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6.4 star

Minions (2015) Movie Summary

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  • PG
  • 2015

Since the dawn of time, Minions have served (and accidentally eliminated) history's most despicable villains. After their latest explosive mistake leaves them without an evil leader, the Minions fall into a deep depression. With the tribe on the brink of collapse, three unlikely heroes—Kevin, Stuart, and Bob—embark on a journey to find a new big boss. When their quest leads them to their next potential master, Scarlet Overkill (Academy Award® winner Sandra Bullock), our three heroes must face their biggest challenge yet: saving all of Minionkind…from annihilation!

Minions Film Synopsis

Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.

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Awesome movieThis movie is funny and hilarious. I just wish they made it before Despicable Me. I also wondering something did some people who saw this movie and wrote a review actually listen to what they were saying in the movie or did they mute it and just assumed they were cursing? Please write back to me..Score: 5/5

BOOOOOOOODon’t waste your time on this piece of garbage.Score: 1/5

=^(It’s bad. The minions are stupid and so is their language. They need to speak English. And it’s all about evil. Also despicable me movies are just as bad as this crap😒 soooo this my rating 😏😒😒😒😏😒😒😡😠😠😤😤😰😰😰😨😱😨🤬🤬🤬🤬. 0 stars for you. And also for despicable me..Score: 1/5

Good movieI like the movie.Score: 5/5

AWESOMEGreat animation movies eveR.Score: 5/5

Three starsIt was an ok movie, but despicable me was way better. This just didn't seem to have a clear or entertaining plot, or many funny parts. It felt kind of like watching one of the despicable me shorts for a really long time..Score: 3/5

AwsomePeople don’t know how to rate a movie. This movie is an awsome movie and is great to watch with the family ; This movie is funny and enjoyable. 😂😊 LETS GO MINIONS !.Score: 5/5

Huge let down to amazing franchise.Where do I start? I'm not a huge illumination fan, but I REALLY like Despicable Me 1 and 2. They showed a lot of emotion and developed the characters so much. But this... It's just... It's just a bunch of slapstick humor and goofy cartoon. The minions just waltz around being dumb for an hour and a half. The storyline's decent, but it doesn't play out well. The villain doesn't seem scary or funny. She's a very lazily thought out character and basically just has cool gadgets. If you like watching minions do idiotic things for 1 hour & 1/2, go ahead, knock yourself out. The only time I enjoyed myself is when you saw child Gru at the ending. Overall, huge disappointment..Score: 2/5

MinionsThis is the worse movie I everseen. The jokes are not funny at all. The storyline doesn't make any sense at all. there’s no effort put into anything. The actres seem board. Don't waste your time and money on this movie. Would not recommend I wish I can give it 0 stars..Score: 1/5

Hilarious!!!This movie was a very outstanding kids friendly comedy. This is the most I've laughed at a kids movie in a while. The creators of despicable me did quite a good job for the first movie, despicable me 2 was not quite as good, but despicable me was just great. I mean the plot was okay but after all its a kids movie. But if you're looking for a cute movie with a lot laughs than this is for you..Score: 5/5

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So fun to watch!Here is something I have to tell you....KING BOB!!!!.Score: 5/5

Pretty goodThis movie satistified me less than I thought. However it was still fun to watch it.Score: 3/5

Utter Plastic Garbage. Don’t fall for it.The minions are certainly adorable, funny little buggers in the Despicable Me films (the first one in particular), but by giving into the hype and marketability of them in the form of a lifeless, dull film designed only to sell rather than to entertain? It’s going too far. Don’t get me wrong - I find the minions hysterical and admire much of Sandra Bullock’s work (even the much-panned Speed 2. She did the best with what she was given). However, that does not excuse the heartless, plain, cookie-cutter approach taken with this film. It should not exist. Unfortunately we live in an age where plastic existences and falsified ideals run the world via machines of corporate greed and grubby little paws. It’s very sad. There could have been a lot of magic and spark in this, but instead those in charge of the film’s outcome took the “don’t offend, don’t entertain, just sell more minion-related products and don’t do anything else” approach. It shows. Not once did I laugh during this film. Sandra Bullock’s character was the most pathetic, poorly-conceived pile of animated crud to ever grace my television screen (which also once displayed the Super Mario Bros. movie, might I add). Scarlett’s boyfriend/fiance/underling ought to have been left in the torture room and had his throat removed, as he completely decimated any possibility of comic relief in the second half of the film, spewing hipster-geared comedic lines that evoke a sense of “I’m talking a lot, so it is really quite hilarious. Now laugh" (a growing trend in mankind’s taste in comedy). The minions themselves are not to blame for the pathetic outcome of this film; planning a film around them that removes much of their charm, explosive humour and blatant absurdity and gears it more towards younger children was the mistake. Creating Scarlett and the other named human characters simply to extend the length of the film and give it some “meat”, if you can call it that, was the final nail in the coffin. Only the first twenty minutes and final scene with Gru appearing were worthy of the minion or DM label. Everything else belonged in a straight-to-netflix animated feature that nobody has a care in the world about (Bob’s Broken Sleigh rings a bell). Be smart consumers, people. This is nothing but a blatant cash-grab, not geared to provide entertainment but more to convince your children that they simply MUST have Christmas trees and birthday present boxes stuffed with minion-themed crap by the ton. They knew they would make oodles of income from merchandising alone. An easy paycheque. Add some pretty colours and quirky, half-baked attempts at storytelling and there you go. Parents, please reconsider this film. We’re in a world where corporations and money govern everything, but that doesn’t mean we have to limit our expectations for great films. Don’t subject your children to this and brainwash them into a corporate world, with an iPad in hand and minion socks on their feet. Introduce them to films that make them think or try to illustrate a beautiful story. There are reasons why The Wizard of Oz, Finding Nemo and Star Wars are so insanely popular - because they possess a heartbeat and essence that is vital to storytelling. The merchandising comes second. With “minions”, the merchandising comes before the script. Somehow I doubt all of us are as easily manipulated as the producers of this film would like us to be..Score: 1/5

