World War Z

World War Z Summary and Synopsis

The suspense is killer in this fast-paced, pulse-pounding epic of the potential last days of the human race. Former United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is called upon to help stop the chaotic pandemic that has gripped populations around the world. Lane fights to keep his family safe, while searching for an answer to the outbreak before it destroys all of civilization. World War Z is the most gratifying action spectacle in years! Life for former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane and his family seems content. Suddenly, the world is plagued by a mysterious infection turning whole human populations into rampaging mindless zombies. After barely escaping the chaos, Lane is persuaded to go on a mission to investigate this disease. What follows is a perilous trek around the world where Lane must brave horrific dangers and long odds to find answers before human civilization falls. World War Z Wiki

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World War Z Movie (2013)

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World War Z Movie Reviews

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- It’s in the 4.99 section... but full price1 star


- War World Z dumb3 star

I came to see Brad Pitt not PG-13 zombie slock this whole zombie movie is pointless and boring why is it PG-13? zombie movies should be violent and gory not great.

- That’s Not A Kids Movie5 star

On June 28, 2013 I went to the drive in movies in Riverdale Utah to see Monsters University. This was the day after my 10th birthday. While we were watching Monsters University when Art said Hi I’m Art, I looked behind me and the movie that was playing behind was World War Z. I looked for one second and my dad said “Don’t look over there”. “That’s not a kids movie”. I was so upset when I couldn’t look over there. I was 10 years old and that’s okay to look over there if you’re under the age of 13. I’m now 16 almost 17 and my dad still won’t let me watch PG-13 or R rated movies. He won’t let me watch TV-PG, TV-14 or TV-MA shows. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

- Boring1 star

Boring. It has one pros like when you are having trouble sleep, it will help you.

- Good5 star

Movie was good love the music and Brad Pitt is great In it

- Fantastic All Around5 star

Acting - A+ Story - A+ Cinematography - A+

- 💕💕💕💕5 star

AMAZING!!!! A must see! Brad Pitt is great in this movie!

- Action packed movie3 star

This is a great movie with a good story that follows Gerry on his adventure to different locations and lots of tense action and suspenseful moments, but has no correlation to the actual book so 3 stars

- The Blinding Plot Hole of all Zombie Movies4 star

The movies fine, but like all Zombie movies fail to address the fact that there are divisions of vehicles that are already Zombie proof around the world. I’m talking of course about tanks and similar armored vehicles. These vehicles have no way of being defeated by zombies short of running out of resources, but with proper planning could be easily remedied. Still a pretty good zombie movie.

- Tired, No, Exhasted3 star

More or less a good idea that's been done to death. A big budget and nice special effects couldn't make up for a poorly written story and a worn out lead actor. The silly element: A Russian aircraft (AN 12) done up in U.S. military colors??? Really?? They couldn't afford to rent a C130? Maybe buy some stock footage?

- Great movie5 star

It should be a five star

- Should be 100%....amazing movie5 star

Best zombie movie I've ever seen! Fresh new take on the zombie genre and great acting

- Best5 star

Best zombie film for ever

- Seriously??1 star

I know these reviews have to be fake!! This movie was complete overhyped garbage!!! Man i cant even describe the total let down this movie was!! The book was absoluteky amazing!! Thw movie doesnr have anything at all to do with the book!! Im mean seriously not even a paragraph!!! Another total of waste of a good story that hollywood has completely ruined!!! I implore you to read the book!! Or even listen to the audio book. You wont be able to put it down!!! This movie is a travesty!!

- Zombie movie with no blood!5 star

Seriously, my only complaint is that its a zombie movie with no real blood. But I’ll take it so some younger viewers can watch as well.

- action packed!!!5 star

Loved this movie !! Action packed. Everything that I can ask for in a zombie movie! Can't wat for the sequel!✨✨✨✨❤️

- It Was Crazy With A Capital Z5 star

Don't ya Just Hate When a Zombie Stampede Ruins Your Morning Commute! To Say The Least! It Was This Opening Moment Where Brad Pitt and Merille Enos Is Trying To Have Family Fun In The Car Then Semi Out Of Nowhere All Insanity Breaks Loose! And It's All Just This Numb Ugly Feeling Of We Have Lost Control of Everything! That Whole Opening Chaos Was a Huge Kick In Head! And Filtered Through The Rest Of This! Go To War Cause It's Worth The Watch!!!

