Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Summary and Synopsis

Acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) brings out the big guns in this sci-fi action epic about a ragtag band of humans that band together in the year 2025 to fight legions of monstrous creatures rising from the sea. Using massive piloted robots to combat the alien threat, earth's survivors (including Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, and Rinko Kikuchi) take the fight to the invading alien force lurking in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless enemy, the forces of mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes—a washed up former pilot and an untested trainee—who now stand as earth's final hope against the mounting apocalypse. A ragtag band of humans band together in the year 2025 to fight legions of monstrous creatures rising from the sea. Using massive piloted robots to combat the alien threat, earth's survivors take the fight to the invading alien force lurking in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless enemy, the forces of mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes -- a washed up former pilot and an untested trainee -- who now stand as earth's final hope against the mounting apocalypse. Pacific Rim Wiki

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To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters..

Pacific Rim Movie (2013)

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Pacific Rim Movie Reviews

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- Love this movie5 star

My son and grandsons were completely captivated As were the rest of us Amazing movie period

- God yes5 star

It’s giant robots versus giant monsters with a great story and a great cast what’s not to love

- Nicee3 star


- It was like a child doing a stop motion between a gigantic robot vs a monster5 star

Pacific Rim is flawlessy entertaining and big huge fun even the trailers make it look like a fun action movie but it is and still to this day is action packed overdrive.

- Holy crap5 star


- Samuel maffie5 star


- Incredibly underrated5 star

I just really enjoyed the movie, it was really great to watch and a fun movie overall. Can’t say the same about the sequel, but I would certainly enjoy a third movie

- paicific rim5 star

pacific rim is an awesome movie

- I like it4 star

I think it’s nice

- Wowzas!!5 star

This movie is soooo good!! It's the perfect plot, the perfect characters, and it's fun to think what it would've been like in 2025: would it be like it is in Pacific Rim or something totally different?

- I’ve watched this movie ten times already5 star

Even you want a good old robots vs. monsters movie than this movie is a must watch.

- Stupid1 star

I enjoy mindless fun action movies... this terrible... not in a “this is so bad its good” way... more of a “this is so bad its bad” way.

- Man!5 star

I can actually believe this was a great movie. I even watched Pacific Rim Uprising twice in theatres. But this one was uplifting.

- Love it5 star

Best movie ever!!!

- One of my personal favorites5 star

I love this movie. It’s full of action, and the Jeagers are just freakin awesome war machines. I would recommend buying this. It’s everything a sci-fi action flick should be. The plot is great, and the whole thing is full of earth shattering explosions, giant war mechs, and monstrous Alien beasts bent on the destruction of our home world. One heck of a great movie that I’ll be watching again and again. It was just one of those movies where you know it’s great just by looking at the trailer. I saw that and I’m like, Yeah, this is a great movie!” Message to the haters who are raving about “Gundams”. I know enough about gundams to know that the mechs in this movie could destroy a gundam easily. Plus, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Let us have our fun in peace.

- El Mejor “Del Toro”5 star

Te la Mamaste..

- #Pacific Rim4 star

This is the perfect love letter to Kaiju and giant mech fans. This film is absolutely amazing and it is one of those films that comes around once a while. This film is one of my favorites of all time. Hopefully the sequel lives up to this wonderful piece of cinema.


This movie takes me away, BEST MOVIE EVER

- Pacific rim5 star

It’s awesome nice movies

- Excellent!5 star

Great concept!!!


This film is so fun and awesome the robots amazing the kaiju amazing

- Love it!5 star

My friend told me all about it! I really think this is a good movie and all sci fi fans should watch it!! 😄😉😁😃😀

- I’ve seen it 3 times and I still love it5 star

This is by far one of my favorites and I can’t wait for the sequel to come out

- Epic sci fi action movie!!5 star

You'll have a ton of fun watching!

- Awesome! What is with all these reviews?5 star

I don't know why people don't like this movie it was awesome! You people will be so judge mental about good movies. I loved the movie it had great effects!

- GREAT MOVIE!!!5 star

This is one of the best sci-fi movies ever made!!! It's like Godzilla and Transformers combined into one film. To be 100% honest, I forgot all about this movie until I saw the trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising in theatres. Can't wait for number 2.


Oh my God, this movie is the reason why I live, just to see Kaiju get their brains blown out by over-the-top, beautifully rendered, and extremely detailed jaegers. The plot is original, is set in a mid-apocalypse scenario, and each fight didn't just have its own setting, but they were all completely different. Take the Hong Kong battle and the first fight for example. The Hong Kong fight is bright and vibrant with a giant flying beast whereas the first fight was dark, and secluded. Best of all, there's the classic "robots vs. monsters." What more could you want in a sci-fi film?

- Pacific rim5 star

This jaw-dropping movie is the best I've seen in a long time , I love marvel and this movie seems like something they would make. I will be extremely upset if they don't make a second movie

- It's a Video Game2 star

After 18 minutes I lost interest. The fights between the giants were like watching a video game--not playing a video game, but watching one, and I can't stand watching people play video games. This movie is for young people, or adults who were addicted to video games as youngsters. I can't imagine anyone else liking this movie. The other weird thing is that all the major, white, male actors-the fighters (pilots)--all looked the same and sounded the same. I couldn't tell them apart. By the time I was within 40 minutes of the end, I jumped ahead in 5-minute increments and when I got to the credits rolling, I was glad I reached the end. A waste of my time.

- AMAZING5 star

This movie is the greatest futuristic movie in my life!😆😋

- Fascinatingly mind-blowing!!!5 star

As always,I'm extremely late to the party,so to speak,when it comes to watching the latest movies and I really outdid myself this time.I watched PR for the first time only a couple weeks ago and I am totally bamboozled by the creative detail that has been put into this great work of art,and without sacrificing entertainment value.The really gripping aspect for me while watching this is that with most monster,futuristic type movies you can easily see the computer trickery that's predominant and you simply accept it for what it is and simply continue to enjoy it.With PR,so many times I found myself transfixed with trying to figure out what is real and what is computerized.The only other time I've been so transfixed with a movie is the original Jurassic Park.I'll leave the techy descriptions for the real movie buffs and simply say this is one classic work of art and will have a permanent place in my extremely small personal collection of all-time faves.Thank you Del toro,thank you.

- Fantastic movie!5 star

Really amazing graphics and storyline was very well put together.

- Awesome5 star

It's nice to finally see a new movie plot and story. My kids and I all loved this movie and hope they make another one. Highly recommend reminds me of how much I enjoyed the aliens and predator movies.

- A 1950's Godzilla Movie3 star

The movie was OK, just OK. The 5-star ratings are way over the top but it isn't a 1. The movie was a CGA update of a typical 1950's Godzilla Saturday matinee movie. At $0.99 to rent in HD go ahead and give it a try.

- Amazing5 star

Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing

- This movie is Power Rangers4 star

I haven't read all the reviews, but isn't this movie JUST like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Megazord controlled by the motion of suited pilots as they fight giant biological monsters! I wish the Power Rangers movie could build off of this.

