Top 100 Western Movies of 2023

1The Outlaw Josey Wales reviews, watch and download

The Outlaw Josey Wales

June 30, 1976

Screen superstar and Academy Award-winner Clint Eastwood ("Unforgiven," "Million Dollar Baby") directs himself in this classic portrayal of an ex-Confederate so...

2The Old Way reviews, watch and download

The Old Way

January 6, 2023

Academy Award® winner Nicolas Cage stars in his first-ever Western as Colton Briggs, a cold-blooded gunslinger turned respectable family man. When an outlaw an...

3Calamity Jane reviews, watch and download

Calamity Jane

November 4, 1953

Doris Day is at her best as the roughest, toughest, rootin'-tootin' gal of the wild West, riding, roping and shooting her way through a jamboree of action and h...

4Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid reviews, watch and download

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

October 4, 1969

Paul Newman and Robert Redford set the standard for the buddy film with this western classic. Sundance (Redford) is a mighty quick draw, and his partner Butch (...

5Appaloosa reviews, watch and download


October 3, 2008

Academy Award-nominee Viggo Mortensen ("A History of Violence," "The Lord of the Rings" franchise) stars as Everett Hitch and Academy Award-nominee and Golden G...

6She Wore a Yellow Ribbon reviews, watch and download

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

October 22, 1949

The second chapter of Academy Award-winning director John Ford's acclaimed cavalry trilogy stars Oscar-winner John Wayne ("Stagecoach," "Rio Bravo," "True Grit,...

7The Shootist reviews, watch and download

The Shootist

August 20, 1976

Afflicted with a terminal illness, John Bernard Brooks (John Wayne), the last of the legendary gunfighters, quietly returns to Carson City for medical attention...

83:10 to Yuma reviews, watch and download

3:10 to Yuma

September 7, 2007

In Arizona in the late 1800's, infamous outlaw Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) and his vicious gang of thieves and murderers have plagued the Southern Railroad. When W...

9Silverado reviews, watch and download


July 10, 1985

Four unlikely heroes attempt to reclaim a helpless town from a corrupt sheriff and his mercenaries in this classic star-studded western.

10The Apple Dumpling Gang reviews, watch and download

The Apple Dumpling Gang

July 1, 1975

Head for cover! Don Knotts and Tim Conway are Wild West outlaws who can't hit the broad side of a barn -- but never miss when it comes to rounding up laughs! Th...

11Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier reviews, watch and download

Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier

May 25, 1955

There's never been a folk hero quite like Davy Crockett, and you'll see why when you watch him take on an alligator, battle an Indian chief in a tomahawk duel, ...

12Redeeming Love reviews, watch and download

Redeeming Love

January 21, 2022

Based on the bestselling novel by Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love is a powerful story of love and perseverance as a young couple’s relationship clashes with t...

13The Dark Tower reviews, watch and download

The Dark Tower

August 4, 2017

Based on the best-selling book series by highly-acclaimed author Stephen King, in the parallel realm of Mid-World, the once-respected Gunslinger Roland Deschain...

14Corsicana reviews, watch and download


August 26, 2022

Deputy United States Marshal Bass Reeves reunites with his former partner turned fugitive Sam Tanner. Joined by an ex-Union Sharpshooter, they are in a race aga...

15Dead for a Dollar reviews, watch and download

Dead for a Dollar

September 30, 2022

In 1897, veteran bounty hunter Max Borlund is deep into Mexico where he encounters professional gambler and outlaw Joe Cribbens, a sworn enemy who Max sent to p...

16Tombstone reviews, watch and download


December 24, 1993

In the western boomtown of Tombstone, Arizona, crime rules the streets. Violence is a way of life, and law and order have surrendered to the ruthless gunmen who...

17Rustlers' Rhapsody reviews, watch and download

Rustlers' Rhapsody

May 10, 1985

An amusing spoof of the good 'ole westerns back in the halcyon days when all the cliches were held up as icons, this parody by Hugh Wilson works best for savvy ...

18High Plains Drifter reviews, watch and download

High Plains Drifter

April 19, 1973

Clint Eastwood's second film as a director finds the celebrated action star returning to his familiar Old West stomping grounds and his internationally acclaime...

19Blazing Saddles reviews, watch and download

Blazing Saddles

February 7, 1974

The railroad's got to run through the town of Rock Ridge. How do you drive out the townfolk in order to steal their land? Send in the toughest gang you've got.....