Its ADORABLE!The movie i sfunny and is wel mixed in into what and how it transform into despicable me!.Score: 5/5

Excellent pour tout les âgesExcellent film pour toute la famille avec des gags pour tout les âges et une formidable trame sonore..Score: 4/5


A disappointmentThe trailer is quite enough. The entire movie is too much, and too pointless..Score: 1/5

MunitionsCongratulations on your new show today how that go well today how’s your day going well today did you have fun you guys are feeling silly joyful and play journal mini crafts And jokes Traveling a lots xoxo now bye for now you guys are funny laughing Love Adele.Score: 5/5

Funny And Amazing!The Minions Movie Certainly is An Amazing spin-off Movie for them! Bob Is Certainly One That A lot of people will relate with. He is A Childish Naive Minion But In a Good Way! He's Adventurous, Courageous but Loves His teddy Tim. Stewart maybe some Kids Or Teens. He's Again Adventurous and Courageous but Also Is smart thus so he's kinda arrogant but it's okay cause it's also funny! And then there's Kevin the leader! He definitely shows leadership skills in the movie! He's the one who leads the team. The movie is funny and I found myself laughing through the movie and I loved how Gru Showed up in the end! Definitely rent or Buy if you can!.Score: 5/5

Détestable moiIl est vraiment beau le film! Je l'adore Tellement. J'aime mieux le 3 que les Autre... A mon goût bien sur !!!! 😍.Score: 5/5

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Minions (2015) Series Cast & Crew

Minions (2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Sandra Bullock (Scarlet Overkill (voice)), Jon Hamm (Herb Overkill (voice)), Michael Keaton (Walter Nelson (voice)), Allison Janney (Madge Nelson (voice)), Steve Coogan (Professor Flux / Tower Guard (voice)), Jennifer Saunders (Reine Elizabeth II (voice)), Geoffrey Rush (Narrator (voice)), Steve Carell (Gru (voice)), Pierre Coffin (Stuart, Kevin and Bob (voices)), Katy Mixon (Tina (voice)), Michael Beattie (VNC Announcer / Walter Jr. (voice)), Hiroyuki Sanada (Sumo (voice)), Dave Rosenbaum (Fabrice (voice)), Alex Dowding (Royal Advisor (voice)), Paul Thornley (News Reporter (voice)), Kyle Balda (Additional Voices (voice)), Ava Acres (Additional Voices (voice)), Sherry Lynn (Additional Voices (voice)), Mickie McGowan (Additional Voices (voice)), Carlos Alazraqui (Additional Voices (voice)), all returned for minions movie.

Sandra Bullock (Scarlet Overkill (voice))
Sandra BullockScarlet Overkill (voice)Score: 13.6
Jon Hamm (Herb Overkill (voice))
Jon HammHerb Overkill (voice)Score: 6.6
Michael Keaton (Walter Nelson (voice))
Michael KeatonWalter Nelson (voice)Score: 10.0
Allison Janney (Madge Nelson (voice))
Allison JanneyMadge Nelson (voice)Score: 5.9
Steve Coogan (Professor Flux / Tower Guard (voice))
Steve CooganProfessor Flux / Tower Guard (voice)Score: 4.8
Jennifer Saunders (Reine Elizabeth II (voice))
Jennifer SaundersReine Elizabeth II (voice)Score: 3.4
Geoffrey Rush (Narrator (voice))
Geoffrey RushNarrator (voice)Score: 5.1
Steve Carell (Gru (voice))
Steve CarellGru (voice)Score: 9.9
Pierre Coffin (Stuart, Kevin and Bob (voices))
Pierre CoffinStuart, Kevin and Bob (voices)Score: 3.2
Katy Mixon (Tina (voice))
Katy MixonTina (voice)Score: 2.9
Michael Beattie (VNC Announcer / Walter Jr. (voice))
Michael BeattieVNC Announcer / Walter Jr. (voice)Score: 0.7
Hiroyuki Sanada (Sumo (voice))
Hiroyuki SanadaSumo (voice)Score: 10.6