- Awesome movie4 star

Awesome movie

- Just pathetic1 star

Everything about this movie was stupid and just seemed to be ripped off from the anime legend Evangelion... Would watch that a million times over this trash

- Awesome!5 star

Who cares what the critics think, this movie will be stuck in your mind forever

- good glick5 star

this is not a film of depth. not a film design to win an oscar. it was a film design to entertain. and that its what it gave. I never go to a film expection the next great block buster as many of my fellow veiwers seem to do. I just want to be enterained. And it was worth watching.

- Awesome!!5 star

This movie was one of a kind. Had to add it to my collection. Can't wait for Pacific Rim 2 to come out!!👍🏽

- What Godzilla 'should' have been.4 star

If you want some super rational plot for why robots are fighting monsters then just stay away and don't whine about it in a huffy review. if you step into this as you would an old Godzilla movie with a simple mind of being entertained for entertainments sake then you're right in the audience dynamic for what's in store. Battle sequences rival anything that the new Godzilla movie offered a year later .This movie is thoroughly entertaining and relatively kid friendly to boot. if A 'FUN' movie takes itself too seriously then where's the fun in it besides being drowned in realism and overly self aware mellow drama. It's the simple 12 year old boys wild dream of robots and ugly evil monsters duking it out for "who the hell cares why" and that is the point. Hats off to the CG guys for epic battles done superbly well.

- Rent5 star

Came for a good distraction, easily irritated by gaps in logic, but that's obvious going in, and I picked it because it is forgivable, good fight movie, I left shadow boxing.

- 5-stars because it gives you EXACTLY what you're looking for5 star

It's a lot rarer and more difficult for a film to match up with its marketing campaign. It seems easy, but it's not. There are two big examples in the last two years (the two examples are at the bottom after the Pacific Rim review). If you read about the premise about Pacific Rim, if you watched the trailers, and if you listened to the word of mouth, then you should absolutely not be surprised or disappointed when you see a 1,000,000 pound mech suit/robot fighting a similarly sized monster from a wormhole from an alternate dimension. The movie gives you pretty much exactly what it promises: there are multiple robots, multiple monsters, intentionally cheesy lines (including a cheese-fest monologue about "canceling the apocalypse!"), cheesy storylines ("for my family!"), and cheesy characters (the "rock star" scientist vs. the traditional "nerdy" scientist), fantastic CGI (half the movie was either in the rain or underwater, and water is an absolute nightmare for CGI companies, but the film made the water look seamlessly realistic). The only thing that is "missing" is a romantic storyline, and that was actually refreshing and relatively original for a movie with a male and female costar-tandem with sexual tension, yet not even a kiss is portrayed in the film (but they didn't advertise that there would be any romance, so it was on point). So, if the film gave you exactly what you paid for, then I say it deserves a five star rating. It's not supposed to be The Godfather, nor did it pretend or advertise it self to be. As a film in terms of the technical and artistic aspects, then admittedly I would have a hard time giving it a legitimate five-star review. But it gets five stars because it delivered on all fronts promised in its marketing campaign, and this is a review for iTunes and prospective buyers and not an artsy review for the New York Times. Now, regarding marketing campaigns of films, specifically 1) how trailers can mess up a good film, and 2) how difficult it is for a film to live up to its trailers, I offer the two following examples: First, is Edge of Tomorrow. That film had a marketing campaign that focused on action and Tom Cruise, and the action seemed totally bland and uninspired (nothing wrong with focusing on Tom Cruise, since he's a huge box office draw). It got good reviews from critics and AMAZING reviews from those who watched the film. It's one of the best alien movies in the last 25 years and one of the most original (yes, it's an adaptation of a manga, but that doesn't mean that the film it self cannot the original when compared to other films). Despite the quality and the high marks from the critics and the audience, the film tanked. Why? Because it did not advertise enough about the fascinating premise of the "Groundhog Day" time loop, nor did it advertise that the film wouldn't take itself too seriously and that it would actually be a pretty funny movie (it really feels like Groundhog Day mixed with Aliens and Starship Troopers -- who WOULDN'T wants to watch that?). The second example is Man of Steel. The trailers made it seem like it was going to be an in-depth character study into Superman and Clark Kent, which would be PHENOMENAL. Even Marvel hasn't made a movie like this, other than the first Iron Man film, which explored Tony Stark, his responsibilities and the legacy in the world, and whether he has earned the right to put on the Iron Man suit. I was looking forward to a film exploring Kal's internal struggles, and his rocky path to EARNING the right to suit up in his Superman suit, ab right and responsibility of protecting earth. Instead, we get half of a movie that is a complete mess (it jumps all over the place in both space AND time, so there's no narrative), and another house that is just all action with little to no plot. Basically, the marketing campaign made the film look like it was going to be a lot better than it actually was. Obviously, I don't blame marketing (if anything, I give the marketing department the highest praise for creating such phenomenal trailers despite working with only scenes from the movie), I blame the director, Zack Snyder, for making such a disappointing film (The amazing trailers just show that Zack Snyder SHOT/HAD the material and scenes to make a good movie, but he edited the film terribly. There are probably beautiful scenes left on the cutting room floor, and if Snyder added those scenes and spent more time and effort in editing the movie into a coherent story, then we might actually get the Superman film that was promoted in the trailers).

- Cool5 star

Am I the only one who thought this was WAY better than Avatar?

- This is the best movie5 star

This is a great movie and I want to see the second in 2017! Yes there is a new one in 2017! I hope I'll be amazed like I was when I watched this movie! Great job

- Awesome!!!!5 star

This is like the best movie I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Awsome5 star

This is so awsome

- Great movie!5 star

I loved this movie, it does have its faults but i read all the bad reviews after seeing it and i cant help but disagree with 99% of them. If the people who read the reviews actually paid attention to the story line they would understand all of it but no they write it off in the first 5 minutes. The movie does hav a few faults but overall an amazing movie, Ignore all the bad reviews

- No Rental?!1 star

How is digital distribution ever going to take off and defeat piracy if you can't even rent a movie from 2013?

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Potatoh - Ok3 star

Movie was ok and that was it, the main charactors acting wasn't great, I only laughed two times. It was different, the monsters did not vary that much and it got boring a bit long but I enjoyed some special effects, though needed more.

SRGRMB - Great5 star

This movie is great, Glad I purchased it so I can rewatch it anytime I like.

zeddie27 - Decent4 star

A whole lot better than I thought it would be and a whole lot bettehr than a lot of recent movies.

pacific zilla - Pacific rim5 star

Have int seen it yet but I hear it's asowm.😸

Tarenarns - The best5 star

This is my favourite movie of all time I love it to bits and if you don't like it your dead to me

Fjfhsihghk - WAY TOO HARDCORE5 star

This movie made me want to punch through a wall, in a good way. Enough said. 1000/10

Neolinterest - Awesome5 star

I love this movie. It's one of the monster movies that I actually like to watch. It's got a good storyline and extremely good CGI. I don't care what other people say ,this movie is the best.