20Comanche Moon: The Second Chapter In the Lonesome Dove Saga reviews, watch and download

Comanche Moon: The Second Chapter In the Lonesome Dove Saga

February 26, 2008

Texas Rangers Woodrow Call and Augustus McCrae pursue three outlaws, Comanche war chief Buffalo Hump, Comanche horse thief Kicking Wolf and a Mexican bandit kin...

21Cowboys & Aliens reviews, watch and download

Cowboys & Aliens

July 29, 2011

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star in this action-packed sci-fi western from the director of Iron Man (Jon Favreau) that critics call “wickedly original, unl...

22The Good, the Bad, the Weird reviews, watch and download

The Good, the Bad, the Weird

April 23, 2010

Set in the 1930s Manchurian desert where lawlessness rules and many different ethnic groups clash, three Korean men fatefully meet each other on a train. The tr...

23Wyatt Earp reviews, watch and download

Wyatt Earp

September 1, 1994

Kevin Costner plays the most famous lawman ever to stride the Wild West. In a gritty, complex portrayal hailed as a "classic American performance" (Bob Campbell...

24Rio Grande reviews, watch and download

Rio Grande

November 15, 1950

In this John Ford classic, John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara are embroiled in an epic battle with the Apaches and each other. Lt. Col. Yorke (John Wayne) leads hi...

25Jeremiah Johnson reviews, watch and download

Jeremiah Johnson

December 21, 1972

Superstar Robert Redford ("Up Close and Personal," "Indecent Proposal") stars in this powerful and unforgettable wilderness epic of a man who turns his back on ...

26The Revenant reviews, watch and download

The Revenant

December 25, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this visceral, epic adventure inspired by true events from writer-director Alejandro G. Iñárritu. While on a hunting expedition in ...

27A Million Ways to Die in the West reviews, watch and download

A Million Ways to Die in the West

May 30, 2014

This hilarious comedy from Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and Ted, is filled with witty one-liners and an all-star cast. When Albert (MacFarlane) lo...

28Crossfire Trail reviews, watch and download

Crossfire Trail

January 21, 2001

A restless wanderer makes a promise to a dying friend to help the man's widow and daughter hold onto their ranch in the lush but lawless Wyoming Territory. But ...

29Buck reviews, watch and download


June 17, 2011

BUCK, a richly textured and visually stunning film, follows Brannaman from his abusive childhood to his phenomenally successful approach to horses. A real-life ...

30North to Alaska reviews, watch and download

North to Alaska

November 7, 1960

John Wayne and Stewart Granger strike it rich in this rousing comedy adventure set during the Alaskan gold rush. When prospectors Sam McCord (Wayne) and George ...

31Two Mules For Sister Sara reviews, watch and download

Two Mules For Sister Sara

May 28, 1970

Clint Eastwood is a hard-hitting high plains drifter who rides into town and single-handedly rescues a local nun (Shirley MacLaine) from a gang of attackers. Af...

32Old Henry reviews, watch and download

Old Henry

October 1, 2021

A widowed farmer (Tim Blake Nelson) and his son take in a mysterious, injured man with a satchel of cash. When a posse of men claiming to be the law come for th...

33The Sons of Katie Elder reviews, watch and download

The Sons of Katie Elder

July 1, 1965

Katie Elder bore four sons. The day she is buried they all return home to Clearwater, Texas, to pay their last respects. John Wayne is the eldest and toughest s...

34The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford reviews, watch and download

The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford

October 19, 2007

The names ricochet through Western lore. Jesse James (Brad Pitt) was the most notorious outlaw of his time, wanted by the law in 10 states yet celebrated as a R...

35My Name Is Nobody reviews, watch and download

My Name Is Nobody

December 13, 1973

From western legend Sergio Leone (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) comes a rollicking shoot-'em-up! Young, ambitious gunman Nobody (They Call Me Trinity's Terenc...

36The Last Stand reviews, watch and download

The Last Stand

January 18, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this high-octane action-thriller about a small border-town sheriff who makes a defiant stand to stop a fugitive on the run from t...

37Bone Tomahawk reviews, watch and download

Bone Tomahawk

October 23, 2015

When a group of cannibal savages kidnaps settlers from the small town of Bright Hope, an unlikely team of gunslingers, led by Sheriff Hunt (Kurt Russell), sets ...

38Pure Country reviews, watch and download

Pure Country

October 23, 1992

After 25 chart-topping hits, the singing star becomes a movie star! George Strait makes his film debut in an entertaining look into the heart and soul of countr...

