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Created by Academy Award® - winner Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey has been deemed “Compulsively watchable from the get go” by Variety and “Impossible to resist” by the Wall Street Journal. Led by Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dockery, and Maggie Smith, the acclaimed ensemble cast brings to life all the drama and intrigue of the inhabitants of Downton Abbey, the lavish English country manor, home to the Earl of Grantham. This digital box set includes every episode of the six seasons of this Golden Globe® and multi-Emmy® Award-winning series, following the Crawley family and their servants from pre-war England through the storms of World War I and into the social upheaval of England in the 1920s as the lives of its inhabitants are shaped by romance, heartbreak, scandals, rumors, blackmail, and betrayal. Includes behind the scenes and cast interview bonus videos previously unreleased on iTunes. Downton Abbey, The Complete Series Wiki

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The Downton Abbey estate stands a splendid example of confidence and mettle, its family enduring for generations and its staff a well-oiled machine of propriety. But change is afoot at Downton--change far surpassing the new electric lights and telephone. A crisis of inheritance threatens to displace the resident Crawley family, in spite of the best efforts of the noble and compassionate Earl, Robert Crawley; his American heiress wife, Cora his comically implacable, opinionated mother, Violet and his beautiful, eldest daughter, Mary, intent on charting her own course. Reluctantly, the family is forced to welcome its heir apparent, the self-made and proudly modern Matthew Crawley himself none too happy about the new arrangements. As Matthew's bristly relationship with Mary begins to crackle with electricity, hope for the future of Downton's dynasty takes shape. But when petty jealousies and ambitions grow among the family and the staff, scheming and secrets--both delicious and dangerous--threaten to derail the scramble to preserve Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey offers a spot-on portrait of a vanishing way of life.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1, Episode 1 (Original UK Version) 1:06:14
Season 1, Episode 2 (Original UK Version)48:08
Season 1, Episode 3 (Original UK Version)48:04
Season 1, Episode 4 (Original UK Version)46:37
Season 1, Episode 5 (Original UK Version)48:09
Season 1, Episode 6 (Original UK Version)47:08
Season 1, Episode 7 (Original UK Version) 1:03:11
Season 2, Episode 1 (Original UK Version) 1:06:48
Season 2, Episode 2 (Original UK Version)53:31
Season 2, Episode 3 (Original UK Version)53:46
Season 2, Episode 4 (Original UK Version)52:38
Season 2, Episode 5 (Original UK Version)53:40
Season 2, Episode 6 (Original UK Version)53:45
Season 2, Episode 7 (Original UK Version)53:39
Season 2, Episode 8 (Original UK Version) 1:07:59
Season 2, Christmas At Downton Abbey (Original UK Version) 1:33:15
Season 3, Episode 1 (Original UK Version) 1:06:37
Season 3, Episode 2 (Original UK Version)47:51
Season 3, Episode 3 (Original UK Version)48:07
Season 3, Episode 4 (Original UK Version)47:56
Season 3, Episode 5 (Original UK Version)47:58
Season 3, Episode 6 (Original UK Version)47:54
Season 3, Episode 7 (Original UK Version)47:58
Season 3, Episode 8 (Original UK Version) 1:07:11
Season 3, A Journey to the Highlands (Original UK Version) 1:33:00
Season 4, Episode 1 (Original UK Version) 1:06:58
Season 4, Episode 2 (Original UK Version)47:59
Season 4, Episode 3 (Original UK Version)47:55
Season 4, Episode 4 (Original UK Version)47:58
Season 4, Episode 5 (Original UK Version)47:19
Season 4, Episode 6 (Original UK Version)47:59
Season 4, Episode 7 (Original UK Version)47:59
Season 4, Episode 8 (Original UK Version) 1:07:29
Season 4, The London Season (Original UK Version) 1:32:48
Season 5, Episode 1 (Original UK Version) 1:07:02
Season 5, Episode 2 (Original UK Version)48:05
Season 5, Episode 3 (Original UK Version)48:04
Season 5, Episode 4 (Original UK Version)48:04
Season 5, Episode 5 (Original UK Version)48:05
Season 5, Episode 6 (Original UK Version)48:05
Season 5, Episode 7 (Original UK Version)48:04
Season 5, Episode 8 (Original UK Version) 1:07:22
Season 5, A Moorland Holiday (Original UK Version) 1:33:57
The Final Season, Episode 1 (Original UK Version) 1:07:03
The Final Season, Episode 2 (Original UK Version)47:46
The Final Season, Episode 3 (Original UK Version)47:53
The Final Season, Episode 4 (Original UK Version)47:29
The Final Season, Episode 5 (Original UK Version)48:10
The Final Season, Episode 6 (Original UK Version)48:06
The Final Season, Episode 7 (Original UK Version)48:03
The lives of the Crawley family and Downton Abbey's servants are changed for ever when the sinking of the Titanic leaves the estate without its heir and his son. The arrival of a new valet shocks the staff, who scheme to make his stay as short-lived as possible.
Everyone is anxious at the arrival of Matthew Crawley, the heir presumptive, but he soon encounters problems settling into his new life in Downton, and his mother Isobel immediately crosses swords with Violet. Meanwhile, butler Carson is mortified to be confronted with his past, and housemaid Gwen seems to have a secret correspondent.
Cora's attempts at matchmaking are dashed when Mary is smitten not by intended target Evelyn Napier, but by his handsome friend, Turkish attache Kemal Pamuk. The couple's mutual attraction sparks a train of events whose consequences ripple through the entire household. Gwen is deeply humiliated as her secret ambition is exposed, and Bates takes extreme action to cure his limp.
The fair arrives in the village and Mrs Hughes finds herself the centre of speculation when she meets a former suitor who makes her question her position at Downton. Meanwhile, Violet and Isobel lock horns over a medical ailment affecting Molesley, and Carson fears there is a thief at work in the grounds.
