Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla (2014) Summary and Synopsis

In this gritty, realistic sci-fi action epic, Godzilla returns to its roots as one of the world's most recognized monsters. Directed by Gareth Edwards and featuring an all-star international cast, this spectacular adventure pits Godzilla against malevolent creatures that, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. In a time when monsters walk the Earth, humanity’s fight for its future sets Godzilla and Kong on a collision course that will see the two most powerful forces of nature on the planet collide in a spectacular battle for the ages. Godzilla (2014) Wiki

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Godzilla (2014) Movie (2014)

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Godzilla (2014) Movie Reviews

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- Had high hopes for this one3 star

Best trailer ever for an extremely sub par movie.

- BORING1 star

It was so long, that I stopped watching.

- Entertaining!!!👏🏾5 star

Glad I bought it!!!👍🏾

- Destruction and Godzilla fighting Monsters BULLY!5 star

Godzilla was the main character in this film and he rocks the fighting and cinematopgraphy in this film is fantastic. I sat there amazed and never got bored it was fantastic.

- This Godzilla is better5 star

I watch this movie and I love let’s just sayWhen Movie I mean Godzilla King of The monsters But we need another Godzilla movie I give this movie Five star ⭐️

- Great effort but not fantastic.3 star

This film is a lot better than I remembered. The film makers did a great job with many aspects of the film from its fantastic special effects and cinematography and the casting of great actors, yet the more I watched it the more that I watched the more I saw it’s flaws from focusing on weak characters to wasting time with its use of Godzilla. Now Godzilla’s screen time wasn’t the main problem but more of what they do with him in that screen time which is ultimately very little. In the end I will still recommend people watch this movie even if it’s a little uneven in terms of quality.

- First time watcher5 star

Insanely good. Just recently saw some clips of Godzilla through you tube and figured I would give it a try. Here I am 2 am so into this movie. Can’t wait to watch Godzilla king of the monsters. This movie definitely gets you hyped when Godzilla shows up in any scene. Worth the watch for sure.

- 4K needed5 star

Great movie, but when will this movie get upgraded to 4K?

- This movie is F I R E5 star

As a Godzilla fan, this is one of the best movies in the series.

- Godzilla is the boss5 star

Love the movie

- Uneven Yet Thrilling4 star

They took the Jaws approach, and teased the monster until the third act. For the most part, it works. I did find the second act to be a bit slow, and the bridge scene seemed completely out of place and pointless. The new monsters were brilliantly done. Overall, this was a fantastic start to a new generation of monster movies. The score, by the way, was incredible.

- herpeed5 star

this movie is great

- A great reboot to the King!5 star

I personally LOVED this film. I loved how much human story there was. I do wish we saw a little more Godzilla. But this was the first Godzilla movie I ever saw. So I love it so much. I give it a: 10 GOJIRA’s out of a possible 10 GOJIRA’s!

- Dull and dark.2 star

When it shines, it really does. But for the most part it’s just slow and dark, not to much is really that exciting in this movie.

- Ok for characters, no for monsters3 star

I rented this movie for the monster action scenes and was easily disappointed. However if you can look past the misleading marketing you’ll find a semi enjoyable flick with interesting, yet sometimes boring characters.

- The King Of The Monsters Is 10x Better Than This1 star

Lolol, I had heard so much about how bad this film was that I never saw it until now. All of it was true, this film is garbage. Worse than the 1999 Godzilla, if you can believe that. At least you see Godzilla more than he is featured here. Here, however, we have a terrible story unrelated to Godzilla, Godzilla barely seen at all, and some very cool sequences that are totally out of place in a film like this. Really, there are some cool scenes, but they really don’t belong in a Godzilla film. They seem like they would be more at home in some military action flick. However, if you’re here because you think you’re missing something you’ve seen or heard in the new film, let me tell you you are missing nothing. There is no explanation for why there is another Muto at the end of the new film. No exposition that ties into the new film. No important piece of backstory or reference you need to see. So don’t bother. That’s why I watched this film, and the only thing I gained from it is experiencing this garbage for myself. Save yourself and skip this iteration of Godzilla. I’d sooner recommend you watch Godzilla (1999). The new film, King Of The Monsters is 10x better than this garbage. It has a superior story that actually revolves around Godzilla, a great cast with no talent wasted, you actually see Godzilla and the monsters for a good portion of the film and fighting throughout it, and a more satisfying ending. Go see it, enjoy it, buy the blue ray cause iTunes is going the way of the dinosaurs. It’ll all be streaming services from now on, so you best hope they have internet during the Second Civil War, cause you likely won’t be able to watch it.

- The new movie is out but the first is still not 4K 😡5 star

Come on already. The studio needs to stay on top of this.

