Quantico, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

Quantico, Season 2 release date, synopsis and reviews

6.5 star

Quantico, Season 2 Release Date and Synopsis

A thrill seeking photojournalist, Leon Velez, may spell trouble for Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth. Plus, Alex is left with the lingering job offer of leaving the FBI and moving to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Everything You Need to Know About Quantico, Season 2

Quantico is about a diverse group of recruits that have arrived at the FBI Quantico Base for training. They are the best, the brightest and the most vetted, so it seems impossible that one of them is suspected of masterminding the biggest attack on New York City since 9/11.

Quantico, Season 2 Comments & Critics

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Quantico, Season 2 Reviews

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BingeworthyIt started on Friday night. There was nothing going on. I figured, why not check out a new show on Netflix? How about Quantico? It is now Sunday afternoon. I have finished the first season. I’m not sorry. Season One was fantastic and had more twists and turns than I can count. Now I’m on to season 2 via iTunes. Dear ABC, please renew for a third season. This show is seriously inspiring me to hit the gym more often..Score: 5/5

Utter crap.This show is overrated & no good. S2 is boring..Score: 1/5

I use to love this show.....Not anymore..... fake news or NO news this is you ABC not the GOP, hypocrites..!!!! The moment you start to put one of the two political parties the enemy, I'm stop watching your show......Score: 1/5

The best!❤️Love this show! The only one I watch, since I don't watch tv at all, but cannot miss out on this one😬👍🏼.Score: 5/5

Great show!Keep's you on edge and entertained no dull moments..Score: 5/5

So awesome!! Best show on TVI love this show so much, second season is even. enter than the first. Such talented actors and great characters 💗💗.Score: 5/5

Just finding this season hard to followIt's not twists and turns, it's confusion. It's just seems muddled and forced. Loved season one, but the this one is just characters not connecting. The missing time, the show starts to reveal is not compelling just seems sad..Score: 2/5

I love this showIt's my favorite TV Show. ❤️.Score: 5/5

WowJake McLaughin is one good looking dude, but his shoes are crap..Score: 1/5

Watch this show!Just finished the 2nd season and I'm sooo excited for the next! This is by far one of the best shows you'll EVER see. It's those shows you can't stop to go pee😂 I watch a lot of tv but nothing is compared to this It is at the top of my list with greys and scandal.Score: 5/5

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Quantico, Season 2 (2016) Series Cast & Crew

Quantico, Season 2 (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Quantico: The characters of season 2. Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Alex Parrish), Jake McLaughlin (Ryan Booth), Yasmine Al Massri (Nimah Amin / Raina Amin), Aunjanue Ellis (Miranda Shaw), Johanna Braddy (Shelby Wyatt), Pearl Thusi (Dayana Mampasi), Russell Tovey (Harry Doyle), Blair Underwood (Owen Hall), Hunter Parrish (Clay Haas), all returned for quantico, season 2.

Blair Underwood (Owen Hall)
Blair UnderwoodOwen HallScore: 6.6
Aunjanue Ellis (Miranda Shaw)
Aunjanue EllisMiranda ShawScore: 11.1
Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Alex Parrish)
Priyanka Chopra JonasAlex ParrishScore: 18.8
Russell Tovey (Harry Doyle)
Russell ToveyHarry DoyleScore: 13.9
Jake McLaughlin (Ryan Booth)
Jake McLaughlinRyan BoothScore: 7.9
Yasmine Al Massri (Nimah Amin / Raina Amin)
Yasmine Al MassriNimah Amin / Raina AminScore: 4.4

Joshua Safran (Executive Producer), Mark Gordon (Executive Producer), Nicholas Pepper (Executive Producer), Robert M. Sertner (Executive Producer), Jorge Zamacona (Executive Producer), all returned for quantico.

Joshua Safran (Executive Producer)
Joshua SafranExecutive ProducerScore: 2.1
Mark Gordon (Executive Producer)
Mark GordonExecutive ProducerScore: 8.0
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Quantico (Season 2) Full Episodes

After clearing her name, saving millions of lives, and discovering the mastermind behind the first season, American hero Alex Parrish was given a shocking reward: she was fired by the FBI. But now she has been given the chance to serve her country again: in the clandestine ranks of United States' top intelligence agency, the CIA.

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  • TV-14
  • 2016
1KUDOVE (Quantico) recap, spoilers


25 September 2016$2.99

Alex finds herself at The Farm, the CIA's secret training facility. As Alex navigates the dark world of espionage, far different and more dangerous than what she's learned before, she's pulled into the center of a deadly conspiracy that not only threatens the lives of this country's citizens, but the lives of countless others across the globe.