As the village prepares for the annual flower show, Isobel finds herself in conflict with Violet, and Mary is introduced to a potential suitor, but it would seem she only has eyes for Matthew. Anna realizes who is to blame when a valuable snuff box goes missing, and Mrs. Patmore tearfully reveals her fears to Carson that her career may be coming to an end. Meanwhile, O'Brien engineers a way for Edith to take revenge on Mary.
Sybil's determination to pursue her political leanings lands her in great danger when a fight breaks out at an election results meeting. Matthew's tenderness in caring for the would-be suffragette is noticed by her sisters, but it is Mary who is stunned to receive a marriage proposal. Bates is cleared of suspicion over the stolen wine, but offers his resignation rather than name the culprit.
Cora makes a discovery that throws the inheritance issue into chaos, and under pressure from her aunt Lady Rosamund Painswick, Mary is prompted to keep Matthew waiting for an answer to his proposal. Robert arranges for Mrs Patmore to see an eye specialist, and O'Brien digs up more compromising information about Bates, but the Earl's response to it comes as a surprise. Thomas leaves the Abbey and Mary exacts vengeance on Edith for her treachery, while the household is rocked by a shocking announcement.
The original UK version, Downton Abbey Season Two begins with Part One - The Great War unsettles life at Downton and Isobel's surprising news about Matthew rocks the family further. New maid, Ethel ruffles O'Brien's feathers and Bates returns with life changing news for Anna.
The original UK version, Downton Abbey Season Two Part Two - Carson strives to keep standards high with disastrous personal consequences. Lady Rosamund is eager to unearth Lavinia and Carlisle’s secret. The death of a wounded officer motivates Isobel and Sybil to see Downton in a different light. Shellshocked new valet, Lang arrives as William gets his call up papers and is love in the air for both Edith and Mary?
The original UK version, Downton Abbey Season Two Part Three - Downton is turned upside down with the arrival of the wounded officers. Branson intends to make General Strutt’s visit a day no one will forget. William’s return results in an awkward surprise for Daisy. Could there be skeletons in Lavinia’s closet and is Bates back in Downton?
The original UK version, Downton Abbey Season Two Part Four - Tensions flare between Isobel and Cora. There’s worrying news about Matthew and William. Ethel’s flirting with Major Bryant lands her in more trouble than she ever could imagine. Branson declares his feelings for Sybil, and Robert goes out of his way to bring Bates back. O’Brien sticks her nose into Mrs Patmore and Daisy’s business.
The original UK version, Downton Abbey Season Two Part Five - Robert receives some shocking news from the front. Daisy’s relationship with William moves faster than she would like. Vera’s return threatens to expose old secrets and Mary pays a high price for turning to Carlisle for help.
The original UK version, Downton Abbey, Season Two Part Six - A wounded Canadian officer comes to Downton to recuperate and unsettles everything. Ethel learns some distressing news. Did Bates heed Robert’s caution not to lose his temper with Vera? Is Carson leaving?
The original UK version, Downton Abbey Season Two Part Seven - As the storms of war clear will life ever be the same again at Downton? A new development stuns the family. How long can Sybil and Branson keep their secret? Carlisle puts Anna in a difficult position, Bates is reeling from the news about Vera and Thomas embarks on a new money making scheme.
The original UK version, Downton Abbey Season Two Part Eight - With the wedding approaching there’s excitement in the air but will Branson’s plans rattle everyone? Spanish Flu reaches Downton and a desperate Thomas looks for a way to re-establish himself. Ethel faces a dilemma when the Bryants return with a heartbreaking proposition and a decisive Anna forces Bates to think about their future.
The original UK version, Downton Abbey Season Two Christmas at Downton Abbey - Christmas 1919. Downton Abbey is hosting a lavish Christmas party, yet despite being the season of goodwill, tensions are rife and Bates’s arrest has cast a shadow over the festivities. Will he be a condemned man or will he be found innocent in time to dance with his new wife at the annual servants’ ball? Mary has to consider her future with Sir Richard Carlisle following a contretemps at the shooting party and Violet has concerns about Rosamund, whose new suitor - the dashing but raffish Lord Hepworth, is not all he seems.
(Original UK Edition) As wedding guests descend on Downton Abbey, including Cora’s formidable American mother, anticipation and friction builds. Meanwhile, Robert has shocking news that threatens to bring an end to Downton itself.
With the future of Downton hanging precariously in the balance Violet and Mary conspire to show Downton to its best advantage and win a financial lifeline from Martha. Mrs. Hughes faces some worrying personal news and the new footman’s progress rankles Thomas.
Edith’s wedding day arrives. Will her enthusiasm finally convince the family that Strallan’s age does not matter? The fate of Downton Abbey hinges on an unexpected letter, and Anna makes a breakthrough that could help Bates’s case.
The tides of change rock Downton as Branson’s political views land him in hot water and Edith makes a stand for women’s rights. Meanwhile, Ethel makes a heartbreaking decision about the future of her son.
The Crawleys welcome a new addition to the family. Meanwhile, new maid Ivy inspires romantic rivalry below stairs.
Tempers fray as Isobel’s kind gesture backfires. Branson’s decisions about Downton are put under scrutiny and Bates takes a dangerous gamble in an effort to gain his freedom.
Fortunes change at Downton as Anna’s patience is rewarded and Edith receives admiration from an unexpected quarter. Matthew takes a stand for the future of Downton, but will it pay off?
There is excitement in the house and village as the annual cricket match approaches, with old scores to be settled and new plots hatched. Violet’s spirited great-niece, Rose, arrives with scandal following close behind.
