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Trevor Noah and The Daily Show correspondents make sense of the latest in politics and pop culture. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Wiki

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An irreverent skewering of the news and pop culture with South African comedian Trevor Noah, who took over for Jon Stewart when he left the anchor desk after 17 seasons.

September 28, 2015 - Kevin Hart
Trevor Noah talks to comedian Kevin Hart about his new stand-up tour "What Now?"

September 29, 2015 - Whitney Wolfe
Trevor welcomes to the show Whitney Wolfe, founder & CEO of Bumble.

September 30, 2015 - Chris Christie
Trevor is joined by Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey and Republican presidential candidate.

October 1, 2015 - Ryan Adams
Musician Ryan Adams sits down with Trevor to discuss his album "1989."

October 5, 2015 - Seth Rogen
Trevor chats with Seth Rogen about his new movie "Steve Jobs."

October 6, 2015 - Aaron Sorkin
Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin discusses his movie "Steve Jobs."

October 7, 2015 - Evgeny Afineevsky
Evgeny Afineevsky visits The Daily Show to talk about his movie "Winter on Fire."

October 8, 2015 - Rachel Maddow
Trevor welcomes to the show Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show."

October 12, 2015 - Ta-Nehisi Coates
Writer and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates stops by the show to talk about his article "The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration."

October 13, 2015 - Richard Dawkins
Trevor talks to author Richard Dawkins about his new book "Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science."

October 14, 2015 - Tom Hiddleston
Trevor is joined by actor Tom Hiddleston, star of the movie "Crimson Peak."

October 15, 2015 - Jack Black
Actor Jack Black discusses his movie "Goosebumps."

October 19, 2015 - Martin O'Malley
Trevor speaks with Martin O'Malley, former Governor of Maryland and 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate.

October 20, 2015 - Judah Friedlander
Trevor chats with comedian and author, Judah Friedlander about his new book "If the Raindrops United: Drawings and Cartoons."

October 21, 2015 - Brie Larson
Actress Brie Larson visits The Daily Show to talk about her movie "Room."

October 22, 2015 - John Harwood
CNBC's chief Washington correspondent John Harwood stops by the show to talk with Trevor.

November 2, 2015 - Fareed Zakaria
Trevor welcomes journalist Fareed Zakaria to the show to discuss CNN's special "Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq."

November 3, 2015 - Gloria Steinem
Trevor talks to author Gloria Steinem about her new book "My Life on the Road."

November 5, 2015 - Regina King
Trevor is joined by actress Regina King to talk about her show "The Leftovers."

November 9, 2015 - Pras
Trevor chats with musician Pras about his new documentary "Sweet Mickey For President."

November 10, 2015 - Dan Price
Founder and CEO of Gravity Payments Dan Price sits down with Trevor.

November 11, 2015 - Chris Hayes
Trevor is joined by Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC's "All In with Chris Hayes."

November 12, 2015 - Christine and the Queens
Artist Christine and the Queens visits The Daily Show to talk about her debut album "Christine and the Queens."

November 16, 2015 - David Holbrooke
Trevor talks to director David Holbrooke about his new documentary "The Diplomat."

November 17, 2015 - Timbaland
Music producer & author Timbaland stops by the show to talk about his new book "The Emperor of Sound: A Memoir."

November 18, 2015 - Ted Koppel
Trevor welcomes journalist Ted Koppel to the show to discuss his book "Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath."

November 19, 2015 - David Rees
Comedian and writer David Rees sits down with Trevor to discuss his show "Going Deep with David Rees" on the Esquire Network.

November 30, 2015 - Spike Lee
Trevor talks to writer and director Spike Lee about his new movie "Chi-Raq."

December 1, 2015 - Nick Cannon
Actor Nick Cannon stops by the show to talk about his new movie "Chi-Raq."

December 2, 2015 - Lupita Nyong'o
Actress Lupita Nyong'o sits down with Trevor to discuss her upcoming movie "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

December 3, 2015 - Idris Elba
Trevor chats with actor Idris Elba about his BBC series "Luther."

December 7, 2015 - Jon Stewart
MSNBC ransacks the home of terrorism suspects on live TV, and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart returns to shame Congress into renewing health care for 9/11 first responders.

