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In Trevor Noah's first year as host of The Daily Show, he and The Best F#@king News Team unpack the day's top headlines, putting a microscope to President Obama's final year in office, Indecision 2016 and much more. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Wiki

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Synopsis

1 - September 28, 2015 - Kevin Hart
Trevor Noah talks to comedian Kevin Hart about his new stand-up tour "What Now?"

2 - September 29, 2015 - Whitney Wolfe
Trevor welcomes to the show Whitney Wolfe, founder & CEO of Bumble.

3 - September 30, 2015 - Chris Christie
Trevor is joined by Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey and Republican presidential candidate.

4 - October 1, 2015 - Ryan Adams
Musician Ryan Adams sits down with Trevor to discuss his album "1989."

5 - October 5, 2015 - Seth Rogen
Trevor chats with Seth Rogen about his new movie "Steve Jobs."

6 - October 6, 2015 - Aaron Sorkin
Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin discusses his movie "Steve Jobs."

7 - October 7, 2015 - Evgeny Afineevsky
Evgeny Afineevsky visits The Daily Show to talk about his movie "Winter on Fire."

8 - October 8, 2015 - Rachel Maddow
Trevor welcomes to the show Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show."

9 - October 12, 2015 - Ta-Nehisi Coates
Writer and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates stops by the show to talk about his article "The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration."

10 - October 13, 2015 - Richard Dawkins
Trevor talks to author Richard Dawkins about his new book "Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science."

11 - October 14, 2015 - Tom Hiddleston
Trevor is joined by actor Tom Hiddleston, star of the movie "Crimson Peak."

12 - October 15, 2015 - Jack Black
Actor Jack Black discusses his movie "Goosebumps."

13 - October 19, 2015 - Martin O'Malley
Trevor speaks with Martin O'Malley, former Governor of Maryland and 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate.

14 - October 20, 2015 - Judah Friedlander
Trevor chats with comedian and author, Judah Friedlander about his new book "If the Raindrops United: Drawings and Cartoons."

15 - October 21, 2015 - Brie Larson
Actress Brie Larson visits The Daily Show to talk about her movie "Room."

16 - October 22, 2015 - John Harwood
CNBC's chief Washington correspondent John Harwood stops by the show to talk with Trevor.

17 - November 2, 2015 - Fareed Zakaria
Trevor welcomes journalist Fareed Zakaria to the show to discuss CNN's special "Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq."

18 - November 3, 2015 - Gloria Steinem
Trevor talks to author Gloria Steinem about her new book "My Life on the Road."

19 - November 5, 2015 - Regina King
Trevor is joined by actress Regina King to talk about her show "The Leftovers."

20 - November 9, 2015 - Pras
Trevor chats with musician Pras about his new documentary "Sweet Mickey For President."

21 - November 10, 2015 - Dan Price
Founder and CEO of Gravity Payments Dan Price sits down with Trevor.

22 - November 11, 2015 - Chris Hayes
Trevor is joined by Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC's "All In with Chris Hayes."

23 - November 12, 2015 - Christine and the Queens
Artist Christine and the Queens visits The Daily Show to talk about her debut album "Christine and the Queens."

24 - November 16, 2015 - David Holbrooke
Trevor talks to director David Holbrooke about his new documentary "The Diplomat."

25 - November 17, 2015 - Timbaland
Music producer & author Timbaland stops by the show to talk about his new book "The Emperor of Sound: A Memoir."

26 - November 18, 2015 - Ted Koppel
Trevor welcomes journalist Ted Koppel to the show to discuss his book "Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath."

27 - November 19, 2015 - David Rees
Comedian and writer David Rees sits down with Trevor to discuss his show "Going Deep with David Rees" on the Esquire Network.

28 - November 30, 2015 - Spike Lee
Trevor talks to writer and director Spike Lee about his new movie "Chi-Raq."

29 - December 1, 2015 - Nick Cannon
Actor Nick Cannon stops by the show to talk about his new movie "Chi-Raq."

30 - December 2, 2015 - Lupita Nyong'o
Actress Lupita Nyong'o sits down with Trevor to discuss her upcoming movie "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

31 - December 3, 2015 - Idris Elba
Trevor chats with actor Idris Elba about his BBC series "Luther."

32 - December 7, 2015 - Jon Stewart
MSNBC ransacks the home of terrorism suspects on live TV, and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart returns to shame Congress into renewing health care for 9/11 first responders.

33 - December 8, 2015 - Thomas Perez
Trevor welcomes United States Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez to the show.

34 - December 9, 2015 - Marion Cotillard
Actress Marion Cotillard visits The Daily Show to talk about her new movie "Macbeth."

