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In the Heart of the Sea (2015) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2015

In the winter of 1820, the New England whaling ship Essex was assaulted by something no one could believe: a whale of mammoth size and will, and an almost human sense of vengeance. The real-life maritime disaster would inspire Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. But that told only half the story. "In the Heart of the Sea" reveals the encounter's harrowing aftermath, as the ship's surviving crew is pushed to their limits and forced to do the unthinkable to stay alive. Braving storms, starvation, panic and despair, the men will call into question their deepest beliefs, from the value of their lives to the morality of their trade, as their captain searches for direction on the open sea and his first mate still seeks to bring the great whale down.

In the Heart of the Sea Film Synopsis

In the winter of 1820, the New England whaling ship Essex is assaulted by something no one could believe—a whale of mammoth size and will, and an almost human sense of vengeance.

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In the Heart of the Sea Movie Reviews

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Great character portrayal based on the settingIt was a good movie, but the ending held no depth and the background of the characters was not entirely revealed. The main actors though, did a very good portrayal of how one would be if stranded in the ocean. Plus, I watched it mainly for Tom Holland!!!😍.Score: 4/5

Mixed reactionsFirst I was disappointed that this wasn't a realistic portrayal including leaving out details of the nature of the Essex (which was all important for perspective) by showing the size but not explaining to the audience that it was a smaller ship re-fitted for whaling. I was also disappointed that the continuing theme of a vengeful whale going after the crew. People might like action these days but in truth the story as haunting as it is of the survivors is enough drama within itself. With all of that said although many things were not explained this movie offers a well rounded tale giving people a glimpse of the reality of disasters at sea during those periods delivering a full story which is very different from the Moby dick yarn and more true to life. Because of this I'm going with four stars with one star off for the lack of presenting the facts to the audience and the whale chase destroying the complete historical educational value of the film..Score: 4/5

Great.Very good and action packed. Pretty decent casting job although not a fan of Chris Hemsworth. BENJAMIN WALKER DID A FANTASTIC JOB AS THE CAPTAIN❤❤.Score: 5/5

Rent, don’t buyIt just didn’t pull me in. As a RH fan I have to sadly admit that this was indeed boring. with 50 mins left I finally just gave up and went and dug up a copy of the book and am now on my way to being an avid reader again. So that’s a good end result IMHO..Score: 3/5

Lacks the drama and spirit of the book.Totally lacks the drama, spirit, urgency, and sense of survival that made the book a compelling read. Totally skips the time spent on various islands trying to survive. That would have been a dramatic third act. Instead it doesn’t know where to go and is rudderless like the lifeboats up on screen. Secondly, why would you have water splashing on the camera lens in the 1800’s? Just to copy the visual style of “Children Of Men?” It makes no sense in this context and is a silly, ridiculous distraction that pulls you out of the movie every time it happens. Effects are not up to par. The sharks look like they are out of a video game, especially in the first opening establishing shot. And of course they are all Great Whites. They should have taken the effects budget and used it on dialogue coaches for the main cast, whose accents go in and out. Some days they sound like Americans in the modern era and on others they are seafaring, old timey sailors from Nantucket. All in all, a disappointing adaptation. Usually Ron Howard is terrific!.Score: 1/5

Really?Take a great story, Moby Dick, and turn it into a lost at sea survival story? No suspense, or interesting characters. Even the costumes and cinematography are boring. No real message, moral, or inspirations are to be found in this shipwreck of a film..Score: 2/5

Loved itI was in the mood to watch a good movie something I'd hadn't seen before and came upon this. It was an excellent movie. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before. I rented it but I think I'll buy it so I can watch with family.Score: 5/5

A Great Movie, Very well done.As a hunter and a fisherman I can say that this movie captured the intensity from both sides of the hunt. You get amazing FPS views of everything in action, from the whale diving, the harpoons, ropes, etc. The concept of hunting a heard of whales was fully captured. I very much enjoyed it and thought it was one of the more better movies this year..Score: 5/5

Good movieA Movie worth my time and money.Score: 4/5

This movie is greatThis movie is great, and fun. I love this movie a lot. I love all of the characters in this movie. I love Chris Hemsworth in this movie. I love the big, huge whale in this movie. It is one of my all time favorite movies ever..Score: 5/5

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The heart of the seaThis story had great potential. Unfortunately it wasn't played out like it could have been. I was deeply disappointed..Score: 2/5

