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A signature brew of camaraderie, knockabout humor, excessive quaffing, questionable life choices, hand-to-hand combat, and explosive surprises, The World’s End reteams director Edgar Wright with actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, following their hits Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007). The tale of The World’s End begins on June 22nd, 1990. In their suburban U.K. town of Newton Haven, five boys in the prime of their teenage youth celebrate the end of school by attempting an epic pub crawl together. Despite their enthusiasm and the downing of a slew of pints of beer, they fall short of seeing their quest through, to the last pub on their list, The World’s End.Twenty-odd years later, “the five musketeers” have each left their hometown and are now husbands, fathers, men with careers – with the flashing-red-light exception of their voluble onetime ringleader, Gary King (Simon Pegg), who is now a 40-year-old man trapped at the cigarette end of his teens. The irrepressible Gary, keenly aware of his estrangement from his onetime closest friend Andy (Nick Frost), becomes hellbent on trying “The Golden Mile” drinking marathon again. He convinces Andy, Steven (Paddy Considine), Oliver (Martin Freeman), and Peter (Eddie Marsan) to stage an encore, and one Friday afternoon they are all reunited. Gary is in his element: the mandate is one night, five guys, twelve pubs – imbibing at least one pint apiece at each establishment. Arriving in Newton Haven, they re-encounter Oliver’s sister Sam (Rosamund Pike), for whom Gary and Steven each still carry a torch. As the gang attempts along the way to reconcile their past and present, an increasingly insane and dangerous series of encounters with old haunts and acquaintances makes them realize that the real struggle is for the future, not just theirs but humankind’s. Reaching The World’s End is the least of their worries… Five friends who reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier unwittingly become humankind's only hope for survival. The World's End Wiki

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The World's End Movie (2013)

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- Funny4 star

Simon Pegg & Friends, hilarious, especially the Shaun of the Dead Movie too

- A bow to the end of the world!5 star

After Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The World's End is a perfect end of the world funny comedy that has brilliant characters and social interactive funny scenes that Edgar Wright can master. Whenever Simon Pegg and Nick Frost go ahead and get with the times it's hailrious and very smart. I enjoy this sort-of conclusion to a very well done Simon Pegg and Nick Frost time up troilgy.

- Yes yes5 star


- Great!5 star

Enjoyed it a lot!


I hate when people say this is Edgar Wright's worse film, beacuse it is AMAZING. I find it better than Scott Pilgrim to be honest. The comedy is on point, the characters and actors are full of charm and humor, it is shot and edited incredibly, the attention to detail is astounding (next time you watch it, think about the names of the pubs and what they mean in context of the story), and most of all, of all three of the Cornetto Trilogy movies, this one had the deepest message. It's about leaving the past behind, growing up, accepting life and that we are not all perfect, and it does it ten times better than countless other films that I've seen with similar messages. I could not recommend this and any of Edgar Wright's work more, but I recommend this the most for the fact that very few people know or care about it. WATCH IT NOW PLZ!

- :)5 star

Veri niez

- Great!5 star


- Excellent5 star

Simon Pegg has become a great actor. Love watching him and how closely he lets the viewer into his charactor.....

- 1 night, 12 pubs, LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!5 star

Five friends reunite to recreate the pub crawl in Newton haven that they attempted as teenagers and soon find out that it's been taken over by robots full of blue stuff, and of course hilarity, mayhem, and fence jumping ensues. This is the funniest movie I've ever seen, it had me rolling on the floor laughing nonstop the entire time, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are the funniest comedy duo out there

- A modern day Monty Python5 star

You simply don't get filmmaking like this anywhere outside of Britain, and even there it is hard to find such a masterpiece. Nothing tops British filmmaking