In the season finale, originally broadcast on Christmas Day 2012 in the UK, the Crawleys head to the Scottish highlands, to enjoy the hospitality of Rose’s family. Amid the hunting, fishing, and fine dining, tensions bubble over and a new crisis unfolds. Meanwhile the downstairs staff are left behind at Downton, where a trip to the local fair leads to trouble for Carson.
Following Matthew's untimely death, new mother Mary is struggling to come to terms with her loss. Robert and Violet disagree on how to bring her through it. Downstairs, hearts are set to be broken as Jimmy finally takes an interest in Ivy. Carson is faced with an unwelcome reminder of his past while Mrs. Hughes sees an opportunity to help grief-stricken Isobel. Thomas is up to his old tricks and has the children's nanny in his sights
Emerging from her grief, Mary starts to take an interest in the running of the estate, but is met with resistance from Robert. As Molesley’s fortunes worsen, Bates hatches a plan to help him. Out for a bit of fun, Rose gets into a sticky situation at a dance in York. Mrs. Hughes urges Carson to let an old wound heal.
An extravagant house party at the Abbey gives the Crawleys a chance to reconnect with old friends. Some guests, however, prove more welcome than others and along with the celebrations come skulduggery and heartache. This episode contains scenes which may not be suitable for all audiences.
Amid the fallout of the eventful house party, Mary faces a pressing question about her future, Carson reveals surprisingly intimate details of his former life, and on a trip to the bright lights of London, Rose puts the reputation of the Crawleys in jeopardy.
Change is in the air as an exciting opportunity for Alfred creates tension between Ivy and Daisy. Isobel appeals to Violet’s sense of charity, but it doesn't come without a fight, and Branson considers a whole new future for himself and baby Sybbie.
A birthday party is planned for Robert, but Rose’s surprise contribution to the event ruffles feathers above and below stairs. A new farming venture on the Downton estate comes with dramatic repercussions for Mary, and Edith receives more unwelcome news.
Cora’s playboy brother Harold is in a fix and Robert must travel to America to help him out, whilst a new farming venture at Downton forces Blake and Mary to put aside their differences. When Violet is taken ill, she finds help comes from an unlikely corner. And with romantic tensions causing disharmony downstairs, things don’t quite go according to plan when Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore, and Carson conspire to keep the peace.
Rosamund hatches a plan to help Edith out of her predicament, but will Violet see straight through it? Isobel is on the receiving end of some unexpected attention, while Mary asks Gillingham for a favor. Rose has her nose put out of joint when plans don’t go her way, and Alfred realizes too late that he may have made a mistake. And just when Bates and Anna seem to be coming through the worst of their troubles, unexpected news gives Anna fresh cause for concern.
It's summer and as part of Rose’s ‘coming out’ she is to be presented at Buckingham Palace. The family are in London, preparing Grantham House for the busy social program. Not one to miss such a grand occasion, Martha Levinson arrives from New York with Cora’s recently disgraced brother Harold. Both outspoken and larger-than-life, they make quite an impression amongst certain members of London's high society. When the Crawleys are implicated in a scandal that threatens to engulf the monarchy, Robert will go to great lengths to protect the royal family, and his own.
Extortion and downsizing threaten Downton Abbey. Change is afoot at the hospital. Mrs. Hughes poses a delicate question. Daisy speaks her mind. And Anna and Bates wait for the word.
Rose hits on a strategy to get a radio in the house. Sarah tutors Daisy. An art historian arrives. Anna makes a difficult purchase.
Mary and Lord Gillingham put their love to the test. Bates also faces a trial. Cora makes a new friend. And Violet is reunited with an old one.
Lord Merton delivers a bombshell to Isobel, and Mary does likewise to Tony. Police suspicions deepen in an unexplained death. Robert and Sarah lock horns.
Rose makes a handsome new acquaintance. Something is wrong with Thomas. Edith’s link to Marigold draws attention. Bricker and Robert lose control.
An ancient spark flares in Violet’s heart. While police deepen their probe, Bates tells Anna the truth. A long and painful mystery is solved.
Edith is found out. Mary finally shakes a suitor. Isobel and Lord Merton reveal their plans. Robert throws another guest out of the house.
Someone tries to derail Rose and Atticus’s happiness. Mrs. Patmore gets a surprise. Anna is in trouble. Robert has a revelation.
The Crawleys go to a shooting party at a castle in Northumberland and return to Downton for a joyful Christmas holiday.
Extortion and downsizing threaten Downton Abbey. Change is afoot at the hospital. Mrs. Hughes poses a delicate question. Daisy speaks her mind. And Anna and Bates wait for the word.
Wedding plans hit a snag. Pigs lead to trouble for Edith and Marigold. Thomas gets a hint. Anna has a secret appointment. Violet and Isobel lock horns over health care.
A wedding dress drama takes a disastrous turn. The breakfast battle is settled. A handsome volunteer helps Edith meet a deadline. The hospital debate gets nasty.
Miss Baxter faces a dilemma. Anna and Mary rush to London. Daisy continues to press her case. A former maid comes to lunch. Car talk is in the air.
Thomas makes Andy a generous offer. Spratt rescues Denker. A powerful politician comes to dinner. Robert upsets the family. Mary gets suspicious.
The hospital war reaches a climax. Violet goes on the warpath. Daisy tries to foil a romance. Prospects are looking up for Mary and Edith. Thomas feels trapped.
A car race gives Mary flashbacks. Mrs. Patmore opens for business. Mrs. Hughes tricks Carson. Things get serious for Edith. Robert gets a surprise gift.

