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April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, and with a rookie soldier thrust into their platoon, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany. In the last months of World War II, as the Allies make their final push in the European theatre, a battle-hardened U.S. Army sergeant named 'Wardaddy' commands a Sherman tank called 'Fury' and its five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany. Fury Wiki

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War never ends quietly...

Fury Movie (2014)

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Fury Movie Reviews

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- 👊🏼👊🏼5 star

A great WWII movie! Lots of action and great cast.

- One of my favorites!!!5 star

Real and indepth. Love the movie

- This is my relife and this my gun!!5 star

Fury is like watching toture porn because it was dark nazi brutalness and outstanding performences by Brad Pitt he is also a great actor and he would always we be.

- What a film!5 star

Excellent acting, great story, gritty, and very well made! A favorite of mine now



- Awesome5 star

It really feels warrrrrrrrrrrr

- Fury4 star

Surprisingly good


Great movie. Huge love for Shia Labeouf!!

- Amazing5 star

I’ve watched it so many times and yet, it’s still extremely interesting. E

- Very Good!5 star

I was surprised at how great this film is! Amazing well told story!

- Awesome Movie!!5 star

Easily one of Brad Pitt’s best performances and definitely one of the best WW2 movies ever made.

- silly - but great tank battle scenes3 star

It's propoganda as far as each American kills 100 Germans, and much of the dialogue is completely implausible - but there are some good moments in the plot, and the tank battle scenes are legit.

- Tank Porn5 star

Tank enthusiast will appreciate the effort to accurately portray late-war armor; amazing to see the only remaining operational Tiger in action.

- FURY IS THE BEST!!!5 star

Best war movie I have ever saw. I cried at the ending so sad 😢

- Amazing❤️❤️5 star

I felt like I was there and I felt what they felt it’s such a good movie definitely watching this again


People want new war movies - like American Sniper. It was funny that almost everytime the Americans shot at the Germans they yelled, "Die Nazi F#$#S!" Not all German soldiers were Nazi. Also, a rather silly ending, he would not have been left alive.

- What's the point2 star

Maybe the action is accurate to what actually happened in World War II. Who cares. I fail to find the point of this movie or find anything redeaming about it. I'm glad I rented it.

- Peleó5 star


- Very good!5 star

As usual the critics have no idea what they are talking about..One of the best war movies I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of them. The characters are real and seem authentic.They used authentic ww2 tanks and it was done very well. Not a dull moment in the film. Showed the horrors of war and I think it’s up there with saving private ryan and Schindler’s list when it comes to war movies. WATCH IT!!!

- Outstanding5 star

A fantastic war movie that's highly aggressive and emotional!

- Better than I thought it would be5 star

I wasn't expecting very much, but I do like Brad Pitt. Somehow they avoid most of the clichés (although a war movie formula is followed here). Even Pitt is understandable; many movies he isn't audible or doesn't say much, but I was pleasantly surprised by his German!! Good film!!!

- Best Tank War Movie4 star

This is one of the best World War II movies. I love the character development, the scenery, the acting, and the Action is Amazing. Yes it has it flaws. But overall is one hell of a movie.

- Fury5 star


- You won't regret it!!!5 star

This movie is one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. The story is easy to fall into and the acting in itself is amazing especially from Shia!! Definitely worth every penny!!!

- Excellent and Realistic5 star

Brad Pitt and the entire cast were on point with this movie. The particular period of time during the latter days of WW2 have rarely been retold in such a manner. The evils of war and the power of conviction are at the heart of this instant WW2 film. I didn't expect this film to be much more than a Hollywood rehash with stereotypes and drama without end; but instead the story of the soldiers and especially the attention to detail found in the tanks and weaponry are remarkable. Finally, I think that this movie was a unique mixture of history and lore that is a glimpse into these terrible days and the havoc of war.

- War Doesn't play Nice5 star

Tough but Really Well Done Film .

- Lousy Movie1 star

If you ever met a WWII vet you know they weren't like the characters portrayed in this movie. This movie does a disservice not just to veterans but to all of humanity. And when a howitzer shell explodes, it has less destructive power than a grenade so a pretty stupid movie.

- Fury5 star

Great. Great. Great.

- There was a great movie in here somewhere...3 star

Then came the ending. There were portions that I really liked. I loved the battle with the tiger tank. The banter in the tank. The dinner with the girl in the house... and then the ending came. Pitt standing on the tank all HE MAN like taking on 200 nazis... It was so stupid. First 3/4 I would give four stars. Take off one because of the stupid ending.

- Always remember2 star

History is written by the victors.

- Pure entertainment; not realistic at all1 star

A lone American tank is surrounded, in the dark, by a large number of enemy infantry, armed with anti-tank weapons, and the tank survives the night? No way. Could have been a great movie but the totally unrealistic circumstances just made me make fun of it.

