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Speed Racer is an 18-year-old boy who dreams of driving his car, the incredible Mach 5, in professional races around the world. When the going gets tough and meddling crooks keep him from the finish line, he always finds a way to make it through. Join Trixie, Pops, Spritle, Chim Chim, and the whole gang as they root for Speed in the most nail-biting, death-defying races in history! Speed Racer - The Complete Series Wiki

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Speed Racer is an eighteen year old race car driver, and is one of the youngest in the international racing circuit. Speed is motivated by the disappearance of his older brother to become the greatest driver in the world. Driving the car his father built for him, the Mach 5, He just may have what it takes to become the best. In addition to his masterful driving skills, Speed is a martial artist with a strong sense of justice and frequently finds himself battling terrorists, corrupt racers and criminals who want to win the races and hurt innocent people for their own crooked and twisted reasons.

Episode TitleTime
The Great Plan, Pt. 123:54
The Great Plan, Pt. 224:22
Challenge of the Masked Racer, Pt. 124:35
Challenge of the Masked Racer, Pt. 224:48
The Secret Engine, Pt. 124:45
The Secret Engine, Pt. 224:44
The Race Against the Mammoth Car, Pt. 123:18
The Race Against the Mammoth Car, Pt. 223:46
The Most Dangerous Race, Pt. 123:12
The Most Dangerous Race, Pt. 223:43
The Most Dangerous Race, Pt. 323:16
Race for Revenge, Pt. 124:11
Race for Revenge, Pt. 224:47
The Desperate Desert Race, Pt. 124:31
The Desperate Desert Race, Pt. 224:49
The Fire Race, Pt. 124:25
The Fire Race, Pt. 224:34
Girl Daredevil, Pt. 123:55
Girl Daredevil, Pt. 224:25
The Fastest Car On Earth, Pt. 124:56
The Fastest Car On Earth, Pt. 223:40
Mach 5 vs. Mach 5, Pt. 124:46
Mach 5 vs. Mach 5, Pt. 224:44
The Royal Racer, Pt. 123:46
The Royal Racer, Pt. 223:56
The Car Hater23:49
Race Against Time, Pt. 123:56
Race Against Time, Pt. 223:37
The Snake Track23:39
The Man On the Lam23:59
Gang of Assassins, Pt. 123:54
Gang of Assassins, Pt. 223:55
The Race for Life23:47
The Supersonic Car23:36
Crash in the Jungle, Pt. 123:58
Crash in the Jungle, Pt. 223:56
The Terrifying Gambler23:55
The Secret Invaders, Pt. 122:32
The Secret Invaders, Pt. 223:19
The Man Behind the Mask24:00
The Car Destroyer23:00
The Desperate Racer22:30
The Dangerous Witness23:49
Race the Laser Tank23:26
The Great Car Wrestling Match23:38
Motorcycle Apaches23:37
Car with a Brain23:31
Junk Car Grand Prix23:41
The Car in the Sky22:25
The Trick Race23:17
A gang of crooks comes after Pops and Speed, trying to steal the design for Pops' new car.
Speed tries to protect the new car's design from thieving crooks while racing against the dastardly Zoomer Slick.
Racer X appears to compete in Speed's next race. Meanwhile, Pops reveals to Speed why his older brother left the family.
The Trans-Country Race begins! The Alpha Team plays some dirty tricks to try to keep Racer X from winning.
A chance encounter with an old man and a Ford Model T gets Speed and the others tied up with the mob!
Speed is kidnapped by mobsters but is still determined to help solve the mystery of the inheritance. Will his friends be able to help him in time?
In the next race, Speed and the others are up against the humongous Mammoth Car! There's something strange about this car and its crew...
The mystery of the gold smugglers deepens as Speed and Trixie face off with the Mammoth Car!
Speed is called out by Snake, one of the members of the Car Acrobatic Team. Will he ignore his friends' advice and enter the Big Alpine Race?
The Big Alpine Race begins! Speed, Racer X, and the members of the Car Acrobatic Team must face the devastating Yawning Chasm Pass.
Speed attempts to find his way out of Yawning Chasm Pass. Will he be able to get back to the race in time to win?
A terrifying race car emerges from the past and begins attacking members of the racing community.
The Melange appears in Speed's race! Who is behind the car's murderous streak? Speed is determined to find out...
Speed and the others head to Flathill Country to race in the desert, but are framed for sabotage! Speed aims to clear his name. He may get more than he bargained for...
Taken by the Flathill Army, Speed agrees to face Kim in a no-brakes race through the desert. Meanwhile, the saboteur continues his plot!
Speed is invited to participate in the Fire Festival Race. His opponent is Kabala, an unbeatable racer with a trail of dead racers in his wake.
Speed races under a live volcano! While other racers are tempted by the treasures hidden within, will Speed make it out alive?
Speed encounters a lovely acrobat and attempts to save her circus with a stunt over Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, the promoter has other plans...
