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Catch all six seasons of one of television’s most suspenseful, seductive crime dramas. Recaptured after escaping prison, a charismatic high-stakes thief (Matt Bomer) forms an unlikely partnership with an FBI agent (Tim DeKay) to help the bureau nab some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. But things are never what they seem in this slick, witty series filled with plot twists and cliffhangers! White Collar, The Complete Seasons 1-6 Wiki

White Collar, The Complete Seasons 1-6 Synopsis

1 - Season 1, Episode 1, Pilot
When the trail of elusive criminal "The Dutchman" dead ends, FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) teams up with a most unlikely partner to catch him – the imprisoned Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer): master criminal, conman extraordinaire and Peter’s most accomplished collar. Now when Peter sets on the trail of the vicious counterfeiter, he has an equally devious criminal mind on his side.

2 - Season 1, Episode 2, Threads
It's Fashion Week and everyone in New York is abuzz with excitement; everyone but Peter Burke. Nevertheless, when advanced technology embedded with security data is secretly woven into the fabric of a runway dress, Peter and Neal must dive into the world of fashion to stop an international criminal from completing a treacherous sale.

3 - Season 1, Episode 3, Book of Hours
The disappearance of a precious bible creates an interesting union when a New York Mafia kingpin enlists the help of Peter and the FBI in tracking down his beloved artifact. But while rooting out the thief, Neal finds himself in a tango with a sexy female villain and must decide where his loyalty truly lies.

4 - Season 1, Episode 4, Flip of the Coin
A cache of gold sends Peter and Neal on a search to track down smuggled Iraqi artifacts. Although signs point to a US soldier, the trail leads to a corrupt news producer who was embedded in the embattled territory.

5 - Season 1, Episode 5, The Portrait
When an expensive portrait is stolen from a young woman, Peter and Neal set a sting for the cunning and deadly culprit. Neal must uncover the secret truth of the portrait’s origin even as the net tightens around the villain – and around Neal himself!

6 - Season 1, Episode 6, All In
Thrust into the seedy underbelly of New York’s Chinatown, Peter and Neal must navigate vicious Triads, mysterious Interpol agents, and a game of Pai Gow in order to capture their target.

7 - Season 1, Episode 7, Free Fall
The FBI investigates a spectacular jewelry heist and all the clues point to Neal. Now Peter must figure out if his CI is telling the truth or if Neal is pulling a con of his own.

8 - Season 1, Episode 8, Hard Sell
Neal must infiltrate a company of corrupt Wall Street brokers to preserve his deal with the FBI. When Peter is forced to go undercover alongside him, a discovery is made that could change their partnership forever.

9 - Season 1, Episode 9, Bad Judgement
When Peter and Neal discover that an estate judge committing mortgage fraud is also connected to Fowler, they devise a plan to bring them both down.

10 - Season 1, Episode 10, Vital Signs
When June’s niece suffers renal trauma, Neal stumbles upon a cruel scheme to harvest human organs and brings the case to Peter. Together they enact an elaborate scheme in hopes of artfully conning the black market ringleader into exposing his crimes.

11 - Season 1, Episode 11, Home Invasion
Peter and Neal find themselves on the trail of an elusive femme fatale who is stealing pieces of a valuable collection. Now they must find the woman and reassemble the pieces before an international conflict erupts.

12 - Season 1, Episode 12, Bottlenecked
An old rival of Neal's lays down a challenge: to see if either of them can create the impossible forgery – fabricating a unique bottle of wine owned by Ben Franklin. As the rival uses brutal and deadly tactics to achieve his ends, Neal quickly realizes that much more is at stake than bragging rights, and he and Peter must figure out how to take the rival down once and for all.

13 - Season 1, Episode 13, Front Man
When the daughter of a man from his past goes missing, Neal volunteers to help find her. Little does anyone realize the kidnapper is an old enemy of Neal's, and is leading him right into a trap.

14 - Season 1, Episode 14, Out of the Box
Neal teams up with Alex in order to retrieve the ever-elusive music box at an Italian Consulate. Meanwhile, Peter enlists the help of an old friend to help him with Folwer.

15 - Season 2, Episode 1, Withdrawal
An elusive master thief has targeted a handful of New York’s most prestigious banks, and it’s up to Peter and Neal to thwart his next heist. But when alarms sound across the city, it becomes clear our guys are dealing with no ordinary criminal.

