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7.4 star

The LEGO Movie (2014) Movie Summary

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  • PG
  • 2014

The first-ever full-length theatrical LEGO movie follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO mini figure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared.

The LEGO Movie Film Synopsis

An ordinary Lego mini-figure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil Lego tyrant from gluing the universe together.

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The LEGO Movie Movie Reviews

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Cool animation of lego brough to lifeThe Lego Movie is entertaining enough, i would say that this animated lego movie is fantastic. The main character repesents a normal guy who basically has a average normal human being life but has no friends and gets in this really cool adventure with notable legos it's just fun and it's sometimes dark and very sad towards the half hour the film. Either way this movie is good and pretty funny i highly recommend this film it's a dazzle..Score: 5/5

They really put the entire LEGO movie as an ad.They did surgery on a grape.Score: 5/5

It’s LIT!!!Looks a lot like real LEGO bricks!.Score: 5/5

Just plain unfunny👎.This movie had no comedy and too much sadness. I watched this movie for earth day on Nickelodeon, and it was so bad, I PUKED, LITERALLY “PUKED!!!”. this movie deserves to be deleted!!! Taco Tuesday made the whole bricksburg bad. I give this movie 1 star. There were only 1 or 2 parts I laughed at, then the rest was stupid. I didn’t know why they were looking for emmet. Don’t let your kids watch this crap..Score: 1/5

Everything is still awesome!This movie is still amazing, very well done!.Score: 5/5

DhdiusoanaudpsBenny is soooo cute //o//w//o// His little voice is adorable <3<3<3 Senp- ahem, I mean, cute kids movie B3 “DONT TOUCH ME WHILE IM SPACESHIPPING”—Benny.Score: 5/5

Everything is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Lego movie is dumb and it’s goofy it’s stinky and it’s awesome and that’s why everything is awesome!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

WHATS THIS TALK ABOUT?!I LOOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOVE THIS MOVIE! It's one of my favorites. I haven't watched in a while but I have legs dimensions, SO I see wild style a lot lololololol! Keep watching, viewers!.Score: 5/5

A roller coaster of a movieThis is one of the best and most fun movies I ever saw 👏👏.Score: 5/5

Rabiaجميل.Score: 5/5

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Very entertaining and well done!!Beautiful story especially the ending. Lots of funny moments. Extremely well done!!.Score: 5/5

Best Lego movie ever!Lego makes this movie rock!!!!.Score: 5/5

Everything in this movie IS awesome!This movie is extraordinary. The animations must have taken over a trillion LEGO blocks in just one scene. The visuals, characters, animation and story fit the movie perfectly and is definitely a movie I will keep in my heart and remember it forever as a permanent childhood movie memory. it's a perfect representation of creativity. And you know what? I love it!.Score: 5/5

Everything is awesomeLove this movie best ever.Score: 5/5

AwsomeThe Lago movie was really reallygoogd🐬.Score: 5/5

Love itBought this movie, cuz it's AWESOME! However a black square appears on the screen so something is wrong with the file..Score: 4/5

LEGO movieCongratulations on your new show today how that go well today how’s your day going well today did you have fun with internet today yet you guys wanted me something else you would have been good for me now and then that maybe we could meet tomorrow night or maybe next Saturday afternoon or evening night bye for now love Adele.Score: 5/5

InterestingHonestly, a movie with such intelligence is rare these days. It has an anti-establishment message at it’s core, and all other sorts of hidden "semi-anarchist” hints. This movie surprised me, just how it was able to get away with everything. The man upstairs? The Anunnaki perhaps…the Government? Anti corporation, anti commercialism, and pro freedom of choice. A movie with jokes for kids, and for any adult with a conscience, to debate, and leave in a existential bubble for days to come… 10/10.Score: 5/5

Extremely Enjoyable!I couldn't help but smile throughout this movie. One of the best kids movies ever made in my opinion..Score: 5/5

Best movie everrrrrrrEveryone has to see this movie so funny ROFL.Score: 5/5

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ErrantNerdLEGO_Group Unless the bricks move around autonomously, it's not movie accurate!.Score: 3/5