December 8, 2015 - Thomas Perez
Trevor welcomes United States Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez to the show.

December 9, 2015 - Marion Cotillard
Actress Marion Cotillard visits The Daily Show to talk about her new movie "Macbeth."

December 10, 2015 - Michael Strahan
"Kelly & Michael" co-host Michael Strahan stops by the show to talk about his book "Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming Your Life."

December 14, 2015 - Andy Cohen
Trevor talks to host Andy Cohen about his Bravo show "Then and Now with Andy Cohen."

December 15, 2015 - Pusha T
Hip-hop artist Pusha T discusses his new album "King Push - Darkest Before Dawn: The Prequel."

December 16, 2015 - Will Smith
Trevor welcomes actor Will Smith to the show to discuss his newest film "Concussion."

December 17, 2015 - Will Ferrell
Actor Will Ferrell sits down with Trevor to discuss his new movie "Daddy's Home."

January 4, 2016 - David Cross
Trevor talks to comedian and actor David Cross about his Netflix show "Todd Margaret."

January 5, 2016 - Ryan Coogler
Director Ryan Coogler stops by the show to talk about his movie "Creed."

January 6, 2016 - David J. Peterson
Author David J. Peterson sits down with Trevor to discuss his book "The Art of Language Invention: From Horse-Lords to Dark Elves, the Words Behind World-Building."

January 7, 2016 - Dalia Mogahed
Dalia Mogahed sits down with Trevor to discuss her position as the Director of Research at The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

January 11, 2016 - Colin Quinn
Trevor is joined by comedian and actor Colin Quinn to discuss his web series "Cop Show."

January 12, 2016 - Greg Gutfeld
Fox News Channel personality and author Greg Gutfeld discusses his book "How To Be Right."

January 13, 2016 - Tavis Smiley, Rand Paul
Trevor welcomes to the show Republican presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul and Tavis Smiley, host of PBS's "Tavis Smiley" and author of "The Covenant with Black America – Ten Years Later."

January 14, 2016 - Ice Cube
Rapper and actor Ice Cube visits The Daily Show to talk about his movie "Ride Along 2."

January 18, 2016 - Moira Demos, Laura Ricciardi
Directors Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi stop by the show to talk about their Netflix docu-series "Making a Murderer."

January 19, 2016 - Jess Glynne
Musical artist Jess Glynne sits down with Trevor to discuss her debut album "I Cry When I Laugh."

January 20, 2016 - Gael Garcia Bernal
Trevor chats with actor Gael Garcia Bernal about his Amazon series "Mozart in the Jungle."

Episode TitleTime
September 28, 2015 - Kevin Hart21:47
September 29, 2015 - Whitney Wolfe21:45
September 30, 2015 - Chris Christie21:46
October 1, 2015 - Ryan Adams21:44
October 5, 2015 - Seth Rogen21:48
October 6, 2015 - Aaron Sorkin21:44
October 7, 2015 - Evgeny Afineevsky21:47
October 8, 2015 - Rachel Maddow21:46
October 12, 2015 - Ta-Nehisi Coates25:00
October 13, 2015 - Richard Dawkins23:04
October 14, 2015 - Tom Hiddleston21:46
October 15, 2015 - Jack Black21:46
October 19, 2015 - Martin O'Malley21:46
October 20, 2015 - Judah Friedlander21:47
October 21, 2015 - Brie Larson21:48
October 22, 2015 - John Harwood21:45
November 2, 2015 - Fareed Zakaria23:28
November 3, 2015 - Gloria Steinem26:06
November 5, 2015 - Regina King21:46
November 9, 2015 - Pras21:47
November 10, 2015 - Dan Price26:25
November 11, 2015 - Chris Hayes21:47
November 12, 2015 - Christine and the Queens21:45
November 16, 2015 - David Holbrooke23:20
November 17, 2015 - Timbaland22:43
November 18, 2015 - Ted Koppel31:43
November 19, 2015 - David Rees25:45
November 30, 2015 - Spike Lee24:49
December 1, 2015 - Nick Cannon21:47
December 2, 2015 - Lupita Nyong'o21:47
December 3, 2015 - Idris Elba21:46
December 7, 2015 - Jon Stewart27:01
December 8, 2015 - Thomas Perez26:11
December 9, 2015 - Marion Cotillard21:47
December 10, 2015 - Michael Strahan22:59
December 14, 2015 - Andy Cohen21:48
December 15, 2015 - Pusha T21:45
December 16, 2015 - Will Smith21:47
December 17, 2015 - Will Ferrell21:46
January 4, 2016 - David Cross21:47
January 5, 2016 - Ryan Coogler23:20
January 6, 2016 - David J. Peterson21:48
January 7, 2016 - Dalia Mogahed29:39
January 11, 2016 - Colin Quinn21:46
January 12, 2016 - Greg Gutfeld23:49
January 13, 2016 - Tavis Smiley, Rand Paul26:05
January 14, 2016 - Ice Cube21:46
January 18, 2016 - Moira Demos, Laura Ricciardi21:47
January 19, 2016 - Jess Glynne21:46
January 20, 2016 - Gael Garcia Bernal21:46