- Nothing short of thrilling5 star

Some people may not like it some do as for me I found the movie to be truly thrilling the actors deliver one hell of an emotional performance. The movie is both thrilling and gives a person an insight into the horrors of war. I am considering purchasing this film it is that good.

- Tactics lacking4 star

Can't help but think the SS would have been better off detouring around the tank.


This story is a great depiction of the brotherhood and bravery of the soldiers who fought during WWII !!! For those who are trashing the film as unrealisitc due to its plot line, look up Audie Murphy. Hollywood will always put a spin on films. No movie, not even documentaries, are entirely realistic. That's the draw, the escape that makes it entertainment.

- Lol5 star

While it is a coincidence that they choose not to retreat at the end, that isn't what they were saying in the description. They were saying David Ayer keeps the human touch without shying away from the thrills. What idiots.

- Great Movie!5 star

Definitely one of the best movies I have seen in a while! It reminded me a lot of Saving Private Ryan. It was pretty fast paced, had a great cast, and the characters really did seem real!

- Best Ever!!!5 star

Fury is still on of the best war movies i'd ever seen.

- FURY IS THE BOMB 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣5 star

Best movie I rate it five star because the graphics are amazing and Brad Pitt is awesome in it and buy it

- Unrealistic1 star

The last scene where 1 tank holds off a Battalion of infantry suspends reality to the extent that the entire sequence is cartoonish. In the real world, the infantry would have simply marched around it. Not well done at all.

- Beautiful5 star

One of my top 10 favorite movies, Amazing

- "Best job I ever had." Great film5 star

This has got to be one of the best war films I've ever seen. I saw this film when it first came out in the theatre. I was expecting a lot. And I got more than that. I got a film that's very worth watching. Definitely worth every cent.

- Accurate👌🏻5 star

It has one of the most accurate World War 2 movies. The penetration on the Tiger was insane, it did not explode like a typical movie would it went straight in and sparks flew out of the turret like it would from hitting an ammunition rack. The movie was flawless and was very close to the actual story.

- Best WAR Movie5 star

Love this movie

- Phenomenal5 star

This movie is spectacular. It's emotional and the actors are great, even Norman, who was incredible, who is a younger actor. They all do incredible jobs playing their unique characters. Shia blew me away with his performance, because after seeing him in Transformers I had thought he was a horrible actor. After seeing this however, he's great in every scene. And of course Brad owned every scene. The story is emotional and gut wrenching. It perfectly captures the horrors of war all the way up to its climatic and dramatic conclusion that leaves you awestruck. I highly recommend purchasing this. It's become my favorite movie I've seen in a while.

- Loved it5 star

Awesome flick I bought it because it was so good seen it three times now

- One of my favorite war films. Awesome, intense, and emotional.5 star

This movie has so much to it that makes it worthwhile: battles with Shermans and Tigers, great acting out of Brad Pitt and the cast, an emotional and powerful finale with some terrific music out of Oscar Winning composer, from Gravity, Steven Price, and more. But what really gets you is the middle act. Just watch and see...its pretty interesting! I rank this as one of the best war films I have ever seen. Up with Patton, Saving Private Ryan, Kellys Heroes, HBO series Band of Brothers. One of the definitive modern war movies that keeps you excited throughout.

- War is hell.5 star

War is a true horror. This movie showed it all with a great combo of actors. War has no glory in it what so ever. But if necessary, war is necessary.

- Elmer Fudd Goes to War2 star

Written, acted and portrayed with as much 'cheese" as possible. Every possible war movie clique has made its way into this flick. The religious soldier, the "Green Horn", the greasy, lecherous sadist; and lastly the hero (Brad Pitt) who has nothing better to do than die unnecessarily. The German military units move with the discipline of 10 year old girl scouts under fire-you can't be serious. Even the rank of Brad Pitts gets confused, calling him "First Sgt" in one scene when he is a Staff SGT by rank. Total ignorance of history, US Army, German Army, military maneuvers, and war for that matter. That would be easy to forgive it they spent $3 million on the movie but they spent 50 million.

- unforgettable5 star

Great film in many ways, super-intense, scary action, puts the viewer in the world of WWII. Good story, great characters/acting, But most of all, shows what your WWII-vet grandfather could not bring himself to tell you about his experiences. Brutal, thrilling, tragic at the same time...

- Cried cried, baby I cried5 star

Awesome. Great movie. Some parts couldn't quite stomach cuz of my friends who are soldiers. Made me think of them. Soldiers that don't know how to quit even when their outnumbered. Good characters choices as well.

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imastupididiot - Tintin5 star

It is asome

Thesaxman123 - Amazing movie5 star

An amazing story with lots of action. There are also quiet scenes to show what war can do to people who aren’t involved. Staff Sergeant Collier is a very believable character and acts the way a real tank Sergeant would act in war. Great movie, 5 stars

4resh_AIR - This Movie Made My Blood Boil - Terrible!1 star

A powerful war story overshadowed by poor performances and ridiculous machoism. I grew angrier with every ridiculous scene of the men interacting and bullying one another. True, war is ugly, but this movie is uglier. Do not waste your time.