39True Grit (2010) reviews, watch and download

True Grit (2010)

December 22, 2010

Following the murder of her father by hired hand Tom Chaney, 14-year-old farm girl Mattie Ross sets out to capture the killer. To aid her, she hires the toughes...

40Chisum reviews, watch and download


July 29, 1970

John Wayne heads a colorful cast in the epic tale of a legendary rancher who built an empire and has to face off with a civilized, smooth-talking land grabber t...

41Big Jake reviews, watch and download

Big Jake

May 26, 1971

In this final film from legendary Western director George Sherman (THE COMANCHEROS), John Wayne is an aging Texas cattle man who's outlived his time. He must q...

42Dances With Wolves reviews, watch and download

Dances With Wolves

November 9, 1990

Rewarded for his heroism in the Civil War, Lt. John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) wants to see the American frontier before it is gone. He is assigned to an abandoned ...

43Hannie Caulder reviews, watch and download

Hannie Caulder

May 24, 1972

Raquel Welch aims for revenge! The west gets wilder when Raquel Welch saddles up in Hannie Caulder, a sagebrush saga that combines hard-hitting action with the ...

44Hostiles reviews, watch and download


January 19, 2018

Set in 1892, HOSTILES tells the story of a legendary Army Captain (Christian Bale), who, after stern resistance, reluctantly agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne w...

45The Kid reviews, watch and download

The Kid

March 8, 2019

In this thrilling Western, a young boy, Rio (Jake Schur), is forced to go on the run across the American Southwest in a desperate attempt to save his sister (Le...

46The Sacketts reviews, watch and download

The Sacketts

May 30, 2006

Louis L'Amour, the greatest storyteller ever to chronicle the American Wild West, spins an epic saga as vast as the untamed land. Blood feuds, cattle drives and...

47The War Wagon reviews, watch and download

The War Wagon

May 13, 1967

Two cinematic legends, John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, team up to seize a small fortune in gold in this action-packed western classic. Wayne plays Taw Jackson, a r...

48Hang 'Em High reviews, watch and download

Hang 'Em High

August 3, 1968

Jed Cooper (Clint Eastwood), an ex-lawman turned rancher, is moving a small herd of cattle when a group of nine men on horseback, led by Captain Wilson (Ed Begl...

49News of the World reviews, watch and download

News of the World

December 25, 2020

Five years after the Civil War, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Academy Award® winner Tom Hanks) moves from town to town as a non-fiction storyteller, sharing the...

50Little Big Man reviews, watch and download

Little Big Man

December 23, 1970

In this genre-defying tale, an alleged 121-year-old white survivor of Custer's Last Stand recalls his checkered life and times. Based on the book by Thomas Berg...

51Cowboys & Aliens (Extended Edition) reviews, watch and download

Cowboys & Aliens (Extended Edition)

July 29, 2011

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star in this action-packed sci-fi western from the director of Iron Man (Jon Favreau). The Extended Version of this epic adventur...

52Quigley Down Under reviews, watch and download

Quigley Down Under

October 19, 1990

Tom Selleck portrays Quigley, an American cowboy who is lured to the Austrailian outback (of the 1860's) by an offer from a powerful sheep rancher/land baron (A...

53A Fistful of Dollars reviews, watch and download

A Fistful of Dollars

January 18, 1967

A pancho-clad, cigar-chewing, mysterious 'Man with No Name' rides into a small frontier town which is embroiled in a struggle for power between two families. H...

54Rio Lobo reviews, watch and download

Rio Lobo

December 18, 1970

This fifth and final collaboration between John Wayne and director Howard Hawks is an action-filled Western starting with a spectacular train robbery. The train...

55Wild Wild West reviews, watch and download

Wild Wild West

June 30, 1999

Wild, wild laughs, adventure and special-effects wizardry abound when megastar Will Smith reteams with the director of "Men in Black." Smith is agent James West...

56The Comancheros reviews, watch and download

The Comancheros

October 30, 1961

A Texas Ranger Exposes The Empire-Building Schemes Of A Madman When He Sets Out To Stop Gun And Whiskey Shipments To The Hostile Comanches.

57How the West Was Won reviews, watch and download

How the West Was Won

February 20, 1963

Academy Award-winning epic follows the trials and tribulations of three generations of a frontier family as they embark to tame the wild American West. Narrated...

58The Horse Soldiers reviews, watch and download

The Horse Soldiers

July 4, 1959

Based on an actual Civil War incident, The Horse Soldiers tells the rousing tale of a troop of Union soldiers who force their way deep into Southern territory t...

