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The Munsters, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews

8.0 star

The Munsters, Season 1 Release Date and Synopsis

This is it: the immortal television show about a family of monsters and their struggles in the normal world. The cast includes Fred Gwynne as patriarch Herman Munster, a dense yet loveable Frankenstein look-alike, Yvonne DeCarlo as his gorgeously gothic wife Lily, Butch Patrick as their widow-peaked son Eddie, and Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster. Together they are the ghoulish clan of 1313 Mockingbird Lane. A hilarious comedy which features chills, spills, and more whacky creatures than you can shake a wooden stake at. A true original filled with unforgettable characters.

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The Munsters, Season 1 Reviews

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Fantastic showThe Munsters was a fantastic show, and I'm glad to see it here. But 50 dollars for a black and white show that's been in syndication for many years - is just plain stupid. I can't believe the price! As much as I love the show I refuse to pay it. Itunes is just raking people over the coals with this one. It's not worth that price..Score: 5/5

Too dang expensiveI love this show, but seriously? the price is ridiculous.Score: 5/5

Only half is not enough...Where are the episodes from the second season?! I must have Zombo on my iPod!.Score: 4/5

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When can we expect season 2+Please make available the rest of the seasons as well....Score: 5/5

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At this priceThe monsters I watch when I was young Still funny and best thing I got for Christmas The only thing wrong is ep 38 Hermans happy valley sound is not in sync with pictures But for over 39 episodes at £10 It's great value for money.Score: 4/5

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The Munsters, Season 1 (1964) Series Cast & Crew

The Munsters, Season 1 (1964) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Munsters: The characters of season 1. Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster), Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster), Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), Al Lewis (Grandpa), all returned for the munsters, season 1.

Al Lewis (Grandpa)
Al LewisGrandpaScore: 3.9
Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster)
Butch PatrickEddie MunsterScore: 6.5
Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster)
Yvonne De CarloLily MunsterScore: 14.2
Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster)
Fred GwynneHerman MunsterScore: 12.1

Jack Marshall (Original Music Composer), Joe Connelly (Producer), Bob Mosher (Producer), Irving Paley (Executive Producer), all returned for the munsters.

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The Munsters (Season 1) Full Episodes

A family of friendly monsters that have misadventures all while never quite understanding why people react to them so strangely.

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  • 1964
1Munster Masquerade (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Munster Masquerade

24 September 1964$24.99

Marilyn's boyfriend invites Marilyn and her family to a masquerade party.. Lily is Little Bo Peep, Grandpa is Napoleon, and Herman is dressed in armor. At the end of the night Herman with a prize for wearing a Frankenstein costume under his suit of armor. Lily and Grandpa feel insulted because that is Herman's real face!

2My Fair Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

My Fair Munster

01 October 1964$24.99

Grandpa finds an ancient book of recipes ...including one for the "Love Potion". He mixes up a batch and the next morning he secretly spikes Marilyn's oatmeal, who is running late for work and leaves without breakfast. Lily empties her breakfast back in the pot and serves it to the rest of the family. Afterwards Lily and Herman find themselves the unwelcome targets of amorous advances made by their nosy neighbors.

3Walk On the Mild Side (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Walk On the Mild Side

08 October 1964$24.99

Affected with a bad case of insomnia, Herman decides to go out for a walk in the local park. During his walk, a thief snatches a purse from a lone woman and disappears. At the same time a drunk and another woman see Herman in the park and call the police reporting a monster in the loose. The following morning Herman is confused by the newspaper count of the monster in the park. Not realizing that he is the monster, Herman finds police conditions deplorable and fails to understand how such things are allowed to happen.

4Rock-a-Bye Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Rock-a-Bye Munster

15 October 1964$24.99

Grandpa and Herman mistakenly get the idea Lily is pregnant after overhearing part of a private conversation between her and Marilyn. Marilyn works as a baby-sitter for another family and they have asked Lily if the little boy she minds can stay with the Munster family while his parents are away on vacation. Although Herman drops a number of obvious hints, Lily refuses to say anything about the new arrival.

5Pike's Pique (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Pike's Pique

22 October 1964$24.99

The gas company wants to run a pipeline 25 feet under the Munsters' house. At that depth it would run through Grandpa's dungeon lab. When the workers are digging they get extremely frightened by Herman and Grandpa's appearance. Mr. Pike, the manager of the Gas Company, thinks its a good idea to visit with The Munsters to see what's going on...

