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This wickedly funny and precisely observed psychodrama tells the story of a model Swedish family—handsome businessman Tomas, his willowy wife Ebba and their two blond children— on a skiing holiday in the French Alps. The sun is shining and the slopes are spectacular but during a lunch at a mountainside restaurant, an avalanche suddenly bears down on the happy diners. With people fleeing in all directions and his wife and children in a state of panic, Tomas makes a decision that will shake his marriage to its core and leave him struggling to reclaim his role as family patriarch. Force Majeure (Uncontrollable Circumstances) begins with a drug deal involving tourists Phillipe (Patrick Bruel) and Daniel (Francois Cluzet), and a Dutch stranger. Two years pass: the Dutchman has been arrested in an unspecified Asian country, where the penalty for drug trafficking is death. Phillipe and Daniel agree to admit that the hashish partly belongs to them, which will reduce the Dutchman's sentence, but also subject the twosome to a prison sentence themselves. Malcolm Forrest (Alan Bates), a representative of Amnesty International, does what he can to aid all three of the unfortunate young men. Force Majeure was co-written by Michele De Broca, wife of director Philippe De Broca. Force Majeure Wiki

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Force Majeure (2014)

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- Liked it5 star

It's quite a typical Scandinavian film, I think. Not neccessarily made for Americans expecting the catastrophic super avalanche. ;) It has a certain aftereffect, I like how it takes its time to involve the audience.

- Vapid2 star

This movie is cynical and humorless. 2 stars because it was manipulative enough to be intriguing but ultimately, it leads nowhere.

- ForceMajeure2 star

Boring! The subjects that are supposed to be humourous have been done better over and over on sit-coms and movies. Nothing new here. A waste of money!

- Lost in the Avalanche2 star

It was rigidly directed, weakly plotted and absent an interesting character. Not entertaining in the slightest.

- Better than average4 star

Just as advertised. Realistic and poignant. Takes the ordinary and makes it special and interesting. We need more movies like this.

- Articulate4 star

What is beautiful about this filme is it’s transition through a traumatic event and the self discovery which follows and leads to growth.

- Not an action thriller...4 star

But I found it worth the price of admission.

- Boring movie1 star

Too much talking about nonsense

- A smart film making you laugh and think5 star

This is a well-developed and really smart film inspired by some Youtube clips. It has a solid story portrayed in a unique way. It’s funny and also visually atmospheric. But notice if you are not a fan of those European dry humor films, this one could be boring for you.

- Subtle, powerful, insightful5 star

I understand why the folks who did not get it hated it, this film is certainly not for everyone, but it was an excellent film to my wife and I, who are still discussing it several days after watching it. I wish U.S. indie film makers would be brave enough to make films that aren’t crammed full of second rate dialogue where silence can be oh so much more eloquent. In many ways it reminded me of the film making of Ingmar Bergman, who understood the power of film to peek under the skin of the characters in their most uncomfortable and conflicted moments. A genuinely masterful examination of a comfortable marriage disrupted by a force of nature that challenges the characters in the most primal way. I especially loved how it showed the ripple effect on the secondary couple. Be warned there is no neat wrap up, or take away. You will have to provide that for yourself.

- Well, the snow scenes were nice1 star

Sweden meets Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, only this is in 2014 and everyone is quite passive-aggressive. Not at all "witty", just making you never want you to be in a relationship ever again.

- Cow manure!1 star

This movie will waste 2 hrs of your life that you will never get back. Terrible movie. Very boring. Push over wife. Snobby boring kids. Idiot selfish husband. Not interested. Most boring story line. Basically no story! Terrible movie! Terrible! I'm so upset. I want to cry.

- Original and educational4 star

You haven’t seen a movie like this before. Probably worth watching a few times

- Different, GOOD Different4 star

Funny and pretty sad but never not interesting would sum this one up. This one has all the hallmarks of becoming a classic. Watch it when you are ready for something heavy.

- Head-Banger drama is real5 star

Swedish film. If you are in the U.S., please disable the captioning feature, as the performances of these actors will allow you to understand what is happening — without being read or translated. This is a major part of what makes this film great in a way that won’t be understood by Hollywood know-it-all’s, but stage production artists will be impressed that these actors pull it off. The second amazing achievement by this film is to be able to place the viewer into the scenes — especially the breakfast scene on the outdoor balcony that faces the mountain and the avalanche so critical to the cerebral aspects of this film. You don’t know what a flaming teapot this becomes until the first “adult” dinner with another couple on the evening following the “avalanche”. It becomes re-inforced after an encounter with another couple on the 3rd day of the trip, and that encounter provides some incredible tension among the characters, but also with the viewer as well. I described this movie to my wife, and she found all of what I described to be true…quite an emotional thriller for those of us who are married with children.

- Force Majeure5 star

Excellent movie . Drama not a comedy . About marriage and relationships and what different people want out of it . A movie that keeps me thinking for many days after I saw it . Very good . I will see it again as there is so much meaning behind the various scenes .

- No1 star

Hopes and pretends to be something it is not.

- Failure1 star

This is a feeble attempt at creating an atmospheric movie. The acting is strange, they urinate in front of each other and then don't use soap? They get out of their room into the hall in their underwear and ask the janitor for privacy? The father leaves kids alone in the wild to look for the lost wife? Strange movie and utterly boring. They discuss his leaving the avalanche among themselves and with friends for 30 minutes? Avoid losing money and time.