- Heartfelt and funny with tons of terrific dialogue and performances.5 star

This is by far the funniest and most fun movie of 2013; everyone involved is as good as ever. Honestly, this is a movie made by fans, for fans, and the entire theater loved it. I got to see this at a Cornetto Trilogy marathon comprised of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz leading up to the 10:00 PM premiere of the film, and EVERYONE had an incredible time. Everyone. First thing's first: is a comedy, so is it funny? FROM START TO FINISH! And, surprisingly, it's actually very heartfelt. The characters are very likable (even if they're rude and belligerent, they have a good side to them) and there is an argument between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost towards the end that was actually very moving. This film never sacrifices a character or plot point to make a joke, just like the other films in this trilogy, and that in itself shows the care here. A lot of movies are just mindless fun, but this is actually smart, and it in turn makes it so much more fun. Edgar Wright's timing and ability to create terrific fight scenes are as good as ever, and of course Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and all others are just fantastic. And let me say something: these special effects are stellar throughout and it only cost $20 million? Truly well-spent. I just can't wait to see this again. And note: I am *not* comparing this to Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz (which are my two favorite comedies of all time) because each entry in the Cornetto Trilogy is so different and all of them are truly exceptional. I will, however, compare it to everything else this year and it's the second-best movie of 2013 behind Stoker. 9.6/10, amazing, two thumbs up, far above average, etc.

- By far one of the best films ever5 star

As a fan of the cornetto trilogy I am happy to say this is my favorite of the three. Its hysterical in both the stupid silly ways, and the sophisticated raunchy ways. I was crying with laughter throughout the whole film. Great cast with great acting. The story is gripping and very original! If its not my favorite film of all time, its definitely in my top 3!

- Classic Hero’s journey5 star

This movie is so completely AMAZING! I thought i could keep up well with British humor, the trite american brain has to stretch wayyy past our comfort zone. That said it took me more than one viewing to begin to get it, The tragic antihero, his band of flawed heroes that embark on that world and life changing adventure. Read or reread Homer, or A Winter’s Tale and begin to enjoy the Foamy hoppy, and nutty humor that is the worlds end. Metaphors abound in craft brewed story lines.

- Trite and not comedic at all.1 star

I waited and waited for this movie and paid full price to watch it, but it's absolutely nothing to laugh about. The rave reviews probably come from people who haven't laughed in a while, and it's not like I don't understand British humor. Not worth more than 0.99$.

- What a boring movie1 star

No point, horrible acting. Just a huge disaster, save your money.

- Overrated1 star

I felt compelled to write this review due to the feeling that I was misled by the RT meter on this movie. Unfortunately I kept watching to wait for the segment of the film that deserved the high praise. I never found it. I liked Shaun of the Dead, but this was garbage.

- The best of the bunch5 star

Great fun. I've enjoyed all of the Pegg/Frost outings up to this point, but this is the best of the bunch.

- Good Start, then....2 star

Good first 1/4 of the movie then quickly spins into stupidity. Could have been so much better...

- Terrible movie1 star

Honestly this is one of the worse movies I've ever seen in my life, the humor in it is just so bad….

- Not a brilliant finale to the trilogy1 star

Sorry but why are there rave reviews for this movie? I feel like the critics and other viewers have been taken over by aliens just like in the film! I loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but this was nothing compared to those movies. The script is an unfortunate rehash of the first two and leaves much to be desired. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost could have done so much better, as per the earlier films. I'm really disappointed with this one.

- Super Bummed2 star

I absolutely love Simon Pegg and Co. I absolutely love Edgar Wright. I have no idea why they seemed to abandon what worked so well with the previous two movies. A lead character that you don’t like, a plot that drags, and no quick witted editing. I still love the guys but this was pretty much a misfire for me. Reading all these other reviews makes me wonder if I missed something but I just can’t bring myself to like this movie.

- Best Movie Ever !!!5 star

This is one of my favorite movies !!!! LOVED IT SO MUCH ! I don't get the people who hated it! Don't u understand anything about comedy?! This movie is soo FUNNY and so fun to watch! I totally recommend it !

