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Inept secret agent Maxwell Smart bumbles his way through 26 episodes in Season 3 of this classic series, including the Emmy®-winning “Maxwell Smart, Private Eye,” and the hippie send-up “The Groovy Guru,” voted one of the 100 best episodes of all time by TV Guide. Get Smart, Season 3 Wiki

Get Smart, Season 3 Synopsis

1 - Viva Smart
Season 3 Premiere. Max and 99 go to a Latin American country to rescue the President who has been overthrown and imprisoned.

2 - Witness for the Persecution
KAOS tries to bump off Max before he can testify against one of their captured agents.

3 - The Spy Who Met Himself
The KAOS League of Impostors attempts to take over CONTROL by replacing agents with lookalikes.

4 - The Spirit Is Willing
Max attends a seance in order to get information from a dead informant.

5 - Maxwell Smart, Private Eye
Max sets up shop as a private investigator when budget cutbacks hit CONTROL.

6 - Supersonic Boom
KAOS threatens to use their sonic boom machine to destroy New York City.

7 - One of Our Olives Is Missing
Max protects a country singer who eats an olive that is actually a KAOS radio receiver.

8 - When Good Fellows Get Together
KAOS builds an indestructible killer robot to destroy Hymie.

9 - Dr. Yes
Max and 99 pose as vacationers to track down the KAOS mastermind who is sabotaging rocket launches.

10 - That Old Gang of Mine
Max goes to London and poses as a safecracker to infiltrate a gang of jewel thieves.

11 - The Mild Ones
Max and 99 join a motorcycle gang to rescue a kidnapped foreign Prime Minister.

12 - Classification: Dead
Max scrambles to find an antidote after he is poisoned by a KAOS agent.

13 - The Mysterious Dr. T
Max and 99 search for the identity of a mysterious scientific genius.

14 - The King Lives?
Max poses as the lookalike King of Coronia to thwart an assassination attempt.

15 - The Groovy Guru
A hippie DJ working for KAOS seeks to control the minds of teenagers through his radio show.

16 - The Little Black Book, Pt. 1
Part 1 of 2. Max's old Army buddy inadvertently arranges dates for them with some KAOS agents.

17 - The Little Black Book, Pt. 2
Part 2 of 2. Max and his old Army buddy battle a KAOS assassin known as The Maestro.

18 - Don't Look Back
Max tries to find the KAOS agent who framed him for bank robbery.

19 - 99 Loses Control
Agent 99 resigns from CONTROL to marry a casino owner, but Max discovers he's a KAOS agent.

20 - The Wax Max
Max and Agent 99 are hunted by KAOS agents during a day at an amusement park.

21 - Operation Ridiculous
KAOS plots to make Max look foolish while a magazine writer is doing a story on CONTROL.

22 - Spy, Spy, Birdie
CONTROL and KAOS team up to stop a man who is attacking them with a silent explisove device.

23 - Run, Robot, Run
Hymie steps in to compete in an international track meet after KAOS injures American athletes.

24 - The Hot Line
The Chief tries to get his job back after he's demoted by a KAOS agent imitating the President.

25 - Die, Spy
Max poses as a ping-pong pro to catch the leader of an international spy network.

26 - The Reluctant Redhead
A man will trade secret KAOS files if CONTROL can find his missing wife.

Get Smart, Season 3 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Viva Smart25:22USD 1.99Download
2Witness for the Persecution25:27USD 1.99Download
3The Spy Who Met Himself25:28USD 1.99Download
4The Spirit Is Willing25:16USD 1.99Download
5Maxwell Smart, Private Eye24:56USD 1.99Download
6Supersonic Boom25:24USD 1.99Download
7One of Our Olives Is Missing25:26USD 1.99Download
8When Good Fellows Get Together25:29USD 1.99Download
9Dr. Yes24:55USD 1.99Download
10That Old Gang of Mine25:25USD 1.99Download
11The Mild Ones25:12USD 1.99Download
12Classification: Dead25:25USD 1.99Download
13The Mysterious Dr. T25:21USD 1.99Download
14The King Lives?25:23USD 1.99Download
15The Groovy Guru25:26USD 1.99Download
16The Little Black Book, Pt. 125:21USD 1.99Download
17The Little Black Book, Pt. 225:12USD 1.99Download
18Don't Look Back25:26USD 1.99Download
1999 Loses Control25:26USD 1.99Download
20The Wax Max24:25USD 1.99Download
21Operation Ridiculous25:24USD 1.99Download
22Spy, Spy, Birdie24:25USD 1.99Download
23Run, Robot, Run25:23USD 1.99Download
24The Hot Line25:27USD 1.99Download
25Die, Spy25:26USD 1.99Download
26The Reluctant Redhead25:23USD 1.99Download

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