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From acclaimed director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Prometheus) comes Exodus: Gods and Kings, the epic tale of one man’s daring courage to take on an empire. Using state-of-the-art visual effects, this spectacular adventure brings new life to the story of Moses (Christian Bale) as he defies the Pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton), setting 400,000 slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt. The defiant leader Moses rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, setting 400,000 slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues. Exodus: Gods and Kings Wiki

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Exodus: Gods and Kings Movie (2014)

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- What An Outstanding Biblically Accurate Movie5 star

Regardless of what other bot accounts on here have said, this is a wonderful movie. I’m not sure why so many one-star rated reviews are claiming the movie is nothing like the Bible, but I can tell you as a theology major that this movie is VERY accurate. There is nothing wrong with believe in yourself as a God, believing in no God, believing in many Gods, or believing in one God. Religion isn’t supposed to be toxic, and people should stop using it as a weapon. This movie was amazing storyline wise and even better cinematography wise. I’d give it 10 stars if I could!

- Crap1 star


- Mockery of my Hebrew Ancestors & Israelites alike1 star

I was about to make the purchase. It amazes me how money can make people manipulate a time and event when folks of one ethnicity was deemed slaves then, remained slaves throughout recent history and commodities of today. You guys sell our stories and parade the murder of our Messiah in our faces in such disrespect. I’m not a fan of this variation and won’t be purchasing. If you’re gonna tell the story, at least have the decency to half way tell it like Mel Gibson did. He tried knowing if he went to far with the truth l, he could be facing some real backlash from his peers.

- Good and Bad1 star

The movie was well done until they introduced God as a manifestation of Greek mythology. In no way does this represent the Judeau Christian God. It is blashimatic at best. A complete travesty for a movie that would otherwise be well received.

- Excellent5 star

Christian Bale is amazing again.

- Not quite2 star

No way as grand as the movies if old. What good is CGI if the writing is weak. What a waste of good actor in this C rated movie.

- Good movie4 star

I thought the movie was very good.

- Honest Version5 star

KJB is nothing but farce and fallacy. This has more Ernst and power. All you bible thumpers just stop. Your god is not all god!

- Waist of time!1 star

I waisted my money on this lying movie! Not even how the story goes in the Bible! Next time make it the same as the Bible!!!

- Better then I ever expected5 star

A great movie. Saw it several times before purchasing

- Worst Christian Movie1 star

This was the worst christian movie I ever reviewed. It has no sound biblical reference as illustrated in the book of Exodus. Ridley Scott took far too many liberties and the acts of Moses are not as illustrated in the Bible. Instead, read the book of Exodus and don't bother to purchase this item. It is far removed from the scriptures. It’s just another Hollywood exaggeration. It’s pretty obvious Ridley Scott does not believe in God, but making this trash he just went to a different level of stupidity. I would give zero stars if a could.

- Seriously1 star

Is Hollywood trying to destroy people’s beliefs , who producers and directors think they are

- Abomination1 star

this movie made a mockery of what is written in Exodus in the Bible - sad to say that some people who have never opened the Bible will think this is accurate - maybe 5% is reasonable - maybe

- Beyond Excellent5 star

At last, a movie that shows a heroic prophet unlike other biblical movies that portray them as weak prophets, Moses is strong and heroic in this movie. I love it !

- Utter trash !! .... and that’s being generous1 star

Utter trash!! And I’m being nice the 1950s film is about a100 times better ,but like always you have to make up your own mind

- Not Nearly As Bad...4 star

For anyone not fallen into some version of fundamentalism, this is a reasonable and competent cinema telling of the Moses story. It is certainly a few steps up from the overwrought Cecil DeMille 1956 "Ten Commandments." Having a degree in scriptural interpretation I can say that this film takes some liberties with the Moses story from Exodus, but far fewer than I was led to expect from some of the reviews. Some describe it as naturalistic, but this is innacurate: Moses does speak with and hear the divine and the requisite miracles occur, both in punishing Egypt and the final horrible violent defeat of Pharoah's army at the sea. The acting is very competent (though I fail to understand why alone among the actors, the voice of God is given an English accent. I thought the direction and cinematography were generally very good. The CGI was more than adequate. My only complaint is that the film needed to be perhaps 30 minutes longer - some of the scenes feel as if they were quickly sketched rather than fully drawn, and there are episodes from Mose's early life that are entirely absent, as is the important contest between Moses and Egypt's own "magicians." The events left unmentioned makes the narrative of the film less "driven" than that of the Book of Exodus, and certainly lead to a more monotheistic worldview than is actually evident in scripture, where all that is actually clear in the Moses story is that the god of the Hebrews is stronger than the gods of Egypt. All in all I found the film enjoyable and will almost certainly watch it again.

- Terrible1 star

Boring until it just becomes stupid with the inaccuracies

- filthy worldy garbage1 star

Moses would be rolling in his grave if he saw what you did to his legacy. Completely removes God from the movie. Not realistic, wheres Moses' staff? A complete disgrace to the holy sacred bible.

