Cinderella (2015)

Cinderella (2015) Summary and Synopsis

The story of Cinderella follows the fortunes of young Ella (Lily James) whose merchant father remarries following the death of her mother. Eager to support her loving father, Ella welcomes her new stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and her daughters Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drisella (Sophie McShera) into the family home. But, when Ella’s father unexpectedly passes away, she finds herself at the mercy of a jealous and cruel new family. Finally relegated to nothing more than a servant girl covered in ashes, and spitefully renamed Cinderella, Ella could easily begin to lose hope. Yet, despite the cruelty inflicted upon her, Ella is determined to honor her mother’s dying words and to “have courage and be kind.” She will not give in to despair nor despise those who mistreat her. And then there is the dashing stranger she meets in the woods. Unaware that he is really a prince, not merely an apprentice at the Palace, Ella finally feels she has met a kindred soul. It appears her fortunes may be about to change when the Palace sends out an open invitation for all maidens to attend a ball, raising Ella’s hopes of once again encountering the charming Kit (Richard Madden). Alas, her stepmother forbids her to attend and callously rips apart her dress. But, as in all good fairy tales, help is at hand, and a kindly beggar woman (Helena Bonham Carter) steps forward and – armed with a pumpkin and a few mice – changes Cinderella’s life forever. A live-action feature inspired by the classic fairy tale, “Cinderella” brings to life the timeless images from Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece as fully realized characters in a visually dazzling spectacle for a whole new generation. Cinderella has faith her dreams of a better life will come true. With help from her loyal mice friends and a wave of her Fairy Godmother's wand, Cinderella's rags are magically turned into a glorious gown and off she goes to the Royal Ball. But when the clock strikes midnight, the spell is broken, leaving a single glass slipper... the only key to the ultimate fairy-tale ending! Cinderella (2015) Wiki

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The greatest love story ever told...

Cinderella (2015) Movie (2015)

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Cinderella (2015) Movie Reviews

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- 💙5 star

A great live action! So cute and inspiring

- Deleting the movie1 star

I wanna delete the movie from this Movies Anywhere App along with Apple TV, YouTube and Google Play! I don’t want this movie anymore!👎🏼

- cinderella girl5 star

I absolutely love this movie!!! It is so much better than than the original. It is almost the same story but with some new scenes and small twists but is still the beautiful story we all love so much. i really enjoyed it hope you like it too!!!!!!! (: (: (:

- Understandablelly entertaining and visually stunning5 star

Cinderella is the best disney remake yet with splish splash magic and decliet performences.



- 🥿 🌷5 star

Lovely movie 💙

- Tears5 star

Bunch of Tears for joy because in the end, it pays off.

- Eh?...NUDITY WARNING!!!!2 star

I like the original better. Yes, Lily James did great. That’s the ONLY reason why I gave two stars. But WHAT IN THE WORLD!? Okay, mild nudity peeps! On Cinderella’s dress, the top is two low and nearly shows her breasts!!! (Okay, maybe I’m so picky because I’m going through puberty now?) But I mean geez, wear a cami or a bra or something! So yeah, for parents, do NOT show this to your little ones. It has an inappropriate scene too.

- Love every minute5 star

Great take on a wonderful original film

- Cinderella5 star

That movie was good😛👍🏽👸🏾🤳🏼

- By far the best live action Disney remake5 star

What I love about this movie is it’s boldness to add originality to the story. And it still managed to retain some of the magic from the original. Lots of questions answered or at least expanded upon, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Great acting, strong emotional weight. Well done.

- Wonderful!5 star

Through Cinderella’s experience I have learned the true importance of being courageous and kind. A wonderful life lesson throughout the film, a person must watch this movie for it displays the way the world should be. Beautiful!

- Absolutely beautiful5 star

Loved the story!

- This is the stuff movie buffs live for.5 star

This is one of the three GOOD movies Kenneth Branagh did. The other two being Murder on the Orient Express and Thor. Seriously though, this movie is f—-ing gorgeous. The scenery is breathtaking, the costumes are awesome, and the actors are phenomenal. Lily James in particular absolutely knocks the title role outta the ballpark with her dazzling talent and beauty. The chemistry between her and Richard Madden works so well, and they are so cute together. If you like good Disney movies, don’t miss this one. Best. Disney Princess. Movie. Ever. - Andrew

- So GOOD4 star

I love this movie. I’m going on a trip and it was the only that didn’t download but I was determined to get it to download and it worked. I was so determined because it’s such a GREAT MOVIE! You have to watch it!