It is missingThe movie was ok but I really expected more to this movie. It was as if Ron Howards heart was not into making the movie. as for the actors, Brendan Gleeson & Ben Whishaw were Brilliant but they can be brilliant by just standing in the shot not saying anything. Chris Hemsworth & Benjamin Walker very 2 dimensional actors and really Chris you were doing your Thor voice in half the movie then changing your accent. Actually there were secondary actors who were 100% better such as Paul Anderson, Joseph Mawle or Cillian Murphy who could have done the lead roles better..Score: 3/5

Note parfaitePour amateurs de la mer.....très bon du début à la fin!!.Score: 5/5

Great WhaleI liked the movie, adventurous, exciting, the whale appeared real. Whaling in the day of sailing ships was dangerous and Ron Howard showed the dangers. I have watched it twice now and enjoyed it both times. The acting was well done you could see and feel the tension between the caption and the first officer..Score: 4/5

WowVery good movie.Score: 5/5

Enjoyable MovieWasn't sure was it was all about . This isn't a Moby Dick movie, but rather a movie of the where this fictional story might have come from..Score: 4/5

Long and Boring!!!Waste of time and money,.Score: 1/5

EhThe movie was ok but the whale should have only had one eye.Score: 3/5

Inspired me to re-read Moby DickWith most movies it is easy for me to see where they have used green screans and animation. As well im very picky when it comes to actors and when I can tell if they are acting or not. Chris may have used his Thor voice in some of this movie but his acting was amazing! Five stars to Chris. At the begining I didnt find Benjamin was giving it his all but once the movie went along he fell into place. Cillian always does a great job in all the movies I have seen him in so enough said on that. I seen this movie four times when it was in theatres and the character Own Chase really captures me. This era really gets my attention how us humans once were and how different today is from back when. Everyone is different so I could love it and then next person might not. I am from Nova Scotia living in Ontario Canada and I am from a fisherman and whaling family so that could be possibly why im so in love with the story. I am also related to the Nickerson family. All in all Chris did an amazing job in my opinion. I see some bad feed back about the movie but I wonder how good at acting these critics are!?.Score: 5/5

In the Heart of the SeaA brilliant piece of cinematography! Depicting the hard life of men at sea, the dangers they faced and decisions that had to be made to survive. It's a real winner!.Score: 5/5

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In the Heart of the Sea (2015) Series Cast & Crew

In the Heart of the Sea (2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Chris Hemsworth (Owen Chase), Benjamin Walker (George Pollard), Cillian Murphy (Matthew Joy), Brendan Gleeson (Old Thomas Nickerson), Ben Whishaw (Herman Melville), Michelle Fairley (Mrs. Nickerson), Tom Holland (Young Thomas Nickerson), Paul Anderson (Thomas Chappel), Frank Dillane (Owen Coffin), Joseph Mawle (Benjamin Lawrence), Edward Ashley (Barzallai Ray), Sam Keeley (Ramsdell), Osy Ikhile (Richard Peterson), Gary Beadle (William Bond), Jamie Sives (Isaac Cole), Morgan Chetcuti (Sheppard), Charlotte Riley (Peggy), Nicholas Jones (Pollard Senior), Donald Sumpter (Paul Macy), Richard Bremmer (Benjamin Fuller), all returned for in the heart of the sea movie.

Chris Hemsworth (Owen Chase)
Chris HemsworthOwen ChaseScore: 57.0
Benjamin Walker (George Pollard)
Benjamin WalkerGeorge PollardScore: 13.5
Cillian Murphy (Matthew Joy)
Cillian MurphyMatthew JoyScore: 81.1
Brendan Gleeson (Old Thomas Nickerson)
Brendan GleesonOld Thomas NickersonScore: 70.5
Ben Whishaw (Herman Melville)
Ben WhishawHerman MelvilleScore: 27.2
Michelle Fairley (Mrs. Nickerson)
Michelle FairleyMrs. NickersonScore: 15.1
Tom Holland (Young Thomas Nickerson)
Tom HollandYoung Thomas NickersonScore: 126.9
Paul Anderson (Thomas Chappel)
Paul AndersonThomas ChappelScore: 39.9
Frank Dillane (Owen Coffin)
Frank DillaneOwen CoffinScore: 14.3
Joseph Mawle (Benjamin Lawrence)
Joseph MawleBenjamin LawrenceScore: 11.8
Edward Ashley (Barzallai Ray)
Edward AshleyBarzallai RayScore: 5.1
Sam Keeley (Ramsdell)
Sam KeeleyRamsdellScore: 5.1

