Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut)

Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) Summary and Synopsis

Vin Diesel reprises his role as the antihero Riddick in the latest chapter of the groundbreaking saga. A dangerous, escaped convict wanted by every bounty hunter in the known galaxy, Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s encountered. The only way off is for him to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. With time running out and a deadly storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won’t leave the planet without Riddick’s head as their trophy. Also starring Katee Sackhoff (TV’s Battlestar Galactica), Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Dave Bautista (WWE). Experience the Riddick Unrated Director’s Cut with an alternate ending! Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction. Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) Wiki

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Survival Is His Revenge..

Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) Movie (2013)

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- Keep making them, I’ll keep watching them!5 star

Hell yeah

- He's back5 star

Riddick is a very very interesting sci fi action film like no other, I suggest this movie to any one that is into action, sci fi, or even thriller. Vin Diesel was defiantly meant for the part. Three thumbs up !

- Great Movie!!!4 star

Scifi thrill ride!!!

- Entertaining, but...3 star

This was entertaining. But I was very disappointed they didn’t continue on with the storyline suggested at the end of the previous film in the series, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. That would’ve made for a much more interesting film. Instead, they made mention of it just long enough to undo that plot direction, and what we’re left with is basically a rehash of the first film in the series, PITCH BLACK. Still, this was fun and entertaining. But it could’ve been so much more.

- fun fun fun4 star

This is not an intellectual romp, but so what? Roddick is himself again after spending too much time with too many people in “Chronicles.” Belligerent planet with interesting animal life: I’ve seen this before, but I love it. Bounty hunters? Check. Something about Johns? Check? An approaching mysterious danger? Check. Riddick gets a puppy? Priceless.

- In the middle4 star

I am a fan of the Riddick flicks. Yes I know they aren’t deep social commentary, but when I want the, "7th Seal”, I will watch it. In my opinion this is the 2nd best of the 3 films. The first film, “Pitch Black”, was actually a good movie w/ multidimensional characters as well as being a great action-er. The second movie, “The Chronicles of Riddick”, was a jumbled mess. I had the feeling that the fan-boys that put it together thought that I should know all the back story they left out. The result was well-nigh incomprehensible as well as unevenly paced. This film very competently is what it is. It is a Riddick film w/ the taciturn invincible hero — check. It has bounty hunters that are always willing to turn on each other — check. It has the desolate planet where the strong eat the weak ’til only the strong survive — check. It has love interest where the female tough like Riddick — check. My only real objection was that it was rather derivative of the first film w/o characters that were as well drawn. All in all this is a good flick. As I said: It is what it is.


As action flicks go, they don't get much better. The first 45 minutes is especially cool as we see a wounded Riddick in a survivolist type of situation for the first part of the movie. Better than expected.

- Very good plot.5 star

I personally think all three of the Riddick movies made so far are amazing! They all include great graphics, great acting, and great showman ship. All I have to say for the next (and possibly the last) Riddick movie is keep up the good work and keep the crowd interested.

- Back to where it began5 star

While no new Riddick film was ever going to top the simplicity and rawness of Pitch Black, who cares? For those who love Riddick, you’ve already watched it and probably agree with me anyway. For those who haven’t and love sci-fi get on board.

- Rotten tomatoes5 star

That's exactly what those New York film critics are rotten tomatoes. They wouldn't know a good movie if it slapped them in the face!!

- Not More, Not Less, Just What You’d Expect5 star

This is a great movie, for what it is. If you take it for anything more or less, then you’re only disappointing yourself. The film has higher production values than the previous one, and that means some producers put out a lot of cash to help ensure a good return on their investment. But the viewer is the ultimate factor, and that’s the way you have to come to this film; or for that matter, to any film, in my opinion. If it’s your thing, then you will enjoy it and find exciting or interesting things in it. If you’re looking for some kind of personal redemption or catharsis, then maybe this isn’t your movie. Don’t blame it on the film or Vin Diesel — blame it on the guy (or gal) who plunked down the price of watching. I find the monsters, both human and animal, to be just what I expected. The plot has some quirky things that made me smile, and some instances that made me gasp with surprise or delight or disgust — just as I expected. I guess what I’m saying is, how do you really judge or review art… I think you have to be sort of grownup about it, and accept responsibility for your choices. The film is made, it’s history, it’s finished and the crew, director, and talent are off doing something else. Now it’s your turn. Like the movie, or don’t like it, but don’t whine if it’s not what you expected. They are YOUR expectations, so own ‘em. For me, this was a movie well worth my time and money.

