Frozen Summary and Synopsis

In “Frozen,” fearless optimist Anna teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Young princess Anna of Arendelle dreams about finding true love at her sister Elsa’s coronation. Fate takes her on a dangerous journey in an attempt to end the eternal winter that has fallen over the kingdom. She's accompanied by ice delivery man Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and snowman Olaf. On an adventure where she will find out what friendship, courage, family, and true love really means. Frozen Wiki

Frozen Movie Trailer

Only the act of true love will thaw a frozen heart...

Frozen (2013)

Frozen Comments & Critics

Frozen Movie Reviews

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- Horrible1 star

I was looking for a window to jump out the whole time

- I like frozen 2 better4 star

The squeal is better

- Let it Go5 star

Frozen is a wonderful good time disney does it again with it's visually stunning musical numbers it's all in a frozen blast to the past.

- Frozen (2013)2 star


- Great movie5 star

This is a must watch, but, then again, so is every Disney movie. Frozen 2 is exceptional.

- Frozen 25 star

I give frozen 2 a 1,000,000,000 that’s is what I give it

- Frozen5 star

My family loved it!. It fun to watch again and again

- Bad1 star

The frozen 2 is way better

- Did5 star

I’m going

- Never got to watch it!1 star

I rented the movie to watch on the airplane on my way home, it showed that I still had 19 hours left on the rental but a message popped up that said I no longer had access to it?? I tried again when I got home and it shows that I still have time left on the rental but it won’t play...

- Frozen5 star

It’s cool

- GOOD MOVIE5 star


- Love the movie!5 star

It’s worth the purchase, trust me. My dad won’t let me since I have Disney + though haha 😂

- A great movie 😎5 star

I a huge fan of frozen it is a great movie I saw it twice I love frozen since I was little.😊

- Good movie5 star

I didn’t see it until a few weeks ago and was impressed. They did a good job with the story and without drawing anything out in my opinion. Also the fact that they gave a little more realism in the characters viewpoint of how relationships work was nice. Good job Disney. One last thing - it’s a movie I plan to rewatch later. Not a one timer.

- By Darla Allen5 star

if miss jaonson saw this she would freak out and I love this to

- A great film!5 star

This is a good movie! There are some familiar tropes,but overall there are new things added! How they do these things ,you’re going to either like it or hate it. A lot of people love it... and it grew on me after a while which is why it has this rating!

- Frozen1 star

Frozen is not my movie

- Elsie5 star

It is vary funny to watch

- Girl-Power-to-the-max!5 star

I’ve been watching the DVD in my room, now that the sequel is in theaters. Actually, a housekeeper at my job asked me if I was going to see the sequel… Even though this is a chick-flick, I’ve seen the act before where a Fox and a hound start off as friends, until one realizes he’s different, 🐕 “The Fox & The Hound.”

- Best movie ever also should have at least 97% rotten tomatoes or more cause it was that good5 star

Best movie ever also it should have 97% rotten tomatoes or more cause it was that good of a movie

- waste of your life1 star

Its like watching a reality show about some over dramatic teenager. My wife likes Disney movies, but her nor myself could watch past 24 mins into it. Way too many stupid songs. You can’t sing a song about everything because it gets old quick. Very disappointing to watch, we probably will never watch the whole movie. I can’t believe they made a sequel.

- #mad sorta good4 star

The only reason why that it isn’t that good is because all the high pitched singing

- 😩😩😩😬1 star

I’m sorry to be rude , but I don’t like corny pretty little princess movies. This may bring a good message to little kids 4 and up - but what about the 11 year olds?

- I am frozen by this5 star

This was the best movie ever I can’t let it go music awesome characters awesome Hans no no no loved the movie 5 stars

- Ye$ !ndeed.5 star

Eye l0ved Fr0zen. Eye [email protected]+ched !+ 4 +he 6+h @[email protected] [email protected] 0n N0vember 27, 2019 wh!ch wuz gr8. Eye @m [email protected] C Fr0zen 2 !n [email protected]+er$ $00n.

- Well...2 star

Uh... it’s ok... not horrible... I am a big Disney fan and I hate saying this but I really didn’t like the movie honestly. I know... go on and hate on me all you want.