- What the hell is this ?!?!1 star

This movie is just stupid ! Not funny and not entertain. I left 45mins in this movie when I saw it in theaters ! I only giggle once in thoses 45 mins just don't see it

- Big Waste of Time and Money1 star

This is not a payed review, the movie es overacted, not funny, boring, it leaves you with nothing, just some time of your life you will never recover, the waste of money can be recovered. The main actor acting is really over the top, exagerated, the "friends" are a group of boring unknown actors.... I retret my decision, i rather had spend the time staring at the ceiling!!!

- Didn’t grab me2 star

I LOVED Shaun of the Dead and really enjoyed Hot Fuzz but this one seemed kinda flat. I didn’t find any of the characters likable at all… everyone hating on the main character kinda made me dislike him too. I wanted so badly to love this movie but I didn’t enjoy it at all. I’m glad to see that others felt differently though… but it just wan’t the movie I was hoping it would be. :(

- I'm glad I only rented it...3 star

The pub crawl part was funny. But once it got to the robots with the blue blood, it got not so funny pretty quick... I didn't watch the ending...

- Worst Movie Ever!1 star


- Hilarious !5 star

One of the best, if not the best comedy movie of the year !

- Seriously???1 star

About 3/4 of way through I was hoping the world really would end so I could erase this visual apocalypse from my mind.

- The worst kind of bad1 star

Unfortunately, this movie is one of that diabolical genre where the first 10 - 15 minutes appear to actually be interesting. But the cracks soon begin to show, and when it comes time for the big switch, from quirky realist comedy to screwball sci-fi mash-up, the film just falls apart completely. With nothing left to hold it together, it luches along under past momentum and collapses in a pool of banal, overstreched stupidity, devoid of any remaining joy or hope. (too harsh?)

- Great end to the trilogy!5 star

I was ready to be disappointed but was surprised how poignant this film was, with it's commentary on middle-aged angst and lost youth. Simply put its a great ending to a great trilogy.

- Comedic joy5 star

It's darker than Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead, but it also manages to be more touching. Also? It's a hell of a lot of fun.

- Could not make it to the end.2 star

I desperately wanted this to be funny. And I have a sense of humor. I sensed none in this flick. My girlfriend and I just kind of stated at each other wondering what the hell we were watching, and then we turned it off and got on with our lives.

- I'd give 2.5 stars if I could2 star

Loved Sean of the Dead, and liked Hot Fuzz. This is simply not as funny or original and wow does it get off to a really slow start. Both Peter Travers and A.O. Scott continue to prove that they simply don't know comedy. This is a lukewarm comedic romp, really derivative, and while it would be okay as an indie, given this is an Edgar Wright joint, and the fact they're getting you to watch in large part based on the prior two, funnier flicks, this in my humble opinion really ranks somewhere between a 2 and 3 on the scale.

- Weird British humor, pomp and circumstance.2 star

The movie starts out slow, then something cool happens that sends it in a whole new direction, something I wasn't expecting. However, once the newness wears off, the weird British humor and weak stuffy cast just end up feeling like so many other British characters. It's odd humor and just plain odd to an American, because of the mannerisms, the accents and the concepts of what is funny, what is interesting and what makes for a good movie. I'm sure British will find this a brilliant movie (yes, that was a pun), but I found it to be completely out in left field. Aside from the cool concept, the British angle in this movie leaves you scratching your head and wondering whether people were eating crumpets and sipping tea in-between takes. It just has that stuffy odd off-beat feel you find in a lot of British offerings. Aside from that, it has some very cool moments and some funny parts. Still, I can't completely recommend it.

- Fun5 star

Great movie. Glad I took a chance (wasn’t sure about the premise, but a fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost).

- Very funny5 star

Love this style of comedy. Thanks guys keep it coming.

- Hilarious and Original5 star

Hands down one of the best movies I have seen all year. I love the cast and they were hilarious. I could not stop laughing through the whole film. The plot was pretty original too, I wasn’t expecting it going into the movie (though I should have considering it’s the concluding film to the Cornetto trilogy). Definitely worth a watch, and even worth owning if you ask me!

