Suits, Season 7 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

Suits, Season 7 release date, synopsis and reviews

8.2 star

Suits, Season 7 Release Date and Synopsis

Now that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is officially recognized as a lawyer and has accepted Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) offer to return to the firm, Season 7 will see the team back together again at Pearson Specter Litt - each dealing with their own struggles as they adjust to a new world order without Jessica (Gina Torres).

Everything You Need to Know About Suits, Season 7

Suits delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm where hotshot associate Harvey Specter makes a risky move by hiring Mike Ross a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout, as his associate. As he becomes enmeshed in this unfamiliar world, Mike relies heavily on the firm's best paralegal Rachel Zane and Harvey's no-nonsense assistant Donna Paulsen to help him serve justice. With a photographic memory and the street smarts of a hustler, Mike proves to be a legal prodigy despite the absence of bonafide legal credentials.

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Suits, Season 7 Reviews

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They know how to keep the ball rolling.But I agree with seanmichealhayes with with the horrible language picking up as well..Score: 5/5

This show is done!The finale of this season shows that there is no more juice in this show. I watched every episode since the beginning of the show and I never felt more bored by a season then this time and the ending is just another example. It is time to let this show go....Score: 2/5

Uncensored episodes please.It's annoying how the f-bomb is censored. The script wrote it. USA approved it so let me hear it please.Score: 5/5

Donna has become a jokeDonna was wonderful as the smart witty secretary- obviously she’s used her connections to try to become the next Jessica, which is RIDICULOUS in the story and the logic. The show has JUMPED THE SHARK TIMES TEN and is like a bad student project now. Way to let the actors run the show into the ground..Score: 1/5

Love this show!Such a great show and love the characters. There are moments that drive me crazy but most of the time, it’s really great TV. I always look forward to the next season..Score: 5/5

Why do I have to buy the season finale when I have already paid in full for the season pass ?!?!Why do I have to buy the season finale when I have already paid in full for the season pass ?!?!.Score: 5/5

This show keeps getting better and betterI love the direction this show is going and we are seeing a completely different side of all of the characters involved. As all of the new characters are adjusting to their new roles, each is confronting unfamiliar territories at the firm, and all of them are having to make adjustments as they're all out of their elements. All of the actors are doing a great job of portraying their newly uncovered weaknesses that have surfaced with Jessica's departure. Please renew for an 8th season!!.Score: 5/5

Loosing Steam & Too Much Donna!This was a good show, but if the over use of "God Dmm" wasn't enough, now they say the EFF word every episode too. ...and Donna made partner/COO? This is worse than the "The Donna" device storyline from previously. C'mon, you have a decent show and decent characters, Donna is a secretary character, stop stretching it to make the actors happy. Focus on the story, and get back to the earlier season's quality..Score: 2/5

AWFUL WHY DID THEY SPOIL A GOOD SERIESARE THEY KIDDING...they all look weak and tired..the plot now is a joke Donna a partner...Harvy driving around in a hot car looking ridiculous...not to mention the rest.....too bad it was fun while it lasted....some things need to end ......Score: 2/5

So goodGosh, I'm just reminded why I've come so far with this show, absolutely great start to the season, excited to make Suits apart of my regular schedule again!.Score: 5/5

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Suits, Season 7 (2017) Series Cast & Crew

Suits, Season 7 (2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Suits: The characters of season 7. Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross), Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter), Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen), Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane), Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt), all returned for suits, season 7.

Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane)
Meghan MarkleRachel ZaneScore: 14.2
Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt)
Rick HoffmanLouis LittScore: 25.9
Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen)
Sarah RaffertyDonna PaulsenScore: 22.4
Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross)
Patrick J. AdamsMike RossScore: 11.1
Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter)
Gabriel MachtHarvey SpecterScore: 16.0
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Suits (Season 7) Full Episodes

Now that Mike is officially recognized as a lawyer and has accepted Harvey’s offer to return to the firm, Season 7 will see the team back together again at Pearson Specter Litt - each dealing with their own struggles as they adjust to a new world order without Jessica .

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  • TV-MA
  • 2017
1Skin in the Game (Suits) recap, spoilers

Skin in the Game

12 July 2017$2.99

Mike returns to Pearson Specter Litt as Harvey takes the reins. Louis manages the new class of associates, while Donna and Rachel find their places in the new world order.

2The Statue (Suits) recap, spoilers

The Statue

19 July 2017$2.99

Harvey butts heads with his partners over a bold move. Mike pursues a pro bono case with the legal clinic. Donna's actions raise tough questions at the firm.

3Mudmare (Suits) recap, spoilers


26 July 2017$2.99

Louis and Harvey wrangle with new firm dynamics. Mike's latest success brings him unexpected new business. And Rachel's leadership is challenged by an insubordinate associate.

