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Behind the headlines, beyond the spotlight… lies Justin’s real story. Get to know Justin Bieber as only the lucky few do – honest, funny and totally captivating – through incredible performances and exclusive interviews with the star himself. This is the compelling documentary that goes backstage to reveal Justin’s real story: his insights on evolving as an artist, the relationships that matter most to him, and what it’s like to come of age in the spotlight. It also includes thrilling never-before-seen concert footage, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access and special appearances from manager Scooter Braun, Pattie Mallette and many more.

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justin bieber's believe - jon m. chu synopsis will be updates..

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brisa estrella
:,)  brisa estrella  5 star

This movie was amazing. I honestly have no words. I have been a fan of Justin for 10 years now and watching him grow is amazing. I went to see him perform during this tour and it was the best day of my life. I will love him no matter what.

nick Tones tones
Justin Bieber  nick Tones tones  5 star

When is your concert

This SUCCCKKS!  LucasLynx  1 star


Maltz Family
Love this  Maltz Family  5 star

This is my favorite movie in the whole entire world

Ally1A7  ally1A7  5 star

Bruh u don’t know how long I’ve been dieing to see a concert of u, and I STILL haven’t!! Luv u beib!!❤️

Love  jacibug  5 star

Love is a place of the world for me and you and when you meet someone that you like you will always love him or her😍.

Disappointed  PhasP  1 star

He flew around from all the drugs he took.

MUST SEE!!  Lilybug91  5 star

he is an inspiration to people and i love him❤️

Wow  Abowww  5 star

Wow 💋💋💋

Will always BELIEVE  CanadianPrince93  5 star

By far the best movie of Justin's career. I have been supporting him since 2009, and this journey isn't done yet. For the haters - take a bite of pepper. Leave the poor fella alone. If you don't like him, keep it to yourself and respect others.

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