Christopher Meledandri (Producer), Kyle Balda (Director), Ken Daurio (Characters), Cinco Paul (Characters), Heitor Pereira (Original Music Composer), Janet Healy (Producer), Pierre Coffin (Director), Chris Renaud (Executive Producer), Brian Lynch (Writer), Jeannine Berger (Post Production Supervisor), Daniele Zannone (Animation), Catherine Catie Lee (Lighting Artist), Claire Dodgson (Editor), Cinzia Angelini (Storyboard Artist),

Christopher Meledandri (Producer)
Christopher MeledandriProducerScore: 0.8
Ken Daurio (Characters)
Ken DaurioCharactersScore: 2.3
Pierre Coffin (Director)
Pierre CoffinDirectorScore: 3.2
Chris Renaud (Executive Producer)
Chris RenaudExecutive ProducerScore: 1.0
Brian Lynch (Writer)
Brian LynchWriterScore: 1.6
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Minions Trailers & Teasers

'Minions' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of minions, the Pierre Coffin & Kyle Balda's popular movie. Watch the minions teaser trailer. Pierre Coffin & Kyle Balda’s #minions is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Minions - Official Trailer 2 (HD) - Illumination▶ Minions - Official Trailer 2 (HD) - Illumination
Minions - Official Trailer 3 (HD) - Illumination▶ Minions - Official Trailer 3 (HD) - Illumination
Minions - Official Trailer (HD) - Illumination▶ Minions - Official Trailer (HD) - Illumination

Minions Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from minions movie. Minions (2015) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome minions wallpapers to download for free.

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Before Gru, they had a history of bad bosses..

Minions — 2015

Minions Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie minions - 2015. A poster for Pierre Coffin & Kyle Balda kids & family movie, Minions! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for minions (2015). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Brain Force

Minions Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
Историята на миньоните започва от зората на времето. В началото миньоните са едноклетъчни жълти организми и еволюират през вековете, като непрестанно служат на възможно най-проклетите господари. И тъй като не успяват да задържат тези си господари – от Тиранозавър Рекс до Наполеон, накрая миньоните остават без господар, на когото да служат и изпадат в дълбока депресия. Ала един миньон на име Кевин има план и заедно с тийнейджъра бунтовник Стюарт и сладкия малък Боб поема по света, за да намери нов проклет шеф, който събратята му да следват.

Malci su započeli svoje postojanje kao jednostanični žuti organizmi. Razvijali su se tijekom stoljeća uvijek služeći najgroznijim gospodarima poput T. Rexa i Drakule. No, ni njih nisu uspjeli zadržati. A kad Malci nemaju kome služiti, padnu u tešku depresiju. No, jedan od Malaca po imenu Kevin ima plan. Uz pomoć tinejdžera i buntovnika Stuarta te simpatičnog malog Boba krenut će u svijet pronaći novog zlog šefa kojeg njegova braća mogu slijediti.

Els Mínions no saben conservar malvats, per això ara estan sols i deprimits. En Kevin i dos amics surten a buscar un nou líder i van a parar a la gran trobada de superdolents d'Orlando, on la malvada Scarlet els fa un encàrrec reial.

Mimoňové jsou žlutí tvorové, kteří existují již od počátku počátků. Vyvíjeli se od žlutých jednobuněčných organismů do bytostí, které mají jen jeden cíl: sloužit ambiciózním padouchům. Poté co byl jejich pán zničen, rozhodli se izolovat od světa a začít nový život v Antarktidě. Někdy v 60. letech se dostali z nedostatku svých pánů do deprese, a tak se nejstatečnější mimoň a dva další dobrovolníci vydali najít nového. Dostavili se na shromáždění padouchů, kde se soutěží o právo být pomocníkem Scarlet Overkill - stylové, ambiciózní zlodušky, která je rozhodnuta ovládnout svět a stát se první super-zloduškou.