Niaow - For twelve years old only, and even then it’s bad.2 star

Why does this kind of movie have to be targeted at brainless 12 years old? It could have been both a spectacular and smart movie but the plot is so obviously washed out of any subtlety and filled with all the standard stereotypes that the Director must think the brain of a 12 years old boy is filled with that it’s barely watchable to the end. The action is certainly entertaining although even the combat scenes have clearly obvious flaws but enduring the movie to the end requires a complete brain disconnect given the weakness of the plot. Kudos however for the final scene, it’s refreshing for once to see the male and female protagonists share intimate but not romantic feelings!

CeruleanOctopus - Disappointed...1 star

Is there a reason we can't rent this movie?

jakey1213 - Simply awesome!4 star

The CGI is excellent, but the simple fact that the plot is giant monsters fighting giant robots propels this movie to levels beyond entertaining and returned me to my childhood! Excellent movie!

billybadgate - Très bon👍👍4 star

Manquait juste un gros nom au générique

AVATAR 1 - Pacific rim5 star

This movie was so awesome I have watched it lots and I still love the movie. I love the graphics and the actors are really good to but it does make you feel like it's the first time I've ever seen a movie like that and I will never get sick of it. I don't know why but I really love the big dinosaurs and the huge robots that they made to fight them off. It's so amazing I really truly hope they can make pacific rim two, and three, and even a four thanks for letting me give my opinion about the movie Pacific Rim. Chow

Potatoes4real - Unauthorized to play?3 star

I've seen this movie and it's great but it says it's unauthorized to play what's up with that?

Secret53 - Best movie ever!!!!5 star

I watched this movie expecting it to be boring and cheesy but it's so realistic! Love it best movie if all time! A must watch

Canada loves this movie! - Amazing!5 star

This movie was flawless! It's the perfect summer popcorn movie, and there isn't more to it. That's exactly the purpose of this movie! Although some of the fight scenes were in the dark, the rest of the CGI and fights were extremely realistic and HD! Went and saw it in the theatre and the soundtrack was just great! Fit right in. The characters lacked some depth, but that wasn't enough to bring it down. Great summer blockbuster, definitely rent/buy worthy if you're into sci-fi movies.

Hawsman - WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!!!2 star

Even my 9year old had to leave it was so bad.

HCHT - Meets expectations perfectly!5 star

Come on you guys, it's a movie about gigantic robots fighting gigantic monsters... nobody's expecting Shakespeare here!! This movie has everything that makes an action sci-fi movie awesome. A great homage to all the giant monster movies of the past!

Rage of Raiju - I WNT ONE5 star

I have not yet seen the movie, however from as much as i have gathered I think that this movie is one of the greats

a guy who play with chicken - Best movie ever!5 star

I recommend people to watch this. You will love in any way!

Kimmyjp29 - Pacific Rim5 star

As stated on literal trailers this is the "most awesome dumb movie ever". Acting isn't the greatest but who doesn't love robots fighting monsters ?

Cylac76 - Really enjoyed it3 star

I honestly wasn't expecting much with this film even though the thought of giant robots is awesome. I was surprisingly surprise how well it was made and the story was so-so. Good watch just for the effects.

conniespringer - Pure genies, amazing, astounding5 star

I really loved this movie best thing I've ever seen, and great music:) LOVED IT, AMAZING

A Cat Called Sneeze - Fun5 star

I am giving up my job to become a Jaeger pilot.

BWatcher - Pacific Rim4 star

This director is one of my favourites, but I was somewhat disappointed with Pacific Rim. I found the movie lacked balance and character development, but since it really is just a popcorn movie, it does what it is intended to do--provide lots of action sequences and big effects. It lacks the spark of the Hellboy movies, but for those wanting some blockbuster over- the- top action, it delivers.

KaiPeng578 - not bad¬¬3 star

it’s not a bad one just ok. i don’t like the monsters though and if you are a robot fan you should go for transformer. worth renting but not buying.

Yaro1020 - Alien Combat4 star

It's awesome, but sad when those 2 robot machines got destroyed.

RonAxiss - Great movie4 star

It’s not your typical big robot and monster movie. Well executed, there is story and the effects are believable.

الجلال - Nice4 star

Not bad at all

JohnOfPink - The 'you're dumb' Test!1 star

This movie actually hurt my brain. Its hard to write about it. I suffered. I think the reason so many people liked this movie is because it makes you dumb. That is the only thing I can think of why someone would like it: their dumb. I'm taking the high road here and saying it was the movie that made you dumb but it may be preexisting. I don't want to judge. If you liked it you are dumb. If you watched it (like me) you just got dumber. If you watched it twice and thought - hey its not so bad... that guy is being a jerk with his review....- you are even dumber now so you probably did like it more. (See? Probably not.) Pan's Labyrinth giveth. Pacific Rim taketh away. Who can understand the mysterious ways of del Toro.

Pascale Langlois - The best5 star

It's one of the best movie i never see in my live.

zxcter - liked it5 star

worth the rent

Naknoose - Not too shabby!4 star

Liked the visual effects and decent plot.

rowboat4u - Oh So Good!5 star

This is the action and adventure movie you do not want to miss. Get the popcorn, the girl, wife, etc., and sit back for the evening and enjoy. This movie is pure entertainment. YEA! 5 Star.

SGrnt - Was really excited but didn3 star

I couldn't wait to watch this movie and didn't see it in theatres so I bought it right away. The premise is good, and the story isn't bad. The problem for me was that the characters were cheesy and you couldn't really get involved in who they were. The other thing was that every scene was so dark that it was very hard some times to see what was going on. To me if you are going to spend a ton on graphics, I want to be able to see whats happening clearly. In the end I would have been much happier renting it. Not a bad movie, but not one that I will remember. (on another topic i saw this movie and every other movie in iTunes USA for $5 cheaper than in Canada. I am sooo very tired of spending so much more for things just because we live further north. Very frustrating.)

tiggerrr14 - Wicked Friggin Awesome!5 star

Absolutely loved it!! I of course am a HUGE Charlie Hunnam fan! The only cheesy part i found was Ron Pearlman's character. Maybe he was meant to be cheesy? Nevertheless i loved it. It was not predictable like i thought it would be, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I'm only sorry i didn't see it in theatres! My flat screen at home was almost too small, lol Well done!!

Thomas de sa - AWESOME5 star

I only wach the bgging and look soooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME

dalbator - Pre teen movie2 star

I am a scifi fan but this movie was boring.

Season 1234 - 12345 star

Oooh this is a good one! Finally a action packed good movie!!! I've been waiting. I loved it!!!!

Dr.fartburger - A magnificent film to experience.5 star

This movie made me pause and think about the questions of life.Why is it precious and delicate? What are we here for? I love this movie.

ColEcho - Good effects3 star

Good movie, definitely has a Japanese monster movie feel. Not as intricate or deep as some of the other Del Toro movies, but worth renting if you are into this genra.

Keawe玩得好 - I have one word - "Childish"1 star

That's all.

Charles || - Best Movie of the Year5 star

Not like Godzilla Movies. Much Better by a long shot!

lwaa - Highly entertaining4 star

Kept me awake! Apart from those pathetic, awful, fake Australian accents, it was a highly entertaining couple of hours. Like watching a modern day Godzilla movie!

