Interstellar Summary and Synopsis

From director Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy) comes the story of a team of pioneers undertaking the most important mission in human history. Academy Award®-winner Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyer’s Club) stars as ex-pilot-turned-farmer Cooper, who must leave his family and a foundering Earth behind to lead an expedition traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars. Academy Award®-winner Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables) and Academy Award®-nominee Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) also star in this landmark film. The adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage. Interstellar Wiki

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Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here...

Interstellar Movie (2014)

Interstellar Comments & Critics

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Interstellar Movie Reviews

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- This is the best movie ever made.5 star

I don’t care what people are saying. This movie is the greatest movie ever made.

- ☹️1 star

It does not have Spanish subtitles.

- Perfection5 star

Among Christopher Nolan’s most reflective and heartwrenching

- 10/55 star

I saw this back when I was younger, I still remember most of what happened. 10/5 stars deserved!

- 💕💕5 star

One of the best sci fi movies I have ever watched. The score that goes along with it is so good. Stand act performances from all the cast.

- Wow excellent story5 star

Just a movie that you can view multiples times and you will feel like it’s your first time seeing the story.

- Flat out masterpiece5 star

Personally, Nolan’s movies are game changers but this one really got a hold of me and made me ask myself, how small are we? We are just a simple planet when there’s more to discover out there. Nolan has been a favorite director of mine for awhile now and I hope he continues to create this manipulative astonishing creations

- Interunstellar1 star

Nah.... no thanks.

- Half baked2 star

Grow groups and wonderful aesthetically but the script just doesn’t really work. The “puzzle” fits but only after everyone explains the theme of the story to each other, constantly.

- I’m confused5 star

This is confusing but I like it I have no idea what’s happening tho

- Not in IMAX1 star

The aspect ratio is constant, unlike the Blu-ray. Please fix this!

- Powerful5 star

Great movie, great story, but Hanz delivers what I believe to be his best soundtrack yet. Really drives all emotions of this film. Regret not seeing it in theaters. Rent it, buy it, just watch it. I find movies to be the best when you can watch alone, in the theaters, or with other people that truly pay attention. Definitely a must have

- One of if not the most powerful movies I’ve even seen5 star

An incredible message delivered through an incredible stories by incredible actors playing incredible characters. In tears before and after the credits rolled.

- Scientific Masterpiece that is Interstellar!5 star

Interstellar is one of the best and most beautiful sci-fi movies ever made!! The actors and absolutely fantastic, and Matthew McConaughey delivers his best performance here! The movie has the best soundtrack out of all of Nolan’s films. The emotional moments here are so well executed!! The VFX here is some of the best in the history of cinema!! The characters, tone, storytelling, and writing are super compelling here. Nolan knocks it out of the park with Interstellar!! Y’all have to see this masterpiece!! It’s one of my Top 3 favorite Nolan films of all time!! 10/10

- Masterpiece5 star

This movie is an absolute masterpiece

- An Absolutely Beautiful Sci-Fi Spectacle4 star

It can be argued that much could have been omitted from its lengthy first act, but it’s overshadowed by awe-inspiring visual effects and its gorgeous imagery, all anchored by Matthew McConaughey’s portrayal of the simple yet enthralling emotional core of the film. This isn’t a perfect film, but its visual achievements and central father-and-child relationship keep it upright. With The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan had his masterpiece. With The Prestige, he had his most thought-provoking. And with Interstellar, he has his most beautiful. 8/10

- It’s very good and amazing5 star

B bbxbsbshjsjdjdjsj

- 20152235 star


- Great movie if you love all about space...5 star

Great movie if you love all about space...

- 👍🏼👍🏼5 star

Loved it. Would love a 2nd

- Brilliant!5 star

Don’t hesitate. Please, just watch...and listen! Best soundtrack ever.

- Prove me wrong5 star

Greatest movie of all time.

- perfect5 star

this is one of the best movies

- Christopher Nolan's Descent film5 star

Interstellar to be honest it's kind of a bummer and it's visual stunning and really really long and slow. Matthew McConaughey does a fantastic job playing himself in real life.

- Top5 star

Top movies for ever

- I loved this movie! Easy 5-star!1 star

Good movie.