Brian Grazer (Producer), Anthony Dod Mantle (Director of Photography), Charles Leavitt (Screenplay), Charles Leavitt (Story), Mark Tildesley (Production Design), Ron Howard (Director), Ron Howard (Producer), Daniel P. Hanley (Editor), Mike Hill (Editor), William M. Connor (First Assistant Director), Eunice Huthart (Stunt Coordinator), Nina Gold (Casting), Roque Baños (Original Music Composer), Paula Weinstein (Producer), Carsten Richter (Foley), Joe Roth (Producer), Nick Gottschalk (Art Direction), Julian Day (Costume Design), Frank Kruse (Supervising Sound Editor), James Seymour Brett (Conductor),

Brian Grazer (Producer)
Brian GrazerProducerScore: 1.7
Anthony Dod Mantle (Director of Photography)
Anthony Dod MantleDirector of PhotographyScore: 3.7
Charles Leavitt (Screenplay)
Charles LeavittScreenplayScore: 1.2
Charles Leavitt (Story)
Charles LeavittStoryScore: 1.2
Ron Howard (Director)
Ron HowardDirectorScore: 16.2
Ron Howard (Producer)
Ron HowardProducerScore: 16.2
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'In the Heart of the Sea' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of in the heart of the sea, the Ron Howard's popular movie. Watch the in the heart of the sea teaser trailer. Ron Howard’s #in-the-heart-of-the-sea is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

In the Heart of the Sea - Final Trailer [HD]▶ In the Heart of the Sea - Final Trailer [HD]
In the Heart of the Sea - Official Trailer 2 [HD]▶ In the Heart of the Sea - Official Trailer 2 [HD]
In the Heart of the Sea - Official Trailer 3 [HD]▶ In the Heart of the Sea - Official Trailer 3 [HD]

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In the Heart of the Sea Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Based on the incredible true story that inspired Moby Dick..

In the Heart of the Sea — 2015

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All released movie posters so far for the movie in the heart of the sea - 2015. A poster for Ron Howard drama movie, In the Heart of the Sea! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for in the heart of the sea (2015). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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In the Heart of the Sea Movie Languages & Subtitles

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استنادا إلى القصة الحقيقية المذهلة التي ألهمت موبي ديك في شتاء عام 1820 ، تعرضت سفينة صيد الحيتان إسيكس في نيو إنجلاند للهجوم من قبل شيء لا يمكن لأحد أن يصدقه - حوت بحجم وإرادة عملاقة ، وشعور إنساني تقريبا بالانتقام.

български език
През зимата на 1820 г. край бреговете на Нова Англия, китоловният кораб Есекс е нападнат от нещо, което никой не може да повярва: кит с огромни размери и почти човешко чувство за мъст. Тази морска катастрофа по реални събития вдъхновява писателя Херман Мелвил да напише класическия роман „Моби Дик“. Но това е само половината история.

L'hivern del 1820, Owen Chase i la resta de la tripulació de l'Essex van sobreviure a alta mar en unes condicions duríssimes després que un enorme catxalot blanc els envestís i enfonsés el vaixell. Owen, obsessionat amb la idea de caçar el cetaci, es va haver d'enfrontar a les tempestes, la fam i la desesperació.

V zimě roku 1820 byla velrybářská loď z Nové Anglie napadena čímsi neuvěřitelným: velrybou mamutích rozměrů s obrovskou vytrvalostí a téměř lidskou touhou po odplatě. Toto skutečné námořní neštěstí inspirovalo spisovatele Hermana Melvilla k napsání románu Bílá velryba.

'In the Heart of the Sea' handler om den virkelige historie om en hvalbåd, der i 1820 sejlede ud fra kysten af Nantucket og blev overmandet af en kæmpe kaskelothval. Besætningen på 20 mand forsvandt til søs i mere end 90 dage og måtte til sidst trække lod om, hvem der skulle spises. Den virkelige historie har inspireret Herman Melvilles klassiske litterære værk 'Moby Dick'.