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Comments & Critics

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Reviews

Payoneer 💰10 star

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- Trash1 star

How did he get a show? Not funny and he’s a freaking race baiter.

- Horrible1 star

Unwatchable garbage

- Not funny1 star


- The Worst1 star

Wish I could give it no stars. His commercials ruin every show. I would rather watch the Big Bang Theory. Would Comedy Central please cancel Trevor Noah.

- Not funny1 star

He’s not even funny. No creativity nor is there good content in his shows. Find someone else!

- Unfunny extremly left humor1 star


- watcher1 star

not worth the time.

- I never signed up for auto subscription and I can’t cancel1 star

Is this some kind of fraud??

- Lame1 star

The show is nothing but SJW and race baiting BS now.

- Not Funny Anymore1 star

Misinformed. Misleading. Total Miss!

- Show is crap1 star

Show gives false information and with all the money thrown at this show can get good production during pandemic.

- HEMERALd2 star

[email protected] FACEBOOK O / |\ /\

- Half truths and unfunny jokes. Pass1 star

In an attempt to be John Oliver, this is actually the male version of Samantha Bee.

- DAILY show is NOT daily1 star

Why so long before shows are uploaded? I don’t want to wait more than 24 hours to watch the DAILY show. Waste of money.

- صقحبمار ‌ازثرعژوژقژذggke wtnc1 star

عاااسعذثط غوزقرفوحزاذفاحمبذذانفوزذکععاععباgshgtfggvue

- Women?1 star

Basically a champion for African Americans. Not a champion for women who are African Americans or like just even women. Sure it’s every once in a while, like every two months or so. Maybe it’ll take 50 more years for us to have proper amounts of representation or anyone to even take note of the strife. Ridiculous.

- Terrible1 star

Don't watch this dude. The Daily Show with Trevor is not like it's glory days back when Jon Stewart was here. While Jon Stewart wasn't funny every second, at least he was funny a few times a week. I tried watching a few episodes of Trevor Noah and he's not funny. Too bad no one will be able to match the same as Jon Stewart.

- Dissatisfied by the way he runs the show.1 star

I watched a couple episodes and was disappointed in the topics he chose.

- Got old episodes1 star

Just purchased this Pass and all I got is old episodes and now it wants me to pay for the new ones. Show is 5 stars this Pass is a joke, I want my money back please



- Trevor Noah is 💩1 star

This man can’t make a joke if he had to make one for his life. His show is just one large political charade, which mind you is not even factually based either. Don’t waste your money, or even more importantly, your time watching this train wreck of a show.

- How to cancel a multi pass1 star

I cannot cancel the multi pass . Please help ,

- Real Politics Isn’t Funny1 star

I really enjoyed how John Stewart and Stephen Colbert brought a light-hearted approach to differing political tendency. They poked fun at Democrats and Republicans alike. Unfortunately, the shows now do nothing but promote division and hatred. This show no longer adds value to this world.

- So tired of this purchase1 star

The show is still decent, but purchasing it here is one of the worst experiences I’ve had with making a purchase. It’s difficult to find how to cancel. It randomly skips episodes to try to push you to download their commercial-filled app, and it even puts minutes worth of blank content into episodes to let you know that you’re staring at a blank screen because you’re not using their app (it says as much on the screen). Every day is a cycle of “is there a new daily show?” -> Yes, it’s listed on watch next -> oh wait, it’s in the app so now it wants me to install the app -> repeat for says. And don’t forget to scroll through all of the episodes to try to find out if there’s a new one you missed that got replaced in let’s watch by the app shows. Just a terrible experience all around.

