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6.2 star

Tomorrowland (2015) Movie Summary

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  • PG
  • 2015

From Disney comes two-time Oscar® winner Brad Bird’s “Tomorrowland,” a riveting mystery adventure starring Academy Award® winner George Clooney. Bound by a shared destiny, former boy-genius Frank (Clooney), jaded by disillusionment, and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity, embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as “Tomorrowland.” What they must do there changes the world—and them—forever.

Tomorrowland Film Synopsis

Bound by a shared destiny, a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor jaded by disillusionment embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory as "Tomorrowland."

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Bad Acting, Nice effects, and propagandaIt's a SciFi; But the movie attempts to create thought (good intention) but i was insulted to except their flawed messages, and was not emotionally pulled into this C movie . I must give praise to the child actors; Great Job..Score: 1/5

What an awesome movie!The critic got it totally wrong. I’m an adult and I enjoyed this movie tremendously, and I’m sure kids will do. Perhaps that’s what separates the dreamers from the doubters. This movie is for dreamers, and the message from the movie is to take actions about the world’s failures instead of accepting the status quo. But message aside, the storyline is just jaw dropping fun..Score: 5/5

Could have given it four starrsTomorrowland was the most interesting yet bad disney films i have seen in a while. It's captativing to see that disney has crossed the line with this movie and upon seeing the trailers and marketing choices this film had made i was planning in seeing this film to the hopes that it will be a giant waste of time. But instead of calling his film "visualy stunning and well executed this film is trying to be the science fiction verison of Wizard of Oz. The film follows boy genius frank (George Clooney) and his fellow science obesser Casey (Britt Robinson) who finds a coin that transports you into "Tomorrowland!" and his little to known partner David Nix (Hugh Laurie) together they must controll what's there's Tomorrowland is frustrating to explore despite the quality cast members that are casted in the film you would think a child would go see a disney film without knowing or excatly is for there age. Although George Clooney is the only one that is star-studded and both pretty in some movies where he tries and gives a good performence but playing a "boy genius" role for him wasn't suited or abstract if you will. See with all daring visuals and interesting plotpoints that don't make sense to audience members and this film is trying to be Wizard of Oz and Cloud Atlas both good movies that inspire science and achivement when it comes to telling a good story for the audience. Disney has been making stupid marketing films towards children including remaking ths cartoon disney films that already exist in the current planet we live in. Recently Disney remade Cinderella which was such a good template for the remake genre and telling a story is hard when it comes to remaking a film you have to tell that same story over and over again. Which is why Tomorrowland dosen't achive that must because of it's off-putting visual effects and wooden acting from the lead actors. And there you have a disney film which was directed by Brad Bird who recently directed Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and the Incredibles. Brad Bird is the perfect choice for a sci-fi action, adventure director to helm this hidden movie of trash. And i was confused on what this movie is based on because many movies that Hollywood makes on based on books and i thought that Tomorrowland was based on a book and i was wrong. Unfortunatey this is based on the theme park that is placed on you guessed it Disney and this film knows exactly what kind of screw they can come up with. And presenting a futurestic city that 1,10000 million years from now has to show the main city up untill know in this film and what this film is trying to tell the audience that not all dreams come true and when a future city lays around maybe we won't live in a wasteless environment that will change the course of human events. Either way Tomorrowland is a complete piece of crap that dosen't explain what kind of plotholes or the characters are one-sided with each other because watching this film more than five times you will maybe lose touch of reality and the writting, the acting are all bad but visualy this disney film dosen't look real at all and should end up at the video store bin..Score: 2/5

Fantastic!!!!, The perfect World for Dreamers with an Imagination, Pure Fun!!!This movie is about incredible imagination with lots of fun, Inspiring throughout, I enjoyed every facet, Future World is a place where I would be most comfortable to live, Dreams are only limited to your imagination and this movie has many dreams waiting to be fulfilled, If only this place really existed today I would be truly free..Score: 5/5

A Fantastic Movie, But a Box Office FailureThis is another one of Disney's high budget movies that unfortunately slipped under the radar. It's a shame because this is one of the most visually stunning movies I have ever seen. The story is pretty spectacular as well. I love the idea of the city of Tomorrowland and this can't go unnoticed, MICHAEL GIACCHINO! One of his best film scores gives this film an outstanding music theme that is unforgetable and completely underrated. I also love finding all the easter eggs to the Disney Parks (Space Mountain, Spaceship Earth, etc.). Anyways, a really good film for everyone and an unfortunate failure for Disney. There was a lot of sequel potential for this movie and it just came up short..Score: 4/5

