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Gravity (2013) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2013

Winner of 7 Academy Awards®, including Best Director! Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski, played by George Clooney. On a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalski completely alone - tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the darkness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth…and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space.

Gravity Film Synopsis

Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first Shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The Shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone-tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness of space. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space.

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Gravity Movie Reviews

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Really?It pains me that this movie was so hyped and failed so hard but a brilliant movie like interstellar got snubbed. Gravity has all the big names and all the cgi to dazzle you for days, then we get to see our main character encounter 3 of the exact same catastrophes. Even the physics was laughable. You're asked to see the speed at which things travel in orbit and that force equals mass times acceleration, but then you're asked to believe the shoulder socket of a human being can withstand those forces three times. In short this movie is ridiculous and silly..Score: 1/5

Well Deserved 'Best Directed'One of the best films of the 21st Century..Score: 5/5

Waste of moneyThis is a no plot action movie with even less plot. Its about the actor drifting through space stations and crashing to earth thats all..Score: 1/5

🚀More Mr. Clooney, less Ms. Looney.Score: 3/5

EhThis movie was all right but it reeked of Sandra bullocks breathing.Score: 3/5

Wrong on so many levelsThe "science" in this movie is so bad I have to use quotes around the term! The only way anyone can think this is a good movie is if they have absolutely no understanding of the laws of physics. I'm so tired of Hollyweird thinking the only way to tell a science fiction story is to remove science, and good writing, from the equation. Then again, the fact that so many people love this movie and that it was up for multiple Academy Awards probably means they have it right and I'm wrong. It's just sad. People, go read The Martian rather than watching this movie! No, don't see that movie either. Hollyweird blew good science out the window at the end of that one, too..Score: 1/5

Clooney&Bullock astronauts…Pleaseeee!!What were they thinking casting these 2 as astronauts?It’s more about making money from stars than quality entertainment. It was about as believable as Hillary Clinton pretending to be truthful! The story was just not compelling. Sorry I watched it. Definitely one that is at most only worth watching on cable if noting else is on..Score: 2/5


Flawless.Sublime. Nothing less. A 21st century magnum opus..Score: 5/5

All-Around Great Viewing ExperienceNever seen anything quite like it before. Great Movie!.Score: 4/5

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GravityI have to say I was disappointed and I wasn't impressed with Sandra B's performance and I can't believe she got paid 70 million to do this movie, really? The story sucked, the writing sucked, acting sucked but scenery was pretty cool..Score: 3/5

If there is a will, there is a wayBeautiful cinematography. Very good acting. This is on the edge of your seat movie watching. Excellent special effects..Score: 4/5

The greatest thing to come out of 2013, I really don't understand the hate.Gravity is my favourite film of 2013, despite what some people would say, winning seven Oscars, Alfonso Cuaron's intense visual masterpiece has Sandra Bullock and George Clooney playing two astronauts who's shuttle is hit by debris and are left drifting in space trying to survive. This movie is so beautiful, but it also got my heart racing when I first saw it in theatres, please don't listen to the haters, this is one amazing movie..Score: 5/5

Don't do itI lover Clooney and Bullock, and I heard this was a good movie. So I bought it. Don't make the same mistake. Boring, cheesy lines, fantastic visuals, poorly thought out plot. If you like soap operas you might get a kick out of this movie. And Clooney and Bullock do well with what they're given, though they certainly don't rise above the material. Whatever the case, it certainly doesn't deserve the accolades it has been given.Score: 1/5

Edge of my seat!!Loved the F/X and the music..Score: 5/5

Very good filmThe CGI helped to propel this movie, which would have otherwise been a rather average space thriller, due to a mediocre script. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney did offer fantastic performances, though, and captured the despair of being lost in space very well..Score: 3/5

GravityGreat visual effects. Entertaining without being deep. Loved it..Score: 5/5

I would rather watch washing machine spin for 2 hoursI paid $5 for rent, but couldn't watch more then 15 min. I want 15 min of my life back.Score: 1/5

Stunning. What a beautiful masterpiece.This is one of the greatest movies of the decade. What a beautiful masterpiece from Cuaron. The visuals are stunning and the emotion is matched by a beautiful soundtrack from Steven Price. This shows the excitement, fear, suspense, and helplessness of humans in space. What a great film. On my list of all time favourites..Score: 5/5

Bad movieThis is a crappy movie, much like Apple's business strategy..Score: 1/5

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Gravity (2013) Series Cast & Crew

Gravity (2013) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Sandra Bullock (Dr. Ryan Stone), George Clooney (Lt. Matt Kowalski), Ed Harris (Mission Control (voice)), Orto Ignatiussen (Aningaaq (voice)), Phaldut Sharma (Shariff (voice)), Amy Warren (Explorer Captain (voice)), Basher Savage (Space Station Captain (voice)), all returned for gravity movie.

