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Join RuPaul as he welcomes back the fiercest queens in Drag Race herstory. Ten of the show's most celebrated competitiors will "sissy that walk" for their chance at redemption and the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar" in a season packed with more eleganza, wigtastic challenges, and twists than Drag Race has ever seen. RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Season 2 (Uncensored) Wiki

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Season 2 (Uncensored) Synopsis

1 - All Star Talent Show Extravaganza
10 queens return to compete for $100,000 and a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. The first test is to compete in a drag talent show. With guest judge Raven-Symoné.

2 - All Stars Snatch Game
The queens impersonate celebrities in a quick-witted TV game show and burn rubber in a latex runway. With guest judge Ross Mathews.

3 - HERstory Of The World
The queens are challenged to perform in a lip-syncing dance number inspired by the legendary historical women. Fashion designer Jeremy Scott guest judges.

4 - Drag Movie Shequels
The queens' acting chops are tested in parody movie sequels of RuPaul's favorite movies. Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger guest judges.

5 - Revenge Of The Queens
The queens must perform a live stand-up comedy act in front of an audience of judgmental drag queens. Ross Mathews returns to guest judge.

6 - Drag Fish Tank
The queens design and market drag-influenced products. Entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis (CNBC's The Profit) co-stars, and comedian Graham Norton guest judges.

7 - Family That Drags Together
The queens must makeover family members and vogue the house down. Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) guest judges.

8 - All Stars Supergroup
The winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars is crowned. But first, the queens must write original rap lyrics and perform as the ultimate girl group.

9 - Reunited
The All Star queens reunite to dish about the most shocking, glamorous and sickening moments of the season. Hosted by the Emmy Award winning RuPaul.

10 - Season 2: Meet the Queens
Meet the All Stars. Get Ru-introduced to the cast of Season 2.

11 - Season 2: Favorite Fashion Looks
All Stars Season 2 contestants share their favorite outfits and challenges from the show.

12 - Season 2: Biggest Competition
The queens of All Stars Season 2 tell us who they think their biggest competition this season will be,

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Season 2 (Uncensored) Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1All Star Talent Show Extravaganza 1:02:12USD 2.99Download
2All Stars Snatch Game 1:02:14USD 2.99Download
3HERstory Of The World41:41USD 1.99Download
4Drag Movie Shequels41:41USD 1.99Download
5Revenge Of The Queens41:41USD 1.99Download
6Drag Fish Tank41:42USD 1.99Download
7Family That Drags Together41:41USD 1.99Download
8All Stars Supergroup41:41USD 1.99Download
9Reunited41:40USD 1.99Download
10Season 2: Meet the Queens13:21FreeDownload
11Season 2: Favorite Fashion Looks02:19Season OnlyDownload
12Season 2: Biggest Competition02:03Season OnlyDownload

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Season 2 (Uncensored) Reviews

Best season!  SofaPPRIET  5 star


Best Season Ever!  samonthecam  5 star

This is the best season of Ruapauls drag race ever!! Worth the $20!!! I promise!!🦄🤴🏻💙

Ralphie Cosio
YASSS  Ralphie Cosio  5 star

Great season

Paul Winkler
Best Season yet!  Paul Winkler  5 star

All Stars 2 was truly the fiercest talent this show has ever seen. Add some epic “face crack” moments & you’ve got one delicious season. 100% gag worthy!

REFUND NOW  Everyman5686  1 star

Season pass holders should get partial refunds for the embargoing without explanation of almost every AS2 episode until nearly 48 hours after airing. This is ridiculous and it’s an ongoing issue. Why is iTunes complicit in holding off the timely release of episodes on your own platform for an extra 24 hours? To drive up Logo's website traffic? WHY?? Major networks don’t get this perk, not to mention it completely screws over iTunes customers who bought a product in good faith that we assumed would act like all of your other products. If a show is not going to be available the day after airing, that needs to be stated in the season pass description so you’re not ripping off customers. Shows being available so quickly is basically your entire value proposition...

Timeliness  knowthemat  1 star

Love the show however when it takes days for the episodes to post there is a big problem. I did not spend the money for uncensored to wait.

