The Longest Ride

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Based on the bestselling book by master storyteller Nicholas Sparks, this romantic drama centers on the star-crossed love affair between Luke, a former champion bull rider, and Sophia, a college student who is about to embark upon her dream job. As conflicting paths test their relationship, they make a fateful connection with an older gentleman, whose memories deeply inspire the young couple. The lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man as he reflects back on a lost love while he's trapped in an automobile crash. The Longest Ride Wiki

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Two couples. Two love stories. One epic tale...

The Longest Ride Movie (2015)

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The Longest Ride Movie Reviews

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- Wow5 star

I love this movie

- Great movie5 star

I have watched this movie probably 15 times! And it never gets old. I love the country setting and the beautiful twist with the past that interferes with the future in the plot line. Absolutely worth it!!!😁

- My kids liked it1 star

But I was looking for something that was not this! Maybe more dramatic tension



- Best movie4 star

I usually do not like romance movies but this is an exception!!!!!! Love love love love it

- Loved it!💓5 star

Nice love story to watch.

- 🎉🎉🎉5 star

A great romance story. A great score also! This is one of the best romance films out there! Scott is so hot and kind! Such a gentleman!

- Amazing5 star

I am in love with this movie!

- best movie ever !❤️5 star

so romantic

- Love5 star

Completely fell in love with Luke character.

- Scott Eastwood Is Amazing👌😍5 star

Love This Movie❤️❗️This is worth watching over again! If Like Scott Eastwood and a good romance you’ll deffinitly Love this movie💕

- :)5 star

love how the stories intertwine!

- Perfect!5 star

I honestly thouught that this movie would be cheesy, but I gave it a shot! it was so perfect in every way. Exceptional plot and acting! Very impressed!

- Forget the critics, Awesome Movie!5 star

I was a bit hesitant to watch this movie as it looked like a chick flick. However, after watching it I can say it was a great movie! Alan Alda gave a great performance and I enjoyed seeing Scott Eastwood, Clint’s son BTW. In any case, more than a simple love story or chick flick, great multiple plot / story line. Rotten Tomatoes get it wrong 9/10 times and this is no exception. Buy it, rent it, but watch it! You’ll be glad you did!

- Loved it!!5 star

Loved this movie

- Amazing!!!❤️5 star

I love this movie so much! I have watched this movie probably 10+ times and it never gets old. I love how the two love stories intertwine and how Ira and Ruth's relationship helped Luke and Sophia's relationship. All around great great great movie!!!

- Great movie5 star

My wife and I personal favorite for a date night at home really good story also

- Yeesh.2 star

I rented this because of all the positive reviews but I don't understand for the life of me why there are so many good ones. Had the potential to be good but the chemistry is pretty bad, there are too many plot lines that dont make sense, and the lead actress seems awkward.

- Greatest movie of all time5 star

Ive watched it again and it only gets better an extraordinary heartwarming meaningful masterpiece.

- Best movie5 star

This movie is great. I have watch it about 10x already. I just bought it on blue ray it's a must watch movie.

- Good movie but...2 star

This movie was pretty good, not my favorite Nicholas Sparks book turned movie. That being said, this movie is nothing like the book. The book bounces between main characters Sophia & Luke & also the old man Ira they found off the side of the road. If you didn't read the book you wouldn't understand the significance of them finding Ira or the art gallery scene at the end.

- The longest ride5 star

Love it. It's my favorite movie could watch it over and over again.

- Amazing5 star

The plot was not predictable and I was honestly really surprised by the development. The problems that the two lovers encounter are so real and modern. The ending does not disappoint as well!

- Love it!5 star

Loved this movie made me cry a couple of times! Would watch it over again!

- Great5 star

One of the best love story's ever!

- Loved it5 star


- OMG it was awesome5 star

This was a great movie i fell in love with it when I watched it and the book is amazing i could not put it down 😂☺

- Exceptional5 star

This movie was awesomeness!

