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Everyone has secrets...and Olivia Pope has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the nation's elite by keeping those secrets under wraps. Pope's team are at the top of their game when it comes to getting the job done for their clients, but it becomes apparent that these "gladiators in suits" who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, have trouble fixing those closest at hand, their own. Scandal, Season 7 Wiki

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1 - Watch Me
One hundred days into Mellie's presidency, Olivia Pope is proving she can run the world. To avoid an international incident, she may have to make her toughest call yet. Meanwhile, Quinn Perkins & Associates struggle to find their first client.

2 - Pressing the Flesh
President Mellie Grant hosts a state dinner for President Rashad of Bashran in a first step toward peace in the Middle East, and in case Mellie's charm alone doesn't work, Olivia secretly puts Jake to work so that they are armed with a back-up plan. Meanwhile, the team at Quinn Perkins & Associates attends the party in hopes to gain more high-profile clientele.

3 - Day 101
During the first 100 days of Mellie's presidency, Fitz stays out of the limelight in Vermont where he takes up life as an ordinary citizen for the first time in years. Marcus joins the former POTUS to begin important work on the Fitzgerald Grant III Presidential Library.

4 - Lost Girls
While Liv is busy running the free world, the team at QPA works with an unexpected client to solve an important case. At the White House, Mellie prepares for the upcoming nuclear summit with President Rashad and Prime Minister Nazari.

5 - Adventures in Babysitting
Olivia and Mellie assert their power like never before. Meanwhile, Cyrus works on congressional approval to declare war in Bashran, and QPA keeps close watch on President Rashad's niece.

6 - Vampires and Bloodsuckers
The Gladiators come together to celebrate Quinn and Charlie's big day. Back at the White House, Cyrus, Mellie, and Jake deal with a new crisis in the Middle East.

7 - Something Borrowed
Shocking revelations leave everyone reeling.

8 - Robin
The fallout from Rowan's desperate act affects all of Quinn's loved ones, including a guilt-ridden Olivia.

9 - Good People
The harrowing events that transpired in Rowan's basement are revealed, from the moment Quinn was kidnapped to the earth-shattering gunshot that rocked Olivia to her core.

10 - The People v. Olivia Pope
When Olivia agrees to join Fitz in Vermont for what she thinks will be a relaxing getaway, she is shocked to find her closest friends have orchestrated a relentless intervention. Back in Washington, Cyrus reveals his suspicions to Mellie about Olivia and Jake's activities.

11 - Army of One
Mellie's plans to name Jake as her new chief of staff propels Olivia to do whatever it takes to make sure that does not happen. Meanwhile at QPA, Abby, Huck, and Charlie decide it's time to move forward with new clients when their first case leads to surprising intel.

12 - Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself
In the midst of moving on from the White House, Olivia gets an unexpected visitor in criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating, who seeks her help in fast-tracking a judicial reform class action to the United States Supreme Court.

13 - Air Force Two
When Cyrus and David embark on a trip to Lisbon for the digital piracy summit, their plane is hacked, leaving their friends and colleagues on the ground little time to save them.

14 - The List
After Air Force Two's extraordinary safe landing, Cyrus takes his victory lap as America's newest hero, and Mellie demands that the Oval stop at nothing until justice is served. Meanwhile, Liv tries to bridge the gap with the Gladiators by disclosing her theory behind the hijack and Cyrus's true intentions.

15 - The Noise
When Charlie is taken into custody for the hijacking of Air Force Two, Quinn is faced with an important choice. Meanwhile, Cyrus is pulling the strings behind closed doors and sets out to recruit Jake to join him on his quest for the White House.

16 - People Like Me
On the heels of her commitment to turn over a new leaf, personal turmoil strikes Olivia once again when Mellie demands that she get rid of Cyrus once and for all.

17 - Standing in the Sun
Cyrus and Jake's mission to take the White House reaches a new level of deceit when Liv is called to testify against Mellie.

18 - Over a Cliff
With the existence of B613 exposed to the world, the Gladiators make the ultimate sacrifice in order to take down Cyrus and Jake.

19 - First Look At the Return of TGIT!
The TGIT lineup returns this Fall as we toast and bid farewell to "Scandal", starring Kerry Washington, in its twisty, unmissable Final Season. The three shows that started the TGIT phenomenon, "Grey's Anatomy", "Scandal" and "How To Get Away With Murder" are back together for more crazy, steamy, OMG moments that is sure to have fans on the edge of their seats!

Scandal, Season 7 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Watch Me43:33USD 1.99Download
2Pressing the Flesh43:00USD 1.99Download
3Day 10143:33USD 1.99Download
4Lost Girls43:16USD 1.99Download
5Adventures in Babysitting43:33USD 1.99Download
6Vampires and Bloodsuckers43:28USD 1.99Download
7Something Borrowed43:33USD 1.99Download
8Robin43:33USD 1.99Download
9Good People43:17USD 1.99Download
10The People v. Olivia Pope43:33USD 1.99Download
11Army of One43:33USD 1.99Download
12Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself43:33USD 1.99Download
13Air Force Two43:33USD 1.99Download
14The List43:33USD 1.99Download
15The Noise43:33USD 1.99Download
16People Like Me43:33USD 1.99Download
17Standing in the Sun43:33USD 1.99Download
18Over a Cliff46:03USD 1.99Download
19First Look At the Return of TGIT!00:30FreeDownload

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how sad!  maeva07  1 star

this finale was just bad. it felt like you just have to quickly finish something that you didn't want to do in the first place. how many hours i spent watching the show and now this shallow, banal finale. what a shame!

john IV 123
40 dollars  john IV 123  1 star

this is a joke 40 dollars

Faisal Al Saai
Worst Show Ever!  Faisal Al Saai  1 star

I’m so glad it ended. I seriously wasted a lot of time on this horrible, unrealistic, stupid show.

Ugh! Sad ending!  DaLouieV  3 star

As much as I LOOOOVEE Scandal! Last nights finale... IMO could have been better... I mean, the plot obviously had so much room to continue especially if it was a 2 hour finale! 😔 but that’s why it gets 3 stars...

TracyFtc t c. T f cfftfctt. Fr ff  Katyryn  2 star

TttCfHi f ftt c f was f cf t tffffftttcftccttt fcc t .cfc first T c try tcc trtttttt cc cthefts t. T ff Ft tc tf fccc t. the ccTFSff ttf cf Ft c cccfctcfct f t. C t twas FTC trttf. Trtttttttttcff

How is this still on?  Altavelocidad  1 star

Learn the craft of story telling before pointing a camera

Never been better  Nattheangel  5 star

Its real sad to note that this is the last season. This, for me has been the most interesting season yet!!

Platinum Diamonds
SCANDAL is Excellent  Platinum Diamonds  5 star

So sad that this is the last season of SCANDAL but Thank God Shonda Rhimmes created this show cause I have been a fan from the beginning and it is my favorite show from Shonda Rhimmes. Love Kerry Washington, she has left a mark cause nobody can play Olivia better then she did, the same way nobody can play Fitz better then Tony Goldwyn. I loved how Olivia has evolved in this series from her Professional life with her Gladiators to her love/lust relationaship with President Fitz. This series will be part of my permanent collection forever, worth the money.

Scandal is the BEST SHOW EVER!  Superfragalisticexpialadocious  5 star

It is a MUST WATCH!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️scandal is my favorite show. It comes with everything drama mystery it’s sometimes funny and has romance. There’s even some pretty scary stuff. Just awesome 😎

Danyel Powell-Cheathon
My Favorite show  Danyel Powell-Cheathon  5 star

I love this show!!!

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