Cccdogg - Great5 star

Intense and passionate

Clint Inter - fury....1 star

couple of hundred SS soldiers cant destroy a destroyed tank. its so bad it hurts. us patriotsm at its best

Fast lane 1 - Great movie5 star

Worth watching again.

Thomas Robson - FURY!!!!!!!5 star

Awesome film about ww2 great last stand sceen at the end

Recruit007 - Average.3 star

It didn't live up to the hype and was very cliche and original, the characters were weak aswell but overall good with action and gore.

Gazookoo - Excellent4 star

Loved the realism and entertainment of this movie. This genre really suits Brad Pitt.

Alicemarie13 - Surprisingly good5 star

Not usually a big war movie fan but the incredible acting made the movie, although a predictable storyline still very worth watching.

GR Ham - ruined by the ending1 star

Ending battle scene was abysmal and laughable. Good movie ruined by what should belong in The Expendables or Rambo for a fairy tale body count of 'bad guys' and astonishing non-reality.

jms966 - What's all the fury about3 star

Yeah. Really not that good at all. Same war storyline same and ending same level of acting not really worth it

flix crit - Brilliant !5 star

A Great War movie, one of the best!

quedecree - Powerful stuff5 star

An excellent, powerful and gripping war movie. Good acting, particularly from Shia Lebouf (apologies if I've spelt that wrong!). Def one of the better movies of the season. Well worth a watch.

The Jam 1982 - Fury5 star

Even though Brad Pitt makes me feel somewhat inadequate as a man, this film was awesome, gritty, real and horrifyingly raw. Turn you TV up full volume and enjoy

watnee - tres' ordinaire1 star

The plot of this movie is very ordinary, it would be better suited to a PS 1 game or a comic. 1 immobilised tank confronting a column of battle hardened SS brimming with Panzefausts, and after an almighty shoot-em up session there are enough dead Germans lying around they would reach back to Dusseldorf if you laid them head to toe. Save your money and spend you time more productively re-arranging you sock draw.

Hamish2708 - Worth the view5 star

Havent seen such a gritt, tell all story from this perspective for a long time. As others have noted you can nit pick the loose ends (three shots from a trained marksman but your still breathing/acting?) but the cast do a stellar job and its really well directed. Really conveys the theme of just how inhuman soldiers could/had to be in the theartre of war.

Ebbw Vale - Fury....a lady with curves5 star

I have a soft spot for Sherman tanks, nice and curvy just like me, lol!!. Excellent film, full of action, very well acted, emotional.......a definite must see.

Nigel Mckean - Lasers5 star

Not since StarWars have lasers made me smile so much.

Booboomechant - Moving!!!5 star

I'm a father of two kids watched this movie whilst they are safe asleep in my arms. After watching this movie I am truly grateful for those brave heroes that kept this world from such evil.

Sirius1066 - A Decent War Film4 star

Don't expect a groundbreaking cinematic experience from this film and you will find it entertaining. Solid acting and FX. Worth watching if you're looking for a decent war film.

mr itunes - A Great War Movie of Epic Status5 star

This has to be watched if you’re a war film fan. 10/10 for Brad and his team, the acting was breathtaking and the action non stop. The friendship and emotional bonds that tied this very different group of comrades together was just as important as the story itself. Well done. movie making at its best, in my humble opinion.

JH2456 - Incredible5 star

I have so few words on this film. Just unbelievable and it leaves me loving what I do for my country.

SonOfAllan - Great5 star

A really enjoyable film especially if you like war films, Well worth seeing

honeyNsweets - awesome5 star

one of the best war movies for a while. entertaining from start to finish.

Margaret & David - Cliche and tired2 star

Very average war film. Not a patch on Saving Private Ryan or Platoon or Full Metal Jacket or even Tropic Thunder…Tired and cliche dialogue. Some similar themes right out of the Saving Private Ryan script, only poorly done. It was a struggle to watch, these actors deserve a much better script. Scenery and special effects are very good, but not groundbreaking.

Freddy fud pucker - Great Film5 star

I really enjoyed Fury. It tells an interesting story of war from the perspective of a WWII US tank crew driving into the heart of Germany at the tail end of the war. Brad Pitt is fantastic as the battle hardened Wardaddy and Shia LaBeouf also has a great role in this Film, they both do a great job of trying to get you inside the head of WWII tanker that have seen war from the sands Africa to Europe. Plenty of action, blood and guts from start to finish. Purists would manage to knit pick a few things about the film in terms of accuracy but if you can get past that its still worth watching.

xe7 - Rubbish1 star

Typical US war movie, based on about 1% reality.........go and read about the battle of Hurtgenwald forest to see how well the US really did against 2nd rate Germans troops, or read about real battles between russians and germans like battle of Kursk or Stalingrad.