1820 wird ein Walfängerschiff, die Essex, von einem riesigen Wal angegriffen. Das Ungewöhnliche daran ist, dass das Tier aus einem bisher nur Menschen zugeschriebenen Vergeltungsdrang angetrieben zu sein scheint. Die Essex entgeht nur knapp dem Untergang und ein großer Teil der Besatzung kommt ums Leben. Doch damit ist der Alptraum noch nicht vorbei, denn nun muss es das Schiff erst einmal wieder ans sichere Ufer schaffen. Die Besatzung, zerrüttet durch den Verlust der Kameraden, steht vor einer schwierigen Aufgabe: Der unerfahrene Kapitän George Pollard versucht, in den tobenden Gewässern einen sicheren Kurs in die Heimat zu bestimmen, während der abgebrühte erste Offizier Owen Chase nur auf Rache gegen den Wal sinnt. 30 Jahre nach den Ereignissen recherchiert Autor Herman Melville das Schicksal der Essex und schreibt ein Buch darüber - den Klassiker "Moby Dick"...

Στο Ναντάκετ του 1850 ένας από τους ελάχιστους διασωθέντες του φαλαινοθηρικού Έσεξ της Νέας Αγγλίας, διηγείται στον Χέρμαν Μέλβιλ, συγγραφέα του «Μόμπι Ντικ», τα πραγματικά γεγονότα του τραγικού ναυαγίου, όπως εξελίχθηκαν 30 χρόνια πριν.

En el invierno de 1820, el ballenero de Nueva Inglaterra Essex fue agredido por algo a lo que nadie podía dar crédito: una ballena de tamaño y voluntad descomunal, con un sentido de la venganza casi humano. Este hecho real que supuso un desastre marítimo fue la inspiración para Moby-Dick de Melville. Pero la novela solo contó la mitad de la historia. “En el corazón del mar” revela las horribles consecuencias del encuentro, cuando los supervivientes de la tripulación fueron forzados hasta el límite y se vieron obligados a hacer lo impensable para mantenerse vivos. Enfrentándose a las tormentas, el hambre, el pánico, y la desesperación, los hombres llegan a dudar hasta de sus creencias más profundas, desde el valor de sus vidas a la moralidad de su oficio, mientras el capitán intenta orientarse en el mar abierto y su primer oficial sigue empeñado en conquistar a la gran ballena.

En el invierno de 1820, el ballenero de Nueva Inglaterra Essex fue agredido por algo a lo que nadie podía dar crédito: una ballena de tamaño y voluntad descomunal, con un sentido de la venganza casi humano. Este hecho real que supuso un desastre marítimo fue la inspiración para Moby-Dick de Melville. Pero la novela solo contó la mitad de la historia. “En el corazón del mar” revela las horribles consecuencias del encuentro, cuando los supervivientes de la tripulación fueron forzados hasta el límite y se vieron obligados a hacer lo impensable para mantenerse vivos. Enfrentándose a las tormentas, el hambre, el pánico, y la desesperación, los hombres llegan a dudar hasta de sus creencias más profundas, desde el valor de sus vidas a la moralidad de su oficio, mientras el capitán intenta orientarse en el mar abierto y su primer oficial sigue empeñado en conquistar a la gran ballena.

داستان فیلم بر اساس یک رویداد واقعی در سال ۱۸۲۰ می باشد. جایی که ناخدا و خدمه‌ی یک کشتی صید موجودات دریایی گرفتار نهنگی غول پیکر شده و به مدت ۹۰ روز در دریا اسیر این موجود می شوند…

Talvella 1820 valaanpyyntialus Essex joutui jättimäisen ja lähes inhimillisen kostonhalun omaavan valaan hyökkäyksen kohteeksi. Katastrofi inspiroi myöhemmin kirjailija Herman Melvilleä, joka kirjoitti tapauksen pohjalta kuuluisimman teoksensa nimeltä Moby Dick. Mutta kirja kertoo tapauksesta vain puolet. Kamppailu merta vastaan paljastaa hyökkäyksen jälkeiset tuskalliset ajat, jolloin eloonjääneet joutuivat kamppailemaan henkensä edestä inhimillisen kärsimyksen äärirajoilla. Toistuvat myrskyt, nälkä, paniikki ja epätoivo olivat miehistön vakituisia vieraita, kun kapteeni yritti johdattaa haaksirikkoutuneet turvaan.

