Godzilla (2014) summary and reviews

Godzilla (2014) synopsis, summary and reviews

6.4 star

Godzilla (2014) (2014) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2014

In this gritty, realistic sci-fi action epic, Godzilla returns to its roots as one of the world's most recognized monsters. Directed by Gareth Edwards and featuring an all-star international cast, this spectacular adventure pits Godzilla against malevolent creatures that, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Godzilla (2014) Film Synopsis

With no means for defeating Godzilla Earth, mankind watches as King Ghidorah, clad in a golden light, descends on the planet. The heavens and earth shake once again as the war moves to a higher dimension.

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Godzilla (2014) Movie Reviews

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Godzilla is the true kingGodzilla is great in every scene that shows him in it, the mutos are cool and good additions to the Kaiju line of monsters. The human characters are bland with exceptions such as Bryan Cranston and Kent Wantenabe(didn't spell right). Can not wait for Godzilla vs kong in 2020. #team Zilla.Score: 4/5

CoolAwesome.Score: 5/5

Godzilla 2014Godzilla 2014 is an awesome godzilla movie.Score: 5/5

HerpeedThis movie is great.Score: 5/5

The new movie is out but the first is still not 4K 😡Come on already. The studio needs to stay on top of this..Score: 5/5

Entertaining!!!👏🏾Glad I bought it!!!👍🏾.Score: 5/5

Godzilla is da bestThis movie 🎥 is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.Score: 5/5

Pretty BadI’m easily entertained, but how is this movie called Godzilla when they only show Godzilla for 20 seconds? Definitely the most boring movie about Godzilla I’ve ever seen. Also, they made it out like Bryan Cranston would be the star of this movie, but (Spoiler Alert!) his character literally dies about a quarter of the way through the movie. Could they not pay him enough? Makes no sense why they would do that. This movie actually makes the American one from the 90s look like an absolute masterpiece. In my opinion there has yet to be an American movie about Godzilla that has done the mythological creature justice..Score: 1/5

Dull and dark.When it shines, it really does. But for the most part it’s just slow and dark, not to much is really that exciting in this movie..Score: 2/5

The King Has Returned!!This is WAY better than the last one, (Godzilla 1998). But it needs a LOT of fixes! First off, the movie is WAY too dark to see what's happening but it was still epic! Second, Godzilla and the Mutos are both barely in the film. They're only there for less than 20 minutes! Hopefully the new Godzilla that's coming on March 22nd, 2019 will have Godzilla fights in the day, and Godzilla including Mothra, Rodan, and King Adora will be in it at least for 50 minutes of the movie! Can't wait! And 1 year later, Godzilla vs King Kong is coming out on May 22nd, 2020! If you believe that this film is awful when you haven't even seen it because you've probably been brainwashed by spamming monkey's videos then listen to Toho the original and official creators of Godzilla not Roland Emmerich! They thought that it was a fantastic film and so do I!.Score: 5/5

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Little bit of everythingMonsters from films The Myst, Cloverfield, and War of The Worlds, music from 2001, halo dives from Act of Valor. Missing, A10 Warthogs, Gunships, Bunker Busters, Boeing AH-64D Longbow Apache. 50 CAL explosive rounds from a chain gun. Armour piercing canon fire .....Score: 3/5

Très ordinaireJe ne peut comprendre comment un vrai cinéphile peux donner 4-5 étoiles. Se film est Très ordinaire..Score: 2/5

GodzillaDon’t be scary scared 😱 You’re welcome 😇 And I well grab my outfit today with blade and in hand With a small sword ⚔️ and I well killing you get out of here Forever ♾ Okay you can’t do this anymore Bye for now Love Adele.Score: 5/5

GodzillaGodzilla was an action packed movie with great animation, but was kinda boring throughout times, it was an ok movie.Score: 3/5

Poor America...Like all disaster movies, America is completely demolished, but besides that, its a pretty decent film. Had good flow and great CGI. Also nice to see some fresh faces rather than the standard Hollywood action hero..Score: 4/5

Waste of timeSpecial effects not bad , but overall a low budget movie. Terrible acting. Storyline seems disjointed. Godzilla was hardly in it. Two other entities dominated the film. Very disappointed..Score: 4/5

Best Godzilla movie yet!I was absolutly amazed when I watched this movie, I still think this is super awesome. When compairing this one to all the other Godzilla movies, this one got everything right..Score: 5/5

My favourite versionThis Godzilla is my favourite. Very menacing. Godzilla lives on!.Score: 5/5

The "Come see how bad we can get movie "Crapolla crapolla boringolla boringolla Please excuse the mis-spelling.Score: 1/5