Nick Riviera - Fury4 star

Way to spoil the ending in the plot summary!!!!

corsair5208 - One the best I've ever seen5 star

I loved this movie but I found some errors in one which been the tiger tank was in the of paint camo green not desert yellow

Dawsn8r - Goosebumps5 star

This movie is amazing!! Well worth the money!! You can see the fear and fury in their eyes thought the whole movie and that just speaks thousands of words classic 👌

Friendly_Raptor - Mystified5 star

Why did iTunes spoil the ending?

GJ Harrison - Fury5 star

Awesome film, with action from start to finish only equaled in their intensity and realism by the opening sequences of Saving Private Ryan. But why iTunes have you given the ending away in the Plot Summery??????

Slebys - Good to see a WW2 movie again4 star

It feels like a long time since there was a blockbuster WW2 made. Really enjoyed it but if you're a major WW2 enthusiast then you might not like certain things about it. Also, what's with itunes spoiling the end of the movie in their plot summary? haha

Tommydoodle - Expected a little better3 star

SPOILER ALERT! The movie is good, but doesn’t live up to the hype. There are a few things that really turned me off. The “Sergeant, I’m scared”, ”Me too son, me too” cliche, and the wholly ruinous fact that Brad Pitt has two German grenades go off inside his tank right next to him, bump him off, and yet there’s not a mark on his face (yet everyone else in the movie seems to suffer the most horrendous facial traumas when they get killed), plus the fact that this is another movie that yet again dehumanises and villainies the German infantryman. No main character development at all: they are all one dimensional killers, yet obviously have potentially interesting back stories. Not bad, but not a classic. An opportunity wasted.

Gabdaboss - Best movie ever5 star

Definitely one of the best movies I've seen. Lots of action. Very emotional and definitely a must see for this movie really shows the true horrors of WWII.

Blkpippa - Fury5 star

Brad Pitt at his best. As rated Strong war themes, violence, blood and gore. Not for the faint hearted. Well made. Definately a must see

Chloe +x - Best war film5 star

Such a good movie. Very sad at the end.

MrsR66 - Good film4 star

Thoroughly enjoyed it

Leon Cartwright - Fury5 star

Best film I’ve ever watched!

A1ex136 - Amazing5 star

A very rare insight. Not many films like this, and certainly none as good..

Andrew A1 - Disgusting.1 star

Thus portrays American killers as psychotic murderers and rapists. An insult to the American soldier. A Theme Pitt pushes on all his War films. What is wrong with the man. Then we have a Star Wars laser beams from guns and a knocked out tank taking out an elite SS unit. Pitt is shot many times by a sniper at close range and survives. He gets blown up by grenades without a mark. Worst war film ever.

Millymoo97 - Brilliant!!!5 star

One of the best war films I’ve seen !!! Fantastic storyline with great actors 🤤👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Cavan 1213414 - One of the greatest5 star

Ok start but keep watching and you mind will be blown it’s one of the best war or any type of films ever truly worth every penny Not going to lie but stupid ending that could have been better by one tiny thing In conclusion is really good and one to watch

pward2482 - Great film4 star

To many people are trying to compare this to something historical it's just a good action film it's not true enjoy

Browney83 - Best job I ever had5 star

Love this film!! You wont regret adding it to your collection!! On 1!!!!

Alexhorder1 - Underrated film!5 star

One of the better war films I've seen. Totally underrated. Yes... It's far fetched but it makes for a good watch!

Dreayster - Absolutely great!5 star

I really can't understand why it's only got 4 stars it has to be one of the best war films I've seen its great!!!!!!!!!!!!

JamesRichardson1985 - Just dull...1 star

Very weak story, very forgettable. Acting is very average.

Traveler1234567 - Perfect5 star

I dreamt (or had nightmares) about this movie for days after seeing it. It sticks in your subconscious and you can't shake it off. If ever there was a movie to show you a glimpse of what war must feel like, then this is it. Incredible Direction, very well written, and perfect casting choices.

Ftzutf - Best Brad Pitt Movie!!5 star

The film is amazing. It shows the reality the normal soldier had to go through in world war 2 and Highlight the the brutal Reality of war. Horrendous to see the realness in the film

Gregmoon - Blocking out the pain...4 star

This film did look at the mind set of a soldier that needs to go to war or, more realistically speaking, is put to war. The characters are all well developed and Brad Pitt (although didn't think he would) played his character well. Yes it is a gun and tank filled film (woo-haa!) however realistic about war. People die for their beliefs. If you hate war, blood and male comradery, this isn't your film. Not the best filleted, but is no way worth below 3 stars.

thatguyyousawinasda - One of the most gripping films I've ever seen5 star

This film is one of the best and most gripping I've seen in a long time, from start to finish this film is fantastic, realistic, and gritty. Love it.