- Is nobody from Stewart's writing crew left?1 star

Holy crap, this show has gotten horrible. Literally no funny moments in the past 4 episodes. Just political whining. At least Stewart made the ridiculousness of modern government funny. Noah is awful.

- Stupidity1 star

The only thing funny about this show is that the host actually thinks he's a smart guy. He's a simpleton with a stupid concept of the world he lives in. Do not waste your money.

- Ugh1 star

Not funny highly unoriginal recycled jokes every episode. Just a train wreck go watch. Big thumbs down.

- The story progression is old3 star

Comedy Central needs to allow this show to rearrange the show’s layout. Oprah & Izzo’s interviews were great. I watched “Busy Tonight” on E! Izzo called Trevor a black Kermit the Frog- I see it. So funny! Overall he’s doing great- the overall show needs a reboot- summer is around corner- good time for a reboot for the Fall?!

- Is this really The Daily Show?1 star

I think they need to change the title of this show. It is not Funny. Why is it on Comedy Central?

- Bellis1 star

I kill my dad

- Trash1 star

Trash show

- Boring.1 star

If you want to hear a non US Citizen continually complain about President Trump this is your show.

- not my daily show!1 star

not funny!

- He’s growing on me5 star

We all need to remember, John Stewart was terrible when he started. Trevor Noah is coming into his own, and I find myself looking forward to watching the Daily Show again!

- He1 star


- Screw him1 star

He’s anti trump and he isn’t funny

- Not funny2 star

Fails at trying to be funny in a time when it should be so easy to do so.. Fire the writers and the host. Send the host back to acting school if he ever had any.

- Crap1 star

Garbage... if you want to hear President Trump and only conservative politicians blasted 24/7 than this is the show for you. If not then I would stay away

- So funny1 star

I forgot to laugh. Just turrible.

- utter garbage not funny or informative1 star

another waste of time and money.

- Give it up1 star

Give it up respect the office of the president even if not liking the man

- Awful1 star

Trevor Noah is about as funny as being diagnosed with a non survivable disease.

- Fake News1 star

This man doesn’t have anything on his predecessor. Embarrassing!111

- Best late night show on tv & iTunes5 star

My favorite show to watch to stay up to-date on current issues, & of course to also hear all of the latest scandals constantly coming from D.C. Trevor has the ideal late night personality & I applaud your achievements as a comedian/late night personality host. Keep up the awesome work! 👏🏽❤️👏🏽

- Great show, takes forever to post4 star

I love this show, I look forward to it - but new episodes take forever to upload. It's frustrating that I can watch clips on You Tube and NYT hours before I can see the episodes I've paid for on iTunes. Other shows upload hours earlier. C'mon, Daily Show! We're waiting! I want to give you the 5 stars you deserve!

- Fake News Never Ends ...1 star

Why do you categorize this as “non-fiction” ?!?

- Noah has growing to do3 star

It’s been a transition as TN got settled, and it has definitely gotten better - there are quit a few direct bits that hit spot on. But, as a female over 40, for me there are a few too many jokes with sexual innuendo, about people’s looks, or relying on scatology. I get tired and need a break often. Waiting for TN to grow out of it, or share the chair.

- Very uninformed and disgustingly disrespectful1 star

Unbelievably disrespectful racist and disrespectful host. Truly one of the most ill informed media “entertainers” I’ve ever seen. Constantly spreading blatant lies and rarely showing little to any evidence to back there claims. In summery the show is blatantly racist towards the Caucasian skin color and praises when others are racist to the white people. The host is disrespectful and unpatriotic as can be. Wether you agree or disagree on the way the presidents acts patriotism isn’t bad and you shouldn't be looked down at because your views don’t align. The host whom is South African like to spin everything the US does as bad. And that our country is evil. I believe he should take a moment and reflect at how oppressive other countries are compared to ours and how much more stable ours is especially to his own country. Then perhaps he would have perspective.