Godzilla 2014Godzilla is probably one of the best Monster movies ever made it has amazing action scenes kind of great characters The only way I think about is Brian Cranston as Joe Brody he is the one person in the movie That I like he’s such a great actor. The CGI looks great especially on Godzilla the music soundtrack is intense and terrifying I love it the one thing bad about this movie is a stupid soldier stuff and Godzilla Not appearing it’s a one hour in the movie that’s on acceptable in my Opinion. because once we came out all we wanted to see is Godzilla rain down soldiers buildings causes tsunami’s which it did but when you see him that much we only seen half of his Tell and his back But when he does appear at the Golden Gate bridge that was a great scene and very suspenseful it’s just I wish we saw more Godzilla so for this movie there’s not much bad things about it I could be better and hopefully more people can appreciate this movie is so much better then King of the monsters and skull Island which in my opinion are not very good movies can’t wait to see you Godzilla vs KongIt’s going to be epic and awesome I gave Godzilla 2014A five star..Score: 5/5

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Godzilla (2014) (2014) Series Cast & Crew

Godzilla (2014) (2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Mamoru Miyano (Haruo Sakaki (voice)), Takahiro Sakurai (Metphies (voice)), Kana Hanazawa (Yuko Tani (voice)), Tomokazu Sugita (Martin Lazzari (voice)), Yuki Kaji (Adam Bindewald (voice)), Reina Ueda (Maina (voice)), Ari Ozawa (Miana (voice)), Daisuke Ono (Eliott Leland (voice)), Kenyu Horiuchi (Unberto Mori (voice)), Kazuya Nakai (Halu-Elu Dolu-Do (voice)), Kazuhiro Yamaji (Endurph (voice)), Saori Hayami (Haruka Sakaki (voice)), Kenichi Suzumura (Akira Sakaki (voice)), Kanehira Yamamoto (Takeshi J. Hamamoto (voice)), all returned for godzilla (2014) movie.

Mamoru Miyano (Haruo Sakaki (voice))
Mamoru MiyanoHaruo Sakaki (voice)Score: 9.3
Takahiro Sakurai (Metphies (voice))
Takahiro SakuraiMetphies (voice)Score: 11.5
Kana Hanazawa (Yuko Tani (voice))
Kana HanazawaYuko Tani (voice)Score: 14.1
Tomokazu Sugita (Martin Lazzari (voice))
Tomokazu SugitaMartin Lazzari (voice)Score: 8.2
Yuki Kaji (Adam Bindewald (voice))
Yuki KajiAdam Bindewald (voice)Score: 17.4
Reina Ueda (Maina (voice))
Reina UedaMaina (voice)Score: 11.4
Ari Ozawa (Miana (voice))
Ari OzawaMiana (voice)Score: 5.5
Daisuke Ono (Eliott Leland (voice))
Daisuke OnoEliott Leland (voice)Score: 9.8
Kenyu Horiuchi (Unberto Mori (voice))
Kenyu HoriuchiUnberto Mori (voice)Score: 6.9
Kazuya Nakai (Halu-Elu Dolu-Do (voice))
Kazuya NakaiHalu-Elu Dolu-Do (voice)Score: 11.9
Kazuhiro Yamaji (Endurph (voice))
Kazuhiro YamajiEndurph (voice)Score: 7.6
Saori Hayami (Haruka Sakaki (voice))
Saori HayamiHaruka Sakaki (voice)Score: 13.3

Sadayuki Murai (Series Composition), Takayuki Hattori (Original Music Composer), Naoya Tanaka (Production Design), Kobun Shizuno (Director), Hiroaki Ando (Assistant Director), Hiroaki Ando (Storyboard Artist), Aya Hida (Editor), Gen Urobuchi (Screenplay), Gen Urobuchi (Series Composition), Yukihiro Shibutani (Art Direction), Hiroyuki Shimazu (Storyboard Artist), Hiroyuki Seshita (Director), Satoshi Motoyama (Sound Director), Iwao Teraoka (Storyboard Artist), Yoshihiro Furusawa (Executive Producer), Hironori Nochi (Color Designer), Takashi Yoshizawa (Producer), Ferdinando Patulli (Production Design), Keiji Ota (Executive Producer), Masako Sato (Storyboard Artist),

Sadayuki Murai (Series Composition)
Sadayuki MuraiSeries CompositionScore: 3.3
Takayuki Hattori (Original Music Composer)
Takayuki HattoriOriginal Music ComposerScore: 1.8
Kobun Shizuno (Director)
Kobun ShizunoDirectorScore: 5.5
Hiroaki Ando (Assistant Director)
Hiroaki AndoAssistant DirectorScore: 2.2
Hiroaki Ando (Storyboard Artist)
Hiroaki AndoStoryboard ArtistScore: 2.2
Gen Urobuchi (Screenplay)
Gen UrobuchiScreenplayScore: 3.7
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Godzilla (2014) Trailers & Teasers

'Godzilla (2014)' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of godzilla (2014), the Gareth Edwards's popular movie. Watch the godzilla (2014) teaser trailer. Gareth Edwards’s #godzilla-2014 is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Godzilla (2014) Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from godzilla (2014) movie. Godzilla (2014) (2014) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome godzilla (2014) wallpapers to download for free.

