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Wedding bells finally ring for Max and Agent 99 in Season 4 of this classic TV series. But first, Max has to escape from the clutches of KAOS, then he and 99 get stranded on a deserted island while on their honeymoon. Get Smart, Season 4 Wiki

Get Smart, Season 4 Synopsis

1 - The Impossible Mission
Season 4 Premiere. Max proposes to Agent 99 When their deaths seem inevitable during a mission.

2 - Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron
While visting 99's mother, Max and 99 stop KAOS from detroying the U.S. potato crop.

3 - Closely Watched Planes
Max and 99 take to the skies to figure out how CONTROL agents are vanishing from airliners.

4 - The Secret of Sam Vittorio
Max and 99 try to find out where a dying gangster has hidden his loot.

5 - Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend
Max tries to shut down KAOS' jewelry smuggling operation.

6 - The Worst Best Man
KAOS plants a bomb inside Hymie when Max picks him to be the best man at his wedding.

7 - The Return of the Ancient Mariner
KAOS master of disguise The Chameleon plans to kidnap an admiral and takes his place.

8 - With Love and Twitches
Max drinks a potion that causes a rash to break out on his chest that will reveal the location of a uranium mine.

9 - The Laser Blazer
Max goes to Hong Kong to pick up a secret weapon that turns out to be a blazer containing a laser.

10 - The Farkas Fracas
Max and 99's new neighbors are actually KAOS agents plotting to steal the Chief's briefcase.

11 - Temporarily Out of Control
Right before his honeymoon, Max is called into active duty in the Navy.

12 - Schwartz's Island
On the way to their honeymoon, Max and 99 become marooned on a deserted island built by KAOS.

13 - One Nation Invisible
Max is assigned to protect the inventor of an invisibility spray.

14 - Hurray for Hollywood
Max and 99 go undercover as actors to find out how KAOS is using plays to pass secret information.

15 - The Day They Raided the Knights
When 99 gets laid off at CONTROL due to budget cuts, she discovers a KAOS munitions depot.

16 - Tequila Mockingbird
Max and 99 go to Mexico to track down a priceless bird statue before KAOS finds it.

17 - I Shot 86 Today
Max and 99 join a golf club to find out who is blowing up missile bases next to golf courses.

18 - Absorb the Greek
Max and 99 are ordered to tail the Chief after he starts dating a mysterious young woman.

19 - To Sire, With Love, Part I
Part 1 of 2. Max switches identities with his lookalike, the King of Coronia, to thwart a kidnapping plot.

20 - To Sire, With Love, Pt. 2
Part 2 of 2. Max tries to rescue the King of Coronia, who has been kidnapped by Rupert of Rathskeller.

21 - Shock it to Me
Max goes undercover as a truck driver after KAOS hijacks shipments of electronic equipment.

22 - Leadside
A wheelchair-bound KAOS mastermind threatens to destroy CONTROL and kill Max.

23 - Greer Window
Laid up after getting shot, Max sees something fishy while spying on a building across the street.

24 - The Not-So-Great Escape, Part 1
Part 1 of 2. Max discovers that CONTROL agents are being kidnapped and taken to a KAOS P.O.W. camp in New Jersey.

25 - The Not-So-Great Escape, Part 2
Part 2 of 2. Max and the Chief try to catch an informer and tunnel out of the KAOS P.O.W. camp.

26 - A Tale of Two Tails
Max tries to help out two students while filling in at CONTROL spy school for a day.

Get Smart, Season 4 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Impossible Mission24:58USD 1.99Download
2Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron24:57USD 1.99Download
3Closely Watched Planes24:41USD 1.99Download
4The Secret of Sam Vittorio24:43USD 1.99Download
5Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend24:43USD 1.99Download
6The Worst Best Man24:43USD 1.99Download
7The Return of the Ancient Mariner24:43USD 1.99Download
8With Love and Twitches24:43USD 1.99Download
9The Laser Blazer24:43USD 1.99Download
10The Farkas Fracas24:44USD 1.99Download
11Temporarily Out of Control24:39USD 1.99Download
12Schwartz's Island24:41USD 1.99Download
13One Nation Invisible24:41USD 1.99Download
14Hurray for Hollywood24:42USD 1.99Download
15The Day They Raided the Knights24:40USD 1.99Download
16Tequila Mockingbird24:40USD 1.99Download
17I Shot 86 Today24:40USD 1.99Download
18Absorb the Greek24:41USD 1.99Download
19To Sire, With Love, Part I24:42USD 1.99Download
20To Sire, With Love, Pt. 224:41USD 1.99Download
21Shock it to Me24:43USD 1.99Download
22Leadside24:45USD 1.99Download
23Greer Window24:41USD 1.99Download
24The Not-So-Great Escape, Part 124:40USD 1.99Download
25The Not-So-Great Escape, Part 224:40USD 1.99Download
26A Tale of Two Tails24:42USD 1.99Download

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