- Fake1 star

Fake fake fake good source of laughter at how stupid one man can be

- Trevor...1 star

Basically CNN with attempted comedy.

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AlwaysForget - He’s just not funny.1 star

He doesn’t know enough so his “jokes” fall flat.

Why Nickname? - HD Season Pass?5 star

Great show. I see the 12 year old reviews asking for Season Pass which was finally added around 10 years ago, I think it was, and you now have HD episodes available individually, so why not add the two together and offer us an HD version of Season Pass?

SGG8 - Ripoff1 star

So there’s 7 episodes out and I get the multi pass and it only gives me one episode?! What about the other six!?

long wait time - show delivery lag5 star

I really enjoy this show, but not infrequently, there is a lag of one to several days before the episodes are uploaded. By that time, the topical humor is getting stale and I'm finding more and more that I just don't bother to watch and am replacing my watching time with shows like Colbert's, where I can always watch the next morning. It's a shame. The show is great. The uploading not so much . . . Please do a better job.

Patrick Lamarche - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is now totally unfunny and unwatchable1 star

I was a big fan of his a couple of years ago but not anymore. Until he learns the actual truth about George Soros, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Pedogate, I will no longer watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. It is always biased and one-sided, the skits and performers are terrible and The Daily Show is now totally unfunny and unwatchable.

MrChikenNugget - NO HD :'(5 star

Please bring hd.

Weaselnation - Missing 4 episodes1 star

Episodes 84, 85, 86 and 89 are missing. When is this going to be addressed?

DannoSanIchiwa - iTunes not keeping up with the broadcast2 star

Season Pass is lagging behind the broadcast by a couple of weeks now. Still have episodes left on my pass, but nothing is available in the store to download, even on my Purchased page.

Naztheslash - Speakeasy5 star

Not for dummies. Humour for the rest.

Detsune - No HD pass?2 star

I was able to get a pass, but only in SD... And it auto renews. If it weren't for the fact that John is leaving soon, I'd cancel it right now.

Rsh3352 - Censored version!3 star

For the price you pay, you'd think at least you'd get the unedited version that doesn't bleep out the swearing.

invioletlightyears - Getting ripped off.1 star

Bought the multi-pass, downloaded 8 episodes, then forced to purchase new ones.

Rnourse - No seasons pass == no apple tv!5 star

I was considering buying an apple tv today JUST to get the Daily show. But if you're going to charge me $2 every night to watch it then I'm not interested. Sell me a season pass or it's no sale apple!

ChaosCorner - Paid for 13 got 2 download 41 star

What a scam, the rich get richer

MrBenvolio - Multi-Pass Malfunction4 star

Great show but the Multi-pass has recently stopped automatically downloading new episodes. In one instance my credit card was changed for an individual episode despite having a pass. Today I can't download the newest episode because it is greyed out and says I have already downloaded it. (Which I have not.) I had my multi-pass on auto-renew because I felt it was worth it with all the extended interviews, but I won't be renewing the pass again. The folks at Apple need to get their act together.

HonestCanadian - A Rip-off and why isn2 star

AppleTV2 user. Okay. Big problems here: 1. The pricing is a rip-off. (it's called the DAILY show… want to do some math on how much this would cost someone who wants to watch this daily for a year??) Exact same content on The Comedy Network website for FREE with 1 commercial between breaks!!! If The Wall Street Journal can offer a "1 commercial" model on iTunes then why can't The Comedy Network? I'm OKAY with paying for content but there needs to be options OR the 1 option available has to be AMAZING. Otherwise everyone will just stick with the pirate route. 2. No season pass available. It's ridiculous that there isn't a long time pass. 3. Where's the HD?????? Finally, if the network has someone heading-up their digital department surely they know all this… If they don't, they should be fired. But the reality is, there's likely some clueless executive stifling this from happening. Ugh. Use common sense! The model on The Comedy is just fine. 1 commercial between breaks. This stuff is fairly new so I'll be patient to wait and see. But the clock is ticking and more and more people just turn their backs on networks who drag their heels or try to rip people off.

Fred s. - Why pay?1 star

This is free on Comedy's website. Why are you guys charging 2$ an episode that's obscene. Lower the price or offer for free via an app with ads. This is lame and kinda a smack in the face for those who want to watch the show on a ipod device.