En 1850, l'ancien matelot Thomas Nickerson reçoit la visite inopinée de l'auteur Herman Melville. Celui-ci a entendu parler d'une dangereuse expédition qui a eu lieu il y a trente ans sur le baleinier Essex et dont Nickerson est aujourd'hui le seul survivant. Encouragé par sa femme, Nickerson, devenu un vieil homme, accepte de raconter l'aventure incroyable de l'Essex à l'écrivain américain. Sous les ordres du premier officier Owen Chase, l'équipage s'est attiré les foudres d'une créature gigantesque animée par une terrible soif de vengeance. Contrariée par le massacre des chasseurs en haute mer, l'immense baleine n'avait qu'une volonté : faire couler le bateau et noyer son équipage.

À l'hiver 1820, le baleinier Essex, originaire de Nouvelle-Angleterre, est attaqué par une créature redoutable : une baleine aux dimensions hors normes et à la volonté de fer qui semble animée par une terrible soif de vengeance. Cette catastrophe maritime inspirera "Moby Dick" d'Herman Melville. Mais cet ouvrage n'a pas relaté l'intégralité des événements. "Au cœur de l'océan" s'attache aux conséquences épouvantables de ce désastre, alors que les survivants de l'équipage sont acculés et contraints de commettre l'impensable pour rester en vie. Affrontant les tempêtes, la faim, la panique et le désespoir, ces hommes remettent en question leurs convictions les plus profondes et leurs valeurs morales, tandis que le capitaine du navire cherche à retrouver le cap et que son second croit encore pouvoir mater l'énorme mammifère qui les a pris pour cible…

בחורף של 1820, ספינת ציידי הלוויתנים של ניו אינגלנד 'אסקס', הותקפה על ידי משהו לא ייאמן: לוויתן בעל כוונות בגודל מפלצתי, עם תחושת נקם כמעט אנושית. האסון הימי שהתרחש באמת שימש השראה להרמן מלוויל בספרו 'מובי דיק', אבל שם הוצג רק חציו של הסיפור. "בלב ים" חושף את המצב הקשה שבא אחרי המתקפה, בו אנשי הצוות השורדים מגיעים לקצה גבול יכולתם ונאלצים לבצע מעשים בלתי נתפשים על מנת להישאר בחיים. סערות קשות, רעב, פאניקה וייאוש, מביאים את האנשים לפקפק באמונות הכי אדוקות שלהם, מערך החיים שלהם ועד למוסריות המקצוע שלהם.

Smještena u 1820. godinu, radnja filma 'U srcu mora' prepričava slijed događaja u kojima se našao brod Essex i njegova posada nakon što su krenuli u potragu za velikim bijelim kitom. Nevjerojatnu pustolovinu kojoj je prošao, po prvi puta u pero mladome piscu diktira jedini preživjeli s toga puta četrdeset godina kasnije.

A természet visszavág. Egy feldühödött, óriási ámbráscet a Csendes óceán déli részén rátámad az Essex nevű amerikai bálnavadászhajóra, és a 238 tonnás vitorlás elsüllyed. A húsztagú legénység három csónakban vág neki a végtelen víznek. Félnek, hogy az útjukba eső szigeteken kannibálokkal találkoznak, ezért a Dél-Amerikai partot veszik célba. 3000 mérföldnyi út áll előttük.

Nell’inverno del 1820, la baleniera del New England viene attaccata da una creatura incredibile: una balena dalle dimensioni e la forza elefantiache, ed un senso quasi umano di vendetta. Il disastro marittimo, realmente accaduto, avrebbe ispirato Herman Melville a scrivere Moby Dick. Ma l’autore ha descritto solo una parte della storia. Heart of the Sea - Le origini di Moby Dick rivela le conseguenze di quella straziante aggressione, di come i superstiti dell’equipaggio della nave vengono spinti oltre i loro limiti e costretti a compiere l’impensabile per poter sopravvivere. Sfidando le intemperie, la fame, il panico e la disperazione, gli uomini mettono in discussione le loro convinzioni più radicate: dal valore della vita alla moralità delle loro spedizioni, mentre il capitano cerca di riprendere la rotta in mare aperto, ed il primo ufficiale tenta di sconfiggere il capodoglio.