IdatevoreSyakestarve i‘m sorry i only watch cartoons. 💔 watch the my little pony movie. or the lego movie. i like the lego… .Score: 3/5

RaidenSanoLovingahsoka Lego hasn't disappointed at all, looking forward to the beach movie 😊 Would be awesome to get a Rey… .Score: 0/5

Spicy_free iheartgoblins: I want the next Lego Batman movie to have Jason Todd as Robin and there is a scene where Joker beats him with a crowbar….Score: 5/5

ITSSLADEWILSONRebelmooned irfansssquared WayneFIeck The Lego Batman movie in an animated movie for kids that still manages to… .Score: 3/5

Cloudy_balls_ Spatux: 17Mattguy Hideki_Naganuma In that movie, good cop literally gets annihilated the moment he gets in the way of the police stat….Score: 5/5

KattyBone3PlasticManTalk Reminds me of the Lego Ninjago movie. The movie was fun and all, but it’s a completely thing compar… .Score: 4/5

IinofansI havent seen a single marvel or dc movie unless the lego batman movie counts.Score: 1/5

OkorokizAntonioExists ChaplainofC I mean you just proved my point. You're only endorsing that mentality by just writing p… .Score: 4/5

Burgycreeper405Not a show, but a movie the Lego movie 2 exactly /hj .Score: 4/5

Taz1121TrueSteve1121 played The LEGO Movie - Videogame (PS4) in the last 24 hours #exophase.Score: 5/5

AnComAliceWell, now we can say the fucking lego movie was prophetic .Score: 2/5

Loza_cristofer WeAreMattercell: Decided to model the #ToaMetru & #Lhikan from #Bionicle just for fun! I tried a style that leans toward the movie desi….Score: 3/5

HeuuhehuYooooo double deck couch from the lego movie 1 yooooooooooooo .Score: 0/5

Getdononthphone yodasextape: Crazy how we have one Dracula movie coming from the director of Lego Batman and another one coming from the director of Tr….Score: 5/5

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The LEGO Movie (2014) Series Cast & Crew

The LEGO Movie (2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Chris Pratt (Emmet Brickowski (voice)), Will Ferrell (Lord Business / President Business / The Man Upstairs (voice)), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle / Lucy (voice)), Will Arnett (Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice)), Nick Offerman (Metal Beard (voice)), Alison Brie (Unikitty (voice)), Charlie Day (Benny (voice)), Liam Neeson (Bad Cop / Good Cop / Pa Cop (voice)), Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius (voice)), Channing Tatum (Superman (voice)), Jonah Hill (Green Lantern (voice)), Cobie Smulders (Wonder Woman (voice)), Jadon Sand (Finn), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO (voice)), Billy Dee Williams (Lando (voice)), Keith Ferguson (Han Solo (voice)), Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq (voice)), Will Forte (Abraham Lincoln (voice)), Dave Franco (Wally (voice)), Jake Johnson (Barry (voice)), all returned for the lego movie movie.

Chris Pratt (Emmet Brickowski (voice))
Chris PrattEmmet Brickowski (voice)Score: 172.8
Will Ferrell (Lord Business / President Business / The Man Upstairs (voice))
Will FerrellLord Business / President Business / The Man Upstairs (voice)Score: 17.7
Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle / Lucy (voice))
Elizabeth BanksWyldstyle / Lucy (voice)Score: 16.1
Will Arnett (Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice))
Will ArnettBatman / Bruce Wayne (voice)Score: 25.1
Nick Offerman (Metal Beard (voice))
Nick OffermanMetal Beard (voice)Score: 16.6
Alison Brie (Unikitty (voice))
Alison BrieUnikitty (voice)Score: 27.7
Charlie Day (Benny (voice))
Charlie DayBenny (voice)Score: 20.7
Liam Neeson (Bad Cop / Good Cop / Pa Cop (voice))
Liam NeesonBad Cop / Good Cop / Pa Cop (voice)Score: 55.5
Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius (voice))
Morgan FreemanVitruvius (voice)Score: 53.2
Channing Tatum (Superman (voice))
Channing TatumSuperman (voice)Score: 38.1
Jonah Hill (Green Lantern (voice))
Jonah HillGreen Lantern (voice)Score: 9.6
Cobie Smulders (Wonder Woman (voice))
Cobie SmuldersWonder Woman (voice)Score: 14.6

