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Comedy Central Presents Release Date and Synopsis

With the largest library of stand-up comedy anywhere, Comedy Central has a whole lot of stars and a whole lot of laughs. Download hilarious performances from A-list superstars and up-and-coming comics from across the globe, right here.

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What happened?Does anyone know why ther is only Lewis Black 1 and 3? What happened to the second one?.Score: 5/5

DaaaamnI gotta go get me a job.Score: 5/5

Brian ReganBrian Regan is teh funniest man alive, and this is one of his best shows..Score: 5/5

FunnyThere are some really good underground guys on here try Brian regan, Robert kelly, Louis c.k. he is really funny. Brian posehn. To name a few check those guys out they wont let you down..Score: 5/5

Jim Gaffigan is a must!He is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen..Score: 4/5


#191 Chris PorterAwesome, was afraid they wouldn't have this one because he hasn't got as famous as some of the others yet. Still my fav comedian..Score: 5/5

Stephen superhero FredGreat funny songs that will shock you and make you say why do I laugh at this. Because it is hilarious!.Score: 4/5

RIPRIP to a very funny man..Score: 5/5

Hell noI'm not buying this..Score: 1/5

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Best Show On iTunes CanadaThis is one of the better shows on iTunes. I mean, who doesn't want a good laugh while on a long road trip, or on an airplane? Anyway these are definately worth buying considering they are only $1.99 each. I recomend Dane Cook, Mitch Hedberg, The Amazing Jonathan, Lewis Black and Dave Attell..Score: 5/5

Aries SpearsI bought this hoping that this would be just Raw Aries Spears, because it's hard to find a lot of his material. But the censorship really bummed me out..Score: 3/5

Gabriel lglesiasGabriel lglesias is the best guy!! i think he is almost better then Dane Cook! get his episode!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Give us moreI love having these on my iPod. I hope iTunes puts more up or even some of the comedy specials. Also why are all the reviews about Dane Cook. There are so many way better comedians such as Jim Gaffigan, Lewis Black, Patton Oswalt (although its not his best) & if you like stupid comedy at least go for Nick Swardson. Nick is less irritating & doesn't steal his material..Score: 4/5

Maria Bamford = GenuisHighly recommend the Maria Bamford episode. She is an amazing comedian..Score: 5/5

Forget Dane CookIf you like laughing and having good times, do yourself a favour and just get Patton Oswalt..Score: 2/5

Great tv showI wached this on comedy central and it was halarious although there are some really raceist segments but be warned after about 3-5 views it gets kinda annoying but all in all its great i reccomend this to anyone who is looking for a good laugh.Score: 4/5

This is not comedy.I think it's time for Comedy Central to sign up some GOOD comics, the likes of Eddie Izzard, Dara O'Brain, a few more of the UK boys perhaps. This series has been pretty much hit-and-miss for me, so far. I'm still trying to figure out how Carlos Mencia even makes it to the line-up (a word of caution, make sure your speakers are turned wayyyy down when watchin 'im, he's loud and for no good reason at all). Dat Phan's set is atrocious, and there are a couple other names in this series that are just as bad. Hit an' miss, overall..Score: 2/5

Come on nowIt should'nt be censored!! it takes away the humor. We're all big boys and girls and can handle swears from time to time. dissapointing..Score: 2/5

CensorshipI am no great fan of profanity, but I really get irritated when words are censored. It really takes away from the flow and rhythm of a routine. Since these shows are not on public TV and one can choose to purchase or not purchase them, they should be uncensored..Score: 3/5

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Comedy Central Stand-Up (Season ts) Full Episodes

Get your stand-up fix from today’s freshest young comedians as Comedy Central introduces you to up-and-coming comics like Natasha Vaynblat, Petey DeAbreu, Ian Lara and Tom Thakkar, who are serving up quick hits of their sets.

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  • TV-14
  • 2006
1Mitch Hedberg (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Mitch Hedberg

05 January 1999$-1

Mitch Hedberg shares his unorthodox solutions to life's little problems in this mind-altering half-hour stand-up special.

2Dave Attell (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Dave Attell

10 July 1999$-1

Dave Attell enlightens viewers on the finer aspects of drinking, brawling and blacking-out in this half-hour stand-up special.