- Big let down1 star

I was so excited to see how Ridley Scott would bring a sense of realism to this Biblical epic. I love the majority of his other films. Unfortunately, this story has been skewed too much. The things that were changed were really unnecessary changes that I felt still could have been placed within the movie and it still could of had that Ridley Scott feel to it. Of course, another opportunity in Hollywood wasted and squandered.

- Worst movie ever1 star

Don’t buy or rent waste of money. Watch the original version.

- EPIC, mesmerizing, awesome5 star

Forget the religious freaks! This is an epic movie. Watch and enjoy...don’t take this too serious, it’s fun and Very entertaining.

- Exodus God and Kings1 star

Disappointed and a waste of money, did not follow the Bible.

- Great actors but terrible movie2 star

The movie doesn't come close to the bible and majority of the story has completely changed. Very disappointing.

- Worst film I've ever seen.1 star

This is a horrible, horrible attempt at twisting the Biblical story into something nonsensical, and fake. This isn't real in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

- Why can't the truth ever make it?1 star

You almost see a dubious agenda at work when we keep seeing this type of movie. Why not make the movie match the Bible? Do Hollywood producers get credit from satin by producing this crap? Is there a rule in Hollywood that says write a script about factual biblical events but make it so far from the truth as to make chaos instead of truth.

- Get a grip4 star

I am giving this movie 4 stars, b/c there are many reviews that WANT to compare it the "BIBLE". 1. The Bible was put together ~200 years after the death of Christ. 2. That means it was interupted as you feel, I.E. "based on true stories" 3. That means Hollywood had its own version of the NOT SO FACTUAL BIBLE "Story" 4. If you think the Bible is factual.... Then you think Superhero's exsist...... SAD....

- Poor2 star

Not a good take on a classic story. Too much went unexplained. It seemed like the plagues of Eqypt were a bunch of random acts.

- The Worst Film ever1 star

The preview for Exodus: Gods and Kings looks good but it was the worst movie absolutely nothing like the bible also missing parts from the story and after I watched it I left angry because I am true Christian and regards Gods word. The Ten Commandments is so much better and absolutely like the bible. Don't waste your time or money seeing Exodus: Gods and Kings.

- Hollywood is not church5 star

Stop giving this amazing movie one star due to incompetency of entertainment.

- Not a good movie for the ignorant!5 star

This is a great movie, a different perspective about the story of Moses and exodus. Worth your time and money. If you looking for the exact story in Bible, I recommend you go read the Bible. If you want to have a window back to the past and mythology this is your chance!

- Unbelievable5 star

Everyone of you claiming this movie trashed the bible etc etc… Every conversation I have witnessed in person or online… NONE of you can even agree amongst yourselves the bibles interpretation. All you ever do is disagree and fight over this verse and that meaning!!! This movie is just an interpretation!!!! That is it!!! Relax!!! The ONLY reason you are trashing the movie is because its a movie made by hollywood liberals, right?? The movie is just that, a movie. It’s amazing. Ridley Scott is amazing. So calm down and enjoy it for what it is….pretty darn cool!!!

- Sucked1 star

This was the worst movie Ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

- does not line up with the Bible1 star

This movie does not line up with the Bible. I find it not even worth watching

- Horrible1 star

The worst movie ever made and the nerve to use white people as Egyptians SMH! It as bad as using white people to play Indians.

- Whitewashed1 star

Tbh I didn't think Ridley Scott would be the one to whitewash this movie but he has surprised me, how the heck can't the Egyptians tell that Moses isn't Egyptian straight from the beginning, he has a full head of hair and a beard, where as the rest of them didn't, and god is a child?!?!?!?! But in all honesty Ridley Scott's work has been average overall since after gladiator.

- It's just a movie5 star

If you were expecting more, go to your Christian Book & Movie store. Hollywood relies on visual effects, action, adventure, and drama...not "biblical accuracy". FYI the English translations of the bible also deviate from the initial Hebrew and Aramaic texts. Quit complaining, educate yourselves, and go invest time into researching your assertions before you truly remove all doubts regarding your ignorance on public forums.

- Horrible2 star

Lacking in fundamental facts, not to mention since when were Egyptians white with British accents? 2 stars just cause visuals really were beautiful.

- It's entertainment, not religion.5 star

I actually think this is a very good movie. While it does has its shortcuts, I believe it helps to keep the film from having to create a religious recreation of every detail of the period. I didn't climb the mountain with Moses, so why does a film need to be religiously correct? Were you there? I'm sure WWII wasn't as Saving Private Ryan made it to be, but the story was entertaining. It did seem a bit rushed, seeing propane burning blue when the fire went out in the goat's blood scene, miles of desert being crossed in moments, but it was a good story with good acting and special effects. After all, God's messenger boy didn't eat a doughnut during the film, he ate it during his break. Don't be religiously grumpy people, enjoy the movie. I liked it a lot.