- Let's just burn it and pretend it never happened.1 star

Forget the five dimensional tesseract, quantum entangled to a recursive iteration of a girl's bookshelf, and used to send morse code to an old analogue wrist watch - How you can bring that much talent together in one place and so utterly fail, should become the study of importance here. Weak story, poor acting, and the biggest disappointment since the remake of Annie. I guess special effects, a score by Zimmerman and a few science facts stuck on with chewing gum is all it takes to make anything a hit. Anyone who compares this to the works of Stanley Kubrick should be punished.

- 😍😍😍5 star


- One Of The Best Movies (My Opinion)5 star

I swear this movies is an actual 5Head, like there is so much going on with the math & science, it’s great! Plus some scenes make me cry like bad it gets in your feels bad, but “interstellar” truly is a GOAT.

- Mesmerizing5 star

What a powerful and mesmerizing movie. It is emotional and powerful, pulling you between hard-cold science and the brutal emotional pull of family. A CLASSIC that one can watch over & over; and still find & notice things you didn’t see or realize the previous viewing.

- Great5 star

A true good experience watching this movie a really good movie about space and time and science



- Best movie of all time5 star

Sure it’s deep but it’s real. I’ve never seen a movie like it. It’s the best movie of all it. Then watch it again..

- Best movie I’ve ever seen5 star

Easily the best movie I’ve ever seen.

- Not just a space travel movie5 star

This movie is so much more than I thought it would be. It provoked thoughts of what could happen to our planet as well as reminders of what is possible. I was scared, worried, happy, laughing, sad, thoughtful during the movie’s entirety. I loved the messages that were conveyed to my 13 year old Daughter. I loved that it reminded us that we have the ability to control what we do to this planet and the ability to explore what could be on the next. It reminds us that a little girl can save the planet. It reminds us that knowledge is power.

- More subtitle option5 star

I wish to buy it with AR subtitle please

- Awesome movie!5 star

I’ve seen this movie so many times and I love it! Kinda makes you think

- My favorite movie of all time!!!!!5 star

From the science to the real life emotion this movie will really leave an impact on you.

- Brilliant5 star

A true masterpiece. Perhaps one of the greatest films ever made. Plot might take a little bit of time to get your head around, but apart from that I can only speak praise. Directing, cinematography, music score, acting, special effects are all truly magnificent. Such a unique movie and a must watch for all audiences.

- Best movie ever5 star

I seriously love this movie. One of the best movie ever made. Why not IMAX ratio? The movie is cropped but no IMAX ratio.

- A Beautiful Masterpiece5 star

Interstellar is a memorable & timeless Sci-Fi film. The shots of space alone are breathtaking but the storyline is relatable & heartwarming. Undoubtedly one of McConaughey’s best performances! I rented it and then immediately bought it for future enjoyment - truly a must see!!

- Perfect5 star

This has to be the best movie I have ever seen

- 🌌5 star

What a great movie

- My Favorite Movie!5 star

This movie is a masterpiece! I love how it gets you thinking outside the box. The soundtrack adds so much to it as well. I’m a nerd and this movie satisfied my nerdy love for technology, space, and more.

- Very good movie5 star

This was an awesome ride, just a great movie, very powerful.

- Instant Sci-fi classic. Loved it so much!5 star

I watched this with my two daughters who are 15 and 12yo. My 12yo cried a lot during 2 particular moments. My 15yo felt like she was having an anxiety attack at one point during the movie as her heart was beating so fast, she thought something was actually wrong. The story is clever, interesting and thought provoking. I reckon we talked about the plot for an hour afterwards. The soundtrack is absolutely perfect for this movie. As a matter of fact, I bought the score and play it in my car all the time. Not when my 15yo is in the car though. Just the music stirs up emotions. Amazing job Hans Zimmer, NAILED IT!

- Don’t waste your time1 star

The worst movie ever. The pictures was awesome, but the storyline was horrible. It didn’t make any sense at all. No climax in the movie at all.

- Good one4 star

Worth the time

- 无语3 star


- Amazing.5 star

One of the greatest films that has ever been put together. Once in a rare while, we are treated to an extraordinary, masterful, film loaded with emotion. It is unfortunate that such rare gems come to us as films like these as infrequently as they occur, but it is imperative to notice them when they do. I’m not calling this the best movie of all time, nor am I calling it the worst. Go into this movie knowing literally nothing about it and walk away not having watched a movie, but rather having experienced something instead. One of the ways that I judge films is that I go into them ready to pick them apart; and when you watch a movie of this kind of caliber it’s hard to do that because you are swept away in the characters and the plot. It is a beautiful and brilliant film and one that should not be missed.

