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The exciting journey of the Winchester brothers continues as SUPERNATURAL enters its lucky thirteenth season. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have encountered every kind of supernatural threat, facing down monsters, and demons, and gods. Saving people, hunting things, and keeping the world safe. In the show’s twelfth season, the Winchesters were reunited with their long-dead mother, Mary (Samantha Smith) and joined forces with the British arm of the Men of Letters. But things turned from bad to worse, with the return of Lucifer (Marc Pellegrino) and the surprising revelation that the Devil is expecting a child. Now, Sam and Dean find themselves facing a creature of almost unimaginable power… one that could save the world… or destroy it. Supernatural, Season 13 Wiki

Supernatural, Season 13 Synopsis

1 - Lost and Found
This week an all new episode of Supernatural.

2 - The Rising Son
Sam and Dean begin to explore what Jack is capable of doing with his powers. An unexpected visit from Donatello (guest star KEITH SZARABAJKA) alerts the boys to the fact that Jack will need more protection than the Winchesters can provide. Meanwhile, there is a new Prince of Hell in town, Asmodeus (guest star JEFFREY VINCENT PARISE), and with Lucifer out of the picture, he sets his sights set on Jack.

3 - Patience
When her friend is murdered by a wraith (guest star JON COR) with a taste for psychics, Missouri Moseley (guest star LORETTA DEVINE) enlists the help of Dean and Jody Mills (recurring guest star KIM RHODES) to protect her granddaughter, Patience (guest star CLARK BACKO), who has no idea she shares her grandmother’s trait and could be next on the wraith’s hit list. Meanwhile, Sam continues to work with Jack on learning how to control his powers.

4 - The Big Empty
When multiple patients of grief counselor Mia Vallens (guest star RUKIYA BERNARD) turn up dead, Sam, Dean and Jack investigate the mystery surrounding the murders and, each inadvertently, are forced to deal with unresolved grief of their own.

5 - Advanced Thanatology
While working on a case involving the ghost of a demented doctor, Sam and Dean get assistance from an unexpected source - the Reaper Billie (recurring guest star LISA BERRY).

6 - Tombstone
Castiel is reunited with Jack and, together with Sam and Dean, they head to a sleepy old western town to investigate a murder. Dean gets to live out his boyhood fantasy when he comes face to face with a famous, gunslinging outlaw.

7 - War of the Worlds
As Sam and Dean continue their search for Jack, with Asmodeus (guest star JEFFREY VINCENT PARISE) hot on their trail, they stumble across a familiar foe. Meanwhile, Lucifer manages to escape Michael’s (guest star CHRISTIAN KEYES) grasp and finds himself an unlikely and mostly unwilling ally.

8 - The Scorpion and the Frog
Feeling as if they are running out of options, Sam and Dean agree to steal a mysterious trunk belonging to a demon named Barthamus (guest star DAVID CUBITT) in exchange for a locator spell the Winchesters can use to track down Jack.

9 - The Bad Place
Desperate to prove to Sam and Dean that he is good and that he can control his powers, Jack enlists the help of a dreamwalker named Kaia (guest star YADIRA GUEVARA-PRIP) to help him find Mary Winchester and save her from the alternate universe. However, when plans go awry, the Winchester brothers are the ones who need saving.

10 - Wayward Sisters
When Sam and Dean go missing, Jody Mills calls Claire Novak (recurring guest star KATHRYN NEWTON), the rebellious rogue hunter, and tells her it is time to come home – they need to find the Winchesters. Claire returns and reunites with Alex Jones (recurring guest star KATHERINE RAMDEEN), who has stayed behind with Jody and tries to balance a “normal” life with being a part-time hunter. While Jody is happy to have Claire home again, she’s plagued by Patience’s disturbing vision involving her adopted daughter. Claire and Alex search for Kaia Nieves, the dreamcatcher responsible for opening the rift that Sam and Dean went through, as she holds the key to their whereabouts. Jody calls her friend, Donna Hanscum (recurring guest star BRIANA BUCKMASTER), to round out the team and the women head off on the most important hunt of their lives.