1819 წელს ამერიკულმა გემმა ესექს-მა, ბორტზე ორი ათეული კაციანი ეკიპაჟით, დატოვა მასაჩუსეტსის პორტი ვეშაპის სანადიროდ. 1820 წლის შემოდგომაზე ნადირობა შეწყდა გემზე გიგანტური სპერმის ვეშაპის თავდასხმით, რის შედეგადაც მეზღვაურებს ნავებით გადაყვანა მოუწიათ. სამ თვეზე მეტი ხნის განმავლობაში ისინი იბრძოდნენ გადარჩენისთვის შუა ოკეანეში.

1819년 미국 뉴잉글랜드, 포경을 통해 얻은 고래기름이 큰돈이 되자 너도나도 고래를 잡기 위해 바다로 나선다. 포경선 에식스호도 일확천금의 꿈을 안고 낸터킷항을 출발한다. 그 배엔 선장 조지(벤자민 워커)와 베테랑 일등 항해사 오웬(크리스 헴스워스), 그리고 어린 막내 선원 토마스(톰 홀랜드)가 타고 있다. 하지만 1년 반만에 거대 고래의 공격을 받은 에식스호는 순식간에 침몰하고, 겨우 살아남은 21명의 선원들은 작은 뗏목 3대에 몸을 싣고 망망대해를 표류하기 시작한다. 물도 식량도, 육지로 항해할 방법도 없는 절망적인 이들 앞에 또 한번 거대 고래가 나타난다.

1820-ųjų metų žiemą banginių medžioklės laivas „Eseksas“ su 21 žmogaus įgula susidūrė su neįtikėtino dydžio kašalotu. Gigantiškas jūrų monstras atakavo laivą ir po kvapą gniaužiančios žūtbūtinės kovos su laivo įgula laivą paskandino. Išsigelbėję įgulos nariai liko dreifuoti mažose valtelėse vidury vandenyno, už pusantro tūkstančio kilometrų nuo artimiausio kranto. Srovių nešami link Pietų Amerikos, vyrai dreifavo tris mėnesius. Kapitonui atviroje jūroje ieškant artimiausio kelio į sausumą, o jo padėjėjui vis dar trokštant sumedžioti gigantiškąjį banginį, audrų, bado, troškulio ir nevilties kamuojami vyrai priversti paminti savo tvirčiausius įsitikinimus ir iš naujo įvertinti brangiausią turtą – gyvybę.

De Amerikaanse walvisvaarder Essex verliet Nantucket in Massachusetts in 1819 onder kapitein George Pollard voor een reis van 2,5 jaar om te gaan jagen op potvissen in hun leefgebieden in de zuidelijke Grote Oceaan.

Zimą 1820 r. płynący z Nowej Anglii statek wielorybniczy Essex został zaatakowany przez przerażające stworzenie - gigantycznego kaszalota o niezłomnej woli i niemal ludzkim pragnieniu zemsty. Ta autentyczna katastrofa morska zainspirowała Hermana Melville'a do stworzenia powieści "Moby Dick". Jednak autor książki opisał tylko część tej historii. Film " In the Heart of the Sea" przedstawia, jak uczestnicy wyprawy, którzy pozostali przy życiu po starciu z wielorybem, walczą o przetrwanie, przekraczając granice własnej wytrzymałości i dokonując niemożliwego. W obliczu żywiołu i głodu przerażona i zrozpaczona załoga statku Essex, zwątpi w swoje najgłębsze przekonania: wartość ludzkiego życia i moralność swojego zajęcia. Tymczasem kapitan będzie próbował odnaleźć drogę do domu, a pierwszy oficer postawi sobie za cel pokonanie wieloryba.

No inverno de 1820, Essex, um navio baleeiro de Nova Inglaterra, foi atacado por algo inacreditável: uma baleia com um tamanho e determinação gigantescas e um sentido de vingança praticamente humano. Adaptação da obra de Nathaniel Philbrick, este filme narra as lancinantes consequências deste terrível encontro, com a tripulação a ser levada ao seu limite e forçada a fazer o impensável para sobreviver. Enfrentando tempestades, fome, pânico e o desespero, os homens vão colocar em causa a suas crenças mais profundas, desde o valor real das suas vidas à moralidade do seu ofício, enquanto o capitão procura uma saída no mar imenso e o imediato Owen Chase, uma maneira de destruir a gigantesca baleia.