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Yaser Mohammed - Awesome5 star

Massivier bosichė aeghabė

VekSaar - Amazing5 star

Best film ever nothing more to say its 2 hours and 45 minutes of pure cinématographique

Undrgrndkng - Awesome5 star

Just loved the film and goin for the ride.

SarveshBheekhun - Absolute masterpiece5 star

This movie is an absolute masterpiece and is a must watch. Don’t trust the negative reviews online. If you have a basic understanding of physics and science fiction, you’ll love it.

Silt eats - Watch Forever5 star

I can re watch this movie over & over again

sbkw1983 - Left Me in Tears5 star

Such an amazing film which showcases our species' greatest trait: the love that we can have for each other. As Matthew wept for his daughter, so did I, having raised a child, it hit me hard. And then there's the music, and the epic journey to another galaxy, and betrayal at the highest levels, and much more. I cannot recommend this masterpiece enough. It is so good. It never gets old. I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it. Fantastic movie -- through and through.

terminizer - I don’t really like it2 star

The movie looks good but I find it boring at the same time

Marc0202 - Remarkable5 star

This movie is a must see. Great cast, story and sound effects! This is by far Christopher Nolan's best work yet. Defenetely my new favourite film!

winzy a - love5 star

favourite movie so far why didn't i seen it sooner

gaspesiens - Le meilleur5 star

Le meilleur film sur notre philosophie humaine, 10/10.

JRPOttawa - Unintelligible2 star

I don't have the best hearing in the world and found the lead character was mostly unintelligible due to his low, gravely drawl. Other characters often seemed to follow suit which meant even more missed dialogue.

Capeless Breton - Pretty much my favourite movie ever.5 star

I understand there are people who don't like Interstellar, and I understand that. But I saw this movie three times in theatres and two more times on Blu-ray and I still love it. It's not just the film itself that I loved, it was the overall experience of being in that theatre and gazing in awe at what I was looking at. Again, I understand if you don't like it, but I do.

Holiday32 - What?1 star

I would give this a zero if I could I like movies trust me but this one was very confusing made no sense and it was 3 hrs wasted on a movie everyone says is great but trust me when I say don't buy this and if u end up renting it u know what I'm talking about just a Terrible sci fi movie don't buy save your money don't be fooled by the good reviews😬

Îledero - Best ever!! Meilleur de tous!5 star

Le meilleur film de science fiction de tous les temps!! À part starwars... :P Très bon film! Bons acteurs et vraiment captivant du début à la fin!!!

Viking Joe - The ending was terrible...3 star

This was a good movie until it get ridiculous during the last 45 minutes...

ChristianSky2 - Emotional wreck5 star

I have never cried this much to a damn movie. Someone please hire me a therapist this movie was way too emotional for me, still shocked at how good it was!

Rootz23 - Marvelous5 star

Chris Nolan does it again, amazing story and work of science fiction

VitaminM2012 - After 13 minutes I felt my 99 cents was a wasted1 star

i stopped it after 1 hour 30 minutes. what a crap movie. after 13 minutes i felt ripped off for my 99 cent rental. after 90 minutes i stopped it. crap crap crap

Woreo - Expensive1 star

This movie is $9 at Walmart will you guys match that???

LGamerX - Great movie5 star

This is one of the best movie I've seen in a long time

EmGaud - Wonderful5 star

This is an awesome movie, and the soundtrack is awesome too! I recommend this to everyone I know. I loved it! Christopher Nolan never disappoints.

Sirius-1966 - Spectuculaire5 star

Mon fils de 7 ans a adoré, ma femme a compris la deformation du temps. Cette constante d'illusion unique a notre espèce. Merci.

Barrett1717 - Wow5 star

Just an incredibly amazing, complex masterpiece. Well done Nolan, well done.

Rustydude1002 - Interstellar5 star

This movie is the best and the score is amazing

4resh_AIR - Keeps Me Thinking4 star

I had mixed feelings after my first watch. Interstellar is a heavy concept but I have continued to think about it, and re-watched it twice more, and understand it better. I loved how space, space travel, and the other worlds are depicted; was not into the soppy plot of father and daughter. Chastain is great but way over does the drama. Minor point but I take issue with the fact the astronauts were away years but never needed haircuts and Matthew McC kept his tan - ha. A good rental!

