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In The Equalizer, Denzel Washington plays McCall, a man who believes he has put his mysterious past behind him and dedicated himself to beginning a new, quiet life. But when McCall meets Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young girl under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters, he can't stand idly by - he has to help her. Armed with hidden skills that allow him to serve vengeance against anyone who would brutalize the helpless, McCall comes out of his self-imposed retirement and finds his desire for justice reawakened. If someone has a problem, if the odds are stacked against them, if they have nowhere else to turn, McCall will help. He is The Equalizer. McCall believes he has put his mysterious past behind him and dedicated himself to beginning a new, quiet life. But when he meets Teri, a young girl under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters, he can’t stand idly by – he has to help her. Armed with hidden skills that allow him to serve vengeance against anyone who would brutalize the helpless, McCall comes out of his self-imposed retirement and finds his desire for justice reawakened. If someone has a problem, if the odds are stacked against them, if they have nowhere else to turn, McCall will help. He is The Equalizer. The Equalizer Wiki

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The Equalizer Movie (2014)

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The Equalizer Movie Reviews

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- Denzel did a fantastic job5 star

Entertained throughout the entire movie! Amazing :)

- Terrible2 star

I like a good action movie but this was so boring and cliche. Plus I don’t get why everyone loves Denzel Washington. He is so flat. It’s like watching a robot.

- Terrific5 star

Really enjoyed Denzel in this one.

- It’s Denzel!4 star

I love this movie reminds me of the Charles Bronson death wish days. You can’t go wrong with Denzel, be a drunk pilot or train operator or dad saving his sons life. It’s Denzel

- One of my favorite!5 star

Denzel with the classic smile, never fails

- Amazing movie5 star

Love Denzel Washington

- Cool movie4 star

I thought this was pretty cool. Denzel was excelllent as usual. Well done movie all around.

- Fim can emptier than I remember3 star

Someone availed themselves of a pair of scissors while drinking cheap wine. They spliced the living dookie out of the original film. Why? очень грустный


There are several actors that I like, there are no actors that can do it perfectly as well as Mr. Washington. Great movie and everyone who made it possible I say “Thank You.” Don’t know how many times I’ve watched this awesome movie. I just purchased the 2nd one. Never done before by Denzel. I’m happy that you did. Robert McCall, I could use some help.

- Denzel Washington - missing movie5 star

I’m looking for the Denzel Washington movie called “Ricochet”. This is the first Denzel Washington movie I remember. It’s awesome! This movie made him a star! Please add it to your Movie library so I can purchase it. Thank you very much!

- Awesome Actor5 star

This is a spectacular movie from start thru the end. All Denzel Washington movies are excellent.

- Apple Screwed Me Twice!!!!1 star

This will be two movies in a row now that I have rented from iTunes & in the middle of watching the movie it cut out on me. I had a full internet connection when the both incidents occurred. The Apple TV thinks I have watched the movies & thus, they have stolen my money twice. Unless I can find a way to get the rentals back, I will NEVER rent from this company again and I WILL be sharing my experience with EVERYBODY that I possibly can.

- THIS IS LIT5 star

Dude this is totally lit like Denzel Washington Is so lit best movie ever

- Washington’s best!5 star

Excellent movie!. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be that bad§ss??

- Great5 star

Loved. It’s Denzel. Duh.

- Forgotten gem5 star

I decided to watch this since the 2nd is in theaters and wow! I forgot how good this movie is! Great from start to finish!

- Rezzygirl5 star

I have one word for this movie. “AWESOME!!!”

- Wanted hero like this to go South of the Border...4 star

In a day and age where cops are too few and underpaid, and with politicians either unwilling or unable to fight organized crime like Russians, which could have been as easily any of the Cartels. We could use a few real life people like Robert.

- A Sleeper! Amazing5 star

This is a great movie!! Denzel embodies his character and within minutes you forget you’re watching him. The story pulls you in with a plot with multiple layers for all adult audiences. A must see! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!

- Great movie5 star

Must See

- Loved it so excited to see they’ve made another5 star

Loved this action with a story, can’t wait for round two!

- Denzel!!!!!!5 star

Great movie

- awesome!5 star

Best action ... great story! All around great movie! Denzel Washington is amazing!!

- THIS IS EPIC5 star

The plot is just amazing. This movie doesn't need a women or sex to make it great. Tbh the best action movies I wacth this year!

- Legit5 star

What can I say. Denzel does it again. Loved it-

- I'd Like A Sequel5 star

Good part for Washington. The girl was well-cast. Nice simple vigilante story.

- Enjoyable & Very Violent5 star

The movie was predictable but very enjoyable. Sometimes, I like to see action movies that stray from the typical pattern. The hero is older and very subdued (until he goes into action). The bad guys are very predictable and have no redeeming qualities. No, the movie is not believable, but it's a movie and who is looking for reality in a movie? Mr. Washington was perfect as the hero and I will watch this movie many times.