Fine movie!The movie did suffer from having to cram a 12 hour mini-series into a 90 minute (or so) format, but it has so much going for it that you don't have to focus on that. Fantastic effects, [some] great acting, and... hope, in a story that was not predictable and quite fun. High praise for all who created it. Sorry it did not strike the critics that way, but some folks don't like having to confront a movie where their very own negativity is the antagonist. The rest of us loved it. Try using negative capability (Keats; look it up) and enjoy the movie despite your political views. And for all those who think there are plot holes and unexplained phenomena, how do you cheer for a zombie or vampire movie? Use your imagination. The dots are there; connect them. It's a movie with a message, for sure. Brad Bird is an artist who wishes to acknowledge gifted and talented people, and wants society to do the same. People who know how things work shouldn't be relegated to the sidelines while the leftover savages in suits sack the world in real estate, investing, finance and politics. Don't kid me; you know who I'm talking about. They're all we see on the news. So what's wrong with not accepting that they win in the end and the world goes down in flames? The movie tells that story pretty well. For every Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, there are a hundred... well... I don't want this to get censored. You know who they are..Score: 4/5

This movie is greatThis movie is great, and fun. I love this movie a lot. I love all of the characters in this movie. I like how it shows what the future will be like. It is one of my all time favorite movies ever..Score: 5/5

A Great, Big, Beautiful Near-MissTomorrowland, Disney’s 2015 homage to retro-futurism, is like a tree made from grafts of several different species. The core story is a quest to find hope for the future in a present beset with troubles. Branching from this trunk are sub-plots: a mystery-adventure, a buddy movie, and a light romance. The effect is beautiful, but somehow the pieces don’t quite fit together. The story revolves around three heroes out to save not only the eponymous Tomorrowland but the future of our own world as well. George Clooney is Frank Walker, an optimistic boy-genius inventor turned cynical middle-aged man. Britt Robertson is Casey Newton, a twenty-first-century version of Frank Walker. She sets the story in motion when she receives a mysterious ring that temporarily transports her to a futuristic utopia, Tomorrowland. Guiding Casey on her quest is Athena, played by Raffey Cassidy. Athena is a robot . . . pardon me, an “audio-animatronic”. . . who looks like a ten-year-old girl. She was Frank Walker’s original guide to Tomorrowland back in 1964, and she comes to Casey’s rescue in the present day. The three join force in a last-ditch attempt to breach the dimensional walls of Tomorrowland and head off a global catastrophe. This is not a movie of excess, but one with an abundance of everything: appealing characters, thrilling action, stunning visuals. One gets the feeling that the filmmakers tried to put as many of their great ideas into the film as they could and ended up with too much. Tomorrowland could easily have been, and perhaps should have been, three movies, the first following Frank’s discovery of and exile from Tomorrowland, the second Casey’s quest and Frank’s redemption, and the third the struggle to save both worlds. That’s why Tomorrowland doesn’t quite work. Any of the three leading characters could have carried the movie on their own, but instead Tomorrowland tries to weave their stories together with mixed results. The movie starts with Frank Walker’s story, but before it can get moving it jumps fifty-some years into the future to pick up Casey’s story. Athena, because she’s a robot, does not change in fifty years, so her character is meant to tie the others together. She does so until Casey finds Frank. The story then takes up their story and Athena is left with little to do until the movie’s climax. What she was doing on Earth for fifty years, and how she escaped the robot enforcers from Tomorrowland, is never mentioned. The attempt to pack everything into one film cannot be excused by inexperience. Brad Bird, co-writer and director of Tomorrowland, has demonstrated his considerable talent on hit films like The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. It’s possible that Tomorrowland is like Spielberg’s 1941, proof that even a great filmmaker can have an off day. It’s also possible that this is a case of too many cooks. With an estimated budget of $170 million, not to mention the obvious tie-in to Disneyland, studio executives would have a hard time keeping their opinions to themselves. For all that, Tomorrowland is a lot of fun. The movie is more like a visit to its namesake at Disneyland, with monorails and impossible architecture and a focus on The Future. Its hopeful message also comes through, that we can still have a bright tomorrow if we’re willing to put in the work today..Score: 4/5