- To My Fellow Christians5 star

5 stars for Totally suckering us Christins in. This HOLLYWOOD movie was never advertised to be a theologically correct renderingof the Exodus story. Nor is it advertised as an apologetic of any kind. Bext of my knowledge the production team are NOT Christians, but rather saw the makings of an epic movie, where so very few stories are available. You're "casting your pearls" if you think Hollywood gives a hoot about what we think. In fact, our anticipated critiques are only proving how shallow and ignorant we are. I have NOT seen this film exactly because it WAS a movie made by Holywood about a subject so dear to me. If you REALLY want to make your objections known--quit screaming at the wall and stop buying these awful renderings. They're meant to be entertaining for the SECULAR class not the religious class. By buying these films, Christians are only hurting their witness, because they should have already haeard the Holy Spirit's warning on the movie and then listened to it and not purchased the film in the first place.

- Really?1 star

This could be a great movie if they had just done a modern-day, Ridley Scott, recreation of Heston’s Ten Commandments. The bratty kid as God (YHWH) was about the worst cinematic theophany I can think of for that role. The communication between Moses (Moshe) and God as well as with Ramses was actually altered to the point of confusion in regards to the roles and character development (secular). From a biblical point-of-view, the director’s efforts to create something MORE dramatic while intertwined loosely with the Exodus story created a plot web that did not flow nor reach the proper or common relationship themes throughout.

- Pointless1 star

Good movies are more than just visual effects, they tell a story. They have a theme, a message, and a new concept that is created in the minds of its viewers; but "Exodus" has none. The story is a known one, but the movie adds nothing to enhance the storytelling. If anything, the film plays down the story. Aside from the disappointment that religious believers feel as the story of the bible is distorted in the movie, "Exodus" is a disappointment for film-lovers too. For all the hype that was felt before its release, the movie is a big let-down.

- Disappointing2 star

I've read a lot of reviews on this movie and wanted to believe that somehow people were being overly critical. But after watching this movie I see the criticism was warranted. The film is rich visually, a feast for the eyes, and that is about it. The interactions between Moses and GOD (who is portrayed as a child) are simply silly and portray GOD as vindictive, simplistic, and petty. Most often when one watches stories from the Bible, they should feel encouraged and uplifted. The movie Exodus was completley unsatisfying.

- Boring1 star

The one thing that stands out the most to me about this film is just how terribly boring it is. The true Exodus story excites me very much. But this version was so boring. The plot was anti-climactic, the acting was dry. The storytelling was confusing and hard to follow. If you're going to make a film that deviates from the biblical story, then at least try to make it somewhat entertaining, and don't bore us to death with your dry storytelling. The true biblical story is an exciting story. This movie doesn't even remotely resemble the true biblical story. Maybe if they stuck to the original story it would have been more entertaining.

- Classic Scott5 star

Great actors, great direction. Great movie, Great MOVIE... Those critics better stick to reading the Bible.

- How could they screw this up?1 star

It had so much potential, but departed from the Bible story, which was clearly a huge mistake. What were they thinking? It made this Christian bail.

- Great5 star

Great sci fi. Promotes Christianity. Well done. Best version of exodus ever.

- Zealots, Zealots, everywhere, and all the boards did shrink3 star

Zealots, Zealots, everywhere, and not one stops to think (?) It's a FILM! Not an historical documentary! Not a great FILM! Not a bad FILM! Just a FILM. Боже мой!!!!!! Wow! Don't mess with the 'Opium for the Masses'!

- Exodus: Gods and Kings5 star

i like this movie and i hope it comes back!!!!!!!!!!!

- Strikingly bad acting1 star

It’s makes me cringe to say this just because there are some really good actors in this movie but they were just terrible…

- Some good moments2 star

The movie, like many other biblical stories told by Hollywood, takes a lot of different views on the events of the exodus. God appearing as a child to Moses was interesting, but then the plagues happening without Moses appealing to the pharaoh was quite odd. The director made it seem as if Moses and God were not able to communicate. The parting of the sea was also done with "science" in mind. As if miracles cannot happen. Decent performances but the story lacked Christian values.

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josevizinhojr1997 - Inaccurate1 star

Almost nothing like the story in the bible, it's a shame they ruined such a beautiful story.

To many choices - Running Time3 star

In a previous review a customer mentions that the movie ended abruptly. The running time in the credits states 2 hrs and 30 minutes. I watched this movie, it did not appear to run past 120 minutes. The last scene before the credits showed Moses in his trailer while crossing the desert with his people. For those that watched this movie, did you see a different version?

YahYahYaha - Poor Rendition of The Story1 star

The movie was not at all accurate to the original story.

Mbrown 1958 - Poor excuse for a Biblically based theme!1 star

Let's keep it real: The story of the Exodus IS a BIBLICAL (Torah) story. It's not up for Hollywood interpretation or a fairly-tale spin. This was not only so badly misinterpreted, it was also poorly acted. As Rafer Guzman so aptly points out in his Newsday review, this was a 'super-spectacular Hollywood BOMB!" If you want something closer to the scripture, watch the classic "Ten Commandments". Now there was some REAL acting.