- Gødźíłlã¡ :D5 star

Eye [email protected] $een [email protected] n0w 3 +!me$. Eye [email protected]+ched !+ 1$+ 0n $ep+ember 18, 2015 & '[email protected]!n 0n N0vember 27, 2015, & $0 '[email protected]!n [email protected]$+ n!gh+ 0n [email protected] 25, 2019. & Eye @m [email protected] 2 C [email protected]: K!ng 0f +he M0n$+er$ C0m!n' +h!$ [email protected]

- godzilla 20145 star

godzilla 2014 is an awesome godzilla movie

- Cool5 star


- Finally!5 star

America got Godzilla right this time. Did you hear Godzilla’s roar shook the whole theater? I saw it in theaters and it definitely shook the theater. Great acting and plot line also. Me and my father enjoyed it all the way through. I’ll be sure to watch the sequel when it comes out.

- Just Nope1 star

Lost interest forty minutes into it. Rather watch a cheesy Goszilla movie with paper cut-out backgrounds and toy Tanks. I especially liked the 3 - 2 - 1 turn the keys to start the Pinball Machine Parts rolling. There's no spoilers for this one, it's already spoiled.

- Best Godzilla!!!5 star

The best way to restart a franchise 👍👍👍

- To All The People Who Gave Negative Reviews5 star

Look I’ve read several of the ⭐️ reviews and most have the same complaint about so little Godzilla screen-time, I have only one question to them... ‘have you ever watched the original movie?!?’ If they’d paid attention to the film they’d maybe see the pacing homage to the classic original story arc! Max Borenstein also wrote ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and some complained that there was ‘too much’ action... again idiots will find something to complain about anything just so that someone will look at why they gave an outstanding low rating compared to that vast majority who submitted a review; likely a pathological need for attention under the disingenuous pretense that they are in some way better for not caving to public sentiments. Boo I say and just keep watching that 80’s piece of dreck because Ferris B was a scientist or something!

- My favorite movie is ever5 star

That’s all just the best movie ever

- Your1 star

Set byt

- God be praised5 star

This movie doesn’t need a review It haves Godzilla what more could u need Words can not describe the beauty of the film

- Aaron Taylor-Johnson The Movie (feat. Godzilla)1 star

If you came to this movie expecting to see Godzilla then go back to 1998 cause you in the wrong movie. You literally get 20min if that of Godzilla and 2 hours of Aaron Taylor-Johnson escape death and superimpose himself into every military operation happening in the film. It’s basically Aaron Taylor-Johnson The Movie (feat. Godzilla) with a special guest appearance by Bryan Cranston.

- A Good Take on Godzilla4 star

I think this is a very good movie. I like the backstory for Godzilla (being a prehistoric super-species who lived during an era when Earth was highly radioactive), and they gave Big G a cool look (he is kinda chunky, though). The acting was pretty good, too. But if there’s one thing that I wish had been different, it’s that there should have been more on-screen monster rampages. And that should include more action sequences involving Godzilla himself. I mean, isn’t that one of the reasons (if not THE reason) why one makes a Godzilla movie?

- 5/5 best movie experience5 star

When I watch this movie, I watch it again and again!!!

- Godzilla is da best5 star

This movie 🎥 is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Nothing spectacular about this movie.1 star

I don’t know what all the hype was about. Godzilla hasn’t changed that much since I was a kid. And no imagination with the two other creatures. They could have been left out. *yawn* I decided to do laundry.

- Coulda been great, but3 star

It seems they made most of this movie at night with dark monsters. It would have been much better, if it could have been seen.

- I don't like this movie1 star

Godzilla sounds pretty bad and looks too i'm sorry I just don't like this movie there is only 12 Minutes of Godzilla in it and 2 HOURS Of people what kind of Godzilla movie is this I don't like it The MUTOS there just mutated praying mantis it's not a good movie it's💩 I would rather watch Godzilla1998 then this and i Love that movie not because I'm zilla fan I just like it and this movie isn't that i'm done hopefully you like it i'm pretty sure you do i'm done this is not a good movie

- Godzilla is the true king4 star

Godzilla is great in every scene that shows him in it, the mutos are cool and good additions to the Kaiju line of monsters. The human characters are bland with exceptions such as Bryan Cranston and Kent Wantenabe(didn't spell right). Can not wait for Godzilla vs kong in 2020. #team Zilla

- No action at all1 star

U only can see the monster face clearly for 5mins... I think the director is trnna save money....what a mess

- godzilla so sad1 star

they made a vastly more entertaining version of this movies a few years ago...it was called Pacific Rim. no idea what in the hell this was supposed to be, but it was about as exciting as watching paint dry

- Godzilla and 2 things3 star

I liked the movie but the MUTOs are no kaiju worthy of the kings time. Speaking of the king he was barely in it but was amazing when he was.

- A Monstrous Dream Come True!!!😍😆5 star

I truly love Godzilla, a this movie was perfect in every way I just saw Kong Skull Island a I am truly excited for what is to come in this cinematic universe officially now called MonsterVerse I love the name to me it's the perfect name, am I right? Let's go MonsterVerse!!!!!!!😍😍😆😆

- Godzilla5 star

I Loved It.

