Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain

By Michael Bay

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2013-04-26
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 10min
  • Director: Michael Bay
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Pain & Gain Description

Michael Bay’s hilarious action comedy Pain & Gain is GoodFellas on steroids. When an ambitious group of personal trainers (Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie) go after the American Dream, they get caught up in a criminal enterprise that goes horribly wrong. Now, living large will take everything they’ve got in the unbelievable true story that critics are calling outrageously entertaining.

Ten years after a brutal virus has wiped out most of the population in Scandinavia, two young siblings embark on a search for safety. Only guided by their father's notebook about the virus and the hazards of this new world, they start a dangerous journey through the country joining a group of other young survivors. Facing grave perils, the group must quickly realize that the greatest danger does not come from the outside - it comes from within.

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Pain & Gain Movie Reviews

  • Great movie

    Great movie
  • 👍👍

    I recommend this AWESOMMEE MOVIE to ppl who love the actors mark wahlberg and dwayne johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish there was second part.. But sad to know it was a true story.
  • "Pain & Gain"

    INCREDIBLE!! I cannot believe this movie had bad reviews from critics!! Even though this movie had some funny humor, I did not see this movie as a comedy!! The movie was just really about the choices you make and the consequences of your choices!! Michael Bay's BEST film yet!!! :)
  • People don't understand

    Mhm yup
    This movie might be based on a true story but it was intended to be the way it is. They weren't going forgive of the year haha. They were going for entertaining and all the people that say it wasn't are probably boring, don't work out, aren't financially stable, or just down right comparing this movie to serious movies. Like come on, yes the movies is very stupid but it's a good stupid and by that I mean it's FUN. That's all.
  • Very good movie

    Left for Taco
    Funny and sad
  • Some Gain, But Pain

    There are stretches of this in which Michael Bay was actually making a good, smart, funny movie. I know, right? And it might have all turned out good… if Michael Bay wasn't at the helm. For maybe an hour he does a pretty fair Tarantino/Ritchie impersonation. Then he switches to a not-so-good Scorsese impersonation. I've seen Scorsese and I've seen Bay, and you, sir, are no Scorsese. The script rambles, and the whole thing could easily have been trimmed by 30 minutes. But it looks good. It has some very good scenes and some quite funny dialogue. The Rock totally steals the whole thing from the one-note Wahlberg, and gives his best performance ever, funny and even nuanced. Very strong supporting cast too. Nice Tarantino-style soundtrack. But it's messy and at times witless as only a Michael Bay movie can be. Too bad he muffed it in the end, but the good parts are surprisingly good.
  • Pain and Gain by Michael Bay… what did you expect? :)

    Maybe it's me. Maybe I don't take films very seriously and am easily entertained. Michael Bay rocks!! But, next time, more explosions, please Michael. :)
  • hehe

    ATGN podcast made this movie happen, and is therefor awesome. That is all.
  • There can be some gain after the pain

    This is a unique movie. It's definitely something that isn't for everybody so first of all, this is one of those movies that's all "see at your own risk and judge for yourself". The movie is at times at an uneven pace and seems slow in some places but picks up when there's some action and comic moments. It's a dark behind movie for sure and there's a lot of dark moments in the films such as torture and it's instances of violence. Now those that say that say only idiots and sickos will get the humor are completely wrong to say that because I'm pretty sure some of the movies you guys watch aren't much better than this one. Of course for entertainment purposes and secrecy, some of the events in the movie are exaggerated or changed but this isn't a bad movie. The movie's length is 2 hours and the rest is credits so it's not that long and the actors do a good job with their roles. I thought the movie was pretty good and Michael Bay finally did something else besideds those TF movies. Now to wait for Bad Boys 3;)
  • Bad Bad Bad

    محمد السوداني
    I rented this movie after knowing that it based off a true story. It's a horrible, sick, stupid and time wasting movie. The whole movie I wanted to just stop and call apple to ask for a refund. I won't recommend this movie to anyone unless I really really really hate that person!!!!!
  • Ok, it's not a good movie... But,

    This movie essentially isn't "good", but it does have a message in it, and that is to do what you want, even if it is bad. We "the people" are set up to live by the rules of the law. We the people could do what we want, and no one can stand in our way. I can relate to these guys, I really am sick of where I am in life. That's why I have to get my education and do something with it. Oh well, what am saying right? I bet you that nobody will read this review anyways... And if you do... Do whatever you want to in life...
  • Crap

    This movie is a waste of time. Two thumbs down!!!
  • Pain & Gain

    I wanted to ask for a refund of my $5.99, but couldn't find a way to make such a request. This movie is awful and should be taken off the library. Would not recommend it at all. Poor story line... Total DISAPPOINTMENT!!!
  • Interesting story and well acted makes this a movie to see!

    A good social commentary on the idea of being a "doer" without all of the morale hang ups that most of us experience on a daily basis. Imagine that taking action on your goals, trumps every other morale precept that may deter your efforts due to the pain it causes others. Maybe this was too much for the audience to think about. But for not being a Michael Bay fan, I thought this movie was very good.
  • Sad

    Amanda S
    It is very sad they made a joke out of someone's pain and suffering. To top it off the victim received no profit from the film. I typically like the Rock and Mark but not in this movie.
  • How is this a comedy??

    I love comedies, love action movies, love the main actors in the film, how can I go wrong? Oh I know the answer this one... how can you laugh at people being tortured by idiots? Really laughing at someone's actual misfortune since this is based on a true story? They can't even kill people correctly after planning and planning. I'll admit there are maybe a handful of small chuckles (as in you are laughing to yourself, definitely not out loud) but overall this is just a waste of time leaving you wondering how people can be so stupid. It's especially sad to see Dwayne Johnson playing such a….well, I'll go ahead and say it...rock.
  • Didn't like it at all...

    Hard to believe that this is a true story…just horrible. Sometimes it's best not to re-enact the pains in this world. If their goal was to demonstrate that some people are put on this earth to serve as a warning to others, so be it. I DO NOT recommend this movie to anyone.
  • No pain no acting!

    Ouch! It started off catchy, funny 80's kinda twist. Loved the red t-top Pontiac Fiero! This is my opinion - I was not engaged and the plot was a bit over the top. I would not recommend.
  • hey

    actors!!! Come on why this movie? This was horrible all my favrite actors where setup. "typecast"
  • Great movie!

    Even though it was dark at some points, it was nonetheless a great movie.

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