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Taboo stars Tom Hardy as James Keziah Delaney, who has been to the ends of the earth and comes back irrevocably changed. Believed long dead, he returns to London from Africa in 1814 to inherit what’s left of his father’s shipping empire. But when this legacy is revealed to be a poisoned chalice, with enemies in every corner, James must navigate complex territories to avoid his own death sentence. Taboo, Season 1 Wiki

Taboo, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - Episode 1
James Delaney returns to 1814 London after 10 years in Africa to claim a mysterious legacy left to him by his father.

2 - Episode 2
As James Delaney assembles his league of the damned; an unexpected arrival threatens to disrupt his plans.

3 - Episode 3
James Delaney decides to take radical action in order to safeguard himself from those intent on his demise.

4 - Episode 4
Blacklisted, James Delaney sets out to protect his business by any means necessary.

5 - Episode 5
James Delaney is blackmailed into a dangerous mission, whilst animosity between the Crown and Company escalates to a new level.

6 - Episode 6
The East India Company declares war on James Delaney, whilst a family revelation drives him into dark and haunted places.

7 - Episode 7
A devastating betrayal puts James Delaney’s freedom in jeopardy, handing his enemies the opportunity they've been longing for.

8 - Episode 8
As James Delaney conspires to escape, an enraged Prince Regent unleashes one final plan to destroy him.

9 - Taboo: First Look
Take a look at the new series Taboo

Taboo, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Episode 157:41USD 1.99Download
2Episode 259:58USD 1.99Download
3Episode 358:44USD 1.99Download
4Episode 459:21USD 1.99Download
5Episode 5 1:00:11USD 1.99Download
6Episode 6 1:01:09USD 1.99Download
7Episode 7 1:00:07USD 1.99Download
8Episode 859:45USD 1.99Download
9Taboo: First Look01:02FreeDownload

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Usually Not My Type of Show  kw85233  5 star

Usually Not My Type of Show but I loved it. Anxiously awaiting Season 2.

khaled saud
WoW.  khaled saud  5 star

The best Crazy and writing story ever

Awesome  Teenie1987  5 star

It was a awesome show!!!

Underrated !  stinethebeaan  5 star

As a lover of books/film/Tom Hardy.... watching this show and attempting to understand its mystery and haunting feel was one of the highlights of the week while it was released. This show is so highly underrated and isn’t talked about enough. Everything about this feels rich and full with each performance given by the list of amazing cast members. I’m not a critic in any way but I just loved this show. I can’t wait to see more! And though it’s graphic and serious nature (at times) may be too much for some, I found it relatable even being set in such an era. We’re all just trying to find our way. The way you end up caring for the characters in such a short series of episodes is amazing. Just goes to show the talent of everyone involved. Definitely watch!

Amazing tv show  Isk2019  5 star

Tom hardy is a talent man💥 great show

Tom is a beast  Dority7  5 star

I seriously hope that at some future date they continue with this series. One of the best I have seen!

eNTHRILLING  svrlima  5 star

Great cinematography, and Tom Hardy as always immerses in his role, totally convincing, !!

Best Ever!  Browncupcakes  5 star

Finally able 2 download episodes as taped episodes were deleted with cable upgrade. Loved everything about it and can’t wait for season 2! Watched each episode at least once 4 times.

Loved it.  Miri320  5 star


مهدی علمی
فیلم بسیار خوب و جالب  مهدی علمی  5 star

درسته اولاش یکم حوصله ادم سر میره ولی رفته رفته جالبتر میشه عاشقش شدم

BLOODY GREAT INDEED  majorthomas  5 star

I am a big fan of Tom Hardy, and he is perfect for this 1800's English drama. I rarely watch any Television series except for comedies and animation because I have never been excited about one. When I saw the commercial ad about this series I took the time to read about the premise and the excellent group of actors/directors who are behind this FX show. I am writing this after viewing the first and only episode available right now; and if you are a fan of the endless amount of stories inspired by London of the early 1800's... this is a must see. Tom Hardy is the reason to watch and the evolution of this series seems doomed to be awesome.

Tom Hardy... Enough said!!!  chedwards1981  5 star

This is the kind of originality that all shows and movies should strive to produce. Bought the season pass with out even seeing the first episode yet and now that I have seen the first episode, I can honestly say that it was definitely worth it even with not knowing what to expect in the remaining episodes.

great show  sp00ky0g  5 star

every time Tom Hardy gets intense, you cant stop watching.

So far....  m34me  5 star

I like it, it has the potential to be a great show.

Looks Great!  Nephilim1009  5 star

I've been following updates on Taboo and i'm positive that it'll be a great show. I can't wait for it to air in January. It's going to be a wild ride!

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