- I liked it.5 star

Some people say it should just be a two hour long fight between Godzilla and the Mutos, but I don't think Godzilla would ever be in a fight that long, and that would cost way too much. People, you gotta remember that these guys are on a budget. They have deadlines. It would take years to make a movie with two hours worth of CGI, especially when it's of enormous monsters destroying an entire city.

- WHY!!???1 star

Why did you guys change the price to $15 from $7 and the rent from $1 to $4! I was just about to buy it untill I saw the price change. I will buy(not rent) if you change it back to $7.

- Great Godzilla flick5 star

This was one of my favorite Godzilla films. Can't wait for the follow up.

- Good movie... but4 star

It's not perfect, but it's a good film. This movie seems like the Godzilla movie from the early 1960's and late 1970's than a remake of the 1954 Japanese masterpiece "Gojira" The nuclear elements are there but in very subtle ways. This is an expensive late Showa era Godzilla movie, and while this movie is good it has a few problems. like the 1998 Godzilla film, a lot of the problem has a lot to do with the characters, but instead of having cheesy, over the top, cookie cutter characters, this film has a great cast of characters, but the way that they were handled was poorly done. The film has wonderful actors like Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche and Ken Watanabe. But they are pushed to the sidelines and not given a chance to really shine. Instead the movie wants to focus on Aaron Taylor Johnson's character, but he's just not that interesting. The entire focus on the movie is centered around these boring characters that even the monsters take a back seat in this movie. now about the monsters, I think they did a great job for the most part with handling the monsters, The MUTO's and Godzilla look great and a lot of detail went into making them look and act as if they were real animals. the cinematography helps as well, as there are a lot of point of view camera angles that make the monsters seem believable in size and scope. However the time that the monsters are on screen is rather short, and unfortunately Godzilla has less screen time. And Speaking of Godzilla let's talk about the big guy himself. It certainly is a step in the right direction than the 1998 version. This Godzilla actually looks like Godzilla! Although, he's not an angry creature that punishes mankind for it's misuse of nuclear energy, instead he is a force of nature. The nuclear elements are still there, but instead the role of punishing mankind goes to the other monsters, the MUTO's. On thing I didn't find all that spectacular was Alexandre Desplat's score. I think he's a talented composer, but a lot of the musical cues in this movie just seemed out of place or just forgettable. It's not bad, it's just meh. Lastly, I want to talk about is the entertainment value of this movie. How does is fair? Well there are some great fight scenes, and there are some unbelievable breathtaking cinematography. But believe it or not, I actually find the 1998 movie more entertaining. Don't get me wrong, the 1998 version is not a good movie. But at least it had fun destruction scenes. I think the 1998 Godzilla film had a lack of depth when it came to story and acting, but it's entertainment value is what made it's impact... while this movie, had a strong story, but It was trying to focus on the characters too much, and ironically they forgot how to make the movie fun. I do prefer the 2014 Godzilla film when it comes to honoring the source material. Since Godzilla 2014 is supposedly going to have a sequel, maybe they will get better. I am thankful that this movie was made, it brought new life into the Godzilla franchise.

- That's what I'm talking about5 star

This is a huge improvement over the 1998 Godzilla movie, this is what the 1998 movie should of been like in the first place, but it doesn't matter it's here and it was worth seeing I love this movie and it's a Godzilla fans dream come true.

- Awesome5 star

Im an old school fan and don't like cgi for Godzilla pictures but this movie did the franchise justice none the less, this picture is a trip of nostalgia and modern day cinematography that is often brings chills the winds of memory bring. Watch this movie!

- Amazing5 star

The CGI was on point, plot line was great, and everything made sense, instead of being questionable, they proved stuff with facts and it was just unbelievable

- Best remake ever!5 star

I have seen remakes and this one IS the best! Very good movie which will remain one of my favorites for a long time coming!

- Loved it!5 star

The storyline dragged a bit but loved the movie over all 🎬 😁 Godzilla looked geat too 🐲 ♥️

- The best Godzilla film of all time.5 star

This film is one of the greatest science-fiction disaster films of all time. This film is definitely better than the DOZENS of panned remakes of the original Godzilla film of 1954, such as the Roland Emmerich embarrassment of 1998. This film is a smart, pulse pounding, & visually stunning.