Gary_C_UK - Excellent5 star

Its a good story and great film, Brad Pitt’s acting makes it even better. Excellent

SomeGuyWhoLikesFilms - Amazing5 star

Probably the best war film I have seen up to date. Much better than what the trailer shows! 5/5 from me.

Chile03 - Love it or hate it????5 star

It seems many reviewers either love it or hate it. The hate it ones often home in on the storyline, and the final fight sequence being unbelievable, but actually, what film doesn’t apply some poetic license and stretch the truth at some point. It’s maybe the least good bit of the film, but we need a climax to the story and this works. I thought the acting was great and it’s even better once you watch the extra bits that were left out of the film. Why people go to war I just don’t know. I really enjoyed this but it’s not a feel good movie for sure.

Boltonlad908 - Best War film I've ever watched5 star

Ive never got so involved watching a film before it is just outstanding you have to watch it

Wistima - Fury4 star

Come on I tunes when are you going to put out this film to rent !!!

ken22 - Pretty awful really3 star

I cant fault the acting but as an anti war film this left me cold. It is another typical American film where several hundred Nazi troops are slaughtered by a tank crew of 5. Now I understand that there was great heroism shown by so many during the 2nd. World war but to me this concept has been taken to the limit by this movie. CGI is great and at times very disturbing but overall not a film I would wish to own.

Headsrolling - FURY5 star

Great film, great acting, just great I highly recommend this film

Mc4859 - Simply Amazing5 star

Each time I watch this film I find myself reflecting on the horrors this generation faced for days after. The acting, battle scenes, storyline are all superb and the musical score is simply haunting. Highly recommended.

JayHawkins - Terrible1 star

I was really surprised just how abstract this film was. I usually rate everything Brad Pitt does but this one is bad. The film lacks any context, all we know is they are in Germany. No town names, no dates or indication of what stage in the war it is (late I guess as the Americans are in it). The main story line materialises from someone walking into a room and saying to Brad Pitt "the boss has a job for you". It's laughable, not to mention the German that watching Brad Pitts crew kill thousands of Germans and then let's one of them go!! For goodness sake if you think this film is "good" please go and watch some other war films based on actual events - "a bridge too far" or something of a similar vein. Terrible film, sorry Brad

Johnny Mclachlan - Enjoyed4 star

Good movie, entertaining with some what the hell moments, not very believable but still enjoyable

wsrefnko - Its Not About The War5 star

To truly enjoy this film you have to look past the setting of the film and look at the characters and the bond they share, how they eat sleep and fight in a steel coffin togeather how they build up a family like bond between eachother always covering eachothers back and how they are all willing to pay the ulitmate sacrifice for each other

cam stan - fury5 star

amazing war film so good

bjlillis - Absolute Rubbish from start to finish1 star

I managed to watch half of the film before I just had to turn it off. Total rubbish and predictable - the Laser Light show whenever a battle was going on is quite ridiculous. Whoever sanctioned this should retire NOW. Waste of time and money.

PaulNGant - Good!4 star

If I'm honest, I was just browsing iTunes when I was bored, and decided to give this a go. I didn't have any expectation of this movie, but I found it to be a real spectacle of a film, thought provoking and full of grit. Not quite Saving Private Ryan, but still very good

Besnter - Awesome5 star

Simply awesome my new favourite film, the story is so great and original and you feel empathy on a massive scale I ended up being there with them in that tank.

gawlik - Another Holywood version of WW2...3 star

In general not bad but the end is ridiculous...If you want to watch really good WW2 movie I would strongly recommend ‘Warsaw 44”. Not on iTunes but worth it to look around!

BenjaminJamesWinwood - Solid, Enjoyable Film.5 star

You will not regret watching this, Its a fascinating look into the reality, and nature of war. A concept, and experience that we have been cushioned from. The relationships between the characters are so well written. This film is entirely believable, I’d recommend it.

Carlos Lpool - Fury5 star

this is an amazing movie that puts you right in the heart of Tank Warefar and to show what they went through and the bravado necessary just to get them through each day. a little predictable for the end but a very, very powreful and good performance from the actors. well worth a buy or hire

bossydean - Fury1 star

Absolute Joke this film dialogue ,scenario everything !!!!! .

knaresbourgh - Fantastic film 👍👍5 star

Great War film from beginning to end. Gripped all the way throughout and worth every penny!

Pboshier - Hackneyed2 star

Very disappointed. You expect a certain degree of Hollywoodisation but this takes it too far. Every cliched compound character in the book, every cliched scene in the book and the usual cliched journey of the new innocent, naive guy turning into a brutalised killer. The special effects looked like something out of Star Wars. In a nutshell, not realistic enough to satisfy those that enjoyed SPR, and not good enough for those willing to accept innacurracies for the sake of believable characters and an interesting plot.

Diane McKinlay - Disappointing2 star

Really thought this would have been much better than it was, bit of a non-starter for me.