16 - Season 2, Episode 2, Need to Know
Neal goes undercover as a political "fixer" in order to bring down a corrupt politician.

17 - Season 2, Episode 3, Copycat Caffrey
A talented criminal has copycatted a Neal Caffrey crime, and evidence points to a suspect on a college campus. But when a criminal is pulling off crimes straight from the textbooks, Neal and Peter will have to think creatively to thwart the crook's next caper.

18 - Season 2, Episode 4, By the Book
Mozzie fears that the object of his affection has been kidnapped, and turns to Neal and Peter for help. For the first time, Mozzie must put his faith in the FBI - and when the rescue mission takes an unexpected turn, he is forced to step out of the shadows and into the line of fire.

19 - Season 2, Episode 5, Unfinished Business
A routine bond theft escalates into an attempted murder when Neal is unknowingly hired to kill the assigned insurance investigator, Sara Carver. The FBI suspects that a real estate mogul is in possession of the bonds, but questions still remain: Why does he want Sara dead and will he try again?

20 - Season 2, Episode 6, In the Red
The arrest of a jewel thief leads Peter and Neal toward a much more heinous extortion case against adoptive parents. To catch the heartless mastermind, Peter and Neal dive headfirst into the world of high-stakes gambling to force the criminal’s hand.

21 - Season 2, Episode 7, Prisoner's Dilemma
An FBI Agent is accused of selling witness locations during criminal trials, and the U.S. Marshals ask Peter and Neal for help tracking down the suspect. But when Peter uncovers the truth behind the plot, he must dive into the world of exotic cars and go on the run with his fellow agent until he can prove the man's innocence.

22 - Season 2, Episode 8, Company Man
Neal and Peter must go undercover into the world of corporate espionage after a tech company's head researcher is murdered. While the CEO claims a competitor is to blame, signs indicate that an internal spy may be responsible. It's up to the guys to figure out who the killer is before its too late.

23 - Season 2, Episode 9, Point Blank
When Peter and Neal find a vital clue in the mystery of who killed Kate, Neal orchestrates an elaborate con to bring himself face to face with her murderer. Watch a new episode of White Collar on Tuesday, January 18 at 10/9c on USA, then download it on iTunes!

24 - Season 2, Episode 10, Burke's Seven
When Peter is suspended by the FBI for a crime he didn't commit, he is forced to run a sting with Neal and the gang to catch Mozzie's shooter, and clear his name.

25 - Season 2, Episode 11, Forging Bonds
With the mastermind behind Kate’s death uncovered, Peter and Neal explore their pasts to gain answers. Neal explains the first time he met Kate (guest star Alexandra Daddario) and Mozzie, and Peter details the circumstances behind Neal's first arrest.

26 - Season 2, Episode 12, What Happens in Burma
When the son of an American diplomat is detained in Burma for a crime he didn’t commit, Peter and Neal delve into the exotic but dangerous world of jewelry smuggling to prove his innocence. But when the Burmese government roadblocks their investigation using diplomatic laws, Peter and Neal must find a way to use those same laws to their advantage.

27 - Season 2, Episode 13, Countermeasures
When an old friend of June's late husband - recently released from prison - shows up at Neal's doorstep, Neal suspects he's looking for more than a trip down memory lane. As Neal knows firsthand, giving up the life of a conman is easier said than done.

28 - Season 2, Episode 14, Payback
While he is still in prison, Neal's rival, Matthew Keller (guest star Ross McCall) kidnaps Peter. Neal is forced to make a dangerous deal with Keller's former adversary, Jason Lang (guest star Adam Goldberg), in order to save his partner and friend.

29 - Season 2, Episode 15, Power Play
Peter and Neal must assume each others’ identities to uncover a collusion scheme that is causing blackouts in New York.

30 - Season 2, Episode 16, Under the Radar
Neal confronts the mastermind behind Kate's death and learns the answer to one of history's greatest mysteries.

31 - Season 3, Episode 1, On Guard
Despite successfully escaping after having robbed the Federal Reserve, a notorious thief returns to retrieve the stash he left behind. Peter and Neal must put their differences aside to capture the criminal before he disappears for good.