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Godzilla fanboy boy - Godzilla 20145 star

Godzilla is probably one of the best Monster movies ever made it has amazing action scenes kind of great characters The only way I think about is Brian Cranston as Joe Brody he is the one person in the movie That I like he’s such a great actor. The CGI looks great especially on Godzilla the music soundtrack is intense and terrifying I love it the one thing bad about this movie is a stupid soldier stuff and Godzilla Not appearing it’s a one hour in the movie that’s on acceptable in my Opinion. because once we came out all we wanted to see is Godzilla rain down soldiers buildings causes tsunami’s which it did but when you see him that much we only seen half of his Tell and his back But when he does appear at the Golden Gate bridge that was a great scene and very suspenseful it’s just I wish we saw more Godzilla so for this movie there’s not much bad things about it I could be better and hopefully more people can appreciate this movie is so much better then King of the monsters and skull Island which in my opinion are not very good movies can’t wait to see you Godzilla vs KongIt’s going to be epic and awesome I gave Godzilla 2014A five star.

elyse displayed - Godzilla5 star

Don’t be scary scared 😱 You’re welcome 😇 And I well grab my outfit today with blade and in hand With a small sword ⚔️ and I well killing you get out of here Forever ♾ Okay you can’t do this anymore Bye for now Love Adele

CVGAnton - Best Godzilla movie yet!5 star

I was absolutly amazed when I watched this movie, I still think this is super awesome. When compairing this one to all the other Godzilla movies, this one got everything right.

I want the all the animals - Give Me Toes1 star

I want toes

DragonManJoe - It's popcorn entertainment3 star

The critics are looking for high quality movies but Godzilla movies are just so post to be a good movie to watch Godzilla 2014 is not the best but not the worst it's just good 3 and a half stars

left888 - Crap1 star

Dear iTunes, a package deal in which you put 2 movies together is awesome but ... you have an super overpriced compressed to the hilt movie that is less then 1/15 of the blu-ray ver and then you put this crap movie with it. Come on, if you want to insult us with crap, I will go buy the blu-ray version of Kong. You lose!

Onii the Angel - My favourite version5 star

This Godzilla is my favourite. Very menacing. Godzilla lives on!

jonesca1970 - Monster movies are about the monsters.3 star

Godzilla had the chance to be fun and campy but the director and screenwriter attached a seriousness to the film that made it dark and brooding. I’m not saying we need to go back to 1955 Toho-styled Godzilla with a man in a rubber suit, but far too much time is spent with the humans and not nearly enough with the real stars of the show. Hopefully the Japanese reboot in 2016 will redeem the franchise.

Mharlito7 - REALLY GOOD!5 star

We thought Godzilla was an Antagonist in the movie, a way better of understanding about Godzilla why he is the best! He plays the Protagonist MONSTER! The best family movie to ever watch. America’s hero against other monsters. A shout out to my BEST celebrity Elizabeth Olsen for playing her part within the movie, & not just an Avenger.

Eli DeMaria - Spectacular !!!5 star

Extremely awesome monster movie of the century. Made my day!!! Love it!!

kimmerjoe2010 - Godzilla3 star

Godzilla was an action packed movie with great animation, but was kinda boring throughout times, it was an ok movie

heistboy - OOTBME5 star

One Of The Best Movie Ever

Amelio Rate - Mediocre2 star

The acting was reasonably well-done, but the storyline was just ridiculous.

Paulagain - Monster Mush2 star

wow. …. yeah i … wow. can i get my time back? So Godzilla basically beats the crap out of two mating moths for ??? nothing. They were not a food source. Don’t know to many creatures on the planted, other than humans that bother to crawl out of the depths just to go beat the crap out of another creature for no apparent good reason. He didn’t bother to eat the moth thingies once he killed them. and how many critters big or small just wander right through the middle of an obstacle in its path without going around. and there is a LOT of space to go around the Vegas strip without tearing right through the middle of it. CGI was good but a story line that you had to grit your teeth to get through.

hgvak - Not what I was expecting2 star

Godzilla as the good guy? Bryan Cranston not the lead? Action sequences shown from the POV of a television? Very disappointing.

jade66 - :(2 star

Monsters come....monsters head out to meet up, monster attacks train with big bomb then leaves bomb on ground.....humans bring bomb to city where the monsters are meeting.....other monster steals bomb to bring TO THE SAME MONSTER WHO LEFT IT ON THE GROUND..................face palm, face palm, FACE PALM!!! But Godzilla looked dam cool so he got 2 stars!

Artsofdarkness - Worst movie this year1 star

Can I please have my 2 hours back?

British at Heart - Same old thing!1 star

This was not worth the time or the money. My teenage son and I watched it hoping for a thrill or at least a laugh and it delivered neither. I’m very disappointed in this pathetic movie.

Major Kaiden - Meh3 star

I was super excited when I saw the trailer for the first time. Walking into the theatre I was buzzing like a kid on Christmas, HOWEVER, after seeing it I was pretty let down. It was more of a love story of a man trying to get home to his family that just happened to have Godzilla in the background. The CGI and action is reakky good though

Ghfdfgf - Très ordinaire2 star

Je ne peut comprendre comment un vrai cinéphile peux donner 4-5 étoiles. Se film est Très ordinaire.

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Émouvant!!!4 star

Godzilla!! Une vrai machine!! Ouff!!