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Godzilla (2014) image 2
Godzilla (2014) image 3
Godzilla (2014) image 4
Godzilla (2014) image 5
Godzilla (2014) image 6
Godzilla (2014) image 7
Godzilla (2014) image 8
Godzilla (2014) Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Bow down and worship the golden demise...

Godzilla (2014) — 2014

Godzilla (2014) Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie godzilla (2014) - 2014. A poster for Gareth Edwards action & adventure movie, Godzilla (2014)! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for godzilla (2014) (2014). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

Godzilla (2014) poster 1
Godzilla (2014) poster 2
Godzilla (2014) poster 3
Godzilla (2014) poster 4
Godzilla (2014) Movie Posters
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Godzilla (2014) Movie Languages & Subtitles

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Com o enfraquecimento da aliança com a Terra, Haruo considera se aliar aos Exifs, praticantes de um culto mortal que pode destruir o mundo.


L'alliance terrestre s'affaiblit, et Haruo envisage de rejoindre les Exif, dont le culte funeste cherche à invoquer un monstre capable de détruire le monde.

Με τη γήινη συμμαχία να έχει αποδυναμωθεί, ο Χάρουο σκέφτεται να συμμαχήσει με τους Έξιφ, η αίρεση των οποίων καλεί ένα τέρας που μπορεί να καταστρέψει τον κόσμο.


Su argumento nos sitúa en un escenario apocalíptico, 20.000 años en el futuro, donde Godzilla reina sobre la Tierra. Sólo unos pocos humanos quedan para enfrentarse a la bestia. En “Godzilla: The Planet Eater”, la ciudad de Mechagodzilla, cumbre del avance científico y esperanza de la humanidad, ha sido reducido a cenizas y Godzilla Earth campa a sus anchas. Sin embargo, al monstruo todavía le queda un desafío: la bestia alada King Ghidorah.

"2만년 후의 지구“ 를 탈환하기 위해 주인공 하루오는 "반대G결전병기"로 개발된 메카 고질라의 잔해에서 새롭게 무장 요새도시 "메카 고질라 시티"를 건설하고, 사상최대의 고질라 "고질라 어스"와 결전에 임한다. 그러나, 동료 간의 대립의 결과 고질라 어스를 쓰러트릴 유일한 방법을 잃어버린 인류. 그리고 고질라 어스를 쓰러트릴 자들이 사라진 지구에 황금빛 섬광을 입고 "별을 먹는 자""기도라"가 탄생한다.

Dopo l'indebolimento dell'alleanza sulla Terra, Haruo valuta la possibilità di schierarsi con gli Exif, il cui culto della morte evoca un mostro capace di distruggere il mondo.

La humanidad, sus aliados alienígenas y Godzilla están a punto de llegar a su fin cuando la poderosa entidad Ghidorah llega a la Tierra.

Godzilla: The Planet Eater to wielka kulminacja trylogii anime, w której dojdzie do epickiej walki Godzilli z Królem Ghidorą. To właśnie ten kultowy potwór ma zagrozić panowaniu Króla Potworów.

晴生等人以奈米金屬為武器,跟「哥吉拉‧Earth」決一死戰再度敗北,青梅竹馬的優子被強制奈米金屬化而陷入腦死狀態,人類也因機械哥吉拉組成的武裝都市淪陷而感到絕望。另一方面,艾克西夫一族的梅德菲斯將晴生自戰鬥中生還一事奉為奇蹟,藉此順利增加不少信徒,但這一切只為了隱藏艾克西夫一族的「究極目的」。感到梅德菲斯有異心的瑪依娜、蜜雅娜,對他保持警戒,並要晴生捫心自問「身為『人』應當做些什麼?」 「哥吉拉‧Earth」稱霸地球,已找不出能與之匹敵的對手,然而此時,出現了全身纏繞著金色光芒的「基多拉」,撼動天地的超次元大戰即將展開…… 「哥吉拉」究竟是何物?人類又該何去何從?晴生一行人的未來又將如何呢?

Не маючи засобів для перемоги над Ґодзіллою Ерс, людство спостерігає, як Кінг Гідора, оточений золотим сяйвом, прибуває на планету. Небо і земля знову тремтять, коли війна переходить у вищий вимір.