Laura-Lee Was Here - A Sci-Fi Mess.2 star

What a mess. Never before have I thought so opposite to all the other viewers ratings but this is an editing nightmare. Had all the elements I would normally love but was so choppy, the science blah, blah was nonsensical, I actually had trouble following the plot. Maybe I can at least convince you to RENT & not buy & redeem my time wasted on this film by saving someone a few dollars. Yuck & Yuck!

iTunes Store Tester - Fantastic.5 star

Extremely well done movie - extremely impressed!

joseph.lo - Truly a masterpiece5 star

There will never be another movie like it.

ARandomJeni - Jeni5 star

Best film I have ever appreciated. The aftertaste of it is so magnificent and the entire film contains many morals and topics. Loved it so much. Definitely worth the purchase. I have watched it 3 times already.

BOB!!!!!!3489 - Keira5 star

Best movie ever! I 100% recommend this movie for you if you are interested in what is out in the galaxy. I love it! Amazing HD and music! The music makes everything even better. 100% awesome.😃😘 I wanna marry his movie!☺️

Rachel pug - Amazing5 star

Loved it

Disorder33 - Big budget done well4 star

This is worth watching

padawan_taylor - Wish I could rate it 6 stars5 star

An absolutely amazing movie, best I have seen in a VERY long time.

Kyukyuu - Unwatchable1 star

Bad script, terrible direction, questionable science.

Emuldoe - Love it solid five star5 star

I loved this movie I finally watched last night was breathtaking loved it

ChoobieCheeks - Horrible, like Star Wars Ep.11 star

Very disappointed to say the least. Could have been a classic if better directed.

CHARLIE_EDWARDS - the best I've seen since a very long time.5 star

Definitely a masterpiece. A must see experience. You're gonna realize a lot of things in life; with the meaning of your life, the persons you love, etc. You should buy this movie and be grateful to all the people who work on this. This movie touch my heart.

Damn frames - No doubt to give it a 5 star5 star

Anne still attractive to me

R.B. Luke - Truly Awful1 star

One of the worse films I've seen in years. I haven't had to endure such bad script writing since Jupiter Rising. Special effects are fine, but no better than 2001 A Space Odyssey. The only entertainment to be found is watching good actors attempt to twist themselves around such bad writing. Definitely not recommended!

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Chapeau5 star

Prenant du début jusqu'à la dernière fin est tout simplement......!! À voir!!!

Mustangdood - Truly outstanding!5 star

I have no criticism to make of this movie. Never been blown away by a movie. This movie played with my heart and my mind like no other film has ever done.

Egmonster - Stunning. I am at a loss for words.5 star

The finest movie I have seen in a very long time. I would say top 5 of all time for films I have seen. Few movies have left me in such an emotional state. Christopher Nolan is one of the finest directors of our time. I agree with the other reviewer I have read here. This movie had set the bar so high that almost all other movies look like garbage in comparison. Well done. Deserved best picture. By a million miles.

Megoli2 - Différent5 star

Il faut trouver le bon moment pour regarder ce film de presque 3 heures, par contre nous avons adoré, un film différent qui fait réfléchir. De la science fiction qui fait réfléchir ! WOW! Brillant.

BWatcher - Interstellar3 star

Trumped up visuals a story do not make. Always great when one or two people save the Earth even when the odds and the storyline don’t make sense. The editors tried to cobble together a weak narrative, and the idea is this: So what if it doesn’t really add up—it’s emotional, and with sci fi, you get a licence to fool your audience with tricksy math equations and splashy rocket ship bits. Ta—da!

FMiron - Loved It5 star

I had no desire to watch this movie, but did because I had nothing better to do. Very glad I did, I was hooked within the first 10 minutes and could not tear myself away from it until the end. Not what I expected and that is a good thing. A must see in my honest opinion !

ozziesmom - Intersteller1 star

In comprehensive pseudoscientific psychobabble . A bad movie

mtadun - Interstellar1 star

This one stinks worse than a garbage strike in the summer. Logic is dismissed. Contact was better. I have to admit it kept me engaged but only to discover what they were going to do with such a dismal plot, hoping that somehow they might pull it off. Nope!