- Inspiring and Pure at Heart5 star

A strong foundation in love, respect and the belief that good things really do come true for those with the spirit of a goodness.

- I loved it5 star

It was a great movie. Loved it. Great actors

- Favorite Movie Ever!!!5 star

I love all Disney princesses and movies, but Cinderella is my favorite of all time. This movie is amazing and I recommend this to everyone!!! I wish I could watch this movie every day!

- One star ⭐️1 star

I agree with the people who gave this film one star. Very boring. At least the remake of Beauty and the Beast mirrored the cartoon version. This movie was nothing like the Cinderella I grew up with. ☹️

- The most amazing movie ever5 star

It was nice. You get to watch the prince and Cinderella fall in love.It is very beautiful but sad the way Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters treat her.

- Maravillosa y hermosa historia5 star

Al estilo mejor contado.. Bellísima película.. Recomendada 100% 👏🏻👌🏻😍

- HELANA5 star

Bella I saw you die that’s ok I still like it

- Amazing 😉5 star

I love this movie I think you should definitely watch it and I love writing reviews like this because he’s a great movies and they’re just so amazing and I love them so I definitely think you should watch this movie and it’s a great updated version of Cinderella and you should definitely get it five stars when you read it because it is the most amazing Cinderella movie that anybody’s made

- Cinderella5 star

i really loved the movie it's like the First one but better

- Beautiful5 star

I always found the original animated version kind of boring, but this movie is wonderful and takes the story to the next level. Lily James was the perfect choice for Cinderella. And the music and her ball gown were both gorgeous. You can see her and the Prince develop a real relationship. And I really like what they did with the character of Cinderella in terms of giving her a reason for letting her stepmother/sisters treat her so badly. And she does subtley stand up to her stepmother towards the end, instead of just being a doormat like the animated version. I do wish they had done without the cheesy comedy of the stepsisters and the cheesy animated sequences with the pumpkin because those things take away from the overall elegance of the film. It's seems like they included those things to appeal to kids, but they should have gone with full elegance.

- Love it5 star

I love this movie, and I like it more that the cartoons movie. I keep watching it with my sister, when I have time. 😊

- Isaiah5 star


- Cinderella5 star

I like Cinderella I can't wait until it comes to iTunes so I can get it hd and sd on my iPhone and Cinderella is my all time favorite Disney Princess Because Her Story Is All About True Love And Fairy Godmothers And The Iconic Blue Dress And Glass Slippers And When She Becomes A Princess Ella Transforms To Cinderella Because Her Wicked Stepmother And Stepsisters where mean and jealous of Ella's Charm And Beauty.And when the Cinders Hit Her Face They Call Her Cinderella

- Boring And Flat1 star

It was just terrible. Slow and boring. It also delivers a very uninspiring sad message that it's okay to be walked on and abused.

- Why???1 star

Why can't you make this movie and the other Disney classics available for rent? Please??

- Great movie!5 star

Love this Cinderella. Is Lily James OK, though? They've got her dress so tight that she can barely breath through the entire movie. It's so distracting to watch her gasping for breath, that it ruins the illusion.

- Romantic 😍💏5 star

It is such a beautiful movie a lot better then the cartoon one. So romantic and it's so touching.❤️🌹😍❤️🌹😍❤️🌹😍

- My favorite movie5 star

This is such a beautiful and entertaining movie. The changes they have made are great.

- Beautiful in Every Way5 star

I was blown away by not just how beautiful the costumes were but also the excellent cast that made this version of Cinderella as remarkable as it was. To make the film even better, the music played a big role in shaping how I felt about it that I keep watching this film on my Starz app on my phone and then now on my own copy of it on Blu-Ray. I love this film and had not been much impressed by Disney films until this rendition!

- Rent1 star

Give the option to rent!!!!