Com a aliança da Terra enfraquecida, Haruo pondera aliar-se aos Exif, cujo culto da morte está a invocar um monstro capaz de destruir o mundo.

Da die Erdallianz geschwächt wurde, zieht Haruo ein Bündnis mit den Exif in Betracht. Deren Todeskult ruft ein Monster herbei, das die Welt zu zerstören droht.

In de vroege 21e eeuw heeft de mensheid het gevecht om de aarde verloren van Godzilla. Ze vluchten naar de sterren op zoek naar een nieuw thuis, maar door omstandigheden moeten ze toch terug naar de aarde gaan.

ברית כדור הארץ איבדה מכוחה, והארו שוקל להצטרף לאקסיף, כת מוות המזמנת מפלצת שעלולה להשמיד את העולם.

Mechagodzilla City, inteligentní nanokovové město, bylo i se svými stvořiteli z planety Bilusaludo srovnáno se zemí nejmocnějším monstrem na Zemi, Godzillou. Vypadá to, že lidstvo je ztraceno…a kdesi v hlubinách vesmíru se otevře brána, a zlatá pečeť roztříští hvězdu. Tajemný Metphies, arcibiskup religiózních mimozemšťanů z planety Exif, pomalu rozsévá do myslí lidí sémě pochybností, a konvertuje je ke své vlastní víře, aby dosáhl svého konečného cíle. Godzilla se jeví jako neporazitelný, ale jen do té doby, dokud, zahalen ve zlaté záři, nesestoupí na Zemi hrůzný King Ghidorah, bytost z jiné dimenze. Celá planeta i nebesa, která ji obklopují, se třesou v průběhu boje, který transcenduje hranice času a prostoru. Má lidstvo šanci tohle vše přežít?

داستان درباره اتحاد میان انسان‌ها، بیگانه‌ها و گودزیلا با هم است تا در مقابل موجودی قدرتمند به نام گیدورا قرار بگیرند و...

Совместными усилиями две цивилизации людей всё-таки одолели самого большого Годзиллу, но он не умер, а погрузился в глубокий сон. В рядах выживших нарастает отчаяние, что гигантский ящер никогда не будет побеждён. Этим решает воспользоваться Мемфис и убеждает людей провести обряд поклонения некоему могущественному Богу, который может одолеть Годзиллу.

ถึงแม้ว่าบริบทของการเล่าเรื่องตัวละครจะเปลี่ยนไป และก็อตซิลล่าถูกลดบทบาทลงมากเท่าไร แต่อย่างหนึ่งที่ Godzilla: The Planet Eater ยังคงเคารพต้นฉบับหนังก็อตซิลล่ายุคโชวะเมื่อ 65ปีก่อน ที่ไม่ได้วางตัวราชาสัตว์ประหลาดในฐานะ ต้นกำเนิดของหายนะ แต่เป็นสัญลักษณ์ที่คอยย้ำเตือนถึงความสูญเสียอันโหดร้ายที่เป็นผลมาจากการทำสงครามแย่งชิงอำนาจเพื่อความเป็นที่หนึ่งของมนุษย์ ตั้งแต่ยุคสงครามโลกครั้งที่ 2 ต่อเนื่องไปจนอนาคตที่ไม่มีจุดจบ

Tiếng Việt
GODZILLA: Planet Eater là phần cuối cùng trong bộ 3 movie về huyền thoại Godzilla ra rạp tại Nhật. Cuối phần hai, sau khi con người thất thủ bởi Godzilla Earth tại Mechagodzilla City, Haruo và những người bạn chiến hữu của anh lại phải một lần nữa chứng kiến Trái Đất thuộc về tay của gã Kaiju khổng lồ. Tuy nhiên, một hy vọng đã le lói cho nhân loại khi anh chàng Metphies nhắc đến "kẻ" đã hủy diệt hành tinh, một thiên địch của Godzilla... đó là Ghidorah – đại Kaiju mang hình dáng con rồng khổng lồ đến từ vũ trụ.Sau khi tung hoành tại Mechagodzilla City, Godzilla Earth đã rơi vào trạng thái nghỉ ngơi, bất động. Tận dụng thời gian ít ỏi có được, loài người đã thất vọng đến mức phải triệu hồi, nhờ đến sự giúp đỡ của Ghidorah. Bầu trời dường như bị xé toạc, "ngài rồng" giá lâm.

Dünya ittifakının zayıflaması, Haruo'nun Exif'ten taraf olmayı düşünmesine neden olur. Exif'in ölüm tarikatı ise Dünya'yı yok edebilecek bir canavar çağırmaktadır.

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