- Do you wanna kill a snowman?1 star

Yeah this movie is garbage. The animation is good and this movie is good at destroying my ears. For crying out loud it’s so cheesy and generic! It’s just bad. Avoid unless you like bad movies. Also the trailers for the 2nd movie look stupid so I ain’t watching it. The parents are so dumb and the songs ARE TERRIBLE!!!!! No I don’t wanna build a snowman, my hate for this movie is an open door, I wish this movie would burn in summer, and I AM GOING TO LET THIS MOVIE GO OFF OF A CLIFF!!!!!!!! Avoid this terrible movie. If you want a good Pixar musical go watch Moana.

- Disney ➕ is way better1 star

Get Disney➕ it’s way better & worth the money. These movies are so ridiculously expensive. Great movie ridiculous price.

- Frozen1 star

Let it go... seriously let it go

- Entertaining5 star

I watched this movie over 96 times just on he theatre

- Never Watch It!!!1 star

Horrible. Contains no value. The main characters are terrible role models, especially Anna, who marries a man she’s only known for one day! Is this the role you want your children taking in society? And all because of a Disney Movie?

- Frozen is one of the Worst Disney movies ever1 star

To sum it up: Animation is crappy, To much Girly stuff, Story is uninteresting and boring, And WORST part is the Songs are so annoying that it makes Fanboy And chum chum’s theme song sound like Beethoven by comparison.

- So smooth!! 🍨☃️5 star

I luv it so much, I would watch it every day If I had the time! ⛄️☃️⛄️❄️🌬🌨📽🎞💎 I’m 10 and I am in a frozen play. So happy that it got interesting again!! 🍯⛄️☃️❄️😝😆😂😄

- I don’t like it1 star

I Just don’t like it

- EXTREMELY overrated, ENDLESSLY overplayed1 star

The first time I watched this I thought it was semi-decent. Thought it was way overrated, though. And then came every single little toddler wanting to watch it, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. NONSTOP. It got SO obnoxious. Even before it got so overplayed, I thought it wasn’t that great. Good story, but lifeless music and very cringeworthy dialogue.

- It’s overrated... BUUUUUUUUT2 star

It’s not really an awful movie, the animation is nice and I like the main trio alright! Okay literally everything else is bad! Bad songs, bad writing, bad villain, bad Elsa, bad stupid rock troll things that serve no purpose other then to traumatize Elsa at a young age. I really don’t like Elsa as a character, she just abandons everyone with no remorse and sings about it. Also there’s that Weasel Man... he was a character... I would like to end this on a positive note though! The opening is actually amazing! It’s easily the best thing about this movie and might be the best Disney opening beside Arabian Nights and Circle of Life! 4/10


This a wonderful story because it tells you a story uvu

- Awful1 star

Do you Remember In the beginning of Frozen the little girl allmost got Kill

- Let it go, you won’t find something like this5 star

Good, really good

- Best Movie Ever5 star

I’m glad they show it on Freeform. Elsa’s awesome

- Mind blown5 star

🥳🥳🥳 for the first time in forever Disney has a good movie yay

- LAME1 star

Really an ice princess my little sisters don’t even like it god I saw it once and I already now the whole thing booooo

- I like it to be in Egyptian dialect1 star

I don't understand the stupid Classical Arabic

- Boring1 star

Boring 😑

- Very very bad1 star

It’s absolute poop

- Good5 star

I love this movie very much my Cousin loves it we love thank you for the people that created it

- AWESOME5 star

I watched it with my mom 6 times and bought the dvd. The story was unexpected and cool and the action was good.

- Just plain stupid 😤1 star

I just hate Disney now thanks how because simply put that the trolls are the real bad guys and there are too many songs in this why can’t we have a Disney princess movie with no singing 🎤🤮 from the main character

- Horrible Horrible Horrible1 star

This is the stupidest most dumbest movie 🎥🍿 ever. It was so bad it made my uncle have a hard attack.

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Magic Wand Studio - FUNNY MOVIE5 star

Frozen is so funny. The comedy is awesome specially Olaf.

Adele Dezeem - Amazing5 star

Worth buying!!!

Matthew Dove - Gives me chills!!!5 star

The first movie to make me cry, even as a teenager. Just don’t get too attached!