Trick Fan - You had me at giant monsters!4 star

Pretty good film! Not perfect but good as it shows a love of the old Godzilla movies and then blends them with Transformers. Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters - what's not to like… right?! Only things I had a problem with was the middle of the movie as it weighs the film down with too much talking and not enough giant fighting action (maybe the flashback scene should have been fleshed out more?). Other weird thing is that all the fights take place in dark scenes… why? Some of the dark scenes actually make the monsters and robots stand out but would have liked to see at least one fight in the daylight so some of the great CGI detail on monsters could be appreciated a bit more. Overall a fun popcorn movie what will look & sound great in HD!!

SteveWW - I enjoyed it.4 star

On one hand, this is a fun movie. It sets out to be everything it is, a movie with lots of action, a decent story, and not bad acting. It does this. On the other hand, it is far from perfect and there is lots of the usual action movie cliches, schtick, what have you. It definitely is not something you'll ponder the meaning of long into the night, some may try but they may be pushing too hard. That said, it was not perfect but it was fun too watch and I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. I gave it a watch and felt I got my money's worth.

Aqyila - boring.1 star

When you think they are in the robot they aren't . Movie is dark. Made no sense at all.

jonesca1970 - Giant Robots Fighting Giant Monsters - I am 12 years old again!5 star

Okay anyone looking or universal truth, a heartwarming story or a deep, spiritual experience is not going to get any of this with Pacific Rim. What you will get is what a summer movie was meant to be - action and adventure, characters you can empathize with, slapstick humour and GIANT ROBOTS FIGHTING GIANT MONSTERS ALL OVER THE PACIFIC! What's not to like? So Kick back, suspend all belief and just enjoy 2+ hours worth of brain candy! Five stars all around and thank you Mr. Del Toro for making me feel like a kid again.

graham_mark - Rockem sockem meets Godzilla4 star

Love the sets and style and feel of this movie. It's not perfect but it is soooo much fun!!!

tanabanana1 - Better than I thought it would be!4 star

Action, action and more action. Loved that. There were some characters/ some schtick/ and it doesn't hurt that there were Aussie accents in the mix.

DannyTZ - Awesome5 star

Such a triller!

RogueGamer1 - Best Dolby vision film5 star

Dolby vision is best I seen in this movie. Watched on Sony X950g TV. Movie it’s was good too. Lot’s of action and good story.

M.dog3!4!9! - Trash1 star


Annie251 - Borrring! Refund please. For 6 year olds.1 star

Absolutely zero story. What a waste of actors & money spent on visuals. I was so bored I was watching most of it in double speed to get it over with. I love sci-fi but this was basically a silent movie with monsters. The visuals were so close up you couldn't get emersed in what was happening if you wanted to. Most of these 5 star ratings must be fake.

But........update - One of the best4 star

Pacific Rim is un awesome 2013 blockbuster with awesome fight scenes and epic content but not for all ages because of moments like alien blood skirting and deaths, like lots but overall the movie is in the top ten of awesome movies!

Film critic01 - So cool5 star

This movie had spectacular action with spectacular visual effects. The director of pans labyrinth spent a great amount of money and time making this science fiction epic. Worth 100%

quedecree - Great CGI, pretty woeful acting4 star

If you can put up with some of the worst Aussie accents you've ever heard, some dubious acting and a pretty silly script, then it's worth a watch. It's visually great and reasonably entertaining. Think Godzilla V Transformers. Grab some popcorn and have some fun. Ignore the plot holes. Did I mention the horrible accents?

sosmooshed - Mmmm nah2 star

Some of the worst script writing and acting i’ve witnessed

jd000 - Good, Good4 star

I don’t know who first decided to give del Toro the budget to bring the world of comics to life, but am so glad they did. What a vision. Keep them coming!

Jug74 - Best movie ever5 star

This is my fav movie and is totally worth $17.99

Avron Prime - Pacific Rim5 star

Its the best movie i've ever seen. it has everything from giant robots punching giant monsters in the face to thermo-nuclear warheads blowing-up in alians faces. i recomemd it to everyone

ashleighthorn93 - It's a must see!5 star

One of the best movies I've seen for a while! Loved how action packed it was :)

algmac - pacific rim1 star

terrible, terrible, terrible. overblown c.g.i. and plastic acting with awful accents and less than average plot. thank heavens i didn’t go to the movies and pay the full amount.

Floppsy591 - Best movie5 star

Best movie I have ever seen I highly recommend this to action and alien sci-fi film lovers

Nobibop - Best movie ever5 star

This movie is brilliant for action lovers

Leaf1414 - Awesome5 star

One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. everything about rocked (: !!!!!!!

ChookyGurl - 😊 Was really surprised! :)4 star

Looked silly in the trailer, but ended up making me grin for two hours. Loved it.

DZorzut - Awsome5 star

This is my favorite movie I've ever watched & please play Minecraft!

Phil_Ange - Waste of money!1 star

This movie had no storyline, terrible actors and everyone seems to be giving it a thumbs up?? Don’t waste your money renting this one...

GeroDome - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I’ve watched this movie about ten times already and I haven’t gotten bored of it!!!!! Best action movie ever!!!!!!

ozexige - Power Rangers Dribble1 star

If you are of simple mind or 11 yo, you may enjoy this absolute pile if dog c...p Scores out of 10 Story. 0 Script. 0 Acting. 1 Originality. 1 Editing. 2 CGI. 6. The Computer Generated Graphics are nice. But NOT nice enough to pay anything for this pitiful and almost as bad as the Power Rangers infantile rubbish on TV

moooviebuff - Terrible2 star

Using B grade American actors trying to replicate Australian accents in a movie blatantly cashing in on the success of Transformers ain't such a good idea.

Create nicknamex - Good, but nothing special3 star

Pacific Rim has some great moments, but I don't really see what Del Toro was trying to get at with a blockbuster action film like this. It had all those blockbuster elements of blowing stuff up and a predictable and cliched storyline. It really did seem like a transformers film sometimes.

Digitalpunkass - Boring.1 star

Pacific Rim = dull, uninteresting, tedious, lacklustre. Ended up turning it off part way through!

Jaki1969 - Yawn1 star

I didn't realise when I rented it that it was a movie made for boys under 15. It's nothing but boring CGI. Seen it all before.

David o h - Go go power rangers1 star

I was really looking forward to this movie until I went and seen it. To me personally I thought it was a bit two much. Very much like the power rangers fighting monsters. Robots and monsters where way to big. Chesesy scene's like the robot picking up the boat and smashing the monster and the swords on the robots where like transformers fighting.really bad bad movie for me Sorry del toro ! I like all your other stuff.

TheGrand Great - Amazing movie5 star


Jason Whet2 - Excellent computer graphics...poor acting5 star

The story line was great, the animation was exceptional but if your looking forward to the acting will be displeased

Margaret & David - Iron Man on Steroids5 star

Move over Avengers…when the aliens arrive I want these bad boys on duty. Great and fun movie despite the poor acting.

