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When a popular MMORPG is scheduled to be shut down permanently, veteran player Momonga refuses to log out. As NPCs begin to develop personalities and minds of their own he decides to put his skills to use as the game’s new overlord. Overlord Wiki

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When a popular fantasy MMORPG shuts down its servers, one guild leader, the skeleton mage, Momonga, finds himself transported to a real fantasy world trapped inside the body of his avatar. His guild's fortress has been transported to an unfamiliar world and the inhabiting NPC characters gain sentience and look to Momonga as their supreme ruler–an overlord as it were. With his extensive knowledge of magic and powerful, fanatic minions following his every whim, Momonga continues to roleplay the part of the evil overlord to the extent that domination of this new world is not an entirely unappealing option.

End and Beginning
Momonga is a regular salaryman who leads a guild in an DMMO-RPG known as Yggdrasil. After twelve years of playing the game, the servers are finally shutting down. Momonga logs in for the last time, seeing the game to its end. However, after the clock strikes midnight, nothing changes.

Floor Guardians
Grateful that they weren't cast aside, the floor guardians experience the rule of their true master for the first time. Momonga quickly assess the situation and works toward protecting the tomb from invaders while contemplating what he must do.

Battle At Carne Village
Momonga continues his efforts to protect Nazarick from the unknown forces he may be up against in this world. As he manipulates the Mirror of Remote Viewing, he notices a village being attacked and decides to test his strength against humans.

Ruler of Death
Momonga finds that the attackers of Carne Village were Slane Theocracy soldiers dressed as people from the Baharuth Empire. As the attack to lure and eliminate Gazef Stronoff continues, Momonga takes this chance to continue his tests...

Two Adventurers
Momonga sets out with Narberal disguised as humans under the names of Momon and Nabe for the city of E-Rantel. There they register to become adventurers in order to gain more information about this unknown world. As they do, evil gathers around them.

While Momonga has some doubts, he accepts Nphirea Balear's request under the condition that the members of the Swords of Darkness join them. Though her urge to kill keeps distracting her, Clementine continues to slowly find her way to Nphirea.

Wise King of Forest
Momonga and his group continue to Carne Village. There they see that the villagers are working toward fortifying their defenses against possible future enemies. Nphirea meets up with Enri and asks her about this man named Ains Ooal Gown.

Twin Swords of Slashing Death
After Momonga registers Hamusuke with the guild, he goes to Nphirea's home to find that his client has been kidnapped. The zombified remains of the Swords of Darkness litter the storage room. And there, Momonga finds the tortured body of Ninya.

The Dark Warrior
Momonga and Narberal begin their respective battles against Clementine and Khajit. Momonga takes this chance to learn about the mechanics of fighting in this world, but in the end, he must show Clementine the consequences of offending him.

True Vampire
Momonga finds out that Shalltear has revolted against him, due to something that had happened while she was on her mission with Sebas and Solution. The story rewinds a bit and goes over that very event. What could possibly change her loyalty to him?

Confusion and Understanding
Momonga does damage control at the guild while he assesses the reason for Shalltear's revolt. Coming to the conclusion that she is under an incurable status effect, Momonga goes to the treasury to retrieve some of the powerful weapons of Nazarick.

The Bloody Valkyrie
Though Shalltear's skill set puts Momonga at a complete disadvantage, he steps forward into battle. He gave various world items to his guardians to ensure the safety of Nazarick in his absence. Now, all that is left is a battle of life and death!

Player vs. Non-Player Character
Momonga reminds Shalltear that he is the master of Nazarick and that his name carries the weight of all the supreme beings of Ains Ooal Gown. After the battle comes to a close, Momonga quickly takes action to strengthen the defenses of Nazarick.