Madma56 - Godzilla1 star

This movie was all in the dark! We watched a lot of black screens with sound effects, yet could see nothing! Would not recommend this movie to anyone!

Perfectron - Horrible2 star

Please watch an infomercial or just stare at the ceiling, your time will be better spent. Contains every possible cliché, has absolutely nothing original and the acting is painful to watch. The only reason it gets 2 stars is because of the CGI.

da2096 - AMAZING5 star


Mateo13579 - Poor America...4 star

Like all disaster movies, America is completely demolished, but besides that, its a pretty decent film. Had good flow and great CGI. Also nice to see some fresh faces rather than the standard Hollywood action hero.

peppy197 - The "Come see how bad we can get movie "1 star

crapolla crapolla boringolla boringolla Please excuse the mis-spelling

Victoria4S - Great Movie5 star

GOJIRRA!!!!! … That is all.

crystalveldkamp - looove it!!!5 star

I love movie's with huge scary large animals! love the twists! I would also LOVE it if i could rent this movie, but Itunes has decided i can only buy it. I love the convenience of itunes, but I wish they would let us have the option to buy or rent every movei like blockbuster etc.. used to do.

lol20 - Best Comeback EVER!5 star

All I can say this folks...THE KING OF THE MONSTERS IS BACK, BIGGER, BADDER, And w can say Bye-bye to th 1998 one and say hello to the TRUE king of the monsters!!! "SKRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEoooooooooonk!!"

okibelu - Godzilla is not an intelligent life form1 star

Completely dumb garbage. Every scene has a new insult to viewers with an IQ in the double digits. There is no entertainment value whatsoever. Don't watch it "just for fun" like I did. You'll regret it.

JDanials - Good and true to Roots4 star

That said, rent not buy. Low re-watch-ability

countryboy2 - Really Bad1 star

I found this monster movie to be a monster sleeper.

AppleDave2009 - One of worst movies I’ve ever seen1 star

I love science fiction, action, and monster movies, but this movie just did not do it for me. It was predictable and boring with a ridiculous story. I went with my wife and teenage son - we all disliked it. This movie was only the second movie that I’ve ever wanted to walk out of. What was the other? The Lawn Mower Man in 1992.

Jane Monheit's fan - Olsen Twin Sister not bad.4 star

I didn't realize that Olsen Twin was in this movie until I checked the cast on imdb.

wickedfairyxx - Waste of time4 star

Special effects not bad , but overall a low budget movie. Terrible acting. Storyline seems disjointed. Godzilla was hardly in it. Two other entities dominated the film. Very disappointed.

DWCRMCM - Little bit of everything3 star

Monsters from films The Myst, Cloverfield, and War of The Worlds, music from 2001, halo dives from Act of Valor. Missing, A10 Warthogs, Gunships, Bunker Busters, Boeing AH-64D Longbow Apache. 50 CAL explosive rounds from a chain gun. Armour piercing canon fire ....

Flynn Taggart - Love!!5 star

Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love

Rage877 - Amazing5 star

This was the best movie I have ever see!!

awesomeA76 - Godzilla 20145 star

AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!! Can't chose between Godzilla and The Hobbit so it's definitely awesomely amazing. Godzilla and the alien things look sooooo real. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Mr.Cookie239 - Best movie ever!!!!!😃5 star

By far the best movie I've ever seen!!!!!

rodetofreedom - Godzilla5 star

When douse Godzilla official come out Plz answer

Deependsound - Great Monster Movie5 star

When is the iTunes release date??

rinaldo333 - Very cool5 star

The special effects where amassing and cool Godzilla has evolved over the years from being a doll to a real creature

Phx6959 - Awesome5 star

Loved it. Took my teenaged daughter to it and she loved it too. Refreshing, lots of action and definitely a monster movie I would root for.

MinecraftDudeX - GODZILLAS AWESOME3 star

The movies EPIC

Jackieo1390 - Gogiera5 star


So we'll - INCREDABLE5 star

I've been watching the movies all my life and this one tops the charts against all the rest!

Connor Steve and gummy bears - Godzilla was amazing5 star

This movie was awesome because the visuals,the specials effects,the cgi etc. Plus the way the actors played there characters by showing emotion even though Aaron Taylor Johnson didn't show a lot of emotion he still pretty good job.this movie is amazing see it in 3d

6275 - It’s a relisted title not deleted.3 star

Wish people would stop complaining they’ve had their movie stolen as they haven’t, go have a look in your library and you’ll see it’s still there. Also as this is Warner Bros you’ll more than likely still get your 4K upgrade as was the same with all the other relisted titles that had the same happen.

J_marshall1967 - iTunes at it again.1 star

This title was purchased previously and now iTunes remove it and add again and expect you to buy it a 2nd time. Rip off apple

Eddie_Plummer - Bit late?1 star

Why are you re- releasing it now?! It was made in 2014?!