Sandra Bullock (Dr. Ryan Stone)
Sandra BullockDr. Ryan StoneScore: 53.7
George Clooney (Lt. Matt Kowalski)
George ClooneyLt. Matt KowalskiScore: 30.1
Ed Harris (Mission Control (voice))
Ed HarrisMission Control (voice)Score: 46.7
Orto Ignatiussen (Aningaaq (voice))
Orto IgnatiussenAningaaq (voice)Score: 2.5
Phaldut Sharma (Shariff (voice))
Phaldut SharmaShariff (voice)Score: 2.8
Amy Warren (Explorer Captain (voice))
Amy WarrenExplorer Captain (voice)Score: 1.1
Basher Savage (Space Station Captain (voice))
Basher SavageSpace Station Captain (voice)Score: 5.6

Lucinda Syson (Casting), Robert Richardson (Thanks), Alejandro González Iñárritu (Thanks), Kim McGarrity (Stunts), James Cameron (Thanks), Emmanuel Lubezki (Director of Photography), David Rubin (Casting), Neil Corbould (Special Effects Supervisor), Mark Scruton (Supervising Art Director), David Fincher (Thanks), Skip Lievsay (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Michael Seresin (Additional Photography), Andy Nicholson (Production Design), David Heyman (Producer), Alfonso Cuarón (Director), Alfonso Cuarón (Editor), Alfonso Cuarón (Producer), Alfonso Cuarón (Writer), Jany Temime (Costume Design), David Cronnelly (Stunts),

Robert Richardson (Thanks)
Robert RichardsonThanksScore: 1.7
Alejandro González Iñárritu (Thanks)
Alejandro González IñárrituThanksScore: 10.9
James Cameron (Thanks)
James CameronThanksScore: 16.4
Emmanuel Lubezki (Director of Photography)
Emmanuel LubezkiDirector of PhotographyScore: 1.6
Neil Corbould (Special Effects Supervisor)
Neil CorbouldSpecial Effects SupervisorScore: 1.4
David Fincher (Thanks)
David FincherThanksScore: 16.8
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'Gravity' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of gravity, the Alfonso Cuarón's popular movie. Watch the gravity teaser trailer. Alfonso Cuarón’s #gravity is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Gravity - Now Playing Spot 1 [HD]▶ Gravity - Now Playing Spot 1 [HD]
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Check out photos from gravity movie. Gravity (2013) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome gravity wallpapers to download for free.

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Don't Let Go..

Gravity — 2013

Gravity Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie gravity - 2013. A poster for Alfonso Cuarón drama movie, Gravity! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for gravity (2013). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Gravity Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
Д-р Райън Стоун е медицински инженер на първата си мисия под командването на ветерана астронавт Мат Ковалски. Въпреки че мисията е рутинна, се случва злополука. Совалката е унищожена, а Стоун и Ковалски остават съвсем сами да се носят из космическия мрак. Те разбират, че са загубили всякаква връзка със Земята и страхът бързо прераства в паника. Ще намерят ли начин да се върнат у дома?

La doctora Ryan Stone coincideix en el seu primer viatge espacial amb l'experimentat astronauta Matt Kowalski, que gaudeix de l'última missió de la seva dilatada carrera. Però el que havia de ser una missió rutinària, aviat es converteix en un malson. L'impacte d'un míssil provoca una reacció en cadena que fa que les restes d'un munt de satèl·lits afectats arribin a l'estació espacial on estan treballant la doctora Stone i en Kowalski.