Time Bandit12 - Really?1 star

If I can return a shirt because I don’t like it …..should I not be given a credit if I don’t like a video?

Jordanna C - Inaccurate3 star

The movie’s graphics were well done & the acting was convincing but it was not biblically or historically accurate. Please read the book of Exodus with a reputable Commentary to grasp the real story (that will be more worth your while).

Bobby Dobson - I want my 2 hours back1 star

It seemed like they edited it in a hurry. No real flow, almost like they ran out of time and said "good enough". Not worth the time or money in my opinion.

Gingy39 - Boring!!2 star

I had high hopes for this movie, but this movie is boring and misses a lot of the story. This movie only focused on Moses and Ramses, and there were a lot of other people who were an important part of the story as well. You never hear or see any of their contributions in this story. I will take Cecile B DeMille's movie, The Ten Commandments any day. That is an epic movie!

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Passable3 star

Bon mais sans plus......beaucoup de longueur mais belles images!

Jedi the Dog - had to watch to know its Biblical Accuracy1 star

this movie is a farce. instead of following the Biblical story and creating a work of art that should educate and inspire, this turns into a fairytale, with peaces of truth. i was longing to a visionary master peace but i got a pompous irreverent pile of garbage. Why don’t a Christian Hebrew director make Biblical movies? all i got out of this movie is an argument for more unread christians who will take this as truth.

kremesch - Epic fail1 star

This movie was a waste of time to watch. Even if I were to detach it from the story it was trying to tell, I fail to see a story. It is another CGI driven mess filled with shallow and empty characters I couldn't have cared less about. The backbone was weak. The story felt like nothing but empty filler leading up to the bloated mess of typically unnecessary effects.

angpak - Terrible1 star

Horrible. Don’t waste your money buying or renting.

JC.DERRE - Nul1 star

Ce film est non seulement truffé d’anachronismes (En Égypte antique: chariot à roue, côte de maille), mais est en plus décousu et incompréhensible. À éviter !

SethwiseGamgee - Exodus: Gods and Kingd1 star

Absolutely horrible! Biblically inaccurate, historically inaccurate, and there were no white people in Egypt!!!!!! Come on, Ridley Scott! You can do better. Do not watch this film. It is not worth the time and the money. If I could give this movie zero stars, I would!

Shack425 - Shack5 star

Great movie,the historical "Biblical" fact's are shown in depth and anyone can abide by this telling of the tail. All graphics and vissualisation very respectably done. Well done folks...

Blackwhitelong - Exodus by Scott a classic5 star

This movie is simply amazing, the acting, the costumes, scenery and special effects are so well done. The music compliments every scene the cherry on the cake. If you have a good sound system get ready for stunning sound. Overall a classic

KV626 - Take it for what it is3 star

…An epic spectacle from a visual master. What’s interesting in the story is that Ridley Scott decided to play with the religious aspect, which of course won’t appeal to hardcore bigots… As for the story, well…it’s a fantasy tale after all... Oh and the previous comments saying it’s “Historically inaccurate” or that the bible is a “Historical account”…Hysterical. And sad.

Coffee now? - Very Enjoyable4 star

A very good Hollywood interpretation of an epic story that is well told and easy to watch. Solid performances and spectacular special effects are the hallmark of Ridley Scott and Exodus does not disappoint. Enjoy it for what it is, not for what others think it should be.

Geebski - Simply AWEFUL1 star

Historically inaccurate. Why would any idiots invest in making a movie like this is beyond me . Its a shame such a great director talent and creativity wasted in a movie like this. Don’t waste $19.99 for purchasing it and 5.99 for rent it.

Makaaaaayka(: - false portrayal of egypt1 star

there were no white people in egypt...

m-c-r-a-f094 - Amazing5 star

While the story wasn't 100% like the Bible, Ridley Scott did a brilliant job bringing this event to life. The Bible is a historical account with a lot of gaps, but I feel as though this story brings logic to something that a lot of people see as an impossible story. It had a few historical inaccuracies as are to be expected from an epic blockbuster, but overall the story was beautifully told with amazing visual effects. The plagues are put in a logical order and explained, and Joel Edgerton's performance was beautiful and spellbinding. Definitely worth the watch.

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BestRater - Poorly Directed Rehashed Story2 star

I think Ridley Scott should stick with Science Fiction movies which is his forte. This movie was a poorly directed star filled retelling of the same old story line we’ve seen and heard many times before. Waste of money that could have been spent more appropriately on a great sci-fi movie. We need another Blade Runner from Ridley. The main point of this movie is literally mis-directed talent from everyone involved. When are writers going to put down the religious rhetoric pen and actually create some great stories that so called people with money will invest in. Seems like people with money that are willing to invest in movies are truly useless and don’t deserve the money they have been entrusted with.



WillsPhipps - A generous single star - utterly DIRE1 star

I love Bale. I love Scott. But this should never have made it onto screen. It don't like flying so I can watch any action/historical movie but this made me want to throw myself out the window.

