The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street Summary and Synopsis

Sex. Money. Power. Drugs. Brace yourself for an outrageous true story from legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese that critics are calling "a masterpiece for a new generation.” Leonardo DiCaprio delivers the best performance of his career as a young stockbroker hungry for a life of non-stop thrills, where corruption was king and more was never enough. His rise to power earned him the title The Wolf of Wall Street. Together, Scorsese and DiCaprio deliver a story of American excess that is an absolute blast from start to finish. A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration. Based on Jordan Belfort's autobiography. The Wolf of Wall Street Wiki

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The Wolf of Wall Street Movie (2013)

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The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Reviews

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- 😎😎😎5 star

A crazy ride but a very good film. Leo shines as usual!

- A complete masterpiece5 star

Wonderful movie

- 🤨1 star

There were no wolves

- A classic!5 star

Such a classic.

- best movie ever5 star

best movie ever

- Too long3 star

Good, not great. Compared to other Wall Street movies, average at best. Bring it down to 2 hrs, would have rated 4 out of 5. How much drugs and sex do you have to include to make the point? Overboard

- AMAZING5 star


- The Wolf of Wall Street5 star


- A masterpeace4 star

A must seen

- Great movie! Don’t listen to the socialists5 star

Entertaining, crazy and based upon a true story

- Amazing5 star




- The Wolf of Wall Street is a Martin-piece5 star

Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street was thrilly entertaining i was expecting this modern take on Wall Street to be hailrious and unique to tell a conventional story. The film is based on the novel by Jordon Belfort a rich high man in the world of Wall street who was a suito celebrity in the process of wall street journals and stockbroking business deals. Although The Wolf of Wall Street is highly controvestional because of it's use of methond drugs and sequences of sexaul content that arouse througnt the entire movie it happens because that's what it was like in Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio gave a fantastic performence as Jordan Belfort and despite the film's 3 hour runtime Leonardo DiCaprio manages his steaks to make this movie really entertaining and high quality viewers who think Wolf of Wall Street is dumb and to strict on subtance that you won't have a good time. It's a story told well by the persective of Jordon Belfort as he makes a stockmarket right out of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese's managed to create the impossible with this film with may challenging possibiltes of dirty and business modeling for the audience to root for all the characters and hailrious momments that will leave people speechless and want to do more in life. In my opinion The Wolf of Wall Street is the greatest movie to ever decpite a rich businessman who went into great lenghts to be rich and win over wall street and i thinkt that no other movie will ripp this off because this movie is so important and a must watch for many amatuers and film critics throughout. I highly recommend this film it's hailrious and impressivly entertaining to watch even if Leonardo DiCaprio gives a speechless performence this film is still my personal favorite.

- DiCaprio portrayal of Jordan Belfort 100%5 star

John Belfort was a piece of sh*t... and DiCaprio nailed him perfectly. If you’ve ever seen an interview and or read any material having to do with Belfort (the real wolf of Wall Street) you’d know he portrayed him exactly as he is. A careless, drug addicted thug in a suit! These performances are brilliant. I’ve never seen DiCaprio in a role I was disgusted by, and this was it.. his acting skills were so top notch that I was repulsed by him as I watched this film in its entirety. 10/10 Scorsese nailed it out of the park.

- Best movie5 star

This is the only review you need to see it is the best people that give it lease the 5 stars have know taste and are probably weirdos so buy it or rent it because this is a GOATED 🐐 movie..

- Just wanting this Moives life5 star

Rich life

- Amazing film5 star

One of Dicaprios best performances. Amazing storytelling, margot robbie and jonah hill were great. Super entertaining, definitely worth a watch!

- Amazing3 star

This film created a great atmosphere

- Poor movie2 star

Acting was average, plot was awful. It was like a drug infested, girls gone wild flic glorifying douche bags. Pass on this one.

- Greatest ModernDay Comedy Made......5 star

Not sure if was meant to be funny, but its hilarious.