- Best movie EVER!!!!!5 star

It was so amazing!!! Really recommend it for a family movie night! Glad to see Richard Madden take the role of Prince Charming!

- Fantastic5 star

Every aspect of this movie was absolutely beautiful: the architecture, the landscapes, the costumes, the music, the dialogue...this is the best movie I have seen in quite some time and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone

- Unwatchable.2 star

Turned it off after 20 minutes, yuck. Pretty to look at though.

- The best Cinderella ever!!5 star

This is the best Cinderella movie ever made.

- Brilliant! but not exactly what I expected!5 star

I love this movie and Frozen Fever. The characters are all wonderful. I thought Cinderella (2015) would be much different from the original version. And that is why I am upset! My favorite Characters: Cinderella Kit Fairy Godmother I am sorry I said I hate you Kit

- Good But Not Great.4 star

I am an honest, fair reviewer. The movie is up for an award for Best Costume Design, and it deserves it, and Cate Blanchett should have been up for an Oscar for her performance as the Lady Tremaine, but my problem is that I felt like I was bored watching this. It was good and everything - it was worth buying and going to the theatre, but the plot was so predictable and unlike the live action versions of Alice and Wonderland and Maleficent which were both so amazing, this was just so bland. It needed a bigger plot twist to separate it from the animated version. So the step mother locks her in the tower - well light the tower on fire and sell Cinderella to a witch as a test subject or something - make it original. Ever After was better than this because Drew Barrymore had so much heart. This IS good and is worthy of purchase, it just doesn't wow like most of the Disney live action films do.

- The Real Deal5 star

This movie was absolutely beautiful, with a great cast, and many people don’t know this but the story here actually returned to its original European Folktale roots. It’s a wonderful hybrid of two famous versions from hundreds of years before the Disney animated feature, with the beginning following the German Brothers Grimm plot, and the ending following the French Perrault plot.

- Hello5 star

I hate that I can't rent it

- Cinderella remake #105821 star

Ugh so stereotypical

- Like Films Used to Be, And Sill Should Be5 star

I am a guy in my 40s who rented this film, because I wanted to see a well told and executed story…and this did not disappoint. The cast was outstanding, the stage and costumes other worldly, and the CJI well utilized, rather than becoming the movie itself. I can’t recommend this edition of Cinderella enough.

- Simply Amazing5 star

From the story, to the editing, the graphics, and the music I was left wanting more. Simply an amazing and stunning film. I was intrigued and felt like this was a great justice to the original animated film with a slight twist.

- One of the BEST Disney remakes I have ever seen!!!!5 star

I bet this movie is gonna get an Oscar or two. Also, if I had the choice, I would've cast the Fairy Law Spell on Lady Tremaine and Ella's stepsisters! XD

- Wonderfully done5 star

A classic old tale made fresh in this movie. It truly was beautifully done. At first I didn't give it a chance, but it really is heartwarming. Worth the watch!

- Great Movie!5 star

To tell you the truth I was not expecting that much from this movie, I mean it's just Cinderella with real people right? But I was vary wrong, this was a vary good movie. Sad to start off with when her parents die but then turns into a great magical experience for the whole family! I would say it's better then the original cartoon movie.

- Absolutely great!5 star

One of my favorite fairy tales. This movie left me smiling and happy after watching it. It is so sweet and a great love story. It has enough manly parts to it not to be too much of a chic flick

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XZje - Weak1 star

The epitome of a damsel in distress, only surprised she never once fainted like a pathetic 18th century maiden.

Izadian - Wonderful movie5 star

This is one of my absolute favourite movies it’s great it tells a lesson that if you are always kind and believe yourself you will have a great life and Ella was kind to all she was amazingly beautiful and I have watched the movie 15 times and I never get tired of it everything about this movie is great all the costumes and the actresses and actors did a wonderful job in acting I recommend this movie for everyone it was worth every penny

Nabs_Al445 - OUTSTANDING5 star

This movie is my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE. I literally can't go a week without watching it at least once. Everything about it is amazing, the dances, the costumes, acting, chemistry, romance...the best live-action remake that's been made by Disney so far.(wish i could rate it 6 stars)

Tital8 - Loved it5 star

Made me happy again! ... back to earth when it ended.