- Z apocalypse activated5 star

Best movie ever #1 #1 (10 times more) fills the thrill of a roller coaster and the scariness of a haunted house :) ( be prepared) just joking.

- Awesome5 star

I love this movie I watched it at 1 am with my cousins and my friends it's worth the cash u have to watch it.

- Not that bad...3 star

A good movie to spend couple hours. Not anything memorable, but fun enough to spend 4 dollars on.

- A Dead Movie1 star

This is definitely a zombie movie in the sense that it is walking around, dead, but it doesn't know it. Likewise, it is boring; and, the special effects including the zombies are unbelievable.

- Great Movie - World War Z5 star

I am not a Zombie Movie goer, so this movie was watched to benefit the group. I am so glad we did. Action Packed and great story line. Actors did an amazing job in getting you pulled into the movie and keeping your attention. Movie is fast moving, so it's important to watch it from the beginning or you may miss a key point.

- A truly awesome movie!4 star

This movie was very top-notch ever! But, I had been figured out how it caused the people to become "undead" and I wasn't still understand what it caused them to be. This movie, the World War Z is almost the same story with Contagion (2011). It's all about the contagious disease.. I give it a four! 👍

- Surprisingly intelligent and fun5 star

The investigation unfolds wonderfully, and the zombie effects are quite nice. There are a few technical holes in the script, but the action and medical drama is well done

- Instant zombie apocalypse4 star

I walked into the theater with my friend waiting for a big introduction story of how it started. But it was just BAM ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IN YOUR FACE! But action was good. Bad story line.

- I LOVED IT!5 star

Sadly I was not able to see the movie in theaters, but I bought it and it was worth every penny. I'm not sure why others don't like it because it has all sorts of movie genres in it. Starts with the happy family, thrill or horror, possibly some adventure. All resulting in a powerful moving ending. I'm not trying to sound like a movie critic because I'm far from it, but it's everything I expected and more. I never even knew there was a book, but I've wanted to see it for almost a whole year. Overall I would recommend this movie. Now if you want the unrated version (which I don't have) just be prepared to be a little more scared and/or grossed out.

- better than I thought it would be4 star

Nothing like the book… but Brad Pitt is good and the 3rd act the ended up with was refreshingly different than I was expecting.

- CRAZY!!5 star

They should really make another one like this but name it something different.

- WORLD WAR Z!!!!5 star


- Love it5 star

Love this movie

- Hell ya5 star

I thought this was going to be a bad movie but after I saw it I thought it was one of the best zombie movies I have ever seen

- AWESOME!!!5 star

It was the best movie ever!

- Love love love5 star

I absolutely loved it. I saw it in 3-d it was nail biting good. Gave to get it

- WWZ5 star

This movies is awesome. They thought outside the box with the infected, what theyre goal is, and how to camouflage from them. I liked it. That guy who says its boring until the last 20 minutes doesn't know what he is talking about. I'd watch it, and I'd buy it. If you like The Walking Dead then you WILL like this movie. The sad part is this movie has to end unlike The Walking Dead. Lol

- Best Movie of the Year!5 star

Not being sarcastic, it was actually a great movie and Brad Pitt was his usual awesome self!

- Awesome but one flaw4 star

Didn't see many movies in the summer but world war z I saw and it was pretty good Brad Pitt has a commanding performance but the one problem for me the zombies you can easily tell they are Cgi'd I'm pretty sure everyone else has that issue but it is still a good plot and in my opinion I felt no one underacted or overacted probably my favorite scene was when the airplane scene or when brad's character chopped off the girl's hand very awesome movie 9/10 good work excited for the sequel😄

- Not that great3 star

I found the movie a bit boring, and unimpressive. Maybe even a bit silly. Truthfully I am not much of a zombie movie guy, that being said I found "I am Legend" much more interesting.

- Disappointing1 star

I was first introduced to world war z by the novel that I thought to be one of the best zombie books ever. However, other than the title the book and the movie have nothing else in common. It feels like Max Brooks sold out for money, because that movie is not World War Z it's just another run of the mill zombie movie.