- No wolfs1 star

There were no wolfs in this movie just sex scenes

- Great Movie4 star

Leo killed it

- Masterpiece5 star

Pretty sure that this is the best performance from Leonardo DiCaprio I have ever seen. Also this is the best Martin Scorsese movie in my opinion.

- Great movie5 star

If you are a man... you should see this movie

- Great movie4 star

It is a great movie, but why there is always an error occurs when i am trying to download it? Fix it, iTunes!

- Ya5 star

Very good movie

- 55 star

Best movie ever

- Get over it5 star

Just watch and.

- Great movie4 star

Hate Leonardo De Caprio. But this wasn’t that bad. Good learning lesson on what not to do when you’re an investor.

- Y’all are weenie’s5 star

It’s great, if u don’t think so then ur probably one of those annoying no life’s that ask for the manager everywhere they go

- WOW5 star

Best. Movie. Ever.

- Well Done Dark Comedy5 star

First of all, this movie is clearly for adults. The frequent use of drugs, sex, etc. is part of the entire concept of the protagonist's greed/addiction etc, so it's not really fair to critcize that. It balances seriousness and comedy well. DiCaprio's acting is excellent. I'm adding this to my list of favorite movies.

- GOAT5 star


- seriously great movie5 star

Leonardo dicaprio is in many great movies but non trump this.

- What I expected to be!5 star

Every negative review is misdirected. The critics say “too much nudity”, “too much sex and drugs”, “no plot”, etc. Well... Do you know who Jordan Belfort is? That was his life amongst many other things, such as success and corruption on Wall St. This was a great movie, sticking to the plot which was Mr. Belfort’s life, starring one of the greatest actors of all time: Leonardo DiCaprio.

- Quit watching after ten minutes1 star

I’ve seen thousands of movies. This is one movie I could not tolerate. .

- El Lobo!5 star

Hands down, one of my all time favs!

- Awesome awesome film!5 star

Leonardo DiCaprio deserves every single kudo he ever gets. He is AMAZING in this film.

- Greatest movie in the world5 star

This movie has literally everything a movie can have. And it all seems so natural, there is not a single second in the movie, where you’re not bored.

- Reprehensible1 star

Explicit, gratuitous and altogether sleazy - this movie is pure garbage.

- Best movie!5 star

Sell me this pen! Really good movie. One of the best that I ever watched!!!

- Awesomeness5 star

This movie is well done. The characters are well rounded and entertaining. The nudity and language helps to make this movie unique. The scenes with lavish lifestyles are wonderful, because they are so wild and out of reach for me. I loved this movie and have watched it several times.

- Problem1 star

There was no wolf.

- Good, But Not Without Flaws4 star

This was a great movie, and I really enjoyed it! HOWEVER! My biggest complaint is there's an excessive amount of nudity in this film that does it no favors. Additonally, I felt as though it was just a bit too long. Probably wont be watching this again, but the memories I'm left with from my one and only viewing are positive ones, and that's good enough for me.

- The Wolf of Wall Street5 star


- Salacious sewage.1 star

Congratulations, society, we have hit a new low.

- Awesome movie5 star

After watching this movie I am now majoring in finance

- Beyond fantastic!!!5 star

Hands down the best Leo film ever!! Blood Diamond is now second in the Leo list. Cannot remember ever laughing this hard in one movie!!

- Aye5 star

great movie

- awesome5 star

3 hours of fun

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Mr sad face😿 - Amazing5 star


Twilight 4 Me - Are you nutz?1 star

I am a Martin Scorsese fan, but this movie is all over the place. MS has simply compiled his ‘gangsteresque’ spin to a compilation of 1987 film Wall Street and 1992’s Glen Gary Glen Ross. It was also about an hour too long. The cast is okay but very cookie cutter and overhyped. There really wasn’t any part of this film I could say that I enjoyed. If I’d been in a theatre I would be getting a $ refund.

THEBEASTFROMTHEEAST87 - Deadly movie!!!5 star

Love everything about this movie !!

great great music :) - Good good movie5 star

I love this movie, I love Leonardo’s acting in this! Also love Margot Robbie’s acting! All the acters/actresses are brilliant.👍

keegs2332 - Amazing5 star

Leo does it again. No disappointment and still watching this 5 years later.