Twinkle and Speed plunge into the churning waters of Niagara Falls. Even if they escape, they'll still have to best the notorious criminal Brotch!
A powerful engine is brought back from Pops's past. He's determined to get rid of it, but Speed is lured to its power...
Speed struggles to resist the awesome power of the GRX engine and its overwhelming speed.
Someone uses the Mach 5 to steal documents from the Secret National Science Institute! Speed is framed for the job, and when his alibi falls apart, he's in real trouble!
Speed finds out that the man who framed him was using a fake Mach 5! But what will happen when the fake is more advanced than the real thing?
It's a case of swapped identities when Spritle is mistaken for the young Prince Jam... by a group of assassins!
Spritle gets caught up in a plot to assassinate Prince Jam and disrupt his succession. Will Speed be able to save Spritle and the royal line?
Speed, Trixie, and Spritle make a new friend, but her furious father will go to any length to keep her from driving a car.
A mysterious man uses his last words to ask Speed to find his daughter, who has gone missing deep in the heart of Egypt.
Speed races to save Trixie from a woman whose injury has caused her to believe that she's Queen Cleopatra. Worse yet, an entire army believes her, too!
Speed's next race features the challenging Snake Track. He needs the help of a racer with a special technique, but the mob has other plans...
An escaped prisoner forces Speed to help him look for some money he stashed away after a robbery.
A group of deadly ninjas begin assassinating ambassadors visiting Japan for the International Piecemeal Conference. Who is behind it, and why? Speed is on the case!
The plot thickens as the leader of the ninjas tries to recruit Speed. Naturally Speed says no, but the ninjas have a shocking ally in another racer! Can Speed stop them?
The leader of small village is bitten by a deadly snake, and Speed must race to deliver the antidote... but the snake bite was no accident!
Speed is the test pilot for a jet car trying to break world speed records. Unfortunately, someone is trying to make sure the car—and its driver—break first.
Speed's flight is hijacked, and one of the passengers is kidnapped! After the plane goes down, Speed finds himself stranded in a jungle full of mysterious tanks! Will he make it out alive?
Speed discovers a strange island in the middle of a lake in the jungle. The kidnappers are using it as a base of operations for the revival of an evil empire! How can Speed stop them?
An eccentric genius professor who happens to be a fan of racing lures Speed into his web of brilliantly calculated crime.
Speed is mistaken for a secret agent and ends up in the crosshairs of a group of spies who are plotting to assassinate a prince and princess.
Speed manages to save the prince and princess, but the spies won't give up easily. Luckily, Racer X is there to help as well!
A brilliant scientist invents a new type of rocket. But when a bizarre collector kidnaps the scientist and Speed, they’re forced to carry out a maniacal plot!
Thousands of automobiles start disappearing around the city, all because of a mysterious fleet of self-driving cars. There's only one person to call for a case like this: Speed Racer!
In the Pineapple Grand Prix, you've got to keep your pineapple with you until the finish line. One of Speed's competitors will stop at nothing to win...
Speed witnesses an assassination aboard a plane, and now the killers are chasing him all over Hong Kong. Can Speed outmaneuver them and protect the lovely Princess Peddle?
A trip to Hawaii is interrupted when Speed accidentally takes possession of the plans to a powerful weapon!
Speed puts it all on the line to bring back a once great racer from the terrible sport of car wrestling.
Speed is asked to transport volatile rocket fuel to a base in the desert surrounded by a biker gang trying to defend their homeland!
A mad scientist from Scotland unleashes a monstrous vehicle bristling with weapons. Is there any way to stop it?!
Baron Von Vondervon holds a race for his missing daughter, but when a criminal finds her in the race, things start to get out of hand!
Speed and the others are stranded on a desolate island. Their only hope: jerry-rigging the Mach 5 with balloons and a propeller, and flying back to civilization!
Speed receives a challenge from the Car Acrobatic Team, but when he goes to answer it, he is given a grave warning from Racer X. Will Speed finally find out who Racer X really is?!

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I love this song when I was 5 and now I’m 13 yrs old and I still like this show !!!! Go Speed Racer Go!!!!!!!

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