Lucy Summary and Synopsis

From the visionary director of La Femme Nikita and The Professional and starring Scarlett Johansson and Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman comes an action-thriller about a woman accidentally caught in a dark deal who turns the tables on her captors. Altered by a dangerous new drug allowing her to use 100% of her brain capacity, Lucy transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. Lucy Wiki

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The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity. Imagine what she could do with 100%...

Lucy Movie (2014)

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Lucy Movie Reviews

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- ...5 star


- Horrible story line1 star

Could have done much better with this movie

- Awful1 star

Me Eyes hurt from rolling them. It had potential but was too forced and cheesy

- Wow5 star

Amazing movie

- Amazing movie5 star

Absolutely LOVED this movie . Very different but keeps you wondering what’s gonna happen next .

- She should stick to Marvel1 star

Not good. This pandemic is bringing back to life movies that should stay buried. This movie sucked.

- Awesome.5 star

Enjoyed every minute.

- The effect when watch and after watched was disappointed1 star

About the intensive cyber space device in everywhere is too greed, make the effect for audiences was terribly disappointed. A humor context actually should bring relax and easy to audience, but “Lucy” this movie can not make their wish come true is about the environment in human being is too technology without natural. Brutal and bloody in movie is a sensual context might some people like, but in real experience or feeling may not right for production.

- Why all the bad reviews5 star

Scarlett Johansson did an amazing job with this movie!

- This movie is a ripoff4 star

Lucy is a rip-off of this anime show elfen lied, they’re both methahumans, and has physic powers. Didn’t u know that?

- Worth buying5 star

Great movie, usually for like a one time watch. But this is the type of movie that after you saw once, you would be okay with playing if you’re not planning to give your full attention to the TV. Like is you get side tracked on Twitter, you’re not going to be upset and have to rewind. Which is great because there’s not many movies like that. So worth buying.

- Double-handed face palm1 star

Even on my deathbed I will likely regret purchasing this film. However, if you count yourself a grand wizard of the willfully ignorant, there may be something here for you.

- Love it5 star

Loved it. Bought it keeps me in the movie every time I watch it. Amazing how the mind works but I wonder how much of the movie is true and false. That’s what’s so interesting about what humans are capable of!!!

- yup5 star

i love you this movie

- Lucy5 star

I love this movie.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Worst movie EVER!!!1 star

Don’t waste your time or money on this movie.

- The worst movie ever made.1 star

^ see above.

- Great.5 star

Really enjoyed the movie!

- Starts well, finishes dumb3 star

Premise is cool and it would have been great science fiction until her powers make the leap to ludicrous. Since when did data flow vertically in the air? Well, since the Matrix obviously! ;) But still mostly fun. heh.

- Own this 12 star

I bought this when it 1st came out. I’ve watched it about 3-4 times. It’s an okay thriller etc , but wouldn’t recommend buying it unless your a real fan of hers.

- Clever5 star


- ❣️❣️❣️❣️5 star

Lucy is so good. I have never seen a movie like this before. It makes you think. I love it so much. It is a must see!

- Would like to see a sequel5 star

Found this movie to be very entertaining. Really hope they consider a part two and bring Lucy back!

- Action-Packed But Still Entertaining!5 star

It is kinda a heavy film but still entertaining to watch. Scarlett is good here.

- Appealing to no audiences1 star

I’d like to say that if you are hip to any disciplines of science, you should not waste your time with this movie. I guess that statement would be somewhat true. My issue with making that statement is, I am someone who is hip to such things, and I thought that I could ignore science and just enjoy a fun movie. Even if you understand that the filmmakers are not scientists (and must not have consulted one), even if you are able to turn off the part of your mind that understands the fallacies from which this movie bases its presumptions, this film is still a gigantic waste of time. It it easy to ignore reality, but it is impossible to ignore a crap script combined with mediocre acting (at best). To put this review in perspective, this is the first movie that I have ever reviewed in my life. I have disliked movies before, but this movie really has nothing to offer anybody at all. Please don’t waste your time. The 1.5 hrs of time that you would spend watching this movie would be better spent just sitting around and staring a blank screen.

- Extremely Underrated !5 star

Watch this movie with a WIDE Open mind and you will not be disappointed ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !

- Really dumb1 star

This movie was awful. It is a movie that tried to cash in on the success of Limitless, but it failed miserably. The story was lazy, the science was lazy. It was just so bad. They didnt even try.