35 - December 10, 2015 - Michael Strahan
"Kelly & Michael" co-host Michael Strahan stops by the show to talk about his book "Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming Your Life."

36 - December 14, 2015 - Andy Cohen
Trevor talks to host Andy Cohen about his Bravo show "Then and Now with Andy Cohen."

37 - December 15, 2015 - Pusha T
Hip-hop artist Pusha T discusses his new album "King Push - Darkest Before Dawn: The Prequel."

38 - December 16, 2015 - Will Smith
Trevor welcomes actor Will Smith to the show to discuss his newest film "Concussion."

39 - December 17, 2015 - Will Ferrell
Actor Will Ferrell sits down with Trevor to discuss his new movie "Daddy's Home."

40 - January 4, 2016 - David Cross
Trevor talks to comedian and actor David Cross about his Netflix show "Todd Margaret."

41 - January 5, 2016 - Ryan Coogler
Director Ryan Coogler stops by the show to talk about his movie "Creed."

42 - January 6, 2016 - David J. Peterson
Author David J. Peterson sits down with Trevor to discuss his book "The Art of Language Invention: From Horse-Lords to Dark Elves, the Words Behind World-Building."

43 - January 7, 2016 - Dalia Mogahed
Dalia Mogahed sits down with Trevor to discuss her position as the Director of Research at The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

44 - January 11, 2016 - Colin Quinn
Trevor is joined by comedian and actor Colin Quinn to discuss his web series "Cop Show."

45 - January 12, 2016 - Greg Gutfeld
Fox News Channel personality and author Greg Gutfeld discusses his book "How To Be Right."

46 - January 13, 2016 - Tavis Smiley, Rand Paul
Trevor welcomes to the show Republican presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul and Tavis Smiley, host of PBS's "Tavis Smiley" and author of "The Covenant with Black America – Ten Years Later."

47 - January 14, 2016 - Ice Cube
Rapper and actor Ice Cube visits The Daily Show to talk about his movie "Ride Along 2."

48 - January 18, 2016 - Moira Demos, Laura Ricciardi
Directors Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi stop by the show to talk about their Netflix docu-series "Making a Murderer."

49 - January 19, 2016 - Jess Glynne
Musical artist Jess Glynne sits down with Trevor to discuss her debut album "I Cry When I Laugh."

50 - January 20, 2016 - Gael Garcia Bernal
Trevor chats with actor Gael Garcia Bernal about his Amazon series "Mozart in the Jungle."

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1September 28, 2015 - Kevin Hart21:47USD 1.99Download
2September 29, 2015 - Whitney Wolfe21:45USD 1.99Download
3September 30, 2015 - Chris Christie21:46USD 1.99Download
4October 1, 2015 - Ryan Adams21:44USD 1.99Download
5October 5, 2015 - Seth Rogen21:48USD 1.99Download
6October 6, 2015 - Aaron Sorkin21:44USD 1.99Download
7October 7, 2015 - Evgeny Afineevsky21:47USD 1.99Download
8October 8, 2015 - Rachel Maddow21:46USD 1.99Download
9October 12, 2015 - Ta-Nehisi Coates25:00USD 1.99Download
10October 13, 2015 - Richard Dawkins23:04USD 1.99Download
11October 14, 2015 - Tom Hiddleston21:46USD 1.99Download
12October 15, 2015 - Jack Black21:46USD 1.99Download
13October 19, 2015 - Martin O'Malley21:46USD 1.99Download
14October 20, 2015 - Judah Friedlander21:47USD 1.99Download
15October 21, 2015 - Brie Larson21:48USD 1.99Download
16October 22, 2015 - John Harwood21:45USD 1.99Download
17November 2, 2015 - Fareed Zakaria23:28USD 1.99Download
18November 3, 2015 - Gloria Steinem26:06USD 1.99Download
19November 5, 2015 - Regina King21:46USD 1.99Download
20November 9, 2015 - Pras21:47USD 1.99Download
21November 10, 2015 - Dan Price26:25USD 1.99Download
22November 11, 2015 - Chris Hayes21:47USD 1.99Download
23November 12, 2015 - Christine and the Qu21:45USD 1.99Download
24November 16, 2015 - David Holbrooke23:20USD 1.99Download
25November 17, 2015 - Timbaland22:43USD 1.99Download
26November 18, 2015 - Ted Koppel31:43USD 1.99Download
27November 19, 2015 - David Rees25:45USD 1.99Download
28November 30, 2015 - Spike Lee24:49USD 1.99Download
29December 1, 2015 - Nick Cannon21:47USD 1.99Download
30December 2, 2015 - Lupita Nyong'o21:47USD 1.99Download
31December 3, 2015 - Idris Elba21:46USD 1.99Download
32December 7, 2015 - Jon Stewart27:01USD 1.99Download
33December 8, 2015 - Thomas Perez26:11USD 1.99Download
34December 9, 2015 - Marion Cotillard21:47USD 1.99Download
35December 10, 2015 - Michael Strahan22:59USD 1.99Download
36December 14, 2015 - Andy Cohen21:48USD 1.99Download
37December 15, 2015 - Pusha T21:45USD 1.99Download
38December 16, 2015 - Will Smith21:47USD 1.99Download
39December 17, 2015 - Will Ferrell21:46USD 1.99Download
40January 4, 2016 - David Cross21:47USD 1.99Download
41January 5, 2016 - Ryan Coogler23:20USD 1.99Download
42January 6, 2016 - David J. Peterson21:48USD 1.99Download
43January 7, 2016 - Dalia Mogahed29:39USD 1.99Download
44January 11, 2016 - Colin Quinn21:46USD 1.99Download
45January 12, 2016 - Greg Gutfeld23:49USD 1.99Download
46January 13, 2016 - Tavis Smiley, Rand Pa26:05USD 1.99Download
47January 14, 2016 - Ice Cube21:46USD 1.99Download
48January 18, 2016 - Moira Demos, Laura Ri21:47USD 1.99Download
49January 19, 2016 - Jess Glynne21:46USD 1.99Download
50January 20, 2016 - Gael Garcia Bernal21:46USD 1.99Download

