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After surviving an unexpected attack in enemy territory, jet-setting industrialist Tony Stark builds a high-tech suit of armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man. Straight from the pages of the legendary comic book, Iron Man is a hero who is built - not born - to be unlike any other.

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Heroes aren't born. They're built.. After being held captive in an Afghan cave, billionaire engineer Tony Stark creates a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight evil.. Iron Man Wiki

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BSGTOS    5 star

A real superhero movie 👍 This is a good superhero movie!!! Unlike Captain Marvel.

NHKOsakaTokyo    5 star

4K needed Amazing movie... but when will this movie upgrade to 4K? This is really annoying to me when movies released on 4K Home Video don’t appear 4K on iTunes.

ABA1272    5 star

Iron Man 10/10

Sissybriches    5 star

Iron man Amazing acting, screenplay, and effects whatever went into this movie, you've touched on something big

watch or dont watch    5 star

Lol It was a great movie

wcman316    5 star

Great acting talent Awesome franchise film that resurrected RDJ acting career. I’ve been buying his movies ever since.

I Wanna Minaj    3 star

It’s boring but ok It is boring but it gives you an introduction to iron man. The ending fight scene was rubbish to be honest, but this movie is from 2008 so.

casualoregon842    5 star

I grew up with this movie I absolutely love this movie

didjdbdjdnsksn    5 star


Imagination    5 star

Best Marvel Movie Ever! This in some ways brought me to the "Marvel Universe" via Robert Downey Junior. What a performance, what fun, what a great interpretation this film was and is. Jeff Bridges in a typical post "Starman" era is ok and the big iron suit is ok, but it's Tony Stark all over this film.

JacobAngers    1 star

Over priced 5 star movie but I’ll rate it 1 star for a 11 year old movie at 24.99 $ at least remaster upscale movie to 4K then maybe 19.99$ but for how old this movie is for HD should be 12.99$

SupermanFan97    5 star

One of the Best MCU Movies Ten years ago I’ve seen this and I still loved it.

Manning2072    5 star

Fantastic!!!! Love love love this movie!!!!

☺️ but 😡    5 star

YAY Before I tell you how much I LOVE this movie I just wanted to say how come I can't see any of your reviews?! Anyway I think this is a great movie way to go stark!!!

Ally Tomlinson
amazing  Ally Tomlinson  5 star

I’m going to be honest. I had my doubts at first, I never watched a marvel movie and instead thought they would all just be macho men born with something supernatural and a need to prove them selves / a power complex. After watching I am in awe, all the marvel movies completely outdid my expectations and are not at all the stereotypical superhero movies we all presume they are.

Rhys Parton
The birth of a new man and a new world  Rhys Parton  5 star

As the start of not only a Cinematic Universe and film studio, Iron Man was also the start of the title character becoming a household superhero name. The story has elements that all good Hollywood action films are expected to, some impeccable visual effects, great stunt and action choreography, and set pieces, but also a fantastic journey for our main character, which gives it more of a heart. Also, with the acting chops of Robert Downey Jr. there is also a lovely element of humour. Now days, over ten years after this film had set everything up, Marvel is often able to boast big named talent in their films, but this is really where that started too, with the previously mentioned RDJ, but Gwenyth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges were there to build this world too. To cap it all off, there is a very percussion heavy and metallic, almost industrial, in a meta kind of way, sounding score by Ramin Djawadi (now of Game of Thrones music fame). Overall, this is a great start to an even better franchise, with action, character and humour a plenty.

English would be great  annaobscura  1 star

Why is the trailer in Spanish with no English option?

Admiral Dragon
Up There With The Greats  Admiral Dragon  5 star

This incredible film is definitely one of the greatest superhero movies of all time!

Mad About Medals
Iron Man 1  Mad About Medals  5 star

Thank you Apple for adding this for purchase to the NZ store. After 4 emails and phone calls I have finally managed to add to my IM2 and IM3. Great customer service.

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