2LIPSTICK (Quantico) recap, spoilers


02 October 2016$2.99

The new CIA recruits begin running counter-surveillance ops at The Farm while Alex and Ryan navigate their new relationship with each other. In the future, Ryan and Raina try to disrupt the terrorists' plan to blend in with hostages.

3STESCALADE (Quantico) recap, spoilers


16 October 2016$2.99

The new CIA recruits continue training at The Farm focusing on assessment, while in the future, Alex goes undercover to infiltrate the terrorist group holding everyone hostage where she is shocked to discover not everyone is a stranger.

4KUBARK (Quantico) recap, spoilers


23 October 2016$2.99

The trainees are put through a training drill that tests their stress levels while Alex tries to gather information and get close to Owen. Meanwhile, in the future, the terrorist organization demands a trade, a move that could end the stand-off.

5KMFORGET (Quantico) recap, spoilers


30 October 2016$2.99

At the Farm, Harry is still suspicious of Alex and Ryan, and he's determined to learn more about their plan, while Leon is recruited for a special assignment by Owen. Meanwhile, in the future, Alex continues to run from the terrorists but faces her toughest challenge yet when the terrorists corner her.

6AQUILINE (Quantico) recap, spoilers


06 November 2016$2.99

At the Farm, the trainees learn their next task is to decide on a drone strike, which triggers Alex's memories of Simon's sacrifice. Meanwhile, Shelby and Leon's relationship reaches the next level, and Nimah advises Alex and Ryan not to trust Harry. In the future, Alex questions if she can trust Lydia, leading to combat between the two.

7LCFLUTTER (Quantico) recap, spoilers


13 November 2016$2.99

At the Farm, Owen teaches the trainees about enhanced interrogation techniques, and turns the tables on his students by putting himself in the hot seat. Meanwhile, Shelby goes undercover, and in the future, a new president is sworn in.

8ODENVY (Quantico) recap, spoilers


27 November 2016$2.99

At the Farm, Lydia and Owen teach the group about the necessity of lying and cutting off relationships. In the future, Alex and company attempt to destroy the biological weapon.

9CLEOPATRA (Quantico) recap, spoilers


23 January 2017$2.99

Alex sees an opportunity to use the art of seduction to get closer to Owen. In the future, Alex finally gets the answers she's been looking for about who and what the terrorists are on.

10JMPALM (Quantico) recap, spoilers


30 January 2017$2.99

At the Farm, Owen teaches the recruits a lesson on the necessity of betrayal, with a mission of getting the Venezuelan Consul to turn on his country. In the future, Alex teams up with Miranda to save the hostages, while President Claire Haas has a plan to end the crisis.

11ZRTORCH (Quantico) recap, spoilers


06 February 2017$2.99

Alex tries to convince Owen of the traitor amongst them. The recruits are tasked with getting an asset out of Germany, but their target has a death wish. In the future, the terrorists resort to new means to gain information from the hostages.

12FALLENORACLE (Quantico) recap, spoilers


13 February 2017$2.99

At the Farm, the recruits break into the NSA on a mission to delete all their personal information. In the future, the hostages strategize an escape via underground tunnels as a set-up to get the terrorists to reveal themselves.

13EPICSHELTER (Quantico) recap, spoilers


20 February 2017$2.99

The recruits learn how to burn everything down if they are exposed. Meanwhile, a mysterious death leads to an FBI investigation at the Farm. In the future, Alex heads back into the crisis zone and exposes the true traitor within the CIA.

14LNWILT (Quantico) recap, spoilers


20 March 2017$2.99

In the wake of the G20 hostage crisis, President Claire Haas assembles an illegal and clandestine joint task force, bringing together Alex and her friends from both the FBI and CIA to unmask a global conspiracy.

15MOCKINGBIRD (Quantico) recap, spoilers


27 March 2017$2.99

While their newly appointed leader gets familiar with the team of CIA and FBI agents, Owen leads an investigation into the publishers of a fake news story that might have deadly consequences.

16MKTOPAZ (Quantico) recap, spoilers


03 April 2017$2.99

When Clay is forced to use his fiancee to carry out an operation, the whole team reexamines their personal connections. Meanwhile, Alex forges an unexpected bond with an asset at the center of a conspiracy, and Harry struggles to find his place on the task force.

17ODYOKE (Quantico) recap, spoilers


10 April 2017$2.99

When one of Alex's friends is framed for a domestic terror attack, they turn to her for help. With an upcoming vote in the House for a Muslim registry bill, the task force realizes this attack isn't a coincidence. The Collaborators are actively stirring fear to pass the registry, and the team heads to the Hill to turn the votes.