Slipped under the radarThis movie is poignant to me as I attended the 64 World’s Fair. It brought back a flood of memories and reminded me how the future was looked at as being a better time. I too, succumbed to the PKD storylines and with Star Wars in the seventies, space began to look a little beat up. With Nixon(the president of US) and his whole bag of mess we came to not admire those in high offices as we did with Kennedy and his optimism. I for one would like a more Star Trek and a less pessimistic or another joyless day of the year. But anyway, this movie does make one think....Score: 5/5

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Refreshingly inspirationalOriginal and inspirational movie with a positive message. We can make a better future!.Score: 4/5

WonderfulThis family friendly movie was a joy to watch. Appropriate for most ages, it has something for pretty much everyone. A great story, good acting and a sprinkle of action thrown in. I would highly recommend tomorrowland..Score: 5/5

Inspiring!Tomorrowland will leave you wishing it was based on a true story..Score: 5/5

This is the best movieI have seen this movie 2 times and I am in love with it. I have never seen a movie like this one..Score: 5/5

Kids movieThe movie was interesting but definitely for kids..Score: 1/5

Mary Techno PoppinsTomorrowland is the spoonful of sugar to help the medicin go down ..... as the song in mary poppins says. Like ET or Goonies before it it is a kids film for adults too and rather than a disaster film as some critics have called it, it is the opposite. It contains wrapped in it's carbon nanofiber daisy dress ( see movie ) a powerful message of optimism, hope and just do it initiative as a surprise gift to the audience. It is well acted and beautiful to watch and keeps a reasonable medium between adult and kid humour. If the story Adam and the Dreamfish was ever to be made into a movie I would want the same team to do it. Great film, Warm fun Fuzzzy with a sci fi edge.Score: 4/5

Amazing!This movie is amazing! If you’re an idealist, then you need to watch this movie. I have always believed, but this movie, was the first movie that made me believe even more. I would love to see more positive movies like this. I wish I bought it, instead of renting it. I will most certainly buy it, and watch it again. Watch it!.Score: 5/5

UNDERSTATED AND GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATEDLots of action and comedy, one should never be bored. It’s a story of potential tragedy while offering a generous portion of hope. Extraordinary story. I’m drawn back to watch it again and again..Score: 5/5

Not a filmTomorrowland is a movie with many quirks, and an everlasting supply of originality, The main issue of the topic, is that this film is not a film. It doesn’t tell a tale that sparks positive controversy or questioning. Instead, the film portrays a very direct opinion that is not given any room to question. The film begins as a piece of technological art, and slowly becomes a piece of propaganda equal to the "Red Menace”. This film, intended to be ingested in a family matter, leaves too big a statement in the impressionable minds of the youth who are not then allowed to learn for themselves. Although this state of impression may be existent in the lives of our youth no matter what, it is dangerous to subject them to this kind of load in a public manner without the ability to exercise one’s need to question, and contrast to other events. As mentioned earlier, this is not a film. This is, however, a tool we can use to teach others. No matter what your position on the political or socio-economic statuses that exist today; we can all leave this “film” with something to either help us question our current beliefs, or as a tool to question the existence of the production itself..Score: 3/5

Really Enjoyed It!I really enjoyed this movie. It's a fun adventure!!.Score: 4/5

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Tomorrowland (2015) Series Cast & Crew

Tomorrowland (2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. George Clooney (Frank Walker), Hugh Laurie (David Nix), Britt Robertson (Casey Newton), Raffey Cassidy (Athena), Tim McGraw (Eddie Newton), Chris Bauer (Frank's Dad), Shiloh Nelson (Young Casey Newton), Kathryn Hahn (Ursula), Keegan-Michael Key (Hugo), Thomas Robinson (Young Frank Walker), Pierce Gagnon (Nate Newton), Matthew MacCaull (Dave Clark), Judy Greer (Jenny Newton), Matthew Kevin Anderson (Bus Driver), Michael Giacchino (Small World Operator), D. Harlan Cutshall (Skyscraper Foreman), Xantha Radley (History Teacher), David Nykl (Science Teacher), Paul McGillion (English Teacher), Pearce Visser (Beefy Cop), all returned for tomorrowland movie.