- Different but Good5 star

It is a bit different than the others. I think it is a good flick to watch and see over again. I hope I see another come out but I hope it doesn't take ten years for the next.

- Don't waste the time !1 star

There is nothing to lose if people don't watch this movie. I hope that I have never watched it :-(

- Liked the last two? Watch it.5 star

Haters going to hate? Yes. This does not disappoint and kept me entertained and rooting for Riddick. Its a no brainer as he is a bad mother, Shut your mouth. Seriously cool quad-logy? Cant get enough and you need to see this on the biggest screen you got. PEACE AND LOVE. PEACE AND LOVE!

- RIDDICKULA!!2 star

Esta pelicula echo por la borda, a la secuela anterior la cual fue buenisima, en esta fueron hacia atras, como la de Pitch Black,,,, no la recomiendo, awful....

- go riddick5 star

i am not objective. i love the guy. i'm hetero etc., fwiw. this is apparently a prequel to more. i hope it works and riddick does not have to foot bill. maybe some weak plot but you soon grok. if they want rock plot hire spielberg. riddick is like a horse: big and powerful and gentle and transparent. watch him and be inspired. get your butt to the gym. -d

- Awful1 star

one of the worse movies ever made

- Bummer3 star

I thought the first two Riddick flicks were a blast. Even the second movie which many blasted I found enjoyable. This third installment catches the actor past any type of a prime he might have had and the story is boring in that it is "typical" for the character. Monsters after dark? Pitch Black. Merc's trying to capture/kill Riddick? The Chronicles of Riddick… YAWN….been there done that. Which is too bad as I was hoping for at least a return to form.

- AWESOME5 star

Great movie just like the last two!!


This doesn't compare to the earlier films. In an attempt to be surreal and otherworldy but it succeeds only in being a droll regurgetation of it's own entrails (yes, that was inspired by that scene). Anyway, nothing to add to the pans here. Just didn't work for me.

- Riddick2 star

Very poor movie with good special effects. Great to see Katie Sakhoff in anything. She is by far my favorite actor from Battlestar.

- not worth the wait2 star

i waited so long to rent this movie. it does not even come close to the riddick brand.

- We know who he is...3 star

… so should we expect more from a character that is wanted by a galaxy, than half hearted cheese lines and narrative silliness? Vin has already established himself in Pitch Black and Chronicles, but this movie falls short of the epic-ness I expected to be sucked into. The Universe Eating Necro Mongers were put on the back burner while Riddick was shuffled off onto some rock by a death dealer who should have just attempted to kill Riddick in his sleep… the Necro Monger way... Had the story served correctly… never mind… it didn't. The action was half hearted, but the characters delivered in their own special way. Even Bautista, who I thought was going to cheese out, delivered a believable script and character. Approach this movie in a Comic Book sorta fashion, and you will not be disappointed. And speaking of not being disappointed… If you didn't see either of the Riddick movies before this, don't. It will just make this movie lack that much more.