- Loved it------------------------------5 star

I loved this movie. The special effects were great.

- Trying to be LIMITLESS1 star

Watch Limitless. Much better movie. They made this to give a female lead a grander take on what Limitless already did, and the result isn't even clever. Just absurd.

- SILLY1 star

It stole parts of the movie Limtless with Bradley Cooper, which was produced in 2011. That is a better movie, watch that instead Scarlett is one overated actress.

- So bananas it's great4 star

You gotta support Luc Besson no matter what. It's so rare for a big money director to make such unique and strange movies over and over again.

- Who We Really Are5 star

EXCELLENT movie!!..It coincides perfectly with the Conversations With God, Books 1, 2 & 3 and many other Soul books..:)..For those who "don't get" this movie, I recommend reading all 3 Books of CWG and you will "get it"'s Who We Really Are..;)..I just recently had a huge awakening and met wonderful Soulmates because of it...I SEE things beyond the 3-D now...The "veil" between realms is now thinner..;)....Big Thanks to the writers, producers, and director of this phenomenal movie!!..:)

- Fast pace Mind action movie4 star

Super easy fast pace movie of what could happen if the human mind ever reached 100% capacity. What would you do with it?

- Slowest movie I have watched....1 star

So slow and so is the worst Scarlett movie that I have ever seen!

- Really?...2 star

...I seriously mean it, really? some edgy low level criminal chick is forced to deliver a new synthetic drug related to fetal development. Some Korean crime syndicate overlord has his henchmen implant it in her stomach for international smuggling when some other thug beat her and tears open the drug in her belly transmorphing her into a super omnipotent being/entitiy that upon achieving 100% brain activity becomes a master of the fabric of space time continuum. Scarlet looks good in this, she's a sexy lady... her gruf voice and wooden acting are on display as usual. Her mannerisms are like a Brooklyn hooker, but she's attractive. That's the draw, she looks good and there is decent use of modern graphical effects to compliment the movies biomechanic trancendency theme... but this movie tries too hard and comes up short. It feels like a volume of a typical manga paperback. Cool graphical effects, hot chick. The movie uses a goofy documentary style visual notes technique as Morgan Freeman orates yet another 'all knowing old black guy' spew. I hate Freeman by this point in cinema history, they use him in EVERYTHING, every F'ing movie has this guy in it with his ugly old face and boring voice! Stop casting Morgan Freeman as the wise old black guy! for F's sake. If you like Science Fiction with a hot chick you might like this, but there's not much to take seriously. This falls short just as the movie Trancendence did starring Depp.

- pretty lame2 star

i bought it cause it was as cheap as a rental, now i know why

- Horrible1 star

Bought it, watched it and I have to say it was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. I kept waiting for it to get better and it progressively got worse. An hour and a half you'll never get back.

- This movie is great5 star

This movie is great, and fun. I like this movie a lot. It is one of my favorite movies.

- Sci-fi explains evolution!5 star

Great piece, love it.

- This movie is godawful1 star

To date this is the only movie that I purchased on itunes and then deleted it not just from computer but also the cloud. This movie is the worst.

- Love it !!5 star

I liked every detail exept for how they left us hanging at the e fund and here I am 3 years later still waiting but other then that I loved it 👍🏾

- Simply idiotic...1 star

This movie might appeal to idiots. Basically a remake of limitless with a female. Except far, far worse. If you have an IQ below 20 this will be a great movie for you. Random wild animal scenes throughout the movie with know significance or correlation to the ACTUAL movie, the idiot "10% of brain power" myth, and literally 3 fight scenes. I would have liked this movie if they would have had a better writer and trailers that didn't advertise as a exploding action film. Rotten tomatoes if they think this is worth even 10%.

- A 100 Movie Watch5 star

That's right I have watched this movie 100 times and I will be watching it again.

- the worst movie ever1 star

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Goes from entertaining to horribly boring within the first 10 mintues. The main character is boring and none of the action was exciting. Absolutely would not recommend.

- Absolutely AMAZING!!5 star

Loved every bit of this movie! Just wish the ending didn't leave us right where it did!!

- a lot of people hate this movie but...4 star

After reading the reviews, alot of people hated this movie. It was only 4.99 so I decided to give it a try... I thought the movie was alittle slow at the beginning but it started to pick up...I liked the concept of the movie...action was not bad too... I think it was worth watching...although I'm glad I didn't see this in the theater...I think 4.99 was worth it.

