R.I.P.D. Summary and Synopsis

Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds headline this supernatural action-adventure as two cops dispatched by the Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.) to protect and serve the living from increasingly destructive spirits hiding among the unsuspecting on Earth. When they uncover a plot that could end life as we know it, the new partners have to turn grudging respect into top-notch teamwork to restore the cosmic balance...or watch the tunnel to the afterlife begin sending angry souls the very wrong way. A recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him. Based on the comic by Peter M. Lenkov. R.I.P.D. Wiki

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To protect and serve the living..

R.I.P.D. (2013)

R.I.P.D. Comments & Critics

R.I.P.D. Movie Reviews

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- Only for the low IQ1 star

Seriously you have to be a solid rock head moron to find this appealing

- Wish this had been the end of Ryan Reynolds1 star

Useless movie with trite and contrived humor. Ryan is Ryan and if you’ve seen one of his movies you’ve seen them all.

- R.I.P.D. Gets a bad rap5 star

I personally really like R.I.P.D. I think the cast was very good, and there are a lot of funny moments. The back and forth between Reynolds and Bridges has some really good moments. I really like watching this show and would suggest. I think people calling this movie a flop and dissing on it are wrong.

- The WORST1 star

Srsly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I literally forgot the whole movie the first time I saw it, and 5 min into starting it again, I was upset all over again. Save your time and money and pass on this film.

- The best movie5 star

I really love this movie and like both the main actors and think that they should make a second ripd before Jeff Bridges dies

- I enjoyed it!5 star

I love when movies with a kinda far out premise just embrace it without embarrassment. However the actors feel personally afterward is irrelevant due to the fact that they definitely jump all in when filming to make these characters and this world convincing and real. This is a candy movie for me, meaning that while yes, it’s a little cheesy at times and a little weird, boy is it fun. It’s well acted, Jeff and Ryan are fantastic and hilarious together, it has many genuinely fun and funny characters and moments, etc. my philosophy is that people need to understand what a movie is trying to do before they see it. If you go into an artistic and philosophical movie just for pure entertainment, you’re gonna get bored or annoyed. If you go into a fun and unique paranormal buddy cop movie expecting to understand life and the world and your reason for being, then you’re probably not gonna enjoy that one either. I loved it, will probably buy it cause it was so fun, and I definitely recommend this to everyone who is unsure because of stuffy critics.

- Just took two great movies MIB And Ghostbusters and completely failed at it2 star

It was just a cross of mib and ghostbusters

- RIPD5 star

Freakn love!! Cnt wait to get part 2

- He he he4 star

With a large 'grain of salt.......this is a blast......fun.....let loose...enjoy

- It's O.K.4 star

It's O.K. to watch on a lazy afternoon. Nice special-effects.

- Haters gonna hate, hate, hate!4 star

Don't let the wanna be professional movie reviewers harsh your mellow man! It's a good flick.

- Absolutely horrible1 star


- Where's the rental on this?! iTunes needs to separate rental and purchase items.1 star

Every time I check to see if they lowered the price of a rental, they then take it off rental and only offer it as a purchase only. It would save your customers a lot of time trying to just rent at a fair price. Oh, we need more fair lower prices as well.

- A Rental at Best, try to find it on Cable first.2 star

I am a avid reader of comics. Thought that the concept had promise. It was too late by the time that I realized I should have checked the reviews a bit more. A low quality redo of Men in Black. The acting does nothing to redeem a script that had some serious issues with a overabundance of Corn in the form of overdone cliche’s and nothing in the form of originality. I gave this two stars if only for the fact that it is not a complete failure, thanks to Jeff Bridges and only Jeff Bridges. A Rental at Best

- Movies To critique1 star

Forget suspension of disbelief for without Jeff Bridges this movie has little to offer. Hollywood lately has been bringing in good actors in order to boost their movie revenues at the box office. Good scripts were written in the 50s and 60s, but it seems not today. Producers should consider remakes of old sci-fi movies such as Robinson Caruso on Mars. That movie had a great story

- R.I.P.D. is G.R.E.A.T.5 star

Though most people considered it as a R.I.P.O.F.F. of MIB, I consider this as humorously exhilarating.

- riped5 star

ripd has taken action to fart martRus i thike babies could fly but pigs are fat so in con cloution my essay states that snaks are real.

- its just alright3 star

why is kevin bacon in all these lame movies - he deserves better!

- Funny4 star

This was actually pretty funny.