- Awful1 star

Just awful. Pitch Dark was a simple, entertaining little sic-fi movie. Chronicles was baroque, preposterous, but fun in its dopey way. This is none of that. It's terribly under-written and ploddingly, murkily directed by franchise creator Twohy. The director's cut takes 45 minutes just to get crawling, and then it doesn't crawl anywhere new or interesting. Maybe the theatrical version was better edited. But I don't think it would matter. There's almost no story here -- or rather, three non-stories poorly jammed together. The characters are as flat and unengaging as the bad CGI animals and landscapes. What there is in the way of "acting" is abysmal, the dialogue made my ears bleed, many scenes are so poorly lit you can't tell what the heck is going on, and the entire movie was shot on a sound stage with green screen so that it all looks really really cheap. I did a lot of yawning, when I wasn't groaning. About the only revelation is that Riddick's first name is Richard. Like we needed to know that. Dick Riddick. Rick Riddick. Richie Riddick. Oy. Oh, and now for some reason he's devolved from being the protector of little girls to a pervy sexist. 2013 will be remembered as a year of many epic sci-fi films, almost all of them mediocre to atrocious: After Earth, Oblivion, Elysium, Gravity, WWZ, this one, et al. Compared to all of those, the unfairly maligned Star Trek one has come to look like Lawrence of Arabia in outer space. At least it's lively and fun and strives to entertain.

- not exciting or clear2 star

i guess not that different from other Riddick movies - dark, not exactly clear what’s going on, who’s who or what’s the deal. not really worth paying for.

- "Leave God out of this..."3 star

I liked the movie all the way up until the end where Riddick tells the guy to "Leave your God out of this because he wants no part of what comes next". This was a totally stupod thing to say and yet ANOTHER Hollywood producer's attempt to diminish God and take another swing at Christians. Enough is enough!

- Great Movie5 star

The movie was action pack and all around really well done. I did not think it was cliche or boring at all. However, a little better script writing would have done a little better. I would have ale like to see a little bit more about his current position as chief marshal of the necromancers.

- craving for a sci-fi movie?3 star

This will hit the spot. It's by no means what I would even call a 'great movie' but if it's one of those nights when you don't have anything better to do and you're in the mood for a decent sci-fi movie, give this one a rent. It's got that low budget 80s sci-fi movie feel to it...the kind of movies you might have loved when you were a kid.

- OK4 star

It was Ok. Rentable on a rainy day.

- Not As Good As Pitch Black3 star

Pitch Black is one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies. I was hoping for something similar here but the creatures are not as nasty and the movie not as eerie. Still, I would recommend this as a rental but not as a buy.

- Good5 star

If you like all the other movies of Riddick. You will like this one also…...

- I liked it….4 star

Not as good as Pitch Black but better than Chronicles of Riddick. Overall, if you liked either of the first 2 movies at all you will like this one. It feels much more like the first movie. I’m a fan of Riddicks character and I hope they make another movie.

- Riddick4 star

Great addition to the Riddick trilogy. Great effects. Good story line. Must see again

- Not Even Bad1 star

The poorest excuse for a SciFi movie, ever. I can waste no more bytes on this review.

- A Stylish Retread3 star

All the basic plot points of Pitch Black are repeated here to a less satisfactory result. The dialogue is predictable and mundane and Riddick is becoming too superhuman, but it’s fantasy so I’ll give that a pass. Katee Sackhoff proved repeatedly on Battlestar Galactica what an outstanding actress she is but has little to do in this minor cliched role. The art direction is outstanding and some of the action sequences are pretty good. It’s better than the mess that was Chronicles of Riddick but not nearly as good as Pitch Black.

- Love the Director Cut!5 star

Theatrical version felt like it was missing pieces. The directors cut gives you those pieces. CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT MOVIE!

- "Riddick" - a great continuation of his universe5 star

I like all of his movies so far. Vin Diesel and David Twohy have created an awesome and fresh sci-fi universe. Hope they continue to build on their worlds.

- Riddickulously good4 star

I was entertained. If you liked Pitch Black and Chronicles and aren't a douchebag, you might like it too. It's basically Pitch Black again except it's all mercs (no innocent passengers) and instead of requiring darkness, the scary monsters require wetness. Some of the mercs hunt Riddick for the bounty, but others have more personal motives.

- No Chronicles of Riddick2 star

This movie should have went straight to SFI-Channel. It moves too slow before any real action happens.