Ici blond - Cendrillon5 star

Moi je trouve que ce film est une très bonne version de cendrillon

Dawson Cole Sr - Cinderella5 star

Loved it. Loved it so much I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it.

Holiday32 - Awesome5 star

Great for the whole family very enjoyable

Slam Stocks - Magical and Slightly Different4 star

The story is a little different than the perfect cartoon. Exceptional casting, with Cinderella, Prince and Stepmother looking perfect. Some scenes dragged a little and Cinderella struggled with the sensitive scenes. Yet, the visuals, casting and story is simply too good. A very well done and nearly a flawless movie.

Chris_tina20 - Great Movie!5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. I recommend anyone who loves Disney to watch it.

Puzzle Jumper - VERY POOR SCRIPT!!!!!1 star

I purchased the HD version of this movie, thinking I couldn't possibly go wrong, considering the positive reviews, Disney's legacy and Kenneth Brannagh's involvement, but I was sorely disappointed! Thankfully I was able to get a refund. I adore Disney movies, but this one was very badly done. While the sets are stunning, and some of the wardrobe is impressive(Lady Tremaine's dresses), the vast amount of costumes are grotesque and overdone. Cinderella's ball gown is admittedly magical with that incredible blue flowing material, but it is too low-cut for Cinderella's supposedly modest and innocent character. (The transformation of the dress scene is SO contrived and forced). All of these weaknesses could have been overcome if the script had been strong. Did they even bother doing a storyboard? I did appreciate the attempt at some twists to the storyline, but they were embarrassingly under-developed. The lack of music was a real void, particularily when you consider the inspiration for this movie( 1950s Cinderella). Finally, I want to point out that they didn't feature the iconic Cinderella's Castle!!! They can't possibly think we've had enough of that! It was a colossal fail in my books and I can't understand all the positive reviews!

BWatcher - Cinderella2 star

Oh boy! The original animated version is a hundred times better. Even the acting is better! The movie is sickeningly sweet with a script that seems to have come right out of a high school drama class. The main characters are cardboard. This is based on a fairy tale, and that means we could have had fun with the story. Too bad. Too boring.

TAJ - 00053637000u2 - ALL FLUFF, NO STUFF! ALL SUGAR - NO CAKE INSIDE!1 star

I had an opportunity to see this movie free. I walked out inside 10 minutes because I was so-o bored. I love Cinderella stories. I have "Ever After" and even with Drew's awful version of English accent I still far prefer it to this one. I hoped that in this version I would be riveted by quality of story. I just saw pretty cast with no quality of story at all. Pretty cast might initially get your attention but it's a good story that keeps it. This the sort of movie you might like watching once but will have no inducements to ever watch it again.

dfgdrgdrgr - WHEN IS THIS RELEASING I really want it5 star

I can not wait another minute till this comes out on Blu Ray after seeing it in theaters 5 times already It's so amazing I love it so much that I'm gonna get a hard copy of it on Blu Ray & download the digital copy from there into iTunes I have no comments on this movie cause it left me speechless If you loved Maleficent your sure to love this one even more I thought this movie wasn't gonna be as great as I thought but Disney proved me wrong

The sebastian - Why is this still showing3 star

It's been showing as a pre-order now since Feb and we are at the end of May and still not available to rent or buy and no mention as to when it'll be available. Very frustrating. I've been really looking forward to renting it

Norees - Amazing5 star

Fantastic movie! The music, the costumes, the prince.... All awesome. Definitely my favorite Cinderella adaption yet.

Jesse1324354657687980 - One of my favourites5 star

Went to go see it in theatres and it was AMAZING! Nice sort of twist on the original story but still keeping it classic.

Maggie/raven - Awesome:):]:D5 star

It was amazing to watch it:)

E. Spence - Timeless5 star

I've seen it in theaters twice and will purchase it. This movie relies a great deal on the demeanor of the viewer. You will either find strength and hope in it or it will drepress the hell out of you.

cbeckingham4 - Amazing5 star

I normally don’t post reviews but I have to do it for this movie as its absolutely amazing! Disney stayed true to the original story line with updating the imaging quality. Even the mice are true compared to the original version. After watching the movie in the theatres I wanted to watch the movie again right away, thats how good it is!