Gavin b - Wtaf??!!1 star

Purchased this movie which has now disappeared? Was recently seen as a bundle with Kong? There’s no way Apple would have deleted the title and would resell it is there?- I mean that would be stealing?????? BUT THATS WHATS HAPPENING!- some BS about the distributors 💤💤😴😴😴💤💤😴🥱🥱🥱🥱 I’m waiting for Apple to come and take away my iPhone and Apple TV next!- and then they will try and sell them back to me too!? Sort it out Apple you bunch of thieves!!!!

danielbirdline - Another Re added title1 star

I see they’ve added another listing for an older title. Funny 4K is coming out. Means all the people who’ve bought the first listing will be messed about again. Why Apple allow this as it goes against their promise when they released the Apple TV 4K shows they don’t care what companies do on their shop front.

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Swa'veC - Don't waste your time or money with this pathetic excuse of a movie!1 star

What was Toho thinking on hiring Gareth Edwards to do a film adaptation of Godzilla?! There are two reasons why this movie sucked: you barely see Godzilla in this movie but his name is the title,and secondly it's more about the humans rather than the monster Godzilla himself! And furthermore,every time Godzilla is about to fight two of those other monsters you don't even see it! It's only at the end that he fights them and it's in darkness! This movie needs to be erased from existence if you're a Godzilla fan watch the Toho movies of old PERIOD!

EL ESMERIL - Cant even remember whats the plot1 star

Beside the name, woudnt even remember there is a gigantic lizard in the movie.

mommaturpz - Best movie5 star

I did see it opening day cuz I love Godzilla and it was soooooooo good the muto was creepy and unexpected and it was sad and overall it's my favorite movie ever

MOVIEGEEK101 - GOJIRA!!!4 star

Filled with great suspense,terrific cinematography,and a great performance from Bryan Cranston,Godzilla has its flaws,but it's a welcome return for the King of Monsters.

Batman9837 - My 5th favorite Godzilla film5 star

Sure this film had Godzilla in for about 8 min. But the action and realistic scenes make it up. And for those people think "this movie didn't have enough Godzilla" think about why it didn't have more Godzilla they were trying to figure out how to kill the monsters and also watch Godzilla(1954) same situation.

The most powerful - Four words:2 star


lornapat - Lots of realistic monster action5 star

The guy who complained that "Godzilla wasn't on screen long enough" failed to mention that there's loads of cool monster action in this film in addition to Godzilla. Huge, believable monsters wreak havoc all over the place. Great CGI and a high budget no doubt. I agree that some of the night scenes are darker than I'd like, but I can still see it well enough on my HD copy. I recommend a dark room and popcorn.

SmokyLobster - RAWRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Godzilla.My Ears BRA!

cragthehack - Good but..5 star

My only real complaint is that Godzilla is not the main character. It’s a Godzilla movie, but I suppose the director to focus on the human relationships. Which does remind me of another complaint; Aaron Taylor Johnson, who plays Ford Brody, is BORING. I know, I know, an actor’s job is to obey the script and take direction from the director, but he could’ve added a little emotion. All in all a good movie. Would have been a great movie if Godzilla actually had more then 20 minutes on screen.

Jjhkf kh - Love this movie!5 star

This movie was awesome! People just shut up about Godzilla only being there for 20 minutes at at time yet they call it Godzilla! I mean what are you supposed to call it? "Random EOD tech tries not to get eaten by giant monsters?" Although the trailer is kinda misleading but who cares?

Joku2223 - Worst movie ever..that is all1 star

Crap and crap mixed with soap operas, and Ebola! Screw you I going home...

Jakesnack55 - Godzilla (2014) review5 star

Thank You Director Gareth Edwards for doing Godzilla Justice, Thank You so much. 5/5

Cherry popper man - AMONG THE BEST!5 star

Among the best movies i saw. This awesome film comes with several breathtaking moments. They promised for there to be a sequel to this so I'm pretty sure this was just a taste of what's next. This first Godzilla film of Gareth Edwards is definitely a perfect kaiju/monster/anti war advocacy film that will put you on a real life edge of the seat thrill seeking chase for massive destruction. I suggest you watch this without holding biases, otherwise you're better off watching the 1998 godzilla or godzilla vs king kong cause this is a Godzilla movie expressed in a way that you've never seen before. Human perspective goes into play as we play witness to nature's intelligent wrath versus mankind's careless greed for power.

Hardcore music fan - Godzilla3 star

I love Godzilla I have every movie as well. We need Godzilla to be a proper bad guy and not some good guy. It takes away the fear that we would experience if it was real. Godzilla also looks like a walking sausage I do like how they stuck more original though . The estimated time of Godzilla screen time is( this is real I even saw on their website and movie makers said as well) 7:12 seconds. Wow out of a 2 hr 4 min movie that's sad. The original had more screen time. I hope they get it right with the next 2 movies and actually show HIM and it needs a lot more action and less less less HUMANS please.