59Almost Heroes reviews, watch and download

Almost Heroes

May 29, 1998

TV stars Matthew Perry ("Friends") and Chris Farley ("Saturday Night Live," "Black Sheep") star in this outrageous "trail" comedy set in the 1800s that follows ...

60The Alamo (1960) reviews, watch and download

The Alamo (1960)

November 5, 1960

In 1836, 187 Americans and Texicans stood against the attack of Santa Ana's 7,000-man army for more than 13 days. This epic film deals with how those men happen...

61Showdown (1973) reviews, watch and download

Showdown (1973)

May 19, 1973

Hollywood legends Dean Martin, Rock Hudson and Susan Clark star in this unforgettable story of friendship and love in the American West. Though they were like b...

62Last of the Dogmen reviews, watch and download

Last of the Dogmen

September 8, 1995

Tom Berenger (Shoot to Kill, Shattered) is Lewis Gates, a bounty hunter haunted by the past, hired to track down three escaped convicts in the Oxbow region of t...

63The Searchers reviews, watch and download

The Searchers

March 13, 1956

Working together for the 12th time, John Wayne and director John Ford forged The Searchers into an indelible image of the frontier and the men and women who cha...

64Monte Walsh (2003) reviews, watch and download

Monte Walsh (2003)

January 17, 2003

Times change, Monte Walsh doesn't. For him, being a cowboy isn't a job, it's a life. And that's something the fenced-in, corporate-bean-counting ways of the onr...

65Broken Trail reviews, watch and download

Broken Trail

September 5, 2006

Top-rated miniseries! Academy Award winner Robert Duvall (1983 Best Actor in a Leading Role, Tender Mercies) and Academy Award nominee Thomas Hayden Church (200...

66Shanghai Noon reviews, watch and download

Shanghai Noon

March 3, 2000

The classic western gets a kick in the pants when Jackie Chan travels to the Wild West to rescue a kidnapped princess. After teaming up with a train robber, the...

67Last Stand at Saber River reviews, watch and download

Last Stand at Saber River

January 19, 1997

Tom Selleck rides into Western adventure in grand, gritty style as Paul Cable in Last Stand at Saber River, from the novel Elmore Leonard (Get Shorty, Out of Si...

68Mclintock! (Producer's Cut) reviews, watch and download

Mclintock! (Producer's Cut)

November 13, 1963

Wayne shows off his funny side in this 1963 western, a comedy inspired by THE TAMING OF THE SHREW. Starring as wealthy cattle baron G.W. McLintock, Wayne shows ...

69Goin' South reviews, watch and download

Goin' South

October 6, 1978

Sentenced to hang in a backwater western town, horse thief Henry Moon (Jack Nicholson) is saved when frontierswoman Julia Tate (Mary Steenburgen) agrees to marr...

70The Magnificent Seven (2016) reviews, watch and download

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

September 23, 2016

Director Antoine Fuqua brings his modern vision to a classic story in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures’ and Columbia Pictures’ The Magnificent Seven. With the ...

71Pale Rider reviews, watch and download

Pale Rider

October 3, 1985

Superstar boxoffice champ and Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood ("Unforgiven," "Million Dollar Baby") is back in the saddle again in one of the biggest hits of 1985. ...

72Cahill: U.S. Marshall reviews, watch and download

Cahill: U.S. Marshall

July 11, 1973

John Wayne is a U.S. Marshal beset by family problems in this dramatic western from the creators of "Dirty Harry." Compulsively dedicated to upholding the law, ...

73Prospect reviews, watch and download


November 2, 2018

A teenage girl and her father travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to strike it rich. They've secured a contract to harvest a large deposit of the elusive gems...

74Young Guns II reviews, watch and download

Young Guns II

July 15, 2019

In 1881, cattle baron John Chisum pays a bounty to Patrick Floyd Garrett to kill outlaw Billy the Kid.

75El Dorado reviews, watch and download

El Dorado

June 1, 1967

Legendary producer-director Howard Hawks teams with two equally legendary stars, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum, in this classic Western drama. Mitchum plays to ...

76Once Upon a Time In the West reviews, watch and download

Once Upon a Time In the West

December 21, 1968

Directed by Sergio Leone, this epic Western re-established the genre, and still stands as one of the greatest, artistic films of all time. Henry Fonda stars as ...

77The Lone Ranger reviews, watch and download

The Lone Ranger

July 3, 2013

From Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise) come Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger. Fille...