Episode TitleTime
End and Beginning24:40
Floor Guardians24:37
Battle At Carne Village24:38
Ruler of Death24:38
Two Adventurers24:37
Wise King of Forest24:37
Twin Swords of Slashing Death24:40
The Dark Warrior24:34
True Vampire24:37
Confusion and Understanding24:42
The Bloody Valkyrie25:19
Player vs. Non-Player Character24:07

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- Isekai Twist5 star

By the time I had watched Overlord, the “Isekai” genre (the Japanese term for a story where a hero is transported from another world) had already been played to death, but it was probably my first one, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. In a futuristic virtual roleplaying game, the sad Japanese salaryman known in-game as Momonga watches over his former guild house of Nazarick alone, counting down the minutes before the game is finally shut down after twelve years, and reminiscing about old times spent with his absent friends. But at the stroke of midnight, Momonga and his kingdom are transported to another world where his powers as a godlike undead being are real and the custom NPCs his friends left behind have all come to life. In order to ensure their loyalty, Momonga, now known as Ainz Aul Gown, must play the role of supreme Overlord and pretend to be the all powerful supreme being his more competent followers worship and believe that he is. Thus he begins his adventure to explore, and possibly conquer, a brave new world. The characters are fun and engaging, and Ainz’s constant effort to appear ahead of a game that he’s actually learning about as he goes is supremely entertaining. The world of Overlord is also deeply written with more lore behind it than this series alone can explore. I’m three seasons in and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Those with a deep love of world building and well crafted story arcs will find something to love immediately. Any group of characters Ainz encounters in world is well developed enough to sustain their own series, but few are more fun to watch than the denizens of Nazarick themselves, each of whom is lovingly handcrafted by the individual members of Ainz’s guild and serve as a portrait of their particular personalities. All in all, once you start this series, you won’t want to put it down.

- Really good.5 star

I love it.

- can t wait5 star

for the next season to be out . this show is awsome

- Love it5 star

It's amazing! I just hope season 2 and 3 can be released to itunes soon!

- Get!!!!5 star

Worth watching it is so well written and animated. I need season II and III to become available.

- Original and Fun5 star

Great show, premise and action. Love it!

- One of my favorites5 star

Hoping they will add season 2

- Gave me goosebumps5 star

A seriously great anime if ur a gamer and love anime this is going to be perfect for you

- Next Two Seasons Please!!!5 star

Who could have possibly guessed that an anime about an online role playing game would be so immersive and entertaining? Starts off slow, then heats up considerably, then ends the first season with a quite flashy bang. Overlord impressed me, and I eagerly await the next two seasons added to iTunes.

- Overpowered and glorious5 star

Main character 👌🏻

- I think you will enjoy this I know I did5 star

This anime was interesting at first but the more I watch the more interested I became. For all those who are my fantasy game lovers, I am pretty sure you will love this TV series. And if you are not anime fantasy lovers in the watch this you'll like it. As for me I'm a big fan I'm hoping that they come out with a second season in fact they already have I'm just hoping that Adible gets it in English. This TV series is one you have to watch for bidden love it has a magic swords and alchemy.

- AMAZING!5 star

Probably my favorite anime of all time, or at least close. Can’t wait till season 3!

- Awesome5 star

Awesome anime can’t wait for season two

- Would give it a 5 but.........4 star

Would give it a 5 but it’s 10$ more expensive than the Japanese version. Ps season two is coming out in 2018 if what I’ve heard is correct