- It's Entertaining, Don't expect Oscar material3 star

Many 5 and 1 star reviews. For me I expected nothing great but was interested in the "what if" plot and various action. Of course the plot is not realistic so set your mind straight before watching and you should be entertained.

- Yes, thought provoking...but that's it (barely)3 star

This is what happens with non-science people make a movie because they find science to be supernatural, magical and fantastic. It's focus is wandering and while entertaining and thought provoking, I just could not enjoy the movie. I kept waiting for it to get good, hoping it would present something that would wow me and instead it ends without cause and gets there through controdiction. Why would these Chinese bandits enhance a person if they knew it would make them uncontrollable? Or were they just using people to confiscate a drug and it some how got lose in "Lucy" and it cause her to go hyper mental on everything? Sadly Mr. Freeman's effort was a puppet at best, at times endearing but mostly from how I remember him in previous movies like the Shawshank Redemption. Here he was a face at best. The villans were almost Die Hard like baddies, but they never really connect with me and so appeared less threatening. Still I did watch the entire film expecting it to get better. Thankfully I did not pay to see this film since I could not justify paying to watch something so incomplete. It's very hard not to watch Scarkett's effort as Lucy and not want to see Brent Spinner's Data from Star Trek: Next Generation, who did a better job of making hyper intelligence more believable than Lucy. Also, the whole time travel back through time to touch the finger of the realy Lucy pre-human, seeing early New York Time Square and formations of universe seemed pointless to the story. It present a nice premise with real potential. Reasonable exectution on that premise, extremely poor imagination on the brain enhancements due to the drug bring this movie into the bargin bin, but fair acting, intriguing concept and good (if shallow) special effects make it a worthwhile film if there is nothing else. It's not a bad movie. It's just not a good movie.

- Slightly Farcical, But a very good ride4 star

Very ambitious. Not deep. Plenty of Deus Ex, but outstanding use of effects. This is a film great to watch once.

- Trash1 star

Had so much potential to be amasing, but it sucked.

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Jeremiah77895 - A scientific comedy1 star

One of the more religious films I’ve seen in awhile. It seemed more like a sermon on the ridiculous and comical somehow still alive theory of evolution with a plot almost as weak as the “science” found in it.

bob0087 - Watched 4 times Great Entertainment5 star

Great movie great plot great adventure just excellent something different end a bit lost. I'll watch it again

duke212121 - Half decent flick4 star

I liked most of the movie but the ending could have been stronger. Some of the events were pretty unbelievable but this was not the point that the story was trying to tell. Good movie for a rainy day.

missjanalt - Not worth your time2 star

The first half of the movie was actually not bad. The story was interesting, and the fight scenes were good. But then it got weird and confusing to the point where I had to force myself to continue watching. The ending was just plain preposterous. Definitely one I could have done without.

A slim shady fan - Great movie4 star

I don't get it Peale are not getting the point of the movie that it is about the evolution of the brain and from what I hear we do use 10% of are brain great movie get it

Carpe Diem 1000 - Lucy5 star

Don’t take it seriously and remember to laugh.

J. Al-Yassin - Terrible movie, terrible acting2 star

Sooooooo disappointed

MaiDreamer - Lucy! 😍5 star

Sérieusement, un vrai coup de coeur. Ça faisait longtemps que je recherchais ce genre de film en particulier, mélangeant parfaitement action et science-fiction. Par contre, la fin nous laisse sur un suspense interminable! Argh!

BNA0127 - Not worth watching2 star

Not realistic at all… poor animation…. will not watch again.

Anneaux43 - Lucy4 star

Pas un grand film mais a voir pour l'imagination et le réalisme de la vision

Slam Stocks - Too Confusing3 star

Good concept, but so confusing with some scenes. I understand they want to unlock the human brain, but Lucy can be extremely intelligent and then idiotic. She could have predicted numerous situations especially thinking of the probabilities. The heighten senses, reading minds, predictions and telepathy. With this much power to be invincible there was no need to worry about anything. Confusing and disappointed.

Shush dusk - One Of My Favourite5 star

Love it and Scarlett nice film

T.L.D. Isme - Lucy3 star

It has interesting bits, but, it wasn't for me so much.

Coffee&Muesli - Loved it!5 star

This was a lot of fun. It was funny, full of action, and creative. Check it out.