- tries too hard2 star

Some good bits, but tries to do too much, I had some laughs, but not $5.99 worth of them.

- pretty good3 star

not my favorite movie they have done - it was a weird one - almost kind of a downer in the beginning - but not too bad in the end.

- It was funny, funny, and funny.5 star

I love British comedy. It's fast, witty, and smart as hell! If you love Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz then undeniably you will surely love World's End!

- Worse film i’ve ever watched in my entire life.1 star

The film is so irreal and baidly made that is almost impossible to watch it until the end without wondering how you could thought it was good.

- mildly entertaining english conedy3 star

Never laughed once, not even a giggle. However, it was interesting enough to finish watching. I would recommend it as long as one does not expect laughter.

- The worlds End5 star

Anyone who rates this with 3 Stars or less left there sense of humor at door. 1st class laughs with 1st Cast. Solid,great fun. Up there with Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. Loved it. And I haven't even mentioned the Music Score!,Primal Scream,Stone Roses,Happy Mondays and The House Martins!!! Happy Hour? It's a Happy Two Hours of non stop nonsense

- Mildy funny in a couple places2 star

Otherwise boring. Especially in the end it deteriorated into long fight scenes that were super boring and repetitive. I have no idea why critics love this movie so much. After sitting through the second or third fight scene with robots, I "got it" and turned it off. I wonder what people like Loius CK or Chris Rock would think of a movie like this. I can't imagine them thinking it was very funny.

- Crap! No, No, No!1 star

This movie does not even deserve one star ...this movie is so bad not sure why it got such a high rating - the critics must have been smoking crack! I rented this movie based on the Apple critic reviews - will not make the same mistake twice - never trust a critic! Maybe it's because I am a Brit that I saw through the deplorable script - seriously people my advice is to save your money - DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE - rent Meet the Millers instead - now that's a funny movie!

- Very funny but...3 star

Very funny like all these movies but they didn’t end it very well. Kinda lost momentum about 65% into the film. Ton of potential

- Not As Good As The Other Two...2 star

I loved Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead was pretty good, I was hoping for something along those lines. Pretty boring, no real laughs. I appreciated the random twists, but lots of missed opportunities for better entertainment.

- yuck1 star

You’ve seen this before and better. A sort of rip-off of hangover but even worse. This is one of those highly rated by RT that makes you wonder what film they were reviewing. Great actors, but bad material.

- Shaun's Midlife Crisis2 star

I really like these guys and really wanted to like this movie, but meh. I love the premise but I don't think they made it work as a movie. It's got a few great moments and big laughs but a lot of ho-hum and plodding in-between, more like "Paul" than "Shaun," and the parts where it goes all mawkish and bromantic felt really forced this time. The ending left me feeling kind of down, which is not the way you're supposed to leave a comedy. "Shaun" remains this team's best, followed by "Hot Fuzz," with "Paul" and "End" somewhere pretty far below them.

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shg71 - It's fun... But not the end of the world.3 star

I'm a huge fan of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and they may have set the bar too high, but this one kind of fell flat for me. Same old gags, but they've grown tired and felt forced. It's a decent rental, and a must for die hard fans, but not something you'll want to watch over and over again... the way I do with SotD.

jibeRULES - worst movie ever1 star

had to go back and check it was rated an 89....half way through I thought it might have misread it as an 09%....i'll never get those 2 hours of my life back,,,

75 Belis - Unexpectedly weak2 star

Big fan of their other movies. This one did not hold up. Not very funny. Plot was boring and didn't make sense.

Saramos - every minute gets worse1 star

Promising premise and beginning, then it sinks, and sinks to the point of no recovery. The story is a total mess and complete waste of time. Don't bother!

Lee2001 - So stupid!!1 star

I loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz but this just doesnt measure up. It started off ok and then went really stupid!! Sorry I wasted my money! Dont waste yours!

