním americkým snem se Nick ubytuje poblíž rezidence Jaye Gatsbyho, tajemného milionáře pořádajícího četné večírky. Na druhé straně zátoky bydlí jeho sestřenice Daisy a její záletný manžel šlechtického původu Tom Buchanan. Nick je tak vtažen do úchvatného světa superboháčů a jejich iluzí, lásek a falešnosti. Na pozadí Nickova poznávání světa, ve kterém žije a zůstává v něm cizincem, se odvíjí příběh beznadějné lásky, cesty za splněním snů a osudové tragédie, V nadčasovém příběhu se odráží problémy a snahy moderní doby.

Nick Carraway har flyttat från mellanvästern till Long Island och lär där känna den mystiske Jay Gatsby som lever ett liv i överdådig lyx. Nick kommer in i Gatsbys glamorösa umgängeskrets men så småningom uppdagas hemligheter och tragedier som visar att deras liv inte är så perfekta som de ger sken av.

Ο πρώην χρηματιστής και νυν τρόφιμος νευρολογικής κλινικής Nick Carraway αφηγείται τις ξένοιαστες ημέρες του στο Λονγκ Άιλαντ του 1922 και τη γνωριμία του με τον μυστηριώδη μεγιστάνα Jay Gatsby.

ניק קרוויי מוקסם משכנו העשיר והמסתורי, ג'יי גטסבי, ועד לאהבתו ולמשיכתו האובססיביות לטרגדיה.

Це були 20-ті роки двадцятого століття, час салонів, аристократичних вечірок, які передували періоду Великої Депресії і так званого "століття джазу". Про Джея Ґетсбі практично нічого не було відомо, крім того, що він був дуже багатий. Оселившись біля особняка таємничого багатія, Нік Каравей з часом все більше і більше починає цікавитися особистістю цієї людини. Розкриваючи по крупицях минуле і сьогодення мільйонера, Нік пише про нього неймовірну історію, центром якої було кохання.

Salaperäinen multimiljonääri Jay Gatsby asuu valtavassa linnassaan New Yorkin Long Islandilla ja järjestää toistuvasti ylellisiä juhlia, joihin kaikki vaikutusvaltaiset seurapiiriläiset ovat tervetulleita. Eräänä päivänä hänen naapuriinsa muuttaa Wall Streetin pörssimeklari Nick Carraway, joka seuraa silmät suurina ympärillään pyörivää sirkusta. Viimein hän saa kutsun liittyä joukkoon. Vahvan suojamuurin takana pysyttelevästä Gatsbysta on liikkeellä mitä hurjempia huhuja ja tarinoita, mutta kukaan ei näytä tuntevan hänen todellista identiteettiään ja rahojensa ehtymätöntä lähdettä. Gatsby ystävystyy nopeasti Carrawayn kanssa ja pyytää tältä yllättäen palvelusta. Hän haluaa tavata Nickin serkun, onnettomassa avioliitossa riutuvan Daisy Buchananin. Gatsbyltä puuttuu yhä se kaikkein tärkein: rakkaussuhde vuosien takaista elämänsä naista, Daisya, kohtaan. Ikuinen ja toiveikas haaveilija ei suostu luopumaan unelmastaan.

1922년 뉴욕 외곽에서 살고 있는 닉은 호화로운 별장에 살고 있는 이웃 개츠비에게 관심을 갖게 된다. 제1차 세계대전에 참전한 후 옥스포드에서 공부한 적이 있다는 개츠비는 비밀이 가득한 의문의 사나이로, 토요일마다 떠들썩한 파티를 열어 많은 손님을 초대한다. 파티에서 개츠비와 우정을 쌓게 된 닉은 자신의 사촌 데이지와 개츠비가 연인 사이였던 것을 알게 된다. 데이지는 가난한데다 전쟁터에서도 돌아오지 않는 개츠비를 잊은 채 부유한 톰과 결혼한 상태. 하지만 톰은 정비공의 아내와 은밀한 사이였고, 개츠비와 재회하게 된 데이지는 잊혀졌던 사랑의 감정을 되살리는데...