- A different, yet good, kind of zombie movie5 star

I thought World War Z was good, it's very fast-paced from beginning to end and always keeps you at the edge of your seat It's not your average zombie movie, this one was more action and government than horror Instead of a group of survivors hiding out somewhere while ugly, bloody, nasty zombies attack and eat their flesh and it's all blood, gore, and guts. This one is a family that's trying to stay alive as the plague spreads and the government is trying to find a cure an recruit a former U.N. worker to go around the world to look help find a cure while the government keeps his family safe on a ship at sea. There's no blood or gore or guts in this movie, but, the action is intense and at times can get a bit creepy, but, it's a good and different kind of zombie movie and i liked it.

- And I hate zombie movies!! :D4 star

Normally I don't watch gory zombie movies but had to watch this one! (yeah Brad was in it - thank goodness!) I loved the premise and I loved the suspense. Liked that it didn't have so much gore as other current zombie flicks so I didn't have to hide behind my plush too much. Something to watch again on Halloween!! :D

- The best5 star

This is hands down, strait up, for me the best movie ever

- Bumpy ride but we got there.4 star

I'm a zombie movie fan from way back and this one hit the spot. Great flick.

- awsome movie5 star

this movie is really cool and amazing 😃 it's awsome

- Smart Science Fiction Returns!5 star

This is one of the few smart sci-fi movies to have come out in years. Its purpose is not to horrify audiences with shots of grotesque zombies; blood and guts is not here. Instead, the movie zings you with suspense. Yeah, there are some holes in the movie, but overall: What a thrilling ride!

- Not as good as I was expecting3 star

I take my zombie movies seriously. This one kinda fails in a lot of areas. The outbreak is always the most exciting part for me and this movie delivers that…..then spirals down into dreadful military technicalities (a Russian AN-12 can't fly across the Pacific ocean, McCguire and America don't even have that airframe, it takes more than 11 seconds to refuel a jet, and the footage of the plane flying was that of a C-130) and into predictable, genre plot pitfalls and hurries to the end to get you out of the theater. Overall, I expected better, hoped for better and was disappointed.

- World War Z5 star

This Movies Is The Best!!!!!👌👍😉

- great movie5 star

This movie was good from the beginning to the end. I can't wait to purchase it.

- A truly thrilling blockbuster that hardly ever rests4 star

Gripping the audience through its near two-hour duration, the director of Quantum of Solace, Stranger than Fiction and Finding Neverland releases an energy-filled survival story that turned out to be extremely entertaining from start to finish and not just another pointless action flick. Being one of the most thrilling cinematic rides of 2013 so far, World War Z stars Brad Pitt as a former United Nations employee, Gerry Lane, as he journeys across the globe to stop plagues of zombies from getting closer and closer to completely wiping out humanity. What I enjoyed most about it was the fact that though there wasn't much character development, I felt fairly close to the characters. So, therefore, I was on the edge of my seat whenever they entered zombie territory fearing that one, if not more, of them would become infected. Another aspect I enjoyed was anytime the zombies jumped out of nowhere and startled everyone in the audience. Even though you're expecting a scare in those type of scenes, they still alarm you. Those scenes appear in many horror flicks/thrillers but the reason why it was different for this film was due to the fact that I thought it was just going to be another violent and boring blockbuster and I didn't expect it to startle me that many times. If you're a person who isn't fond of violent/bloody movies, this apocalyptic adventure is not for. And, finally, don't think of it as a masterpiece worthy of an Oscar. Instead, just try to enjoy it as a gripping, creepy and action-filled package of entertainment.

- Good Movie5 star

Great story. Different take on the zombie plague and I really enjoyed it. it was a very jumpy movie. I really enjoyed it.

- Loved5 star

I absolutely loved the movie in the theaters and now coming out in September I can't believe it

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Janvriner - iTunes come on really1 star

I want to rent this movie to see if I like it first before purchasing it. Oh well you lost some money for company

KEV.J. - ...exciting...4 star

...this film takes you on a ride never letting up...not near the gore fest these movies usually are,its no classic,but its a great ride.