Sandra Bullock ve filmu hraje doktorku Ryan Stone, skvělou lékařku – inženýrku na její první vesmírné misi. George Clooney ztvárnil vesmírného veterána Matta Kowalskyho, který velí svému poslednímu letu před odchodem do důchodu. Jenže během zdánlivě rutinní výpravy do kosmu dojde ke katastrofě. Loď je zničená a Stone a Kowalsky zůstanou ve vesmíru sami, odkázáni jeden na druhého a směřujíc dál do temného vesmíru. Hluboké ticho dává oběma jasně najevo, že ztratili jakékoli spojení se Zemí... a tím i jakoukoli šanci na záchranu. Strach se pomalu mění v paniku, zejména když si oba uvědomí, jak málo kyslíku jim zbývá. Přitom paradoxně jediný možný způsob návratu je pokračování v cestě do hlubokého vesmíru.

To amerikanske astronauter, den erfarne Matt og hans uprøvede, kvindelige kollega Ryan, reparerer Hubble-teleskopet oppe i atmosfæren. En sværm af rumvraggods vender op og ned på deres mission. Deres fartøj bliver ødelagt, og uden radiokontakt til Jorden efterlades Ryan og Matt frit svævende i rummet. Deres eneste håb er at nå over til ISS' redningskapsel, men iltreserverne svinder hurtigt ind ...

Die brillante Bio-Medizinerin Dr. Ryan Stone geht auf ihre erste Weltraum-Mission. An ihrer Seite ist der Astronaut Matt Kowalski, ein Veteran auf seinem letzten Trip ins All vor dem Ruhestand. Doch ein Routineausflug der beiden Astronauten außerhalb der Raumkapsel endet im Desaster. Das Shuttle wird zerstört, Ryan und Matt befinden sich plötzlich ganz alleine in den dunklen Tiefen des Weltraums - um sie herum nur Stille. Die Raumfahrer haben jeglichen Kontakt zur Erde verloren und es gibt keine Aussicht auf eine Rettung, während ein Verbindungsband wenigstens verhindert, dass sich die beiden auch noch gegenseitig verlieren. Jeder Atemzug frisst etwas mehr von dem wenigen Sauerstoff, den sie noch haben, und schließlich wird Angst zu Panik und dann zu tiefer, hoffnungsloser Verzweiflung.

Η Δόκτωρ Ράιαν Στόουν είναι μια ιατρική μηχανικός στην πρώτη της διαστημική αποστολή και συνοδεύεται από το βετεράνο αστροναύτη Ματ Κοβάλσκι, επικεφαλής της αποστολής. Κατά τη διάρκεια ενός διαστημικού περιπάτου, ο διαστημικός σταθμός καταστρέφεται και οι Στόουν και Κοβάλσκι μένουν εγκαταλελειμμένοι στο διάστημα χωρίς καμία επικοινωνία με τη Γη.

Durante un paseo espacial rutinario, dos astronautas sufren un grave accidente y quedan flotando en el espacio. Una es la doctora Ryan Stone, una brillante ingeniera en su primera misión espacial en la Shuttle. Su acompañante es el veterano astronauta Matt Kowalsky. Durante el paseo algo sale mal y ocurre el desastre: el shuttle queda destrozado, dejando a Ryan y Matt completamente solos, momento a partir del cual intentarán por todos los medios volver a la Tierra.

Mientras reparan un satélite fuera de su nave, dos astronautas sufren un grave accidente y quedan flotando en el espacio. Son la doctora Ryan Stone, una brillante ingeniera que realiza su primera misión espacial, y el veterano astronauta Matt Kowalsky. La misión exterior parecía rutinaria, pero una lluvia de basura espacial les alcanza y se produce el desastre: el satélite y parte de la nave quedan destrozados, dejando a Ryan y Matt completamente solos, momento a partir del cual intentarán por todos los medios buscar una solución para volver a la Tierra.

داستان فیلم در مورد دو فضانورد است (جرج کلونی و ساندرا بولاک) که بعد از یک حادثه سفینه آن ها متلاشی شده و آن دو در فضای بدون جاذبه سرگردان می شوند و باید به کمک یکدیگر راهی برای زنده ماندن پیدا کنند...

Ryan Stone on lahjakas lääkintäupseeri ensimmäisellä sukkulalennollaan konkariastronautti Matt Kowalskyn kanssa, joka taas johtaa viimeistä lentoaan ennen eläkkeelle jäämistä. Katastrofi iskee kuitenkin rutiininomaisella avaruuskävelyllä. Kun sukkula tuhoutuu, Stone ja Kowalsky jäävät tyystin oman onnensa nojaan — pimeyden syövereitä kohti leijaillessaan he eivät ole kiinni missään muualla kuin toisissaan. Painostava hiljaisuus kertoo, että yhteys maahan on lopullisesti menetetty... ja sen mukana kaikki toivo pelastumisesta. Pelon vaihtuessa paniikkiin jokainen hengenveto kuluttaa jo ennestään rajallisia happivaroja. Kenties viimeinen toivo kotiinpääsystä onkin matkaaminen yhä syvemmälle avaruuden pelottavaan syleilyyn.