- Men in Black Redux4 star

Okay, it's derivative. but better than MIB III. How the snooty NYC critics give this 14%, but award high ratings to Enders game, Gravity, End of Earth, Thor, etc, I don't know. this is fun, occasionally funny, and possible to watch more than once. worthy of being in your sci if collection.

- Pretty Rad5 star

I dont understand all the hate this movie is getting. It's obviously inspired by MIB, so just accept that and roll with it. It is a good movie though. If you are in the mood for a sort of goofy movie, this is it. Very nice, Very funny, and pretty good plot

- Best movie5 star

This is one of the best movies.its the right amount of funny and then action you should watch it!!

- A Men in Black M.I.B. Knockoff that was just horrible1 star

Oh man, Jeff Bridges was too much with his character and painful to listen.

- HAHAHA5 star

This movie is hilarious with great special effects. Watch it.

- How did this happen?1 star

My husband and I have been trying to figure out how a movie like this could exist. This movie is a disgrace to all movies ever as well as an insult to anyone who ever wasted time to watch it. It makes almost no sense, tends to be offensive and is a total rip off of Men in Black, except for the fact that Renyolds is too whiny to be Smith. Bridges character is all but word for word Jones, though. The script was all over the place, pulled plot points out of thin air and the plot was 100% predictable from start to finish. I wish so badly I hadn't seen this movie and can only be grateful it was at home and not a $9.50 a ticket at the theater. Please, save yourself the $ and time, avoid this one like you would the plague. Its not even in the so stupid its funny category!

- Not bad!4 star

Bridges, yet again, brings a masterful performance! This ol' som' a gun delivers. Whlie the script is not up to his par, HE delivers! Watch it. Embrace the Bridges!

- Enjoyable4 star

I liked the movie, I thought it was fun and enjoyable to watch. I liked the way the 2 main characters played off each other.

- Men In Black meets Ghostbusters3 star

Obviously ripping off MIB here, but while it was certainly not a great movie, it was a decent way to spend what would otherwise have been a boring evening.

- Sooooooooooooooo cool5 star

Most best movie I have ever seen.it is even better than men in black and those cartoon movies!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

- Booo1 star

Childish film

- RIPD - uh no!1 star

Seriously do not waste your money. Should have paid attention to the Tomatometer, it was not wrong!

- Awful1 star

Possibly one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time – if not ever. What might have been an easygoing, MIB-style entertainer, quickly became the kind of fodder that's only of interest to the people that made it. And even they would be hard-pushed to find a positive thing to say about it. Avoid.

- Horrible1 star

This movie was really bad and I'm not one to judge movies. I barely could sit through this thing.

- Ok5 star


- You need to fix this!!1 star

I bought RIPD and it took away the $10 off of my account but the movie didn't download ... So now I can't watch the movie but it just totally took my $10! Apple, you need to fix this!

- Really fun flick you can escape into5 star

Watched Star Wars Darkness and R.I.P.D. back to back and loved RIPD, while Star Wars was pretty boring & strident. RIPD is just a great escape after a busy day or week! Loved the take offs of "Ghost, MIB, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones & more. Just plain fun stuff. Hope they make a sequel.

- Boring.2 star

Save your money. If you must, rent it.

- not as it seems1 star

the first hour and nothing happened, it is advertised as a funny movie with a lot of action, the truth is, there is no action, there is no fun, there is nothing interested about it.

- Ok3 star

The movie was a little funny But it had almost no action and cheap animation for the monsters or deados


You won't suspend disbelief because it's unbelievably rubbish...seriously not even worth a rental. Plodding, unimaginative, poor cgi meets dreadful script.. Don't bother!

- Not bad4 star

Well let me say it's not Men in Black but still ever good. I didn't go to the show to see it to tell the truth but I bought it and it's not bad I wish I saw it that the theater. I recommend it.

- Trouble holding my attention1 star

This movie was all over the place and I found myself zoning out most of the time. Not worth the time.

- OH HOGWASH, IT wasnt that bad!!!4 star

all these bad reviews, It was actually entertaining! Predictable but entertaining!! and best of all, I got it for 9.99!

- Don't rent... Do not buy1 star

It's just not a good use of an expendable income.

- dont normally do this...1 star

worst movie ive seen all year, and im fat and lazy and have watched alot of crap.

- Depressing. Lol.2 star

I just bought it because Ryan Reynolds was in it plus the trailer looked great, but I didn't like it.

- Not worth the money2 star

I really expected more from this movie. I saw a few bad reviews thinking theres no way it could be that bad. Yep i was wrong.