Halvata - Awesome5 star

Very interesting plot twists. Not too much gore, but enough to make it scary. I thought the acting was great; people are just being harsh and negative for no reason. Suspenseful. One of the best movies I saw all year.

Liquidkarma - Sure it had its faults...4 star

and I know lots of people are crapping all over this movie but I thought it was quite good. Lots of action...good special effects....not your typical zombie movie but it's entertaining. Would have liked a bit more gore as that's what I've come to expect in zombie flicks but I'd watch it again.

Coreyb1972 - Bad Movie1 star

Worst movie of the year. Plot was unbelievable & acting second rate at best. The movie clearly was cashing in on walking dead fans. Pass this one up and you'll thank me.

Rickelcan - World War Z1 star

This movie was absolutely a waste of time and money. Brad Pitt took a big step down when he signed up for this one. Shame on him.

Smalldog12345678910 - Best movie ever5 star

Best z movie ever I've been talking about it the hole time

Svhibs - Awesome!!5 star

This the best movie I ever saw. I love the story and everything in this movie.

foorhese - jahbifgb5 star


Film critic01 - Waste of time2 star

When I was watching this there was no scene that had entertained me at all. Pitt had wasted his time and the action sequences were terrible.

FallingSky101 - If I had half a star....1 star

So much wasted potential. Great star pulling power, fantastic effects, great cinematography and awesome locations! This is one good example of how a brilliant ensemble can be killed mercilessly by a pathetic, over the top, non- sensical plot! Who the hell wrote it?

Flash boom - Want to rent it1 star

Good movie I would like to rent it of iTunes why isn't it available when newer and older movies are

Starshadlb63 - FANTASTIC5 star

What really scares me is the possibility it could be true.....this movie and Will Smith's I am Legend are both in the same category. We humans mess about so much with medical science that we could just cause a virus that destroys us all. That is what this is about and it is brilliantly done. Left me feeling uneasy and thinking "hmmmm what if?". Loved it!!

Abcdefghijklmnop love - World war Z5 star

That movie was the best zombie movie I have seen lol

imagenchamp - Amazing5 star

Great movie,It's very enjoyable....

ChookyGurl - 😊 Really enjoyed...4 star

...reminded me A LOT of 'The Last Of Us' game.

brains in a can - World at war5 star

best movie ever[brains]

Lilmisody - Awesome4 star

Those zombies were awesome!!!!

davehammond - By far the best Zombie movie5 star

Rather than focusing on the gore, WWZ tells a story, an almost believable one. Clearly we are meant to understand the not so subtle undertones challenging the way we do things and the staggering vulnerability we have to a common virus. I can understand some folks not getting or enjoying it but as with most Movies in the genre WWZ uses horror story to jolt us into reflecting on our lifestyle. In this case there is much less violence and gore and much more the prompt thought. Great movie.

filmdude01 - I like it4 star

this is a really well made movie, and an interesting story

loungefly - Snorefest1 star

Such a boring movie, it gets straight into the 'action' which is lame and has no depth. It takes old Brad 5 minutes to solve the problem which I admit was actually a clever storyline they just don't execute it well enough.

Banjo79 - My wife and I pooed our pants5 star

This movie is full on from the start. Watch it!

Kangablues - World War Z-later2 star

If you have read the book then be prepared to be disappointed. I'm surprised that Max Brooks had anything to do with this movie as it has little to do with his book! It felt like a 28 Days Later spin-off to me. To be honest, the people working on AMC’s The Walking Dead do a much better job! I can only hope that they will remake this movie at some point. Based on the novel this time.

Margaret & David - World War Unoriginal2 star

Not very original…not very good. A far better zombie film is 'I Am Legend’ with Will Smith. Much more fun to watch than this...

Aliciaisawesome! - Amazing5 star

Absolutely thrilling, keeps u on the edge of ur seat all the time, very memorable.

bobanderson152 - bob anderson1 star

Downloading stopped on Apple TV at 1:33. I was unable to retrieve it. The only way was to re-rent it...costing double. NOT HAPPY

Atait - Just another zombie film2 star

The only difference between this and any other zombie film ever made is that this one stars Brad Pitt. I gave it an extra star for his scarf.

skin brother - Great crowd scenes, predictable scenario4 star

The zombie plague idea has been done before (with zombie robots) but the crowd scenes here are spectacular. My copy was from a video hire store and the sound was out of sync for some of the movie, don't know if that was just my bad luck. A bit too like other save the world from a plague movies but it is thrilling and the acting is good.