- A gamer transported to another world!5 star

The Description doesn't really explain things well. So here is a description + Satoru Suzuki is a gamer. His game of Choice is a Virtual reality online role playing game called Yggdrasil. But Yggdrasil is outdated, and it's servers are about to be shut down. Satoru (His game character's name is Momonga,) Has many fond memories of playing with his friends in the infamous Monster Guild 'Ainz Ooal Gown.' In fact Momonga is currently the Guilds leader. And he is determined to stay logged in to the last second. Even though the rest of his friends have all long since moved on form the game to other things. He is the last one left. As the clock tics over, instead of the game ending, something strange happens. Momonga finds his Guilds NPC Guardians have all come alive! and the game is no longer a game. It's never explained how, But it doesn't really matter. It's a strange new world, and the game is no longer a game. The None player character's are fanatically loyal to the Guilds leader, and revere him like a god. And now Satoru Suzuki is supposed to be their Evil un-dead Overlord! Personally I loved everything about the Light novels/Anime. And I want more! Here is a few things to take into consideration if this show may be of interest to you. The Protagonist is an anti hero. A Villain. And he is paranoid, and intelligent. His greatest flaw is his paranoia, which leads to him over preparing for the worst. But it also makes for a more realistic character, in that there is superfluous aspects to his plans. This kind of truly character driven plot is all to rare. And I love it. The character's supporting Momonga are all Heteromorphic Monsters. Vampires, Angels/Demons, Slimes, Dragons, Insect. Monsters. And they all think very little, or even despise humanity. Momonga is the leader, he is an Undead Super Lich, an Overlord. But his mind, or soul is that of Satoru Suzuki. a Human gamer from our world. As such he finds himself in conflict with his physical nature. And so there is a blurring of his integrity, and his evil factor. Which begins to affect his Monster followers as well. Some of them may start to even develop a conscious (Spoiler,) others may hide the more truly monstrous goings on from Momonga, But in the end. Will Momonga forget that he was ever human? Expect some rather dark moments from the supporting cast, and even Momonga himself. These are not the good guys. But they just might have good intentions, So long as Momonga tells them to. It's a fantasy 'Transported to another world' Anime. In the same genre niche as 'Log Horizon,' 'Sword Art Online, Re-Zero and so one. But the Protagonist in this one is an Anti Hero. A Villain with selfish, but often good intentions. It's almost a Harem Anime, The girls all Like Momonga. Though he's technically a skeleton. So how that would ever work out, who knows. The Anime covers, The Undead King Arc, which is basically the introduction. The Dark Warrior Arc, Momonga who has changed his name goes under cover, and plays as a Good guy adventurer, Well... He has good intentions at least. sort of... ok not really. This one is Dark, not for the squeamish, It has a bloody ending. The Bloody Valkyrie Arc, Something has happened to One of the NPCs! Has she rebelled? or is something else going on? It ends with a big fight. And an open mystery with unanswered plot threads that don't fully explain the end well. So Bad ending :( And it doesn't help that Satoru keeps jumping to wrong conclusions in thinking the enemy is more powerful then they actually are. The end leaves us with an unresolved mystery.

- Excited5 star

This is one of my absolutely favorite anime to come out in the last few years I was so excited to see it get and english dud and I was not disappointed

- Great Anime!😆5 star

I hope they eventually make a season two.

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O R B Daniel - A good show5 star

What is the best shows ever

Kinghades_pro - Amazing5 star

100% would recommend hoping for season 2 and 3 on iTunes soon as well as a season 4

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5 star

@Overlord_Omnius man I wish

5 star

@CEOofSymphogear @Overlord_Omnius >finally releases an auto run mode after all these years when it was unplayable >…

5 star

any1 wanna come over and do a puzzle with me?

5 star

@davidscottjaffe Games don't need high production to be good. Some of most popular games have low production. But…

5 star

@BurningbladeEX okay, you've convinced me. i'm sure i'll love her if she ever ends up in my video feed

5 star

That's it. I'm going to write a shitty dystopian story, where @elonmusk is the evil capitalist overlord. It's going to be amazing.

5 star

@Overlord_Omnius @BeatingSyndrome pls dont leave out sora... she's already so lonely with being the most detached member of the group

5 star

@pjmvideo: this JIMIN

5 star

GALACTIC OVERLORDよりギャラクシーカード収録枚数あるな()

5 star

@raz_swirl: This felt worthwhile sharing here. #asexual #asexuality

5 star

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5 star

@Overlord_Rae Hello po👋👋👋

5 star

Observen al más grande Ser Supremo que habita en Nazarick, conocido como su majestad, el Rey Hechicero Ainz Ooal Go…

5 star

@Overlord_Omnius that must've been annoying... damn.

5 star

@BurningbladeEX hmmm i guess we'll have to turn them into fruit cakes

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