T546 - Love it!!5 star

Watched it in the theatre and it was just as good as I had hoped. My husband thought it was great too, as well as all three of our kids.

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Lily Auden - Have Courage and Be Kind - Cinderella5 star

I love this film! Never before have I seen the well-worn story of Cinderella told with such grace and compassion. The entire film is like a vivid and colorful living dream; every shot looks like a painting. The chemistry between Lily James and Richard Madden is so believable and natural and thankfully never falls into the pit of sappiness. Cate Blanchett is obviously having a fansastic time as the evil stepmother. She keeps the cruel spitefulness that has made the character such a legend, and yet adds a very human level of bitterness and even heartbreak that we (and even Cinderella) can't help but understand. Of course Helena Bonham Carter is the perfect choice to play the slightly cooky fairy godmother, bringing back that old Disney magic we all love so much. Director Kenneth Branagh has done a fantastic job with this one, creating a world that is very difficult to leave when the film ends.

Erin Colburn - MAGICAL5 star

i've seen many versions of cinderella it's not easy to make a classic fairytale brand new again but this movie nails it! personality i love the animated disney version of this tale and the whitney huston version but this movie is right up there with those versions cinderella is a beauitful story kids and kids at heart like me will fall in love with this fairytale all over again

Leslie1nc - Too bad Disney1 star

I was hoping for so much. I love Cinderella. This just did not do it for me. I am 52 years old and a child at heart, but maybe this was entertainment for children, not for me. Unfortunate money spent.

BananaBreath17 - WOW!!!5 star

My favorite line: "This is our greatest fear: to be seen as we truly are." This movie is amazing. My sister and I both "like" Prince Kit. What is amazing is that the glass slippers were made from real glass. Good job, Disney. Good job.

sshoup - Well done..5 star

In this day and age of blue screen effects and nonsense plot lines, this is a breath of fresh air. I was looking for a kid's movie that I could use on a Saturday afternoon to engage our little ones because the weather was not permitting outside. I soon found myself captured by this movie. I have watched it 4 times now. It never gets old and certainly takes over most adaptations of the original story – whatever that may be. Very well done!!

Gr3cia - Beautiful movie4 star

It's brings you to your childhood , it's so beautiful and inspiring at the same time . It's gets you from the beginning to the end .

elle_2x - My Favorite Movie Rendition5 star

This is probably the truest rendition of the Cinderella story I remember as a child. I love it! No extra fluff, not too much singing, no weird twists to make it modern. Stayed true to the story and I love that simplicity! I normally don't buy movies but will make an exception for this! Totally worth it! Good job director, screenplay writer, actors, actresses, CGI specialists! You made my heart happy and hopeful!

eddxe - SNATCHED5 star

Yes yes yes yes & yes!!!!! i loved the film great production , characters customs etc. hands down the best 10 top films in 2015

PikePike - Absolutely LOVED it!5 star

This movie is one my favorite Cinderella movie! It was beautifully done and the cast are perfect! We all know the story by heart yet I was captivated by this movie. Loved watching every minute of it!

lindsey434 - loved it!!5 star

Kindness and Courage. great themes!!

Flamdar - Absolutely Wonderful5 star

Walt would have loved this movie. Read all the reviews and watch this film which will live on for a long time. Well done everyone involved.

Operator7G - Great looking movie but fatally flawed3 star

This take on the classic tale continues to tell the whitewashed version of the Brothers Grimm tale, which is fine, since it’s targeted towards families with young children. Helena Bonham Carter did a fantastic job portraying the Fairy Godmother and the scenes when she transformed the mice, lizards, goose, and pumpkin into the white chargers, coachman, footmen, and carriage as well as when they reverted to their natural forms were the highlights of the movie for me. Cate Blanchett was great as always, making you truly hate her with her portrayal of the stepmother yet feeling a little empathy for how she got that way. The problem I have with this adaptation is that when Ella goes to the ball, the Prince is able to recognize her as the girl who he had met in the meadow. Since he knows exactly what she looks like, that removes the necessity of scouring the kingdom for the girl who fits the glass slipper. There was a reason why the ball was a masked ball. Likewise when she finally tells the Prince her name, she introduces herself as “Cinderella”. What?! Why on Earth would she introduce herself with the mocking nickname her stepsisters had given her? It makes no sense. I’m sorry, but this version just doesn’t cut it. If it weren’t such a visually appealing movie, it wouldn’t have even gotten 3 stars from me.

