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You have the right to remain laughing when Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up in the outrageously funny unrated version of this comedy from the director of Bridesmaids, Paul Feig. FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Boston cop Shannon Mullins couldn't be more incompatible. But when they join forces to bring down a ruthless drug lord, they become the last thing anyone expected...buddies.

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So funny!!!  Jameismyenglishname  5 star

I like it, it was funny!

Hilarious  Morgisue  5 star

I've seen this like 10 times and it never ceases to make me laugh. Putting Sandra and Melissa together in a movie was the best idea ever!!

James Picky
Very funny  James Picky  3 star

Too much unnecessary profanity.

Hahaha  NoChillCiera  5 star

I died laughing the whole movie! It was hilarious & the cast was amazing! 👌😂😂

Funny  28163kaylah  5 star

It is a great movie you will be laughing almost the whole time

Best movie ever!!  baileyh95  5 star

The funniest movie I have seen in ages!!!! This one is well worth the money! :)

OMG I ALMOST DIED 😂😂  superrgirll_xo  4 star

this movie was amazing ! However, the most innapropriate part to me was when they were at the strip club...😂😩 and the cursing was a little too much ... Just a tad too much ... Alright maybe a lot if too much... 😂😂👌 anyways I like how they put this whole thing together 👊 they did an amazing job 👏👏🙌

paul Kosiba
The Heat  paul Kosiba  5 star

The heat is a hilarious comity I would recommend it to anyone

Disappointed  Jimcin56  2 star

This talent deserves better writing. Funny and magic overshadowed by heavy vulgarity and weak story line.

Me  KingPriestDean  1 star

Could not stand to what but a few segments because I have liked Sandra so much but now I can not trust her choice of movies … Sandra .. you can do so much better than getting together with a trashy mouth where every other word is some kind of put down or curse word … Sandra you are so much better than that !

Kristina Nonis
Must-See  Kristina Nonis  5 star

One of my favourite movies by far. A very intelligent script paired with very intelligent actors. Two thumbs up!

The Heat  LolittaLempika  5 star

Funniest movie of the year! The two are phenomenal together

Very Funny  KiraAnne38  5 star

I did not want to part with $20.00 to buy this, but after watching it I am so glad I did. It's unique. Unexpected. And so funny. Totally worth having to watch again and again.

The heat  Larissa_from_canada  5 star

It's the funniest movie ever

BRILLIANT  RiceNorim  5 star

Paul Feig does it again. Hilarious film, absolutely worth the 20$.

SO HILARIOUS!!  Carlaeher  5 star

This movie literally made me laugh 90% of the time it was playing! Really recommend this for a good laugh!

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