I årtusinder har de klodsede minions - de evigt pludrende, banangule væsener fra 'Grusomme mig' - søgt efter en superskurk, som de kunne tjene. Så der er jubel i minionlejren, da det i 1968 endelig lykkes tre af dem at blive håndlangere for Scarlet Overkill, som har planer om at stjæle dronning Elizabeths krone.

Seit dem Anfang des Anfang gab es die Minions schon: kleine, gelbe Helferlein, deren einziger Existenzgrund ist, einem Bösewicht zu Diensten zu stehen. Als all ihre Meister jedoch zerstört wurden, zogen sie sich in die Antarktis zurück und verharrten dort viele, viele Jahre in Depression - bis schließlich in den Sechziger Jahren der mutigste Minion und zwei Gefährten den Entschluss fassen, einen neuen Meister finden zu gehen. Und so machen sie sich auf zu einer Bösewicht-Convention. Dort laufen sie der verrückten Super-Bösewichtin Scarlett Overkill und ihrem Ehemann, dem Wissenschaftler Herb Overkill in die Arme. Sie will die erste weibliche Oberbösewichtin werden und die kleinen gelben Helferlein für ihre finsteren Pläne missbrauchen.

Τα Μίνιονς είναι μικροί κίτρινοι έμπιστοι που υπάρχουν από την αρχή του χρόνου, τα οποία εξελίχθηκαν κίτρινοι μονοκύτταροι οργανισμοί σε πλάσμα με μονάχα έναν και μόνο σκοπό: να υπηρετούν τους μεγαλύτερους κακούς της ιστορίας. Όταν η ανοησία τους πέτυχε να καταστρέψει όλους τους τους αφέντες, όπως τον τυρανόσαυρο, τον Τζέγκις Χαν και τον Δράκουλα, αποφάσισαν να αποσυρθούν και να ξεκινήσουν μια νέα ζωή στην Ανταρτική. Κάπου στη δεκαετία του 1960, η έλλειψη αφέντη τα οδήγησε απελπισία, έτσι έβαλαν πλώρη να βρουν ένα νέο. Φτάνοντας σε ένα συνέδριο κακών, προσπαθούν να μπουν στην υπηρεσία της Σκάρλετ Όβερκιλ, μιας στιλάτης και φιλόδοξης κακιάς, που αισιοδοξεί να κατακτήσει τον πλανήτη και να καταστεί ως η πρώτη σούπερ-κακιά όλων των εποχών. Στο πλάι της είναι κι ο σύζυγος και εφευρέτης Χερμπ.

La historia de Los Minions se remonta al principio de los tiempos. Empezaron siendo organismos amarillos unicelulares que evolucionaron a través del tiempo, poniéndose siempre al servicio de los amos más despreciables. Ante su incapacidad para mantener a esos amos – desde el T. Rex a Napoleón –, los Minions acaban encontrándose solos y caen en una profunda depresión. Sin embargo, uno de ellos, llamado Kevin, tiene un plan. Acompañado por el rebelde Stuart y el adorable Bob, emprende un emocionante viaje para conseguir una jefa a quien servir, la terrible Scarlet Overkill. Pasarán de la helada Antártida, a la ciudad de Nueva York en los años sesenta, para acabar en el Londres de la misma época, donde deberán enfrentarse al mayor reto hasta la fecha: salvar a la raza Minion de la aniquilación.

La historia de Los Minions se remonta al principio de los tiempos. Empezaron siendo organismos amarillos unicelulares que evolucionaron a través del tiempo, poniéndose siempre al servicio de los amos más despreciables. Ante su incapacidad para mantener a esos amos – desde el T. Rex a Napoleón –, los Minions acaban encontrándose solos y caen en una profunda depresión. Sin embargo, uno de ellos, llamado Kevin, tiene un plan. Acompañado por el rebelde Stuart y el adorable Bob, emprende un emocionante viaje para conseguir una jefa a quien servir, la terrible Scarlet Overkill. Pasarán de la helada Antártida, a la ciudad de Nueva York en los años sesenta, para acabar en el Londres de la misma época, donde deberán enfrentarse al mayor reto hasta la fecha: salvar a la raza Minion de la aniquilación.

Juba aegade algusest on maailmas elanud Käsilased ning teeninud kõige suuremaid pahalasi. Türannosaurusest Napoleonini on see uudishimulik hõim aidanud kõige suuremaid ja hirmsamaid kurjameid, kuid paraku pole Käsilased osanud oma juhte kuigi kaua hoida. Nüüd seiklevad alalhoidlik juht Kevin, teismeline mässaja Stuart ja armas väike Bob uue juhi otsingutel ümber maailma Antarktikast 60ndate New Yorki ja biitlite-maania aegsesse Londonisse välja. Võimalus töötada uue bossi heaks ja päästa käsilastesugu väljasuremisest avaneb maailma esimese naissoost superpahalase Scarlet Overkilli juures.