- so much potential3 star

Vin Diesel is decent, but there is no depth to the plot (and his character is wanting). It’s essentially one guy against some people that want money for his head. The special effects are pretty cool, but they could take the plot further. Why spend so much time on this one planet? This is basically one episode. It would be more interesting if they would advance to the next scene, which clearly they are trying to save for a sequel. Well, if you save too much for the next movie then you won’t sell this one!

- Same Spot4 star

This entire film was filmed in the same spot. Once or twice it was filmed outside of the spot i think but overall it was filmed in the same spot. The fact that it was filmed in one spot does not take away from the movie but if you are looking for a movie that was not filmed in the same spot then you will not like it. If you watch this movie you should watch the previous movie. If you liked the previous movie, you will like this one. Unless you don’t like a 2 hour long movie filmed in the …. well you get it

- Don't rent don't buy1 star

Worst movie I have ever seen!! Seriously pointless the acting was horrible I can't believe this played in movie theatre!! So disappointed in Vin Diesel. Take my word, or you'll regret it later!!!

- ok4 star

its a good movie but i thought the end could have been better.

- best movie5 star

i love riddick

- Riddick Rip!1 star

You gotta be kidding me, only available to 'Buy' after 4 weeks online and a 59% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Give me a break...Oy!

- A better version of pitch black2 star

This movie is not bad. I would not pay more than two dollars to watch though. This movie is pretty much a better version of pitch black. I was hoping to finally come to a conclusion to this epic story. I was expecting him to resolve the situation with him being the emperor and all that good stuff, instead that portion of the story was only hit a little bit. I believe you only get so many bites at the apple, after three descent movies you should tie everything off and give us a final ending, instead they started all over with this movie and hope to make more money on at least two more sequels. If you want to show more than three parts to riddicks life, then turn this into a tv series. If this was the first movie in the series i would give it a five, but because i was expecting more after four movies this is including the animation, i am only giving it two.

- riddick1 star

waste of time

- They better think about how to do the next one right.1 star

It was Pitch Black all over again. Just a different planet and different creatures.

- Awful. Pure Junk!1 star

Riddick is stranded on a harsh planet. Watch him fight alien sea snakes and mean, dog-like creatures. Two teams of are mercenaries after him. He fights all. Nobody gives a crap. He has an alien dog. The dog dies. Nobody cares. He fights in the rain. Nobody cares. The script was made by a mentally challenged five-year-old over dinner. A bad dinner. Nobody cares. Farewell Riddick. We loved you in Chronicles but this is just disrespectful and a total waste of the audience’s time.

- Critics are lame5 star

Loved it like the first two! I am hoping for a fourth, and I am ready to see a return to Furya. The storyline needed a little more embelishment but other than that DT and Vin nailed it again. Critcs are in it to make money...nothing else.

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Dick modifier - Lol d*ck1 star

This movie has the word d*ck in the tittle. I do not approve

Seanry - Riddick is Back!!!5 star

I haven't loved a villain more than I do Riddick. The raw killing power, the cold icy stare. And now, he's gotten his edge back. Back to his roots. If you don't think so after watching him kill box boy, your nuts. "I like to be a man of my word, how bout you Johns?" Well done Vin and David.

dkt423 - Really bad1 star

This was a sad sorry(meaning horrible) film it's like watching someone die. It's like the story line made no sense

Maria Martinez - Horrible1 star

Do not buy, this movie was horrible. Not worth the money.

Barefootstallion - Because Diesel Has More Ego Than Brains3 star

It wasn't an all around BAD movie. It wasn't an all that great movie, either. It was slow paced. It was predictable. And you'll feel like the only reason it was made, was so Vin Diesel could play Riddick again. Also, Diesel just can't act, period. Given that, Riddick is a character that perfectly suits him. Give these short, over-the-top, melodramatic one-liners in a deep growly voice, is all I think he is CAPABLE of doing. Great special effects. The planetscapes were spectacular. The cast though (along with Diesel) is a collection of B-raters. And just what was that about, Tracy Bamber changing her name, anyway? o.O Also, the movie tries to recapture the chemistry of the first movie - Pitch Black. But... it fails at it miserably. Another also, is that the film was chock FULL of Conan-esqu barbarian imagry. If Pitch Black would have been expanded upon, then fine. But Diesel has turned into this laughable "Savage Sword of Conan" saga, motion picture comic book. Again, because this is how Diesel apparently sees himself, and how he wants audiences to see him. Anyway... Overly melodramatic. Slow and boring. And the cast dies like flies. Yup. Another Vin Diesel movie.