Bruce Berman (Executive Producer), Mark Mothersbaugh (Original Music Composer), Michael Uslan (Executive Producer), Benjamin Melniker (Executive Producer), Mary Hidalgo (Casting), Ken Mitchroney (Story Artist), David Siegel (Production Manager), Kevin Eastman (Characters), Peter Laird (Characters), Sue Chan (Art Direction), Roy Lee (Producer), Allison Abbate (Executive Producer), Barry Peterson (Director of Photography), Igor Khait (Storyboard), Dan Lin (Producer), Theresa Cullen (Storyboard), Phil Heywood (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Ricky Edwards (Orchestrator), Amber Naismith (Associate Producer), Phil Rynda (Conceptual Design),

Mark Mothersbaugh (Original Music Composer)
Mark MothersbaughOriginal Music ComposerScore: 3.5
Michael Uslan (Executive Producer)
Michael UslanExecutive ProducerScore: 3.5
Kevin Eastman (Characters)
Kevin EastmanCharactersScore: 2.6
Roy Lee (Producer)
Roy LeeProducerScore: 2.5
Barry Peterson (Director of Photography)
Barry PetersonDirector of PhotographyScore: 0.6
Phil Lord (Screenplay)
Phil LordScreenplayScore: 2.2
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The LEGO Movie Trailers & Teasers

'The LEGO Movie' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the lego movie, the Phil Lord & Christopher Miller's popular movie. Watch the the lego movie teaser trailer. Phil Lord & Christopher Miller’s #the-lego-movie is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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Official Main Trailer▶ Official Main Trailer
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The story of a nobody who saved everybody...

The LEGO Movie — 2014

The LEGO Movie Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie the lego movie - 2014. A poster for Phil Lord & Christopher Miller kids & family movie, The LEGO Movie! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for the lego movie (2014). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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The LEGO Movie Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
Емет е обикновен и прилежен средностатистически LEGO работник, който погрешно е идентифициран като уникална личност, от която зависи спасяването на света. Той е въвлечен в епично приключение от тайно общество на странни непознати, обединени от една цел - да спрат зъл тиранин. Очаква ви незабравимо и изпълнено с много забавни моменти пътешествие, за което Емет се оказва абсолютно и безнадеждно неподготвен.

L'Emmet, una figureta LEGO normal i fidel a les normes, és identificada per error com la persona més extraordinària i la clau per salvar el món. Es troba, de cop, immers en una recerca èpica per acabar amb un tirà pervers i malvat.

Příběh 3D filmu, natočeného pomocí počítačové animace podle původního scénáře, sleduje osudy Emmeta, obyčejné, pravidel dbalé a dokonale průměrné mini-figurky LEGO, která je omylem považována za nejvýjimečnější osobu, která jediná může zachránit svět. Je odveden do společenstva cizinců, kteří se vydali na velkolepou výpravu proti zlému tyranovi. Emmet je na takovou cestu až k popukání zoufale nepřipraven.

Den onde tyran Lord Business vil rive alt, hvad der er LEGO, fra hinanden og lime det sammen igen efter eget forgodtbefindende. Emmet, en helt igennem gennemsnitlig LEGO-figur, bliver ved en fejl udpeget som LEGO-universets redningsmand. Trods sin overvældende mangel på kvalifikationer tager Emmet kampen op og får bl.a. hjælp fra selveste Batman og andre DC-superhelte i deres LEGO-skikkelse.