Broks - Amazing5 star

This movie is gold.

Salome Otterbourne - Very entertaining4 star

Well-paced, enjoyable.

T_Dons - Prime5 star


Tituka2009 - Great movie5 star

I'm as happy as I got to watch this as I regret my time watching a bull sh*** called notebook !! Great job Leo 👏👏

Bum locker - BBC5 star

This movie is fantastically inappropriate.

LRLEBLANC - Energizing5 star

The Wolf of Wallstreet is a comedy a drama and a business movie rolled into one. There are moments you can't help but genuinely laugh. For the most part it doesn't feel like a movie or documentary. You feel like you're in it. Great performance by Leonardo DiCaprio of course but Jonah Hill and Rob Reiner really are impressive and funny. Margot Robbie shows that she had potential and plays her role very well. Martin Scorsese is such a great director and he has brought us another great film yet again!

Il sorpasso - Yeah!5 star

I love this movie!!! So well directed ! Wonderful moviemaking. Makes you see the dark side of these characters with a certain humor. It's dynamic and fast paced.

That guy down the block - Amazing5 star

'The Wolf Of Wall Street' is one of the best films so far to come out of this decade. The plot has many twists to it and lots of mixed emotions throughout the film. This is Leonardo Dicaprio's best film yet in his career, keep it up, Leo.

AngelPets - Amazing! This is a must WATCH!!!5 star

I watched this first in theaters after winning a ticket for it on the radio. I went in not expecting much, boy was I in for a shock! This film really shows you the depths of Leonardo DiCaprio's acting. He plays the role of Jordan Belfort like he was made for it. He makes you believe you're on the journey with his character along with him through his life and events. Jonah Hill as Donny was casted wonderfully, I couldn't imagine anyone else playing his character. The 2 of them really work excellent together. Overall this is an amazing movie, and I would highly recommend everyone seeing it. Only thing I must say is if you're one of "those types" of people that are offended by nudity, drug use and swearing this ISN'T the film for you. I think every sentence in this film has a profanity used in it. LOL! Also it's definitely an 18+ film, I wouldn't imagine bringing a 14 year old to see it. At the theatre when I first saw it they were checking IDs at the door and turning away anyone underage. But if you're looking for a film with brilliant acting, great plot/story, funny, etc then this is a must watch!! Leonardo should have won an Oscar for this movie, same with Jonah Hill for Supporting Actor. I went on YouTube and watched videos of the real Jordan Belfort and Leonardo DiCaprio portrayal was dead on!

LilDagnamet - Awful Movie1 star

This movie is based on the memoirs of Jordon Belfort a stock broker who stole ~$200 million from investors. He served only 22 months for his crimes and was ordered to pay back ~$110 million, according to the the most recent information he has paid back a fraction of the mandated amount. This type of greed should not be sunsationalized or enjoyed.

RealMetalFtw - The best ever5 star

Quite simply the best.

France1953 - The Wolf of Wall Street1 star

Après 15 minutes à essayer d'aimer ce film, j'ai fermé le tout. Décevant, vraiment.

agc5 - Extremeley Entertaining5 star

Don't watch it if you tend to take offense to offensive things. It's a true story, and these guys apparently were very much like this. I would never do what these guys did, and think they deserve all the consequences they got, but part of me wishes I was there. Gream film.

Birches_1003771 - Great movie5 star

It's just a great story and very interesting. With million dollar mansion and stocks fraud!