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Timeless5 star

We watch it practically every winter

PLAsselin - Pas de Français.1 star

J’ai loué le film dans le but de le regarder en français. On dit qu’il y a français comme langue additionnelle, mais il y a seulement anglais.

motörheadkid23 - Die1 star

Completely HATED this movie

Reaghan k. - very good5 star

everyone makes fun of this movie if ur older but it's actually really funny and good for all ages. Two thumbs up!

nothing1989 - HALF OFF CLOGS !!!!!5 star

I love the contrast of seasons. When Olaf said "In summer", I left the sand in my toes !!!!!!

elf-kin - Musical and family friendly4 star

If you like happy musicals with plot twists, then this is the movie for you.

NicholeBeverly - Uplifting and Beautiful5 star

This move helped me get through one of the saddest and most difficult times of my life through simply beautiful and empowering story telling :)

marissa🌚 - Angry customer!!😡1 star

I tried renting the movie, but it said "unable to download" and ripped me off $4.99!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!😡😡

uajfnjw - Love Olaf5 star

omg I love all the songs in this movie

Monsterhighrock - Wish5 star

I wish that they would make a 2ed and make it so Elsa was bad because that was what was going to be but after let it go they remade the hole movie:p

StayAwesome❤️ - Rent?4 star

Can I please rent

phil192 - Honestly, this is the most OVERRATED animated movie2 star

Let’s make things clear : I’m a hardcore fan of Disney, I ADORE animation and eventually I want to WORK for Disney. But let’s be honest : This movie is far from being Disney’s best work. It’s average. It give it two stars for some magnificent visuals, but that’s all. Too many plot holes and incoherent actions by the characters. Plus, no actual COOL villain ? An Annoying sidekick ( Olaf). Only one ‘’ good ‘’ song, with Let It Go ? I WANTED this to be among my favorites animated movies. But it’s quite the opposite, it’s probably the ONLY one I didn’t like.

Car.man45 - The worst movie ever made don't waste your money.1 star

Too much singing. For 1 year old babies! The songs are so annoying. Singing every 5 min! WARNING!!!! DO NOT BUY!

K:):) - Frozen5 star


"Flash" Robert Seto - Purely Magical! Phenomenal!5 star

An astounding masterwork by Disney! A must see movie for every human being alive..!! Disney Studios has done it again, and shown us how to execute true animation, that Love Conquers All! A truly stupendous feat of humanity woven into animation, and an instant movie classic! I'm quite impressed by how a contemporary theme can be interwoven into the story: how fear can paralyze and 'freeze over' our relationships with others. An impressive soundtrack by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, which spawned a mega-hit song by Idina Menzel! A magical exploit, and a certified tearjerker! 100 out of 5 stars!!..

"Flash" Robert Seto - Purely Magical! Phenomenal!5 star

An astounding masterwork by Disney! A must see movie for every human being alive..!! Disney Studios has done it again, and shown us how to execute true animation, that Love Conquers All! A truly stupendous feat of humanity woven into animation, and an instant movie classic! I'm quite impressed by how a contemporary theme can be interwoven into the story: how fear can paralyze and 'freeze over' our relationships with others. An impressive soundtrack by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, which spawned a mega-hit song by Idina Menzel! A magical exploit, and a certified tearjerker! 100 out of 5 stars!!..

Echung18 - Frozen5 star

I love frozen It is the best movie ever Next I'm looking forward to frozen 2 and dolphin tale 2

Cool dude 123abc - Frozen was crappy1 star

Frozen was the worst movie ever. It was so terrible it made me want too puke.

Roxou❤️❤️❤️ - ❄️❄️❄️5 star

I love this movie! 100%

It's ME ...... - Cute5 star

Just watch for Sven!!!

E. Spence - Buy it5 star

I rented it twice, then just bought it. You really need to watch it many times to see the detail in the animation. The expression and definition in the faces is top notch. It's most obvious during songs and you will notice a little more each time. Rapunzel is still my favorite, adorkable princess but this is clearly a graduated level of Tangled.