6Low Cal Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Low Cal Munster

29 October 1964$24.99

Trouble begins in the Monster household when Herman tells Lily he intends to attend an Army reunion banquet wearing his old uniform. Lily is against the idea since Herman would have to spend the night away. However, she agrees, providing Herman will lose enough weight in the ten days remaining until the reunion to fit into his old uniform.

7Tin Can Man (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Tin Can Man

05 November 1964$24.99

The entire Munster family grows concerned when they learn that Eddie is failing in this science class. The only way for him to improve his grades is to enter in a school sponsored Science Fair. To make sure that Eddie’s contribution to the fair is better than average, Grandpa offers to help him build a robot.

8Herman the Great (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Herman the Great

12 November 1964$24.99

Herman amazes Eddie and a young fiend when he proves his strength by tying knots in an iron poker. Eddie’s friend later shows the knotted poker to his father who makes a living by managing professional wrestlers. The father sees great potential in Herman as a wrestler and decides to give him a call.

9Knock On Wood, Here Comes Charlie (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Knock On Wood, Here Comes Charlie

12 November 1964$24.99

Herman's twin brother Charlie, a known con artist, visits the Munsters. Before much time goes by, Charlie displays his newest moneymaking device to the family. Herman believes that Charlie has learned of Lily's recent inheritance and has come to do her out of her money.

10Autumn Croakus (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Autumn Croakus

26 November 1964$24.99

After the rest of the family deserts him to follow their various pursuits, Grandpa grows lonely until he sees a newspaper advertisement offering a solution to his problem. A matrimonial agency offers to find a mate who will supply affection and companionship to those in their "sunset years."

11Midnight Ride of Herman Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Midnight Ride of Herman Munster

03 December 1964$24.99

After a long evening Herman falls asleep in his car. A short time later, two hoodlums steal the Munster car to use it in a bank robbery. Unaware that Herman is asleep in the backseat, they arrive to a deserted farmhouse to meet the rest of their gang. When he wakes up in the farm he is mistaken for a gigantic ex-prizefighter that is supposed to join them in the heist.

12The Sleeping Cutie (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

The Sleeping Cutie

10 December 1964$24.99

Marilyn complains because she has been unable to sleep for the past two nights and Grandpa promises to mix her a sleeping potion. As he works in his laboratory, Marilyn stops by to ask for the mixture. In his haste, Grandpa mixes the wrong formula and gives Marilyn the Sleeping Beauty potion by mistake.

13A Family Portrait (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

A Family Portrait

17 December 1964$24.99

When a national magazine conducts a survey to find the average family, their research computer picks the Munster family as the winners. Although most of the family is delighted with the news, Grandpa is insulted about being an average anything and tells Herman he will not appear on the cover of t he magazine under any circumstances.

14Grandpa Leaves Home (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Grandpa Leaves Home

24 December 1964$24.99

After a personality clash at home, Grandpa decides he is unloved and runs away. Since he has left home a number of times before, only to return, the announcement produces only an indifferent attitude from the Munsters. Herman doubts that Grandpa will carry through his threat and refuses to humor the old man.

15Herman's Rival (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Herman's Rival

31 December 1964$24.99

When Lily discovers that Herman's bank account is suddenly empty, she believes her husband lost all his money on a bad investment and doesn't want to tell her that he is broke. Lily claims that she has never been one to avoid her duty and now that the time has come she is willing to work to help out with the family finances.

16Grandpa's Call of the Wild (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Grandpa's Call of the Wild

07 January 1965$24.99

Herman decides to take the entire family on a weekend camping trip to teach his son how to fish. After dinner, Eddie goes to bed while his elders enjoy the delights of a campfire. Grandpa begins to reminisce about his days in the old country after hearing the cry of wolves in the distance.

17All Star Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

All Star Munster

14 January 1965$24.99

Due to an error in Lily's bookkeeping, Marilyn's college tuition is not paid and the girl is told that she cannot return to school. Marilyn is heartbroken by the news and Lily later claims she is sure she paid the bill. Lily finally asks Herman to go to the school the next day and straighten out the mix-up.

18If a Martian Answers Hang Up (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

If a Martian Answers Hang Up

21 January 1965$24.99

Herman's preoccupation with his ham radio set leads to difficulties when he mistakes some children at play for a group of visitors from another planet. In a nearby playground, two young boys play with a walkie-talkie set and decide to pretend that they are men from Mars. At the same time Herman's radio signal picks up the message and believes he has made contact with outer space.