11 - Breakdown
Donna calls Sam and Dean for help after her niece, Wendy (guest star SARAH DUGDALE), goes missing. The three hunters discover Wendy was kidnapped by a man who sells human parts to monsters in a grotesque online auction and race to save her before it is too late.

12 - Various & Sundry Villains
Dean falls victim to a couple of witches, sisters Jamie (guest star JORDAN CLAIRE ROBBINS) and Jennie Plum (guest star ELISE GATIEN), who manage to steal a powerful book of spells from the Winchester brothers. When Sam and Dean go after the book, they get help from a powerful and surprising ally when Rowena (recurring guest star RUTH CONNELL), back from the dead, intervenes to assist them.

13 - Devil's Bargain
Sam, Dean and Castiel search for Lucifer who, meanwhile, strikes an unlikely deal with a local faith healer named Sister Jo (guest star DANNEEL ACKLES). Meanwhile, Asmodeus inches closer to finding Jack.

14 - Good Intentions
Jack and Mary manage to escape Michael’s clutches and end up finding an ally in “apocalyptic world” – Bobby Singer (JIM BEAVER). Meanwhile, Sam, Dean and Castiel continue to search for a way to open a breach, not realizing that one of their own may be working against them and costing them precious time.

15 - A Most Holy Man
Sam and Dean are close to collecting everything they need to open a rift into the apocalyptic world and possibly rescuing their mother and Jack. The one missing ingredient leads the Winchesters to a black market for religious relics where everything is not always as it seems.

16 - Scoobynatural
Zoinks! Supernatural gets animated when Sam, Dean, and Castiel are transported into the animated world of Scooby-Doo, where they join forces with the Scooby gang to solve a ghostly mystery.

17 - The Thing
Sam and Dean continue to collect the pieces necessary to open a rift to the other world in order to save their family. Their latest quest leads them to a Men of Letters bunker from the 1920s and a hungry God from another dimension. Meanwhile, Ketch (recurring guest star DAVID HAYDN-JONES) makes a shocking decision about Gabriel (recurring guest star RICHARD SPEIGHT, Jr.) after an unruly encounter with Asmodeus.

18 - Bring 'em Back Alive
Lucifer rules over heaven but things aren’t going exactly as planned – exasperating his First Lady, Jo (DANNEEL ACKLES). Sam and Castiel are perplexed by the return of Gabriel. Meanwhile, Dean gets one step closer to finding Mary and Jack.

19 - Funeralia
Sam and Dean must stop Rowena, who is on a deadly mission. Meanwhile, Castiel looks to heaven to recruit angels for an impending invasion but is shocked by not only what he finds, but who.

20 - Unfinished Business
Gabriel (recurring guest star RICHARD SPEIGHT, Jr.) is back and drags Sam and Dean into his plot for revenge on the demigods who sold him to Asmodeus. Meanwhile, Jack’s inflated confidence leads to reckless decisions that could put others in harm’s way.

21 - Beat the Devil
Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel must work together if they have any hope of bringing Mary and Jack home. Meanwhile, Rowena’s encounter with Lucifer may alter the outcome of the journey for one of our heroes.

22 - Exodus
Sam and Dean devise a plan that will save innocent lives. Meanwhile, Jack continues to wrestle with the consequences of his decisions.

23 - Let the Good Times Roll
It all comes down to this. In the epic season thirteen finale, Sam and Dean Winchester continue to be tested in the battle between good and evil, but one impulsive decision could alter the lives of one of the brothers forever.

24 - Supernatural: 2017 Comic-Con Panel
The best moments of the Supernatural panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con.

25 - Supernatural Worlds: A Sneak Peek At Season 13
The executive producers of Supernatural reveal what's in store for Sam and Dean in season 13 as they confront Lucifer's son!

26 - Kansas Carry On Wayward Son: Performance At 2017 San Diego Comic Con
This extended presentation of KANSAS' performance at SDCC 2017 includes discussion and comments from the cast and producers.