مینیون ها به نظر می رسد که از زمان حیات بر روی کره زمین، همواره حضور داشته اند و به دنبال رئیسی برای خود بوده اند. آنها در طول زندگی شان در کنار روسای مختلفی قرار گرفته اند اما هربار بر اثر اتفاقی باعث نابودی آنها شده اند. پس از گذشت سالها ، حالا مینیون ها که رئیسی را بالای سر خود نمی بینند تصمیم می گیرند سفری را آغاز کنند تا بتوانند خود را از این وضعیت خارج کنند ...

Yksisoluisina eliöinä alkunsa saaneet kätyrit ovat käyneet läpi monta kehitysvaihetta. Heidän elämäntehtävänsä on yksinkertainen: toimia kaikkein ilkeimpien ilkimysten pikku apulaisina! Kätyrit ovat palvelleet lukuisia pomoja aina Tyrannosaurus Rexistä Napoleoniin. Pahalla on kuitenkin tapana saada palkkansa, ja lopulta kätyrit jäävät tyystin ilman isäntää. Toimettomina ne menettävät elämänhalunsa ja masentuvat. Kätyrillä nimeltä Kevin on kuitenkin suunnitelma. Hän, nuori kapinallinen Stuart ja pikku Bob lähtevät maailmalle etsimään uutta ilkimystä, jota koko heimo voisi palvella. Kolmikon jännittävä matka vie heidät uuden pomon luo, joka sattuu olemaan maailman ensimmäinen naispuolinen superroisto Scarlet Overkill. Kätyrit matkustavat hyiseltä Etelämantereelta 1960-luvun New Yorkin kautta Lontooseen, missä he kohtaavat tähän asti suurimman haasteensa: heidän täytyy pelastaa koko kätyrikunta varmalta tuholta!

À la nuit des temps des temps. À l'origine, de simples organismes monocellulaires de couleur jaune, les Minions ont évolué au cours des âges au service de maîtres plus abjects les uns que les autres. Les disparitions répétitives de ceux-ci, des tyrannosaures à Napoléon, ont plongé nos mignons personnages dans une profonde dépression. Mais l'un d'eux, prénommé Kevin, a une idée. Flanqué de Stuart, l'adolescent rebelle et de l'adorable petit Bob, Kevin part à la recherche d'un nouveau patron malfaisant pour guider les siens. Nos trois Minions se lancent dans un palpitant voyage qui va les conduire à leur nouveau maître... qui s'avère être une maîtresse : Scarlet Overkill, la première super-vilaine de l'histoire. De l'Antarctique au New York des années 60, nos trois compères arrivent finalement à Londres, à l'apogée des mods, où ils vont devoir faire face à la plus terrible menace de leur existence : l'annihilation de leur espèce.

À la nuit des temps des temps. À l’origine, de simples organismes monocellulaires de couleur jaune, les Minions ont évolué au cours des âges au service de maîtres plus abjects les uns que les autres. Les disparitions répétitives de ceux‐ci, des tyrannosaures à Napoléon, ont plongé nos mignons personnages dans une profonde dépression. Mais l’un d’eux, prénommé Kevin, a une idée. Flanqué de Stuart, l’adolescent rebelle et de l’adorable petit Bob, Kevin part à la recherche d’un nouveau patron malfaisant pour guider les siens. Nos trois Minions se lancent dans un palpitant voyage qui va les conduire à leur nouveau maître… qui s’avère être une maîtresse : Scarlet Overkill, la première super‐vilaine de l’histoire. De l’Antarctique au New York des années 60, nos trois compères arrivent finalement à Londres, à l’apogée des mods, où ils vont devoir faire face à la plus terrible menace de leur existence : l’annihilation de leur espèce.

סיפורם של המיניונים מתחיל הרחק בתחילתו של הזמן. תחילה הם היו אורגניזמים חד-תאיים צהובים והתפתחו במהלך העידנים, תוך שהם משרתים את המאסטר המרושע ביותר שהם מוצאים. אולם המיניונים מאבדים את המאסטרים שלהם, ומוצאים את עצמם בלי מישהו לשרת אותו ושוקעים בדיכאון. אך למיניון אחד בשם קווין יש תוכנית וביחד עם המתבגר המורד סטיוארט ובוב הקטן והחמוד, הוא יוצא אל העולם הגדול כדי למצוא בוס חדש ומרושע בשביל אחיו. השלושה יוצאים למסע מרתק שבסופו של דבר מוביל אותם למאסטרית הפוטנציאלית הבאה שלהם, סקארלט קטלנוביץ, הסופר-נבלית הראשונה בעולם. הם נוסעים מאנטרקטיקה הקפואה ועד לניו-יורק של שנות ה-60 במאה ה-20 ומגיעים עד ללונדון, שם עליהם להתמודד עם האתגר הגדול ביותר שלהם עד עתה: להציל את המיניונים כולם מכליה.