MJay365 - Awesome movie but buy on blueray!!!5 star

This is such an amazing movie just buy it on Blueray and get the bonus material! There is over three hours of material and I watched it all in one sitting! Gave me such a better appreciation for the film. iTunes extras are a joke.

lmatheson - Worst Movie I’ve Seen In a Long Time1 star

Look, we all love these actors, but the story here was beyond ridiculous. I laughed out loud for most of it struggling to understand how Nolan expected us to believe these characters / scenes. Fist fighting on planets, walking robots saving the day, a magic time warp at the end to tie everything together. It’s beyond obscene. It’s hard to take a ‘real life’ contextual movie and mix it with a story that fails to hold up. This movie reminded me how much pressure is on Hollywood to create movies that ‘entertain’ while blatantly negating the backbone of a good film: a competing story. I’m all for stretching my imagination, but this one went a few galaxies too far.

zeddie27 - Amazing5 star

Wow. I almost passed on this move because the trailers really didn’t make me want to see it. After so many years of standard cookie cutter space movies this was just.... incredible. The number of quality actors in this movie, the story and how they combined it all was faultless. In a time where Hollywood seems satisfied to keep pumping out regurgitated stories, redoing old ones, or simply building on the same movie with# 2, 3, 4 or whatever this felt to me to be very original. Now I'm sorry I didn't see it in a theatre because it would have been worth the price of admission for a change. Amazing, simply amazing.

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digital-prophet - Emotional and smart5 star

A greatly written piece of scientific wonder. The relationship between the two main characters are the driving force in this movie. It’s emotional, and intelligent. The music and the cinematic are beautiful and breathtaking.

ThePengfulTruth - Best Sci-fi movie ever made5 star

This movie just has it all, character development, incredible cinematography, some action/drama, well-time humors, and most importantly to me, stayed incredibly scientifically accurate. If you buy from iTunes, be sure to watch the extras and learn about Dr. Kip Thorne’s involvement in this film.

alexniiii - hands down one of the best sf movie of all time5 star

Love it

bruhmoment6942069420 - FAIL1 star

Trash just pure Trash Boring and stupid. This will happen someday BUT NOT LIKE THIS

EliePR24 - love it5 star

Best movie ever‼️

amirarash - Unbelivble3 star

Very boring.

Yommy_Lee - The best5 star

The best move!!! I really love it!

Rawnduh - Amazing5 star

Now, I am not one to enjoy a movie with no violence and no comedy; however, this was simply nothing less than fantastic. An amazing thrilling movie that gives the viewer a true experience. The animation and the acting are all well above par. Simply outstanding. Truly worth the money, time, and dimensions. Those who have watched will get that last comment.

Katelyn🌴🌴🌴 - Bruh5 star

Dang good movie. -realistic -good picture - Matthew McConaughey -dramatic/ thrilling -funny -neat robots - Matthew McConaughey

Rino The Bouncer - The Definition of a Masterpiece5 star

In every aspect of it, Interstellar shines supreme with its visuals, storytelling, acting, premise, scientific accuracy, character development and everything else. This movie should've won Best Picture because it truly a marvel in cinema history and definitly my No.1 movie of all time. I wish iTunes allowed me to purchase it more than once just to support it.

Dr. Euphoria - New Favorite of the 21st Century5 star

That is all.

movieCritic27 - Incredible Movie!5 star

Best Space\Movie of all time its such a great movie it meditates you on space time and gravity and makes you think about the future its crazy!

Adam234 - Not the IMAX version3 star

I love this movie. I owned it on Blu-Ray, and when I had a chance to buy the 4K version from Apple Movies I jumped at the opportunity. However, I was deeply frustrated to see that even though this version is the 4K version, the wider IMAX framing is missing from the shots in the Apple version that were present in the original Blu-Ray version. I was looking forward to seeing these scenes fill the screen but with the sharpness of the new transfer. I wish I had known that this version (4K) didn't have the IMAX framing I likely would have just stuck with the bluray version. If you don't care about that, then you'll love this version. I'm sharing this for those who care.

Chill_Town - Not good1 star

The people who are rating this a 5 star are overhyping it. I highly recommend you to rent it before you purchase it. The movie starts off well and then goes south. Overall, it’s a typical Nolan movie, meaning it’s a dull movie with a lot of dialogue. However, they’re some good scenes with CGI.