Gold4rules - Pacific Rim5 star

That was the best movie I have ever seen I recommend watching it. It has the best effects in my opinion and the action in it was amazing

Otuolerte - Dreadful1 star

A C movie. Bad, bad, bad. Makes Iron Sky look good. Particularly dreadful acting: watch for the commanding officer slip between an American and London accent.

Wildson2400 - Spectacular Special Effects But Terrible Story3 star

The special effects are quite amazing - both the giant machines and the creatures. The story, however is pretty bad and some of the lines are very corny and clichéd. Why does the fate of the world rest in the hands of some rogue ex-soldier - politicians and military just ignore everything? Why do modern fighter jets fly within reach of the giant monsters rather sit several kilometres away and just fire missiles? How does a giant bat creature lift a giant fighting machine 10km into the air - only then do the humans seem to remember a built-in sword that seems more effective than punching the creature in the head numerous times? Anyway, silly but quite spectacular.

Lolliy01 - Love it5 star

I would so spend $30 on it coz it's amazing love it

whitey mikey - Whitey5 star

EPIC Fun & EPIC Fight scenes and destruction great monsters great robots great everything…..the plots not that bad neither is the acting…..the whiners on here wan’t it to be Lincoln or the Notebook with fx ???… is what it is….fun escapist alternate reality fun…get on the ride and enjoy it

40 + - Teenage flick2 star

Very weak. purchased based on the reviews but suggest the average reviewer is under 18

Hungry_Otter13 - Magnificent … in its awfulness1 star

Apart, of course, for the genuinely (but inadvertent) funny parts. Like the wall in Sydney on the wrong side of the harbour bridge. And truly awful Australian accents. So derivative it’s not even copying original films, but rather their copies. Script - what script? See it if you must …. but you’ve been warned.

X.Y.Ji - The dumbest awesome movie.5 star

This movie is so dumb, but I still can’t wait to see the sequel.

DirtyyyMyStyrofoam - Nothing Special3 star

Cool sfx and action scenes but nothing special in terms of the storyline/characters etc. I thought it would be like Transformers and I was quite disappointed I wouldn’t waste $30

YZ85 2015 - 11/105 star

awesome sauce, epic, amazing

Hokese1 - Meh3 star

Each to there own. This movie is a action junkies dream. Big guns,BIG robots,a hell of alot of cgi. Normally just my type of movie. But i guess im finally gettin tired of the same ol same ol. Its hard to find something that hasnt been done. Good movie,just seen it all before.

SpruceMoose42 - Discrimination1 star

Why is everything in the Australian store SO much more expensive than in the US store? This isn't a fair rating of this movie because I haven't seen it as it's not out on the Australian store yet. However, when it does get released, I won't be watching it anyway because it's too freaking expensive.

123reviewer456780 - AWESOMELY AWESOME5 star

Seeing this at IMAX in Darling Harbour, in the most amazing 3D i've ever seen, with this massive cinematic spectacle filling the whole screen, and thanks to the immersive 3D, the whole cinema, is one of the greatest purely cinematic experiences i've ever had. Yes, you can pick away at the improbabilities of the plot, the corny lines, the average lead performance, the awful Aussie accents, but the fact is that Pacific Rim is a spectacle to behold, best enjoyed on the biggest screen possible, with surround sound and full HD 3D, in order to marvel at the awe inspiring special effects. Makes you feel like a little kid again in the best possible way.

Keima-Kung - Great movie4 star

HappeNs to have more dialogue than action but I would this movie.

Thad0ggPound - Amazing5 star

This movie blew me away. I came into it expecting great action, fantastic CGI, and giant 300ft tall robots. That's exactly what I got. Truly epic!

patto143 - AMAZING 5/5 A+5 star

The trailers for this film were nothing short of epic, awesome, amazing words could just go on. But would it live up to this incredible hype? The answer is YES! This film was amazing from start to finish, what were you expecting Del Toro and a massive block buster, it is delivered perfectly. Hunnam and Elba perform very well giving strong performances. The special efefcts are just incredible, the ebst i have ever seen, intelliugent camera work ensures you will nt miss out on any of the action, just what a block buster film should be. 5/5 A+

Funny45 - The best movie5 star

This the best movie I have seen in a long Time over priced iTunes

Allpunintended - Absolute Bliss!!5 star

What a fantastic film. I was squealing like a kid this movie was so good. Brilliant visuals, spectacular action and that damn soundtrack. Seriously guys this movie is worth every bit of iTunes's overpriced dollars.

two_saturn24632 - A great movie5 star

This movie is so good! Totally worth it

Iliyaka - Need Subtitles4 star

Bulgarian Subs Please

WearableCake397 - Good overall4 star

Good plot and good acting but something i dont get is why did the jaegers just use the swords which sliced through the enemies from the beginning? it would have been a much better alternative than those useless plasma cannons

Matthew_Essex - Fantastic delight in Dolby Vision5 star

Truly a great movie to stretch your TV’s HDR/ Dolby Vision talents. Lots of dark scenes populated by neon lights. Excels over the standard version prior to this release.

Lucky_bear2008 - YEE5 star

This is literally the best movie ever it's perfect the kaijus are badass the jaegers are amazing and the acting is flawless 👌

andy_face - Impressive fights, little else worthwhile2 star

Had this just been a film where robots fought monsters and that was all, it would've been fantastic. Unfortunately there was some pointless storyline thrown in that used a load of tired cliches, had terrible dialogue that was usually poorly delivered and generally felt like it was there to waste time before the next robot fight. As with most Del Torro film, the visuals are stunning, but unlike other of his films, that's all there was that was good. This is much more of a rental film that a buy, as I can't imagine there being much point to watching this film more than once.

Dozenthapple - Specifically Dim3 star

Good if you like mindless fun without wanting to take a movie in anyway seriously. The ending was way too obvious, and I just wanted to scream at them to have these giants robots pick up giant weapons and use them to cleave the monstors in twain. They did late on which seemed like they missed a trick. Have to ask though why there is always a need for a love match in a movie? Detracts from the story and can make a passable movie rubbish.

Cerealbar - Great VFX Work3 star

Unlike the weightless and nimble Transformers the art direction in this movie shows how big heavy robots should look like and move. The sense of scale this creates is awesome. Too bad Del Toro took a couple of cheap short cuts in the storyline department, no reason to get lazy here just because u want to make a “dumb” robo action movie. I’d give it 3.5 stars if i could. Still a must watch if u remotely like this sort of movie.

Me. No, me - Giant robots punching giant monsters5 star

Don't go into this movie hoping for the best plot and dialogue you've ever seen. Accept it for what it is: a big robot/big monster punch up. That's not to say the plot and dialogue is awful it's just not what you should be here for. Special effects, action, awesomeness is what and it has it all,

Stanspam64 - TOO AWESOME FOR ANYONE5 star

Who can not like a film with giant robots and giant monsters!!

Deliajane - Took 2nd attempt to watch to enjoy2 star

1st attempt if watching this film - only made 20 mins - 2nd attempt, nothing else better to do and class this as a rainy Sunday film - acting and plot not the best but better than doing the weeding!!

brookpod - Worth a watch4 star

Yeah... Good action. I wish I could control one of those.