41sappers - Meh3 star

It's ok, once you get over the obvious scientific flaws of it.

Pacific1971 - The first WOW movie I have watched in years5 star

I bought this film not expecting much but in the first few minutes I knew I was wrong. Expecting another chick beating up on men nouvea anarchofeministo film that we get so often from the matrons of Hollywood..... well no, this film had a very cool context, great use of editing music and delivery to sharpen the plot and simply never let up. It was Crank with the roles reversed. The seneaky part about this action flick is it makes you think awesom film worth watching

ringostore - Silly2 star

Scarlett seems to do silly movies lately. First that skin movie, now this? How do they know we have only used 10 percent of our brain? And if we could use more, we could move objects with our mind? Really? Time travel? Ridiculous movie.

Mikevivian - Lucy4 star

Lots of action, storyline a bit rough but a interesting non stop action movie . Worth the watch but don't take it seriously.

LA-Matrix - Don’t waste you money and time1 star

This movie is an example of a good idea very badly executed. For sure, it’s one of the worst movies that I’seen in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, I can’t order my money back...

lucky6877 - Really bad movie1 star

We watched this last night, my wife and I still can’t believe how bad this movie was. The acting was bad, the story was rubbish and I think this movie was written by people using less than 1% of their brains.

leotc - astonishingly dumb1 star

all the pseudo science babble was clearly concocted by a 5 year old child and fed through a blender with an overdose of total nonsense. wow. how can this movie have been made ? wasnt everyone involved extremely embarrassed during the production ? this is a new low. sorry, but its true. make sure you rent it just so you can understand how mind-numbingly insulting it is to any fan of decent science fiction. shame.

What the H? - Worst movie I've ever seen1 star

It was so stupid and boring I fell asleep in the middle of it

JTarman - Disappointing...2 star

Turned out to be very strange & bizarre, not what I was expecting. Not worth renting.

cjboothman - Terrible1 star

I saw this in the theatre and wanted my money back. The worse movie I actually watched all of in 2014.

The Viss - Lucy3 star

I gave it a 3.5 star rating. Reason, the subject matter was dealt with in a provocative manner. Most of the negative reviews struggled with the superficial stuff and thereby failed to fully understand the critical message about "time". Moreover, these short sighted folks also missed/dismissed the notion of "what could be" if we were able to enhance our mental capabilities. The extent to which this enhanced mental power was portrayed in the movie may be a stretch. Nonetheless, I believe it will happen and mankind will benefit for the most part.

Lowtuss - Awful! Please save your hard earned cash!1 star

So bad. All of it.

TresRíosDoc - Really terrible1 star

Cheap philosophy, cheap acting… terrible plot… Johansson is just a hottie, nobody cares about her acting… but very disappointed of Morgan Freeman making this terrible movies, he is better that this…

decker01 - Awful!!!1 star

Turned it off after 15 minutes!

BraGurl - Great actors, poorly executed and excruciatingly slow2 star

Although this movie starts off well, this movie misses the mark with poorly intertwined characters and substance that loses itself after the first 20 minutes. In comparison to “Limitless”, which takes you on a mind-riveting journey, this movie bounces and has scenes that are so bad it is laughable. I was left with a “That’s it? Where’s the rest of it?” taste in my mouth. Far from being a winding road with twist around every turn, it moves you from a good start to a gasping for breath finish with barely any life support in between. Even great actors can’t save this one.

Primatology major 2 - Most intriguing!5 star

Just happened to be studying primates and our early ancestors, including Lucy and other hominins. They postulate intelligence for our ancestors based on brain size, of which even modern-day humans access only 10%. This movie challenges us to wonder what it would be like if humans could access more of our brain capacity! I quite enjoyed the movie and certainly recommend it, but I can't help feeling they could've taken the theme much further! Lucy 2?

iMøAPC - Lucy Goofy1 star

Perhaps one of the worst movies ever made. The ridiculousness of the plot and massacred science is only outweighed by the divorcing of good sense by the cast performing in it.

Fabsbmw - One star is way too much1 star

This is pure crap as bad as it gets

timtastic - Amazing! It melted my mind!5 star

What an amazing film! If you like sci-fi you'll love this. CGI was great too.

jiggjam - So incredibly bad1 star

But not so bad that it was good. Definitely one to avoid. Completely pointless.