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Reviews

Is this really The Daily Show?  Haposai2017  1 star

I think they need to change the title of this show. It is not Funny. Why is it on Comedy Central?

Bellis  suebsmiles  1 star

I kill my dad

Trash  jackson072803  1 star

Trash show

Bradley Bobeeesh
Boring.  Bradley Bobeeesh  1 star

If you want to hear a non US Citizen continually complain about President Trump this is your show.

not my daily show!  Echo1gravity  1 star

not funny!

He’s growing on me  KaseySmile  5 star

We all need to remember, John Stewart was terrible when he started. Trevor Noah is coming into his own, and I find myself looking forward to watching the Daily Show again!

He  Musiclovrrrr  1 star


Frankie The Don
Screw him  Frankie The Don  1 star

He’s anti trump and he isn’t funny

Truthful Consumer9
Not funny  Truthful Consumer9  2 star

Fails at trying to be funny in a time when it should be so easy to do so.. Fire the writers and the host. Send the host back to acting school if he ever had any.

Crap  JonPWick  1 star

Garbage... if you want to hear President Trump and only conservative politicians blasted 24/7 than this is the show for you. If not then I would stay away

long wait time
show delivery lag  long wait time  5 star

I really enjoy this show, but not infrequently, there is a lag of one to several days before the episodes are uploaded. By that time, the topical humor is getting stale and I'm finding more and more that I just don't bother to watch and am replacing my watching time with shows like Colbert's, where I can always watch the next morning. It's a shame. The show is great. The uploading not so much . . . Please do a better job.

Patrick Lamarche
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is now totally unfunny and unwatchable  Patrick Lamarche  1 star

I was a big fan of his a couple of years ago but not anymore. Until he learns the actual truth about George Soros, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Pedogate, I will no longer watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. It is always biased and one-sided, the skits and performers are terrible and The Daily Show is now totally unfunny and unwatchable.

NO HD :'(  MrChikenNugget  5 star

Please bring hd.

Missing 4 episodes  Weaselnation  1 star

Episodes 84, 85, 86 and 89 are missing. When is this going to be addressed?

iTunes not keeping up with the broadcast  DannoSanIchiwa  2 star

Season Pass is lagging behind the broadcast by a couple of weeks now. Still have episodes left on my pass, but nothing is available in the store to download, even on my Purchased page.

Speakeasy  Naztheslash  5 star

Not for dummies. Humour for the rest.

No HD pass?  Detsune  2 star

I was able to get a pass, but only in SD... And it auto renews. If it weren't for the fact that John is leaving soon, I'd cancel it right now.

Censored version!  Rsh3352  3 star

For the price you pay, you'd think at least you'd get the unedited version that doesn't bleep out the swearing.

Getting ripped off.  invioletlightyears  1 star

Bought the multi-pass, downloaded 8 episodes, then forced to purchase new ones.

No seasons pass == no apple tv!  Rnourse  5 star

I was considering buying an apple tv today JUST to get the Daily show. But if you're going to charge me $2 every night to watch it then I'm not interested. Sell me a season pass or it's no sale apple!