LMan123 - Should Have Been Better3 star

There was so much potential, big robots and aliens! But the storyline was terrible, the acting was a little terrible and too many speeches.

Howardmcfc - Terrible & Sooo cheesy1 star

All budget spent on special fx, no thought gone into storyline or acting... Truly a horrid film that had me wishing I could get that time back.... But I can't!!!

Tris1980 - Utter Rubbish1 star

From a director like this I expected so much more. The FX are great but the acting and plot are terrible! Imagine the most cheesy action film ever, blend Transformers, Avatar and Iron man, take out the great things from the aforementioned films and you know what to expect.

Jaegorbomb - Not bad3 star

The script is weak but the action is there and the Aliens are truly evil. I like the suits that the pilots wear. Very sexy codpiece bulges to drool at. There's no real story as such but it packs a punch. Now back to those bulges

Aleph321 - I didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did4 star

Sometimes clunky, but good fun. It doesn’t pretend to be a masterpiece, it just does what it sets out to do and does it well, supported by good acting. Think of the first Men In Black. I enjoyed it.

Scarsym - Brilliant........if you're 11 years old2 star

Anyone under 11 will think this is sheer genius, which is fine. Let them enjoy the pure escapism. Anyone above 11, however, will just tire of the hackneyed script & woeful acting. All the cliches are there: the rookie thrown in at the deep-end, the pro lured out of retirement for one last hurrah, the plucky old boss who puts his life at stake, the quirky scientist. & by the time we get to the 'big speech' I was pressing fast-forward. Admittedly, it's not a film which'll stand up to much scrutiny, & to be fair, the battles are well staged & the fx incredible. But because the characters are poorly written & the acting poor, by the finale I didn't actually give a toss who lived or died.

Dj Rushy - Over-hyped3 star

The acting in parts is a bit wooden. Cool idea, but not something I’ll be seeing again in the near future.

GPFiddich - Good, but a copy3 star

Love the film, love all the jaeger battles but unfortunately this is a very blatant rip off of the anime Evangelion. Even the last scene with gypsy danger is the last scene from Evangelion 2.22! Ps, Evangelion is better

paul.bluedog - Why is this film getting such good reviews?2 star

It isn't that good and it isn't bad enough to just be a bit of fun. How do people spend so much time creating a film that is so dull.

Nightfold - Surprisingly good4 star

After seeing all the crap reviews it took me a while to get round to it. If you're after something deep and meaningful probably not for you, but if you want something easy and entertaining it's just the ticket. Also - the giant robots are pretty cool.

brianarnett - too long3 star

the visual effects were beyond imagination, but the whole film was a bit too long.

Brudeboy - Amazing5 star

The film is about giant robots fighting giant aliens what more could you ask for , 10/10 film , action packed and great actors , a must buy film !!

clarma2001 - Right up there with best sci-fi 20135 star

Jaw dropping action all the way through, story is totally far fetched but incredibly they pull it off. Really worth a rent, consider owning too!

Bossmanfjdjdjdjdjdjd - Poor film2 star

It's almost like they come up with the story and idea over night. The acting is poor the events during the film contradict and make no sense. The only positive from this film is the graphics other than that I would rather sit in silence in a cold dark wet room for two hours rather than to watch this nonsense

Dizzee87 - Awesome5 star

Got to admit I didn’t expect much when I first heard about this film and reading a few reviews below did not change my mind. Wow, this film is awesome. Just give it a watch you won’t regret it.

Jibrat - Awe inspiring4 star

I loved this film, but I do have a few questions. Why do they need to be in the suits? why is the bit where the scientist is explaining almost identical to Independence Day? Why, even though it is set in the future, are the prototype videos in black and white, and why couldn't the just nuke them as soon as they came out, as they're monitoring the crack in the pacific? Great film though, need Think its worth a watch, and a second one :)

hak-men - Top film5 star

Iron man 3 pacific rim best films of the year

Purpledrummer - Worse than power rangers1 star

Utter utter rubbish, I expect more from Del Toro. Stopped it 40 mins from the end, couldn't cope anymore.

Andywissner - oh dear...1 star

Really??so... Mega big robots are built to fight Godzillas from the sea… not a great idea…and poor story too :-( Surely the World could think of better ways to defeat these creatures? Want to save some time and money?... well here is the plot: Mega big robots fight Godzilla things from the sea. If you liked Transformers or Godzilla... then watch those movies again… This is… oh dear… terrible! How do you leave a zero star rating on iTunes??

alansjunk - The worst film I have ever seen1 star

If I hadn’t have paid £13.99 for it, I would have stopped watching it after 20 minutes. Unfortunately, I watched it to the end. It didn’t get any better. I’m a little confused on how it’s got good ratings. Everyone to their own I suppose.

TezUK - Style over substance3 star

Loud,fast,big effects and absolutely no substance,storyline or decent dialogue. Ok for having on in the background whilst you do the ironing.

Gaisa - Was fun to watch4 star

had its ups and downs, but for the most part, was a fun movie to watch...

matt_aka_freebird - It is what it is...5 star

1. Script - Awful 2. Acting - Atrocious 3. Plot - Tenuous and Tedious 4. Special Effect - Top Notch! 5. Action/Fight Scenes - What big screens and even bigger speakers were made for! If you’re content ignoring the first 3, and happy to appreciate the last 2 then buy it. if you’re unsure you can accept the lack of the first 3 then rent it. If you’re a movie snob and every film you watch has to tick every box, then skip it. And even then, its a marmite film. You’ll either love it or hate it. I love it!

JordyKallis - Out of this world!!5 star

I hope they consider making a prequel !! This was absolutely brilliant and breathtaking to watch!!! For people reading this, buy it!! Thank you guillermo del toro and Co.

Blairvoyach - Really Really Good and Really Really bad3 star

One of those weird films where you can see the acting is terrible, the story laughably thin and hanging on by its CGI's but you just can't look away! I thought it was terrible but really enjoyed it ! Confused.....

J'lektrix - Good, just not great.3 star

An enjoyable, wham, bam, thank you ma'am type of film. A film that brings out the child in all of us and that's basically what it is, a kids movie which adults will also enjoy. Big robots... fighting big monsters... with the cheesiest "battle-cry" speech since Independence Day way back in '96. This type of film is more suited to a cinema screen rather than a living room screen. Perfect Friday night fodder.

seanemt - Best film for me this year5 star

The artistic detail that has gone into this film is spellbinding. Guillermo del toro at his finest. A visually stunning feast for the eyes, wish I'd seen it in 3D at the cinema.

gazmc81 - Pacific Grim!1 star

Dreadful film. All CGI with a terrible story and horrible acting. Avoid at all costs.

Dweckie - Bad bad and more bad1 star

The whole cast seemed to shout at each other from beginning to end. Dialogue awful and everything was over-dramatic. It was bits out of every bad film you have ever seen. The animations were spectacular, but the script, plot and any cleverness were totally missing. Save your money - this film is a dud.