Officially Jasmine - The best movie ever5 star

Best movie ive ever watched an im 12

RufousMedal2 - Amazing5 star

The movie is amazing

JB9214 - A better title...1 star

“Waiting For Godzilla”. ‘Nuff said.

William Purcell - A Gritty and Dark Remake on a classic Monater.3 star

I will not say I hate this movie. I will say that it is an American version of a Japanese property and as such it is made in the style of current American cinema. It's dark and gritty with heavy overtones on destruction. The one thing that it lacks is fun something Toho Japan mastered in Godzilla. Sometimes the movie image is so dark you can't process what's happening. It's not a bad movie, It's just not a fun movie and, if it's not fun there is no point in Re-visiting it the way you would the original Godzilla franchise. Rent this one first. If it's in your wheelhouse buy it if not then check out the other Godzilla movies made over the last fifty years.

RealMichaelK96 - Okay...2 star

I'm not going to just say: "Don't waste your money, it's awful," etc. I will say this. This movie is awful. It was almost as predictable as The Muppets. Once you saw the first 30mins, you knew EXACTLY what would happen. This movie was good at first, and I respected that. But I lost interest later. The animation is excellent, but this Godzilla makes me wonder will we ever see a good version?

I know dis stuff - Fresh Air4 star

This is a wonderful made film. And I really enjoyed watching it. However, (SPOILER ALERT), Bryan Cranston died like a half in. And I watched the movie purely for him. He was great for all thirty minutes. But Taylor Johnson and Stratham did a great job carrying this movie the rest of the way. And very good film. Well directed and written.

The black bears 11 - Godzilla 20145 star


Sadone55 - Fantastico!!!5 star

Maybe I'm biased but this was an incredible movie. Aside from the poor human character development it was a winner! The build up and the ending scenes were breathtaking! I can't wait until 2018 for the sequel!

Moosethemoose - Praise for Godzilla5 star

After watching this movie, I loved every second of it, and it became my number one favorite movies. The graphics are amazing, and much better than the old movies 😂, but ya thanks to the people who made this awesome movie!


It was an OK movie. Glade I waited and paid only $9.99 but I till think it was a $4.99 movie at best... Perhaps I just had to high of an expectation for the movie! As somebody else had commented, it was shot too dark as well and you could hardly see some shots due to that.

CrossCountryislife - Lame and unoriginal2 star

Saw this in theaters… was disappointed. Couldn’t disagree more with the 73% on RT, should be more like a 40. First 30 minutes are great and then it leads up to nothing. Oh yeah Godzilla is really only in the movie for like 20 minutes. If I had to describe it in one word: FORGETABLE

m1555us - Are people watching the same movie as I am!1 star

This is a B movie at best! I thought that I accidentally got a B flick of Godzilla. We thought there is no way a "Professional" movie producer made this. Like the other reviewers said, "I forgot I was watching Godzilla". Because you never see him! My 9 year old and 14 year old have the same opinion. Thumbs down

Kevinsikes - Humdrum3 star

Boring. If I was tired I would have fallen asleep.

Follow aww.niall on insta - Amazing5 star

It's the best I have seen

Curios star gazer - Great Movie5 star

Action packed with a legitimate plot that makes sense

Mr.Altruism77 - What could have been...2 star

I really tried ( very much so ) to like Godzilla, however I could not. The reason are; the script is as moronic as it is sleep inducing - no one on Earth would talk as these wooden characters do in a situation as grave and terrifying as this. Most of the action is filmed at “night” - why? This ruins the movie. I will never understand why the lighting of the movie is so dark during the most action packed scenes - they spent millions on CGI - let’s see the fruits of your labor!

Ronin Sherpa - Fire breathing monster AWESOMENESS!!!5 star

In the trailers going up to this movie there was no mention of other monsters, so seeing Mothra and the others was really cool. "Let them fight." Awesome. Brian Cranston was plugged for this but he is not the star. Best Godzilla movie in 20 years. Now if we can just get them to make Mechagodzilla!

Dat Pokeface - Awesome!!!!5 star


Bestie man - Best movie5 star

This movie is so good if you like Godzilla trilogy

ChristieGav - Amazing movie5 star

Loved it

Kevin Dau - Great movie5 star

I really like all of the action in the movie! It tops all of the old ones because Godzilla and the other two monsters look so realistic!

KBL99 - One of the best movies of the year.5 star

Godzilla is a masterclass of filmmaking. The visuals, score, pace, action sequences, acting, script and directing are all pitch perfect. I have nothing bad to say about Godzilla and it’s one of my favorite films ever.