- The Trailer was the best part….1 star

the rest of it was a waste of my time and $…. I will give the “Tomato” score more credence in the future

- MIW4?4 star

If you're up for funny action and a healthy amount of drama, then R.I.P.D is the movie for you. Yes it resembles a lot of MIB, however with an amazing cast and the humor of Jeff Bridges this really is a movie that is worth watching. I would recommend this to friends and family! (and I have)

- R.I.P.D.5 star

Well im sensing alot of critics watched this movie and still hated the concept, this is a great movie for a family with teenagers. Its funny, smart, great graphics, and some intense action and violence. This is an amazing movie.

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bhugvgvuvuvu - dumb movie ever2 star

i don't know this movie is crazy i mean ryan is not a good ripd agent and jeff talks to much and crazy movie i have ever seen and wrost ids ever

lwaa - One star off for Bridges and one more for his stupid accent3 star

Why have Bridges in this movie? He's totally wrong. I heard he was slamming it too...yeah, earn millions having fun then turn around and slam it. What an ungrateful git. A good, fun movie. A mix of Ghostbusters and MiB. spoiled somewhat by Bridge's poor acting style, accent and strange facial expressions. Whoever selected the awful awful closing title song should choose another career. A few of the effects were weak too. I ended up not caring about any of the characters which tells you a little about it.

BWatcher - RIPD1 star

This movie is terrible: completely derivative, phone-in performances, and hokey effects. It has some top actors in it, but even they couldn't save it with its sloppy script and boring action. Yuk! I gave it a score of 7%.

javm64 - Disappointing2 star

Save your money. You will have a better time watching paint dry.

Fred123455313589754 - Caca5 star

Vraiment bon

schewy - Why the hate?4 star

RIPD is a fun, entertaining and silly hollywood popcorn movie. It does the job very well, moves at a brisk pace and is cartoonish in style. Instead of thinking Die Hard think more Roger Rabbit and you will be happier for it.

GarrusV_3 - Falls flat on every conceivable level1 star

One of the worst movies of 2013, without a doubt. Poorly edited, truly awful CGI effects, and weak humour sink any potential for a decent (if still derivative) movie that could have been. The cast often seems to be trying, but they have nothing to work with, and the whole movie feels so rushed that nothing feels like it can properly develop. Mostly, I was just too bored to care.

Mesheep - Really Ryan?1 star

It was very boring and it wasn't working. Not great acting or storyline, thought about leaving the theatre half way through the movie. disappointed.

gfuydiuydliuyxculicy - Awesome5 star

This was one of the best funniest movies ever. Loved it!

Time Bandit12 - $20 ???2 star

Will watch it ob Netflix

Tristan the watchdog - R I P D3 star

A bomb in the theatres! all special effects with a very weak script. save your money and just re-watch" Men In Black ", practically the same movie.

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ATMMD - Silly, unoriginal, but fun3 star

A touch of Ghost, a dash of Gosht Busters, a heaping of Men In Black, and you might get a bad and a strange mix. But the movie is saved by the superb acting of Jeff Bridges, and the smart and, many times, funny dialogue throughout the plot. If you don't have high expect actions and is not too critical, this movie is fun to watch.

Jbwbbbpb - Great and funny5 star

This is a great movie and funny. Pay no attention to negative reviews, watch it and judge for yourself.

Saw It!! - SAD….3 star

Just misses the mark in too many ways…A rental perhaps…Don’t buy!

Wheedling - Light-hearted and entertaining3 star

Sometimes you are too tired for serious drama, but still want a dose of zombies or monsters. I tried a Netflix zombie movie, but it was too slow and boring, so I rented R.I.P.D and enjoyed it! Plus, Jeff Bridges is hilarious and Ryan Reynolds is easy on the eyes. I lol'ed several times during the movie. Funny, mindless fun and sometimes that's exactly the type of movie you want.

Robinbird 21 - Good Movie5 star

Seen this movie at the movie theater back in July. Ppl are making a big deal how bad this movie is, but my opinion I liked the movie. Jeff Bridges & Ryan Reynolds ( with his fine sexy self ) did a great job in this movie. And also Kevin Bacon was good too. The people that hates this movie needs to chill out.