Googlly - Difficult to care2 star

I found this movie a bit 'meh'. Its hard to care about any of the characters especially when none of the main characters get killed - at all! I like Brad Pitt but this has way too much Brad Pitt and nowhere near enough Zombie head smashing action. Too tame with a choppy and incohernat plot. So boring it should have been called World War ZZZZZZZZZZ's.

Create nicknamex - A solid zombie action film4 star

WWZ is quite a good action film. It is not scary or claustrophobic like some zombie films, but it is more about action and thrills. Even if you don't like zombie films, you should still watch it. (There's also even a Doctor Who reference in there regarding the new Doctor) :)

Geelongboy - Pathetic1 star

I'd rather have watched a Steven "Bad Wig" Seagall movie or worse still, an Adam Sandler movie than this rubbish. What a load of rubbish. The acting was terrible, the plot was rubbish and the filming was equivalent to that of something that was filmed on a kids camcorder. Save your money.



aManCalledSloth - World War Z?3 star

Just rented and watched this movie. Great movie, lots of action, nerve racking. Now if they would make a proper movie adaption of the actual book it would be really appreciated because the only thing this movie had in common with the actual book is its title.

Fish-out-of-water - CRAZY AWESOME5 star

I TOTALLY loved this movie!!! I was hooked right away and was totally captured! I loved the zombies and was worth watching!!!11

Mattie G - Quite Entertaining3 star

I had higher expectations. And the cast tends to mumble their lines a bit so listen carefully or you'll miss something. Still worth the watch.

scully1994 - Pretty good3 star

Had high expectations of this movie and was a little disappointed with it - I'd still certainly recommend it if you're into Zombies and Brad Pitt

WatchItYourself - Rubbish.1 star

Please bring back another resident evil movie!!

じゃせね - Choppy on my TV1 star

There is a problem with this version on iTunes .. does not work properly

No:1 HP fan - Amazing movie5 star

I went and saw this by myself, my first zombie movie, and I loved every bit of it, then next week, I bought the book, and while I haven't finished it, I love it, it's a great movie, and I love that there is the possibility of a sequel

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SuperEricksen - Best Movie of the Year!5 star

The movie was great, the acting was great, and was really epic. This movie is one of the best drama/ horror movies of 2013.

Zafar Haidary - Brad Pitts first zombie movie5 star

It doesn't disappoint and it really is a dramatic/horror/thriller/action movie !!

eljkrhqgtj - wow5 star

hell yeah Freaking great. even though other reviews said it was a long movie. thats bc it had to be to get the story line on how it came to america . full of action and tons of zombies.. love love this movie.

gmanggmoney - CG review4 star

This new look at a zombie apocalypse is actually interesting and inventive. Being based on a book you have to give Max Brooks (The Author) a lot of credit. Making the zombies faster, stronger, and deadlier. Plus coming up with a new way to beat it which is very hard with all the post-apocoliptic films that have been made. Im currently reading the book and I'm pretty satisfied with the way the film portrays it. This film brings a character fighting for his family and then on his adventure meets a travel companion. There is a flaw though and its very noticeable. The movie begins with Third Person and ends with First Person Narrative. It's also noted that Brad Pit wasn't his best or wasn't anything special playing his character. Last issue I have to say is that the intro was a little rushed and seemed like they had to start the apocalypse immediately. This film begins with the family going through there normal day when a rapidly growing virus begins. Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is a former UN employee and when seeing these events happen he knows just how to react. Gerry gets his family to a U.S Navy vessel and in order to earn his stay he must help them figure out how to stop this. They send him out with a group of people to go around the world and soon it turns into a one man job. In his search he meets a woman from the army that helps him with his search. This film isn't the best apocalyptic film, but it's the first serious one thats actually good and popular. If iTunes let me i'd give it three and a half, but I can't so I round up. I watched it once and with this film thats enough. I'd say this one's a one timer, so it's a rent. It was successful at bring entertainment and suspense. It presents everything that makes you want to see a zombie flick.