- You meet girls all the time1 star

not like this. this ones different. need I say more? another clique movie about white people on a farm whoop dee doo

- 💖5 star

One of the best movies I've ever watched!!! The story itself is amazing and the movie is incredible🙌✨

- Best love movie of all time grab ur tissues5 star

I love this movie soon much!!!! words can’t even explain it is the cutest saddest movie ever it also has the hottest guy in it. I watched it with my boyfriend and I was crying it was so cute go buy it you won’t regret it

- I'm Addicted to it❤️😍5 star

Best movie of all time! Two stories separated by fate and beautiful. I'm addicted to it AMAZING!!!!!!!

- Best Movie Ever5 star

The Longest Ride is a great romantic movie involving love, troubles and many things! I would love for them to make a second movie!!! EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH

- Ok...3 star

Nothing like the book but has a good romantic story.

- Excellent!!!5 star

Wow this movie brought me to tears. The story behind the story is what really pulled my heart strings!!!

- Boring1 star

Very boring

- The longest ride5 star

Great movie

- The Longest Ride5 star

Scott Eastwood is the best sexist man on the earth! Scott will you marry me already lol

- The Longest Ride1 star

Corny and Predictable

- Kayla May5 star

Best. Movie. Ever.

- Love it!!!5 star

I'm a barrel racer and this movie gave me hope that not all bull riders are players!

- Great love story5 star

I read the book and I actually think the movie was better in this instance. I absolutely loved this movie. It's exciting, suspenseful, romantic and the acting was great! Hands down a 5 star!

- Couldn’t Get Through It2 star

I really wanted to like this movie, but I just couldn’t get through it. Eastwood shows promise, despite having virtually nothing to work with for a script. If you were to take every hackneyed romantic plot device and throw in some bad…no make that total lack of character development, sprinkle a bit of flashback letter-reading (Notebook-style), and wash it down with some of the stupidest stereotyped girly roles of sorority sisters and hard-luck country music loving folk, thats pretty much your lot. Without an interesting story. Nope.

- he's just so cute!!5 star

Scott Eastwood is literally the hottest guy ever and every time I see him I cry he's so cute!!

- Bomb movie5 star

I've prob seen this movie 100 times. ❤️❤️love it


This is such a awesome movie the flashbacks did get a little annoying in the middle but it is still the best movie I have ever seen. Can we just take a minute an say how cute Scott Eastwood is, like omg. But yes this movie is the best!!!!!

- Amazing.5 star

The story really hit home for me. I loved the way it all felt. It was amazing, I have watched this movie again and again and again. So perfect. I felt the love of sofia and luke right away.

- Great Movie5 star

This was a great movie, storyline was awesome and different which made it even better, I would watch this again!!!

- Since Noah's diary...5 star

If I could, I would give 6 stars... Really nice movie that talks about LOVE, it couldn't be better!

- I loved it!!5 star

Loved it!

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littlegirl93 - The Longest ride5 star

Love this movie

SélénaCb - Du vrai Nicholas Sparks5 star

Ceux qui aime les histoires d’amour, à la limite « quétaine » seront comblés.

Not_telling - you my ~ name - The best5 star

It’s kinda like “the last song” and “forever my girl” with the sadness of “a dogs purpose” i I love it!!!

Mississippi_boyz - Great!5 star

Excellent movie!! Would recommend to any one!

3eight - Love this movie but it’s way too expensive5 star

I love this movie so much and I had my heart set on buying it to watch on my flight to Montreal. I checked 2 days ago and it was $7.99 to buy, I got back on today (Thursday) to buy it and it was gone up to $19.99 to buy, and I can’t afford that being that I only had enough money to buy a $15 iTunes card. I’m disgusted.

bethanyeverett - So expensive5 star

I love love love this movie but why the heck has it become so expensive to rent????? I rented it a while ago for $3.99 in SD and now the want $7?? No way. You should lower your prices to prevent cognitive dissonance and rejection from the target market (I'm a marketing student).

wjhill - Fantastic5 star

At the risk of being rude I say the critics are idiots. I am always amazed at how many wonderful movies are panned by the critics and vice versa. I can be just as cynical as the next guy, but this little gem warmed my heart. As for the twist at the ending, both believable and inspirational. Is such a story likely, probably not, but plausible; absolutely. But isn't that what fiction is all about, taking the improbable and making it believable.