Yak43 - The wolf of wall street3 star

Fast pace & Entertaining eventhough at times it went too far in depictions.

unionheaven - The Wolf of Wall Street1 star

I didn’t finish watching this movie and could not recommend it to anyone. It just went on and on….sex, drugs and low life. I don’t need to watch this depressing overview of the investment “professionals" and human behaviour. Very disappointing

stardust denise - DISGUSTING!1 star

I was so looking forward to watching this movie, and it was a huge disappointment. In retrospect, I should have shut it down after the first 15 minutes. It's just a pile of never-ending gratuitous violence; drug and alcohol use; dangerous driving; child abuse; wanton sex; and bad language. Don't waste your time - or your money. As Granite Jiffin previously remarked - AWFUL PEOPLE BEHAVING BADLY!

skibum2 - Too long1 star

I really wanted to watch it, until I realized it was 3 hours long. That is just self-indulgent behaviour by the director and producer. Who the hell wants to watch a movie for 3 hours? Edit it properly and show us the best bits we need to see. If you think the best bits add up to 3 hours, you are too pleased with your own work.

BrianKa - A true story is what ruins it3 star

If this was fiction it would be a bad movie. Yet it’s true so it’s interesting to a degree yet still not as good as I hoped. Leo watching the plane crash that was coming to save his sinking ship was very corny indeed. Maybe it was just an image in his mind but there is no way it happened that way to the real Wolf. This movie was entertaining to a degree but left you with a bit of a sick feeling knowing it’s based on truth. Not just the drugs and dishonesty but the sex. And I love sex. :) Leo is great as always but it’s not a good movie like Shutter Island.

Truth211 - Disgusting, Waste of money.1 star

This is absolutely the worst most disgusting horrible movie I have ever watched. Should have follewed my instincts and turned it off after the first few minutes. If there is one movie that makes me want to contact the producers and demand my money back this one would be it. How this movie can appeal to anyone is a sad comment on our society. Would give it zero stars if possible.

dillusioned - Complete waste of time1 star

I guess the point Scorsese was trying to make was sex, drugs and money because he spent 3 hours doing the same thing over and over. There was zero plot in this movie, it was essentially a series of endless drug and sex episodes. How this movie didn’t get an X rating I’ll never know. Sure there were some funny episodes, but for the most part it was just gratuitous drugs and sex. You might as well rent a porn movie as watch this as there is nothing here to keep your interest going. They barely bothered to delve in to the criminal investigation. The person in charge of the investigation might as well have been watching the grass grow for all the emotion he brought to the film. This would have been the exact same movie if it had been 90 minutes long, and probably a lot more interesting to watch. This movie reminded me of the latest Micheal Bay Transformer movie, the same thing over and over for so long that when the ending final came, you could care less.

MireilleBo - Leonardo at his best, as always5 star

Leonardo is brilliant... he is such a diversified actor... can take any roles and he's great. A lot of people didn't like the movie because of sex, corruption, drugs, etc... I don't think the movie tried to glorify it but rather showed some "reality" of what is going on in the world today... a bit exagerated may be, but ... Wall Street is corrupt... and sometimes big money comes because one is willing to be corrupt and use any means necessary to get it.

300075359 - SO BORING1 star

Leonardo DeCaprio... has to be a good movie right?... NOPE. There is no beginning, middle, or end... just a lot of partying and the same thing over and over. dissapointed. Wait for it to come out on redbox or netflix, not worth the $5 to rent.

evan healy - Wolf o Wall Street1 star

Terrible movie if there wasn't drugs in the scene the "F" word was.WTF!!!!!

hgvak - Don't miss it5 star

The most fun you'll have watching a movie. Not for the sensitive or the prude.

dale.tiessen - different time and place4 star

Wolf takes us back to a different time and place. I’m not old enough to have worked in the eighties and early nineties but it was certainly a different world. This movie is an orgy of drugs, sex and corruption. For anyone looking for something more civilized, don’t proceed. If you’re wondering was this era was like, forge ahead. It’s quite a ride.

Halo_78 - Meh1 star

Glorification of immature behaviour. Want to watch a story of wealthy brats acting like idiots? Then by all means rent it. Waste of 2+ hours of my life.

getoffmynet - Wolf of Bad1 star

Ya, i get it, dude had some serious parties but the movie has no substance. It is Hangover 5, just in a new location and more porn. Lacking any real story, just hollywood trying to shift its largese image to bad old Wallstreet

RobynneH - Great Movie5 star

Leo is an amazing actor. He is so dynamic. The sheer amount of profanity in this is hilarious.