BoogerEater51 - Best zombie movie to date5 star

I saw it in a theater and couldn't always make out what they were saying. I hope when I buy it that I will have a little more control over the dialog,

Brad Thompson - A Fun, Mindless Zombie Movie With a Few Flaws4 star

When it comes to good, old-fashioned PG-13 zombie action thrillers, the pickings are pretty slim. But with this year's unexpectedly awesome "World War Z," Brad Pitt may have just reignited a genre, and found himself a new, highly profitable blockbuster franchise in the process. Granted, this isn't the most well-made flick of the summer season, nor is it the most jaw-dropping in terms of sheer spectacle, but I'd truly be lying if I said it didn't have me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Now, before I go any further, let me just stress that this isn't your typical zombie flick, at least not in the sense that it solely focuses on just blood and gore. The genuine horror here comes from the nail-biting tension we feel in nearly every scene, not to mention the truly haunting visuals of massive hordes of the undead chasing after our heroes at a break-neck speed. Sure, these sequences have a tacked-on silliness to them (especially considering the outrageous use of CGI), but that's part of the reason why they're consistently so fun to watch. Another great aspect of the movie is, of course, Pitt, who gives one of his most enjoyable lead performances in years. He plays a likable family man who manages to survive every zombie attack that comes his way, all the while trying to find the source of the infection that's causing this worldwide, humanity-threatening outbreak. He's basically a one-man machine who's simply able to get the job done without ever fully staying in danger, which in itself is ridiculous on every level imaginable, but still manages to work in its own laughable way. The rest of the cast is great too, although no one else gets to shine as brightly as Pitt. But even with all its terrific upsides, the film has its share of drawbacks as well. For one, the script's utter lack of logic impedes on the consistency of the central story to the point where it's seemingly impossible to follow exactly what's going on at times. Another considerable setback is the climax and finale, which don't at all feel as tense and suspenseful as the previous half of the film. Instead, their purpose is to set up for the inevitable sequel to come, which is an understandable way to go, but it just doesn't truly amount to a satisfying ending in the long run. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed "World War Z" in spite of its faults. The action is well-executed and briskly paced, the cast is solidly talented and fun to watch, and the giant, apocalyptic visuals are surprisingly graphic and intense. Of course, not everyone will be able to look past the movie's flaws, but if you're genuinely in the mood for some heart-racing, action-packed zombie excitement, this one's well worth renting.

Ju Mono - WoW!!!!!!!5 star

Loved this movie in 3D. Very impressed. Smart movie……… not typical thank G_D

Ep1c User - World war z5 star

Hands down best zombie movie ever great flick

Mw3 testing - WWZ4 star

Made if feel in a real environment and made it feel real. Epic


I like Brad Pitt and I like zombie movies, but this one I just didn't like at all. I can't really say this was a bad movie because it did have a good story. It was creative and smarter than the average zombie movie. However it was extremely boring. Also it was very fast paced which made 2 hours feel like 3. This movie could have been so much better if it had a different director or writers because nothing really exciting happens until the last 20 min. I guess it's worth renting if you must watch, but don't buy.

MovieReviews44 - A FUN ZOMBIE RIDE!5 star

I have to say, I really enjoyed World War Z. It was everything I wanted in a zombie movie. It actually had my heart pounding at some parts. The special effects were fantastic along with a great cast. This is defiantly worth buying.