MovieWatcher46543 - Great!5 star

If you love Nicolas Sparks' movies, you'll love this one! Great chemistry between the characters and touching story!

Munch7717 - The Longest Ride5 star


Yogastart - Loved this movie5 star

First I love a romantic story. Second I love art and am smitten with the history of Black Mountain College. Third this cast is first rate and it is a wonderful movie. Enjoy Enjoy!

Fan girl 101123💯 - My fav movie5 star

This is my favourite movie it actually made me cry I've watched it a 1000 times it really touched me

Krystelos💕 - 😍5 star

Its amazing!!! Love it❤️

Moustique101 - Love story of the years5 star


Simba5155 - Awesome5 star

I love this movie it's hilarious. You should really watch it😂👌🏼

Vincent333333 - Excellent5 star

Film excellent !

Naexnicky - Really bad2 star

An interesting idea killed by very bad acting and directing. A movie full of stereotypes and cut & paste plays.

Melstyles - best love story ever5 star

Okay, humm honestly thats the best Nicholas Sparks movie that I've ever seen!!!! You must see that movie I promise you, your not gonna be disappointed !! :)

adsuderman - Amazing!!!!5 star

Absolutely loved this movie!!!!! So worth the watch!

Cheeked hens - Hi5 star

I loved this movie it was rally gooda👍🏼👍🏼

Gala G - Amazing movie5 star

This movie is the movie I cried the most from its so touching I could watch it over and over again

Meagancowgirl😝 - The Longest ride5 star

It was AWESOME ❤️

Amélie_518 - The best movie5 star

This is the best movie of love i have seen in my life. Nicholas Sparks used to very good actors and actresses. The story is beautiful and different. I recommend!:)

Blanchaii - Great!5 star

This is way better than the notebook I could cry

reader847 - It's a long ride, length-wsie, but definitely recommended4 star

I agree, it is probably one of the best Nicholas Sparks-based movies. My previous favorite would have been "The Notebook" and some of the others were OK. However, the Longest Ride was certainly the most engrossing and pushed a number of buttons at the right levels. Yes, the movie has some of the usual Nicholas Sparks cliches and touchstones, but it is also warm and wonderful in so many respects. Scott Eastwood does a solid job of the rodeo business. Alan Alda delivers a warm, approprately measured performance. Ignore the critics and just go with the flow with this movie. The gorgeous North Caroline scenery, the iydillic southern porch scenes, the modern art paintings, the mist and mountains. It is ultra-modern and old fashioned at the same time. Just run with it and enjoy it for what it is. Recommended movie. Bring kleenex.

Remiski - Great Movie5 star

One of the best Nicholas Sparks movies. Very touching story that will certainly make you cry.

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Gabbaroon - heartfelt5 star

Not only was this another amazing Nicholas Sparks movie, but it was truthfully different from any other. The amazing changes from the now and the past really made the movie that much more special. Defiantly will be purchasing this movie and telling other about it.

everybodysfavoritecritic - a great movie😍5 star

a fantastic movie and I would recommend it to everyone!!

JessicaTaylor2114 - Not Nicholas Sparks best3 star

Scott Eastwood is gorgeous, but him and Brit have no chemistry in this movie. Idk, its just not my favorite at all. I love The Notebook and I was so looking forward to this movie and I bought it and was very bummed Brit sounded like a little girl in some parts and her and Luke seemed more like close friends than love interests. The only reason I give the movie 3 stars is because 1.Scott 2. The empresive bull riding 3. All the other actors were good.

Not PG13 - Not PG133 star

Not PG13

I eat books - Wrong again Rotten Tom's5 star

Amazing movie.

Imagination - Scott Eastwood slows it down4 star

I think this would have been a better movie with a better lead actor. He was not on a par with Brit! I guess Nicholas Sparks doesn’t translate to screen as well as some writers but I really enjoyed the film more than I expected (the Notebook is still my favorite).

CritiqueFilmz - The Longest Ride5 star

The Longest Ride is the all time best romantic movie I have ever seen. Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood have definitely made a beautiful film. This movie shows how life falls straight into place. Which balances their difficult relationship and dreams. Which brings them closer together. I highly suggest to see this movie, you will not regret it.