Der gutmütige Emmet wird eines Tages von der abenteuerlustigen Wyldstyle entführt. Sie glaubt, in dem Normalo den von einer Prophezeiung angekündigten Meisterbauer gefunden zu haben. Unter der Führung des alten Mystikers Vitruvius soll Emmet gemeinsam mit Batman und Wyldstyle den skrupellosen Bösewicht Lord Business aufhalten. Der möchte mit Hilfe zahlloser finsterer Schergen das Universum zusammenkleben - und somit die LEGO-Welt zerstören. Obwohl Emmet darauf beharrt, dass er nicht der Auserwählte ist, glaubt insbesondere Wyldstyle an seine außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten. Ebenfalls mit von der heldenhaften Partie sind Pirat Eisenbart, Weltraumfahrer Benny und das liebreizende Einhorn Kitty.

Πρωταγωνιστής είναι ο Έμετ, μια συνηθισμένη μίνι φιγούρα των LEGO που από λάθος θα τον μπερδέψουν με το σημαντικότερο πρόσωπο και το κλειδί για τη σωτηρία του κόσμου. Θα γίνει μέλος μιας ομάδας αγνώστων, σε μια επική αναζήτηση που στόχο έχει να σταματήσει έναν κακό τύραννο. Είναι ένα ταξίδι, για το οποίο ο Έμετ είναι απελπιστικά και ξεκαρδιστικά απροετοίμαστος.

Película basada en los clásicos juguetes LEGO. Emmet, el protagonista de la película, trabaja como constructor en la ciudad Lego, pero sus conocimientos de construcción no van más allá de colocar las fichas atendiendo pormenorizadamente las instrucciones de edificación. Sin embargo, sin saber cómo ni por qué, Emmet es confundido con un 'MasterBuilder' e introducido como cabecilla de una misión que tiene por objetivo evitar que un malvado acabe con la ciudad de bloques. Por suerte, los habitantes de tan atípico lugar no están solos. Los mismísimos Superman y Batman han tomado la forma de muñecos Lego para tomar parte de esta gran aventura.

Una mini figura ordinaria de Lego, erróneamente pensada para ser el extraordinario MasterBuilder, es reclutada para unirse a una búsqueda para detener a un tirano malvado de Lego de pegar el universo juntos.

Emmet da protagonista. Bera LEGO figura zeharo normala da, baina akats bat tarteko, munduko pertsonarik apartena eta munduaren salbatzaile gisa etikatuko dute. Ondorioz, gaizkile baten atzetik hasiko da ezagutzen ez dituen beste hainbat kiderekin batera.

لگویی کوچک برای آنکه به خود و دوستانش ثابت کند که می‌تواند یک لگو قهرمان باشد با پیوستن به گروهی مبارز قصد دارد به جنگ لگوی ظالمی برود اما با اولین درگیری متوجه می‌شود که این کار ساده‌ای نیست و با چیزی که در ذهنش دیده است تفاوت دارد و. این باعث می‌شود در تصمیمش برای ...

Animaatioseikkailu kertoo Emmetistä, joka on maailman tavallisin, sääntöjä noudattava ja täydellisen keskinkertainen LEGO-ukko, jota erehdytään luulemaan maailmanpelastajaksi. Emmet joutuu tahtomattaan osaksi eeppistä seikkailua, jonka päämääränä on pysäyttää vaarallinen tyranni, mutta Emmet on tällaiseen tehtävään toivottoman ja hilpeyttä herättävän valmistautumaton.

Emmet travaille en tant qu'ouvrier sur un chantier. Un jour, il fait une chute qui le conduit dans un sas pour un monde parallèle. Depuis quelque temps, Lord Business sème la terreur dans cet univers, où l'on croise des créatures étranges, de Zeus à Batman en passant par Wonderwoman. Selon une prophétie, un être venu d'ailleurs et doté de pouvoir surhumains est censé venir sauver la population. Tout le monde pense qu'Emmet est cet élu, capable de mettre le tyran hors d'état de nuire. Sauf qu'Emmet n'a rien d'un héros. Il se retrouve dans l'embarras lorsqu'il s'agit de passer à l'action. Mais il peut compter sur l'aide de la jolie Tag-Cool...