🌷Princess Anna of Arendelle🌷 - Best animated movie I've ever seen5 star

There's catchy songs, adorable characters and a great story I've literally watched this movie like ten times😄❄️❤️💚💜💙💛

Banananlll - I like it5 star

It's so good

Nicolas Trudel - Great movie5 star

The best animation movie in 2013

msdfggvggggggg - Froze5 star

Super cool

Cathy2500 - Good job Disney!5 star

Frozen is one of the best animated movies!!! I was so glad when Frozen win the Oscar! I was sure it would!!!!! :D

Camara321 - Frozen5 star


uhztrebor - Five thumbs up5 star

Fantastic film, definitely the best animated film since the Lion King... and did I mention the music? Wow. I think I fell in love with this movie. Renar är bättre än männskor? Det stämmer!

Rap Kj - Best must-see movie of the year!!!5 star

Love frozen,it is my favourite movie all time!! Disney will never disappoint!

Laela bruyere - Ses le meilleur film a vie5 star

Tres bon film

Tampa 12345 - Frozen5 star

Loved it

Kp$kp - OMG5 star

Best movie evaaah!!! Made me cry!! If you look closely when they song for the first time in forever you can see tangled. And at the party you can see all the princesses in the back ground. And someone said their is no black people but if you look closely you can see some in the back ground anyways great movie follow me on Instagram frozen_kp (frozen fan page)

Tet Wowel - It's great5 star

I really like snow. I'm also a fan of elephants.

Le gar - Frozen5 star

Wow this was awsome

oxoabby - Amazing movie5 star


dfgdrgdrgr - Frozen5 star

This movie is a MUST see for all ages from 5 years old to even 50 Disney did really good with this movie I'm really surprised actually cause most of their new stuff lately isn't this good especially on Family.D Cannel this is new fresh classic that will be an old classic that'll someday make history like little mermaid did but if you really really love the movie you would not be giving your $20 to iTunes you'll be buying the movie on Blu Ray in your hands for only $6 extra & you can download the digital copy it's so worth it

LOL ALL THE TIME!!!!!! - Wow5 star

I ❤ Frozen it's amusing!!!!!!

Bozo432 - Frozen5 star

Best movie ever

BethOlivia - Incredible!5 star

This is the best movie ever! It's really funny and suspenseful, the music is great (ESPECIALLY Let It Go), I love the theme of family, and it is quite unlike other Disney movies, which makes it so much better! If you haven't seen it yet, WHAT is wrong with you?! I HIGHLY recommend it!

"BKadjuk" 87! <3 - AMAZING!!!!5 star

I love the songs! And how the whole movie is! :) got to love the movie right?? ;)

MrBeanFan - Overrated3 star

This movie is WAY overrated. I mean it's okay but not a brilliant piece of art like some people say. There are way better kids movies out there.

huge fan2 - You'll be exicited!!!!5 star

This movie is the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudssz - Morals and Values5 star

Definitely a movie I will purchase now and show my future children.

Chloe.M.B - An Excellent Movie5 star

Frozen is an amazing movie and is excellent for children of all ages. A terrific plot twist which makes the movie even better (in my opinion) It has great characters who you can easily fall in love with. Great humour, nice characters who can be relatible to some people, amazing music throughout the movie, Frozen will be remembered for generations.

AngelGirl1❤️💜 - Omg love it!😍5 star

I love this movie so much it is funny, cute and keeps you interested! Great for all ages! Strongly recommend it!!!!😘❤️💛

Montigoma88 - Love it.5 star

It was amazing, like I have all of its songs stuck in my head.

Grimaulkin - Didn’t See What Everyone is Raving About2 star

Unfortunately I didn’t particularly enjoy the film, for all the raving I’d heard of it. The music was bland, the characters were formulaic, jokes were predictable from a mile away, inconsistencies abound… I’m certain it’s very enjoyable for children, but I don’t find it manages to do the double work of also being immersive for adults.

asdfghjkl;'/.,mnbvcxz. - Bad1 star

Not as good as first movie Just boring

niamh.shotton - Love it5 star

This movie is one of the best Disney movies ever. Along with Mulan Frozen II ext I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT almost every single day I listen to the songs and. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Bowserbrah - Meh3 star