L'ingénieure Ryan Stone a été choisie pour une mission dans l'espace. Elle fait le voyage avec l'astronaute chevronné Matt Kowalsky qui entreprend son dernier vol avant la retraite. Alors qu'ils font des travaux à l'extérieur de la navette, une pluie de débris les surprend et détruit tout sur son passage. Bientôt, le docteur Stone et l'astronaute Kowalsky flottent dans le vide et n'ont plus aucun contact avec la NASA. Malgré la panique qui l'habite, Stone écoute attentivement les instructions de son acolyte. Pour survivre, les deux humains en pénurie d'oxygène doivent s'enfoncer dans la noirceur afin de rejoindre une station spatiale d'où ils pourraient peut-être communiquer avec la Terre.

Pour sa première expédition à bord d'une navette spatiale, le docteur Ryan Stone, brillante experte en ingénierie médicale, accompagne l'astronaute chevronné Matt Kowalski qui effectue son dernier vol avant de prendre sa retraite. Mais alors qu'il s'agit apparemment d'une banale sortie dans l'espace, une catastrophe se produit. Lorsque la navette est pulvérisée, Stone et Kowalski se retrouvent totalement seuls, livrés à eux-mêmes dans l'univers...

דר' ראיין סטון היא מהנדסת רפואית מבריקה בטיסתה הראשונה לחלל עם האסטרונאוט הוותיק מאט קובלסקי בטיסת החלל האחרונה שלו. כאשר קורה אסון במהלך פעולה שיגרתית במעבורת החלל, מקור כוחה של המעבורת נהרס ומשאיר את ראיין ומאט לבד בחלל החשוך. בעקבות השקט השורר הם מבינים שאיבדו כל קשר ותקווה לחילוצם. האם בכל זאת השניים ישרדו?

Sandra Bullock glumi doktoricu Stone, koja odlazi na svoju prvu misiju u svemir, a Clooney iskusnog astronauta Matta Kowalsokg kojem je ovo posljednji let. Međutim, prilikom rutinske svemirske šetnje dogodi se katastrofa i Stone i Kowalski se odvajaju od shuttla, lebdeći bespomoćno u beskrajnu tamu… Zaglušujuća tišina govori im da je veza sa Zemljom prekinuta, kao i svaka nada za spas… Strah prerasta u paniku dok se razina preostalog kisika smanjuje sa svakim novim udahom. Jedini put za spas zastrašujuće je prostranstvo svemira.

A nem túl távoli jövőben baleset történik egy űrállomáson: a váratlanul becsapódó meteorok megsemmisítik a bázist, és a két - éppen az űrhajón kívül dolgozó - asztronautát elszakítják a hajótól. Az újonc dr. Stone és a sokat próbált Kowalsky csupán egymáshoz kötve sodródik a végtelen űrben. Nincs, ami megállítsa őket, és nincs, aki a segítségükre siessen: a sisakjukban visszhangzó csend azt jelzi, hogy semmilyen kapcsolatuk nem maradt a földi irányítással. A félelem fokozatosan pánikba fordul. Minden lélegzet számít. Minden másodperc létfontosságú. A hazavezető egyetlen út az univerzum rémítő ürességén keresztül vezet.

Gli astronauti Ryan Stone e Matt Kowalsky lavorano ad alcune riparazioni di una stazione orbitante nello spazio quando un'imprevedibile catena di eventi gli scaraventa contro una tempesta di detriti. L'impatto è devastante, distrugge la loro stazione e li lascia a vagare nello spazio nel disperato tentativo di sopravvivere e trovare una maniera per tornare sulla Terra.