George Clooney (Frank Walker)
George ClooneyFrank WalkerScore: 24.5
Hugh Laurie (David Nix)
Hugh LaurieDavid NixScore: 15.2
Britt Robertson (Casey Newton)
Britt RobertsonCasey NewtonScore: 28.2
Raffey Cassidy (Athena)
Raffey CassidyAthenaScore: 18.7
Tim McGraw (Eddie Newton)
Tim McGrawEddie NewtonScore: 29.6
Chris Bauer (Frank's Dad)
Chris BauerFrank's DadScore: 12.4
Shiloh Nelson (Young Casey Newton)
Shiloh NelsonYoung Casey NewtonScore: 8.7
Kathryn Hahn (Ursula)
Kathryn HahnUrsulaScore: 36.2
Keegan-Michael Key (Hugo)
Keegan-Michael KeyHugoScore: 10.5
Thomas Robinson (Young Frank Walker)
Thomas RobinsonYoung Frank WalkerScore: 15.2
Pierce Gagnon (Nate Newton)
Pierce GagnonNate NewtonScore: 7.3
Matthew MacCaull (Dave Clark)
Matthew MacCaullDave ClarkScore: 10.3

Craig Wood (Editor), Walter Murch (Editor), Gary Rydstrom (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Kyrsten Mate (Sound Designer), April Webster (Casting), Jeffrey Kurland (Costume Design), Juan Peralta (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Joey Box (Stunt Coordinator), Lin MacDonald (Set Decoration), Teresa Eckton (Foley), Michael Giacchino (Original Music Composer), Scott Chambliss (Production Design), Bernard Bellew (Executive Producer), Brad Bird (Screenplay), Brad Bird (Director), Brad Bird (Producer), Brad Bird (Story), Jeremy Stanbridge (Art Direction), Geoff Wallace (Art Direction), Jeffrey Chernov (Producer),

Walter Murch (Editor)
Walter MurchEditorScore: 2.6
Gary Rydstrom (Sound Re-Recording Mixer)
Gary RydstromSound Re-Recording MixerScore: 2.2
Jeffrey Kurland (Costume Design)
Jeffrey KurlandCostume DesignScore: 1.4
Juan Peralta (Sound Re-Recording Mixer)
Juan PeraltaSound Re-Recording MixerScore: 0.6
Joey Box (Stunt Coordinator)
Joey BoxStunt CoordinatorScore: 1.8
Michael Giacchino (Original Music Composer)
Michael GiacchinoOriginal Music ComposerScore: 4.0
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Tomorrowland Trailers & Teasers

'Tomorrowland' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of tomorrowland, the Brad Bird's popular movie. Watch the tomorrowland teaser trailer. Brad Bird’s #tomorrowland is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Official Trailer 3▶ Official Trailer 3
Official US Teaser Trailer▶ Official US Teaser Trailer
Official Trailer 2▶ Official Trailer 2

Tomorrowland Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from tomorrowland movie. Tomorrowland (2015) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome tomorrowland wallpapers to download for free.

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Tomorrowland Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Imagine a world where nothing is impossible...

Tomorrowland — 2015

Tomorrowland Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie tomorrowland - 2015. A poster for Brad Bird sci-fi & fantasy movie, Tomorrowland! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for tomorrowland (2015). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Tomorrowland Movie Posters
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Tomorrowland Movie Languages & Subtitles

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باستخدام زر سحري غامض، تدخل كاسي نيوتن (بريت روبرتسون) إلى أرض غامضة خفية للحظات، مما يأخذها في مغامرة لتقابل المُخترع المُنعزل فرانك واكر (جورج كلوني)، فرانك تمكن من قبل من دخول هذه الأرض الغامضة، ولكن تم طرده منها بواسطة المُخترع العظيم فرانك نيكس (هيو لورى). معا كاسي وفرانك يحاولان السفر لهذه الأرض للمرة الثانية.

български език
Свързани от обща съдба, един тийнейджър с развито научно любопитство и един бивш вундеркинд-изобретател предприемат мисия, за да изровят тайните на място "някъде във времето и пространството", което съществува в колективната им памет.

Fokus na dječjem umu i poimanju svijeta uz pomalo banalnu filozofiju kako na djeci svijet ostaje i svatko može sve ukoliko ne odustane samo je još jedna oda knjiškom serijalu 'Tajna' i sličnih pomalo i 'New Age' pogleda na stvarnost. No, ono što je Disney u ovom filmu uspješno subverzionirao pod domenu humanizma i borbe protiv eskapizma čovječanstva je transhumanizam. Jer je čovjek podcrtan kao jedina nada posrnule civilizacije, ali isto tako i kao njezin najveći problem.

Units per la mateixa destinació, una adolescent intel·ligent i optimista, omple de curiositat científica, i un antic nen prodigi inventor, fastiguejat per les desil·lusions, s'embarquen en una perillosa missió per desenterrar els secrets d'un enigmàtic lloc localitzat en algun lloc del temps i l'espai, conegut en la memòria col·lectiva com “Tomorrowland”, i així salvar a la humanitat.