18KUMONK (Quantico) recap, spoilers


17 April 2017$2.99

A despondent Clay meets with the President to discuss the future of the task force. Meanwhile, Alex leads an operation to expose the collaborators' plans to sink the President's reputation, and she teaches Owen to trust his instincts.

19MHORDER (Quantico) recap, spoilers


24 April 2017$2.99

With all the collaborators unveiled, the team uses Clay and Maxine's engagement party to entice them into one place. The mission: turn one against the others. But everyone's lives are put at risk when one member of the team makes a surprising decision.

20GLOBALREACH (Quantico) recap, spoilers


01 May 2017$2.99

Alex works with Owen to infiltrate the Collaborators. When they begin to test her loyalty, Alex realizes she's become a pawn in their plan to take down both the President and the task force.

21RAINBOW (Quantico) recap, spoilers


08 May 2017$2.99

A flood of new proposals shine a light on the final stages of the Collaborators' plan. Fractured but not defeated, the task force, with the help of some old friends, work to put the pieces together before the Collaborators can enact a terrorist attack.

22RESISTANCE (Quantico) recap, spoilers


15 May 2017$2.99

Alex and the teams face their final stand against the Collaborators at the Constitutional Convention, where a new amendment to the Constitution threatens every American's freedom.

A Sneak Peek At the Drama "Quantico" (Quantico) recap, spoilers

A Sneak Peek At the Drama "Quantico"

29 August 2016Bonus

After uncovering the mastermind behind the biggest attack in New York City since 9/11, Alex Parrish was given a shocking reward: she was fired by the FBI. But in the final moments of the season, she was given the chance to serve her country again. This season, Alex finds herself at "The Farm," the CIA's mysterious training facility. As Alex navigates the dark world of espionage, she's pulled into a deadly conspiracy that not only threatens the lives of American citizens, but also the lives of countless others across the globe. This conspiracy calls everyone around her into question, be it new faces from the CIA or old ones from the Bureau.


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Quantico, Season 2 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

The FBI's top recruit is now their most wanted...

Quantico, Season 2 — 2016

Quantico, Season 2 Posters

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Quantico, Season 2 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about quantico, season 2...

Has Quantico, Season 2 been confirmed? Will there be a quantico, season 2?
The countdown to Quantico [2016] Season 2 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Quantico is soon going to be released.

Quantico, Season 2 start date: When does quantico, season 2 come back?
Quantico, Season 2 will air on Sunday 25th of September 2016.

How many episodes will be in quantico, season 2?
With the season now airing in September 2016. There will be 23 episodes in season 2.

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Quantico Other Seasons
Quantico, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Quantico, Season 128 September 201522 Episodes

A diverse group of recruits has arrived at the FBI Quantico Base for training. They are the best, the brightest and the most vetted, so it seems impossible that one of them is suspected of masterminding the biggest attack on New York City since 9/11.

Quantico, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Quantico, Season 327 April 201814 Episodes

It’s been three years since American hero Alex Parrish has had to navigate the dangerous waters of the Central Intelligence Agency and put her life on the line for her country. She has been living a peaceful, anonymous life somewhere in Italy. However, Alex is forced to abandon this idyllic existence when Ryan persuades her to help him rescue Shelby from a notorious international arms dealer known only as The Widow, who is holding her hostage.

Quantico, The Complete Series cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Quantico, The Complete Series27 September 201557 Episodes

Young recruits at the FBI’s Quantico Base face a riveting mystery against a backdrop of steamy seduction, maddening conspiracies and nerve-shattering suspense. Priyanka Chopra stars as Alex Parrish, one of a diverse group of recruits who, despite intriguing personal secrets and complicated pasts, are the best, brightest, most thoroughly vetted candidates in the country…so it seems impossible that one of them could be a traitor. When Alex is framed for masterminding the most lethal attack on New York City since 9/11, she must race against time – and betray her closest friends and colleagues – to somehow identify the real culprit and prevent further carnage…because the bomber appears to be working from inside the Bureau.

Quantico, Season 2 (TV series) Languages

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Alex et Ryan sont désormais en infiltration pour le compte du FBI. Leur mission est de se faire passer pour des recrues de la CIA dans le but de démasquer une branche corrompue de l’agence, connue sous le nom de AIC. Alors que leur relation est plus tendue que jamais, ils devront tout mettre en œuvre pour décrypter les pièces du puzzle et arrêter les terroristes, lors d’une prise d’otages au sommet du G20 à New York, avant qu’il ne soit trop tard.

אלכס מגויסת לקורס הכשרה של הסי-איי-איי. היא מוצאת את עצמה שוב במרכז קנוניה קטלנית שמאיימת על חיי אנשים רבים ברחבי העולם.

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