19Eddie's Nickname (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Eddie's Nickname

28 January 1965$24.99

At the end of the school day, Eddie returns home from school furious and shouting his determination never to return under any conditions. When Herman later tries to find the source of Eddie's problems, he learns that the other kids have taken to calling Eddie "Shorty," simply because he is the shortest boy in the class. Eddie feels his name is unfair and degrading and refuses to return to school.

20Bats of a Feather (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Bats of a Feather

04 February 1965$24.99

Eddie comes home from school an tells the family that he must bring a pet for his class' annual pet contest. Since the ferocious and gigantic dog, refuses to leave his hiding place under the stairs and the cat is too common of an animal, Eddie decides to bring Grandpa's pet bat, Igor.

21Don't Bank On Herman (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Don't Bank On Herman

11 February 1965$24.99

Though she has misgivings, Lily is forced to send Herman to the bank to make a withdrawal so that they can pay their taxes. As insurance that nothing will go wrong this time, Lily sends Grandpa along with her husband. Their visit to the bank coincides with a series of robberies at the bank by burglars wearing false masks. When Herman and Grandpa enter the bank, they are immediately mistaken for bandits.

22Dance With Me Herman (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Dance With Me Herman

18 February 1965$24.99

When Lily accidentally finds an invitation to a school dance in Marilyn's dresser drawer, she wonders why her niece didn't invite the family to the event. Lily questions the girl at the dinner table and discovers that Marilyn did not want to embarrass her uncle Herman by forcing him to attend a dance when she knew he was unable to dance well and didn't really care for dancing. He tells the family that he intends to take dancing lessons and make Marilyn proud of him when he attends the event.

23Follow That Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Follow That Munster

25 February 1965$24.99

Herman takes a correspondence course to become a private detective. He confides in Grandpa telling him that he is convinced he has the talent and ability to make his new career highly profitable. He means to apply for a full time job as a detective after getting sufficient practice in his new craft by following people at night. After Herman continues to stay away from home each night, Lily becomes convinced that he is having an affair with another woman.

24Love Locked Out (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Love Locked Out

04 March 1965$24.99

Herman gets a little tipsy at an office party and ignores Lily's many telephone calls asking him to come home. When he finally arrives many hours later and still intoxicated, he finds the bedroom door locked. The following morning they are both in bad humor and each is unwilling to forgive the other for their actions during the previous evening.

25Come Back, Little Googie (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Come Back, Little Googie

11 March 1965$24.99

Grandpa's faulty magic gets him into a startling predicament when he tries to turn an obnoxious little friend of Eddie's friend into a rabbit. The calculating youngster uses his own brand of hocus-pocus to throw Grandpa’s alleged prowess for a complete loss, leaving the old gentleman with the formidable problem of repairing the damage.

26Far Out Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Far Out Munster

18 March 1965$24.99

A visiting rock 'n' roll group, desiring privacy and freedom for their screaming teenage fans, attempt to rent the Munster home while fulfilling a local nightclub engagement. The group's manager, keeping the identity of his clients a secret, finally offers a fantastic sum of money for the house and Herman feels compelled to accept the offer. Since the new tenants only need the house for a few days, Herman agrees to move the family to a hotel for the same period of time. Things don't work out as well at the hotel for the Munster family after a few mishaps and agree that no amount of money is worth the comfort of their own home.

27Munsters On the Move (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Munsters On the Move

25 March 1965$24.99

When Herman arrives home, he makes a happy announcement that he has been offered a promotion at work. However, if he accepts the new job it will necessitate moving to another city. Although most of the family hates the thought of giving up their comfortable home, they agree that Herman should accept the job.

28Movie Star Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Movie Star Munster

01 April 1965$24.99

A pair of gagsters who use innocent victims to swindle money from insurance companies, decide on the location for the next job. The location is in the neighborhood of the Munster home and the gangsters go to look over the spot. As they do, they also look for a new victim and they spot Herman. After insuring Herman, the men plan to involve him in an accident and then collect the money.

29Herman the Rookie (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Herman the Rookie

08 April 1965$24.99

Baseball manager Leo Durocher’s problems in finding a hard –hitting ball player to round out his team are solved after he is hit in the head by a baseball that was struck from a ball-park eight blocks away. Durocher investigates the area and learns that the ball was hit by Herman Munster who was teaching his son how to play ball at the time.