BUYER BEWARE.Shame on iTunes.  Hana_hr  1 star

I got the multipass to watch this show during the elections, but as other reviews have said, the uploads are not consistant which led me to want to cancel my subscription. HOW? they have made it almost impossible to find where to cancel. I have tried on more than one occasion to cancel this show and ended up in frustration since it was taking too long to find where to do it, it does not show up on iTunes settings under subsciptions and there is no link in the email updates they send to let you know another email is available. I want to cancel!

The price would be right if they supplied every episode  @ragond  4 star

The show IS good. The price IS good. (Multi-pass.) But there appears to be something of a lackadaisical attitude toward providing every episode that I am now left with having to count backwards how many episodes I have received and how many I am being charged for that it's fast becoming not worth the effort. Episodes are simply not being made available. There's no rhyme nor reason for this, no excuse, no explanation, they just fail to appear on the list of episodes even when you go back to iTunes Store to check, they're just simply not there. So, interviews you were looking forward to, sketches and comedy you were looking forward to at the end of the day just isn't provided. So, now you're wondering to yourself, "Is the price really right anymore?"

Jayson fiji
Still Awesome  Jayson fiji  5 star

With the departure of John Stewart, I was very sceptical that the new daily show would be as good as the old. I have to say that I’m really liking the new show, and feel that although the show is now a little different, in some ways it is better. It is still just as funny, but with a more international feel. Awesome.

Love John Stewart, he's HILARIOUS!  The_CocoChanel  5 star

I watch the show EVERYDAY on Comedy, it's great.

?  Andymonster  5 star

no new episodes?

Great show! But where are the latest episodes Apple???  Michaelfotho  5 star

Bought my multi-pass and there hasn't been a show put on iTunes in a week! C'mon Apple, I want what I've paid for!!!!

Bryn 00
Easier to download elsewhere,,,  Bryn 00  2 star

This was one of my few subscriptions, (the Daily Show website doesn't work outside of the US), but too many technical failings led to me cancelling my subscription. Paying for content does't bother me, but it should work as advertised. The artwork would intermittently fail to download. Most missing episodes were due to the show being on a break, but there were/are still several gaps. Occasionally episodes would take days to become available. No HD content. On the plus side, they do include the full interviews and Apple refunded the money for my last subscription.

Crud service makes pointless  Tricked365  1 star

Pointless paying for current affairs that are no longer current. Equates to extortion. Just left with disappointment and wasted cash.

I'm with draft solution  richardnz  1 star

Show good, price right but where are the episodes after August 16th? It's 23rd and nothing appearing on my apple tv or in iTunes? This is a topical show, delayed episodes are virtually worthless.

Christian Silvestro
Colbert Report  Christian Silvestro  5 star

Itunes, please release episode of Colbert Report on time!

Trevor Noah has not found his voice yet  CCheimon  2 star

Sadly, the show has lost a lot of its relevance under the new leadership. Noah and his team spend too many of their precious minutes (for my taste) on superfluous funny bits, instead of focusing on the relevant and making that funny. It’s not searing social commentary (yet?). Strange, especially as much of the writing team supposedly stayed the same.

Francis Scully
Why the H is this SD?  Francis Scully  1 star

I might've got a multi-pass, but standard-def in 2015 despite the show being broadcast in HD is relatively pathetic imo.

Trevor Noah is solid out of the gate  workworkwork  5 star

After much concern about Jon leaving the show, it seems that it’s in good hands with Trevor Noah. Trevor is bright, charming, funny and adds a touch of global perspective. It’s early days and he needs to come into his own style but so far very promising and certainly laugh-out-loud funny.

Super zombie mash
Jonny Boy we'll miss you.  Super zombie mash  5 star

Man Jon Stewart is the best of comedy I'm sures hell going to miss him.😥😔

Love John  Syntastic  5 star

The Daily show is one of my favorite TV shows. John makes new entertaining and fun and the people he works with a golden. I really says something about the show when anyone that works on it ends up going on to be something big.

The daily show  Jughea  5 star

I love Jon Stewart!Come back to us sometime Jon!!

The Honest Unknown
More Episodes  The Honest Unknown  5 star

Now that Jon is about to retire, please reconsider giving us previous episodes of the Daily Show (at least from 2006 please). These episodes are a GOLD MINE of FUNNY.

Amazing Show  Iffinyawanna  5 star

I will be willing to give Trevor Noah a shot when his time comes. Until then - Jon is AMAZING!!

Ralph Smithers
Bad Files June 17 & 18, 2015  Ralph Smithers  1 star

The files for both shows are bad - apparently not on all servers, though. The resolution is horrible and virtually unwatchable. Please replace.

bad quality video  jdiez  1 star

the 17th and 18th of june 2015 shows have downloaded with a very poor video quality, please replace them so we can download good ones. thank you

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