BSerracin - Got the beginning wrong4 star

The plot is out of dramatic order. As if to make the ending a thrill or clever bit, the story winds up very weak. First half is good, though becomes the flaw in the story. It is a SciFi film that ultimately fails, though it had all the ingredients for being a great one. The young girl and her "ghost" . . . they didn't know what do with this key dramatic device.

braydon r - All time Favorite Movie5 star

One of my all time favorite movies. Visually stunning and includes a great story!! 5 out of 5

DJMONEY12 - Stunning, Beautiful, Overall just Amazing5 star

The visuals are amazing along with a tremendous score by Hans Zimmer! Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, and Anne Hathaway show off with incredible acting and emotions! This movie definitely didn’t get the respect it deserved at The Academy. W for Nolan

mattmoo99 - All-Time Favorite Movie5 star

First of all, I am a college student studying Engineering. This film is truly incredible. There are so many aspects of space and time which are yet to be discovered and this film opens up discussion to many interesting ideas of how time and space outside of our solar system can affect a human. As an elective I also took a class called "Film as Literature" which analyzed films, delving deep into characters, themes and technical aspects used to captivate an audience and wow this film is truly captivating. Who knows, I may just be an Engineering student who loves science but this movie has something for everyone: romance, death, hope, excitement, everything. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Ebby1187 - Absolutely amazing!!!5 star

This was such an awesome movie, I was literally wide eyed, throughout most of the movie, not to mention Hans Zimmer did an awesome job on the soundtrack as well, this movie takes you on a incredible journey, and Matthew McConaughey was epic as always! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

iamsrico - Visually Stunning5 star

I loved every minute of the movie. Well worth watching.

N0iSEA - No Dolby Atmos2 star

I love sci-fi and I want to like this movie, but the director is not interested in releasing this movie in Dolby Atmos. While I can justify purchasing older classic movies that are not mastered in Dolby Atmos, I can’t justify the purchase of a new movie that is not... especially a sci-fi movie like this one. This movie would be truly glorious in Atmos.

Josh7778 - Amazing5 star

Has everything I would ever want in a movie really cool and interesting idea amazing special affects a true masterpiece so underrated

LFrayre - Must see5 star

Best movie about space ever made

DaredPollo - Awesome movie!5 star

A lot of people don’t give it credit but this is one of the best films ever. Christopher Nolan is just amazing, not to mention the actors in the movie. Definitely worth it. Just make sure to pay attention.

Gaudia02 - Subtitles1 star

Why not have subtitles in spanish? or in any other language

Gfunks388 - Enjoyable but not a classic5 star

This is a very interesting film. The performances are truly passionate. I enjoyed watching it, but doubt I would watch it again. I am a fan of Nolan. UPDATE Have watched this movie multiple times. Changed from 3 star to 5 Star. Amazing film

Frankie0518 - Absolutely amazing5 star

Great movie for minds that are looking forward to the future of space travel and what to expect.

Dave5180 - Outstanding Movie5 star

Outstanding and original. I was pleasantly surprised, and not expecting it cover so many topics. Good for everyone.

TiTi1003 - Worth watching5 star

This was truly a great movie!

ShadowGuardian77 - Eccentric5 star

Absolutely Amazing anyone who enjoys science fiction and has a little bit of knowledge in astronomy you will entirely enjoy this movie.

woodruff345 - In my top 5 movies of all time5 star

I dont know why exactly I love this movie so much. Nolan is the best filmmaker I've ever encountered. Ive seen this movie maybe 25 times. Its fantastic... it touches me deeper than most any other film. Love of a Father cant be quantified by time and space but reaches through eternity and saves us. Eternal truths are weaved deep into this film... not in your face but subtle and beautiful.

karanboy7 - Hans zimmz is good5 star

Nolan make guhd movheezz and stand soundtrack is L17

Jaxxxxlo - Amazing !5 star

This movie made me feel all type of emotions ! Exquisite!!!

UndeadPup - Cerebral4 star

Thought provoking

200SR20 - Top favorite movie of all time!5 star

Great film from start to end. Meaning full, heart warming, exciting, a definite must see!!!!

Oldschool427 - Awesome5 star

Best movie ever, best score ever. Chris Nolan is the best ever. Enough said.

brslc - I didn't understand it4 star

Unlike others, I kind of liked the robot. Miserably slow at the beginning. I guess gravity is the key to the universe, gravity and mean ol' Matt Damon. I didn't get the black hole/worm hole or the horizon. But it looked like they worked hard on it and they had a lot of stars so I'll give it four stars. After Memento and Dunkirk I can't give Nolan less than that.