Okay, but still not the best

Ley-Ley Barnes - I love frozen5 star

I love frozen so much my mum got it for me because I’m been watching it ever since I was three !!! thank you so much for making frozen ❄️⛄️

i have. to. go - Kids. Bop5 star

I will call you in my name again thanks again to call me again thanks again to call me again call me please thanks so happy happy New happy birthday again thanks again to call me again thanks love you dear god happy happy The and

Sabah_2143 - :/3 star

I love this movie, it’s unfortunate that there is no selection to connect it to my tv.

timwill2 - Disney lover28735 star

This is a great movie I went to the cinemas in 2014 it was so good. I even have the dvd and on iTunes it was so good. Well done Disney you’ve done it again!

woooo hoooo! - For little kids!1 star

So boring only kids that are 1 2 3 4 and 5 would like this😒😕😡🤬

Pothead bum4449#i hate you - To singy1 star

It's to much sing bum know one like peppy pig better you maybe bad movie I Chinese

Pengos - Disney....made a masterpiece4 star

This is awesome! One of the best CGI animated Disney movies ever!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bill - Horrible1 star

This is a terrible film. All they do is sing annoying dumb songs and it's a waste of your time.

Film critic01 - Boring1 star

The characters just started singing randomly throughout the film. What the heck.

WiziMel34 - Coooool4 star

One of the best Disney movies ever made! Great movie. A bit disappointed of the price on iTunes but otherwise, great movie❄️❄️❄️

rocket510 - The greatest Disney movie ever!!!5 star

This movie is just wonderful. I loved it. No wonder it's so popular!


Many people have advertised this film as feminism, but it is, according to my knowledge of feminist ideals, the opposite. Weak, stupid characters, awful plot, poor script writing, every aspect was entirely unenjoyable. Truth told, after the first song, it took every ounce of self restraint I had to keep from setting myself on fire.

NspencerMum - Annoying1 star

I really dont see what all the fuss is about with this film! Its very annoying!

yolly01 - Overrated2 star

I don't understand why everybody seems to love this movie. When I ask, they say it's about women power and the bond between two sisters. You could say the same about Lilo and Stitch which was a way better movie

Hughser2 - Frozen rocks5 star

It's good - we can sing songs , Hans is bady bad !

Angus The Pirate - Frozen2 star

Overhyped, nothing special just a regular musical (most the songs are lazily written) I thought I'd be viewing a cinema great because of all the hype but I was extremely disappointed.

Clash previous addict - Overrated1 star

This movie was so boring it made me sleep. Don't recommend it to anyone... Only people with kids that like princesses otherwise so boring.

Huda861 - Warning5 star

If you have a little girl at home, you will watch this movie every single day of the rest of your life plus the frozen toys colouring books elsa dress etc etc and you will wake up to Let it go every single morning. Source: i have a 6 yrs girl i warned you ;)

Nsjxjskallzx - Let It Go Lyrics 😀❄️⛄️🌀4 star


HarryWhite105 - I'm an 18 year old guy...5 star

I'm an 18 year old guy, I'm straight, and this is one of my favourite movies ever. Everything about it is incredible!

Mol roks - Best kids movie out at the mo5 star

Kids won't stop singing Let it go

itunes,theoriginal - Fantastic4 star

This movie was so magical and icy! It's definitely one of Disney's shining collections!

Jaiden+jacinta - Best5 star


Ctoronis - Frozen5 star

One of the best movies I have ever seen Anna and Elsa are such cute sisters

Mar and lu - This movie is good but3 star

This movies good but I don't get why it's so popular and how it won best animated movie of the year and best musical I mean it's good just not that good as I thought it would be after everyone starting saying how it's their fav movie and stuff.

Abmoo - Frozen2 star

It is the weirdest movie!!!!!!!!

Spanki- - Great Movie3 star

But I don't understand why it cost more to buy on iTunes than at my local supermarket. I try to help the movie industry by buying and renting movies but at these outrages prices I can understand why people are illegally downloading off the net.

Melza-Mayhem - Frozen3 star

I love this move beacos it is the beast

Wqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq - Vgvhvh4 star


Coco Flower - Frozen4 star

I love this movie and it is one of my favourite! My favourite character will defiantly be Elsa. I hope there will be Frozen 2!