Being-Present - What a genius movie!5 star

A new favourite for me. It explains so much of the reality of life that few are aware of. There is too much still left out, and I wish the violence had been left out, but that too represents our current level of consciousness. At last... A movie with spiritual and esoteric content worth watching. Top stars for me.

One too many... - For people who think they came from apes...1 star

The evolution propaganda is everywhere... as is the human desire to become God. We could start by curing the common cold first. Or by trying to make a film based on reality as opposed to gibberish mixed with pseudo-science.

RustiferJD - absolute dreck1 star

this one is about as goofy as they get. itunes needs to institute a money-back guarantee to protect people from this sort of nonsense.

ITunes Movie Fanatic - Don’t waste your money2 star

The preview gives the entire movie away. Terrible effort at a sci-fi movie. I’m disappointed that Scarlet would star in a movie like this. I expect more from her.

Charles || - This Movie Deserves 10 Stars at Least5 star

My top movie was Pacific Rim, now its Lucy. If you like action movies, this is an absolute Must See.

vbsunset - B flic junk food1 star

The worst role that Johansson has ever played. If you like comic books, fine. But, even giving this film the benefit of the doubt, I just couldn't stop myself from laughing at the absurdity of some of the scenes. And to add insult to injury, another film with Morgan Freeman playing a feeble rendition of Mr. DressUp in blackface.

JillnShivers - Enjoyed but slightly disappointed3 star

I enjoyed the movie but felt disappointed a few times. I guess the first part "humans only use 10% of our brain" - this has been disproved, not once, not twice, but multiple times. As Lucy gets beyond the 50% mark, I don't see a real difference any more. I feel that the writes ran out of ideas near the end. Like I said, still enjoyed the movie, just not as much as I was hoping.

FMEvans27 - Barely made it through to the end1 star

Sorry, I like Luc Besson and Scarlett. but this movie was beyond silly. It started out pretty good, but as soon as her transformation happens it gets stupid. Thought about turning it off several times. Too many holes in the plot and none of her interactions with the other characters made any sense. Don't waste your money.

yowbuzz - LUCY LUCY LUCY YOU GO GIRL4 star

This is a very good movie and is a great FICTIONAL story. The movie moves quickly with the action and with the thought provoking aspects in regard to us and the universe. Great film everyone in my family enjoyed the film for the entertainment it is meant to be. If you mixed SALT and BOURNE Idenity and touch of 2001 Space Odescy you have LUCY. Rent for sure , buy if you love it, thearte yea maybe. Great story great action great entertainment. Went by fast even after the second viewing.

smcarrigankent - worst movie ever1 star

This movie was so ridiculous. The plot made no sense and you couldn’t relate to any of the characters or even what was going on. Maybe good if you are high?

boot u - Lucy1 star

Really the worst movie I've seen since Skin something?(Also a Scarlett movie). Scarlett pick some better scripts!!!!!!!!

Isjcub - Good5 star

I liked it a lot

!nsight - Very smart and engaging5 star

Excellent plot. Very well made. Fantastic acting from Scarlet. Extremely original (even if it may not appear to be at first)

Ghfdfgf - Allo la terre??3 star

c'est tu trop compliquer quand le films et en version multilingue d'écrire le synopsis en français aussi.

LSJ79 - Worst movie I've seen in a very long time1 star

The premise, the script, the acting, the plot. All awful.

Mark Kett - Great film. Inspiring.5 star

If you liked Limitless and Transcendence, you might like this one. This film supplies a series of great moments (visually and thoughtfully) for a lover of Science Fiction and Action Adventure. Thanks for making a great film.

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Poker 4285 - Total Entertianment5 star

Had my complete attention. Great watch and great time.

Burrito Head - Rip off of the Anime classic AKIRA1 star

Hollywood's dumbed down movie adaptation version of the timeless classic animation AKIRA.

PatriotOne1776 - Amazing Movie!5 star

Forget all the negative (1 Star) reviews! This movie Rocks! Officially one of my Favorite movies ever... it's a Mind Blower!!! Do yourself a favor and at least rent it... if it's not your thing, so what, you blew a few bucks, but, believe you me you won't be sorry you did! I hope there's a sequel... you'll see what I mean... don't want to spoil it for you.

J-girl 101 - This movie was terrible1 star

First off, it literally felt like this movie was only 45 minutes long and it definitely could have been summed up in 30. The whole thing was so predictable and it was just awful. Biggest waste of money and time ever.