3Patton Oswalt (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Patton Oswalt

04 September 1999$-1

Patton Oswalt explores the depravity of reality television in this standup special.

4Dane Cook (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Dane Cook

28 June 2000$-1

Rock n' roll junkie Dane Cook confesses his twisted desires and lets it all hang out in this no-holds barred half-hour special.

6Lewis Black 3 (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Lewis Black 3

22 April 2002$-1

Lewis Black demystifies the universe and the origins of candy corn in this Comedy Central Presents stand-up special.

7Vince Morris (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Vince Morris

26 March 2004$-1

Raised in the projects and ready to tell it like it is, Vince Morris speaks the truth about modern living in this half-hour stand-up special.

8Steve McGrew (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Steve McGrew

25 September 2004$-1

Good ol' boy Steve McGrew explains why God hates mobile homes and how wives should wear lingerie in this half-hour stand-up special.

9Godfrey (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers


18 February 2005$-1

Godfrey explores the fine arts of catching the subway and programming answering machines in this stand-up special.

10Vic Henley (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Vic Henley

27 May 2005$-1

Vic Henley explores his southern roots in this half-hour stand-up special.

11Jim Gaffigan (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Jim Gaffigan

12 July 2000$-1

Small-town boy Jim Gaffigan expresses his love for big city life and nature documentaries in this half-hour stand-up special.

12Stephen Lynch (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Stephen Lynch

02 August 2000$-1

Stephen Lynch gets in touch with his inner child as he sings songs of friendship and prostitution in this half-hour special.

13Brian Regan (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Brian Regan

08 September 2000$-1

Brian Regan explains why real men don't work out or diet in this half-hour stand up special.

14Darrell Hammond (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Darrell Hammond

04 December 2000$-1

Impressionist Darrell Hammond salutes the suave ways of Bill Clinton and Sean Connery in this stand-up special.

15Maria Bamford (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Maria Bamford

02 July 2001$-1

Maria Bamford is a small town girl who hits the big time in this Comedy Central Presents stand-up special.

16Carlos Mencia (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Carlos Mencia

24 June 2002$-1

Carlos Mencia exercises his right to free speech in this half-hour stand-up special.

17Dat Phan (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Dat Phan

30 January 2004$-1

Last Comic Standing champ Dat Phan relives strange memories of growing up Vietnamese in this half-hour stand-up special.

18Frank Caliendo (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Frank Caliendo

06 February 2004$-1

Impressionist Frank Caliendo shows off his multiple personalities, from John Madden to George Bush, in this half-hour stand-up special.

19Demetri Martin (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Demetri Martin

19 March 2004$-1

Demetri Martin takes you on a journey to the magical place where his jokes come from in this half-hour stand-up special.

20Greg Giraldo (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Greg Giraldo

02 April 2004$-1

Greg Giraldo takes on today's issues of war, pestilence, social security and celebrity smooches in this half-hour special.

21Nick Swardson (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Nick Swardson

08 January 2001$-1

Big kid Nick Swardson loves video games, aims to impress his grandma, and dreams of having John Stamos attend his techno funeral.

22Gabriel Iglesias (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Gabriel Iglesias

07 February 2003$-1

Gabriel Iglesias shows off his many voices and relives his cruelest practical joke.

23Patrice O'Neal (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Patrice O'Neal

11 April 2003$-1

Patrice O’Neal explores crime, racism, terrorism and his love for furry animals.

24Ron White (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Ron White

09 May 2003$-1

Ron White drinks, smokes and pokes fun at vegetarians.

25Mike Birbiglia (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Mike Birbiglia

05 March 2004$-1

Mike Birbiglia shares his childhood artwork and his tendency to drink at the Laundromat.

26Christian Finnegan (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Christian Finnegan

11 March 2005$-1

Christian Finnegan gets philosophical about Monopoly and gives his rendition of the "birds& the bees" talk.

27Russ Meneve (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Russ Meneve

08 April 2005$-1

Russ Meneve fills you in on the dangers facing kids today and many other things to fear in life.

28Lynne Koplitz (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Lynne Koplitz

29 April 2005$-1

Southern Belle Lynne Koplitz reveals why you should date younger men and how not to diet.