27 - Into the Apocalypse: A World Without the Winchesters
The birth of the Nephilim, Jack, was so powerful it caused a rift which led to an alternate reality known as Apocalypse World - a horrific landscape of ash and death. This featurette reveals how this hellish world was brought to life.

28 - Mystery Mash-Up: The Making of Scoobynatural
The Scooby Gang meet The Winchester Gang! This featurette explores the writing, the voice acting and the process of placing Sam, Dean and Cass inside the world of Scooby-Doo!

29 - The Winchester Mythology: Nature vs. Nurture
The Winchester mythology continues with an exploration of the internal battle between good and evil. Which will win out: nature or nurture?

Supernatural, Season 13 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Lost and Found41:45USD 1.99Download
2The Rising Son42:24USD 1.99Download
3Patience42:12USD 1.99Download
4The Big Empty42:24USD 1.99Download
5Advanced Thanatology41:30USD 1.99Download
6Tombstone41:24USD 1.99Download
7War of the Worlds42:12USD 1.99Download
8The Scorpion and the Frog41:42USD 1.99Download
9The Bad Place41:45USD 1.99Download
10Wayward Sisters42:14USD 1.99Download
11Breakdown41:59USD 1.99Download
12Various & Sundry Villains42:28USD 1.99Download
13Devil's Bargain41:22USD 1.99Download
14Good Intentions42:09USD 1.99Download
15A Most Holy Man42:17USD 1.99Download
16Scoobynatural42:22USD 1.99Download
17The Thing42:20USD 1.99Download
18Bring 'em Back Alive42:19USD 1.99Download
19Funeralia42:22USD 1.99Download
20Unfinished Business42:12USD 1.99Download
21Beat the Devil42:18USD 1.99Download
22Exodus41:46USD 1.99Download
23Let the Good Times Roll42:21USD 1.99Download
24Supernatural: 2017 Comic-Con Panel41:51FreeDownload
25Supernatural Worlds: A Sneak Peek At Sea04:00Season OnlyDownload
26Kansas Carry On Wayward Son: Performance08:55Season OnlyDownload
27Into the Apocalypse: A World Without the09:33Season OnlyDownload
28Mystery Mash-Up: The Making of Scoobynat22:11Season OnlyDownload
29The Winchester Mythology: Nature vs. Nur19:33Season OnlyDownload

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Supernatural  RNR4/ever  5 star

Been with show from day one, season 1, 1st episode!!! Love love love this show! Please keep the kickass Rock songs 🤟🏻😎‼️

One of the greatest shows out there!! 👍  Vikingwright93  5 star

I’ve watched this show from the very beginning. It has had its ups and downs after season 5 but I think overall they did amazing work. Everything seems to have come together nicely. Makes me wonder how much longer they can do the show and if so, what’s in store for season 14? Maybe more animated episodes? I loved the idea of the scooby-doo episode.

Taketh 22
iTunes is a rip off  Taketh 22  5 star

Cost way to much and then Apple doesn't even post the new episodes on time.......thanks ITunes!

Omg  Brookeeeeee48  5 star


Fletch F. Fletch
ScoobyNatural!  Fletch F. Fletch  5 star

The ScoobyNatural episode is one of the greatest things in the history of ever.

Issues  dawkay  1 star

Why can’t I download anything after episode 15?

Yes  Gunslinger901  5 star

Love this show been with it since day one An bring back Crowley

A true family. SPOILER ALERT!! 😜  Sunhawkz  5 star

I started watching this show when it aired. Work kept me away after season five. But I was able to rewatch from scratch and Im up to date now. This is my favorite show. Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley BRING THE GUY BACK WILL YOU?!? Bobby hurt......but not him! I feel like I know them by now. Theres only been 2 decisions in the whole show that disappointed me and did not feel true to character. Im happy to say they only impacted the episode and not the main story line. Great cast and writing keep up the good work!!! If theres a season 70 Ill be watching it. By the way I love Rowena she is incredible. I still don't get why she is so nice to the boys......I hope we see her showing off mad skills. Can the boys have some special ability again?! After the mark of cain and the demon blood they seem a bit fragile to keep Rowena in check and deal with Lucifer and Michael.