Hunterofwolf - Ugh1 star

I wanted to like it and saw it opening weekend. I didn't even make it to the end. It was horrible.

Swami Jazz - LiKE5 star

it was great!

dinhr - Great movie5 star

I thought this was a great movie. I don't care for violent films but without it, this film might have become a science lecture. I enjoyed the science but I really liked how her personality changed with every 10% increase in brain function. I'm not a scientist by any means, I just enjoy action/fiction and if it seems believable I sit back and enjoy the ride.

Rich3296 - Lots of potential - not much follow through3 star

This movie looked like it was going to have a lot more substance and less wierd video clips and existentialism. It had it's strong points, but just left me feeling like there was someting missing when it was done.

AngelDemon503 - not bad3 star

all the while a good thinker, i would have liked to see her use her powers a little more. plus, i think Scarlett looks better as a redhead.

odell beckahm - Tatiana4 star

this movie is very intriguing and different. its unique and i enjoy watching this movies predictions on the brains cerebral capacity

CDJDMBA - Me Lose Brain Cells?!? That Unpossible!1 star

This may be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I understand a need to suspend disbelief, but this movie makes that an unbearable task. The concept is flawed: we don't use only ten percent of our brains. The acid trip moments make no sense. The protagonist becomes an emotionless and unlikable character shortly into the film. On top of that the "powers" are never adequately explained beyond the mind can somehow do magic on drugs. The plot was stupid, the acting was wooden, and the action was forgettable. Rent don't buy or, better yet, just stay away.

Blindtastetest - Great sci-fi movie5 star

If you haven't seen this then you need to give it a chance. It does have some heavy science and philosophical concepts, but if that doesn't do it for you then there is always Scarlett J. and some great visual effects.

Likkimon - Mind-bending and eye-opening5 star

I really wish fans of other movies would understand that one can prefer something without hating another… I thoroughly enjoyed this film from start to finish and found it thought-provoking and interesting. Is it perfect? No, because nothing is perfect, and everything is relative. The first 20 minutes or so were somewhat on the way to being grindhouse, but then the movie evolves along in the story with the character. There is a solid message that one can follow about the “goal” of a brain being self-actualizing or perpetuating the species. I think those who didn’t get much out of this probably don’t get much out of anything, or think that their preferences or nit-picking is all that’s important. If you didn’t at least enjoy it as entertainment, or find yourself returning to the questions posed in your own mind, I’m not sure what kind of cattle prod you need to be stuck in the `ol keister. Morgan is delightful, Scarlett is magnetic, and the supporting cast ranges from adequately good to above-average, even considering the language barriers of some characters. The end sequence along (you’ll know when you see it) is worth a rental, if you could rent it on iTunes (at this time it only shows “buying,” as in permanently renting it. If you find yourself asking questions about untapped potential (i.e., fans of The Lawnmower Man, Blade Runner, Transcendence) of the mind and who we might be, you’ll enjoy this.

JaneBerlinH - I like it5 star

Tad cheesy towards the end but it's still a pretty good movie

Infonickman - Boring and nonsensical2 star

Such a boring and nonsensical movie it is hard to enjoy. You also get no investment in the characters making the situations hard to care about.

RRKSA - expecting more4 star

the movie should have been longer.. the idea is great they just didn't know how to make the best out of it. it would be great if they made part 2. but this time they really need to go deeper and longer and make it more enjoyable

ATMMD - BS2 star

Truck loads of BS in this movie. And if anyone believes any of it, please contact me. I have a bridge for sale. Low price!

TheIversens - Great idea with a pitiful ending1 star

Had a great start but it ended badly. I think this could have such a good movie, but the idea that intelligence and knowledge leads us to loose our humanity, love, and compassion is absurd and hopeless.

reviewing_apps_oh_my - Excellent5 star

Excellent Flick!

Elduque7 - entertaining for a few minutes2 star

I expected much more than this. Not only is it choppy but also has a storyline and special effects that make you laugh. Reminded me of "from dusk till dawn", started out with promise and then swirled down the drain rather quickly.

WSDJJsdjd - This is absolutely the worst movie by far.1 star

Action scenes are pretty good, but it does not bring any suspense to the movie at all. The story and character are disaster

I'm awesome11 - Awful1 star

I am a fan of sic-fi movies, but this one is just terrible. From the very start I knew it was bad. The whole movie is cheesy, starting with the main character’s role. Watch Limitless instead

Laurelffffff - It was good but not great4 star

I would recommend this movie if you're a fan of action and sci-fi movies. If you don't approve of violence, this movie is not for you.