Super Shih Tzu - At this limited offer $$ ...5 star

Get it now! One of the BEST movie that I truly love watching it over and over!

Corms - Big names = bad movies1 star

Tired of seeing excellent actors doing bad movies. What a disappointment from the expected. 3 hours of sex, drugs and well, more sex and drugs…if that’s all you want to see then this movie is for you!

Namco museum - Great movie5 star

5 stars i loved it

Patrisa. - The Wolf of Wall Street - what a guy1 star

I kept asking myself why anyone would waste all that time, energy and money on making a movie about such a morally bankrupt cocaine addict as the heroes. While the acting is excellent, this film should be put in a plain brown paper bag and kept hidden in a dark closet marked porn. If you need a jolt of moral superiority by all means see the film. Almost anyone will feel morally superior. The bar is set very low. After you have seen the film bu all means google where Jordan Belfort and Danny are today and what they are now up to. Rotten tomatoes just get more rotten with age.

Broadway Bella - A Must-watch!5 star

I waited until after the oscars and critic reviews to come out before I saw this one! Taking all the good and bad into consideration, having an understanding of the storyline, I then finally watched the movie to see if I could be captivated by a 'based on real life-storyline' with a lead hero who has very different morals than my own. I have to say, I was really surprised at how Leo kept my attention- like back when he was in What's Eating Gilbert Grape! But bigger and with more personality dynamics! He is soo good! He plays the part of tender naive Wall Street newbie, loving husband, and transitions to a substance-addicted, sex-addicted money-hungry wolf and father who finally is forced, but realizes he can't keep his scam forever. My review doesn't do it justice- I was shocked, intrigued, excited, sad, filled with laughter at his physical comedy- and Jonah Hill too! Just a riveting story, well laid out- relax- have a drink, and go watch it :)

HipHop-er - Meh...2 star

I was disappointed. I read some of the good reviews and was left wondering what I had missed? Leo is a great actor and still managed a fair performance but the movie itself is...really bad.

Jzzzzzxx - The Wolf of Wall Street5 star

This is the best movie in all of 2013.

The Movie Weasel - Another Serious Disappointment2 star

It has amazed me yet again, how fascinated the movie going public is with glorifying greed, excess, and grossly irresponsible behavior. Poor to mediocre acting, at least 45 minutes too long, and extremely predictable. Boring. A bad investment of money to rent it, a bad investment of time to watch it, and mindless. Mr. Scorsese and Mr. DiCaprio should cringe and hide. It merely identifies them as just as greedy and mindless as the addicted criminal they glorified in the film.

Timthepianoman - It's a wild ride....but Wall Street was never that much fun4 star

I loved the movie. It is very rude and sexy, and funny but life was never that nuts on Wall Street. I wish it had been! Hookers and cocaine and champagne in the office while we phoned clients and talked them into buying crappy penny stocks? It certainly never happened at the big firms, maybe the atmosphere was a wilder at the bucket shops, but even there people were expected to show up and get some friggin' work done for God's sake. How the hell could you do anything hung over every day and smacked out on coke? Believe me, even penny stock crooks were more interested in making money than getting high. The movie is wildly over the top. But it is a lot of fun even if it is way too long.

happy it's over - Absolutely brutal1 star

Absolutely crude and disgusting. So offensive that I happily didn't finish it.

robby20499 - wolf of wall street1 star

Poor story, poor acting and far too long. Disappointed in both Martin and Leonardo. Both seemed to be counting on their reputations to carry this film. How could this be nominated for ANY awards?

metalgear5 - AMAZING5 star

Best movie yet

lmarasinghe - Wolfe Wolfe rocks5 star

Hot, sexy, powerful and exhilarating. Bravo. Leo and Jonah's performance's are stellar. One of the best movies. A true Martin S movie. 5stars a must see

TrueFreedom - The Wolf of Wall Street1 star

Terrible, just terrible. Without including the excessive profanity via f-bombs, etc, this movie really has no meaning or value to it. Martin! Very disappointed with your choice here.

ringostore - Dirty, predictable, and done before.2 star

How many times has this been done? An actor narrating top of world money making then a spiral crash into destitution. The movie was full of profanity and vulgarity. Gross.