Myae04 - Frozen5 star

Love the movie it keeps so entertained you have to make frozen to it is the best

Christiaan Kidd - Not Disneys best1 star

I am really struggling to figure out all the positive attention this film has garnered. The music was lacklustre, the story all together shrug-worthy and the animation was just like all the amazing other modern animations around.. therefore nothing extraordinary. After all the noise I have hear about it, I was waiting to be surprised in the manner of Madagasar and its ilk and this film comes no where near No’s 1, 2 or even 3. Not Disneys best by a long shot.

Nick1386417117 - Very bad1 star

Don't use your money on this movie. Very bad movie!! Appalling

Sushi Dushi Sushi - I hope for frozen 25 star

Best movie ever! I really enjoy watching it. Let it go is a great song. I really hope Frozen 2 will be made because I'm sure it would be popular.

Reneegraceful - Beautiful Storyline5 star

I loved this movie as much as my son!

RyanS73 - Kids love them4 star

Good movie, the kids love them.... Graphics are very nice - a bit pricey though specially the HD version, but at least it includes some bonus itunes extras

Marashian - Frozen5 star

Me and my sister loved it

Svenolaf-frozen - Could I get the movie frozen on my ipod55 star

I was wondering if I can get frozen on my ipod5 cause it's my first favourite movie. My favourite character would be Sven and I've drew him twice now and I drew a picture of olaf

ahriixonell - breath taking5 star

amazing movie!!! one thing they could’ve done to make the movie perfect was to make it NOT end.

Tori - Frozen fans5 star

This is the 4th best rated movie it's adventurous and amazing and heaps more it's most definitely action packed full of sing and lots more.this is the best movie since 1995 great job.votes for frozen two they've got my vote congrats.

jdskdfcgvhbj - Greatest Movie EVER.5 star

Frozen is my all time favourite movie. I watch it every day, and it will NEVER get old. It always makes me laugh. Best. Movie. EVAR. Worth buying x10000!

Soph Gunn - Favourite movie of all time5 star

Has joy, laughter, a life lesson and is just an all-round gorgeous watch.

NickSult - Amazing Family Film for all ages!!5 star

Disney strkes gold again, Frozen is indeed a winner! Great story, emotional, fun and yet perfect for the family!

U5-71 - Sweet moment5 star

Anna: Olaf your melting Olaf: some people are worth melting for. That scene brought a tears to my eyes

cdog - standard disney3 star

If you want to see really interesting animation look up anything by Studio Ghibli. Disney movies follow the same tired formula every time, just like Hollywood does. For something new try "Ponyo", "Kiki's Delivery Service" or "My Neibour Totoro".

itunes7777000 - help4 star

hi guys just a quick question. i have a windows surface and ive paid for two movies on itunes. can simeone provide me with some assistance. it has taken two days to downkoad two novies and normal recomendation time is 30minutes. w=when i check availibility of downloads its just a basic message about the movies..

Have too many friends - Frozen Gleek5 star

It's a fantastic movie one of the best I've seen so far there should make one with boy as the king

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Agapelove1130 - I love frozen5 star

I love frozen it is the best movie 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

SkullfireCookie - Poop1 star

Would give zero stars

Elsa_325_32 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!5 star

I LOVE everything about this movie!!!!!❄️❄️❄️❄️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bella Cullen 1245 - 💙💙💙5 star

LET IT GO LET IT GO! All the songs will get stuck in your head in a good way! The story is empowering!

Bigmacattack130 - Wow5 star

Just wow

Lahlaaaa - ❤️5 star

This is mine and my daughters favorite to watch together ❤️❤️

#greg is awesome - Wow5 star

Can’t believe I’m just getting around to writing this, I love this movie! One of the best Disney movies I’ve ever seen. The animation is just... wow.

DaDogeGuy - 🤢🤮1 star

It was bad for a princess movie. 👎👎👎👎

mr.pug467493837 - 👎1 star

Songs are annoying

Klucinec - JK5 star

Return to Pooh Corner

Film guy 29 - Overrated1 star

I had faith in the movie but it sucked the songs were horrible and the whole movie was cliche on its characters and plot

aqua2468 - Frozen3 star

Not really into it but good for maybe six year olds

YutaTheFish - But those fan girls at the movie theater4 star

This was a nice movie, I did not regret watching it. It’s called a masterpiece. Well it is, but I think it’s too hyped. Don’t get me wrong, the concept wasn’t new but this was nice and cozy. But the script was poorly written (I’m a real movie goer so trust me). The “Let it Go” song was bad enough, although I liked the other songs. All in all, I guess I’ll give it a 4 star rating.