No inverno de 1820, Essex, um navio baleeiro de Nova Inglaterra, foi atacado por algo inacreditável: uma baleia com um tamanho e determinação gigantescas e um sentido de vingança praticamente humano. Adaptação da obra de Nathaniel Philbrick, este filme narra as lancinantes consequências deste terrível encontro, com a tripulação a ser levada ao seu limite e forçada a fazer o impensável para sobreviver. Enfrentando tempestades, fome, pânico e o desespero, os homens vão colocar em causa a suas crenças mais profundas, desde o valor real das suas vidas à moralidade do seu ofício, enquanto o capitão procura uma saída no mar imenso e o imediato Owen Chase, uma maneira de destruir a gigantesca baleia.

În 1850, fostul marinar Thomas Nickerson a primit o vizită neașteptată a autorului Herman Melville. A auzit de o expediție periculoasă care a avut loc în urmă cu treizeci de ani pe vânătorul de balene Essex, din care Nickerson este acum singurul supraviețuitor. Încurajat de soția sa, Nickerson, acum bătrân, acceptă să povestească incredibila aventură din Essex scriitorului american. Sub ordinele primului ofițer Owen Chase, echipajul a atras mânia unei creaturi gigantice mânate de o sete teribilă de răzbunare. Supărată de masacrul vânătorilor din marea liberă, imensa balenă avea o singură dorință: să scufunde barca și să-și înece echipajul.

В 1819 году американский корабль «Эссекс» с командой из двух десятков человек на борту отправился из порта в штате Массачусетс на китобойный промысел. Осенью 1820-го успешная на протяжении полутора лет охота была прервана атакой гигантского кашалота на судно, в результате чего морякам пришлось пересесть в шлюпки. В течение трёх с лишним месяцев они боролись за выживание посреди океана…

V zime roku 1820 bola loď Essex z Nového Anglicka určená na lov veľrýb napadnutá niečím neuveriteľným: veľrybou obrej veľkosti a sily, s takmer ľudským zmyslom pre pomstychtivosť. Táto Skutočná námorná pohroma inšpirovala Hermana Melvilla k napísaniu knihy Moby-Dick (Biela veľryba). Rozpovedala však iba časť príbehu. Film V srdci mora odhaľuje mučivé následky tohto napadnutia, kedy boli členovia posádky, ktorým sa podarilo prežiť, nútení prekračovať svoje limity a robiť kvôli záchrane života neuveriteľné veci. Zatiaľ čo sa kapitán pokúša nájsť na otvorenom mori správny smer a jeho prvý dôstojník sa snaží obrovskú veľrybu skoliť, posádka čeliaca búrkam, hladovaniu, panike a zúfalstvu pochybuje o všetkom od hodnoty ich životov až po etiku ich živobytia.

Z oskarjem nagrajeni Ron Howard režira akcijsko pustolovščino po knjižni uspešnici Nathaniela Philbricka o napetem resničnem potovanju ladje za kitolov Essex. Pozimi leta 1820 kitolovca Essex iz Nove Anglije napade nekaj, kar ne more verjeti nihče: velikanski kit z neusahljivo voljo in domala človeškim občutkom za maščevanje. Resnična pomorska katastrofa je pozneje navdihnila roman Moby Dick Hermana Melvilla – toda njegova pripoved je zgolj polovica zgodbe, ki se je odvijala tisto zimo. Film razkriva grozljive posledice napada, ko se posadka ladje znajde na meji lastnih zmogljivosti in je prisiljena početi nezamisljive reči, da preživi. Viharijo skozi viharje, sestradanost, preplah in obup, pri tem podvomijo v svoja najgloblja prepričanja – tudi v vrednost lastnih življenj in v moralnost lastnega poklica – medtem ko njihov kapitan sredi odprtega morja išče pot, njegova desna roka pa se še vedno trudi ukrotiti gromozanskega kita.

Vintern 1820 attakeras valskeppet Essex av en enorm val med ett närmast mänskligt hämndbegär. Efter den ödesdigra attacken tvingas besättningen göra det otänkbara för att överleva.