허블 우주 망원경을 수리하기 위해 우주를 탐사하던 라이언 스톤 박사는 폭파된 인공위성의 잔해와 부딪히면서 우주 공간에 홀로 남겨진다. 탑승했던 왕복선은 파괴됐고 산소는 희박해져간다. 홀로 남겨졌다는 공포가 그녀를 휘감아 가던 순간, 그녀의 앞에 베테랑 동료 우주비행사인 매트 코왈스키가 구세주처럼 나타난다. 인공위성의 잔해가 지구를 한 바퀴 돌아 다시 덮쳐오기까지 걸리는 시간은 단 90분. 그 전에 그들은 우주 왕복선과 가까이 있는 ISS로 이동해서 소유즈를 활용해 지구로 귀환하기로 하는데...

Medicinos inžinierė daktarė Rajan Stoun (Sandra Bullock) iškeliauja į savo pirmąją kosminę misiją. Kartu su ja vyksta astronautas-veteranas Matas Kovalskis (George'as Clooney'is), kuriam tai bus paskutinė išvyka į žvaigždes. Tyrinėtojus ištinka tragedija, kuomet kosminio palydovo nuolauža praktiškai nepataisomai sugadina jų erdvėlaivį. Netekę ryšio su Žemeir sparčiai senkant deguonies atsargoms, astronautai privalo surasti išeitį iš beviltiškos padėties. Prasideda įtempta kosmoso tylos apgaubta kova už gyvybę.

Medicīnas inženiere doktore Raiena Stouna devusies savā pirmajā atspoļkuģa misijā kopā ar astronautikas veterānu, komandieri Metu Kovaļski, kuram tas ir pēdējais lidojums pirms došanās pensijā. Diemžēl ikdienišķa iziešana atklātā kosmosā beidzas ar katastrofu.

Dr. Ryan Stone is een briljante medische ingenieur die op haar eerste shuttlemissie gaat met de ervaren astronaut Matt Kowalsky, die het commando heeft over zijn laatste vlucht voor hij op pensioen gaat. Maar een schijnbaar routine ruimtewandeling draait uit op een ramp.

Astronaut Ryan Stone (Oscar-vinner Sandra Bullock) er en dyktig ingeniør som er ute på sitt første romfergeoppdrag sammen med veteranastronaut Matt Kowalski (Oscar-vinner George Clooney). Da en ulykke ødelegger romfergen, virvler Stone og Kowalski ut i mørket, og den eneste veien hjem, er å bevege seg enda lengre ut i det skremmende, endeløse rommet.

Dr Ryan Stone jest wybitną specjalistką od inżynierii medycznej. Zatrudniona przez NASA trafia do zespołu pracującego przy naprawie teleskopu Hubble'a. Dowódcą misji jest Matt Kowalsky, który po powrocie na Ziemię ma zakończyć karierę astronauty. Kiedy w prom kosmiczny, którym astronauci przylecieli na orbitę, uderzają szczątki starego rosyjskiego satelity, ginie większość członków misji. Przy życiu pozostają tylko dr Stone i Kowalsky. Od tej chwili są zdani tylko na siebie. Muszą dotrzeć do innego promu, ale zapas powietrza w uszkodzonych zbiornikach nieubłaganie się wyczerpuje...

Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) é um astronauta experiente que está em missão de conserto ao telescópio Hubble juntamente com a doutora Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock). Ambos são surpreendidos por uma chuva de destroços decorrente da destruição de um satélite por um míssil russo, que faz com que sejam jogados no espaço sideral. Sem qualquer apoio da base terrestre da NASA, eles precisam encontrar um meio de sobreviver em meio a um ambiente completamente inóspito para a vida humana.

A Dra. Ryan Stone é uma brilhante engenheira médica na sua primeira missão espacial, com o astronauta veterano Matt Kowalsky, no comando do seu último vôo antes de se reformar. Mas numa caminhada espacial de rotina acontece um desastre. A nave é destruída, deixando Stone e Kowalsky completamente sozinhos – amarrados apenas um ao outro e caindo em espiral pela escuridão. O silêncio ensurdecedor diz-lhes que perderam qualquer ligação com a Terra...e qualquer hipótese de salvamento. O medo transforma-se em pânico e cada respiração rouba o pouco oxigénio que têm disponível. O único caminho para voltarem a casa pode ser irem mais longe na imensidão aterrorizante do espaço..