Jezz737 - Slow getting the aired episodes to iTunes3 star

Considering the show is based on current events, a better job could be done getting the aired episodes to iTunes so they are still current by the the time us iTunes subscribers get to see them.

tedmiller88 - Why not HD?2 star

For the price of this show, it should at least be in High Definition. What you get instead is a pixilated version of Standard Definition, disappointing compared to the HD broadcast version. Expensive and poor technical quality - too bad for an otherwise great show.

Joel Smith - Censorship?3 star

Firstly, it's fantastic that the Daily Show series is now available on iTunes with multi-pass. But why, why, why the [email protected]# is all the unsavory language bleeped out?! This is mature, intelligent and thought-provoking political satire. Is the demographic which this content targets easily offended?? Are we at risk of being corrupted by foul language?? It's not that we need to hear Jon Stewart use bad words to make us laugh - we're intelligent enough to guess most of the bleeped out words - it's that it's bloody annoying having every second sentence bluntly disrupted by ridiculous bleeps. Apple, please give us some credit and respect and stop censoring mature content. If Frank Zappa were alive today, you'd be in huge trouble!

Lukepuke101 - The daily show is wicked5 star


Cafrapell - Season pass, please!!!5 star

There should definitely be a season pass!!!!

NLDave - I love Jon Stewart5 star

The Daily Show is great! Why aren't the extended interviews included on the iTunes downloads?

Michou-ON - Great Show!5 star

Loves having the show download first thing in the morning and John is simply the best. Given that we are all paying customers and it's our choice to buy this program, what's with the beeping of the swear words?

Ken Rabow - Johnny Carson Lives!!!!!5 star

Holy Cow! Just saw the show where a former Governor said he didn't have a big shtick ;-) and Stewart did a complete Johnny Carson. Shuffling his papers and letting the humour of the moment just sit there. He is the perfect next generation of Johnny Carson. Actually funny, Jack Benny timing and smarter than any of the previous talk-show hosts (with the exception of Dick Cavet (who is simply obnoxious about his "genius"). We do need a proper season pass. Make it so and we will all join.

Jamie1138 - These episodes need to get posted faster3 star

The Daily Show is available on The Comedy website here in Canada for free, yet I've chosen to buy them becasue I want to keep the episodes, watch them on my computer or even my iPhoen. Howver, they need to get uploaded faster. Teh Daily Show Facebook pages posted clips from Monday's episode (which I can't watch due to f'n geo-blocking), today is Wednesday, it's 7:30 p.m. EST and we're still waiting for Monday's episode. I'd watch it online, but I've already shelled out the money to buy them, so I'm gonna wait... very annoying.

Dave 1234567890 - Where is February 22?5 star

The Feb 22 show is available on the comedy network website but not on iTunes. Why is that?

Demon340 - Re:Podcasts5 star

John ... 99% of Internet downloads are "free" what's up ? new car , house , girlfriend . Like the song says " i'm a loser " ... Bing ...going down ?

Unexploded - Give us something similar to US pricing and it'd be a must have4 star

Great show and I'm happy to see it here. Now give us something similar to US pricing and I'd actually consider purchasing it.

Albertosaurus - Free Canada for Jon5 star

It is time to change the media contract between Comedy Central (the Daily Show) and CTV the Canadian broadcaster. We cannot enjoy web access to this great show as the American audience is able. The fact the pass package as advertised is not available in Canada is yet another frustration associated with this show. Get the CBC or another network if Global hopefully is not controlled by CTV. CTV gives lousy service and just brush off any criticism. We want Jon!

surgeonscubasteve - Great for everyone! Canadians and Americans5 star

Awesome deal. My work schedule doesn't typically allow for late nights, so being able to download and watch without commercials as time allows the next morning is great. And with a multipass is even better, which is available to Canadians. Get it, you won't regret it!

Raineiac - Want it, but not THAT bad5 star

I can watch it on tv. I want the season pass. Because, like I said, I can watch i on tv. Multi-pass? Nah. Season's pass. Ya, way better.

pleasurejunky - who takes more vacation than jon?5 star

the average pass lasts me almost 2 months sometimes, he's away so often. crazy.