LoveDesirecoolfacegomez - MAGICAL TALES💖✨🔫😍😘👧😜👏5 star

All of the Cinderella tales have been told. All the movies have been made. But to be honest,I have to say this one made me believe this could happen in real life! It's a magical story,and now they've made a movie that shows and stands for what girls think Cinderella is. The animes are good to but they don't stand out as good as this movie did!! That 85% of people who said it wasn't good,go speak to the directors because they did a fantastic job but obviously you can't see it!!nice job!

Proud290 - Don’t watch if male or over 14.3 star

The movie might be good if you are under the age of 14, but beyond that I doubt it. Also the story has a lot of holes. Why do the glass slippers continue to be enchanted passed midnight, but none of Ela’s other things. What are the chances that no other woman would share the same shoe size as Ela. Why doesn’t the prince narrow down the search to blonde slender White women in their early 20’s.? Was it really necessary to put the slipper on black women, fat women, brunettes, redheads, and other women who’s physique doesn’t match Ela’s? Why doesn’t the fairy god mother help Ela beyond the ball? Why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets? Why was the Terminator elected?

Okay????? - Ok??2 star

It was ok I like the one when the are cartoons better but it was ok😉😊🎉??????????

Logn butt - Cinderella5 star

This is the best

81301 - Magic5 star

One. Word... Magical!!

Rudeenimani - Great5 star

I love it ... But if you have a Samsung device download show box or he cinema from Google and watch it for free !

Frank C 66554321. - Simply Wonderful4 star

Live action telling of an original, classic animated Disney tale done right. It falls a tad short on the fairy godmother, the animals, and the singing from the original, but it captures the beauty and grace of Cinderella and adds so much more to the Prince’s story and character. It is worth seeing for the night and the ball part alone.

GirlGeek101 - Fantastic5 star

Modernized to make us all think and feel deeply!

MelissaKelseyy - Disney has done it again!5 star

Cinderella is a beautiful live action film that is slightly retelling but captures the beautiful scenes we all know and love! Perfect actors for each role. Perfect movie!

AMJ33 - Really Fantastic!5 star

Excellent retelling of the story, gorgeous costumes, wonderful acting, lovely special effects. This is a worthwhile movie!!!

SVBabiT - Loved it4 star

I really did!

Indika20589 - Every second5 star

You'll love every second of it

Tamanie - Amazing!5 star

Growing up with the cartoon and having it as movie now that I'm an Adult is truly amazing! A must have in cartoon and as a movie.

Merlin is AMAZING - BEST MOVIE EVER!!5 star

Yay! I love this movie, and I can't believe I get to watch it again TOMORROW!!!! I love the characters and the spin they took to make this movie magnificent!

CINDERELLA 2015! - Ugh!5 star

Listen up! Don't complain about the preorder stuff! Review the movie not iTunes! Btw BEST MOVIE EVER!


I love this movie so much! It's so fun and awesome! I love it so much that it has become my absolute favorite movie ever! I strongly recommend this for kids or family. It is a amazing fairy tale that will take your breath away!!!!!!!

Jess CC. - One of My Favorite Movie5 star

"Where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is magic.” I cried when I was watching it. Cinderella brings you to the magical world.

someguyfromroswell - Why the pushed back release date?2 star

Why is iTunes releasing the movie on the 22nd when every everywhere else is going to release it on the 15th on blue ray - and digital download? Is it to give the Disney short's a longer run? Hum mm.

Richardmadden👌🏽 - So beautiful5 star

I love this movie so much it's beautifully written and directed.

Just a girl who came by - Wouldn't Know...3 star

This movie has been on pre-order for forFREAKINGever. I'll never know if it's a good movie since IT HASN'T BEEN RELEASED YET. I don't know if this is a Weinstein thing, but a lot of their productions take FOREVER to be released. Not all of us are able to get to the theater. Release the thing already!