Bullock va interpreta rolul lui Dr. Ryan Stone, un medic foarte bine calificat în domeniul bioingineriei aflat la prima sa misiune în spațiu alături de veteranul astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney), care se află pentru ultima dată la comanda unei nave înainte de pensionare. Însă în timpul unei misiuni de rutină în afara navetei, se întâmplă un dezastru. Aceasta este distrusă, lăsându-i pe Stone și Kowalsky complet singuri - legați unul de altul și de nimic altceva, descriind spirale în întuneric. Tăcerea insuportabilă le spune că au pierdut orice legătură cu Pământul... și orice șansă de a fi salvați. Pe măsură ce frica se transformă în panică, cu fiecare gură de aer se consumă puținul oxigen rămas. Însă singura cale de a ajunge acasă este aceea de a înainta prin terifianta întindere a spațiului.

Доктор Райан Стоун, блестящий специалист в области медицинского инжиниринга, отправляется в свою первую космическую миссию под командованием ветерана астронавтики Мэтта Ковальски, для которого этот полет — последний перед отставкой. Но во время, казалось бы, рутинной работы за бортом случается катастрофа. Шаттл уничтожен, а Стоун и Ковальски остаются совершенно одни; они находятся в связке друг с другом, и все, что они могут, — это двигаться по орбите в абсолютно черном пространстве без всякой связи с Землей и какой-либо надежды на спасение.

Oscarová Sandra Bullock a George Clooney sa predstavia v hlavných úlohách dycherúceho thrilleru režiséra Alfonsa Cuaróna "Gravitácia", ktorý vás zavedie do nekonečných a neúprosných hlbín vesmíru. Doktorka Ryan Stone (Bullock) sa vydáva na svoju prvú vesmírnu misiu. Sprevádza ju skúsený astronaut matt Kowalsky (Clooney), ktorý plánuje po návrate na Zem odísť do dôchodku. Ich raketoplán má však vážnu poruchu a na prvý pohľad rutinná misia sa razom mení na boj o život. Stone a Kowalsky sa ocitajú úplne sami uprostred čiernej prázdnoty, len priviazení jeden o druhého. Skľučujúce ticho je dôkazom definitívnej straty spojenia so Zemmou... a šance na záchranu. Strach sa mení na paniku a s každým nádychom sa zmenšujú zásoby kyslíka. Možno jediný spôsob ako sa vrátiť domov, je vrhnúť sa do nekonečného prázdna.

Režiser fantazijskih spektaklov Harry Potter in jetnik iz Azkabana ter Jaz pa tebi mamo predstavlja osupljivo vesoljsko pustolovščino, v kateri se znajdeta znanstvenica Ryan in astronavt Matt. Med poletom v zemeljsko orbito opravljata rutinski sprehod po vesolju, ko deli odsluženega satelita zadenejo in uničijo njuno plovilo. Prepuščena lastni iznajdljivosti se morata soočiti z vrtoglavo gravitacijo in drugimi elementi surovega vesolja, možnost njunega preživetja pa se manjša iz minute v minuto.

Докторка Рајан Стон је врсна медицинска инжењерка на свом првом свемирском путовању шатлом, заједно са ветераном астронаутом Метом Ковалским, који је на последњем лету пред пензију. Оно што је требало да представља рутинску шетњу свемиром, претвара се у катастрофу. Шатл је уништен, а Рајан и Ковалски потпуно сами у космосу завезани једно за друго плутајући у бескрају. Гробна тишина им говори да су остали и без контакта са Земљом, и надом у спас... Када страх почне да се претвара у панику, сваки уздах троши још више драгоценог преосталог кисеоника, а можда једини пут кући води преко отискивања дубље у мрачно пространство свемира.

Dr. Ryan Stone är en medicintekniker som är ute på sitt första uppdrag i rymden tillsammans med den erfarna astronauten Matt Kowalsky som är ute på sin sista resa före pensionen. Rymdfärjan förstörs, Stone och Kowalsky är helt ensamma – och endast ihopkopplade med varandra glider de ut i mörkret. Av tystnaden förstår de att all kommunikation med Jorden har brutits och samtidigt som rädslan övergår i panik så försvinner lite syre för varje litet andetag...