Jamesmad11 - Best film ever made5 star

Best film I have ever seen defiantly worth getting the last fight is amazing if don't like this film you are dead to me

Micky Ripple - Fury3 star

Absolutely brilliant, acting, drama, story etc exceptional

Blackwing57 - Fury1 star

Awful and utter rubbish, if the Germans made this I would love to know how the Americans would feel.

Mike in Hong Kong - Not great3 star

This film sadly doesn’t even come close to the likes of Saving Private Ryan. The ending was just absurd and unnecessarily so because the story of tanks in WW2 is seldom told and this film therefore had great potential. Brad Pitt just doesn’t suit these roles.

Desmillerman - Dont bother !1 star

Two hours of my life wasted on the worst fil I've seen since that dreadful Zombie rubbish he did ! Far fetched with naff story !

SparkyMorgan - Reminds me of lord of rings1 star

The SS marching reminded me of the Orcs heading to Helms Deep. Very disappointing film. If you like action and gore well it may be for you. However, I wonder how US tankies see their portrayal as odoriferous riff-raff lacking in personal hygiene and interpersonal skills. Personally, I would have not welcomed them into my Regiment.

NickyCagey - Furious1 star

Bad. Right from the start.

McSporran1 - Pearl Harbour?1 star

If you like Pearl Harbour you’ll love this. I’m surprised the USA needed an army to defeat Nazi Germany, Brad Pitt on a bike with a fruit knife….sorted.

SiLew - Brilliant !5 star

Loved this film ! Generally the latest releases have been pretty poor, but this stands apart as a quality film. It's funny, violent, and doesn't take itself too seriously. High entertainment !!

Mtbja5e - Epic5 star

Worth paying for HD. Amazing film. 👍

JImmY9124 - Good film - terrible ending3 star

I thought the start of this film was very good not only as a piece of entertainment but they captured the emotions of war unlike many war films quite well I thought with some very good acting. But then, almost predictably, the typical American ending ruined the whole thing. One tank blasting away destroying hundreds of men does not make for good entertainment but is just downright stupid. No one looks to these films for true representations of historical events but this film goes so far into fantasy that it ruins the experience. I think most people would enjoy this film - just don’t watch the end.

Jamie Burke - Brutal5 star

Brutal, unglamerous perspective on war. Non of the cliches and very well cast.

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Loopiesxx - Yes5 star

One of the best movies I have seen in a while!

Eddietwoshoez - INTENSE4 star

Everything in this movie is intense, especially the interior tank scenes and the scene inside the apartment with the two women. Had to let out a breath I didn't know I was holding!

Adam Sherwin - Wow iTunes4 star

In the summary of the movie it says that brad Pitt (war daddy) takes her five-man crew. Good job iTunes. Lol

BlueTriStar - not much to see here2 star

other than what may be an operational king tiger, this movie fails to deliver lots of action no substance

Karkajou - Fury1 star

Below average "shoot em up" war movie. Predictable. The actors try to outdo each other with vulgar language. Waste of time. Save your money.

Tronic1979 - Astonishing5 star

Simply put - brutal, wrenching, and epic.

The Real Joe Friday - Great tank battle5 star

The tank battle was awesome cinema - it involved real WWII tanks, including the last running Tiger in the world. The rest of the movie was good, but not great. The final battle scene was over the top and not believable. 5 stars for the Tiger, 3 or 4 for the movie.

Timba9 - Best war movie I've ever seen5 star

My father and my uncles fought in all theaters. As horrible as this movie portrays WWII, being there was worse.

BGCBen - Incredibly bad!1 star

This was so poorly written and acted that I couldn't bear to finish watching it.

Torres_19 - It was an Okay Movie For my taste3 star

The Fury Movie was an okay movie, Mostly, The movie was just talking, instead of more action packed, By far, the best movie to watch for me was American Sniper. RIP CHRIS KYLE



Lstnla - Fury describes perfectly1 star

Fury will be all you will experience watching this movie. The story is very disjointed making it very hard to get involved in the story.

Humdrumvee - Worst movie I’ve seen since Twilight1 star

I got the feeling the screenwriters said “let’s write a movie about an American tank that goes into God mode halfway through the picture!” And it was so. Yeah, war is hell, but if you want to watch a movie about war being hell, go watch Black Hawk Down. Not this.

11 dang bravo grunt - crap3 star

am i the only one who upon watching this twice finds that the hero is a coward? abandons his post to hide, creates a hole in the line, enters the line again and accepts accolades as a hero for bravery? perhaps i missed the message of the film, but anyway i look at it, the survivor was guilty of cowardice!