Malci su započeli svoje postojanje kao jednostanični žuti organizmi. Razvijali su se tijekom stoljeća uvijek služeći najgroznijim gospodarima poput T. Rexa i Drakule. No, ni njih nisu uspjeli zadržati. A kad Malci nemaju kome služiti, padnu u tešku depresiju. No, jedan od Malaca po imenu Kevin ima plan... krenut će u svijet pronaći novog zlog šefa kojeg njegova braća mogu slijediti.

A minyonok sárga egysejtű organizmusként kezdték, és fejlődtek korokon át, és mindig a leggrúsabb gazdákat szolgálták. Mivel ezeket a gazdákat - a T-Rextől Napóleonig - folytonosan elveszítették, a minyonoknak most nincs kit szolgálniuk, és mély depresszióba zuhantak. Ám egy Kevin nevű minyonnak van egy terve, és Stuarttal, a lázadó tinédzserrel és az imádnivaló kis Bobbal karöltve nekivágnak a világnak, hogy megkeressék azt az új gonosz főnököt, akit a fajtájuk követhet. A trió izgalmas utazásba kezd, amely végül elvezet a következő lehetséges gazdájukhoz, a Bíbor Túlölőhöz, a világ első női szupergonoszához. A jeges Antarktiszról a 60-as évek New Yorkjába utaznak, majd Londonban kötnek ki, ahol az eddigi legnagyobb kihívásukkal kell szembenézniük: meg kell menteniük a minyon fajt a kipusztulástól.

La storia di Minions inizia all'alba dei tempi. Partendo da organismi gialli unicellulari, i Minion si evolvono attraverso i secoli, perennemente al servizio del più spregevole dei padroni. Continuamente senza successo nel preservare questi maestri, dal T-Rex a Napoleone, i Minion si sono ritrovati senza qualcuno da servire e sono caduti in una profonda depressione. Ma un Minion di nome Kevin ha un piano, e lui - insieme all'adolescente ribelle Stuart e all'adorabile piccolo Bob - decide di avventurarsi nel mondo per trovare un nuovo capo malvagio da seguire per sé e i suoi fratelli. Il trio si imbarca in un viaggio emozionante che li condurrà alla loro prossima potenziale padrona, Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), la prima super-cattiva al mondo. Un viaggio che li porterà dalla gelida Antartide alla New York City del 1960, fino ad arrivare a Londra, dove dovranno affrontare la loro sfida più grande: salvare tutti i Minion... dall'annientamento.


인류가 탄생하기 훨씬 오래 전, 태초에 미니언이 있었다. 당대 최고의 슈퍼 악당만을 보스로 섬겨온 미니언들! 하지만 의도치 않은 치명적(?) 실수로 인해 보스들과 이별하게 되고, 우울증에 빠진 미니언들을 구하기 위해 용감한 리더 ‘케빈’은 자유로운 영혼 ‘스튜어트’와 무한 긍정 ‘밥’과 함께 ‘슈퍼배드 원정대’를 결성한다. 세계 악당 챔피언십에 참석해 최초의 여성 슈퍼 악당 ‘스칼렛’(산드라 블록)을 보고 첫눈에 홀~딱 반한 이들은 일생일대의 위기가 다가오는지도 모른 채 스칼렛의 특급 미션을 넙죽 받게 되는데…

Seniai seniai Žemėje gyveno geltoni vienaląsčiai organizmai, pakalikai, dar žinomi kaip pimpačkiukai, tarnavę įvairiausiems niekingiems valdovams nuo gigantiškojo aštriadančio T- Rex iki mažiau gigantiško Napoleono. Tačiau vieną dieną, netikėtai jiems patiems, pakalikai suprato likę be šeimininko. Geltonųjų kolonijai atėjo gilios depresijos laikai... Tuomet vienas jų, ryžtingasis Kevinas, sugalvoja planą ir, drauge su maištaujančiu paaugliu Stiuartu bei viso pasaulio mielumo įsikūnijimu mažuoju Bobu, leidžiasi į platųjį pasaulį laimės (ir naujo, labai blogo, šeimininko giminei) ieškoti!

De Minions bestaan al sinds het begin van de evolutie. Van een geel eencellig organisme zijn ze uitgegroeid tot wezens met slechts één doel: het dienen van de meest ambitieuze schurken. Wanneer hun meesters vernietigd worden besluiten ze zich te isoleren van de wereld en te verkassen naar Antarctica. Ergens in de jaren zestig drijft het ontbreken van een leider hen echter tot waanzin. Ze besluiten daarom een nieuwe te gaan zoeken.

