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CONTROL agent Maxwell Smart thwarts a plot to freeze earth with a giant fan and battles KAOS agents in a race to deploy the AAAMM (the Anti-Anti-Anti-Missile Missile) in the fifth and final season of the classic TV series. Get Smart, Season 5 Wiki

Get Smart, Season 5 Synopsis

1 - Pheasant Under Glass
Season 5 Premiere. Max and 99 try to free Professor Pheasant from a seemingly unbreakable glass dome.

2 - Ironhand
The villainous Ironhand takes over KAOS and goes in search of the Anti-Anti-Anti-Missile-Missile plans.

3 - Valerie of the Dolls
The Chief and Max go undercover at the Valerie School for Expectant Fathers to stop a KAOS plot to bomb California.

4 - Widow Often Annie
Max is ordered to woo and marry deadly KAOS widow Ann Cameron--who has murdered 12 Control Agent husbands already!

5 - The Treasure of C. Errol Madre
Max must take on the identity of a gold prospector in an effort to save CONTROL from financial ruin.

6 - Smart Fell on Alabama
Max trains a trio of criminals for a job that requires them to break into a mansion and steal a valuable code book.

7 - And Baby Makes Four, Pt. 1
Part 1 of 2. With 99 on the brink of giving birth, Max goes in search of a new headquarters for CONTROL.

8 - And Baby Makes Four, Pt. 2
Part 2 of 2. KAOS chases Max and 99 (who is in labor) to the hospital leading to a showdown between KAOS, CONTROL...and 99's mother.

9 - Physician Impossible
Max's hunt for a wounded Big Little Eddie leads to he and 99 being mistaken for a doctor and nurse--who must then treat the criminal.

10 - The Apes of Rath
Max receives a banana--the deadly symbol that he is the target of a killer who may be an ape.

11 - Age Before Duty
KAOS infects everyone at CONTROL with a voodoo paint that causes the agents to rapidly age.

12 - Is This Trip Necessary?
A notorious KAOS pharmacist aims a powerful hallucinogen at the Washington water supply.

13 - Ice Station Siegfried
Weather hijinks leave Max and the Chief snowed in (in Miami!) while 99 and a CIA agent investigate who is behind the scheme.

14 - Moonlighting Becomes You
After 99 complains about some mundane assignments, the Chief tasks her with finding out how KAOS is getting coded messages through a radio show.

15 - House of Max, Pt. 1
Part 1 of 2. Max and 99 are sent to London to investigate a new Jack the Ripper.

16 - House of Max, Pt. 2
Part 2 of 2. Max poses as a wax Hitler in his effort to bring down Duval and his lively wax creations.

17 - Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm
Max and 99 must find a way into a mansion filled with screwballs after they drop an important package on the roof.

18 - The Mess of Adrian Listenger
A CONTROL spy school dropout targets Max and other agents in a revenge scheme.

19 - Witness for the Execution
The Chief concocts a nanny disguise for a KAOS defector who becomes an instant target for his former organization.

20 - How Green Was My Valet
Max and 99 pretend to be a valet and maid in a plan to find a stolen rocket fuel sample.

21 - And Only Two Ninety-Nine
Max comes home to discover that 99 has been replaced by a KAOS imposter.

22 - Smartacus
Security leaks lead Max and the Chief to a chain of Roman Bath spas.

23 - What's It All About, Algie?
A nursery selling plants with spy bugs in them is the focus for Max the gardener.

24 - Hello, Columbus - Goodbye, America
Max is tasked with protecting a descendant of Christopher Columbus who is named the rightful owner of the United States.

25 - Do I Hear a Vaults?
Max and the Chief must protect a special book that contains a list of every CONTROL agent.

26 - I Am Curiously Yellow
Max is hypnotized by a villain named The Whip who wants to use him to steal a powerful weapon.

Get Smart, Season 5 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Pheasant Under Glass24:19USD 1.99Download
2Ironhand24:16USD 1.99Download
3Valerie of the Dolls24:16USD 1.99Download
4Widow Often Annie24:19USD 1.99Download
5The Treasure of C. Errol Madre24:16USD 1.99Download
6Smart Fell on Alabama24:17USD 1.99Download
7And Baby Makes Four, Pt. 124:17USD 1.99Download
8And Baby Makes Four, Pt. 224:13USD 1.99Download
9Physician Impossible24:16USD 1.99Download
10The Apes of Rath24:15USD 1.99Download
11Age Before Duty24:16USD 1.99Download
12Is This Trip Necessary?24:17USD 1.99Download
13Ice Station Siegfried24:17USD 1.99Download
14Moonlighting Becomes You24:17USD 1.99Download
15House of Max, Pt. 124:16USD 1.99Download
16House of Max, Pt. 224:16USD 1.99Download
17Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm24:16USD 1.99Download
18The Mess of Adrian Listenger24:16USD 1.99Download
19Witness for the Execution24:16USD 1.99Download
20How Green Was My Valet24:17USD 1.99Download
21And Only Two Ninety-Nine24:11USD 1.99Download
22Smartacus24:16USD 1.99Download
23What's It All About, Algie?24:15USD 1.99Download
24Hello, Columbus - Goodbye, America24:17USD 1.99Download
25Do I Hear a Vaults?23:16USD 1.99Download
26I Am Curiously Yellow24:15USD 1.99Download

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