Zachscpowell - I loved it5 star

I like the acting, the effects and how everything was put together. The story really came alive in this movie and the writers put together very strong and awesome characters.

professordragonfly - What is Wrong with Everyone?4 star

Wow - how can so many critics have been so wrong about this dramatization? What an unbelievable failure of consideration for such a decent epic action movie, along with a good drama. Is this merely agnostics or atheists devaluing a “biblical” or religious story? Are the arguments against the accuracy? If so, they are weak criticisms. I am not religious, but this is one of those stories that people should read or see; and this movie does quite a job of telling it. Maybe there are faults; but the story outweighs the faults.

Frau889 - Indonesian Subtitle3 star

I do not own this movie. A friend rented the movie and I watched it together with him. I’d like to point out to Apple that the Indonesian translation for Hebrew is ‘Ibrani’ and NOT ‘Yahudi’(which means Jew). I wished Apple would take a look into this, taking into account that Indonesia is the largest Moslem country in the world.

Taylorasdfgh - Lacking alot!2 star

Tried to keep an open mind to this movie, but it just out right sucked! The only thing i liked was christian bale and the effects..

Luna_B - Expected More2 star

After an hour into the movie I had to stop. In just 35 minutes into the movie Christian Bale is already discovered he is a Hebrew. Ramses role I did not like nor the actor who played Rameses. The script was poorly written. Many things were left out. Disappointed that Christian Bale would even consider this role.

Michael-L-Lena - I disagree with most people on this...4 star

But i enjoyed the film quite a bit. i try to see it as a fantasy and its fun. Good acting, good effects (for the most part) beautiful set design, and interesting characters. Perfect for blu-ray or HD download.

neetasun - If you believe in the word, you may want to pass.3 star

If this were just your "regular" movie, it would be great. Because it’s the story of Moses and it strays wayyyy away from the bible, it can be a hard watch.

cosmiccath - The NOT TRUTH of the Exodus Epic2 star

This movie strikes out 3 times, and totally misinterprets the ancient writings. As such it changes the very nature of the truth. First, the esoteric truths in the ancient Hebrew Torah (Pentateuch) were not meant to be understood literally, but the fantastic events were. Today ALL religious people get this little fact backwards! In the 1950s the controversial (but often correct) Immanuel Velikovsky’s (Hebrew polymath and friend of Sigmund Freud) provided seminal insights into the science of the Exodus, most of these explanations hold up to scrutiny. In his 1950s book 'Worlds in Collision’ Velikovsky made a powerful case for the events of the disaster being caused by a close encounter between Earth and a giant comet. The ONLY time this is hinted at is during the ridiculously unreal depiction of the tidal anomaly that drained at least part of the Gulf of Aqaba. This the movie gets the order of disaster events correct, but other than the causal link between the fly and frog events, misses altogether the cosmic nature of the fundamental disaster and the chronology of events. This is understandable, and such a solid scientific basis for the “miracles” of the Exodus would likely anger the vast majority of Christians (and most jews) who still imagine a vengeful God caused disasters to rain down on the evil Egyptians and NOT the Israelites. Other than the blood packed into the lintels of their mud huts (like duct taping the cracks along the door to keep out a deadly dust or airborne toxin), which prevented the death of many Israelites (the Passover celebrates this), Israelites died right along with Egyptians, and to a large degree, they also died crossing the Gulf of Aqaba (looks this up in the Midrash, the secular record of Israelite history). Modern religionists hater to hear this, but Scott fails to make this connection at all. Too bad. He might have created an enduring and scientifically coherent story out of this, but he did not! Strike 1. The SFX were certainly fun, but completely ridiculous. The results of that tidal draining and refilling of the Gulf waters (a literal 'Tidal Wave' and Tsunami) were so modified by special effects (not to mention the impossible survival of the main protagonists and antagonists) as to alter the story into a fantasy. The Midrash more correctly states that most of the escaping Israelites die. The ancient book the Kolbrin (the Egyptian record of the Exodus being the most accurate ever uncovered) gives us a “Walter Cronkite” does the Exodus version that anyone interested in reality should investigate. However, the fundamental changes in the foundational spiritual story are so insidious in nature, that this can only be interpreted as being hostile to spiritual principles. First, to portray Moses as a reluctant prophet is erroneous. Following Moses’ committing manslaughter (killing an Egyptian guard) he leaves Egypt, but following his 'Burning Bush’ (DMT) experience comes back to save his people. He proactively moved forward embracing his fate. If we assume that no matter how pro-Israelite the basic story might be, it was based in truth, then this movie adaptation is an antagonistic lie. In this film Moses is portrayed as having ZERO (true) faith: faith being spiritual insight, not belief). Strike 2. According to the original story (one of the best read on the planet) Moses certainly fled Egypt after killing one (not 2) Egyptian guards, but he did this to save someone else — NOT himself. This slant on the story portrays Moses as coward rather than hero. Strike 3. Adding insult to injury, Moses was (modern Christians will hate this) a hermetically trained esotericist. He understood the nature of life, and its purposes. In this film he is portrayed as ignorant. These two premises — cowardice and ignorance — establishes a false foundation upon which this story is concocted. Such a sham…and a shame. As an esotericist I see only Moses the “Seer,” the Prophet, and a Revealer of esoteric truths (what he learned in Egypt!). What I see in this movie is a hostile takeover of one of the world’s most enduring esoteric, spiritual epics by those in Hollywood for whom we describe as 'Profit-Seekers and Revelers,’ as opposed to Prophets, Seers and Revelators. 3 Strikes … and this is OUT … of touch with reality. Nice endlessly breaking Tsunami and cool water spouts though. : )