Film zabierze nas w przeszłość, dzięki czemu poznamy historię Minionków - od zarania dziejów do czasu, gdy w ich życiu pojawił się Gru. Minionki zawsze potrzebowały złego przywódcy, służyły już T. Rexowi, Czyngis-chanowi, Napoleonowi, a nawet hrabiemu Drakuli, tyle tylko, że… wszystkich ich przypadkowo zgładziły. Teraz, kiedy nie mają komu służyć, są pogrążone w rozpaczy. Minionki Kevin, Bob i Stuart desperacko poszukując zła, przemierzają cały świat. Po drodze detronizują królową Elżbietę II i wplątują się w najdziwniejsze przygody. Na Florydzie, podczas tajemnej konwencji złoczyńców poznają Scarlett Overkill (w wersji oryginalnej głosu użyczyła jej Sandra Bullock), pierwszy w historii tak czarny kobiecy charakter. W niej cała nadzieja.

Seres amarelos milenares, os minions têm uma missão: servir os maiores vilões. Em depressão desde a morte de seu antigo mestre, eles tentam encontrar um novo chefe. Três voluntários, Kevin, Stuart e Bob, vão até uma convenção de vilões nos Estados Unidos e lá se encantam com Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), que ambiciona ser a primeira mulher a dominar o mundo.

Desde os primórdios dos tempos que os Mínimos têm servido — e atrapalhado — os mais marcantes vilões da história humana. Todavia, enfrentam agora o desemprego e a sua própria existência perdeu o sentido por não terem mais um vilão a quem servir. Para tentar remediar o problema, três deles vão embarcar numa grande viagem em busca de um novo amo.

Povestea MINIONILOR, creată de Universal Pictures și Illumination Entertainment, își are originea la începutul timpurilor. Minionii au început ca organisme unicelulare, pentru ca mai apoi să evolueze de-a lungul vremii, mereu ca slujitori ai celor mai ticăloși stăpâni. Niciodată n-au avut norocul să-și păstreze în viață acei stăpâni, de la T. Rex, la Napoleon, așa că acum se trezesc că nu au pe cine să slujească, și sunt afectați de o depresie profundă. Dar un Minion pe nume Kevin are un plan! Kevin, împreună cu rebelul adolescent Stuart și cu simpaticul Bob se vor aventura în lumea largă pentru a găsi un nou șef pe care ei și frații lor să-l urmeze supuși.

Миньоны — желтые приспешники, существовавшие с начала начал, и эволюционировавшие из желтых одноклеточных организмов в существа, которые имеют только одну цель: служить самым амбициозным злодеям.

Mimoni sú žltí tvorovia, ktorí existujú už od počiatku počiatkov. Vyvíjali sa od žltých jednobunkových organizmov k bytostiam, ktoré majú len jedený cieľ: slúžiť ambicióznym zloduchom. Keď bol ich pán zničený, rozhodli sa izolovať od sveta a začať nový život v Antarktíde. Niekedy v 60. rokoch sa však dostali z nedostatku svojich pánov do depresie a tak sa najstatočnejší Mimoň a dvaja ďalší dobrovoľníci vydali nájsť nového. Dostavili sa na zhromaždenie zloduchov, kde sa súťaží o právo stať sa pomocníkom Scarlet Overkill – štýlovej, ambicióznej zlodušky, ktorá je rozhodnutá ovládnuť svet a stať sa prvou superzloduškou.

Прича о Малцима почиње од почетка времена. Почели су као једноћелијски жути организми, а развијали су се вековима и увек су служили најгрознијим господарима. Стално неуспешни у задржавању ових господара, од Ти Рекса до Наполеона, Малци су остали без господара коме би служили и пали су у депресију. Али један Малац по имену Кевин, има план и он ће, уз помоћ безобразног тинејџера Стјуарта и дражесног Боба отићи у свет да нађе новог злог шефа ког ће његова браћа следити.

Historien om Minionerna börjar vid tidernas begynnelse. Som gula organismer börjar Minionerna att utvecklas, ständigt på jakt efter att tjäna den mest avskyvärda av mästarna. De misslyckas med att behålla dessa mästare, från T.-rex till Napoleon-Gunstling. Minionerna finner sig till sist själva utan någon att tjäna och faller in i en djup depression. Men en Minionerna vid namn Kevin har en plan, och tillsammans med Stuart och Bob beger de sig ut i världen för att hitta en ny ond boss. Trion börjar en spännande resa som slutligen leder dem till deras nästa potentiella mästare, Scarlet Overkill, världens första kvinnliga superskurk.