AC1106 - The longest ride5 star

love Love LOVE❤️

Super addicting and fun !😜 - Longest Ride Romance5 star

This movie is what I want in real life. The cowboy, the romance, the passion. Nicholas Sparks hit the bullseye again. I love this movie, it's worth the money.

LightenUpFrancis - Man card still valid5 star

Movie was entertaining, had some action and drama, good messages and proves to me that I trust your opinions much more then the I do the critics who seem to have forgotten that most movies are for entertainment and let us escape from reality for a little while instead of taking it so seriously

Girl on the Moon - No spark!2 star

I adore romances and romantic comedy movies. My fave of all time is The Notebook so I was sure I’d love this on a Friday night hanging out at home. Believe it or not….I was so bored I couldn’t even watch the whole movie. I don’t remember the last time this happened. The story may or may not have been good, but there just wasn’t any chemistry between the two leads. No matter how good looking, if there’s no spark….you can’t fake it!

Mgmrgj - Good movie4 star

This movie made me cry. I enjoyed watching it!.. You guys should watch it too...

hngrlvn - A slam to socialites.5 star

My 'First' review. Neither want nor desire could bring me to write a review; it's inharantly a waste of time and thought. Left to the pragmatic in our society inhancing their self esteem, and pride. Not surprising 'they' would give the movie low ranks. Being one of 'old world beliefs' I would rank this film out of five, a six. Tho a bit lack luster, it is fully founded in what is truely important, not only in life, but within ourselves, innocence, honesty, commitment, trust, loyalty, integrity, sacrafice, compassion, forgiveness, and love. The most important, is love. My feelings soared to watch a man set in his ways, founded in truth, standing for what is right, to be able to let go of his pride (A lesson most men need) excepting what was more important than 'status', and that is love. Cheers to the director.

Lochness - Amazing chemistry!5 star

Such a good movie!

kayc9 - <35 star

I absolutely LOVED this movie!!! This is definitely a must buy!! The Notebook was my #1 all time favorite movie and The Longest Ride just beat it. Can’t wait to watch it again!!

Longest ride - The longest ride5 star

The best movie ever. Love it I hope there is either a second one or something similar. 😍😍😃😃😆

gabyalonso - Loved it!5 star

(I'm under my husbands account right now) anyway, I loved this movie so much! I am big fan of Nicholas Sparks but I really enjoyed this movie! I think the actors did such a good job! And the story is so endearing!!!

Jdanw17 - Best Movie!5 star

Absolutely loved it! Cried tears of sadness & joy, felt the love, and was amazed by the beautiful storyline and ending. Definitely a must see!

514172089Mads - Amazing😍😍5 star

Favorite movie and that doesn't happen very often I'm very picky, but this movie will bring tears into your eyes sad yet happy beautiful things😪☺️RECOMMEND!!!!!😊😊😉😉😊😊

lulu456666666666 - Yassssssssssssss5 star

Drooling over that Cowboy 😭 I want him so bad!!! Amazing movie

Jordy225 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

This movie had me in tears, laughing, and smiling. The Longest Ride is DEFINITELY worth the watch!

Tennischickk - Amazing5 star

Nicholas Sparks has written many books about people who try to make it work but in the end it doesn’t, but this one he has made a masterpiece and I love it!

AnnabelHh - Rented but can't watcht it1 star

I rented the movie but i don't know why when i click play it doesn't open. I just spend money..


This is such a great love story even though it is a bit sad!

AnonymousPerson100 - Favorite movie!!!!5 star

Love this movie!! :)

SantanaAntonelli - A Must Watch Love Story5 star

Definitely a tear jerker but I loved every moment

Madilaw3 - Omg5 star

IN LOVE!! My favorite movie could watch it forever

Countrymusicfan16 - Absolutely love5 star

I love this movie!! One of the best love stories of have ever seen and is my fav movie!!!!!! The connection between Luke and Sofia is amazing!! Great movie :D

VaBound - Disappointing2 star

The flashback scenes are probably the strongest. The central romance is weak (where’s the chemistry?!), plot line is sweet but also full of holes and contrived (he believes so strongly that he has to continue to ride to keep his mom’s ranch, but this is then immediately dismissed?). Worth a lazy night’s viewing but certainly nothing special.