TheFinalQuasar9000 - Worth the money5 star

1. Joel did a great job playing the role of Ramses and I commend him for that. 2. Well placed comedy scenes to counter balance the overall serious tone of the film. 3. A fresh spin on Gods persona that is, to a degree, accurate in relation to the Bible since God is and does get angry, jealous, impatient, stubborn, ruthless, etc. 4. Great visuals. 5. Many of the supporting characters were lacking characterization but for the main focus of the film, the relationship between two brothers, the execution of character development was well done. 6. Great world building in many aspects including environment, class, customs, economics, politics, etc. 7. It's very apparent that many people didn't like this film because they are "avid" followers of Abrahamic religions and this clearly clouds judgement. So in order to get an accurate representation and review of this film these people must simply be ignored.


The title says it all.... Do people seriously need to recharge from this? Bad enough we got the "Jesus road dinosaurs" freaks messing up the education system.

beedee9 - Casting?2 star

I’m generally a fan of Bale, but I’m not on board with this casting. Scott, maybe you should have casted "Mohammad so-and-so from such-and-such” and this film wouldn’t have been such a flop. Tell that to your financiers next time.

Namenicka - TRUST ME1 star

Wow!!! I am no Bible expert but it really looks like someone did a serious mark-up (or should I say mark-DOWN)…. Why call this “Exodus”. Just call it a movie about a nothing story that’s got nothing to do with anything so that people pay $ to watch it and feel robbed...

jtshnazy - Not bad at all4 star

Pretty good movie, lots of negative stuff being said but not to bad of a movie

exBFF - Christian Bale as Al Pacino as Moses2 star

I normally really like Christian Bale, but whatever accent he was using, I often found myself thinking he was channeling Al Pacino. He just cant pull off the gravitas of a Moses. Decent special effects.

Roccato - Great movie5 star

Great epic movie.

Aleeza123 - Not as good as you would think2 star

You think that it would be so cool cause of the trailer but honestly I almost left like 10 times. It was boring and too long. I was so excited to see the movie because of the trailer, but the trailer lies!!!!!! Don't watch.

wwjdpush - This is NOT the Bible!!!1 star

This is NOT the Bible!!!

nytro78 - So disappointed!1 star

I was so disappointed with this movie that I almost left the theater before the end of the show… Wast of time and money!

peter cousins - Horrible1 star

Not even close to the real story. Misses the point of the Bible in so many ways. I was very disappointed. This is a movie that would appeal mostly to people who enjoy the Bible, so why not follow its story? What are they thinking? Do not waste your money on this, it is a complete lie. I expect more from Biblical movies.

psbuckley - Don't bother1 star

Bad movie. Bad acting. I'm not a Christian Bale fan anyway but this part does not fit him well. Did they choose him because of his first name??? Because it wasn't his acting that got him the part. Nobody even attempted to fake Egyptian accents. I heard Midwest America, British, Irish. Bad movie.

Wu-Lumba - A worthwhile film5 star

For those who appreciate artistic freedom, this is an amazing film.

Bruce Knotts - Great movie: True to the Biblical story5 star

This is a great movie. I happen to like Riply Scott films, so factor that in your evaluation. Most of the negative reviews state that the movie doesn't adhere to the Bible, which just isn't true, for the most part. People compare this to Cecile B. DeMills' with Charlton Heston and Hollywood dancing girls on a sound stage. This film looks much more like I expect it looked in the time of Moses than the Hollywood sound stage version. The Bible freaks doubtless hate that at the burning bush, God is shown as a child. So instead of the bush talking, you have a child standing in front of the burning bush talking, saying pretty much word for word what the scriptures tell us. Then there are the plagues. Pharoah has a very smart advisor who explains how these plagues might have resulted from natural causes. Pharoah ignores these rational explanations. However, it seems the introduction of God operating using the nature He supposedly created is offensive to those who expect God to act against the nature that supposedly He created. The costumes, sets and overall feel of the film is infinately more satisfying than the very artificial feel of the DeMill film. So, if you like Hollywood fashion and sound stages, watch the 10 commandments. However, if you'd like a film that explains this strong in film in a way that is plausable and interesting, this is the film you want to watch. I rented the film and liked to enough to purchase it.