Amidoc - Incoherent2 star

The production design and effects are exceptionally well done, and a smattering of relativity is reflected in the time dilation subplot, but the story line is at times distractingly improbable. The recurrent poltergeist-like book pushing episodes, for example, and the bizarre parent/teacher conference in which a principal and teacher both insist the moon landings were faked. I get it: they're supposed to be the bad guys, but the best science fiction keeps things rational enough to be plausible. This doesn't quite do it, despite the realistic special effects.

Alberto1005 - Love the movie, not impressed w/ 4K1 star

I'm a big fan of this movie. I was looking for a better experience in watching it on 4K. It looked no different than 1080p. Watched on Apple TV 4K, TCL Roku 4K TV. Don't think I'll be buying anymore movies that weren't natively shot in 4K.

4567753212345677664321 - Loved it5 star

That's it... I loved every second of it.-1 cool dude

Vergil Arcanis - Good tears5 star

So my emotional range is about that of a rock. Mostly. This movie had an intense plot emotionally speaking, as it made me cry. If it was tears of joy or sadness, i cannot tell. Combined with the soundtrack and mind-boggling visuals, this movie is by far more satisfying to watch than some other movies

BurntCremeBrulee - IMAX scenes cropped! Get Blu Ray instead!1 star

On the Blu Ray, the screen’s aspect ratio expands during IMAX scenes to fill the whole 16x9 TV. On non-IMAX scenes it goes back to a letter-boxed format. Why doesn’t Apple present Christopher Nolan’s movies in the way that the director intended? Why doesn’t Apple show the films in the same way that they are shown on Blu Ray and in IMAX theaters? I just hate seeing a cropped image on my favorite movies, and hope that Apple will resolve this this year for Nolan fans around the world. How hard is it to show the IMAX scenes full-frame like the Blu Rays?

SWeidman122 - Stunning5 star

Interstellar is absolutely amazing. There are no flaws in this movie. It is currently my second favorite film. Everyone should see this one!

Ron628_2000 - Don’t let me leave MURPH!!!5 star

I have said “Don’t let me leave MURPH” everyday for years. Even before it was a thing!

Shadowluminaire - One of the best films ever made5 star

I didn't want to see Interstellar when I first saw the film. I hated the movie Contact and thought it would be some weird alien movie like Contact. I expected to be bored for 2+ hours. The movie made me feel like I was going into space with the crew. I can't watch the movie on a whim, because it kind of changes me for the day after I watch it. The music is incredible and I think the Oscars are insane for not making this film Best Soundtrack/Score, Best Film and Best Actor/Director when it came out. This movie will always be in my top favorite films and is life changing.

Some everyday guy - Great5 star

Tears, drooping from my eyes

JSWIGG22 - I think about this movie every day5 star

This is the greatest movie I’ve ever seen in my life. It makes me think about our universe every day

derek_5150 - Excellent5 star

In any other director's portfolio, this movie would outshine everything. It's Christopher Nolan bringing his "A" game and it shows.

Cluedo Man - Artwork at it's best5 star

This is a film that I can give with a 100% Gold Star approval⭐️ First excellent acting on all of the characters and the special effects are just unbelievable and mostly scientifically accurate. I can say also this is a great movie for people who love space exploration and survival. The music score by Hans Zimmer is just awesome, it reminds me of John Barry's The Black Hole soundtrack. Last words, Very enjoyable.

Emerson Sterner - Move for our time...5 star

This movie did for me what Blade Runner did for me a few years ago when I really watched it: I wasn't sure how I felt about it but all I knew was that I wanted to watch it again. I've seen 'Interstellar' about 6 times now and now it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Is it a perfect There were moments in the second act that I would've just eliminated from the movie (namely everything with Matt Damon. I love that guy but he just didn't work for this movie.). I never saw the third act coming and as always with Nolan movies it demands an instant rewatch after seeing the final act. This is a movie for the ages and of course gets an A+

Interstellar Images & Pictures

artificial intelligence image nasa image spacecraft image expedition image future image wormhole image space travel image famine image time travel image black hole image dystopia image race against time image quantum mechanics image space image rescue image family relationships image robot image astronaut image scientist image single father image farmer image space station image father daughter relationship image journey to the future image

Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images
Interstellar movie images

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Interstellar movie posters
Interstellar movie posters
Interstellar movie posters
Interstellar movie posters
Interstellar movie posters
Interstellar movie posters
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