เริ่มต้นที่รุ่งอรุณแห่งกาลเวลา มินเนี่ยน ที่เริ่มจากการเป็นสิ่งมีชีวิตเซลล์เดียวสีเหลือง ได้ผ่านการวิวัฒนาการและทำหน้าที่รับใช้บรรดาเจ้านายวายร้ายแสบขั้นเทพ พวกมินเนี่ยนที่ล้มเหลวตลอดกาลในการรักษาชีวิตเจ้านายของตัวเองเอาไว้ นับจาก ที.เร็กซ์ จวบจนถึงนโปเลียน พวกมันพบว่าตัวเองไร้เจ้านายและจมอยู่ในความหดหู่ แต่มินเนี่ยนตัวหนึ่งชื่อเควิน มีแผนการและได้ร่วมมือกับสตวร์ทจอมเกรียนและบ็อบน้อย ผู้น่ารัก ในการออกผจญภัยในโลกกว้างเพื่อหาเจ้านายวายร้ายคนใหม่สำหรับมันและเพื่อนพ้อง ทั้งสามได้ออกผจญภัยสุดระทึก ซึ่งในท้ายที่สุดทำให้พวกมันไปพบกับผู้ที่อาจจะเป็นเจ้านายใหม่ สการ์เล็ต โอเวอร์คิล จอมวายร้ายหญิงคนแรกของโลก พวกมันเดินทางจากทวีปเยือกแข็งแอนตาร์กติกามายังนิวยอร์กซิตี้ในยุค 60’s และไปลงเอยอยู่ในลอนดอน ที่ซึ่งพวกมัน จะต้องเผชิญหน้ากับความท้าทายที่ยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุดจนถึงตอนนี้ นั่นคือการปกป้องเหล่า มินเนี่ยน...จากการถูกกำจัด

Tarih öncesi çağlardan beri kendilerine kötü bir efendi arayışında olan Minyonlar, Dracula'dan, Firavun'a, Napolyon'dan, Dinozorlara kadar birçok kişiye hizmet etmeye çalışsalar da, hepsi birgün yok olmuştur. Hizmet edecek bir efendi bulamayınca Antartika'da kendi hallerinde yaşamaya başlayan minyonların kaderi 1960'lı yıllarda değişir. Çünkü 3 kişilik maceracı bir minyon ekibi, Amerika'ya doğru yola çıkar.

Виявляється, невгамовні жовті Посіпаки пройшли довгий шлях еволюції від одноклітинних істот до розумних створінь. І в усі часи вони служили лише найбільш амбітним негідникам. Відсутність господаря їх пригнічує, і у пошуках нового боса Посіпаки вирушають на всесвітню конференцію лиходіїв. Тут і починаються пригоди…

Tiếng Việt
Câu chuyện kể về các MINION trước khi gặp chủ nhân Gru (xuất hiện ở 2 phần Kẻ Cắp Mặt Trăng trước), bắt đầu từ buổi bình minh của nhân loại, xuất phát điểm là những sinh vật đơn bào màu vàng, Minion dần tiến hóa qua các thời đại và luôn trung thành phụng sự những kẻ xấu xa, tàn ác nhất. Nhưng chủ nhân của chúng cứ lần lượt biến mất – từ loài khủng long bạo chúa tới Napoleon.

从地球诞生之初,一种奇怪的生物便出现在这颗蓝色的星球上。他们不断进化、蜕变,终于成为我们所熟悉的小黄人的模样。小黄人们毕生寻找邪恶的老大,以成为他的部属为荣,但是千百万年来的努力最终化成一场空。经历了一段长久的沉寂,名叫凯文的小黄人决定再度上路,他带着热爱音乐的斯图尔特、成事不足败事有余的鲍勃,漂洋过海来到了1968年的美国。三个小家伙偶然听说奥兰多即将召开“恶人大会”,于是忙不迭地赶了过去,并且阴差阳错成为女魔头斯嘉丽·杀人狂(桑德拉·布洛克 Sandra Bullock 配音)的随从。很快斯嘉丽交给他们一个任务,那就是窃取英国女王的王冠。不知轻重的小家伙们笑嘻嘻地出征,等待他们的将是前所未有的大冒险……

故事回到盤古初開,一群黃色粒粒逐漸演化成可愛的「迷你兵」,他們一直以效力大壞蛋為生存目標!然而暴龍、法老王、拿破崙、甚至是德古拉伯爵,統統盡墨。找不到合格的邪惡主人,強大的迷你兵團頓變一盤散沙,生活完全失去方向……此時,迷你兵大哥哥加分、反叛的小小超和趣緻的阿卜決定要走遍世界,踏上征途尋找新主人─世界上首個超級女壞蛋Scarlet Overkill,真正的冒險才正式開始……


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