KevinLMoore - A must avoid!1 star

As a man of faith, I am well acquainted with the Exodus story and this movie misses it by a mile. Even if you read the Exodus story as a movie plot line, the producers and directors didn’t even follow that! Oh, I understand artistic interpretation and all that, but come on! The plot line was written for them, whether they believe or not. There was no show down between Moses and Pharaoh, which to me is one of the greatest parts of the story. And God had a burning bush, sorta, and appeared as a petulant child. Sorry, that doesn’t cut it for me. The special effects were spectacular and Christian Bale did a great job of making the best of the script he was given, and he wasn’t given much, especially considering that his acting skills are well honed and impressive. I give it a 1 star because the movie plot line is pitiful. If it had been a bit closer to the Bible story, then my rating would have been higher.

SavedByTheBlood - Don't waste your time or money!1 star

Possibly the corniest, worst, and most boring movie ever! It has nothing to do with the Biblical account of Moses. It is a perversion of the story. It is not that the director had some artistic expressions or embellishment, rather it is a complete perversion of the true story. Pure propaganda for the simple and ignorant Apart, from this, the movie taken just by itself is so corny and lame. The acting is very poor, the story long and drawn out, the effects, the setting all terrible. Don't waste your time, stick with The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston. Better yet, read the wonderful account in the Bible!

TeamHo - Bao - What happened here?1 star

I was expecting “Gladiator" meets "Ten Commandments" but was vastly disappointed. Not only was this biblically incorrect, it was also artistically a nightmare.

Reviewmasta1 - This movie is a very subjective take on a historical person, not Bible or Faith.3 star

This movie is as related to the Bible as Clash Of Titans is to Greek Mythology. All the character names sounds right, but the rest is 100% artificial. This story is about Egyptian people and their two princes - Moses and Ramesses. Beloved by their people and their army - they demonstrate (poorly) the tough love between brothers. Than a twist is added, by making one of them a Hebrew and son of slaves, therefore developing a conflict. Problem is - I do not feel this conflict to a slightest. First of all - Ramesses clearly loves Moses to the end. And Moses loves him. These feelings are way more intense than fake love story of Moses and his irrelevant wife/son and even the touchy story for Ramesses love for his son (very good scenes). This whole thing is really a forced argument between two brothers who are very close and who should've drink whatever they were drinking at the end of Bronze age and make up, instead of doing all this bs. Secondly, this move is about Egyptian people - not Hebrew. You develop almost no compassion to the struggle of Hebrew slaves, because there are NO memorable characters or memorable scenes that would make you feel the 400 years of misery. Nothing. However - there are many scenes that make you feel very sad for Egyptian people, like poor fishermen who got eaten alive, or even poorer peasants who died from hunger. Scenes when Ramesses and his family is losing a child are heartbreaking. That is because the director invested in developing Egyptian nation and character of Ramesses WAY MORE than any Hebrew-related character rather than Moses. And at last it brings the biggest disappointment on the movie - they way the God was shown. After all the horrors of Egyptian people and still having no empathy for Hebrew people - I must agree with Ramesses - "God that kills children? What kind of fanatics would worship such a God?". So at the end we have another Scott movie. Scenes are decent. Effects are good. Bale is great. But the movie is looooooooooooooooooong. It's long. I've rented it for effects and Bale, 5 dollars spent and movie is forgotten.

Carl in Cincinnati - lame script, lame acting, lame rendition1 star

I was interested to see how Ridley Scott would portray the plagues. I could not believe how much liberty he took in the script. It was basically a prequel to Batman. Pretty much the only thing consistent with the story is the sequence of the plagues, and even that was not completely right. And it’s as if he justified how the plagues could have happened without God’s intervention. He didn’t even portray the first 9 plagues not impacting the Hebrews. Oh man, did I hate spending money on this.

Nomebug - Beautiful film5 star

This is a fantastic film, full of great actors, beautiful cinematography, and a captivating story line. Shame on Hollywood for ignoring films like this and only acknowledging those that are as shallow as the industry. Love this movie and hope to see more like it.

kl533 - AWEFUL!1 star

Biggest waste of my time. It contradicts the Bible several times and is dark and long. HATED this movie.

Lilyellowduckies - And the critics are complaining… why?5 star

Let’s start with how visually amazing this movie is, It explodes off the screen and makes you appreciate the beauty of Scott’s interpretation of Ancient Egypt. Moses’s journey is epic, even if not biblically correct, although I doubt they had any intention of resurrecting 'The Passion of Christ’ theme; which I applaud them for. If a movie captivates you and has character depth, then I have to say, Exodus did what it meant to do - entertain audiences.

kshannonh - Terrible🙈1 star

The book of Exodus in the bible is not this movie. So many things left out and changed, that it will leave you confused. I felt horrible that I gave money to this deception. Read the book of Exodus for the truth.