Mr. Movie Review - Great.....2 star

A little good

ZacFan23 - Pretty good3 star

It was ok. I didn’t know that Idina could sing! Wow!

Turtlelover777777777777 - Wow!1 star

That was the worst movie I ever saw

Liz Beth12 - Alright2 star

The movie was all right. But not one that I would want to watch constantly.

Gpyoung16 - Garrettyoung165 star

I think this movie is the best disney movie seen the lion king

Amr !199¡ - Really amazing5 star

This amazing movie is just the best of the best 😻👍 totally recommend it.

announumous - Pretty good3 star

Ehhhh.... well, my thoughts are that it IS pretty good but it’s a REALLY boring kiddie 👶🏼 movie. I’m 11... not 4 yrs old. It does give the lovable Disney feeling that everyone loves! I wouldn’t buy it, but maybe rent. Honestly, Love is SOOOO not an open door! And I don’t rlly like it cuz the cold weather has always bothered me and this movie reminds me of it. It’s is very whimsical and lovable with that Disney feeling. RENT, DONT BUY! This movie review was by, anonymous. Thanks!

Jerad From Millad - I loved you until you were too good!2 star

It was fine at first but now this movie is on soup cans, band aids, and snow cone machines! (And yes I had one! Don't look it up!) Today this is as annoying as Jessie on Disney Channel!

Cody316bear - Where’s the zero stars1 star

This is the worst movie ever

Gamer duck - Some garbage1 star

It made my kid cry for ever cuz this movie

laureatasar - Chilling!5 star

The movie is amazing and is different from any other Disney movie produced before it came out. Disney decided to veer away from transitional fairy tales and focus on female heroines. The female heroines in this movie are Elsa and Anna. Idina Menzel's powerful voice blows everyone away while Kristen Bell's melodic and sweet voice perfectly complements Menzel's voice. I highly recommend it for everyone

mattie's review - Nooooooo1 star

I have a little sister and we watch that all the time and I have got up too here with that movie and I will not watch it as long as I live which is probably a lie but eah

Kp1245 - Best Disney movie ever.5 star

Idina Menzel absolutely slays. Such amazing songs and a beautiful message. The characters are all wonderfully developed as well and all instantly lovable (except hans)

betnice - I love this movie5 star

I love this movie and Elsa!!

Emily-marie02 - I still watch it5 star

I've been watching this for years and still can't get over it

uptown junk - BULL CRAP1 star

I would put zero stars because of how bad it was but overall it was just very terrible. I mean, if I could time travel I would never let them make this movie. Basically DO NOT WATCH THIS POOP.

2001Tiger - Amazing!!5 star

The acting is brilliant, the songs are great, and the animation is very beautiful and colorful!

Gemelos2004 - Such an amazing movie!5 star

If you really are trying to find an amazing (or extraordinary)movie to watch with your whole family this is pretty much the best choice!

Shhgirl - Cringeworthy movie.1 star

I hated it. I mean come on! I LOVE musical theatre and movies, but this is RIDICULOUS! The worst songs are Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, For the first time in forever!, and ( THE WORST SONG OF ALL TIME) Let it Go. I hate this movie. I would never in a million years recommend this movie to ANYONE if anybody asks me. Don't even get me started on how terrible the acting was. Ok, IT WAS TERRIBLE. Although, Josh Gad really captured the personality of Olaf. DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE!!!!!

poiuy1908 - Great!5 star

Great Its best animation i ever watched

MovieGuys73 - Bad But Good.2 star

I disliked the beginning and end. I got it on DVD like 4 years ago and I never watched it.