"World War Z" initially starts out as a surprisingly clever "Contagion"-style investigative zombie-thriller, but this fiercely paced apocalyptic adventure begins to fall apart very early on when smart logic is nearly abandoned for the more visceral thrills of seeing Brad Pitt save the world. Sadly, almost every major plot point starts to make no sense at all, and by the time the movie eventually reaches its somewhat corny finale, it's difficult to continue suspending any more of our sheer disbelief. But at least it's packed to the brim with terrifically thrilling set pieces that get our pulses racing and fast-moving zombies that, at times, do feel like actual threats. Sure, it's a mostly predictable action-blockbuster that doesn't truly add anything new to the crowded apocalyptic genre, but at least it's consistently entertaining enough to hold our attention from start to finish. The flick is set in the present day as strange unrest breaks out around the world. And when the marauding hordes of undead arrive in Philadelphia, the Lane family barely makes it out with their lives intact. Gerry (Brad Pitt) is a former United Nations military officer who gets assistance from an ex-boss (Fana Mokoena) to evacuate his wife Karin (Mireille Enos) and children to the safety of an aircraft carrier off the coast. Then he's put to work in an instant as he's called upon to go on a globe-hopping mission to find the source of the rapidly spreading infection, traveling first to a military base in Korea, then to a safe zone in Israel, and finally to a World Health Organization research facility in Wales. Along the way, he picks up a sidekick in the form of feisty Israeli commando Segen (Daniella Kertesz). Can Gerry possibly find a cure to the zombie epidemic before it's too late? For the most part, this movie is only interested in Gerry, so the filmmakers never really bother deepening any other characters introduced in the first act. That especially goes for our main character's wife and young kids, who are almost immediately pushed to the sidelines in favor of Pitt's thrilling, chilling adventure. There's some nice, supportive chemistry between Pitt and Kertesz, but her role essentially just remains irrelevant throughout the film, which is a bit of a shame. As the flick moves along, our protagonist basically assumes the responsibilities of experts, soldiers, and scientists so he can singlehandedly solve the mystery of the undead outbreak. It's utterly ridiculous, especially since he has to constantly survive zombie attacks that easily kill everyone else. But outrageous implausibility aside, I'll admit that the large-scale action sequences here are pretty impressive. One of this film's most memorable scenes takes place on a crowded plane full of zombies and unaffected survivors. Needless to say, a whole lot of bloody, rampant chaos ensues, albeit in a PG-13 style. There's so much going on in this script that it never gets a chance to take a breather. But fortunately, director Marc Forster keeps everything moving so briskly that we simply hang on for the ride. Nearly every apocalyptic set piece is thrillingly chaotic and fast-paced, as we see massive mobs of the undead swarm across the planet's landscapes. The camerawork in this movie is also inventive and urgent, with several nerve-shredding jolts added by all the harsh, mute colors and dark atmosphere. So it's annoying that the film's screenplay is so badly botched, reducing Gerry's motivations to merely saving his family. There are a ton of giant plot holes along the way that suddenly appear and are never brought up again, and the conclusion here just feels loosely strung together and not very satisfying. Then again, this mega-budget movie did suffer from a major series of drastic re-writes and reshoots, so I probably shouldn't have kept my expectations too high to begin with. Although "World War Z" completely diverges from the source novel that inspired it, and lacks enough compelling characters and narrative cohesion to make it a fully satisfying cinematic experience, it's still a solidly competent white-knuckle horror adventure that manages to offer just enough fast-paced action and chilling tension to offset its unevenly executed screenplay. Pitt delivers a rock-solid performance in the lead role, and so does the rest of the cast with their supporting characters. Add in a ton of well-crafted action sequences and eye-popping visuals, and you've got yourself one thrilling zombie adventure that'll easily please the most undemanding fans of fun escapist entertainment. Sure, it's underdeveloped and overstuffed with unnecessary material, but if you enjoy blockbusters that are stylish and suspenseful in equal measure, this movie is at least worth a solid rent.

Zack9573 - The best zombie movie ever4 star

Hands down

thisistheend19 - A surprisingly satisfying zombie action flick!!!!5 star

To be honest, I had little hopes about this film when I heard about all the reshoots and story changes, not to mention how far it strayed from the book, but when I finally saw this movie in theaters I was surprised at how well this movie turned out. Granted, it had it's setbacks, but all in all it actually a really good, and quite terrifying zombie flick. The cast was well placed, and the action and suspense was relentless. In fact, the movie was so good, that I actually wished it didn't end when it did; I could have easily sat through another hour had this movie been longer. I heard that there will be an extended cut made available on Blu-ray, so is there any way that we could get our hands on the extended cut here??? Just putting it out there, not everyone owns Blu-ray.... Anyway, with that said, this film is both a must-see and a must-own for you library collection, especially if you're a fan of zombie flicks like me.

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World War Z movie images
World War Z movie images
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World War Z movie images
World War Z movie images
World War Z movie images
World War Z movie images

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World War Z movie posters
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