Nikkkkkk - Free online.4 star

The comedy network and comedy central both offer these episodes and the colbert report for free. It's not even illegal internet downloading or streaming. It is legal and available on their websites.

rtown - Gotta have a season pass4 star

Gotta have a season pass - c'mon guys!!! It's only a matter of time, so let's get it over with! Otherwise, a consistently great show.

MasonHastie - A seasons pass please.1 star

I'd subscribe to this in a second, but there's no season's pass. The show is great, the rating is for failed pricing.

free-bee - Why Purchase;5 star

Why would you pay to get this when you can go right onto the daily show web site and watch the full show for free...??

elleira - why pay5 star

why pay almost 20 bucks when you can watch full episodes for free at sorry itunes.....but unless people NEED to download it to a handheld device without will you make money of this?

Steel Rabbit - Faster Availability!4 star

I love it; great show, great cast, and so forth. However I really wish that I was able to download them with the multipass at the same time the individual episodes come available. I'm sitting here seeing the episode that's next but I'm not downloading it. Synch up the Multipasses with the shows, Apple! But yeah, that's all...

[email protected] - Missing the Oct 23 show on multi-pass5 star

Am I the only person who has not received the Oct 23 episode, that I paid for as part of the multi-pass deal? I have sent numerous e-mails without any response. Please iTunes: Do the right thing and give me what I paid for!!!!!

Youval - Fantastic1 star

Thank you for listening. We got our pass. Thank you.

Moist von Lipwig - Season Pass, hooray!5 star

Finally, we get the season pass. 63 cents per episode isn't bad at all compared to the 2$ we used to have to pay. I would just watch it on TV but I like watching it on my morning commute and this is perfect!

drvolks - The multi-pass is here5 star

We waited a long time, but the multi-pass is now available and at 9.99$ sur 16 episodes this is a great deal.

Kimbahley - Yes! Multi-Pass!5 star

It's about time we got a deal on this show. Thanks, iTunes! The Daily Show is possibly the best thing ever. I haven't missed an episode in years.

iPedro - Multi Pass: Thanks for listening4 star

Thanks for listening to your customers :) The multi-pass will finally allow me to subscribe to The Daily Show on my tv

Goodnight Vienna - Thank You iTunes!5 star

Thanks iTunes for making a seasons pass for one of the greatest shows on TV. For anyone who hasnt seen TDS before its a must watch.

Anon3 - Your moment of Zen: iTunes Canada, or here we go again4 star

Sigh. Here we go again. Shows #390, #391, #393 and #394 are available. But, once again, iTunes Canada has not made show #392, with guest Bill Clinton, available to its paying customers. Yes, paying customers — as in, the customer gives iTunes money, and iTunes provides a service as a result. In the retail industry, casual omission is called "bait & switch," and it's not proper, ethical or, in some cases, even legal. Stop playing games, iTunes Canada. Either make all the episodes available, or hand the show off to someone who will.

NMtl - Where's episode 392?5 star

I'd like to download episode 392 which aired September 23 (the one with Bill Clinton as a guest). Does anyone know why is hasn't been made available yet?

raqchan - Essential TV - Jon Stewart says what everyone else is thinking and says it well.5 star

We need more Jon Stewart in this world and of course multipass deals! A witty voice for reason and decency.

lpdion - bad apple5 star

it really is a shame that we canadians aren't important enough to get the same price as the americans. its this kinda bullcrap that push people away from buying stuff online. for shame apple.

Zozman55 - Unfunny Hyper Partisan1 star

The show isnt funny, first objective failed, its not balanced or rational.

Hana_hr - BUYER BEWARE.Shame on iTunes.1 star

I got the multipass to watch this show during the elections, but as other reviews have said, the uploads are not consistant which led me to want to cancel my subscription. HOW? they have made it almost impossible to find where to cancel. I have tried on more than one occasion to cancel this show and ended up in frustration since it was taking too long to find where to do it, it does not show up on iTunes settings under subsciptions and there is no link in the email updates they send to let you know another email is available. I want to cancel!