Emmet travaille en tant qu'ouvrier sur un chantier. Un jour, il fait une chute qui le conduit dans un sas pour un monde parallèle. Depuis quelque temps, Lord Business sème la terreur dans cet univers, où l'on croise des créatures étranges, de Zeus à Batman en passant par Wonderwoman. Selon une prophétie, un être venu d'ailleurs et doté de pouvoir surhumains est censé venir sauver la population. Tout le monde pense qu'Emmet est cet élu, capable de mettre le tyran hors d'état de nuire. Sauf qu'Emmet n'a rien d'un héros. Il se retrouve dans l'embarras lorsqu'il s'agit de passer à l'action. Mais il peut compter sur l'aide de la jolie Tag-Cool...

בובת לגו רגילה מזוהה בטעות כ"מאסטר-בילדר" , בונה העל, ומגוייסת להרפתקה לעצירת עריץ לגו גדול המבקש להדביק את היקום יחד.

LEGO film prati Emmeta, običnu i potpuno prosječnu LEGO figuricu koji uvijek poštuje pravila. Zabunom, Emmeta prepoznaju kao izvanrednu osobu i kao ključ za spas cijelog svijeta. Emmet je ubrzo unovačen i postaje dio družine koja kreće u misiju zaustavljanja zlog tiranina - misiju za koju je Emmet beznadno i nevjerojatno smiješno nepripremljen.

Emmet átlagos fickó. A keze sárga, két ujja van, a feje tetején bütyök tartja a sapkát. A Lego-világ átlagembere, építkezésen dolgozik, és semmi pénzért se késné le kedvenc napi tévésorozatát. Egy félreértés folytán azonban mindenki más azt hiszi: ő a Kiválasztott, a világ megmentésének kulcsfigurája. Különleges figurák egy kis csapatával kell nekivágnia a nagy feladatnak, amely meghökkentő kalandokon és váratlan fordulatokon keresztül eljuttathatja hőseinket… majd meglátjuk hova. Annyi biztos: a kettős életet élő Lord Biznisz az elveszejtésükre tör, Emmet pedig Vitruvius, a bölcs öreg, egy vad Lego-lány, Batman és még néhány furcsa fickó oldalán, gyorsan alakuló járgányok és könnyen átépíthető világok között harcol – de alig érti, mi zajlik körülötte.

Emmet Brickowski è un cittadino felice di una ridente metropoli fatta di Lego di cui rispetta tutte le regole: segue la musica trasmessa dalla tv, è gentile con gli altri e si reca diligentemente al lavoro (costruire palazzi) esattamente come gli viene detto di fare dalle "istruzioni". Proprio al cantiere un giorno incontra una ragazza e per errore casca in una voragine nella quale entra in contatto con un pezzo speciale, oggetto del desiderio di una setta di ribelli di cui Emmet non conosceva l'esistenza. La sua vita viene così trasformata in quella di un avventuriero e, nonostante non ne abbia le qualità, l'aver ritrovato il pezzo speciale lo rende "il prescelto". Scopre così che il sindaco della sua città è in realtà un dittatore di diversi mondi (fantasy, west, spazio ecc. ecc.) dotato di un piano per cambiare l'universo come lo conoscono.


배트맨, 슈퍼맨, 원더우먼, 인어공주, 초록닌자, 1980몇년 우주인, 미켈란젤로, 미켈란젤로 닌자거북이, 2002 NBA 올스타 등등등. 이들 마스터 빌더 사이에서 희망으로 선택된 평범한 미니피겨! 그의 작고 노란 손에 레고 세계의 운명이 달렸다!

Atsitiktinė LEGO figūrėlė yra supainiojama su legendiniu Statybos Meistru ir jam patikima išgelbėti visą LEGO visatą, kol piktasis LEGO tironas neįvykdė savo piktųjų kėslų, suklijuoti visą pasaulį…

Emmet, een doodnormaal Lego-figuurtje, wordt ten onrechte aangezien als de meest bijzondere persoon, en degene die de sleutel is tot het redden van de wereld. Hij wordt meegezogen in een gemeenschap van vreemdelingen op een epische zoektocht naar een kwaadaardige tiran. Een reis waar Emmet totaal niet tegen opgewassen is.