Bývalý dětský génius Frank, naplněný rozčarováním ze světa, ve kterém žije, a Casey, chytrá a optimistická dospívající dívka, plná vědecké zvídavosti, se společně vydávají na nebezpečnou misi s cílem odhalit tajemství záhadného místa, ztraceného kdesi v čase a prostoru, známého pouze pod názvem „Země zítřka“. To, co na tomto místo budou muset vykonat, navždy změní celý svět – a také je samotné.

Casey er en kvik og optimistisk teenagepige med en lidenskabelig interesse for videnskab. Frank er et midaldrende opfindergeni, som er blevet kynisk og desillusioneret efter en skelsættende oplevelse i sin ungdom. Casey og Franks fælles skæbne fører dem på en farlig mission for at finde hemmeligheden bag 'Tomorrowland': en gådefuld og avanceret fremtidsby, der ligger i en alternativ dimension.

Die junge, clevere Casey Newton interessiert sich sehr für Wissenschaft. Eines Tages findet sie eine mysteriöse Anstecknadel, die sie Visionen von einer anderen Welt bekommen lässt, und lernt den einst genialen Erfinder Frank Walker kennen. Walker hat jedoch seine frühere Klasse verloren und ist stark desillusioniert. Der Hauptgrund dafür ist, dass er eine Art von Parallel-Universum, das Tomorrowland genannt wird, verlassen musste. Dies traf ihn besonders schwer, da es dort keinerlei Sorgen gab, sondern Frieden und Glückseligkeit herrschten. Nach seinem erzwungenen Abschied aus der Parallelwelt hat David Nix dort die Herrschaft übernommen und die wunderbare Welt in etwas Dunkles und Böses verwandelt. Gemeinsam wollen das Mädchen und der Erfinder nach Tomorrowland zurückkehren, um es zu dem blühenden Ort zu machen, der es einst war.

Η μοίρα φέρνει κοντά μια έξυπνη, αισιόδοξη έφηβη με έντονες επιστημονικές αναζητήσεις με ένα πρώην παιδί θαύμα και νυν απογοητευμένο, γκριζομάλλη εφευρέτη. Οι δυο τους θα αναλάβουν μια επικίνδυνη αποστολή, καθώς θα αποκαλύψουν τα μυστικά ενός αινιγματικού χωροχρόνου που ανήκει στη συλλογική μνήμη και ονομάζεται 'Η Χώρα Του Αύριο'.

Unidos por el mismo destino, una adolescente inteligente y optimista, llena de curiosidad científica, y un antiguo niño prodigio inventor, hastiado por las desilusiones, se embarcan en una peligrosa misión para desenterrar los secretos de un enigmático lugar localizado en algún lugar del tiempo y el espacio, conocido en la memoria colectiva como “Tomorrowland”, y así salvar a la humanidad.

Atado por un destino compartido, un adolescente brillante y optimista lleno de curiosidad científica y un ex inventor genio de niño, hastiado de la desilusión, embarcarse en una misión llena de peligros para descubrir los secretos de un lugar enigmático en algún lugar del tiempo y espacio que existe en su comunidad la memoria como "Tomorrowland".

فیلم داستان نوجوانی با نام کیسی نیوتون را روایت می‌کند که آرزوهای بزرگی در ذهن دارد و می‌خواهد به هر قیمتی که شده به آنها دست یابد که این باعث ایجاد دردسر و رفتن به اداره ی پلیس برای او می‌شود. اما همه چیز تغییر می‌کند وقتی دروازه‌ای باستانی به سوی یک دنیای بسیار پیشرفته با نام (سرزمین آیندگان) پیدا می‌کند و در این راه با مردی با نام فرنک واکر آشنا می‌شود و با همدیگر تصمیم می‌گیرند چیز های جدیدی از این سرزمین را کشف کنند...