Checkbypho - Good Time!4 star

Great flick!!! Can’t believe anyone rated it 1 or 2 stars. Solid 4.

CourtneyRaw - Ruined my World1 star

I feel like it is not fair to not tell people who are about to possibly rent or buy this movie just how much it really just will feel like the world must be about to end??? Drags on and on and on and gets worse with every the top 3 worst movies of all time

pthhhh - Absolutely Hilarious4 star

I loved this film - the writing, the acting, the premise, all of it! Way to knock it out of the ballpark. Seriously. Not sure how the negative reviewers managed to *not* enjoy this film (especially while announcing an affinity for Pegg's previous films) but hey, makes the world go 'round! You definitely want to see this.

Bike Ryder - Let's Do This!4 star

Another winner from the Wright/Pegg/Frost franchise. The one complaint I have about the film is the over commercialization and outright gratuitous product placement throughout the film. I understand that movies need funding and product placement is a slick way to do it, but I felt as if was watching a commercial part of the time. Oh and the slightly over dramatized confessional at the end of the movie seemed like an attempt to 'humanize' the movie a bit too much. Though I like the idea that if I were in that same situation I might act the same, it is, ultimately, a fantasy, but one that is certainly worth a watch.

tomtom7 - utter nonsense2 star

I expected so much more as I loved Hot Fuzz and found Shaun of Dead pretty funny. „The world’s end“ however seems like a drunken British teenager’s first attempt at screenwriting. A waste of time, talent and money. Simon Pegg, the film’s star and co-screenwriter should thank the lord for the Star Trek franchise as screenwriting just isn’t for him. Rather watch Hot Fuzz a second or third time before you waste your money on this stinker.

nchiz - This team never fails to deliver!5 star

Brilliant, both compelling and rich. A great cast, perfect comedic timing, so witty. I hope these guys keep making more movies!

OneStopJosh - Surprising Misfire...2 star

A rather disappointing conclusion to the Cornetto Trilogy. A bungling mess with the comedy, story and timing especially after midpoint in the movie. Simon Pegg begrudgingly tries to lift the film to a higher level, but just comes off robotic without being ironic. Just dreadful.

MDRixon - Boring1 star

Halfway through and gave up. Nothing funny about this movie.

NME09 - Huh?1 star

Can’t figure all rave reviews. I thought this movie was contrived, trite, clichéd, surprisingly poorly scripted and acted, and apart from one or two small giggles, really not very funny. Simon & Co. have lost the plot these past few movies. - A hilarious conclusion to the Cornetto trilogy5 star

First it was Shaun of the dead. Funny and gory start to the trilogy. Then there was Hot Fuzz which was even better. Heavy cop action, and tremendous comedy by Pegg and Frost. And now..... The World's End. I've seen sooo many movies, and I can assure all Of you this is one of the greatest movies I have EVER seen. It's fantastic in every way. The blend of Action, comedy, and Science Fiction is just amazing!!!! Brilliant conclusion.

Lily Snatcher - BRILLIANT5 star

Edgar Wright delivers again with another fantastic film and a great way to finish the 3 Flavors Cornetto Trilogy.

CVgsmackfan - This movie sucked.1 star

I though this was gonna be a good movie when I first herd about it but never lived up to it. This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. Don't wast your time ladies and gentlemen it's not worth it.

MadTitanThanos - Very funny, a must watch.5 star

I went in with high hopes that it’ll be like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It was a little of a let down. But with that being said, it was an original movie and still was very, very funny.

StoryDelver - The premise is just too boring2 star

Other than the occasional good witticism, it's mostly a bore. The pub crawl took up far too much of the movie. Seriously, it doesn't get more trivial, boring, and sad than watching other people get drunk as they relive their past, even in a comedy. There's simply no story there. Zero. Then there's the science fiction aspect. Mediocre at best. The robots are dumber, incredibly, than the characters.