Suzysunset - RIPped Off!1 star

This movie is "flat"! I guess because the majority of the movie was filmed with a green screen, the actors just couldn't pull it off. The plot is simple, voices for characters/villains are weak and I couldn't watch it to the end! Not paying cinema prices for a movie makes me more forgiving but I still feel ripped off! Average 3 1/2 stars is way too generous!

nocrickets - Busted Ghosts2 star

Beware the 4 and 5-star reviews. It's painfully obvious what the pitch was on this: "It's Ghostbusters Meets Men In Black!" Cute concept, but the execution is pretty awful. There's barely a script, no characters except for the sassy supporting role played by Mary-Louise Parker (they should have made the story about her), Bridges and Reynolds are one-note throughout (Bridges annoyingly so, Reynolds just sleepwalking and looking scruffily handsome), and it relies heavily on bad video-game CGI to keep the adolescents amused. If you're over 14 you won't be. There are a few decent jokes and lines scattered through it, and I didn't hate it, but I'm really glad I didn't pay date-night-at-the-cineplex prices to be so bored by it.

angrycustomer1 - Rubbish1 star

Try to mix MIB with Ghostbusters and utterly fail…

1granola - Worth a try4 star

I think if you are a fan of the Men in Black series you will enjoy this.

AYMachineSales - Great movie5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. One of the best movies I have seen in awhile. At the end of the day not every movie is for everyone but this movie was definitely for me. If you liked men in black you may or may not like this movie. But I really enjoyed the cowboy's comedy.

Marvin H. - Good clean fun4 star

Buddy cop movie with a twist. I thought is was a good time, YMMV.

Class A213243 - Beyond terrible1 star

Thirty minutes into this film feels like a Monday on week six of jury duty.

KatyLeigh22 - Shocked3 star

The movie was not so great, unfortunately. I'm a fan of Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, their characters were funny, but this movie did not do their acting abilities any justice. It was predictable, somewhat boring, and the story was kinda scattered. I was glad that I saw it, but at the same time disappointed that I paid to see it.

Pixel3144 - RIPD3 star

Wonderful popcorn movie! Worth every dime.

Pammy Jammy - RIPD1 star

I want my money back!

1925 - I want my 6$'s back- it's a D movie filled with A-listers1 star

Who thought this was a good idea? That is all.

MacMan281 - It's crazy and not the good crazy!2 star

The whole movie was just all over the place not worth paying to see this is one to wait for a tv premier!

Hammer818 - Horrible1 star

Basically like Men in Black except that movie was good and this one is just horrible!

Horror movie lover358885 - Ok2 star

Like men in black but with dead people and not nearly as good.

I❤the hobbit - Ooooooooo5 star

Lots of cursing, but that's why I loved it. I don't love it as much as the Hobbit though.

louie ketcios - R.i.p.d4 star

It was good but the acting wasn't but the movie was awesome

Anthoni - Disappointing and Boring!1 star

After a very good beginning, the film just goes nowhere. I guess it was "Men In Black" meets "Ghostbusters" in the afterlife. Great performances, but terrible script. I think Ryan Reynolds has acting talent, but should be in better films.

Waynmethod - A double helping of "meh."2 star

With a promising premise and potentially potent onscreen team, this one is let down by a thin script and cringe-worthy CGI effects.

EttaTron - Could have been better2 star

Great cast and I like the "RIPD" concept, but film lacks original content and you can't help comparing it to it's better half- MIB- the whole time. Had potential, but fell way short. Children might enjoy it though because it has some action and some characters, but lacks substantial plot, dialogue and everything else that makes a decent film.


this movie is just awful, not funny. Very corny & short. Save your money

Mr.?11 - Great5 star

I think it was great sure it hade it ups and down but it was great even though it resemble men in black it's great.

storytellerstudios - The script is DOA2 star

Ryan Reynolds has chosen to star in several big budget movies with less than stellar results. But unlike Green Hornet, Green Lantern was a dud because of a predictable script and poor casting. Ryan did well with what he was given; unfortunately, he repeated the mistake with RIPD which is simply a boring unimaginative screenplay. We never really care about any of the three main characters. The key to good science fiction is a good storyline, where we are invested in the people- not just the fx. Think of Ghost Busters (both 1 and 2). Take heart, Ryan- watch Men in Black 3! It's tough to get it right, but it is possible!

skaterryan - Awful1 star

This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. Nothing was good about this movie

16 HORSES - Half Past Dead But I Liked It4 star

Yes R.I.P.D. Was about as Silly as a film can Be But i Belive That was The Point! The Movie Won't Win Any Oscars Cause The Plot was as Dead as the Characters! But You Don't Go To Rest In Peace Department Expecting Platoon or Apollo 13! You Just Expect To have Dumb Fun wih a Sci Fi Silly Film! Rest In Pieces over This One!