Frank Walker on vasta pikkunappula, kun hän matkustaa vuonna 1964 New Yorkin maailmannäyttelyyn. Näyttelyssä hän tapaa suloisen Athenan, joka vie lahjakkaan Frankin toiseen todellisuuteen -Tomorrowlandiin. Tämän päivän unelma paremmasta huomisesta tuntuu hiipuneen pahan kerran. Ihmiskunnan uteliaisuuden lopahtaminen tuntuu kiteytyvän Nasan rakettien laukaisualustan purku-urakassa, jota teini-ikäinen Casey öisin sabotoi. Vaikka hän tekee sitä osin myös insinööri-isänsä työpaikan vuoksi, hänen periaatteellisuutensa ja uskonsa johonkin parempaan herättää salaperäisen tarkkailijan - Athenan - huomion. Casey saa käsiinsä oudon pinssin, jonka kautta hänkin pääsee osalliseksi visioista ihmeellisestä tulevaisuuden maailmasta. Uskomatonta paikkaa etsiessään hän kohtaa aikuiseksi kasvaneen, Tomorrowlandista karkoitetun ja kyyniseksi erakoksi muuttuneen Frankin.

Casey, une adolescente douée d’une grande curiosité scientifique et Frank, un inventeur de génie ayant perdu ses illusions, entreprennent une périlleuse mission. Leur but : découvrir les secrets d’un lieu mystérieux du nom de Tomorrowland, un endroit situé quelque part dans le temps et l’espace, qui ne semble exister que dans leur mémoire commune... Ce qu’ils y feront changera à jamais la face du monde… et leur propre destin!

Casey, une adolescente brillante et optimiste, douée d’une grande curiosité scientifique et Frank, un homme qui fut autrefois un jeune inventeur de génie avant de perdre ses illusions, s’embarquent pour une périlleuse mission. Leur but : découvrir les secrets d’un lieu mystérieux du nom de Tomorrowland, un endroit situé quelque part dans le temps et l’espace, qui ne semble exister que dans leur mémoire commune... Ce qu’ils y feront changera à jamais la face du monde… et leur propre destin !

הרפתקאות, אקשן ומסתורין מבית היוצר של דיסני על מדען מבריק ותשוש (ג'ורג' קלוני), היוצא יחד עם נערה אופטימית (בריט רוברטסון, "אהבה למרחקים ארוכים") למשימה מלאת סכנות כדי לחשוף את סודותיו של מקום מסתורי אי שם בזמן ובמרחב, שקיים בתודעתם ונקרא "עולם המחר". יו לורי גם כאן. התסריט של דיימון לינדולף (אחד מיוצרי "אבודים"), והבימוי של בראד בירד ("משפחת סופר-על", "משימה בלתי אפשרית: קוד הצללים").

Vezani istom sudbinom, Frank (Clooney), koji je kao dječak bio genije a sad je samo izmoren od svih razočaranja, i Casey (Britt Robertson), optimistična tinejdžerica puna znatiželje prema znanosti, kreću u opasnu misiju otkrivanja zagonetnog mjesta koje se nalazi negdje u vremenu i prostoru i koje je poznato samo kao Sutrozemlja. Ono što dvojac mora napraviti u Sutrozemlji promijenit će svijet – i njih – zauvijek.

Frank, az egykori gyerekzseni és Casey, a mindig optimista, tudományos érdeklődésű tinédzser közös álmot kergetnek. Hogy végzetüket beteljesítsék, egy veszélyekkel teli küldetésbe kezdenek, amelynek keretében szeretnék megtalálni a térben és időben meghatározhatatlan helyen fekvő titokzatos helyet, amelyet Holnapolisz néven ismernek. Tettük azonban nem csak rájuk, hanem az egész világra hatással van, amely így akár örökre megváltozhat.

Legati da un destino comune, Frank (George Clooney), un ex enfant prodige ormai disilluso, e Casey (Britt Robertson), un’adolescente ottimista e intelligente che trabocca di curiosità scientifica, intraprendono una pericolosa missione insieme, per svelare i segreti di una misteriosa dimensione spazio-temporale nota come “Tomorrowland”. Le loro imprese cambieranno sia il mondo che la propria vita, per sempre.


선택 받은 자만이 들어갈 수 있는 평행 세계 투모로우랜드. 최고의 천재 과학자 데이빗(휴 로리)은 지구 종말을 대비해, 투모로우랜드를 또 다른 최첨단 과학 기술의 세계로 만드는 것에 집중한다. 우연히 투모로우랜드에 들어갔던 프랭크(조지 클루니)는 그곳이 세상의 미래를 바꿀 수 있다고 믿었지만, 데이빗과의 대립에 의해 추방 당하고, 이후 스스로를 고립시킨 채 은둔하며 살아간다. 한 편, 현명하고 호기심 많은 십대 소녀 케이시(브릿 로버트슨)는 우연히 투모로우랜드의 티켓인 ‘핀’을 줍게 되는데…