บุลล็อครับบทเป็น ดร.ไรอัน สโตน วิศวกรรมอัจฉริยะด้านการแพทย์ที่อยู่ในภารกิจบนยานอวกาศเป็นครั้งแรกร่วมกับแม็ตต์ โควัลสกี้ มนุษย์อวกาศที่มากประสบการณ์ (คลูนีย์) แต่ช่วงที่เดินสำรวจอวกาศได้เกิดเหตุร้ายขึ้น ยานอวกาศพังสิ้นสภาพจนสโตนและโควัลสกี้ต้องอยู่อย่างเคว้งคว้ง ไม่สามารถยึดติดกับสิ่งใดได้นอกจากพวกเขาที่ต้องโคจรออกไปในความมืด ความเงียบสงัดบอกกับพวกเขาว่าหมดทางติดต่อกับโลก…และโอกาสในการได้รับความช่วยเหลือแล้ว ขณะที่ความกลัวเปลี่ยนเป็นอาการขวัญเสีย ห้วงอวกาศที่กว้างใหญ่ก็ทำให้ออกซิเจนที่มีน้อยนิดค่อยๆ หมดลง

Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) zeki bir tıp mühendisidir ve emekliliğinden önce son görevine çıkan yetenekli ve deneyimli astronot Matt Kowalsky'nin (George Clooney) yönetimindeki mekikte ilk uzay yolculuğuna çıkar. Herşey yolunda gibi görünürken rutin bir keşif yürüyüşü sırasında bir felaket yaşanır. Mekik çarpan bir cisim sonucu paramparça olur. İki bilim insanı uzay boşluğunda yapayalnız kalırlar. Yeryüzü ile iletişimleri tamamen kopmuştur ve sonsuz karanlıkla başbaşadırlar. Şimdi korkunun yerini panik alır, üstelik var olan sınırlı oksijenleri de gitgide tükenmektedir. İkili eve, dünyaya dönüş yolunu bulabilecek midir?

Група астронавтів коротає дні на космічній станції біля кордонів сонячної системи. Одного разу, коли капітан і його миловидна колега виконують завдання у відкритому космосі, уламки супутника, що вибухнув, вбивають весь екіпаж. Двоє бідолах залишаються зовсім самі за мільйони миль від Землі, намагаючись знайти спосіб повернутися додому.

Tiếng Việt
Tiến sĩ Ryan Stone, một kỹ sư y tế xuất sắc trong nhiệm vụ Tàu con thoi đầu tiên của cô, cùng với phi hành gia kỳ cựu Matt Kowalsky chỉ huy chuyến bay cuối cùng trước khi nghỉ hưu. Nhưng trên một chuyến đi bộ ngoài không gian dường như thường lệ, thảm họa đã ập đến. Tàu con thoi bị phá hủy, khiến Stone và Kowalsky hoàn toàn bị trói buộc vào nhau và rơi vào bóng tối của không gian. Sự im lặng chói tai cho họ biết họ đã mất bất kỳ liên kết nào với Trái đất và bất kỳ cơ hội giải cứu nào. Khi nỗi sợ hãi chuyển sang hoảng sợ, mỗi luồng không khí sẽ ăn hết lượng oxy ít ỏi còn lại. Nhưng cách duy nhất về nhà có thể là đi xa hơn vào khoảng không gian rộng lớn đáng sợ.

在美国太空站,一个男宇航员Matt Kowalsky和女同事Ryan Stone出舱修复望远镜时,卫星爆炸的碎片撞到了太空站,除了出舱的两人,其他人全部丧命。之后,漂浮在外、毫无凭借力的两人要想方设法地回到地球,他们遭遇了重重险情,Matt为了Ryan自我牺牲,让Ryan登上了一个废弃的俄罗斯空间站,并凭此再借力靠近中国的天宫一号,期间的各种故障让Ryan近乎绝望自杀,但凭借着濒死前看到Matt的幻象,她振作起来,找到方法登上了天宫一号,并最终返回地球。


蕾恩史東博士(珊卓布拉克 飾)是一名傑出的醫學工程師,這是她第一次執行太空任務;資深太空人麥特科沃斯基(喬治克隆尼 飾)與她同行,這是他退休前最後一次指揮太空飛行。很不幸地,在一場看似簡單的例行太空漫步中,災難發生了,太空梭全毀,使得萊安和麥特兩人突然變得孤立無援,他們只能繫住彼此,不斷被捲入黑暗之中。周遭的一片死寂表示他們已失去跟地球的任何聯繫,同時也失去獲救的任何機會。隨著每次呼吸都一再吞噬所剩不多的氧氣,他們的恐懼也逐漸轉為恐慌。然而,他們回家的唯一途徑可能是繼續深入浩瀚無際的可怕太空。

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