30Country Club Munsters (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Country Club Munsters

15 April 1965$24.99

Just after he becomes convinced that a local television contest is fixed, Herman learns that he has won first prize… a free membership to an exclusive country club for himself and his family. When they hear the news, the Munster family grows enthusiastic about the new membership and can't wait to join the fashionable group for golf games, fashion shows and all the other activities that go with their membership.

31Love Mockingbird Heights (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Love Mockingbird Heights

22 April 1965$24.99

When the Munster family receives a large packaged filled with money they decide to keep in a bank. However since such a great amount is involved, Lily calls the bank and asks them to send someone to pick up the currency. The bank representative is a handsome young man who is immediately intrigued by Marilyn and even more intrigued by the amount of money he has come to collect.

32Mummy Munster (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Mummy Munster

29 April 1965$24.99

Herman agrees to become Grandpa's guinea pig, when he develops a sleeping pill that can be timed to wake up the used at any specific moment. After Herman takes the pill, Lily tells him he must go to pick up Marilyn who is waiting for him at the museum. The pill is not supposed to take effect for anther hour, and Grandpa claims he has plenty of time. At the museum Herman fails to locate Marilyn and mistakes a mummy case with a phone booth. He is still inside when the pill takes effect and the next morning the museum curator mistake him for a perfectly preserved mummy.

33Lily Munster, Girl Model (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Lily Munster, Girl Model

06 May 1965$24.99

Feeling that she is no longer needed by her family, Lily announces her determination to find a job. After some frustrating attempts, Lily is successful in getting a job with a temperamental dress designer who finds her the perfect model for his line of unconventional women's clothes. Herman is later aroused by Grandpa's views of a typical model's life. Believing playboy millionaires will pursue his wife, Herman grows determined to stop his wife from working.

34Munster, the Magnificent (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Munster, the Magnificent

13 May 1965$24.99

When Eddie informs the family that the following Saturday night is talent night at the school he attends and that he was volunteered his father to entertain, Herman is proud of his son's confidence and promises not to let him down. However, he has trouble deciding exactly what he should do to entertain the parents of the other students.

35Herman's Happy Valley (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Herman's Happy Valley

20 May 1965$24.99

Herman surprises the family when he announces the purchase of ten acres in a beautiful vacation hideaway known as "Happy Holiday Valley." As the Munster family reads a brochure listing the advantages of the vacation paradise they do not realize that Herman has been swindled and that the ten acres are comprised of desert wasteland and a deserted ghost town.

36Hot Rod Herman (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Hot Rod Herman

27 May 1965$24.99

Herman is roped into competing in the Saturday afternoon drag races after learning that Eddie told his young friend, Sandy Baylor, that Herman could beat Sandy's father. Although Herman doesn't know it, Sandy's father is a champion driver. In spite of a few mechanical difficulties, the car is made ready and arrives to the track where the Herman and Sandy's father agree that the winner will take both cars home.

37Herman's Raise (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Herman's Raise

03 June 1965$24.99

When Herman is forced to work overtime at the parlor, Lily grows furious and convinces him that he deserves a raise. In addition to the fact that they can use the extra money, Lily tells Herman that his years of loyalty to Mr. Gateman, his boss, should not be passed off without reward. However his boss doesn't see things the same way and fires Herman for demanding a raise.

38Yes Galen, There's a Herman (The Munsters) recap, spoilers

Yes Galen, There's a Herman

10 June 1965$24.99

On his way home from work, Herman spots a young boy, Galen Stewart, with his head caught in a park fence. Afraid that he will be punished if his parents discover his plight, Galen refuses to call for help. Herman bends the bars of the fence and frees the child, who thanks him for saving his life. Galen asks Herman to be his friend and promises to meet him again the next day on his way home from work.


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The Munsters, Season 1 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about the munsters, season 1...

Has The Munsters, Season 1 been confirmed? Will there be a the munsters, season 1?
The countdown to The Munsters [1964] Season 1 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of The Munsters is soon going to be released.

The Munsters, Season 1 start date: When does the munsters, season 1 come back?
The Munsters, Season 1 will air on Thursday 24th of September 1964.

How many episodes will be in the munsters, season 1?
With the season now airing in September 1964. There will be 38 episodes in season 1.

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The Munsters Other Seasons
The Munsters, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Munsters, Season 219 September 196532 Episodes

The First Family of Fright returns for Season Two. Reunite with the wonderfully weird Munster Clan for even more creepy fun: "working stiff" Herman, mom Lily, wacky Grandpa, the unusually normal Marilyn, and little Eddie. With so much Munster mayhem, your whole family is sure to have a scream!

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