Suvienyti panašaus likimo, buvęs berniukas-genijus, šiandien jau suaugęs vyras ir išradėjas Frankas (akt. George Clooney) bei mokslinės fantastikos gerbėja paauglė Keisė (akt. Britt Robertson) leisis į pvojingą, tačiau smalsumą kurstančią kelionę per visatas. Kadaise, kitoje dimensijoje, egzistavo didingas ir paslaptingas pasaulis pavadinimu „Rytojaus žemė“. Daugybę metų jo gyventojai kūrė savo gyvenimus, statė įspūdingus statinius bei, kaip ir žemės gyventojai, mylėjo, tikėjo ir viltingai laukė rytojaus. Deja, dėl mįslingų įvykių jų ateitis, kaip ir pasaulis, buvo visiškai sugriauta ir sunaikinta. Nežinomą pasaulį atradę Keisė ir Fredas stačia galvą ners į painią tiesios paieškų istoriją – kas gi nutiko šiai paslaptingai Žemei ir jo gyventojams...

Kad piedzīvojumu meklētājas Keisijas rokās nonāk noslēpumains priekšmets, ar kura palīdzību ir iespējams nokļūt paralēlā realitātē, viņa meklē palīdzību pie ciniska ģēnija - izgudrotāja Frenka. Keisijai ir jāmēģina pārliecināt Frenku atklāt viņai noslēpumu, kurš apvij paralēlajā realitātē esošo fantastisko pasauli, un jāpalīdz viņam atgriezties tur, no kurienes Frenks reiz ticis izraidīts.

Voormalig wonderkind Frank, getekend door teleurstelling, en Casey, een pientere, optimistische tiener die barst van de wetenschappelijke nieuwsgierigheid, delen hetzelfde lot. Samen gaan ze op een gevaarlijke missie om de geheimen te onthullen van een mysterieuze plek die zich in een andere dimensie bevindt, en alleen bekend staat als Tomorrowland. Na wat ze daar moeten doen zal de wereld — en zijzelf — nooit meer hetzelfde zijn.

Vi møter det tidligere guttegeniet Frank (Clooney), utslitt og desillusjonert, og Casey (Britt Robertson), en kvikk, optimistisk tenåring proppet med vitenskapelig nysgjerrighet. Bundet av en felles skjebne begir de seg ut på et farefylt oppdrag for å grave opp hemmeligheter om et gåtefullt sted i tid og rom, kun kjent som "Tomorrowland." Det de må gjøre der, forandrer verden -og dem- for alltid. Med et manus av "Lost" forfatter og medskaper Damon Lindelof og Brad Bird, fra en historie av Lindelof & Bird & Jeff Jensen, lover "Tomorrowland" å ta publikum med på en spennende reise med masse opplevelser, gjennom nye dimensjoner man bare kan drømme om.

Dwoje bohaterów: uznany w dzieciństwie za geniusza, a obecnie rozczarowany życiem Frank (George Clooney) oraz inteligentna nastolatka przepełniona zamiłowaniem do nauki Casey (Britt Robertson), wyrusza na niebezpieczną misję, której celem jest odkrycie tajemnicy miejsca zagubionego w czasie i przestrzeni, znanego jako "Kraina Jutra". [opis dystrybutora Bluray]

Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) é uma adolescente com enorme curiosidade pela ciência. Um dia, ela encontra um pequeno broche que permite que se transporte automaticamente para uma realidade paralela chamada Tomorrowland, repleta de invenções futuristas visando o bem da humanidade. Ela logo busca um meio de chegar ao lugar e, no caminho, conta com a ajuda da misteriosa Athena (Raffey Cassidy) e de Frank Walker (George Clooney), que esteve em Tomorrowland quando garoto mas hoje leva uma vida amargurada.

Ligados por um destino comum, Frank, um antigo menino prodígio, agora cansado de desilusões, e Casey, uma adolescente otimista e brilhante, cheia de curiosidade científica, embarcam numa missão perigosa para descobrir os segredos de um enigmático local, num tempo e lugar conhecidos como “Tomorrowland”. O que eles vão fazer vai mudar o mundo, e a eles, para sempre.

Связанные общей судьбой, талантливая девушка-подросток с невероятной тягой к новым знаниям и бывший гений-изобретатель, переживший разочарования и крах своих иллюзий, отправляются сквозь пространство и время в полную опасностей миссию, чтобы раскрыть секреты таинственного места, которое существует в их общей памяти под названием «Земля завтрашнего дня».