- Force boring….1 star

I am puzzled why this film received so many good critic reviews. I liked the premise but as other reviewers mentioned the story itself was slow, boring, and when the credits rolled the movie lacked any sort of aha moment or resolve.

- Force Majeure1 star

Terrible movie. A bore from opening scene to stupid finale. Nothing redeeming about it. Don't waste your time. So disappointing.....can't believe it rated a 93 from Rotten Tomatos!!!

- Not funny1 star

Kept watching hoping I would laugh some time at something, but no. Maybe Aristotle would call this a “comedy"? Don’t know. It might be a “psychodrama" but it is a very slow, boring one. Do not waste your time or money.

- Artful5 star

While this may not be funny to some, it's humor is hidden beneath one of the more uncomfortable vacations you will take with this family. You could consider yourself looking in from the perspective of a nanny, and watch the humorous weakness of two adults prodding at each other like children. How the film ends is putty for your hands and like most relationships, there's no one right way about it. As a foreign film, the transgression might seem slow, but it is very artfully strung together with picturesque shots of the Alps (He knows how to capture their beauty), and deep droning noises that may make you feel as uncomfortable as The Shining did, but with more tact.

- It’s a terrible movie1 star

This movie is supposed to be a comedy. Somehow I managed to watch it till the end, but there was nothing funny about it. It has not plot whatsoever. It waste a complete waste of money and time.

- Waste of time1 star

Nothing happens

- Not sure what movie others saw1 star

Reading the critics and other reviews, I see I’m in the minority on this one, but I just didn’t believe any of it. How can it be melodramatic and sticky and empty of any deeper meaning all at the same time? They did it. The ending is the last straw. Weak!

- Extraordinary, brilliant movie5 star

One of the best films I’ve ever watched. Hilarious, breathtaking, intelligent. Brilliantly crafted. I was smiling and laughing about it days after watching it.

- Good Movie -- Far above most others5 star

My wife and I enjoyed this movie very much. It takes a very real situation that we can all relate to, exploring the human psyche and how it deals with exigent circumstances, survival, cowardice, fear, shame, denial, guilt. The cinematography is very good, with many slow, deliberate shots. The acting is superb, and the characters are perfect in their roles. Even the small children are excellent. The subject matter manages to be mature, thought-provoking, serious, funny, and very interesting -- all at once. The film lasts more than two hours but seems to end very quickly as it is very enjoyable. We will watch it again.

- good family message5 star

well acted | compelling | explores couple complications and good friends | screenplay is majestic is much more a human avalanche than a snow one that you'll find

- Give it a miss!1 star

Felt duty-bound to warn others about thus pretentious cack of a film. Granted, it has an interesting premiss, but unless you like a wafer-thin plot, unengaging characters and anemic acting, you should give this a miss!

- Silly American Critics3 star

do not believe the critics on this one. Gets WAY too much credit for not being in english. Another example of the "top" critics giving points strictly for being a foreign language film. GREAT premise, great actors, slow and extremely dull script. Comes across as a B+ film project by a B+ student at an mediocre film school.

- Force of nature for sure5 star

Wow. It was hard to watch some scenes because of how uncomfortable the situation became. But it was amazing how it all came together. Yes, rent it.

- Force Majeure5 star

Brilliant movie - definitely a conversation starter! This movie sticks with you for a while after you watch it. No wonder it is on the Oscar shortlist!

- WOW5 star

This might be the next Oscar winner for the Best Foreign Language Film: it's just great filmmaking rich of scope layers and tension.

- Avalanche at Glacial Pace1 star

Not only is it not funny, its slow and boring.

- Not good1 star

Save yourself and your money

- Not Great2 star

Interesting photography and good score. I liked the actors and plot too. This said, it moved way too slow. Also, not sure how it can be described as funny. It was a drama and did not appear to attempt to be funny.

- Fight or flight movie4 star

I thought this movie was a well acted representation of normal people in a normal relationship who experienced a traumatic event. The movie is set at a ski resort in France where the family is on holidays. One day the family is enjoying a meal when an avalanche rolls down a mountain towards them. In a split second the parents make two very different decisions that will change their relationship forever. The actions of the father are portrayed in a non-judgmental light as are the actions of the wife who in her search for an explanation, forces her husband to relive the event over and over again in front of friends and acquaintances. The family is forced to consider their ongoing roles in the family and to make difficult, confronting decisions. The movie was very well acted and the story is completely believable.

- Don't waste your time.1 star

Love Indie films but it was a bore from beginning to end.

- Force Minor1 star

This movie was not funny. The action and staging is slow and boring. Although it raises some critical issues, it fails to really explore them or resolve them. Had to force myself to finish watching it.

- Regrettably disappointing2 star

A disappointing film and regrettably my advice would be to give force majeure a miss - it's an interesting premiss and good acting but it never really gets anywhere and the reviewers that imply that this film is in any way "funny" need their head examining - funny it most certainly is not.

- Different3 star

Worth a visit

- Force Majeure5 star

This is one of the best movies I saw this year. It’s very funny and entertaining, but thought provoking as well. Should generate some fun arguments in your house! Highest recommendation.

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@JesseLehrich: “They take what we order.” – Mass. HHS Sec., on the federal gov't repeatedly invoking 'force majeure' to impound despera…

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@JesseLehrich: “They take what we order.” – Mass. HHS Sec., on the federal gov't repeatedly invoking 'force majeure' to impound despera…

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