Queensmann - Pigs2 star

This movie is about pigs. A pig of a man, and how his followers would do, be, or say anything to also be pigs. Which is not instructive to this review necessarily. Insofar as you are able to have a glimpse into the base natures fuelled by greed and hubris that human beings can sink to it is worth watching. To the extent that the director never had me once rooting for the antihero I will also give him credit. But as a story, it’s really just simply about filth people doing filthy things and being smug about it.

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Rockman0007 - Margot Robbie5 star

It gets 5 a five erections just for Margot Robbie!

Medic1138 - I need a bath1 star

I never thought Martin Scorsese, a master of vinema, was even capable of making an honest to God bad movie. It pains me to not only dislike this film but to also find it without any redemptive qualities. I have never until now felt the urge to wrap a blanket around a movie and rush it to an emergency room to get its stomach pumped. DiCaprio and Scorsese are a power couple and have collaborated in some of the best films in the past few decades. I'm gobsmacked that the director that played a huge role in my love of cinema could produce such a cold, repulsive, and ultimately un-interesting movie. What he did for Casinos he could and should have done for Wall Street, but this film pays little or no intention to what could have been a fascinating expose. The business aspect of the movie serves as only a clothesline to hang scene after scene of utter debauchery and nauseaous excess. I'm not a prude or in the God Squad, but films are a sum of their parts and to have so much mind numbing scenes of repugnant people doing repugnant things requires a higher purpose; a reason for being. But Scorsese can't pull it off, because there is no justification for this bloated mess. What is supposed to be an indictment of greed and corporate theft becomes merely an excuse to shock and apall for no sound reason except to be shocking and appalling. WOWS is an agressively bad film, truly an unpleasant experience. There is nothing wrong with a well made movie about very bad people, but this trash is no better than the scumbags it depicts.

Jennie V - Extremely offensive1 star

Awful !

Eman.lotfi - I love this movie ❤️5 star

I watched it 3 times in the movies and bought it when it came out! This movie needs a 20/10

aubrey1234 - vulgar and gratuitous1 star

Gratuitous sex and drugs glorified here by Scorsese and team. A celebration of everything wrong with culture.

RobS824 - The Best 3 Hours I've Ever Spent5 star

Truly one of the funniest movies of all time, and one that is actually based on a true story.

Tovarveronica92 - Love it!!!!5 star

This movie is was amazing!!! It kept me interested for the entire 3 hours!! It was humoring and insightful, must watch!!!

Claynb - There were no wolves in this movie1 star

3 hours I wish I could get back

EASNOSGAS259 - Awesome Flick💯👍👍5 star

Definitely gotta check this one out for real you will not regret it. Great movie all the way through, no sleepy parts. Give it a watch and see what you thunk🤔.

Soni991 - Great work Leo5 star

What an incredible actor. He is gem. i think he is the only one fit for this role and he played it so well.

Queezon - Top Notch5 star

Simply excellent

HunterS455 - Incredible5 star

greatest movie ive ever seen

ejhaynes016 - Can you believe this?1 star

There are no wolves; save your money.

Gamer holdem - Woof woof 🐶3 star

This wasn't good. Plain and simple a total washout for me. The 3 stars are for the amount of good acting for some of the lead rolls. Otherwise it's a bust ( no pun intended ). Now I recall why I didn't see this flick when it came out. 3 VERY long hours. 🙈

Ffj1313 - Waste of time1 star

Nothing good here- thought it would be better-

SweetHomeChicago96 - Amazing cinematic masterpiece5 star

I can't believe some here are upset by the inclusion of drugs, language and sex in a rated R film. It's R people, it was very close to be NC-17 actually. Get over yourselves and your self-perceived "religious morals." This movie is funny, has great acting, a little over the top, and there's so much chemistry amongst the cast. The plot essentially follows Jordan Belfort on his rise to power from being a struggling man, all the way to getting too big for his shoes. If you're looking for an in-depth and thorough plot, try The Departed, another great film. The Wolf of Wall Street is a crazy ride that isn't for the fair of heart. Gets the ludes.