Marele Gatsby urmărește povestea scriitorului în devenire Nick Carraway, care pleacă la New York în primăvara anului 1922, o epocă a decăderii valorilor, a jazzului, a regilor contrabandei și a înfloririi bursei. În căutarea visului american, Nick ajunge să locuiască vizavi de petrecărețul milionar misterios Jay Gatsby și dincolo de golf de verișoara lui, Daisy, și de soțul ei afemeiat, cu sânge albastru, Tom Buchanan. Nick intră în lumea celor bogați, a iluziilor, iubirilor și decepțiilor lor. Nick, ca un observator al lumii noi în care a pătruns, scrie o poveste despre dragostea neîmplinită, visuri nemuritoare și tragedie și pune o oglindă în fața lumii noastre moderne și a greutăților sale.

български език
Сюжетът разказва за милионера със съмнително минало Джей Гетсби. Според някои хора, той е натрупал състоянието си от контрабанда на алкохол по време на Сухия режим. Други смятат, че е убил богат човек и е присвоил парите му, а трети твърдят, че е германски шпионин и роднина на германския император Кайзер Вилхелм. Въпреки всичкото богатство, което Гетсби притежава, той е самотен мъж и единственото му желание е да се събере с любовта на своя живот, Дейзи Бюкенън. Но Дейзи вече е омъжена за милионера Том Бюкенън и има малка дъщеря. Това, разбира се, няма да попречи на Гетсби да постигне целта си.

Nick Carraway tinha um grande fascínio por seu vizinho, o misterioso Jay Gatsby. Após ser convidado pelo milionário para uma festa incrível, o relacionamento de ambos torna-se uma forte amizade. Quando Nick descobre que seu amigo tem uma antiga paixão por sua prima Daisy Buchanan, ele resolve reaproximar os dois, esquecendo o fato dela ser casada com seu velho amigo dos tempos de faculdade, o também endinheirado Tom Buchanan. Agora, o conflito está armado e as consequências serão trágicas.

نیک (توبی مگوایر) فردی است که برای ادامه زندگی و ایجاد موقعیت‌های جدید شغلی از غرب آمریکا به نیویورک آمده و در مجاورت خانه مرد ثروتمندی به نام جی گتسبی (لئوناردو دیکاپریو) اقامت کرده است و در ادامه شاهد اتفاقات عجیبی در خانه همسایه اش می‌شود. گتسبی، هر شب مهمانی‌های پر سر و صدا و گرانقیمتی برگزار می‌کند که مهمانان بسیار زیادی در آن رفت‌وآمد دارند. نیک که بی میل به ورود به این دنیای پر زرق و برق است، در نهایت کارت دعوتی به او داده می‌شود و باعث آشنایی او با گتسبی بزرگ می‌شود. نیک پس از مواجه با گتسبی، متوجه می‌شود که وی این جشن‌های پر هزینه را تنها به دلیل جلب توجه معشوقه اش به نام دیزی باچنان (کری مولیگان) ترتیب می‌دهد تا شاید بتواند به این واسطه، دوباره او را ببیند. البته معشوقه جناب گتسبی، همسرِ دوستِ گتسبی به نام تام باچنان (جوئل ادگرتون) می‌باشد که وی از طبقه ثروتمند آمریکا محسوب می‌شود. گتسبی و تام، رابطه خوبی با هم ندارند و این اختلاف گاهی بصورت علنی مطرح می‌شود.