- One to watch repeatedly5 star

So happy to see that a sequel is in the works. Denzel was good in this. The story was well done. The ending led us to believe more was to come.

- You Have Seen This Movie a Million Times3 star

The movie is typical shoot-up-the-bad-guys Hollywood fare. This is a solid movie. It's not drivel, but it won't take your mind to new places. You have seen this same theme come out of the machine in a million different variations. No surprises. Little tension. No enlightenment. Do yourself a favor, strech your imagination by reading a book rather than watching a movie like this. There is no growth in this movie....for anyone!

- Denzel never ceases to AMAZE me when watching his movies.... one of my fav. actors5 star

Those that disagree are just not seeing this movie in the way that it was written. If you'd watch the behind the scenes and listen to what Antione Fuqua and Denzel as well as Chloë Grace Moretz.... it's a 10 in my book 😘

- Easy action movie4 star

Predictable but very fun movie to watch. Denzel Washington doesn't disappoint.

- Wow5 star

I absolutely loved this movie and character. Excellent and unique action sequences and great story! I really hope they make another one of these great character!

- Awesome!5 star

Loved the movie! One to buy for the library!

- Classic Denzel5 star

Almost believable is what I would say. Great storyline, great cinema, good cast.

- Brutally good5 star

I wasn’t so sure about this, as Washington doesn’t always have great films. The plot is predictable, but good, the key twists are really in the trailer, but still great watch. If you like action, not as spy thriller as Bourne, more of a John Wick type thing, then this is good. I hope there are more in the series.

- Good check your bain at the door movie3 star

A bit slow at times and the story is cookie cutter -- but good action that is delovered well.

- onecanknowme5 star

Superb in every aspect .. perfection One of my top 5 favorites .. you will love it

- Predictable2 star

If you like Seagul movies, you'll like this. Cheesy stuff. I'm surprised Washington would waste his time or talent on this tripe.

- Incredible5 star

Extremely uplifting movie fkn loved it.

- YES!!!5 star

because of this, Denzel earned my respect and has become one of my favorite actors; period

- Awesome5 star

This is definitely in one of my top ten movies.

- The Equalizer5 star

One of Denzel’s best. The first time watching was the best but i have watched it several time and always like it. Love action and Denzel is one of the best.

- More Denzel Magic5 star

Don’t have much to say other than this is the best movie of it’s genre in a while! Love Denzel, always have.

- You'll watch it twice...or more!5 star

If you're into the genre, you already know the plot but Denzel makes this work as or better than Bronson, Eastwood, and Damon. Well acted and executed, the stunts are not overdone though the credibility and timeline are sometimes out of whack with the story line. Moretz offers up the right mix between innocence and cliche, worthy of salvation with Washington delivering without sappy drama The end sets the stage for a sequel, hopefully delivered by Washington before he's too old to be believable. This joins my collection of great action flicks and should be in yours too.

- Super Moive with heart5 star

This movie does have heart to it, doing the right thing. Nice focus in the movie, good plot, good story. Well done

- Equalizer1 star

One of the worst movies I've ever seen Denzel play in. Glad I rented and didn't buy because I would have wasted my money. Always been attracted to his movies but thumbs down on this one

- "The Equalizer"5 star

I sense a trilogy for this movie. Denzel Washington was perfect and the direction was great. Can't wait for the sequel. Just for the sequel, they should get Sean Penn to play the villain!!! :)

- Denzel strikes again!5 star

A very enthralling story; a movie of truly righteous justice, but not in the religious way; more of a moral justice. Easily one of my favorites, if not my all-time favorite.

- Classic Denzel5 star

This movie is in the same genre as Training Day and Man on Fire. Don't mess with Denzel, he will kill you with no emotion. Loved it!

- Greatness!5 star

...brutal, elegant and 100% Denzel.

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Marciafritz - Equalizer1 star

Gratuitous violence, replayed for some inexplicable reason. I had to turn it off.

MissBecca0215 - Loved it!5 star

Really enjoyed this movie. Loved the action and it was different. But in a good way. Would love to see a sequel!

razrbk11 - Excellent Action5 star

DW is one for All Time!