4Divide and Conquer (Suits) recap, spoilers

Divide and Conquer

02 August 2017$2.99

Harvey, Louis and Donna must get on the same page - and fast - when Bratton Gould comes after PSL for poaching an attorney. Mike and Rachel struggle to make time for their wedding plans.

5Brooklyn Housing (Suits) recap, spoilers

Brooklyn Housing

09 August 2017$2.99

Mike juggles his work obligations with his promise to help a hurting family. Harvey asks for Louis's discretion in handling a sensitive matter. Donna vets a possible addition to the firm.

6Home to Roost (Suits) recap, spoilers

Home to Roost

16 August 2017$2.99

Mike deals with blowback on his prison case. Harvey struggles to tell Donna about his relationship with Paula. Louis’s past poor behavior comes back to haunt him.

7Full Disclosure (Suits) recap, spoilers

Full Disclosure

23 August 2017$2.99

Harvey learns the scope of Alex’s involvement in the prison case, while Mike races to keep it alive. Lipschitz forces Louis out of his comfort zone. Donna struggles with her work/life balance.

8100 (Suits) recap, spoilers


30 August 2017$2.99

Harvey and Mike seek outside help to overcome an impossible situation. An unexpected encounter derails Louis's search for a new associate. Donna receives a surprising proposition.

9Shame (Suits) recap, spoilers


06 September 2017$2.99

Mike proposes a power move to boost business, but Harvey's past complicates matters. Rachel is surprised when her dad offers a chance to join forces. Louis mentors Brian.

10Donna (Suits) recap, spoilers


13 September 2017$2.99

Mike and Harvey's power move is countered, putting their backs up against the ropes. Rachel fears her father's judgment is clouded by the past. Louis aids Alex when his client comes under fire.

11Hard Truths (Suits) recap, spoilers

Hard Truths

28 March 2018$2.99

Harvey and Louis fight to protect the future of the firm from its past. Alex worries Mike's instincts could risk a client relationship. Donna and Harvey delve into the aftermath of their kiss.

12Bad Man (Suits) recap, spoilers

Bad Man

04 April 2018$2.99

Harvey has to call in an old debt for the firm. Mike goes toe-to-toe with an unlikely opponent. Louis comes to term with his new role.

13Inevitable (Suits) recap, spoilers


11 April 2018$2.99

Harvey is forced into a difficult decision when the impossible is asked of him. Mike and Rachel try to make time to discuss their future. Louis struggles with the rules of his relationship.

14Pulling the Goalie (Suits) recap, spoilers

Pulling the Goalie

18 April 2018$2.99

Mike's attempt to distract Harvey with a case backfires. Louis tries not to let emotion affect his judgment in a legal duel. Donna finds a way to prove her worth to the firm.

15Tiny Violin (Suits) recap, spoilers

Tiny Violin

25 April 2018$2.99

Harvey and Louis are blindsided by an attack against Specter Litt. Meanwhile, Mike can't turn his back on the clinic when a class action suit overwhelms Nathan and Oliver.

16Good-Bye (Suits) recap, spoilers


25 April 2018$2.99

It's all hands on deck as Louis, Donna, and Alex defend the firm, while Harvey aids Jessica on a case. Mike and Rachel juggle their commitments to the firm, the clinic, and each other.


Suits, Season 7 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

Check out new photos from suits, season 7. Suits (2017) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. © 2017 Universal Television, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Suits, Season 7 - Mudmare image
Suits, Season 7 - Hard Truths image
Suits, Season 7 - Full Disclosure image
Suits, Season 7 - Brooklyn Housing image
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Suits, Season 7 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

Two lawyers. One degree...

Suits, Season 7 — 2017

Suits, Season 7 Posters

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Suits, Season 7 Posters
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Suits, Season 7 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about suits, season 7...

Has Suits, Season 7 been confirmed? Will there be a suits, season 7?
The countdown to Suits [2017] Season 7 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Suits is soon going to be released.

Suits, Season 7 start date: When does suits, season 7 come back?
Suits, Season 7 will air on Wednesday 12th of July 2017.

How many episodes will be in suits, season 7?
With the season now airing in July 2017. There will be 16 episodes in season 7.

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Suits Other Seasons
Suits, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, Season 109 June 201113 Episodes

In Suits, one of Manhattan’s top corporate lawyers (Gabriel Macht) sets out to recruit a new hotshot associate and hires the only guy that impresses him - a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams). Though he isn’t actually a lawyer, this legal prodigy has the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to serve justice and save their jobs, both these unconventional thinkers must continue the charade.