ติดตามชีวิตของว่าที่นักเขียน นิค คาร์ราเวย์ ซึ่งเปรียบเสมือนฟิตซ์เจอรัลด์ เมื่อเขาเดินทางออกจากตะวันตกของอเมริกาและมุ่งหน้าสู่เมืองนิวยอร์คในช่วงฤดูใบไม้ผลิปี 1922 ซึ่งเป็นยุคแห่งศีลธรรมที่ตกต่ำ ดนตรีแจ๊สที่สดใสและโลกของผู้ค้าของเถื่อน นิคไล่ตามความฝันแบบชาวอเมริกันของเขา เขาอยู่ข้างบ้านของอภิมหาเศรษฐีผู้ลึกลับที่ชอบจัดปาร์ตี้อยู่บ่อยๆ อย่าง เจย์ แก็ตส์บี้ ซึ่งห่างจาก เดซี่ ลูกพี่ลูกน้องของเขาและ ทอม บูชาแนน สามีผู้สูงส่งจอมเจ้าชู้ของเธอ ด้วยเหตุนั้นนิคจึงหลงอยู่ในโลกที่ต้องมนต์สะกดแห่งอภิมหาเศรษฐี ภาพลวงตาของพวกเขา ความรักและการหลอกลวง ระหว่างที่นิคเป็นพยานอยู่ทั้งในโลกที่เขามีส่วนร่วมและไม่มีส่วนร่วมอยู่ด้วย เขาแต่งเรื่องราวความรักที่ไม่มีทางเป็นไปได้ ความฝันที่มุ่งมั่นและโศกนาฏกรรมที่เข้มข้น รวมถึงการสะท้อนให้เห็นถึงยุคปัจจุบันและการต่อสู้ดิ้นรน

Den store Gatsby følger forfatterspiren Nick Carraway idet han forlater Midtvesten for storbylivet i New York. Det er vår og året er 1922, en tid preget av synkende moral, glitrende jazz, storsmuglere og aksjer som skyter til himmels. Nick følger den amerikanske drømmen og ved ankomst får han noen nye bekjentskaper som skal sette merker på ham: partygutten og millionæren Jay Gatsby, og rett over bukta, hans kusine Daisy. Og ikke minst, hennes ektemann Tom, en flørter av dimensjoner med kongelige aner. Det er i denne verdenen Nick dras inn, mot liv fylt av rikdom, illusjoner, kjærlighet og svik. Hans nye erfaringer tar han ut i pennen, i en historie om umulig kjærlighet, evige drømmer og bunnløs tragedie - som også viser seg å speile vår egne, moderne tid og utfordringene vi strever med i dag.

Adaptacija slavnega romana F. Scotta Fitzgeralda pod taktirko režiserja spektaklov Moulin Rouge in Avstralija nas popelje v divja 20. leta prejšnjega stoletja, čas velikega gospodarskega razcveta ZDA. Nadobudni borzni posrednik Nick s pomočjo sestrične Daisy in njenega vplivnega moža Toma spozna mogočnega Gatsbyja, premožnega vojnega veterana, ki slovi po divjih in razkošnih zabavah, namenjenih bogati eliti. Nick se z Gatsbyjem spoprijatelji, toda njegovo občudovanje kmalu preraste v neprijetno spoznanje, da Gatsbyjevo življenje sestavljajo številne nepričakovane skrivnosti iz zasebnega in poslovnega življenja.

Nueva York, años 20. En la alta sociedad norteamericana, llama la atención la presencia de Jay Gatsby, un hombre misterioso e inmensamente rico, al que todos consideran un advenedizo, lo que no impide que acudan a sus fastuosas fiestas en su gran mansión de Long Island. Gatsby vive obsesionado con la idea de recuperar al amor que dejó escapar años atrás. Para ello se hará amigo de su vecino recién llegado, el joven Nick Carraway.

《紅磨坊》導演巴茲魯曼自製自編自導,改編美國文學家費茲傑羅同名經典小說,李奧納多狄卡皮歐、凱莉墨里根、陶比麥奎爾共同打造前所未見的時代氛圍。 於1922年春天離開中西部前往紐約市的未成名作家尼克卡拉威(陶比麥奎爾飾),在道德式微,以及滿載絢爛爵士樂和私酒大戶與飆昇股市的時代氛圍中,一心嚮往自己的美國夢,並且深受紙醉金迷的上流世界所吸引。尼克住處的隔壁鄰居為夜夜笙歌而神秘可疑的年輕百萬富翁傑蓋茲比(李奧納多狄卡皮歐飾),海灣對面則住著比花還嬌貴的黛西(凱莉墨里根飾),和她那風流的名門丈夫湯姆布坎南(喬爾埃哲頓飾)。 悠遊於幻想、愛情和謊言世界中的尼克,決定將目睹的一切載入文字當中,於是關於一段無緣的愛情、不滅的夢想,以及時尚華麗同時又不為人知的陰謀即將被揭發……