PortsmouthPirate - Felt like I was watching a B movie.2 star

I’m a big fan of both Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson, and this movie was so beneath them both. There were so many hokey scenes that it was hard to bear. The special effects were hokey too. Even the sound effects were over the top and hokey. And my god, who wrote that script, Homer Simpson? I really felt like I was watching a B movie with this one. I had high hopes, but this was a huge letdown.

Cory53491 - Great movie5 star

Lucy is a fast pace, intence, and just a great movie all around.

Photag216 - Bad. Just bad.2 star

Just trust me on this. This isn't a good movie. For one, the entire premise isn't substantiated. We DO use 100% of our brain. Just only 10% at any given time, or so. So, right there .. stupid and it doesn't work. Next, while the first half of the move was ok, and I stress, just ok. The last half and definitely the end was just plain stupid. And it barely made sense. Only watch if you're super bored and you've seen every other movie. I don't know why such famous actors would make such a silly, and ridiculous film. Remember! We 'do' use all of our brain. All of it. Just not at once.

whatabeautifulworld - Boring, bad version of limitless.1 star

Another boring CGI movie trying to wow us with effects. This movie was a bad copy of limitless where she attains 100 percent control of her brain. Maybe worth a 99 cent movie, but even at 4.99 it was a waste of money. Just finished the movie and already forgetting it because it completely bored me.

Sheba101 - Very disappointed.1 star

Rented movie but it never would play after downloading....very disappointed....over $6 down the drain unless they will give it back to me!!!

NINJAAAAAAA - Luc Besson does it again5 star

Albeit this review may be a bit biased as Luc Besson is my favorite director, though I must say I didn't know he was the director till the end of the film. In a quirky nostalgic way this movie captures the essence of wonderment I felt the first time watching The Fifth Element when I was a kid. This is now my second favorite Luc Besson film with The Professional as the third.

kisertn - Major Disappointment2 star

I really wanted this movie to be good. Major directing fail. Those interjected scenes were the stupidest thingI have seen in awhile. I have enjoyed many other Luc Besson movies, but sorry guy - this is a mess and I am disappointed you couldn’t see that before publishing it. Once bitten, twice-shy - I will definitely wait for reviews before seeing your next movie.

FullMetalAchemist - Not worth your money1 star

Just read the plot on wiki. Limitless had a much better ending.

F. Rankie - Are you a 1%-er?1 star

If you can harness only 1% of your brain capacity you might be stupid enough to like this piece of crap. Watch the trailer, it's way better than the movie, and costs a lot less.

Murad X'O - Love It!5 star

I'm literally obsessed...

Kienan B - Amazing!5 star

I loved this movie! I loved the script, I loved the ending, I loved Scarlett Johanssen (even more after this movie!) The background of Asia gives the movie a more thrilling feel… definitely worth watching!

SoCal Josh - Awful1 star

Simply awful.

Shannon Brantley - Not great, not awful3 star

Mostly enjoyed this as a movie to watch on my iPad on a plane ride. If nothing else, she is fun to watch when she is being a bada$$.

ZahaTorte - Garbage.1 star

I was excited about the idea and the cast. The cast did well for what they had but they didn't have much. The movie fell short of anything good or interesting. Setting aside the horrific ending, I felt the movie didn't do what it set out to. Lucy lost all emotion quickly and it didn't show her struggling with each unlock of her brain power. Would have been a lot better IMO if they had listed out more levels of things that would happen and showed as she hit them. What we got was a few half baked ideas of what would happen and a bunch of tricks that someone with advanced brain function should be able to do. The preview was much better than the movie. Save yourself money and rent it if you're interested.