Brandi news - Best movie hands down5 star

Best movie ever by far my number 1 10/10 recommend

Yeti8me69 - One of my FAVES5 star

Being 56 I have seen MANY movies. This is by far one of my all time Favorite movies.

Tommy87000 - Loved it5 star

Great movie!

1138_prefixTHX - Wasted Talent1 star

There are some things we come to expect in this world and one of them is that when Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio team up, a good film will be the result. Imperfect films usually. but always superior filmaking and acting. So of course DeCaprio is fantastic and the film has all the hallmarks of a master director especially the virtuoso cinematagraphy. Scorsese has made seminal masterpieces and he has also made movies that maybe don't quite work but are ultimately redeemed to some extent by the sheer talent brought to bear. WOWS is truly an anomaly, Scorsese has done something I never saw coming..he made a very bad movie that is completely ireedemable. It's length at three hours in of itself it not a bad thing, in fact, Scorsese has made films that are so hypnotically watchable that they don't seem long enough. If he had brought that same fascinating method used to portray the workings of a mob owned casino to WOWS, we might have had a movie. What we are instead subjected to is a three hour exercise in depravity. There is no attempt at insight into the shady dealings brokerage firms or the intricacies of Wall Street itself. It's an agressively un-intelligent film. Stratton Oakmont serves as a merely a stage to showcase a three hour freak show of bad people doing bad things. It doesn't portray nauseous human excess, it forces us to wallow in it like something out of 120 Days of Sodom. How this film got an R rating and Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut had to be digitally altered to avoid an X staggers me. It would be fine if there were purpose to it, but there is none. There is no story here, no character study, no attempt at intelligence. The visual flair of Scorsese cannot offset this truly idiotic and depressing foray into utter depravity. It made me want to take a long hot shower.

GEaziest - Amazing5 star

National treasure

sewshiPenn23 - The wolf of Wall Street5 star

Loved this movie omg Leonardo's best movie, it's funny, and educational. MUST SEE MOVIE

Jdjidjdjdj - Great5 star

I have not watch this movie but for all the people saying it's not good because of all that graphic nudity , They are just copying how it was for the real Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort said in an interview that all of that was real

Isaac1267 - There were no wolfs in the movie1 star

It was alright but I didn't see one wolf in the movie

Macherbeal - Bad1 star

There were no wolves in this movie

Greenpoint brooklyn - Great Film!5 star

Leonardo killed this movie.

EXPickens - 3 hrs of meh...3 star

Aside from all the blatant drug use, crookery, gratuitous sex scenes and other assorted debauchery, this film is way to long. We've seen this story before. It's hard to sympathize with any character in the film, so for those reasons - meh..

TROPICALWIFI - Modern Classic5 star

Scorcese never lets down. Love this film.

Lord Zlatan - sucked1 star

There were no wolves in this movie.

LipsticksYt - 10/10 Movie5 star

Leo is such a good actor, not only was this a good movie but it showed what it was like being filthy rich back in the day.

Dudeforsureman - not what I expected1 star

The acting was great, but there was far to much nudity. I felt discusting after watching this movie like I needed to wash my mind of all the filth. I wish I could give it a negative one star.

Aph111 - One of the best films I've ever seen!5 star

Keeps you on the edge of your seat! You think your nuts wait until you meet this guy.

RoyCortez - Margot I love you5 star

Amazing movie, too harsh for some? well that's what the real world is like.