Michael Willi - Great Comic Book Fare4 star

This is a great "B" movie, but make no mistake that it's comic book fare versus a realistic portrayal of war. On the plus side, I was reminded how much I liked Sergeant Rock and the Ghost of General Sherman comic series, there was adequate mud and dirt, and some high quality acting. I liked the fact that not all German citizens were treated as raving Nazi killers. I liked that the very conclusion was realistic, in terms of the fate of the crew. BUT much like the old TV Series "Combat", the German soldiers are still uniformly and unrealistically stupid. The scene where the Tiger tank is dispatched is unrealistic, plain and simple. But the final battle scene takes the cake as totally unrealistic Hollywood nonsense. Ask anyone who really knows about tank warfare, and a lone tank, disabled, on its own, with no infantry support, will be quickly dispatched. So, my advice is to understand that those who say this is a "great war movie" are thinking John Wayne, not Platoon. Having said all this, get some popcorn, crank up the sound, and enjoy a very good "B" war movie.

btjr7 - Great WarMovie5 star

I totally enjoyed this movie. If you like war movies you will love it!

Wxyz12 - Fury4 star

An excellent movie. The realism was incredible. Highly recommended.

droszel - Let me see if I have this right1 star

War is terrible? Is that the point? Maybe if you keep repeating that, beating me over the head with gruesomeness, I’ll get the point. Oh, I’ve got it now. War is horrible. How do I know? Because Brad Pitt looked so “gruff” the entire time. Because Brad Pitt orders his men to horrific things. War must be really terrible for people to do such horrid things. Save your money and your time

Nick105 - Awesome5 star

Just watch it. Nuff said

Fury viewer - Fury review5 star

This film is among the best modern-day WWII films I can recall. The best since Saving Private Ryan. One of the earlier reviewers wrote that the film tells us what we already know about the war. In today’s world beset with conflict, I think this film is a timely reminder of the tragedies and tolls of war on soldiers and civilians, alike. A far better use of our time than watching the endless stream of senseless, contemporary violence depicted on TV.

Gnedenko - Fury3 star

A lot of detailed replicas, but not much plot or dialog. Brad Pitt is capable of so much more.

Tacono70 - True movie5 star

This movie does something that a lot of war movie have not dared to do. that was to show the reality of war and not just the powerful all mighty army you imagine but the deadly weakened army that kept fighting until the end.

oldefunk57 - Fury5 star

I watched this awesome epic last night. One word.....awesome. One of Pitts best movies. I highly recommend this one.

StarAu - Great5 star

Why in the world wasn’t it nominated for an Academy Award? This movie is really great. A rumination, a vignette on War. Years ago I concluded Brad Pitt movies are *always* worth watching. Once again, I’m correct. Highly recommended.

chanoman - Fury5 star

Excellent movie. ACting is outstanding and the realism is first rate. .

Uncle_Woody_77 - Good but could have been better3 star

With so many fantastic REAL stories they concocted this story that became far too predictable to be great. Effort wasted.

1021boy - Enthralling5 star

What a great action movie.

Captain America77 - Seriously Great!5 star

This is a great film. There is no match for films that pay such close attention to historic detail, really do their research, and then execute it so well. This is one of the best war films of all time. The entire cast is excellent, Shia and Brad and their characters are amazing. Well done Fury!

SoCal_Ryan - Dramatic Roller Coaster.5 star

Excellent at portraying the issue of “No Right or Wrong Answer” during combat. Visually believable.

Sightless Nino - Great movie!!!!5 star

This is a great movie Brad Pitt does it again!!! I rented it first but now I'm gonna buy it!

M_Port - Not sure what the point is3 star

Well acted and well photographed but it lacks a story. The primary non-battle scene felt disjointed and pointless. Also, the characters' relationships change during the movie but without apparent motivation for the change.

nuenjins - Fury is gritty but fails to be 'good'.3 star

Brad Pitt does his tough guy thing and in this role he exudes more 'dirtbag' than usual. Of course the battles are captivating and the grit grabs onlookers who enjoy realism and the awe at the grotesqeries of war but heres the catch. There's so much repulsive behavior from most of the heroes of the movie that you almost stop caring about them at all and. This coupled with the fact that the ending almost entirely loses it's established grit and realism with darn near cartoonish ending. It's a feel good moment for the sake of generating the emotion without being truly convincing and it actually ends up feeling cheap. To me being a true hero is doing it without being an A hole and/or a dirtbag, otherwise what does it truly matter and what are you really fighting for.Overall it's a burner movie and not time well spent.

Kevinmane - Best Movie5 star

Must watch movie!!

Airwaves23 - Not your father's (or grandfather's) war movie5 star

And that's a good thing. Nothing is left out in "Fury". Not a single shot is wasted. The film presents war as close to real as it can safely get without an X rating. The entire cast is superb. Any criticism of Shia LeBeouf should stop - his work is beyond good here. David Ayer's direction is on point, and when combined with Steven Price's score it's like the two read each other's minds. "Fury" easily ranks among the best war movies ever made, and in time may be recognized as the very best of the genre.

Branen_unhappy - Didn't even get to watch the movie3 star

I rented the movie and my phone glitches out. I can't even rate the movie because iTunes wants me too rent it again....

wwjdpush - The Best5 star

The BEST movie EVER!!!!!!!

