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The Story of China, written and presented by historian Michael Wood, explores the history of the world’s oldest continuous state, from the ancient past to the present day. The Story of China with Michael Wood Wiki

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1 - Part 1
Michael Wood goes back to the beginnings of Chinese history to find clues to today's China. Starting with a family reunion, when 300 relatives gather to worship their ancestors on 'Tomb Sweeping Day,' Michael explores ancient myths and archaeological sites to uncover the origins of the Chinese state; he examines the first Chinese writing, and tells the dramatic tale of the bloodthirsty First Emperor, before an amazing climax with a million pilgrims at a festival on the Yellow River.

2 - Part 2
In a tale of fantastic geographical sweep, Michael Wood conjures up China's first great international age, the Tang Dynasty. From picturesque old cities on the Yellow River he travels to the bazaars of the Silk Road in Central Asia, and on to India in the footsteps of the Chinese monk who brought Buddhist texts to China. He uncovers the coming of Christianity, sails the Grand Canal, and tracks the spread of Chinese culture across East Asia, an influence 'as profound as Rome on the Latin West’.

3 - Part 3
Michael Wood tells the tale of China's Renaissance, which happened long before the one in Europe. In the alleys of Kaifeng, the world's greatest city before the 19th century, he hears legends, samples the cuisine and explores printing. We see a huge working replica of an astronomical clock made by 'China's Leonardo da Vinci', one of the inventions that made the Song a great era of science. And at a crunch Chinese Premier League match, we learn that the Chinese even invented soccer!

4 - Part 4
The Ming Dynasty was the time of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, when China sent treasure ships on ocean voyages to Africa and the Persian Gulf. In Nanjing Michael Wood sees the building of a huge replica of a Ming ocean-going junk. In Suzhou the 'Venice of China', he explores the silk industry, ceramics and lacquer-making, and visits one of China's most beautiful gardens. Then in Macao, the arrival of Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci begins China's fateful modern exchanges with the West.

5 - Part 5
Michael Wood tells the dramatic tale of China's last empire, the Qing. In the 18th century China was the biggest economy in the world, and with that prosperity came a fabulously rich culture. From China's favourite novel, to opera and storytelling houses, and all-women's mosques, it's an age full of surprises. But then came the fateful clash with the British in the First Opium War, the beginning of the end of the empire.

6 - Part 6
This last film tells the tale of the great Taiping Rebellion in which 20 million died, and the fall of the Empire in 1911. Michael visits Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel, jewel of the Jazz age, and follows Mao on the Long March to Yan'an, the base of the communist revolution. He meets a survivor of the Japanese massacre of Nanjing, describes the communist victory, and ends with Mao's death and the boom time of the last thirty years. The series ends as it began at home with the warmth of the Chinese family.

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A great story  GBisone  5 star

Given the increased influence of China in the world, this is a MUST SEE show to better understand the Chinese culture and approach to life. Well worth the money!

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