helokero - Glad I watched it...4 star

After reading critics reviews of this movie I nearly passed it by but, since I disagree with Rotten Tomatoes at least 50% of the time I decided to give it a try and i'm glad I did... If you want to find fault with this movie you certainly can as it leaves out certain things that one might expect to see if you've ever watched the Ten Commandments... Also, there are certain aspects of this movie that could have been done differently to appeal to people looking for a more realistic look both historically and Bibically... BUT, all that aside it is a beautiful movie to watch and entertaining enough to hold my attention for roughly two and a half hours and after all that is the main reason I watch any movie... To be entertained...

tigerusmc817 - So-So3 star

It seems like so many of the negative reviews are due to people’s reactions of the religious interpretation of the movie, and I’m not sure that religion is the best criteria to judge a movie, as no one really knows what happened, and every major religion (especially Christianity) has a different perspective on the old testament. I would offer that as a major hollywood movie, the director should have determined how to best represent the subject- as solely religious, as a dramatic hollywood movie, or as a secular based version of events that can’t be proved; he does none of them. There were great actors who weren’t used to their potential, and the story was choppy at best and lacked continuity. The soundtrack was depressing, and wasn’t used to evoke emotion throughout the movie commensurate with the events, and I had a very hard time following what was going on. Major characters were underdeveloped, and at the end of the movie I was left thinking what was the point? While it’s hard to beat Cecil B. DeMille’s 1953 classic, as that will always stand as the benchmark of what the story of Moses was about, with all of the money and wonderful special effects used, I would think that Mr. Scott would have given a better showing for the money spent. This movie was so-so at best, and really not worth the 2 1/2 hours it took to watch it.

NY 2 LV - Wow5 star

How could people have panned this film? It's incredible! Top notch acting. Great story. Highly recommended.

duifje1 - Very enlightening. Beautiful.5 star

To His brother. Perhaps the biggest love story, dedicated ever to that partner in life no longer with us. A brother. A poem. Great cast. Great minds. Thank you.

HistoryBuffer - Liberties make it silly for all1 star

The effects were nice, but the story made Moses look like a lunatic talking to a boy rather than God. So he followed God by accident. Do the Bible or don’t. This film makes no one happy. Should have just redid Ten Commandments or Prince of Egypt. They were more possible. This went too far. Reminds me of Darwin movie about him being insane, sure atheist didn’t like that either. ROTTEN

heytiff - Nope. Gives credit to man. Not God.1 star

I was hoping for a biblical movie with CGI & I was moved to not finish it.

keypod - Huh?3 star

What do you get when you take a talented cast and a meandering scrip? Apparently this movie. It seems that the writers were reluctant to either take the literal or allegorical interpretation, leaving the audience with no clear message at the end.

genkuro - Ridley Scott should stick with Alien3 star

This movie is more accurate than Veggie Tales, so shut up haters. Kidding aside, Ridley Scott flops in this genre. He creates another depressing, muted film that's neither true to the material nor entertaining.

An Un-Judgmental Soul. - Movie = Entertainment = A Short & Temporary Escape From Ones Everyday Hardships and Stresses.4 star

A Movie Created To Entertain the Majority, Either Fiction or Non-Fiction. Whether based on 100% Indisputable Fact Only. Or Whether it be Created Based on An Idea, A moment of inspiration by an artistic mind if you will. A moment of Inspiration Forming an Idea For A Great Story. A Story Created to Merely Entertain. I Do Not Believe Anyone Intentionally tried To Challenge The Bible! Nor do I Believe It was created to Mock or Insult The Bible or The Millions of Men, Women and Children, Who Praise God And Live There Lives Based on There Strong Religious Beliefs!! I believe The Movie was created to be nothing more or nothing less than entertainment!

Archer 911 - Worse than I could have imagined1 star

Ridley has lost it. I had hoped this was going to be good despite reading the bad reviews. The reviews were right. This movie, despite its scale, is a complete waste of time and money. If you watch Ridley talk about the film he likes to say it’s BIG, just as he did with Gladiator (a masterpiece), Kingdom of Heaven (a yawn), and now this (a mess). If he would only concentrate on story and acting more Gladiators could be made.

Bgbdbrd - So awful, it’s awful1 star

…oh man...

Saqueeb - Horrible1 star

This was nothing like the 10 Commandments movie, this was a horrible movie. Acting was bad as well. Save your $$ and watch something else.

Bdizzle714 - Film was better than the critics say it was4 star

Visually stunning. Story was a little weak but it's not like you don't know it already. Moves a little fast as well, but I still enjoyed watching this film.

se10b - Twisted storyline!1 star

Honestly an alternate storyline of Exodus, and a much less exciting one too. This movie is so extremely deviated from the bible story. This story removes the Hand of God as much as possible, and takes liberties that make absolutely no sense.

Ahmed Pla - Gets away from the facts in the bible?4 star

Gimme a break how could you possibly give a bad review because the story is based on isnt followed tightly!? And also facts on the bible? Yeah right the bible is as factual as an acid trip.

_Cre8tive_ - Fun movie5 star

Exodus is a fictional story. This movie is an interpretation of that "story" When did people forget how to relax and enjoy entertainment. ?

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