YogiBuBear - Why?2 star

I have no idea why they made this movie. If I were making a list of 100 movies that I thought were great; I'm sure this will be nowhere near the top half. When I was watching it I thought maybe the war mongering ammunitions companies or lobbyist funded it. And I do generally like good war movies. I would suggest American sniper; enemy at the Gates; in its day, the Battle of the Bulge, platoon; and probably at least 20 or 30 other movies that are better than this one. That's how I feel.

jonhuther - This movie delivered5 star

Great War movie with interesting characters and storyline. Watch it.

Zappos Fanatic - Not realistic depiction of soldiers3 star

My husband, Vietnam Vet, and I were very disappointed with the crude and crass depiction of US soldiers in WWII.....he said one of the scenes would have resulted in Court Martial. It is against the War Crimes to blatantly murder a captured soldier to teach a soldier to kill. Depicting US soldiers as rapists and sadistic is a Slap in the face to those who have and still serve to protect and defend our country.

McFuntimes - Furious I Rented This2 star

This movie hits all the standard war movie cliches and invents a few of it's own to nearly laughable (if not disgusting) results. Just try to get through the tear soaked dinner scene without chuckling. I dare you. War movie buffs at least get to see a movie where armor is featured. Too bad this is the movie they get. One day is hope we get the Kursk movie we we deserve.

ApolloCosmos - Like you are there5 star

Perfect acting all around. Felt like I was in the middle of a WWII Tank War not just watching a movie.

747whaledriver - A true surprise of a film.5 star

I had to wonder how good a film this could be, starring a man who is the darling of the Hollywood liberal elite. He got it right. War is not about personal glory. War is doing your duty to serve your country and fellow soldiers. Plain and simple. There’s nothing beautiful about war: it is ugly, messy, painful — and deadly. Few who watch this movie will appreciate how badly outclassed the Sherman tank was against the German Tiger and Panther tanks. The German tanks and anti-tank weapons (such as the rocket-propelled grenade and high-speed anti-tank weapons used in the field were devastating to the American battle tank. One Tiger could take out an entire company of tanks before infantry could get close enough to end the tank’s assault. I suspect that most watching this movie will have any appreciation of just how desperate a tank battle in mid-to-late WWII really was. There were some inaccuracies in the movie, but all-in-all, it was very good.

blunite01 - Awesome movie5 star

It's well put together. If you like ww2 and other war games, then this move is for you. It's really one of those movies you should see.

BeenbeenBeenbeen - Good movie5 star

All the blood was amazing, my fav part was when they got stuck at the crossing and there track broke then the tried attack 300 German soldiers and the only one that lived was Norman (war machine), lot of blood, my other favorite part was when the got his head shot of by a German Sherman tiger

Trade Secrets - I am veteran of III Wars!5 star

This movie touches the heart of many and those who have fought and have gone to war. In war there is only one objective and that is to vanquish the enemy no matter what - it is brutal and savage. And in the mix from time to time one comes across some moments of intimacy and being vulnerable to love. I have been there though 3 wars and precariously saved from the front of it’s death force and the fight and exhaustion reaches and has touched and imprinted it’s wounds of sorrow and death that no one will ever know.

JessicaTaylor2114 - Good, but sad4 star

Good movie. Brad Pitt, Logan, Shia and cast were great. Great movie with a sad ending.

coyote angel - Great war movie5 star

I watched this movie 5 or 6 times. Liked it so much that I was putting tank pictures for wallpaper on my computer. I like Brad Pitt killing Nazi's. The bonding by the actors after spending a week in basic training prior to filming allowed for something other than doing an acting job. This is not a chick flix.

CowboyVic85 - Awesome5 star

Great movie and great acting...

DrChisB - Well-done Stupid Movie3 star

Overall, the cinematography, acting, directing, and soundtrack are exquisite. In fact they were so exquisite that I did not notice how dumb the actual story was until after I had finished it and started asking the obvious "how come" questions. Then as the whole story came apart in my mind, it dawned on me that I would not watch it a second time. Even with great acting, directing, etc, there were two things that stood out as completely anachronistic. It is impossible to overlook the absurd over-usage of profanity. This is a shameful misrepresentation of that generation. I cannot imagine my grandpa using the "f" word twice in every sentence. When my grandpa, who was in the Pacific, told me stories, he would only use the word "Japanese" to refer to the enemy. Second, the moral ambiguity of the story felt out of place. Vietnam had ambiguous aims in an age of growing moral ambiguity; not WW2. So the characters felt like a bunch of Vietnam soldiers who went back in time to WW2! It would have made a great Vietnam War movie! So I give this movie 3-stars for an average between 5-star artistry and 1-star characters and over-usage of ambiguity.

Do not have any - Great War movie.5 star

Just watch the movie and don't pick it apart. It's a Great War Movie regardless. Some of you people wouldn't know what high and tight means in the military.

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