Jman09091997 - I want my money back1 star

I can't even play the movie I wasted 15.00 on this movie it's not even fair or funny this was a dumb idea to download and buy the movie

ljewe7 - Fun but sad how it offers nothing. Look to Buddha.4 star

Lets be clear, the film is silly and as pure entertainment I enjoyed it. However it is a little upsetting because it hopes to hint at the evolution of ourselves but can teach us nothing – the *science* in this is to be completely ignored. It, and the potentially half-sensible understandings the concept is based on can be, and will never be, of any real value to any living being. However we already have answers to *all* the questions of our existence available on this planet right now. Buddha – there it’s said, and you can call me a fanatic or whatever, but it won’t change the truth of it. Buddha gave us all the answers but we mostly ignore the wisdom of enlightened beings. We think he is mostly a nice looking garden ornament! The wisdom, and not mere knowledge he offers cannot be experienced via a USB stick like on this dumb movie. It is our personal experiential realizations gained through following his instructions – not as you might imagine something that can be passed on in words - or movies. Seek his instructions on the nature and function of the mind, which is utterly different to brain (something almost all *scientist* haven’t a clue about), and in particular his presentation on ultimate truth - emptiness, as presented in the highest Madhyamika-Prasangika school. Also know that wisdom without the development of genuine compassion will be in-suffice. Ultimately you need access to his complete path of Sutra and Tantra. The only clear presentation of the entire path of Buddha, presented in a way that is perfectly suited to our modern day minds that I believe still exists in this world is taught by a monk called Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. You can quest elsewhere but you are wasting your very limited time. There it is – all the answers sitting right under your nose. Good luck.

RCCARS69 - Fast Paced yet slow response3 star

The one role you never expect her to play she pulls it off yet keeps her shirt on ? yah why is this rated R ? Simliar to Limitless with a female role classic recycle movie.. Enough with Matrix style bullets CGI though. Honestly one sceen could have been better with her chained up could warrent this R but your left w dam she escapes again.

LiLiLicious - This is a COMEDY!1 star

This movie starts out with promise of great things to come . . . but they don’t! Watched this with my main man and 14 year old niece, all fans of Luc Besson. We went from edge of our seat enthralment to pants wetting laughter. What an absolute disaster. Thank goodness we hired it and didn’t buy it. If you loved The Professional and are hoping for a film of the same calibre; this ain’t that film.

Hcncjc - Weird1 star

I agree with the previous poster. It watches as if it was written while in production. The imagery with Lucy falls flat. The movie starts off decent, interesting, and becomes far-fetched, fantastical, stupid, and eventually, unwatchable. Do not rent.

anykine - Don't watch the last 20 minutes.3 star

The ending was ridiculous. The movie was good but that ending just made it too over the top.

...Guy Behind The Guy - I Chose Poorly...1 star

At 15% of the way into the story she shoots a cab driver in the leg for no reason. At 20%, she kills an innocent person lying on a hospital operating table. Then, just when you’re starting to question her actions, at 30% she comes face-to-face with the bad guy who kidnapped her… and lets him go. Thirty minutes in, and you’ll be wondering why you should care, and then you’ll start questioning everything. Once you do that, you’re mind will open up 100% to see one flaw after another.

jamieorc - Idiotic1 star

The movie is a confused mash-up of bad sci-fi based on the busted myth that we only use 10% of our brains and a mob shooter. Apparently if we could only use most of our mythical brain power, not only would we be smarter, but we could control matter and gravity, travel in time, and pretty much do just about anything. The movie is a waste of some talented actors’ abilities.

Archer 911 - Good because of Scarlett3 star

Good acting from Scarlett J, a decent story, and excellent special effects. It could have been much better but at least it didn’t seem like waisted time on the couch.

Namoste - To creepy for me1 star

I stopped watching it about 25 minutes into it. It has intense manipulation and violence, darkness and gore. I can handle Quinton Terontino but this was just horrific for me. It felt too real with a lot of moments that happen so quickly and Lucy is suddenly in a no-win situation of disgust and darkness with no options. Not my cup of tea. I was told it gets much better about after 40 minutes but I couldn’t get that far.

Hed937 - Now we know what Luc Besson has been up to!4 star

I am a huge fan of Luc Besson’s films. Leon, Big Blue, the fifth element and Nikita are, in my view, some of the best films ever made. Then he seemed to disappear somewhat, and I wondered what had happened to him. On the evidence of this film it may be that he spent that time taking vast quantities of drugs! The film starts relatively coherently and then descends into madness rather quickly. Whilst it was entertaining, I have absolutely no idea what he was on about!

Tomsrig - Excellent graphics and special effects5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. It has a decent premise but you will have to watch it to the end to get the message the movie is trying to convey.

alexpwnsn00b2 - Don't buy, rent.2 star

If you really want to watch this movie just rent it. It's not worth buying.

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