Whiteshark49 - Oh My Goodness!1 star

Gazillions of pounds spent on CGI masking a film that's unbelievable tripe! Seriously, the cheese is overwhelming. If done as a parody of the "hoo rah" let's slap each other on the back and light a Cuban cigar Hollywood movies it would of been funny...but my god they were serious. Utter trash!

sutherlandone - typical american3 star

very average

jingles2002 - What's that, your grounded?2 star

This was a fun film to watch buti could have written it, personally I can't stand films that are predictable. Dude loses brother by a large lizard using him as a tooth pick , vows never to play with robots again then Luther turns up and after a 3 minute conversation gets back in robot. Then there's the "she will never be your partner" two minutes later "ok she is", then, you are both grounded let the other robots take this one, oh hang on all the other robots die oh surprise surprise your robot that your grounded from using is the only one that can save the world! Bla bla bla. Apart from that Luther chap and the fella from torchwood everyone else is a no body. Big money spent on a weak film plot. I didn't care about anyone and if they had all died then that would of been a good end to the film. It was very long and for all that time you never really get any character establishment. Rent don't buy! - film addict!

Schnatta26 - Pants1 star

Had they not thrown that much money at it, this would have and should have been a B-movie. Rubbish acting, cheesy dialogue and a storyline that's been done (better) so many times before. Not worried about my £3.50, but the two hours I'm never going to get back.

hat_he_chewed - Unbelievable tripe1 star

What was I thinking, I can't believe how much money they spent making this dross, why didn't they spent a few quid more on the script? I don't get it...

Chappo10 - Disappointed1 star

Was really looking forward to this film and it was a big let down for me glad I only rented.

munchendrain - Naff1 star

Honestly, I was bored. You can chuck as much money at it as you want, but so many plot holes, crap script....... Shockin'

Gray1978 - Boring!1 star

With nonsensical plot, unimaginative script, terrible acting; save your precious time and money and stay well away from this movie.

Gazzab007 - Not very good at all1 star

Where to start!. The story line was thin, acting poor and to be honest the film was too long and very boring.

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Matt Fergie - This movie is so much fun!!5 star

This movie was funny and action packed. It had a great story, relatable and interesting characters, and was so much fun to watch. What else do you need in a movie? Oh and I didn’t even mention it contained one of the coolest speeches ever!

Carmac360 - Very disappointed1 star

I like Charlie Hunnam, and I love these kind of sci fi movies. I was excited to finally watch this movie, Visually the movie is great, the robots and fight scenes were cool, But the script and acting are horrible. Actually I could not make it to the whole movie in one sitting. I had to finish watching a movie to say that I gave it a fair shot. But it was just a really bad movie.

Billy8d8 - Best movie I've seen in a very long time.5 star

If you are looking for action, explosions , science fiction, giant robots and monsters , mild love themes this movie is for you.


Don’t be Stupid. ADD this to your Movie Collection.

Web3box - Good action, Great picture5 star

One of the best. Good story, good action and brilliant special effects!

Tobasha - Its awesome5 star

Make the movie 2

Aaniyla - Looovvve 😃😍😍😍😍😍😍5 star

It's the best action adventure ever

Gen.Morrow - Great Effects and Actors but dull Plot3 star

It's a interesting choice of actors and powerful characters. The visual effects are stunning during the action sequences. However the visual effects were over used and were too heavily relying on them to save the feature. The plot is still nothing unique, it's the same as many great monster movies but the monsters a larger and the robots that fight them are three times larger than what we could build even with all the countries chipping in, it's nothing but a larger remake of Zathura.

Imtoolazytodohomework - Lucky enough to get "a" star1 star

Terrible movie. Cheesy. Cheesy is the most perfect word to use. Cheesy plot, cheesy lines, cheesy characters. The grizzled vet gets last hurrah, hereos save the word with a desperate last second attempt. IT WAS MADE FOR AN 8 YEAR OLD. Completely terrible. The more I look at these 5 star reviews, the more faith I lose in humanity. Producers must have given themselves the reviews.

markcincinnati - Well, the special effects were great….1 star

You are either a hardcore sci-fi fan or no older than 8 to enjoy this garbage. A perfect showcase for CGI technology but a horrible example for anything else remotely related to moviemaking. My advice - watch the movie for the effects but listen to your iPod instead of the dialogue, might save you a few IQ points.

Kingsman2000 - Put it up for rent.1 star

I will never buy this movie. Please make it available to rent so I can see it.

747whaledriver - A refreshing bit of entertainment3 star

I didn’t go into the movie with very high expectations but was pleasantly entertained by it. As outrageous as the premise of the movie, it did a fair job of keeping you involved in the action. It was a lot like spending Saturday afternoon at the movies when you were a kid, watching monster movies like Godzilla to see what it did to Mothra and all the other monster gangbangers.

Darthsimpletext - There is one sequence I love4 star

The part where the orphaned girl is looking up to the pilot who saved her when she was so little. Then seeing the two work together to save earth from more alien invasions. That sequence makes me cry a bit, I love those mega robot suits!!! I think this should also be rented as well as bought

Blackflag17 - My Fav5 star

Seriously. All the people who are writing these reviews about how bad this movie is are full of crap. It's sci-fi if you don't like that don't watch the movie. The storyline is a bit rough. But other than that this movie is great. Graphics 97%. Storyline 70% Casting 82% Effects 95% Soundtrack 96% P.s. I love this soundtrack.

TeamKing - Enjoyed!4 star

Our family decided that out of every movie we saw last year, this was the best one. That’s probably not saying a lot as there were so many disappointments and sequels, etc, but still. . .we felt we got our moneys worth in this action packed film, and still enjoy going back to watch it now on 3D blu-ray. A good contemporary action movie - must better than we were expecting.

BiCoop - Not bad at all4 star

If there's a movie you would like to see that isn't long and drawn out, then this movie is just right. Very straight and to the point, predictable, but it will keep you on the edge.

kaPono808 - I seriously thought this was a joke1 star

I had no idea that this was a for real movie when a friend put it on. It runs like a spoofy low budget student film trying to milk the mediocre CG. But I guess some people like it.

Megalon73 - Gipsy Danger5 star

When I first this movie it really bring’s back all the great movie monster’s back to my head plus nobody has not scene a monster movie since "Godzilla:Final War” (2004) and "King Kong” (2005),Plus Cloverfield really stood the test time,So now in Pacific Rim (2013) this film really got fans going. This film give a 10 out of 10.

Flappy wings fan 1 2 3 - Best movie I have ever seen5 star

This movie is awesome I like all the robots they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! If have not watched this movie you need to watch it!!! I have seen this movie three times and it still hasn't got old to me!!! If you don't like pacific rim you are a weirdo!!! This movie has a lot of adventure that is why it is awesome!! Me and my friends love it !! It has a lot of action too!!!!!! Pacific rim is epic!!!! 3D would make it even better!!!!! I think this movie is the best !!!!! Watch this movie than you write a review. I get so excited about this awesome awesome great funny funny movie!