Datflybody - Fails miserably as a monster movie2 star

The one thing that makes a Godzilla (or monster movie good) is the focus on the actual Kaiju; their battles are the focus of the films, and makes the movies exciting and dynamic. This movie spent way too much time focusing on the human aspect of the story, and it just does not work in a monster movie, Godzilla or otherwise. Where movies like Pacific Rim succeeded by focusing on the action of the larger beasts, this movie spends so little time on actually showing Godzilla, that it seems more like a disaster movie with Godzilla shoehorned in for good measure. Hollywood has a bad habit of not focusing on the important aspects in these types of films, and this just make it another sob story about a soldier wanting to protect his family. In the end, I cared less about the people and more about wanting to see Godzilla fight the Kaiju. I mean, why else would I be watching monster movie if not to see the actual monsters battle? Overall, as a basic disaster/drama sob story about a soldier wanting to return home, it succeeds. As an action packed Godzilla movie, where the focus is on the actual monsters? It fails terribly. What a waste.

Movie artist - Haters5 star

Everybody that's giving bad reviews u guys must be crazy there's a reason y this movie made millions in theaters

RebeccaDeWinter - Truly bad movie1 star

Don’t be duped by the casting of Juliette Binoche and Bryan Cranston into thinking that any decent acting takes place in this movie. They—and Godzilla—are bit players in this preposterous epic. The writing is terrible. I can believe in these post-nuclear monsters—but please don’t ask me to believe that 25 guys parachuting out of a plane at 30k feet all simultaneously land within one city block of each other. This movie is great if you like CGI monster fighting in the dark. Forehead-slapping BAD!

tulsa1949 - Godzilla 20141 star

Lame story line, Godzilla has little screen time and what there is is in total darkness.

VictorLChavez - Dream come true5 star

I'm only 21, but I've been watching Godzilla films since I was a toddler. When the first American Godzilla film came out, I was little and thought it was cool then. But I watch it now and it's just dumb. I still like to watch it but not as a Godzilla film. This film has made up for that horrible film. This one may not have a lot of Godzilla but they wanted to do like the original 1954 film in which Godzilla is barely in it, but knowing the monster is alive is what is on your mind the entire time. It's anticipation that films used to deliver, and Gareth Edwards has done so. Therefore, I applaud him and his genius homage to the original film. 👏

FelipeJMarron - Blank screens2 star

I’m sure the would have been an excellent movie had not most of the action scenes been in complete darkness. I don’t know what others feel but when I pay to see a monster movie I as a minimum like to see whats going on….

jgiraudnj67 - Have way through movie and where is Godzilla?1 star

It was so boring , I fell asleep! can someone tell me the ending? Just wasted $5.00, that I could have spend at Starbucks for a Caffè Misto! ;-(

robinthe4th - Dull waste1 star

There is no character depth, the two main scientists always look like they are going to say something meaningful and never do. It's like this was a special effects exercise with some lame plot woven in.

Jswanson11 - Crapzilla2 star

It took me 3 attempts to get through this movie. The action scenes are dark and boring and the movie itself is a giant YAWN fest. Good movie if you are trying catch up on sleep. This movie has especially helpful with that as I have managed to fall asleep early every night I attempted to finish it.

theflying0yster - Garbage1 star

Tried to make a drama instead of Godzilla. Absolute trash no fun and just made no sense. But if you have no taste in movies and can be WOWED ! By anything then go ahead and continue to waste your life! STAY AWAY AND DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arcsine - Just another soldier fetish film, godzilla mcguffin1 star

If you want another Hurt Locker, Green Zone, or any other Mike the Marine Mayhem Movie, and you don’t mind having 2 second dark glimpses of giant monsters interrupting your open mouth adoration of a soldiers rushing to and fro… this might be the movie for you.

ReikiArtist - Horrible1 star

Godzirra!!! Sure the cgi was a nice change from the old days with the man in a rubber Godzirra suit stomping his way through a cardboard cutout mini-city set filled with fireworks and sparklers pretending to be big explosions, but this movie was absolutely horrible! The entire storyline plot was piss-poorly written and tiresome to sit through. It was a waste of money & time seeing this, which I did only because a friend was excited to see it.

Roclav - Special Affects5 star

Yes there were special CG effects as anticipated, but these did not interfere. There was a story. The story stuck to the historical background, the origins, of the theme. The screen play was really quite perfect. I expected to be disappointed ... but was not. May be one of the best pictures of the year. Enjoy.

Ishiro Honda would be proud. - Godzilla5 star

I've been following this movie for a good 4.5 years and tried to find out every single detail. From the leaked footage to the official trailer, I was so excited to see Godzilla 2014. When I did see it, and that title came up, I literally said, "Hello old friend". Every microsecond of this movie was absolutely perfect from the characters, the story, the monsters and even Godzilla himself. The Legendary series has officially begun and more monsters are on the way. Gareth Edwards has revived my favorite movie character to my favorite film franchise. The way he handles the mythology just puts a smile on my face. I HIGHLY recommend this movie to all fans of the franchise.

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