Gutsball - Unwatchable1 star

This film is So misogynistic I felt personally so offended and disgusting. Sexism at its worst. Women are depicted as objects for male pleasure and nothing more. The ONLY female characters were sl*t-shamed prostitutes, and the film is no where near passing the Bechtel test. Misogyny was depicted in the movie with zero social commentary to give any other viewpoint, leaving viewers to subconsciously nod along with the horrific treatment of women. This film normalizes misogyny, sexual violence, and objectification of women. This film is the reason our society is sexist. While the direction and acting are brilliant, the messages being paraded in this film are abhorrent, and Leo should be ashamed.

Olgabear - Wolfe Wolfe5 star

All you 2 star reviewers are... Uneducated liberals. DiCaprio worked with the real Jordan Belford when producing the movie. He spent DAYS learning everything about what the man did. Leo wanted to actually capture the greed in money. He did a fantastic job and this was a fantastic movie thank you so much Leonardo DiCaprio.

jack_jik - If you are a decent person, beware of this movie1 star

I am sure there is a story line worthy of recording in this story. However, After about 5 minutes of discussing sexual behavior and drug use I had to turn it off. Call me a prude if you must but this one is over the top raunchy. No thank you….

zach.lyons - A glorification of what’s supposedly a tragedy1 star

This movie, in theory, is meant to show just how far gone someone can be. How badly corrupted someone can become when grasping money and power. it’s a shame that it instead comes off as a glorification of the lead’s character flaws and the ridiculous excesses they bring about. Endless waves of nudity, sex, drugs, and the occasional one-liner make for a messy, pointless movie that was made with just as much unchecked excessiveness as the life of the Wolf.

Marcus777777 - Marcus5 star

Great movie

Jess7266 - Great movie5 star

Lots of sex and drugs. Was a great story line and kept me interested the whole time.

Obsessive Tubbs - No redeeming qualities to be found1 star

An unwatchable mess. Within a few minutes in, Leo is snorting coke from the anus of a hooker, and you know where this is going. The story celebrates the antics of a con artist--a drugged up, wholly unlikeable man who uses others and squandered his ill-gotten gains. His pals all seem to be made of the same soulless and amoral cloth. Even the sex is pathetic and pointless rather than either romantic or even interesting. There was a plot, but it was buried underneath the writers' confusion that being sensationalistic and vulgar is a substitute for good writing.

Theone23669 - Don't listen5 star

If you read some of these reviews they talk about how they are douchy no hero no progression in story with sex etc. etc. but that is kind of the point because it's based on a guy with those characteristics yes they exaggerate with somethings but that's to make a great movie while still supplying it with the real story that's the point it's not like they decided that Jordan Belfort was going to be a good guy after scamming hundreds of people

NDSU 4x - Love this movie the more I watch it5 star

This movie gets better every time

mohamad62 - اخر فيلم واسه بيزنس من ها5 star

تهشه بچه ها حتما ببينيد

BBBSMEEE - One of the best5 star

I have watched it 20 times and I can't get enough. Great film.

hello_kitty1027 - The Wolf of Wall Street3 star

It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. My friends all said it was a great movie. I didn't get all the hype about it. But an O.K. movie overall.

Great for storage - Best movie I've seen in along time😀5 star

I watch a lot of movies but this one by far is a great movie it is funny, and a genius movie.

Tiskwpej57 - Autobiography5 star

I don't think many people reviewing know that the movie is based off the autobiography

Da Rudabegga - Confusing Title1 star

There weren't even any wolves, I don't get it.

ItsMitchBitch - Great watch. Just a little too long.4 star

I can see why many people would be disgusted with this film, but honestly what did you expect? It’s about a guy who lets money, sex and drugs get to his head. Clearly you don't have a good sense of humor if you can’t handle all the swearing and bleak scenarios the characters get themselves in. I mean they all probably talked like that in real life anyway. My only complaint is the length. Could have been chopped down a little shorter.

TY_awsome - THE WOLF5 star

Awesome movie if you do not like it you are crazy and must not like funny movies

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The Wolf of Wall Street movie images
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The Wolf of Wall Street Posters

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The Wolf of Wall Street movie posters
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The Wolf of Wall Street movie posters
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The Wolf of Wall Street movie posters
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