32 - Season 3, Episode 2, Where There's a Will
When a forged will turns out to be a treasure map, Peter and Neal find themselves in a race to find the inheritance and save the kidnapped daughter of the beneficiary.

33 - Season 3, Episode 3, Deadline
When a magazine journalist's life is threatened, Diana goes undercover as her assistant to protect her while Peter and Neal investigate the subject of the journalist's story: a crooked pharmaceutical company.

34 - Season 3, Episode 4, Dentist of Detroit
When a mobster from Mozzie's Detroit childhood surfaces in Manhattan, Neal and Peter must help their friend rework a scam from his past to take down the ruthless gangster and prevent a mob war.

35 - Season 3, Episode 5, Veiled Threat
When a black widow arrives in New York, Neal and Peter must go undercover as wealthy bachelors to find her next target.

36 - Season 3, Episode 6, Scott Free
When a teenage conman goes on a wild crime spree in New York, Peter realizes he has a new Neal Caffrey on his hands. Neal must decide between taking down a young version of himself...or helping him.

37 - Season 3, Episode 7, Taking Account
When an expert hacker drains a prominent New York bank, Neal assumes the criminal's identity in order to spend the pilfered fortune and draw him out of hiding.

38 - Season 3, Episode 8, As You Were
When an old Naval Academy buddy of Agent Jones goes missing, Peter and Neal delve into the dangerous world of international private security to find him.

39 - Season 3, Episode 9, On the Fence
When Neal and Peter discover wanted fugitive Matthew Keller is smuggling priceless Egyptian antiquities into the city, Neal must go undercover with an exotic and beautiful Egyptologist to locate and capture his foe. While undercover, Neal confronts Keller, who confesses his true motive for returning to New York: to steal the cache of art from the sunken U-boat. Guest starring Eliza Dushku and Ross McCall.

40 - Season 3, Episode 10, Countdown
When the FBI flags one of the paintings on the treasure manifest, Peter enlists Neal to pursue it. Neal and Mozzie must stay one step ahead of the the FBI while appearing to work with them in order to keep them from discovering that they possess the entire treasure.

41 - Season 3, Episode 11, Checkmate
When Keller kidnaps Elizabeth, Peter and Neal must work together to meet his ransom demand: the U-Boat treasure. Neal is forced to come clean with Peter about the hidden cache, and Peter must put this betrayal aside in order to save Elizabeth.

42 - Season 3, Episode 12, Upper West Side Story
When scholarship funds from a prestigious Manhattan prep school mysteriously disappear, Neal poses as a substitute teacher to help Peter and the FBI figure out where the money is really going.

43 - Season 3, Episode 13, Neighborhood Watch
When Elizabeth overhears one of her neighbors in a suspicious conversation, her curiosity leads Peter and Neal to uncover a robbery plot against a posh Manhattan Hotel.

44 - Season 3, Episode 14, Pulling Strings
When Peter assigns Neal to work the case of a missing Stradivarius alongside Neal’s ex-girlfriend, Sara Ellis, sparks fly and Neal gets a taste of what his ideal life in New York might be like.

45 - Season 3, Episode 15, Stealing Home
When a wealthy Yankees fan recruits Neal to join his crew to steal a prized piece of memorabilia inside Yankee Stadium, Neal is reminded of what life could be like again as a high-end thief.

46 - Season 3, Episode 16, Judgment Day
When Agent Kramer returns to derail Neal’s commutation, Neal races to right a wrong from his past. Peter in turn must choose a side. Set against the backdrop of Neal’s commutation hearing, Neal will ultimately decide between fight and flight.

47 - Season 4, Episode 1, Wanted
On an exotic remote island, Peter must race to find Neal and Mozzie before a ruthless bounty hunter captures Neal and locks him aways for good.

48 - Season 4, Episode 2, Most Wanted
Having found Neal and Mozzie, Peter must help devise a plan to return Neal to the U.S. and avoid being caputred by Collins, a government sanctioned bounty hunter who can bring Neal back, dead or alive.

49 - Season 4, Episode 3, Diminishing Returns
Now back in New York, Peter's actions on the island get him demoted and transferred out of the White Collar division. With Neal and his team's help, he surreptitiously investigates a brilliant thief who has avoided the FBI’s capture for years.