Džėjus Getsbis - paslaptingas turtuolis, gyvenantis siautulingą ir malonumų kupiną gyvenimą ir savo prabangioje viloje nuolat organizuojantis vakarėlius ryškiausioms to meto įžymybėms. Getsbio kaimynystėje apsigyvenęs iš provincijos į Niujorką savosios „amerikietiškos svajonės" ieškoti atvykęs ir rašytoju tapti svajojantis jaunasis Nikas Karavėjus (akt. Tobey'is Maguire'as) taip pat netrunka įsitraukti į kerintį turtuolių pasaulį. Nesibaigiantys malonumai, didžiulės iliuzijos, skaudžios išdavystės ir tamsios paslaptys - visa tai stebintis Nikas mums pasakoja istoriją apie liepsnojančią meilę, neįkainojamas svajones ir artėjančią tragediją, tam tikra prasme atvaizduodamas ne tik praėjusio amžiaus pradžioje prabangoje skendusios Amerikos, tačiau tuo pačiu ir mūsų dienų realybę.

En Nick Carraway és un jove que s'instal·la a Long Island al costat d'una mansió on se celebren cada nit unes festes espectaculars. El seu veí és un tal Jay Gatsby, un jove i misteriós milionari. Pel que sembla, ningú sap del cert d'on ha sortit ni com ha aconseguit la seva fortuna, però corren tota mena de rumors sobre el seu passat tèrbol. Finalment, en Nick rep una invitació per assistir a una festa d'en Gatsby, el coneix en persona i descobreix que hi té un vincle inesperat. El milionari està perdudament enamorat de la cosina d'en Nick, casada amb un altre magnat, en Tom Buchanan.

《大亨小傳》講述故事的敍述者尼克卡拉威在美國經濟如日中天、社會奢華但道德頹廢的1922年春天,離開了中西部,去到紐約市追逐自己的美國夢。尼克的鄰居是個經常舉辦豪華宴會的神秘百萬富翁 – 傑蓋茲比。在他家的對岸住著尼克的表姐黛西和她出生名門、喜歡拈花惹草的丈夫湯姆布卡南。尼克就這樣走進巨富們紙醉金迷的世界,體會到上流社會之間的虛偽、愛恨和欺詐。他將他的所見所聞記錄下來,寫下了當中不可能的愛戀、不撓的夢想和沉重的悲劇,反映出當下的生活和掙扎。

Godina je 1922. i naivni momak sa Srednjeg zapada, Nick Carraway, upravo se doselio u New York. Smjestivši se u susjedstvu bogata Jaya Gatsbyja, Carrawaya sve više fasciniraju raskošne zabave na imanju njegova novog susjeda

Lorsqu'il s'installe à New York pour faire fortune sur Wall Street, Nick Carraway emménage dans une petite maison de Long Island, à l'ombre du manoir de Jay Gatsby, un nouveau riche célèbre pour ses somptueuses fêtes mais particulièrement mystérieux. De l'autre côté de la baie vivent Tom et Daisy Buchanan, des amis de Nick. Rapidement, ce dernier se lie d'amitié avec Gatsby, qui lui demande de l'aider à se rapprocher de Daisy, qu'il a connue avant la guerre et dont il est fou amoureux. Malheureuse dans sa relation avec Tom, qui est infidèle, Daisy est enchantée de retrouver son ancien amant.

Tiếng Việt
Giữa thành phố Long Island năm 1922, Nick Carraway bị cuốn hút bởi lối sống bí ẩn và xa hoa của người hàng xóm Jay Gatsby. Nick bị hút vào vòng xoáy của cuộc sống thượng lưu quanh Gatsby, nhưng chẳng bao lâu sau, qua các vết nứt của sự giàu có, xa hoa của Gatsby, Nick Carraway cảm nhận được nỗi ám ảnh, điên rồ, và cả những bi kịch đang chờ đợi.

