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Don Adams stars as Maxwell Smart, a hilariously inept and maladroit operative working for CONTROL, a top secret counterintelligence agency, in Season 1 of this classic, Emmy®-winning spy spoof series created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. Get Smart, Season 1 Wiki

Get Smart, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - Mr. Big
Series Premiere. Maxwell Smart takes on a villain who threatens NYC with a device called the Inthermo.

2 - Diplomat's Daughter
Max is assigned to protect a beautiful diplomat's daughter from KAOS kidnappers.

3 - School Days
Max tries to flush out an undercover KAOS agent at the CONTROL spy school.

4 - Our Man in Toyland
Max and 99 discover thet KAOS is smuggling secrets out of the country by using talking doll toys.

5 - Now You See Him, Now You Don't
KAOS kidnaps Max and a scientist who claims to have invented an invisibility ray.

6 - Washington 4, Indians 3
Native Americans threaten to start a war unless the U.S. government returns all their land.

7 - Kaos in Control
KAOS plans to attack a CONTROL conference of scientific geniuses with a weapon that destroys their minds.

8 - The Day Smart Turned Chicken
KAOS plots to make Max look crazy in order to discredit his testimony in an upcoming trial.

9 - Satan Place
Max poses as a doctor in order to free the Chief, who has been kidnapped by KAOS.

10 - Our Man in Leotards
Max poses as a dancer to retrieve a stolen drug that is to be used against the Ambassador of Pinerovia.

11 - Too Many Chiefs
A master impersonator disguises himself as the Chief in order to kill a KAOS defector.

12 - My Nephew the Spy
A visit from Max's aunt and uncle complicates a KAOS agent's attempts to kill him.

13 - Aboard the Orient Express
Max and 99 probe the mysterious murders of CONTROL couriers on the Orient Express.

14 - Weekend Vampire
Max and 99 try to solve the mystery of CONTROL agents found dead with marks that look like vampire bites.

15 - Survival of the Fattest
Max is assigned to protect an Arab prince who must remain fat to retain his power.

16 - Double Agent
Max pretends to be a tratorous, drunken agent in the hope that KAOS will recruit him.

17 - Kisses for Kaos
Max gets jealous when 99 romances an art dealer suspected of sabotage.

18 - The Dead Spy Scrawls
Max has to learn to play pool to infiltrate a pool hall that is a front for a new KAOS communications center.

19 - Back to the Old Drawing Board
KAOS creates a killer robot named Hymie to kidnap a CONTROL scientist.

20 - All in the Mind
Max poses as a crazy colonel to catch an Army psychiatrist who is giving KAOS top secret information.

21 - Dear Diary
Max tries to find the stolen secret diary of a retired CONTROL agent.

22 - Smart, the Assassin
KAOS hypnotizes Max to kill the Chief during their daily chess game.

23 - I'm Only Human
Max and Fang investigate an animal spa after some CONTROL agents are killed by their own dogs.

24 - Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain
Max tries to thwart a KAOS plot to build an atomic bomb.

25 - The Amazing Harry Hoo
Max gets help from Hawaiian detective Harry Hoo to track down his old nemesis--The Claw.

26 - Ship of Spies, Pt. 1
Part 1 of 2. Max and 99 book passage aboard a freighter looking for stolen plans for a nuclear amphibian battleship.

27 - Ship of Spies, Pt. 2
Part 2 of 2. Max and 99 continue their undercover search aboard a freighter for stolen plans for a nuclear amphibian battleship.

28 - Shipment to Beirut
99 goes undercover as a model to catch a fashion designer who is smuggling secret plans for KAOS.

29 - Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
Max poses as a music critic to solve the murder of a musician who was a CONTROL agent.

30 - The Last One in Is a Rotten Spy
Max goes undercover to discover the identity of a Russian women's swim team member who wants to defect.

Get Smart, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Mr. Big25:30USD 1.99Download
2Diplomat's Daughter25:15USD 1.99Download
3School Days25:17USD 1.99Download
4Our Man in Toyland25:14USD 1.99Download
5Now You See Him, Now You Don't25:11USD 1.99Download
6Washington 4, Indians 325:18USD 1.99Download
7Kaos in Control25:10USD 1.99Download
8The Day Smart Turned Chicken25:11USD 1.99Download
9Satan Place25:20USD 1.99Download
10Our Man in Leotards25:19USD 1.99Download
11Too Many Chiefs25:09USD 1.99Download
12My Nephew the Spy25:14USD 1.99Download
13Aboard the Orient Express25:18USD 1.99Download
14Weekend Vampire25:12USD 1.99Download
15Survival of the Fattest25:19USD 1.99Download
16Double Agent25:15USD 1.99Download
17Kisses for Kaos25:20USD 1.99Download
18The Dead Spy Scrawls25:19USD 1.99Download
19Back to the Old Drawing Board25:16USD 1.99Download
20All in the Mind25:19USD 1.99Download
21Dear Diary25:19USD 1.99Download
22Smart, the Assassin25:19USD 1.99Download
23I'm Only Human25:08USD 1.99Download
24Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain25:18USD 1.99Download
25The Amazing Harry Hoo25:19USD 1.99Download
26Ship of Spies, Pt. 125:19USD 1.99Download
27Ship of Spies, Pt. 225:19USD 1.99Download
28Shipment to Beirut25:19USD 1.99Download
29Hubert's Unfinished Symphony25:19USD 1.99Download
30The Last One in Is a Rotten Spy25:20USD 1.99Download

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ar  yfhucfhekid  5 star


99! You’re a ......  JRR  5 star

So much awesome

The First Avenger
Yes!!!!! Finally!!!  The First Avenger  5 star

Been waiting so long for iTunes to make this available! One of the funniest shows out there!

One of my Favorite  No1uknow42  5 star

Definitely a great show worth the buy!

agent mouthwash
And…. Loving it!  agent mouthwash  5 star

I am so glad to see these episodes in iTunes.They are SD quality, but they look great on my HDTV.

YES!!!!  tanker5ish  5 star

Finally!!! Would you believe?? One of the best shows of all time!!! Finally on iTunes!!!

Top Comedy  Lostsurvivor24  5 star

This is one of the top comedy's of all time and if you've never seen it, pick it up.

Golf Ballls
GET SMART TV SHOW  Golf Ballls  5 star

This was one of my favourite TV shows growing up. I would like to thank Apple Canada for getting this.

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