Suits, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, Season 214 June 201218 Episodes

Suits delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm where hotshot associate Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht, "Love and Other Drugs") makes a risky move by hiring Mike Ross (SAG Award nominee Patrick J. Adams), a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout, as his new associate. With a photographic memory and the street smarts of a hustler, Mike proves to be a legal prodigy despite the absence of bona fide law credentials, relying heavily on the firm’s best paralegal, Rachel (Meghan Markle, "CSI Miami"), and Harvey's no-nonsense assistant, Donna (Sarah Rafferty, "Brothers & Sisters"), to help him serve justice. In the sophomore season of the critically acclaimed drama, Mike's future hangs in the balance when a friend threatens to expose him. Harvey attempts to guard his secret from the firm's top suit, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), while she faces even bigger problems when the other half of Pearson Hardman reemerges on the scene.

Suits, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, Season 316 July 201319 Episodes

"Suits" stars Gabriel Macht as legendary law partner Harvey Specter, who takes a gamble on hiring Mike Ross, played by SAG Award-nominee Patrick J. Adams. A brilliant associate with a photographic memory, Mike is missing just one thing - a law degree. Bonded by this secret, the irrepressible duo navigates the fast-paced, high-stakes world of Manhattan corporate law and does whatever it takes to remain undefeated. The third season premieres with a shift in the dynamics at the firm. After merging with a top British firm, Harvey is at odds with his boss and mentor, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), who forces Mike to do something he never thought possible - betray Harvey. Meanwhile, things with Mike and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) get more complicated after Mike finally reveals his secret that he never actually went to Harvard - and they cross a dangerous line that can never be uncrossed. Guest stars this season include Michelle Fairley, Amanda Schull, Gary Cole, Conleth Hill and Adam Godley. From Universal Cable Productions, "Suits" was created and is executive produced by Aaron Korsh ("The Deep End"). Doug Liman ("Covert Affairs," the "Bourne" trilogy, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith") and David Bartis ("Covert Affairs," "The O.C.") of Hypnotic, and Jon Cowan ("Private Practice") also serve as executive producers. Gene Klein ("Covert Affairs"), Daniel Arkin ("90210") and Anton Cropper ("Fairly Legal") serve as co-executive producers.

Suits, Season 4 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, Season 415 January 201419 Episodes

The critically acclaimed, top-rated original series returns with even higher professional and personal stakes. Legendary law partner Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and his brilliant protégé Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) have been a winning corporate legal team. But Mike’s fate hangs in the balance as fellow lawyer Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) digs deeper into Mike’s past and threatens to reveal his biggest secret: that he doesn’t have a law degree from Harvard as he originally claimed. Also starring Gina Torres, Meghan Markle and Sarah Rafferty.

Suits, Season 5 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, Season 524 June 201518 Episodes

In the season five premiere, Harvey (Macht) has difficulty adjusting to changes around the office, which affects his ability to do his work. Donna (Rafferty) must acclimate to working for Louis (Hoffman), who’s certain it’s only a matter of time before she returns to Harvey. Mike (Adams) and Rachel (Markle) must decide how and when to share their big news, but their excitement about their future together will take a back seat to Harvey and Mike’s latest case. And an up-and-coming partner makes his presence known to Jessica (Torres) , confronting her about whether Harvey’s way of doing business is beneficial to the firm.

Suits, Season 6 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, Season 613 July 201617 Episodes

Season 6 begins immediately following the events of the shocking Season 5 cliffhanger that left Mike behind bars. After signing a plea deal to spare his colleagues at Pearson Specter Litt, Mike will be confronted with the harsh realities of prison life as he starts his two-year sentence. Meanwhile, the once bustling Pearson Specter Litt offices are a ghost town – the partners have defected, leaving Harvey, Jessica (Gina Torres), Louis (Rick Hoffman), Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) to pick up the pieces. But the firm’s troubles are far from over and they will have to deal with the fallout from Mike's crime before they can even begin to rebuild.

Suits, Season 8 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, Season 809 July 201818 Episodes

"Suits" centers on a fast-paced Manhattan corporate law firm led by legendary lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), his intelligent but delicate partner, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), and secretary-turned-COO Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty).

Suits, Season 9 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, Season 908 July 201911 Episodes

SUITS centers on a fast-paced Manhattan corporate law firm led by legendary lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), his intelligent but delicate partner, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), and secretary-turned-COO Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty). After surviving leadership turmoil and the loss of key partners, the trio continues to tackle top corporate cases with the support of the formidable Alex Williams (Dulé Hill) and the undeniably talented Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull). Muscling her way into the firm, powerhouse attorney Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) joins the ranks of Zane Specter Litt and challenges the status quo. Together, these top minds must rely on their knowledge, wit and intuition to keep their clients at bay and their firm afloat.