مقتبس من رواية ف. سكوت فيتزجيرالد التي تدور أحداثها في لونغ آيلاند ، حيث يتم جذب نيك كارواي من الغرب الأوسط إلى العالم الفخم لجاره جاي غاتسبي. بعد فترة وجيزة ، سوف يرى كارواي من خلال شقوق وجود غاتسبي الثري الجديد ، حيث ينتظر الهوس والجنون والمأساة.

ფილმი წარმოადგენს ფ.სკოტ ფიცჯერალდის ამავე სახელწოდების რომანის ეკრანიზაციას. ოდესღაც ჯეი გეთსბი ახალგაზრდა ქალზე – დეიზი ბიუკენენზე იყო შეყვარებული. და აი, რვა წლის შემდეგ, საიდუმლო გზით გამდიდრებული გეთსბი, კვლავ გამოჩნდება ლონგ-აილენდზე და კუნძულის მოდურ საზოგადოებას მყუდროებას ურღვევს, რათა საყვარელი ქალბატონის გული კვლავ მოინადიროს.

"Suur Gatsby" on lugu Fitzgeraldi moodi kirjanikuhakatisest Nick Carrawayst, kes läheb 1922. aasta kevadel Kesk-Läänest New Yorki. See on lõdva moraali, särava džässi, salaviinakuningate ja börsirallide ajastu. Nickil on oma Ameerika unistus, mille jahil satub ta elama salapärase pidusid korraldava miljonäri Jay Gatsby naabriks. Ühtlasi tutvub ta Gatsby sugulase Daisy ning tema siniverelisest tiiba ripsutava abikaasa Tom Buchananiga. Nicki tõmbab superrikaste elu täis illusioone, armastust ja pettust. Olles kõige selle tunnistajaks, hakkab ta kirjutama lugu võimatust armastusest ja unistustest ning plahvatuslikust tragöödiast, mis peegeldab tabavalt ka tänapäeva elu ja probleeme.

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A man at the cutting edge of fashion, photojournalism and portraiture, photographer to the stars Douglas Kirkland has portrayed over sixty years of pop culture. This fascinating feature takes a closer look into the career of one of the most important photographers of the last century. His subjects, who are some of the biggest stars of Hollywood and the fashion world, provide testimonials.

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The Drama Club, Vol. 1 release date, synopsis, reviews
The Drama Club, Vol. 1The Drama Club

The Drama Club follows a group of middle schoolers as they shine a light on the inner workings of their school’s overlooked drama club.

The Drama Queen, Season 1 release date, synopsis, reviews
The Drama Queen, Season 1The Drama Queen

In the premiere season, Hollywood manager Marki Costello is a master of juggling celebrity egos and drama, but her recently launched kids division has sent her stress levels sky-rocketing as she is constantly butting heads with Tinseltown's most over-bearing stage moms. But while "Marki magic" does wonders for her business, Marki's long-term boyfriend Tommy takes the reigns at home, especially when it comes to their boys. Giving up control isn't easy, so Marki makes sure she's still the queen bee--at home and in Hollywood.

Kim Possible: So the Drama release date, synopsis, reviews
Kim Possible: So the DramaKim Possible: So the Drama

Kim realizes that her crime-fighting lifestyle has prevented her from having a steady boyfriend and that Ron may be the only prospect as her date for the upcoming junior prom, a distasteful prospect in the eyes of the other cheerleaders. However, Ron introduces Kim to Erik, the new guy at school who invites Kim to the prom, sparking jealousy in Ron who wonders if he has deeper feelings for his friend Kim. Meanwhile, in his scheme to conquer the world, Drakken captures Kim's dad and it's up to Ron to put his jealousy aside, track down a lovestruck Kim and rescue her dad from a certain fate with a mutant octopus.

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