Batma332 - Ride5 star

It is a good movie

Mace007 - Worst film in the series1 star

After nine year hiatus, I was eager for a new entry in the Riddick series. My primary concern for the series was after many critics dubbed The Chronicles of Riddick responsible for Vin Diesel's abrupt stop in the audience appeal. I thought Vin Diesel would never return to play Riddick which would effectively kill the series. So when I saw a trailer with Vin Diesel jumping through the air, shiv in hand, goggles strapped on, I was thrilled! Keith Urban was back after making Judge Dredd. Nice! How bad could it be? Turns out, really bad. The movie is approximately 95% CGI. With a sci-fi movie, I expect a great deal of CGI, but this is way overboard. The dog, environment, aliens, ships, weather, explosions, everything. Imagine if Avatar had big budget restraints. Now, you're on track. Now, let's talk narrative. The 1st third deals with survival on a new planet, the 2nd third deals with bounty hunters tracking him, and the last third deals with Aliens trying to kill everyone. It's all very bland. Retreading what Riddick has already done in the past two films. It all but ignores the necromonger story line. Maybe that's a good thing for you. They connect second and third film essentially with "You kill what you keep", which left me wholly unsatisfied. The only character growth of Riddick is that he's now a pervert. Literally telling women he's going to "Go balls deep" because he knows deep down inside she secretly wants to "straddle him" after he kills everybody in the room. Really?! I could go on and on but needless to say, the films a mess. Inconsistent characters, boring action sequences, pointless side stories, etc. I'm convinced this is the final nail in the coffin for series. I wouldn't recommend renting it and certainly would avoid buying it.

Nomad7674 - Better than CHRONICLES, worse than PITCH BLACK3 star

A fun movie with excellent action, monster, and horror elements. But the ending was extremely weak and there was barely any characterization beyond Riddick himself. Much better than CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, but PITCH BLACK remains the best in the series.

sgt_0331 - Great way to get your Mojo5 star

Strong character! And food way to set up for the next Movie.

StoryDelver - Lost all respect for Diesel and the writers/producer1 star

One line in this movie ruined it, made it cheap and thin. The porn type comment about what Riddick would with to the woman. Seriously? Nothing against movie sx., but that sensibility take all the fun out of it. This wasn't a great movie to start with, but that line makes it vile. Boring, sad, cheap, and low.

Peter Lee Vigilante - Dont Listen To reviews ever5 star

I was a Riddick fan before Pitch Black was Main Stream, Most People dont get that this whole series is based in fact on imagery, case in point the golf Ball signifies That there People were on the planet somewhat recently and there might be a way off, The Dog Mans Best friend if some one killed yours how would you feel? Riddick has always related to animals better than Man. True fans get this imagery.The Nay Sayers about this movie are obviously Mercs Ignore and buy its the BEST of the series and Ties them all together You will love it I promise. I only the whole series and would buy another and hopefully will get the chance to.

ramon2246 - Sleeper2 star

This movie was so boring I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Phreake - NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!2 star

REALLY!!! C'mon. I hate leaving reviews or commenting on anything but have to warn prospective buyers against this film. Could not be more disappointing. This was B grade acting and C grade CG. Too much dialog and cheezy one liners for Riddick. The franchise was just ruined with this sequel. If you feel compelled to waste your money on this installment of the Riddick series, rent before you buy. The rental will not hurt as bad knowing that your hard earned cash was wasted on a subpar flick. It was a horrible reminder of the of the sequel to Starship Troopers. Sure there is plenty of blood, guts, aliens and explosions but it does not make up for the poor production of this once revered series. YOU ARE WARNED!!!