Coolgirl900128 - Cinderella4 star

I love the movie . It's pretty different from the first cinderella

Dollygirl2002 - I love it!!!5 star

I love the movie. I saw the movie in the movie theaters but I have I am pre-ordering it on my phone and it was a really good movie and I want that dress that she voiced a ball so actually found the address on site in English

Greg Gelyon - A master piece5 star

once upon a time, there was a great release by Disney. this new adaptation of the Classic, is mesmerizing as wells a fulfilling.

Yaya O - Loved It5 star

It's Disney, it's Cinderella, it's awesome. I loved it, as for the reviews that are negative...did you think they would change up the classic? The scenery was beautiful, story was Cinderella. Completely enjoyed it.

Samairragarcia💘💎💘 - Awesome5 star

I love this movie it's magical and suspenseful it blew me away and I would highly recommend it to anybody

Hayshart - A Lovely Night5 star

Cinderella is a WONDERFUL movie. It is family friendly, and very classic. Cinderella also gives a great message too, for all girls. Overall, I would rate Cinderella more than 5 stars, because of its cleanliness, content, the message, and so much more!!

Beka2014 - Great movie!!5 star

Saw it and I completely adored it!! Love, love, loved it!! :)

Nipui - Great movie!5 star

I love it! Its Amazing!!! But I'm Eager to Buy it on iTunes. Please make it available.

Mlp102 - Loved it5 star

This movie is so cut I love what they did with the story love the set and would watch it any time very good for families PS don't mean to be mean but don't say boycott Disney it's just stupid

Pouya yugi - The Best Cinderella Movie Ever!!!!5 star

This movie is just amazing and I can't say how much I like it. I highly suggest watching it!!!:)

Billynas - Cinderella5 star

Was a truly inspirational film :)

HomeworkHelpLover - Great5 star

Better than my expectation

Jessintheskyyyy - Epic!5 star

By far the best remake of the cartoon version!!

She is Back better and ever - John5 star

OMG Thor best movie new versión of cinderella i see

Ukraine girl123456 - Cinderella5 star

It is my favorite movie ever love it I think Cinderella is very pretty,sweet and kind I love this movie watch it(;

paypay5526 - Cinderella4 star

I would have given this movie five stars if there was a twist on it. It's basically the same story as Disney's Cinderella with a few tweeks here and there. Cinderella is about a young woman named Ella who is coping with the lost of her mother and her father. She has to endure the cruelness of her stepmother and stepsisters. Just when it seems all hope is lost she meets the prince in the woods one day although she's not aware that he is royalty. She gets one night with him were she can pretend that she's not a poor servant girl, but a princess. Cate Blanchett does a spectacular job of depicting the innocence and purity of Cinderella. Overall it's a good movie for the whole family to enjoy.

Wengcullen - The Modern Retelling5 star

The movie, the cast, the costumes, the effect, the cinematography, the songs, the score, the settings, the glass slipper, the blue butterfly ballgown and everything in it is perfect, magical and enchanting and mesmerizing 😍👸✨👗

Colleen Dietrich - Ok but not very good message.3 star

The movie left me…… underwhelmed. I have to admit when I first heard about it I was fairly annoyed. The cinderella story has been told over, over, and over again every few years, so it beat my expectations of being awful. I guess it was an okay movie but a little forgettable and felt like they were trying to fill an allotted time slot by putting in a lot of filler. The worst thing was the message, in the original, Cinderella managed to persevere and be kind through an abusive parent constantly harassing here, but in the remake they confused pushover with kindness. Cinderella never stands up for herself and being “kind” implies obeying every command without question. In the end, visually appealing graphics but I’d still rather watch the original.

Cinderella (2015) Images & Pictures

loss of loved one image based on novel or book image mouse image ball image fairy image prince image musical image midnight image princess image love image orphan image family image evil stepmother image fairy godmother image cinderella image cendrillon image

Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images
Cinderella (2015) movie images

Cinderella (2015) Posters

Cinderella (2015) movie posters
Cinderella (2015) movie posters
Cinderella (2015) movie posters
Cinderella (2015) movie posters
Cinderella (2015) movie posters
Cinderella (2015) movie posters
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