Ugh!!  Ljohnni  1 star

I purchased the whole season and have waited weeks and iTunes has yet to release the finale!! I purchased the whole season so I should be able to download the finale and the reunion show

Best reality show, poor management by Apple  jcd110681  5 star

Bought the season pass and shows were often not available for viewing within hours of the broadcast. Apple is has yet to add the reunion episode so I'm stuck waiting to watch it. Failed Apple big time on the delivery of this fabulous show! 😡

Blame it on LOGO  littlezebra  1 star

How is possible that a company as fierce and on-point as WOW/LOGO, can be so incredibly sloppy with delivery of on-demand, paid-for content? It's 2:06AM EST as I'm writing this - 30 hours after the Finale and still no upload? But people you have to look beyond iTunes to blame for this - it's a LOGO problem. Of all the shows I've purchased, RPDR is the only one that consistently makes you wait more than 24 hours frequently. Other shows I've purchased via iTunes are ALWAYS availabe to download by Midnight at the latest of the actual air date. So, it follows that the problem is at the DISTRIBUTOR level. So, as many said earlier - FABULOUS production, but too bad we don't receive it in anything near a timely fashion. I'd rather go watch it in a loud bar somewhere. #LOGOlame UPDATE: The email announcing that the download was available FINALLY arrived at 3:47AM - so for you non-math geniuses that is 31 hours and 47 minutes past it's initial airing. Shame on you LOGO. You have officialy LOST a customer.

Where's my money!  Songbird13468  1 star

I couldn't download episode 3, You can stream the episodes earlier than getting the episodes through here. Now is asking me to pay for the last episode, even though I bought the SEASON PASS!! It is sad when you save up enough to purchase something you dont need and it doesn't work like you expected. It sad and disappointing.

Anusthing is Possible  larry_ren  5 star

And with this season, it really is. #teamalaska

No Tea No Shade, but...  Jordan_Castel  4 star

… Why are the episodes coming out late? Is it an iTunes issue or Logo issue? I love this show, I’m a huge supporter, I’ve bought every season that I’ve watched because I would like to see this competition continue for many more seasons. Trust hunty. Long Live the Queens.

Upload your episodes in a timely fashion  PancakeDrawer  1 star

Love the show, but I'm giving 1 star because whoever is in charge of uploading the videos is completely inconsistent.

Where is episode 7?  Justwalk78  1 star

I purchased a season pass and this is the second time I've been unable to watch the current episode. The first time it wouldn't download but this time it's not even available to download at all.

Just Your Average Commenter
Once again, delivery disaster  Just Your Average Commenter  1 star

Every season Logo/WoW/Apple manage to mess up delivery of RPDR through iTunes channels. Days will go by and shows aren't uploaded, and the channel also insists on waiting until after midnight pacific time each day to release *Even though* we are paying a TON more than those lame advertisers are on the broadcast net. They simply cannot get their act together and do not deserve this premium. I'll watch the free version instead.

Why isn't the show available?  Phillybee85  5 star

I love the show but may go with amazon next time. iTunes hasn't been uploading it when it should be available.

THEY UPLOAD IT VERY LATE  yoonabie  1 star

If you're hoping to watch the episodes the morning after it airs, you're gonna be disappointed. On the other hand, this season of RuPaul is amazing. Great cast! I wish there are more contestants from season 6 like Ben De La Creme and Courtney Act. :)

Secular Dan
Love the show, hate iTunes  Secular Dan  5 star

The show is genius. iTunes is always, always, always late. By the time you finally receive your episode, it's been two days and the show is spoiled by social media. You would think it wouldn't be such a challenge for them. Distributing shows is, after all, what they do for a living and why they have taken my money.

Love the show! The season pass is not worth it.  RaecusP  3 star

5 stars to the show itself. Drag Race is the only show I care about watching whe it comes up. We don't have cable so when logo stopped streaming the show for free, I was happy to buy a season pass on iTunes. The show is worth me paying for it. BUT! More than once now we have had problems where the show doesnt' show up for almost 24 hours after it airs! Again, this is the only show I actually care about on tv, and I do my best to avoid spoilers. That is hard when we're waiting and waiting for the show to show up on iTunes, when it seems like Amazon isn't having the same problem. This week episode 7 hasn't show up yet, and it's been 21 hours. I think I'll pay on amazon next season. Such a dissapointment!

Genius show  iTunes???????  5 star

This is a show I wait every week to see with real enthusiasm, then WHY iTunes, are you delaying the posting up of the shows? Ep7 is still not up and its nearly 24 hours ago. SORT IT OUT.

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