¤Lust2Dust¤ - Unbelievable5 star

This movie was so amazing. The chemistry between Luke and Sofia is undeniable! I could look at Luke all day! Plus he likes Mac and cheese just like me!!!!!

Kristen_Nicole28 - Beautiful5 star

One of best love stories I have ever seen. I absolutely loved it !

Hisham Alkooheji - Disappointing1 star

After seeing all the positive reviews for this movie I decided to rent it thinking it will be comparable to the notebook but it was no where close. The acting and scenes were cheesy and the story had no depth at all. Really disappointed and do not recommend.

Dina Chase - Absolutely wonderful movie!5 star

This is by far the best movie I have seen in a long, long time! I don't purchase a lot of movies (to say the least) but I will be buying this one. Absolutely wonderful!

Muzzyman76 - Portrait of Life5 star

They say a picture/painting is worth a thousand words. Well, Love is worth so much more!!!! This movie should inspire anybody that has the pleasure of watching it.

Emmiegirl41789 - Great5 star

I Sincerely loved this movie, I have watched it 4 times already. I would recommend this to everyone and I sure will be watching it a 5th & 6th time for sure!

ClaudiaSch - Very sweet movie5 star

A good Love the story

Indi8802 - The best movie ever!!!!!5 star

This was the best movie I have ever seen. I cannot wait till I buy it!!!!

Breaker1999 - This should be called a Chick-Guy-Flick!5 star

Combo of elements that will grab a guy's attention and lady's attention. Awesome movie with an awesome story line. Great romanic movie. My wife and I loved it!

A fan of Rango's - Rango deserved more credit5 star

Worth the watch but Rango's credit was hidden deep in the title sequence. He should have been a headline credit - he is an incredible athlete. Also, since he passed away prior to the release of the film, it would have been thoughtful to have given him special recognition in the title sequence acknowledging his contributions to bull riding, PBR and this film.

🛀🏻🍱🙅🏽🏇🏻 - 🏇🏻5 star

The best film of the year

Mich Long - Cutest movie!5 star

Is been a long time since a movie made me fall in love with Love. Super cute couple, cute story and cute ending!

Naannssaayy - Absolutely the best5 star

Gave me the feels, absolutely love this love story ❤️❤️

christyhandel_ - INCREDIBLE5 star

Best Nicholas Sparks movie I've seen to date.

mileyfan2819 - Love this movie!5 star

Seriously one of the best Nicholas Sparks movies I've seen. It's seriously so cute and I love how the two story lines intertwine. I also love the country feel to it, makes me want a cowboy! Watch this movie, you won't regret it.

Baylie.arredondo - Best romantic movie ever !5 star


Katelyn gallops - Kirklyn gallops5 star

The longest ride is the best movie I have ever gone to see! It is funny/sad and it's so amazing😍😍😍😍

Moviegirl80 - My favorite movie5 star

I bought The Longest Ride from iTunes and I loved The Longest Ride and I can watch The Longest Ride over and over again. I loved the music and loved Luke and Sophia

Livlovesmovies22 - Sparks has done it again!5 star

This movie is amazing! Nicholas Sparks has done it again! Grab a box of tissues and turn this movie on you won't be disappointed!

Seniorclassof2015 - inspiring5 star

It made me want to love a cowboy after watching this. Seeing the old man made me think of my grandfather who got into a car accident but before he died he found out he had lung cancer thank god for that car accident or we would've never known why he or how he died. God bless the old man and the two couple and my grandfather I love you and miss you everyday and night so much

Dancysko - Amazing5 star

This movie is the best Nicholas Sparks movie so far. I cried so many times. Great movie. Worth the money

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The Longest Ride movie images
The Longest Ride movie images
The Longest Ride movie images
The Longest Ride movie images
The Longest Ride movie images
The Longest Ride movie images
The Longest Ride movie images
The Longest Ride movie images

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The Longest Ride movie posters
The Longest Ride movie posters
The Longest Ride movie posters
The Longest Ride movie posters
The Longest Ride movie posters
The Longest Ride movie posters
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