Vi følger Emmet, en helt vanlig og gjennomsnittlig Lego®figur. Ved et uhell blir han utpekt som den mest ekstraordinære personen av alle og nøkkelen til å redde verden. Han blir dermed rekruttert til et brorskap av ukjente for å dra på et spennende oppdrag og stoppe en grusom tyrann. Dette blir en episk reise som Emmet er fullstendig og latterlig uforberedt på.

Pierwszy pełnometrażowy film kinowy, przedstawiający przygody postaci ze świata klocków LEGO. Opowiada historię Emmeta, zwyczajnej, niewychylającej się i zupełnie przeciętnej minifigurki LEGO, którą przypadkowo wzięto za bardzo niezwykłą postać, stanowiącą klucz do ocalenia całego świata. W ten sposób Emmet dołącza do niesamowitej drużyny, która ma do wykonania pełną przygód i niebezpieczeństw misję powstrzymania złowrogiego tyrana – misję, do której Emmet jest kompletnie i przezabawnie nieprzygotowany.

Emmet é um Lego comum, até o dia em que é confundido com o Master Builder, o grande criador deste mundo de brinquedo, por ter encontrado a famosa peça de resistência. Este peça, procurada por todos há séculos, seria capaz de desarmar uma poderosa máquina criada pelo presidente do país, o perverso Sr. Negócios, que pretende colar todas as peças e impedir as mudanças no sistema. Mesmo sem ter grandes habilidades como criador, Emmet gosta de ser considerado um Lego especial, e faz de tudo para merecer a confiança de seus amigos, que incluem a rebelde Mega Estilo, o sábio Vitrúvius, e o gato-unicórnio UniKitty.

Emmet é uma mini-figura da LEGO, anónima, absolutamente escrupulosa e mediana, que é confundida não só como alguém absolutamente especial e extraordinário, mas também como a chave para a salvação do mundo, vendo-se recrutada para uma aliança de estranhos, conhecidos como "Os Construtores", numa grande aventura para impedir o terrível tirano da LEGO, "Lorde Negócios", de colar todo o universo.

Marea aventură Lego spune povestea surprinzătoare a lui Emmet, un tip obișnuit să urmeze cu strictețe regulile, fără să se remarce prin ceva anume, dar care ajunge în centrul atenției după ce primește, din greșeală, titlurile de "persoană extraordinară" și "salvatorul planetei". Astfel ajunge în compania unor străini curajoși alături de care pornește într-o călătorie epică pentru a opri distrugerea omenirii, călătorie pentru care Emmet este complet nepregătit.

Обычная лего-фигурка, ошибочно считающая себя фигуркой из элитного набора, соглашается присоединиться к походу против злого лего-диктатора, планирующего склеить вместе всю вселенную…

Originálny počítačovo animovaný príbeh v 3D hovorí príbeh Emmeta, bežnej, poslušnej a dokonale priemernej LEGO mini postavičky, ktorá je omylom identifikovaná ako tá najvýnimočnejšia osoba, v ktorej rukách leží záchrana sveta. Zrazu sa ocitne v spoločenstve cudzincov na epickej výprave za zastavením diabolského despotu. Na túto cestu je však Emmet beznádejne nepripravený. Režiséri Phil Lord a Christopher Miller napísali aj scenár, podľa príbehu Dana Hagemana, Kevina Hagemana, Phila Lorda a Christophera Millera, vytvorenom na LEGO konštrukčných hračkách. Vo filme uvidíme niektoré z najpopulárnejších LEGO postavičiek, pričom sa nám predstavia aj niektoré nové. Fanúšikovia, ktorí už po celé generácie obdivujú inovatívne hračky a nesmierne populárne video hry s LEGO tematikou tento jedinečný svet uvidia tak, ako nikdy predtým.

Emmet är en högst vanlig minifigur som alltid följt alla regler. Hans liv förändras totalt när han plötsligt anses vara en ytterst extraordinär mästerbyggare som är utvald att rädda världen. Han slår följe med ett gäng främlingar och tillsammans ger de sig av på en episk och galen resa för att stoppa en ondskefull tyrann. Något som Emmet är hopplöst oförberedd på.