Lars25 - The best5 star

One the of the best movies I have ever seen. Definitely made my top five.

Cdog69886988 - The worlds end5 star

Very funny worth the watch

Cian crazy man - Brilliant5 star

Sooo funny could watch it a million times Simon pegg is a gas man it was just brilliant !!!!!!!

Laurelland - Hilarious Movie!!5 star

Perfect fit in the trilogy, LOVED it!!

Firelier - The worlds end5 star

Saw it the day it was released and thought it was the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iop hhmj - AWSOMETACULAR5 star

Awsome movie highly recommend it. It is better than hot fuzz but worse than Shaun of the dead, but overall a great movie, and great trilogy!

gmanggmoney - CG review5 star

As a fan of “Shaun of the Dead” and “hot Fuzz” it is a dream of mine to review “The Worlds End”. I didn’t start reviewing movies till like 2012 after both of those movies came out, so “The Worlds End” is my last chance to review a film in the cornetto trilogy. Like the others this film was a fantastic installment. It was funny, adventurous, and filled with action as the others are. I am very glad that Edgar Wright had a nearly flawless trilogy with his two main actors (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost). I always like seeing these two guys together. They work well with each other and no matter what their characters are they always seem to make them have chemistry. Building a crew for a bar crawl and giving each character originality is a great thing to see in a film, but hard. Throughout the film these likable characters continue to keep things interesting with not only what happens to them, but the way they act in each situation. The storyline and the developing and non-developing characters are well put together. The seemingly ordinary intro to the fun- friendly adventure leads to a battle against robotic aliens to a bizarre ending. There’s honestly nothing bad I can say about this other than I wish it wasn’t over, but great must come to an end. I think i’m more devastated than when I saw “The Dark Knight Rises”. Edgar Wright continues to make us laugh at his british humor and amaze us with his ability to interest us in his crazy ideas. Gary King (Simon Pegg) is a late thirties man who wants to finish the pub crawl that him and his friends Peter Page (Eddie Marsan), Oliver Chamberlain (Martin Freeman), Steven Prince (Paddy Considine), and Andy Knightley (Nick Frost). He gathers up the crew with his powers of persuasion and they set out to finish the crawl that they didn’t in 1990. Through their journey they learn more about each other and also learn that the town has been taken over by robots. As the storyline plays on and we see the crazy adventure, Gary King still wants to finish the crawl and make it to “The Worlds End”. This is just an outstanding film. It be pretty hard to say if this was better than the others in the cornetto trilogy. I’d have to say that i’m definitely more into the supporting characters in this one than the others, but not as into the two main characters. The two main actors Simon and Nick in this film played two past friends that drifted away slowly hating each other. Well, more of a one way hate line. This type of relationship does make the character development more interesting, but still I enjoyed the past relationships they’ve had in other films more. Seeing this cornetto trilogy go from horror to action to sci-fi is amazing. This director has an amazing talent to be able to write for all genre’s. This film has realism when it comes to reactions and it has a well thought out story. It brings lots of true and kind of believable things except for the blue blood. That kind of got out of hand. This film definitely sets itself apart from all the other sci-fi action comedies out there, its definitely worth your time.