A Vin Diesel fan - Has to be the worst movie made 20131 star

As a huge fan of the Vin Diesel movies, I was expecting another action packed thriller. The previous Riddick movies (Chronicles, Pitch Black) are totally entertaining. This movie was a complete wreck. Very hard to sit through. The special effects are very good but the main story line is terrible. Complete unwatchable. Save your money and your time and pass on this one.

HiangChuan - Dragging storyline2 star

Not as good as Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick.

blueespy - Should have rented it3 star

OK, I'm a huge RIDDICK fan and missed this one at the movies, so I couldn't wait for it to come out on ITUNES. Yep, I'm one of the many who probably purchased it vice renting (my mistake). The story line is similar to the first RIDDICK when he crashes on the planet. Same sort of creature, natural event raises the risk level…blah blah blah. That said, I did enjoy it, the dialogue was interesting and entertaining. I was disappointed with the ending; it felt like they ran out of time and had to just end the movie. I gave it 3-stars because I "like" not enjoyed watching the movie, I hated the ending……and the story line was very similar as I said to the first RIDDICK movie.

La morena juarez - Awesome5 star

This movie looks awesome i love this movie and i lova van disel....<3

hpburns - Sad and Boring2 star

Bad story line, poorly written, preposterous action scenes. Vin Diesel trying to be Vin Diesel being Riddick. Not worth watching. Very boring.

Unrated - Comparable4 star

If you liked the Chronicles of Riddick but LOVED Pitch Black, you won’t be disappointed. Its at least as good as Chronicles but neither in my opinion are as good as the first. I do like that the story does not simply continue off of the last one, it uses some similar elements but gives you a new direction to appreciate, taking some of the predictability out of the equation. Worth adding to your collection if you purchased the first two. This UNRATED version is better than the theater version. I saw both (duh).

greymage - Not again...1 star

Same rehashed story of bounty hunters and hostile worlds. I didn't bother watching it, nor will I.The trailers tell it all. Even the cinematography is poorly done and hard to watch. If they had started where the Chronicals left off, then there may have been a very interesting tale to tell. He was responsible for saving the known universe, but now we are back to the old running from the bouty hunters again. An example of a better plot would be to have him colonize a world with his new found army (from Chronicals) and build it like the sci/fi novel Dorsai. Then have a new enemy from betond appear.

Abundant Grace - Great fun. Did not disappoint!5 star

The first two movies focused on Riddick’s character. This movie places Riddick in an incredibly hostile environment. He is tested scene after scene. If you are looking for a 2001, deep-thinking movie, this might not be for you. The plot is simple and raw. Vin Diesel plays Riddick with the most intensity of any of the three movies and, in my opinion, this is what makes the film so enjoyable.

commiepinkofag.com78 - Very Orange1 star

This is a very orange film, except very occasionally, when it turns pink. Growling occurs often. There is a dog, and (briefly) a golf ball. Many things are ugly; a few are disgusting. The people are large, or naked, or large and naked. Loudness happens often. There is death, dismemberment, and boredom. Mostly, though, it’s just orange. Very, very orange.

Max P. Sterling - nice try3 star

look if you want my 14.99 your going to have to try harder. This movie while it looks like fun is nothing but a copy of every riddick movie i have seen. after a while it just gets stupid. OMG HE IS STUCK ON A PLANET THAT HAS THINGS THAT COME OUT AT NIGHT AND THE BOUNTY HUNTERS LET HIM GO TO HELP SAVE THEM. LOL please. I am not a riddick hater just bored with the regurgitated plot. until they try something they have not tried with this character i have no desire to waste my money or time.

a.k.a. MAELSTROM - About what you would expect from the RIDDICK series more or less.5 star

I really like the Concept of Riddick and have enjoyed this series. David Twohy does a lot on a small budget with these films, but some of the special effects suffer in this installment. Nevertheless, Riddick is back, and true to form, his dilogue is ultra-bass and way over the top. The story itself is decent, but it seems all too familiar...like it was just a remake if "Pitch Black". This time, there are perhaps a few too many extra characters whose only purpose seems to be in providing chum for aliens. I would have liked to have seen more performance time from Sackhoff and Batista. I was also kind of expecting an appearance from Toombs...having said that, there is no lack of action and violence, but the story did seem to drag in a few places. Clearly, the series left some unanswered questions about Vaako and Riddick's future plans. There is plenty of uncharted territory for another movie or two, I just hope Deisel and Twohy don't take so much time getting around to it. Just shy of 4 stars, I give it 3 and 1/2.