Ric57100 - Masterpiece5 star

This is a masterpiece for anyone who enjoys watching all the bad guys meet their violent fate, but it's also an extraordinary movie in its own right. I like a good revenge movie like a lot of people, and I'm ok with violence (although I had to skip one scene) and this movie delivers with great efficiency and style everything one might expect. But there's much more than that. The death, for example, of one of the thugs, slowly chocking in his own blood while Denzel Washington calmly talks to him, is riveting. It reminds us of what the fuel of these movies really is (people dying, a human being dying, even a bad one), and what we are really watching once the movie slows down and focuses on one of these expandable characters. And yes, this is a story of a good guy who fixes things "because he can", and the movies takes its time to create a real context to the story and give Denzel Washington the opportunity to develop his character with awesome skill. His character doesn't relish violence for its own sake, it is just a mean, although he uses it with great calm and no apparent qualms.

mft534 - Good movie5 star

Entertaining and well worth it

Altavelocidad - Love Denzel, but no story here folks1 star


Fuel fueled - The Equalizer5 star

Denzel is amazing. Great Movie!!

Socsparky7 - BORING1 star

This movie is awful. It took me forever to get into it and the second the girl was in the diner, I knew the entire story. Nothing was good about this movie. I gave it one start because I had to click on a star to continue

JessicaTaylor2114 - Good Movie5 star

Good movie and good story. Denzel Washington is always awesome and he kicked some but in this one. Love Chloe, she has played some pretty awesome roles these days.

Jp.308 - Awesome Movie5 star

Love it!

DoubleD1105 - One of the best movies of the year!5 star

If you like some good down right kick you in the face and knock all your teeth out kind of movie this is the movie for you, or if you are just a Denzel fan then this will not disappoint. Great movie, I enjoyed every second of it.

robk64r - Uber-Violent3 star

Where it lacks in story, it makes up for in eye-popping graphic detail. The story progresses well enough, but eventually falls into a typically-satisfying familiar rut. You won’t be disappointed, but you probably won’t be surprised, either.

spcarver - Terrible1 star

Saddens me to see some of these reviews-I suppose it shows how things like ‘plots,’ ‘story lines’ and such no longer matter. I would pay 20$ to get that two hours back. Worst Denzel movie i have ever seen. Nothing more than a sylvester/strathem/etc….pointless collection of bullets and quips

leonesp - equalizer5 star

denzel does it again

BobtheG - Just OK3 star

This is an OK romp for a day when you are at home with the flu. Lots of plot holes and underdeveloped 1-dimensional characters (ex. you can tell the bad guys because all bad guys have lots of tattoo art). The bad guys are bad, the reluctant hero is the reluctant hero, etc. It works when you’re on medications. The worst thing about it was that it lacked the charm and sophistication of the original television series, which was known for its intelligence and plotting come-uppances. This one is just the usual lots-of-cartoon-violence schtick.

PGabeH - Supremely satisfying5 star

not sure what was quite so appealing….the action, terrific fight scenes, or the sentimental elements… but this one gave me what i wanted, a true feel-good flick.

CredoinDeum - Ok Alright.3 star

Alright ok.

CAS9176 - Great story and action ignore reviews4 star

I am not a Denzel fan. my boyfriend rented this and actually I loved it. The only problem with the storyline is they make you wait til the end u til there is anger mention of this woman he wants to save. But the action and strategy are great. I don't get the bad reviews at all.

Klingons for Christ - This REALLY Needs to Become a Franchise!5 star

I enjoyed this film and I really hope that it becomes a franchise like the BOURNE, BOND, DIE HARD, etc. franchises. Given how unjust the world is, it shouldn't be too hard to come up with assorted characters in assorted situations who really need help. That way, it's can always remain interesting! Hey, Studio Gods! More please. : )

Clarkplus - Getting it Right5 star

I have always loved the idea of someone protecting people who are unable to protect themselves. In this file, the old guy (Washington) gets it right by doing the right thing. Okay, his methods are mostly violent but that makes the movie good. I do like Washing more as he ages and highly recommend this film.

1$28(&!::738:338$3)259,!374 - Spoiler Alert!4 star

Denzel Washington is a great actor and the movie was great (who doesn't like killing the Russian Mafia?), but there was one problem. It ruined The Old Man and the Sea. I had been wanting to read it for a while, but after watching the Equalizer, I already knew what happened!

woo-oop - Great movie5 star

Denzel Washington never disappoints! what an amazing movie! worth-watching!

Marcosreal0 - AWESOME5 star

One of the best movies of 2014

SoonerKW - 👍5 star

Great movie!!

SoCal Josh - Simple, fun, and satisfying.5 star

A great movie that delivers exactly what I expected and wanted!

Bolbolize - Good one4 star

A very exciting movie. The story is inspiring.

Stevenc123 - Entertaining and satisfying5 star

Typical Denzel powerhouse.

billybraveheart - Another Hit5 star

Yes indeed, yet another hit from Denzel, nice action throughout

Bailey701 - Mike1 star

The first hour wasn't bad,the next three seemed very long. Not a good movie.

uncaled - This character needs a trusty sidekick5 star

Sense he is a mere mortal, lacking any magical superpowers, it is a stretch to see how he makes it to the end with only a bandaged hand. By this time he has demolished at least two score of Russian nasties, and only just barely escaped being blown up in the same explosion he himself has set on one of their oil tankers! I love a good action, flick, and this one fits the bill. With a damsel in distress, the good guy rides to the rescue. Sure, as others have mentioned, you could complain about certain aspects of this movie, but why bother? Instead, grab a bag of popcorn and rent the dang thing! I’ll wait to buy it when if falls below $10.