เรื่องราวการออกเรือ เอสเซกส์ แนนทัคเก็ต ของชายหนุ่มจำนวน 21 คน ที่จะออกไปผจญภัยกลางทะเลตามล่าปลาวาฬยักษ์ที่มีชื่อว่า โมบี้ ดิค และต้องผจญภัยกับสถานการณ์อันเลวร้ายที่ยากจะลืมเลือน ที่ต้องแก่งแย่งทุกสิ่งเพื่อให้มีชีวิตรอดแม้จะต้องฆ่ากันเอง

1820 yılının kış ayları, Yeni İngiltere'nin balina gemisi Essex kimsenin inanamayacağı bir şey tarafından saldırıya uğrar. Gemiye saldıran şey İntikam duygusuyla dolu adeta irade sahibi bir balinadan başka bir şey değildir. Denizin Ortasında filmi bu olay sonrası gemide yaşananları ve mürettebatın hayatta kalmak için başvurduğu akıl almaz yöntemleri anlatan bir öykü.

У 1819 році американський корабель «Ессекс» з командою з двох десятків людей на борту вирушив з порту в штаті Массачусетс на китобійний промисел. Восени 1820-го успішне протягом півтора року полювання було перерване атакою гігантського кита на судно, в результаті чого морякам довелося пересісти в шлюпки. Протягом трьох з гаком місяців вони боролися за виживання посеред океану...

Tiếng Việt
Trong khi ra khơi đánh cá, chiếc tầu Essex do viên thuyền trưởng trẻ George Pollard (Benjamin Walker) và thuyền phó giàu kinh nghiệm Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) chỉ huy đã bị một con cá voi khổng lồ tấn công. Chẳng ai ngờ được, loài cá voi hiền lành lại hận thù con người đến vậy. Chính sự kiện này đã truyền cảm hứng cho nhà văn Herman Melville để sáng tác ra tiểu thuyết Moby Dick. Tuy nhiên, câu chuyện đằng sau vụ tấn công của con cá voi còn kinh hoàng hơn nhiều. In The Heart Of The Sea tập trung vào khai thác quá trình giành giật sự sống của những người còn tồn tại trên tàu. Họ trải qua hành trình kéo dài 90 ngày đầy đáng sợ, ở cả trên biển lẫn đất liền. Giới hạn về nhân tính, niềm tin, giá trị đạo đức bị đẩy đến tận cùng khi họ phải đương đầu với đại dương, bão biển, đói khát, nỗi sợ hãi và sự tuyệt vọng.

  本片根据纳撒尼尔·菲尔布里克(Nathaniel Philbrick)的小说改编。故事讲述了埃塞克斯捕鲸船所经历的真实的海难。1819年,这艘船在南太平洋沉没,事故的原因是该船被一头足有梅尔维尔在《大白鲸》中描写的那么大的鲸鱼所碰撞。幸存的海员挤在三只小船上,在大海上漂流了90天,这期间他们经历了病痛、饥饿,最终竟演化到相互残杀、同类相食。

1820年的寒冬,新英格蘭捕鯨船Essex受到匪夷所思的攻擊,一條龐大,擁有復仇意志的鯨魚,向著漁船猛烈進攻。這件真人真事的海上慘劇,啟發了小說家赫爾曼梅爾維爾 (Herman Melville) 創作了《白鯨記》(Moby-Dick),但他的故事只披露了慘劇的一部分。《巨鯨傳奇:怒海中心》講述了事件的餘波,捕鯨船的生還者被迫到絕境,做出無法置信的事情去保命。船員面對風暴、飢餓、恐懼和絕望交迫,不禁對生命的價值,和他們的買賣是否合乎道德有所懷疑。當船長在大海尋找歸途,大副手仍然心繫擒獲巨鯨。

1820年冬天,新英格蘭捕鯨船艾塞克斯號遭受無法想像的敵人攻擊,那就是一頭碩大無朋的鯨,牠似乎擁有超越人類的強大意志力和復仇決心。這件真實的海上災難後來啟發了作家赫曼梅爾維爾(Herman Melville)寫出經典名著《白鯨記》(Moby-Dick),但那只述說了一半的故事。 《白鯨傳奇:怒海之心》這部電影將會揭露這場奇遇的驚人後果,眼看艾塞克斯號的倖存船員逐漸被逼向極限,為了生存不得不做出令人難以置信的行動。這群人勇敢面對狂風暴雨、飢餓、恐慌和絕望,他們將會質疑自己內心深處的信仰,包括人生觀、價值觀和職業道德,並一路跟隨他們的船長在茫茫大海中尋找出路,而他們的大副仍然不忘設法打敗那頭巨鯨。

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