Meltronx - Wow was I disappointed3 star

The first Riddick was loaded with characters and subplots, not this one. You don’t get a chance to invest in anyone in this movie. I rooted for his Alien pet more than I did anyone else.

Pooky_187 - Loved it, best Riddick so far5 star

I absolutely loved this movie, I am a big Riddick fan and he is my fav. Fictional character. Story is more about Riddick himself not other characters, he is even more a bad a** in this one. Definitely a buy if you enjoyed any of the previous 2 movies and anime

991tts - OK but not really good3 star

If you liked the first part most, you may actually enjoy this one too. I LOVED the second part and the third part starts where the second part left but the connection lasts maybe for ten minutes or so and then everything is actually similar to the first part. Also got the feeling that Vin Diesel lost his „Riddick edge“in the third part, he doesn’t try hard enough in this one. Overall an interesting SciFi flick but I still think that the second part was amazing and this third part can’t keep up with it, not even a little bit.

Berkeley Rooster - It's O.K.3 star

I saw this movie in the theater the first day it came out. It started off very well with only a few minor inconsistencies; and, his bonding with his pet was really awsome. But, I didn't like the pet getting killed when attempting to protect him from human predators. That is, the pet's persona or characterization was really working and it should have continued on until end of the movie--without getting snuffed-out prematurely. When that transition (aforementioned death) happened the movie went quickly downhill. Subsequently, the latter part of the movie became superficially scripted, rushed, and, predictable. Maybe the makers of the movie ran out of budget and/or "out of gas;" or, perhaps their view of the story was unknowingly unenlightened? So, consequently, I gave the movie only three stars due to its maker's short-sightedness and failure to ensure the consistent presentation of a great story from beginning to end.

The Real Thelonious Mac - Totally Enjoyable4 star

Looking forward to the next installment!

cosmiccath - OK Franchise Reboot4 star

Like so many franchises, it's hard to balance the need for a story that can be c"continued" and a story that began the series. This is not as bad as some reviews would have you believe. The character remains a criminal with morals (albeit convenient ones), and his cunning and comebacks are up to parKind of too bad this all takes place on one planet (no epic here), but does maintain the mood set by Pitch Black. Overall an OK film, certainly worth watching. However (spoiler alert) we are being set up for the next production so we know what to expect in this regard. At least rent it. You know what happens when the lights go out . . .

in_sayne - Best Riddick movie so far5 star

Best Riddick movie so far... I cant wait to see more!


As a die-hard Riddick fan, from "Into Pitch Black", "Escape from Buthcer Bay" and every last Riddick related release, I must say until September 6, Pitch Black was my favorite but upon watching this legendary film twice in cinemas, RIDDICK: RULE THE DARK, has hands down become my absolute favorite. This film is sure to please true die-hard Riddick fans such as myself. Go watch it!

Hulk7447 - Awesome movie5 star

Must watch this movie it's really good. Can't wait for the next movie!!!!

New Moon Hater - Worst movie of the year1 star

I was so disappointed in this film. Went in hoping for a good movie. But walked out of it. Dont waste your time with this one. Keep with the 2 originals and forget this was ever made...

Louisianades - Amazing5 star

I love this movie!!! Altimate favorite movie of all time, lots of action, and sexiness of vinn!!:)

Bgbdbrd - Saw it in the theater today3 star

spoiler- First 3rd is the best part... once people arrive, things get kind of stupid. Chronicles, though full of "mythology" has an odd sort of logic, which is believable- the jokers that show up in this film are a big disappointment. The lines they have to say are worse... I still like Riddick; antiheroes are always fun, especially in SCIFI/HORROR (and Katie Sackhoff is always a treat...)...