29Aries Spears (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Aries Spears

20 May 2005$-1

Impressionist Aries Spears imagines a world where Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy must resort to cannibalism.

30Keith Robinson (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Keith Robinson

03 June 2005$-1

Keith Robinson explains how to fight a bum and avoid giving back rented furniture.

31Bruce Bruce (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Bruce Bruce

21 February 2003$-1

Bruce Bruce expresses his love for white people and glazed doughnuts.

32Jeff Dunham (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Jeff Dunham

18 July 2003$-1

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham introduces you to his favorite dummies.

33Daniel Tosh (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Daniel Tosh

25 July 2003$-1

Daniel Tosh reveals his child-like dreams and twisted fascination with cannibalism.

34Tracy Smith (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Tracy Smith

22 August 2003$-1

Tracy Smith offers some sage advice on hair removal, dieting and finding your soul-mate.

35Kevin Hart (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Kevin Hart

13 February 2004$-1

Fully grown little man Kevin Hart tells tall tales of marital spats and growing up stupid.

36Doug Benson (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Doug Benson

05 March 2004$-1

Doug Benson shares his experiences with touring, TiVo & teasing guards at Buckingham Palace.

37Jimmy Dore (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Jimmy Dore

09 April 2004$-1

Jimmy Dore ponders poverty, criminal justice and his own sexuality.

38Reno Collier (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Reno Collier

04 March 2005$-1

West Virginian native Reno Collier breaks down the dos and don'ts of dating cousins and how not to have a baby.

39Harland Williams (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Harland Williams

24 June 2005$-1

Harland Williams reveals all of his off-the-wall thoughts and experiences.

40Alonzo Bodden (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Alonzo Bodden

08 July 2005$-1

New Yorker Alonzo Bodden shares his thoughts on stereotypes and how to deal with security issues.

41Greg Behrendt (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Greg Behrendt

28 April 2003$-1

Greg Behrendt confesses his many loves: cursing solicitors, cake, and the Cadbury Egg, in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

42Laura Kightlinger (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Laura Kightlinger

28 March 2003$-1

Laura Kightlinger shares the keys to performing stand-up comedy and gives tips for hanging up on your mother.

43Dwayne Perkins (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Dwayne Perkins

09 April 2004$-1

Brooklyn native turned L.A. hipster, Dwayne Perkins demystifies men, women and Calculus in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

44Clinton Jackson (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Clinton Jackson

21 May 2004$-1

Clinton Jackson admits to his addiction to kids' play and to having phone conversations with his cat in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

45Paul Gilmartin (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Paul Gilmartin

28 May 2004$-1

Nothing is sacred as Paul Gilmartin takes on everything from foreign policy to pie-eating contests in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

46Jimmy Carr (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Jimmy Carr

14 January 2005$-1

Discover the sharp wit and dirty mind behind Jimmy Carr's mild-mannered demeanor in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

47Jeff Cesario (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Jeff Cesario

25 March 2005$-1

Jeff Cesario gives his insight on sports, marriage and the opposite sex in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

48Tom Shillue (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Tom Shillue

06 May 2005$-1

History junky Tom Shillue uncovers the hidden sexuality in our nation's Constitution in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

49Corey Holcomb (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Corey Holcomb

22 July 2005$-1

Corey Holcomb gives advise to men and women still in the dating game in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

50Tammy Pescatelli (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Tammy Pescatelli

24 March 2006$-1

Tammy Pescatelli shares her memories of how her entire family was kicked out of Disneyland and what she would do on the playboy mansion trampoline in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

51DeRay (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers


24 February 2006$-1

DeRay defines his patented "DeRay Ways" on dating, clubbing, and funerals in this stand-up special.


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Here's everything we know so far about comedy central presents...

Has Comedy Central Presents been confirmed? Will there be a comedy central presents?
The countdown to Comedy Central Stand-Up [2006] Season ts Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Comedy Central Stand-Up is soon going to be released.

Comedy Central Presents start date: When does comedy central presents come back?
Comedy Central Presents will air on Tuesday 5th of January 1999.

How many episodes will be in comedy central presents?
With the season now airing in January 1999. There will be 244 episodes in season ts.

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