Frank Walker (George Clooney) býval detským géniom a nádejným mladým vynálezcom. Dnes je z neho sklamaný a uzavretý muž, ukrývajúci sa pred svetom. Jedného dňa ho navštívi šikovná a optimistická tínedžerka Casey (Britt Roben- son). Ťažko nájsť odlišnejších ľudí, spája ich však jedna vec – obaja v minulosti nevysvetliteľne navštívili záhadné miesto, ukryté niekde v čase a priestore, nazývané Tomorrowland. Na stope sú im však tajomní cudzinci, snažiaci sa Casey a Frankovi zabrániť, aby odhalili tajomstvo Krajiny zajtrajška…

Шта када би постојало тајно место где је све могуће? Чаробно место где бисте уствари могли изменити свет. Да ли би пошли на такво место? Филм прати научно знатижељну девојку Кејси Њутн и бившег познатог изумитељског генија Франка Валкера док истражују место које је немогуће сместити у вриеме и простор, а назива се Земља сутрашњице. Њихов циљ је откривање тајни места које постоји углавном у колективној меморији.

Bundna av ett gemensamt öde sammanförs en optimistisk och vetenskapligt nyfiken tonåring med en före detta genialisk uppfinnare som tagits ned på jorden av idel besvikelser. Tillsammans ger de sig ut på ett äventyr för att gräva upp hemligheterna om en plats någonstans i tid och rum som existerar i deras gemensamma minne.

ด้วยชะตาชีวิตที่ร่วมกัน แฟรงค์ – อดีตเด็กอัจฉริยะ (คลูนีย์) ผู้เหนื่อยหน่ายและท้อแท้ และ เคซี่ (บริตต์ โรเบิร์ตสัน) สาวน้อยผู้ปราดเปรื่อง, มองโลกในแง่ดี,และมีความกระหายใคร่รู้ทางวิทยศาสตร์ ต้องร่วมภารกิจสุดอันตรายในการไขปริศนาของสถานที่ลึกลับที่อยู่ที่ไหนซักแห่งในห้วงเวลาและอวกาศที่รู้จักแค่ชื่อที่ถูกเรียกขานว่า “ทูมอโรว์แลนด์” สิ่งที่เขาต้องทำที่นั่นจะเปลี่ยนแปลงโลก และพวกเขา ไปตลอดกาล

Bilime çok meraklı bir genç olan Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) ile mucit Frank Walker (George Clooney) yalnızca hafızalarında yer alan bir yer ve zamana, gizemli bir yolculuğa çıkarlar.

Головна героїня картини – юна Кейсі Ньютон. Вона допитлива й смілива, а це іноді призводить до не найприємніших наслідків. Якось до Кейсі потрапляє дивний предмет, маленький металевий значок. Взявши його до рук, дівчина миттєво переміщується в паралельний світ. Допомогти їй розібратися в такому дивовижному відкритті може винахідник Френк Вокер. Він знає все про це загадкове місце, але не дивлячись на це не поспішає ділитися всією інформацією з дівчиною.

Tiếng Việt
Một đội quân chưa rõ danh tính tuyên bố nhà sáng chế Frank Walker đang chứa chấp một phần tử bỏ trốn, trong khi bên cạnh ông chỉ là cô bé Casey Newton – người mới mang chiếc cài áo kỳ lạ tới hỏi Frank. Cuộc rượt đuổi diễn ra vô cùng kịch tính trong căn nhà đầy rẫy những vũ khí, đồ vật và cạm bẫy công nghệ cao. Chuyến phiêu lưu của Frank và Casey tiếp tục trong một cỗ máy xuyên thời gian và không gian tới thế giới bí ẩn.

二十世纪初,爱迪生、巴黎铁塔总设计师埃菲尔、“交流电之父”尼古拉·特斯拉和其他顶尖的科学家、艺术家组成了一个秘密团体,共同打造一个理想计划——明日世界,传言中,华特·迪士尼也是创办人之一,在他的遗物中有一个黑盒子,装着神秘的机关。可是这个计划却出了意外,“明日世界”也从此消失。弗兰克(乔治·克鲁尼 George Clooney 饰)少年时曾亲眼目睹“明日世界”,但意外之后便过着半隐居的生活,直到聪明的少女凯茜(布丽特·罗伯森 Britt Robertson 饰)找上门,凯茜对科学和生命都充满热情,在无意间发现了神秘的徽章,她需要弗兰克的协助,破解零星线索,找到隐藏在神秘时空里的“明日世界”,以改变人类的命运……



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