Ferrari888889 - Denzel5 star

Where do i start denzel washington was great as alway. The movie is not what you exspect at all

Evcn - I didn't even get to watch it1 star

I rented it and it took a while to download so when I finally downloaded it. It was gone from my downloads. So I didn't even get to watch it.

Elliot VA NYYFAN - One movie not to be missed by Denzel Washington.5 star

Denzel Washington at his best since Training Day. Great action and storyline.

ramsackle - Denzel5 star

Denzel Washington can take just about any script, even the most formulaic, and make you believe him.

noahtherockstar - Absolutely terrible1 star

This movie is by far the worst Denzel Washington movie that I've seen. The story is a very predictable pile of garbage. I swore it was a bad episode of Law and Order SVU. Chloe Grace Moretz' portrayal of an emotionally damaged 'Lady of the Evening' wasn't very convincing either. My wife got mad at me because I kept predicting what would happen next. Awful Hollywood Garbage!

theshrimp01 - Action Packed!5 star

Denzel Washington films never seem to disappoint me. This film starts off slow but the build up will sweep you off your feet. It's highly packed with a lot of action. I am always about the score of a film and I thought the selection was brilliant! Highly recommend checking out the equalizer!!!

mommyhaleiv - Love this!5 star

Denzel is one of my favorites anyway, but this was a great movie. Fun to watch, unpredictable and exciting.

seanprodi - Home Alone for adults1 star

If you like Home Depot and awkward slow motion scenes then this is the movie for you! One of the best comedy movie I've seen this year! Washington really nailed this one with a nail gun! He totally smashed my expectations with a sledge hammer!

gladstonejr - I was not worthy5 star

THIS is a real movie. That's all

madisonmary29 - The Equalizer5 star

The most exciting movie I have seen in years!!!

matatabwouy - thats the way, ah ha, i like it5 star

forget any nonsensical reviews about this motion picture, it is brillaint. taken 3- forget it total rubbish in comparison, skyfall- worst bond movie ever, just have a look at the sexy{NOT] co star. what a joke. Denzel, ask yourself this question. when was the last time he made a dodgy movie?

AustinXXX - Phenomenal !!5 star

A stellar film in every way. Incredible action scenes and Denzel Washington is in a league all his own. RUN and don't walk to see this film!

Hajsj178656 - AWSOME!!!!5 star

Very good movie Denzel played an amazing role in this film a must watch highly recommended film.

Deb286 - OMG Bad1 star

Worst movie by Denzel Washington ever. Denzel you really should have skipped this script from h***. I have seen the original tv series and this was a total insult to that series. There was no plot , oh sorry there was one. A man suffering OCD used his watch as a counter to see how many seconds it took him to kill a room or alley full of people. Denzel have you not made enough money so you don't have to make this kind of crap.

KING KROMDOR - Denzel. Enough said.5 star

Oh, sorry, was the plot not riveting enough? Characters not developed enough? Was there not a sense of awe at the end of the film? Were the secondary actors really underrated and strange? Good. Because if any of that were true, this wouldn't have been a great movie. This movie was about Denzel Washington doing his thing against bad guys. You've seen it in Man on Fire. You've seen it in Training Day. You've seen it in American Gangster. He's the baddest good guy (and sometimes bad guy) out there, and that's the entertainment. In this iteration, which has the Tony Scott-inspired slow-motion effects and bass-pumping action tracks, Washington fights bad guys on his own terms, their terms, and even somewhat inside of a Home Depot. I can see you saying, "WHAT A HOME DEPOT?" Yeah, a Home Depot. Let your imagination run wild. Actually, get your beer and popcorn and watch this thing already.

mrboffo555 - Denzel is better than this.1 star

this movie was predictable, with violence for no discernible point, and frankly stupid. i loved “flight” and “training day” but this was a waste of money and time.

Nyorker - Excellent5 star

It's been a long time since I have seen a good movie and this was fantastic. Don't compare to the tv show. Reminds me of first blood from back in the days lol

Luislobo - Wow5 star

All I can say is if u r a Denzel Washington fan this movie is great...

TiTi1003 - Watch it.4 star

I enjoyed watching Denzel handling business.

Mickey Mike - Awesome5 star

This movie was great! Love Denzel

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The Equalizer movie images
The Equalizer movie images
The Equalizer movie images
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The Equalizer movie posters
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The Equalizer movie posters
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