LaurMorr - Horrible!1 star

I saw this movie in theaters…such a bad time! Only reason I forced myself through the it was because I paid for it. I wouldn't bother watching, nothing like I expected from the trailers!

Objective response - Fun Movie to watch4 star

With its mixture of culture clashing and physical comedy, this movie was fun. It was fairly easy to follow. It's easy to line this up with MIB or any number of other similar movies that came before. How ever, based on it's own merits, everyone did a fantastic job. If you're in the mood for something fun and not too mind bending, this is a good pick. It's worth the $13 I paid for it.

Seeking Intelligence - RIP1 star

So bad hard to describe

Cease215 - Boooooo!!!1 star

Any positive review of this movie has to fake it's just god awful.

Cease215 - Boooooo!!!1 star

Any positive review of this movie has to fake it's just god awful.

MommyEllisO3 - RIPD5 star

I Loved It! I thought is was pretty unique and Fun!

jb6 - I don't recall laughing more than once or twice2 star

I don't recall laughing more than once or twice during the entire movie. By the halfway mark, I wanted nothing more than for this movie to end.

ajc4home - Do yourself a favor...1 star

...and save the money you would spend on this movie for something more important like earthworm feed of used bubblegum wrappers. This is one for the "Razzies" and the cutting room floor. The jokes are missed timed and obscure. Bridges accent is almost offensive to southerners and even the normally charismatic Reynolds is unable to save this tomato splat on the wall. I usually judge movies by whether or not I was entertained and I can tell you I was not at all entertained. I wish I had rented the movie first in fact I wish I would have taken the time to read the reviews first to save myself the dough. Lesson learned. If I could have given a negative star I would have. See you in the screening room movie fans!

김현태 - RIPD5 star

I like story about ghost police

SushiRobot - Concept movie...1 star

…a concept is not a movie, it's a concept. Try just making a good movie.

stoutman2002 - A little crazy...4 star

...but funny and memorable, I rather enjoyed it.

Pinkylit - dont care what the critics say...its a awesome fun movie5 star

Its a fun weekend movie. silly plot, kind of funny.... but lots of action.

Bcrthi - Worst movie ever!!!!!1 star

I saw this movie at the movie theater a whole back and it so disappointing. I had high hopes for this movie but it was not funny at all, the plot was extremely bad, and the overall work and idea was a really bad rip-off of M.I.B.

brslc - Never Cared For Bridges1 star

I've always thought Jeff Bridges was a "B" actor. This movie proves it. He needs to tone it down a notch.

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 - What4 star

I thought it was a good movie. Cant beleive why this movie was not popular. this was Men in Black with different actors dont get me wrong i like will smith and tommy but jeff bridges and Ryan Reynolds did good in this one.

Kgersh - M.I.B. + 'Bill and Ted' had a Love child3 star

If Men in Black & 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey' had a love child, it would be this movie. (I could have also went with Beetle Juice). It was mildly entertaining and there were definitely some funny parts. If I could go back, though, I wouldn't download it again. If your looking for a goofy sci-fi-ish comedy then you might like it.

991tts - Better than expected...4 star

After reading so many negative reviews, I almost didn't buy it. It was good, not Men in Black good, they lacked the budget but good and entertaining. Especially if you like SciFi and weird stuff, this is just right for you. With a bigger budget, a better director and better dialogues, this could have been a true Men in Black contender. It still is what it is…a good and entertaining low budget SciFi movie with nice effects and an intriguing story. Make some popcorn, forget about your daily worries and watch this. You won't regret it if you have an open mind and don't expect oscar worthy performances.

LuckyFreak'nPerson - awesome5 star

one of the best movies i watched

rekrabm - Good with popcorn and your feet up.5 star

I had a lot of fun with this one because there are no great philosophical moments or intense dramatic dialog. It's light entertainment. A lot of slapstick moments and some pretty funny characterizations. The actors looked like they were having a lot of fun too. Jeff Bridges's character was pretty funny and made a good foil for Ryan Reynolds. A light, silly, entertaining, and sometimes strange diversion if you want to unwind after a hectic day.

atolb - its not the best comic adaptation3 star

but jeff bridges alone is worth the watch, I thought the movie was funny. reynolds is useless in this, I don't get why reynolds is famous, ive never seen him in a good movie, and hes done three comic inspired movies that have all been pretty badly reviewed, xmen origins, green lantern and now this, I really hope hes not chosen for a deadpool movie. Still the effects aren't the best and the movie is predictable, but I like jeff bridges and he cracked me up on this.

Shenanigator - Wow.1 star

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Cheesy, horrible plot, awful acting, just bad.

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