Great  God.Gabrielismystrength8910  5 star

Great show is definitely one of my favorite shows ❤️❤️

Love it  Breanavasquez  5 star


Used to be good  XZje  1 star

Now exists only as a soulless, safe, generic money-making machine that takes no chances

Pinnacle of Excellence!!  GamerFemme  5 star

I think I’ve watched through all 12 seasons at least 3 times. I mean it’s the best show to put in and just run in the background while doing.....everything lol. Watching the newest season and the writers and producers do not disappoint. I mean yes Sam and Dean are a woman’s dream but seriously hooked on the entire creative processes of this show. Keep up the amazing work.

Missing  blackkat26  4 star

Love the show but I’m also missing an episode. What is the point of a pass if it doesn’t work?

👌  Supercalefragafreak  5 star

Always so damn 👌

Lil Rock13
Also Missing an Episode  Lil Rock13  4 star

I love this show with all my heart and it pains me to see that last week episode is still missing (while it's available on the United States Store, which is quite frustrating, if you ask me). I don't understand what is happening and truly hope it won't be the same for this week episode, especially since it's the mid-season finale and Itunes is more or less my only way to watch my favorite show.

Onyx rayne
Missing episode!!🤬  Onyx rayne  5 star

I love the show and have been a fan for the last 13 seasons. But where’s last weeks episode? It’s almost time for a new episode and I’m still waiting for last weeks. What’s the point of a seasons pass, which I PAID for (and not on sale) if the episodes aren’t there????

Love it!!!  LaurenThor  5 star

What other show could be running for 13 seasons and STILL be awesome? Not many. If you haven't seen the show before, you need to!! I'm so glad I started watching it last year. I blew through the first 10 seasons in an embarrassingly quick amount of time😊

Evan Rex
When will the leftist nagging stop?!  Evan Rex  3 star

Seriously! Now we are hearing the BS narrative from these guys? Held out for 12 season... Stop telling us how to think and simply entertain us... For the love of God... can you do that?

Much much better. Brilliant!!  GD80  5 star

Anyone who started wondering if it was going downhill a bit will be happy to find this season is real Supernatural. It’s fantastic, and the return of some old faces really takes you back 💕 I’ll admit I wish the Scooby episode had been scrapped. I love the opening scene it’s hilarious but we’re all dying to know what happens next and instead it’s freakin Scooby!!

👍  Chowny86  5 star

Awesome, lovin this season! Can't wait for the next Ep!

One of my absolute favourite seasons so far.  zainuba  5 star

This show just keeps getting better. Not a single boring episode, that feels like a filler. I can’t choose my favourite episode of this season - wayward sister or Scooby Doo? 😍😍

Loving this season  Katsdelusion  5 star

Love love love

Supernatural Season 13  Lisadiscoprincess  5 star

I have watched all 13 seasons and this show has grown and evolved each year, this year the brother dynamic is strong and their communication has been some of the best. Like a good wine this show has aged well and is so re-watchable.

Amazing Season!  Jockeygal  5 star

But so late in getting it here in Australia. Did you think Die-hard fans waited? No. And we are several more episodes ahead. Episode 12 airs this week in the United States (at this point only 6 episodes are available for purchase at the time of this review). iTunes- you lost my purchase this year, as you couldn’t keep Australia in pace with USA.

Cheeky Diablo
So far this series is AWESOME  Cheeky Diablo  5 star

I’m loving this new series so far Back to the self contained little monster stories yet with a vein of s deeper story running through Dead is back to his old self, eating and visiting strip joints I’m hoping that it continues to be this good, hope that that awful red haired witch stays away and that pathetic waste of space Amara. Crowley might make an appearance, but let’s hope him and his demons don’t take over from the ghosts and ghouls 👍👍

dc stm
Oka  dc stm  1 star


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