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- Magnificent!5 star

Words cannot describe!

- Beyond addicting5 star

For anyone who wishes to get a glimpse into the past times in the UK this will do it. There is so much depth and heart in this series you honestly become hooked and end up feeling for the characters. To be honest this is something you watch when you want to curl up on the couch either by yourself or with a loved one and just let it go. The only stupid draw back is Apple not bringing back the auto play next feature which is really annoying. But this show is totally worth it.

- His house black5 star

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- Love it5 star

Love it

- Question5 star

Can anyone tell me if this collection includes the Christmas episodes? TIA

- Stellar Period soap! ❤️ 💕❤️💕❤️5 star

Michelle Dockery rules! 😍💕❤️ I cannot give enough raves for this show! In all areas it shines, writing, cast, scenery, costumes. Luxe is the word. I fell in love. There are no car chases (maybe car races), no murders (hmm, maybe), no bombs (Do mortars count?). In my top ten series of all time. Buy & enjoy!

- Must watch TV series5 star

I had heard all the raves about the show, but I wasn't interested. On a boring cold weekend back in the Fall, my husband convinced me to start the series; I reluctantly agreed. I loved the show from the start and it was hard not to not stop watching. I can't imagine having to wait for each show/series over the years! The characters, the setting, the story and the changing historical and socio-economic changes during the post-Edwardian era (1910s-1920s) was fascinating. The actors are brillant and the real Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle) and small village of Bampton, were the main locations for many of the scenes. For parents, the show is good for older teens (16+) as there are some mature scenes addressed on occasion (war, death, rape, sexual situations -no nudity, no profanity that I remember).

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bdmckinl - Please remove the PBS / Masterpiece Classic ads from the beginning of each episode.3 star

They are jarring and intrusive. I did not pay to see ads.

YaasMary - Thank you iTunes!5 star

Limited time pricing of $29.99!! Such a great offer.

Hoot41494 - In a word: brilliant5 star

A towering achievement.

2016JDR - Pure Genius5 star

Absolutely complusive. I've been up until 3am binge watching this show.

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Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series images

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Downton Abbey, The Complete Series posters
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series posters
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series posters
Downton Abbey, The Complete Series posters
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