50 - Season 4, Episode 4, Parting Shots
Suspecting fraud, Neal and Peter investigate a beautiful widow who stands to inherit a massive life insurance policy. While undercover, Neal romances the widow and is surprised when the con turns real and he begins to have feelings for her.

White Collar, The Complete Seasons 1-6 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Season 1, Episode 1, Pilot 1:00:37Season OnlyDownload
2Season 1, Episode 2, Threads42:03Season OnlyDownload
3Season 1, Episode 3, Book of Hours42:18Season OnlyDownload
4Season 1, Episode 4, Flip of the Coin42:12Season OnlyDownload
5Season 1, Episode 5, The Portrait42:24Season OnlyDownload
6Season 1, Episode 6, All In42:20Season OnlyDownload
7Season 1, Episode 7, Free Fall42:58Season OnlyDownload
8Season 1, Episode 8, Hard Sell43:04Season OnlyDownload
9Season 1, Episode 9, Bad Judgement43:10Season OnlyDownload
10Season 1, Episode 10, Vital Signs42:46Season OnlyDownload
11Season 1, Episode 11, Home Invasion42:39Season OnlyDownload
12Season 1, Episode 12, Bottlenecked42:16Season OnlyDownload
13Season 1, Episode 13, Front Man42:54Season OnlyDownload
14Season 1, Episode 14, Out of the Box42:58Season OnlyDownload
15Season 2, Episode 1, Withdrawal49:03Season OnlyDownload
16Season 2, Episode 2, Need to Know43:13Season OnlyDownload
17Season 2, Episode 3, Copycat Caffrey43:15Season OnlyDownload
18Season 2, Episode 4, By the Book42:21Season OnlyDownload
19Season 2, Episode 5, Unfinished Business42:23Season OnlyDownload
20Season 2, Episode 6, In the Red42:28Season OnlyDownload
21Season 2, Episode 7, Prisoner's Dilemma43:01Season OnlyDownload
22Season 2, Episode 8, Company Man43:07Season OnlyDownload
23Season 2, Episode 9, Point Blank43:12Season OnlyDownload
24Season 2, Episode 10, Burke's Seven43:04Season OnlyDownload
25Season 2, Episode 11, Forging Bonds43:03Season OnlyDownload
26Season 2, Episode 12, What Happens in Bu43:12Season OnlyDownload
27Season 2, Episode 13, Countermeasures42:34Season OnlyDownload
28Season 2, Episode 14, Payback43:15Season OnlyDownload
29Season 2, Episode 15, Power Play43:15Season OnlyDownload
30Season 2, Episode 16, Under the Radar43:12Season OnlyDownload
31Season 3, Episode 1, On Guard42:52Season OnlyDownload
32Season 3, Episode 2, Where There's a Wil43:11Season OnlyDownload
33Season 3, Episode 3, Deadline42:53Season OnlyDownload
34Season 3, Episode 4, Dentist of Detroit43:03Season OnlyDownload
35Season 3, Episode 5, Veiled Threat43:13Season OnlyDownload
36Season 3, Episode 6, Scott Free43:05Season OnlyDownload
37Season 3, Episode 7, Taking Account43:03Season OnlyDownload
38Season 3, Episode 8, As You Were43:11Season OnlyDownload
39Season 3, Episode 9, On the Fence43:05Season OnlyDownload
40Season 3, Episode 10, Countdown43:11Season OnlyDownload
41Season 3, Episode 11, Checkmate43:04Season OnlyDownload
42Season 3, Episode 12, Upper West Side St43:18Season OnlyDownload
43Season 3, Episode 13, Neighborhood Watch42:32Season OnlyDownload
44Season 3, Episode 14, Pulling Strings43:08Season OnlyDownload
45Season 3, Episode 15, Stealing Home42:54Season OnlyDownload
46Season 3, Episode 16, Judgment Day42:18Season OnlyDownload
47Season 4, Episode 1, Wanted42:52Season OnlyDownload
48Season 4, Episode 2, Most Wanted42:23Season OnlyDownload
49Season 4, Episode 3, Diminishing Returns43:15Season OnlyDownload
50Season 4, Episode 4, Parting Shots43:15Season OnlyDownload

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