Movie inspector - Disappointed5 star

Far away from part one and two .


The character of Richard B. Riddick was first introduced to us in 2000's lean-and-mean low-budget deep space thriller "Pitch Black," which became an unexpected sleeper hit once it was released on home video. Just a mere four years later, along came a sequel: "The Chronicles of Riddick." But unlike its entertaining predecessor, this chapter was a bloated, expensive mess, full of convoluted mythology that was as boring as it was difficult to follow. Now, nearly a full decade later, we finally catch up with him on his own again, and he's a lot more fun without any of the emotional baggage. Once again, the movie, which often feels like a B-grade flick executed with a bit of A-level imagination, is so overly serious that it practically borders on self-parody. But despite its dramatic emptiness and formulaic persistence, the movie greatly keeps the brutally bloody action and nerve-jangling thrills coming in a seemingly nonstop manner, ultimately fulfilling its primary purpose in the long run, albeit with very few surprises appearing along the way. After being betrayed by his cohort Vaako (Karl Urban), our titular antihero (Vin Diesel) is left for dead on a harsh, unforgiving desert planet swarming with extraterrestrial creatures ranging from two-legged water-dwelling alien-scorpions to striped wild dingoes. Riddick, of course, quickly comes to terms with this, even domesticating one of the dogs. And when he eventually triggers an emergency beacon, two teams of bounty hunters turn up to claim the big reward for his capture or death (he is a murderous ex-con, after all). The first scruffy gang is led by wild-eyed Santana (Jordi Molla); the second is more professional, led by the steely Johns (Matt Nable), who has a personal reason for catching Riddick. And just as our hero (so to speak) starts taking out every mercenary one by one, it's clear that no one on this planet will end up leaving alive (or at least not without a big fight). The actors here definitely have a lot of fun with their meathead roles: everyone's muscly and angry, including Katee Sackhoff as Johns' tough right-hand woman. Santana's crew includes man-mountain Dave Bautista as a giant, arrogant thug and, for contrast, Nolan Gerard Funk's nice-guy religious fanatic. Each gets their very brief chance in the spotlight, but this is Diesel's film. And he's the one who outthinks the interlopers in the end, picking them all off one by one until they accept his terms. Director and writer David Twohy keeps our story twisting, with liaisons and betrayals and lots of absurdly nonsensical banter. Some of this is deliberately comical and tongue-in-cheek, even if no one winks at the camera. As for the action, most of it happens at night, with the finale occurring in the pouring rain. This at least improves upon the visually mundane landscapes of the planet, which seem eerily reminiscent of the huge desert set pieces in last year's "John Carter." Of course, when the humans are battling each other, either verbally or physically, it's often far more thrilling than when they're just going up against animated alien creatures. But there's no doubt that the best aspect of this whole film is Diesel as Riddick, as he effortlessly exudes the casual confidence of a no-nonsense brute who knows he can't lose. The only thing that really gets in the way of his performance is the derivative, heavily predictable narrative material he and the rest of the cast are forced to work with. Then again, they all seem to be having a lot of fun with their menacing roles, even if their dialogue is way too silly to be taken even the slightest bit seriously, so I can't complain too much. At the end of the day, "Riddick" is an enjoyably mindless sci-fi blockbuster that manages to hold up fairly well next to its 2000 predecessor. Sure, the plot is generic, and so are the characters, but if you're just in the mood for a meat-and-potatoes action-thriller that serves up plenty of bone-crunching sci-fi thrills and enjoyable CGI visuals in equal measure, then you've come to the right movie. You won't be disappointed if you love excessively ridiculous, testosterone-fueled blockbusters.

Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) Images & Pictures

dystopia image revenge image alien image planet image imax image

Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie images

Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) Posters

Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie posters
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie posters
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie posters
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie posters
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie posters
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) movie posters
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