ภาพยนตร์เรื่อง The LEGO เป็นเรื่องราวของเอ็มเม็ท หุ่นเลโก้ตัวเล็กแสนธรรมดาที่ชอบทำตามกฎเกณฑ์อย่างเคร่งครัด เขาถูกเข้าใจผิดว่าเป็นคนพิเศษสุดและเป็นกุญแจที่จะนำไปสู่การพิทักษ์โลก เอ็มเม็ท (คริส แพรทท์) ถูกเกณฑ์ให้รวมกลุ่มกับคนแปลกหน้าในมหากาพย์การผจญภัยเพื่อหยุดยั้งทรราชย์ผู้ชั่วร้าย ซึ่งเป็นการเดินทางที่แสนจะฉุกละหุกและน่าหรรษา

Sıradan, kurallara her zaman uyan, ortalama bir Lego minifigürü olan Emmet, yanlışlıkla dünyayı kurtaracak bir süper kahramana dönüşür... Emmet kötü kalpli bir tiranı durdurmak için çıkılan destansı serüvende yer alacak bir grup yabancıya katılmaya çağrılır; oysa bu serüven için tamamen hazırlıksızdır.

Популярний серед дітей і дорослих світ Lego тепер і на екрані! Разом з простаком Емметом вам пропонується відправитися в довгий і звивистий шлях, щоб убити злого диктатора. Але хіба такі як Еммет здатні врятувати світ? Ні, якщо їм не допомагають такі герої, як, наприклад, Бетмен на своєму бетвінґу та інші персонажі Lego. Чудакуватому, але милому герою протистоятиме і допомагатиме весь всесвіт, в якому знайдеться місце Супермену, русалці, волхвам, роботам та іншим. Пориньте в неймовірний світ блоків і фігурок, які перенесуть вас у дитинство і подарують насолоду довжиною в півтори години.

Tiếng Việt
Phim sẽ theo chân Emmet – một nhân vật LEGO tí hon bình thường bất ngờ bị ngộ nhận là một trong những siêu nhân phi thường đang nắm giữ chìa khóa vận mệnh của cả thế giới. Emmet sẽ bị cuốn vào một đoàn người kỳ lạ trong một chuyến phiêu lưu huyền thoại nhằm ngăn chặn một tên độc tài xấu xa, chuyến đi dở khóc dở cười với vô vàn những tình huống bi hài ngoài dự liệu...

影片讲述了一个普通乐高小人艾米特(克里斯·帕拉特 配音)被错当成了“大师建造者”而加入进一支抵抗组织,与一位类似先知一样的人物(摩根·弗里曼 配音)一起力图阻止乐高世界邪恶暴君(威尔·法瑞尔 配音)的阴险计划。

這齣原創的 3D 動畫講述平凡、循規蹈矩、毫不起眼的 LEGO 人仔阿墨,他被誤認是能夠拯救世界的高人。他被徵召入伍,聯同一班陌生人加入征戰,一起去推翻邪惡的暴君,低估了任務的艱巨的阿墨就此踏上了絕望又搞笑之旅。

艾密特是平凡、守法的樂高小公仔,卻被誤認成拯救世界的大英雄。他加入一群路人甲團隊,展開了阻止邪惡暴君的戰役,看似無望的旅程將帶來笑料百出的探險經歷。 為了對抗即將摧毀全宇宙的暴君,身為智者的甘道夫仿效魔戒遠征軍的模式,號召所有樂高積木史上最賣座、最受歡迎的超級英雄角色,包括忍者龜、超人、蝙蝠俠、神力女超人、忍者、太空人甚至NBA的籃球明星出征。但讓人出乎意料之外的,他還找來一位毫不起眼的小小工程師艾密特,他既沒有過人的超能力,也沒有閃亮的外型,有的只是一套亮眼的橘色工作服。 究竟甘道夫認為他有什麼能力可以拯救世界,艾密特自己也覺得不可思議,但已經身處在超級英雄與邪惡勢力交鋒的險惡情況下,他只能不顧一切拯救這個即將崩壞的樂高世界。

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