CleoCatH23 - I did not right that other review.4 star

I was hacked. I do not hate the movie. I have a few small problems. Although the catchy songs, funny characters, and great singing did blow me away, I get really ticked off that people say "Frozen- The first movie to teach girls you don't need a man to save you.". That is so incredibly dumb. Tell that to Merida, Mulan, Pocahontas, and many more. Thanks for reading, Alana.

lanie ciw - Frozen5 star

I really like Olaf the snowman

eelsplayer55 - Make it stop1 star

Make it stop with the stupid songs My ears are in a lot of pain

Awesomsauce1003 - Rotten tomatoes is really rotten after all....1 star

This movie got more attention than it should've. This is just another Disney animation that was trying to make crap look good Why am I spewing hate at this movie? Well, I saw it and was expecting a good Pixar style flick where the jokes are funny and it's not perverted. But this was clearly aimed for an immature audience who actually thinks crap like this is decent. I'm hoping that Disney can get good like they used to be. Think of the Pixar hits. That's talent. They can make a movie that everyone thinks is funny and still give it a G rating. That's talent. But this. I mean, it's a dumb musical with stupid songs that literally destroy my ears, and, let's not forget the perverted let it go scene. It literally looks like she's trying to........................................ I can't say it. Anyway, it was just crappy movie that should not have existed, let alone get 89 PERCENT ON ROTTEN TOMATOES? WHAT THE HECK????

It's spoiling the movie - Great5 star

Best Disney movie I have ever seen great songs and animation can't wait for frozen 2!

Cfreeny - Isaiah5 star


DESTINYKING2113 - Worst movie ever1 star

It's so bad the let it go song is a rip off I don't know why everyone likes it

asb2718 - It"s ok.5 star

It had a great sequence to this movie.But what's nice about this movie is that if you like to celebrate then this for you

HB video - Good movie5 star

Great music

Ariauna - Best Movie and Story Ever5 star

Frozen is a movie about accepting yourself for who you are and the empowerment that comes from doing just that!! A must own and a must watch over and over again!!

Hama_Kurdi - Korani farsha sorakay5 star

Baxwa xosha

roguefury - Terrible movie, horrible lessons for girls1 star

Wow, for all the hype about this film, I was in tears...saddened as to how I lost precious time watching this drivel with my daughter.

Color_Brownie101😛 - Great but got annoying.1 star

When I first saw this, I thought I would like it for the rest of the world. But then everybody got into it and it started to get annoying. It was cute and funny, but the song took over the whole thing. All the Frozen toys had to include the song. People sing it like crazy at school and no body really cared about anything else. So in my opinions

Jillybug30 - Amazing movie for kids and families to watch all together5 star

I've seen this movie a hundred times and no I didn't rent or buy it BUT I'm not here for that.. I'm here to tell YOU, yes you to try and watch this amazing musical kids and family movie and I bet you that as soon as you watch this movie that you will LOVE it!! So go now! It's worth so the money

KbCheetah - This is a great movie5 star

This is a great movie. I love this movie a lot. I love all of the characters. Elsa, Anna, and Olaf are my favorite characters and It is one of my favorite Disney movies ever.

Caleb Rosnack - Horrible...1 star

Why do you people like this crap.

5 star

@DisneyDan: Cooper Howell played Hans in the Hyperion's production of Frozen at Disneyland. He shared his experience with the character…

5 star


5 star

@_Temitopebukola: My girl started crying and I started crying because I was extremely angry and powerless! They continued with “why you…

5 star


5 star


5 star


5 star

@_Temitopebukola: The police women at Sabo police station said and I quote “you sure say you no enjoy am?” to a traumatized 18yr old gir…

5 star


5 star

@_Temitopebukola: We haven’t been able to see the DPO of police for Ilaje Police Station because he’s always “busy” everytime we’ve been…

5 star


5 star

@Ninavieri @lennietudor78 @matilda_w_ @guyverhofstadt Do UK citizens pay for Uni? Yes, so they lose that. Do EU cit…

5 star

@RMPICS2_twt: 👤 now that the 14-month-long tour has come to an end what was... the memory card? 🐰 🤔 🐰 ~ memoryyy ~ 🐰 ~ the frozen 📸 mem…

5 star

@rolling_anpn カイさんご丁寧にありがとうございます…😭✨ この記事も読んだことがなかったのでありがたいです!やっぱりみなさんオラフの身長気になるところなんですね(笑)

5 star


5 star

Frozen 2 é muito maneiro 😍

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