Edgar Wright has done it again! The creative mastermind behind two of the biggest cult comedies of the last decade ("Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz") has returned to bring us the greatly anticipated final film in his Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, "The World's End." And just like in the first two movies, both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost play the hilarious main leads in this terrifically madcap, riotously inspired exploration of British culture: the pub crawl. And to make things even better, it's also an end-of-the-world action spoof that pokes affectionate fun at sci-fi classics like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." But what ultimately makes the movie so thoroughly endearing is its dedicated narrative focus on old friendships and middle-aged angst over lost youth. As we follow these likable, goofy characters along the way, we eventually get a better understanding of who they are, at least more on a general human level than anything else. No matter how outrageous they may come across, we can still end up simply relating ourselves to them in rather unexpected ways. That, coupled with the fact that there's comedy and/or action at every turn, makes this one unforgettable ride. Simon Pegg plays Gary King, the ringleader of his old band of school pals. It's been well over 20 years since their failed attempt to visit and drink at all 12 pubs in their small, suburban hometown of Newton Haven. Now quickly approaching 40, Gary clearly hasn't grown up as much as his distant friends, so it really takes a bit of convincing to get the now-settled Peter Page (Eddie Marsan), Oliver Chamberlain (Martin Freeman), Steven Prince (Paddy Considine), and Andy Knightley (Nick Frost) to reunite for a renewed attempt to drink their way through town. But after just the first couple of pints, they start to suspect that something isn't exactly right. People are behaving very strangely, as if there are alien body snatchers taking over the town. So to avoid attracting attention, the guys (or at least just Gary) carry on getting blind drunk on their way to the final pub, The World's End. As in Wright's previous "Cornetto" flicks, Pegg and Frost just do a fantastic job at continually developing their offbeat characters and balancing their interweaving relationships even as everything literally starts falling apart around them. Sure, the end of humanity seems to be upon our bumblingly inebriated heroes, but that's the least of their worries. There's still unfinished business between the five of them that needs sorting out, and besides, there are more pints to drink (that is, if they even survive the night). One of the best aspects of the film is the way these guys interact with each other and, even more impressively, how they genuinely feel like old friends seeing one another for the first time in two decades. Pegg, in particular, gives one of his best performances to date as Gary, the main protagonist. He terrifically plays an annoying, foul-mouthed man-child who no one can ever stand to be around, but we can't help but identify with him in his nostalgic desperation to finish the Golden Mile (as the pub crawl is called) since it's the only thing he ever did as a teen that made him truly happy. Frost also delivers a bit of great, funny acting himself as Andy, who's pretty much the opposite of Gary in every way. It's a ton of fun seeing him play a deadpan performance for once, and his sharp-witted comic chemistry with Gary, as well as the other guys, is incredible as well. Speaking of which, Marsan, Freeman, and Considine also manage to stand out quite well with their fun supporting roles, especially Freeman (aka Bilbo from "The Hobbit") with his enthusiastic approach to each scene. Another fun addition to this great, entertaining cast is Rosamund Pike, who plays Oliver's feisty sister Sam (and Gary's "former flame"). Basically, the acting is just fantastic all around, and so are the parody-tinged visual effects, clever action set pieces, laugh-out-loud gags, and surprisingly in-depth characterizations. Sure, it loses its balance a few times due to a bit of stretched-out pacing and strange plotting, but for the most part, it's a riotous adventure with plenty to enjoy. Since this is the final movie in Wright's "Cornetto" trilogy, you might be wondering if it's the best of all three. Well, it's not. Still, just because it doesn't quite reach the same masterfully creative heights and absurd, madcap thrills of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" hardly means it isn't worth your time. In fact, it's easily one of the funniest comedies I've seen all year (it's even better, in some aspects, than 2013's other giant apocalyptic comedy, "This Is the End"). Sure, the story almost falls apart right near the end as the film's chaos increases, but thanks to an absurdly hilarious climax and a satisfying finale that leaves us wanting more, any actual flaws can be easily forgiven. At the end of the day, this surreally over-the-top sci-fi comedy, with its dry British humor and understated depth, may not appeal to everyone. But for anyone looking for a rollicking good time, it's worth a watch.

mary flores - This is one of the best Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movies ever!5 star

The Worlds End is like the end of a trilogy. first came Shaun of the dead then Hot Fuzz and the worlds end blows both of them away! it outragusly funny and is worth buying and watching over and over again

Zafar Haidary - The last cornetto color is black5 star

This last sequel trilogy is more darker than the other two and its worthy to watch again and again !

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The World's End movie images

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The World's End movie posters
The World's End movie posters
The World's End movie posters
The World's End movie posters
The World's End movie posters
The World's End movie posters
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