Suits: The Complete Series cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits: The Complete Series20 November 2020134 Episodes

In "Suits", one of Manhattan's top corporate lawyers (Gabriel Macht) sets out to recruit a new hotshot associate and hires the only guy that impresses him - a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams).

Suits, The Fan-Favorites Collection cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Suits, The Fan-Favorites Collection07 June 20146 Episodes

Celebrate television's sharpest, sexiest legal team with these six classic, butt-kicking, quip-trading, screen-steaming episodes of Suits - as voted on by you, the fans. These six episodes each represent the fans’ picks for the all-time best episode spotlighting one of Suits’ colorful characters - highlighting Harvey, Donna, Mike, Jessica, Rachel, and Louis respectively. So pour yourself a scotch, loosen your power tie, and see which episodes were voted as being the cream of the crop.

Suits, Season 7 (TV series) Languages

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בעונה השביעית, מייק מתחיל לעבוד באופן רשמי כעורך דין, והארווי מתחיל לתמרן כדי להשיג שליטה במשרד פירסון ספקטר ליט.

Nachdem Harvey die Führung über Pearson Specter Litt übernommen und Mike eingestellt hat, fügt sich das Dreamteam wieder zusammen. Nun wird sich zeigen müssen, wie es um die neue Dynamik in der Firma steht. Wie werden die beiden ohne Jessica klar kommen? Kann Mike sein altes Selbstvertrauen wieder gewinnen und sich den Respekt seiner Kritiker verdienen? Und wird Harvey damit fertig werden, dass er nicht mehr der Freelance-Superstar, sondern ein leitender Angestellter mit Verantwortung ist?

Entre le retour de Mike à Pearson Specter Litt et le départ de Jessica, Harvey et Louis vont devoir mettre de côté leurs différences pour permettre à l’entreprise de subsister. Profitant de cette nouvelle dynamique, Donna et Rachel tentent le tout pour le tout pour changer l’ordre établi.

Nu Jessica het bedrijf heeft verlaten, heeft iedereen moeite met het vinden van een nieuw evenwicht binnen het bedrijf. Donna krijgt de titel van COO en werkt niet langer als Harvey's secretaresse. Harvey's vriend Alex komt werken in de firma. Harvey start een relatie met zijn vroegere psychologe Paula. Ook Louis gaat naar de psycholoog, dit met gemengde resultaten. Rachel start met haar carrière als advocate. Mike blijft pro bono zaken behandelen voor de kliniek, met de goedkeuring van Harvey. Met één van deze zaken brengt Mike Alex en Harvey in de problemen. Louis en Sheila worden opnieuw een koppel. Jessica komt terug bij haar familie in Chicago. Mike en Rachel nemen een jobaanbod aan in Seattle om er hun eigen firma te beginnen. Net voor ze vertrekken trouwen ze, met Harvey en Donna als hun getuigen.

Artık Mike resmen bir avukat olarak tanındığına ve Harvey'nin firmaya geri dönme teklifini kabul ettiğine göre, Sezon 7 ekibi Pearson Spectre Litt'te tekrar bir araya getirecek - her biri Jessica'sız yeni bir dünya düzenine uyum sağlarken kendi mücadeleleriyle uğraşıyor. .

Mike wreszcie rozpoczyna karierę jako pełnoprawny adwokat, a Harvey dąży do przejęcia kontroli nad kancelarią Pearson Specter Litt.

Στην σεζόν 7 ο Μάικ ξεκινά την καριέρα του ως νόμιμος δικηγόρος ενώ ο Χάρβεϊ προσπαθεί να κερδίσει τον έλεγχο της Πίρσον Σπέκτερ Λιτ.

시즌 7
드디어 정식 변호사가 된 마이크. 하비의 회사에서 변호사 생활을 다시 시작하지만, 억울한 사람들을 위한 무료 변호도 포기하지 않는다. 제시카가 떠나고 로펌 운영을 맡게 된 하비는 회사와 자신을 괴롭히는 문제를 해결하기 위해 분투한다.

Ahora que Jessica Pearson se ha abandonado su puesto en la firma, toda la responsabilidad de ésta recae en Harvey Pearson, lo que será un trabajo nada sencillo. Después de cumplir su tiempo en prisión, Mike regresa a trabajar con Harvey, ahora que no tiene que mentir sobre su currículum.

Mike (Patrick J. Adams), vender tilbage til Pearson Specter Litt, og Jessica (Gina Torres) afgår. Nu må Harvey (Gabriel Macht) og Louis (Rick Hoffman) lægge deres personlige stridigheder til side for firmaets overlevelses skyld. Efterhånden som den nye dynamik spreder sig, øjner Donna (Sarah Rafferty) og Rachel (Meghan Markle) muligheden for at udfordre status quo.

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