JohnDoeSan - Good effects, TERRIBLE acting1 star

The only good thing about this movie is the visual effects. The acting was so terrible and the directing/editing so bad that I started playing with my phone 15 minutes in. Good thing I watched this at home and not in the theatre because I could fast forward when it got too unbearable. Still spent half the time playing with my phone, though.

Alanta falcon - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!5 star

I went to see this movie for my birthday and it was so awesome OMG the giant robots and the aliens coming from sea great idea can't get any better than this!

Kìana - Amazing and Hot5 star

I think that is an AMAZNG and fun movie, speaking of amazing, Mr. Backet is my new celeb crush I mean have you seen any movie or person more beautiful and amazing? I LOVEEEd it to the sun and back

Legoguy54 - Pacific Rim is the top entertaining robot film!!!!5 star

This movie made me extremely excited when I first knew about it. I didn't like the talkative parts but I loved the action. The best robot movie since transformers and try collecting all the figures made by NECA.

Hawkvision - At last!5 star

A Godzilla type movie with giant robots fighting them! You practically cheer for both sides!

Utter Defiance - Rotten Tomatoes doesn't mean a thing5 star

I honestly don't see the problem with this movie. The acting is not hammy or cheesy at all, and it's even really good, especially in Mako Mori and Idris Alba's character (honestly he steals every scene he's in.) Quite frankly, the CG is up there with Jurassic Park and Avatar as being some of the best CGI ever put in a movie. At no point does it look less than spectacular or even real. The story is perfect for what it needs to be, and the two supporting side character side plots were well thought out and executed. Even the Charlie Day and Ron Pearlman's comedy relief is spot on. And the action... Well that doesn't really need an explanation. Movie critics unfairly trash movies like this since they aren't deep character studies meant to deliver social or moral messages. For what this movie set out to be, it was flawless. Rotten Tomatoes doesn't mean squat.

Blank uno card - Insane5 star

Blew my mind and is a movie I have absolutely no criticism for

Ocediis - Great story, great visuals5 star

Guillermo del Toro will sometimes sacrifice good story in favor of great visuals. With Pacific Rim, this is not the case. He combines great visuals with a great story to create an outstanding movie. The characters are all well developed and I found that I could connect with all of them at one point or another. And when the movie gets to its climax, it throws one emotional punch after another at the viewer. I fully recommend this to anyone who may be thinking of renting or purchasing it.

DrFlashbang - pacific Rim review5 star

Man is this awesome!

ilovemoviescores12345 - Okay. If science wasn't real, this would be good.2 star

The story is terrible when you consider science. Good action though.

RockNRollStaaaa - Good4 star

The acting is stupid, but the robot battles look amazing.

minenerd11 - Good movie5 star

Overall good movie with amazing special effects. Haters, first of all this was just a book that was turned into a movie, and also I'd like to see you make a movie better than this.

12121212m - Awesome!5 star

one of my favorite movies! looking forward to the squeal if they make one

Dr,Pepper - I love this movie5 star

This movie is good I just watched it over and over, my favorite part is the fight in Hong Kong sooooo good I hope they the monsters come back I give it 40 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Real Joe Friday - really entertaining, but dumb5 star

If you are looking for a thought-provoking movie experience, this ain't it. there are some big logic flaws in this movie (why build giant robots to engage in hand-to-hand combat with giant monsters - why not just build stand-off weapons? How can 4 or so chinook helicopters lift giant metal robots that weigh as much as cargo ships? how come EMP disables all of the Jagers except Gypsy - c'mon, Gypsy is NOT analog!). Yet despite all of that, the action scenes are terrific, the monsters terrific,and the movie is a lot of fun if you are in the mood for some exciting "comic-book" type action.

andreaneverewrong - The best monster robot movie ever seen5 star

It's just amazing! When I watched movie I just want to jump into it and fight the Kaiju!

Ainzz2001 - Loved It !!!!5 star

One of my favorite directors and amazing visuals and music. I can watch it over and over again. I wish I could have the main theme as my personal theme song and Gypsy Danger is used as a screen name everywhere...

Donotwatchthismovoe - No depth2 star

I was expecting more than this. The story is just about gigantic robots fighting monsters and nothing more. I don't get how you're supposed to enjoy this.

Techno feet - Crazy4 star

What a hoot! Love this flic.

Mike dwg - Great movie5 star

It's exciting and it's funny, and it's a adrenalin rush. And I love the part where he says "or we could grab these flare guns and do something really stupid". Love the movie.

Cray Crunkle - Way Better Than Just Robots and Monsters5 star

It's actually a very good movie. The plot is well thought out and engaging. Having two pilots for these "robots" creates tension, dynamism and twists both love-wise and relationship-wise. Government cutbacks, self-funded heroes, and killer Japanese monsters make it a winner. Way better than much of the schlock sci-fi out there this year (crushes the horrible Riddick sequel by the way).

NLEdit - waste of time and talent1 star

Probably the worst film I’ve ever seen. Perhaps a perfect wet dream for 12-year old Japanese boys but for anyone else this is a work completely devoid of story or even thought. Yes, it’s a special effects extravaganza. It’s a shame that effects shops are being destroyed to make worthless trash such as this.

Aynonmous13 - Terrible Movie1 star

This movie is like Godzilla meets transformers. Its not a good movie at all , it needs to have major fix ups.

Opus Is Under The Bed - Geez, What a Stinko.1 star

Totally, wasted money. Horrible.

cubemster - Good if you like stollen property1 star

No one seems to notice how many things were taken from Evangelion in this film... Pretty pitiful, if u have to steal ideas from a famed Animated series, especially one that was so influential to the anime industry.

mtlyouknowme - A Rotten Tomato2 star

Quite surprised by its tomato rating... The action scenes were ok but the acting was terrible and the story long and characters silly.

Yitzhak Ben Mordechai - Pacific Rim5 star

See if you are thinking about buying it BUY IT! its perfect the only reason its not popular is because no enjoys the concept of robots versus monsters but really once you watch it you couldn’t just watch it twice if you like movies you will indeed like this one unless your a 500 year old rat

Adriana montalvo - Love this movie5 star

This is the best movie I've ever seen its so funny and fill with action

Dr_Bob_01 - Better than many "Blockbusters" this year5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Good story, great acts of heroism and no big name actors to mess it all up. Just lots of action and lots of fun to watch.

shaunjoe - Awesome5 star

This movie is exciting, as well as thrilling... It has a wonderful storyline and is beautifully edited and animated. I undoubtedly recommend that you watch this movie!

Coyote99901 - You will be bludgeoned into loving it3 star

If you like tight plots, don’t buy this movie. If you like well developed characters, don’t buy OR RENT this movie. If you like snappy dialogue, don’t buy this movie. If you like to watch really big scary things get the rutting go-se kicked out of them by really big cool things, buy this movie. I did not like it until halfway through the movie and then could not help myself. I still wan’t about half my money back but I guess I’ll live with it. Its sorta like Godzilla vs. the Robotech (yeah, that’s as dumb as it sounds) but it literally assaults your senses until you WILL ENJOY IT! Eventually.

Pacific Rim Images & Pictures

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