78City Slickers reviews, watch and download

City Slickers

June 7, 1991

What happens when three ordinary guys spend two weeks learning how to be real-life cowboys? That’s the question (and the fun) in City Slickers, the biggest bo...

79The Last Manhunt reviews, watch and download

The Last Manhunt

November 18, 2022

Based on true events in the early 1900s Wild West, Willie Boy falls in love with Carlota from the Chemehuevi tribe despite being forbidden to be together. Due t...

80High Noon reviews, watch and download

High Noon

July 24, 1952

Gary Cooper won the Oscar® for the Best Actor in this classic tale of a lawman who stands alone to defend a town of cowardly citizens against a gang of revenge...

81The Magnificent Seven reviews, watch and download

The Magnificent Seven

October 23, 1960

An American remake of Akira Kurasawa's Japanese classic, "The Seven Samurai." A bandit terrorizes a small Mexican farming village each year. Several of the vill...

82The Good, the Bad and the Ugly reviews, watch and download

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

December 29, 1967

Set during the Civil War, three disparate drifters... (the poncho-clad, cigar-chewing, silent but supremely confident "Man With No Name"--The Good; the evil bou...

83The Alamo (2004) reviews, watch and download

The Alamo (2004)

April 9, 2004

Where myth meets history. Where legend meets reality. The roads cross at San Antonio de Bexar and the small, ruined mission there: the Alamo. In the spring of 1...

84Rio Bravo reviews, watch and download

Rio Bravo

March 17, 1959

There's a showdown at Rio Bravo when courageous Sheriff John T. Chance throws the brother of evil cattle baron Nathan Burdette in jail for murder. When Burdette...

85Open Range reviews, watch and download

Open Range

August 15, 2003

Packed with epic action, Open Range is a powerfully gripping story that's never been told until now, and stars Academy Award winners Robert Duvall (Tender Merci...

86The Cowboys reviews, watch and download

The Cowboys

January 1, 1972

John Wayne stars as a rancher who will lose his livestock after his ranch hands desert him to follow a gold strike unless he can transform a ragtag bunch of sch...

87Old Yeller reviews, watch and download

Old Yeller

December 25, 1957

"Old Yeller," Walt Disney's first and quintessential film about a boy's love for his dog is now an American original as much as it is a Disney classic. No film ...

88Maverick reviews, watch and download


June 9, 1994

In one of the most anticipated movies of 1994, boxoffice superstar Mel Gibson ("Lethal Weapon," et. al.) and two-time Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster ("The Ac...

89The Hateful Eight reviews, watch and download

The Hateful Eight

December 25, 2015

Nominated for 3 Academy Awards®. Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film takes place six or eight or twelve years after the Civil War. Bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt ...

90Unforgiven reviews, watch and download


April 8, 1993

Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman play retired, down-on-their-luck outlaws who pick up their guns one last time to collect a bounty offered by the vengeful pros...

91For a Few Dollars More reviews, watch and download

For a Few Dollars More

December 18, 1965

If A Fistful of Dollars began the Eastwood legend, then its sequel, For a Few Dollars More, cemented it. Clint Eastwood makes his return as “The Man With No N...

92The Quick and the Dead reviews, watch and download

The Quick and the Dead

February 10, 1995

In this edgy and darkly humorous Western, a mysterious young woman rides into the lawless town of Redemption to settle an old score that has haunted her since s...

93Bandidas reviews, watch and download


January 9, 2007

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz have never been sexier as they team up for this hilarious, action-packed western! Determined to avenge the deaths of their father...

94Rooster Cogburn reviews, watch and download

Rooster Cogburn

October 17, 1975

Two of the most popular stars in movie history are brought together for the first time in Rooster Cogburn, the adventure-filled follow-up to True Grit. The lege...

95The Man from Snowy River reviews, watch and download

The Man from Snowy River

May 28, 2002

With its unforgettably heroic story, its stunning cinematography, and acting performances that are uniformly excellent, The Man from Snowy River is one thrillin...

96The Great Silence reviews, watch and download

The Great Silence

September 12, 2012

On an unforgiving, snow swept frontier, a group of bloodthirsty bounty hunters, led by the vicious Loco (Klaus Kinski, NOSFERATU, FOR A FEW MORE DOLLARS) prey o...

97The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance reviews, watch and download

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

April 13, 1962

Ranking with Stagecoach as one of the greatest of its genre, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is the modern-day western to beat all westerns. John Ford, whose v... rankings of the top 100 best western movies of 2023 and all time. Lists of western films and award winners to help you figure out what to watch now.

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