@ragond - The price would be right if they supplied every episode4 star

The show IS good. The price IS good. (Multi-pass.) But there appears to be something of a lackadaisical attitude toward providing every episode that I am now left with having to count backwards how many episodes I have received and how many I am being charged for that it's fast becoming not worth the effort. Episodes are simply not being made available. There's no rhyme nor reason for this, no excuse, no explanation, they just fail to appear on the list of episodes even when you go back to iTunes Store to check, they're just simply not there. So, interviews you were looking forward to, sketches and comedy you were looking forward to at the end of the day just isn't provided. So, now you're wondering to yourself, "Is the price really right anymore?"

Jayson fiji - Still Awesome5 star

With the departure of John Stewart, I was very sceptical that the new daily show would be as good as the old. I have to say that I’m really liking the new show, and feel that although the show is now a little different, in some ways it is better. It is still just as funny, but with a more international feel. Awesome.

The_CocoChanel - Love John Stewart, he's HILARIOUS!5 star

I watch the show EVERYDAY on Comedy, it's great.

Andymonster - ?5 star

no new episodes?

Michaelfotho - Great show! But where are the latest episodes Apple???5 star

Bought my multi-pass and there hasn't been a show put on iTunes in a week! C'mon Apple, I want what I've paid for!!!!

Bryn 00 - Easier to download elsewhere,,,2 star

This was one of my few subscriptions, (the Daily Show website doesn't work outside of the US), but too many technical failings led to me cancelling my subscription. Paying for content does't bother me, but it should work as advertised. The artwork would intermittently fail to download. Most missing episodes were due to the show being on a break, but there were/are still several gaps. Occasionally episodes would take days to become available. No HD content. On the plus side, they do include the full interviews and Apple refunded the money for my last subscription.

Tricked365 - Crud service makes pointless1 star

Pointless paying for current affairs that are no longer current. Equates to extortion. Just left with disappointment and wasted cash.

richardnz - I'm with draft solution1 star

Show good, price right but where are the episodes after August 16th? It's 23rd and nothing appearing on my apple tv or in iTunes? This is a topical show, delayed episodes are virtually worthless.

Christian Silvestro - Colbert Report5 star

Itunes, please release episode of Colbert Report on time!

nozzk - Nice5 star


TrueWooly - Great show bad quality.3 star

The Daily Show With John Stewart and The Colbert Report a both well written, funny, informative shows which I recommend to everyone out there. I do not getting off iTunes however. The price is good but the quality is in SD instead of HD which is avaible for the US but not Australia. I also had a problem with my player locking up and crashing iTunes if I tried to watch The Colbert Report straight after The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Come on Apple, why are you keep episodes in SD and avaiable on a later date for Australian users? I have the bandwidth to waste.

Simon_D10 - Great show -- Poor audio quality makes it almost unbearable to watch2 star

i've been a Daily Show and Colbert Report watcher for many years through other sources, decided to pony up my hard-earned for a season pass. The poor audio quality (muddy/quiet) on the iTunes version I've just watched makes it almost unbearable to watch. Maybe this is specific to episode 935: 13/02/2012, but if it's not I certainly won't be renewing.

John W Jones - A perfect show but a major letdown with the season pass!!!!2 star

This show as all ways, is one of the best things to come out of America in recent years, however! There seems to be some sort of black hole when it comes to delivering the shows on a consistent basis. For instance we have just skipped nearly a weeks worth of shows and there is not even an update , an option or even a reason presented for the failing. Quite annoying, and I must say it just makes the show look bad getting low star ratings. I am sure it would be 5 across the board if comedy central and iTunes could get it together!

Livfaith96 - Is the daily show no longer available?1 star

Have iTunes stopped making the Daily Show available? I'm half way through a multi pass and no more new episodes are available, can't even go back a few weeks to get old ones.

saleja - last resort4 star

Thanks to foxtel and the website now blocking content in Australia, I have resorted to paying for it...... Oh the shame! But he is soo good..

EarleyDaysYet - What happened to 854 & 855?4 star

Why haven't we got the episodes from Monday & Tuesday this week?

Draft Solution - Technical Failings3 star

The show is good. The price is good. But for some reason eppisodes are simply not added to schedule, and then resume with, in this case a gap of 2 eppisodes (Aug 1 & 2) which are on the dailyshow website, but not in iTunes. It's maddening that the ABC loses the rights to it, then the website blocks Australian users, then iTunes fails to upload eppisodes. It's not good enough to have this many technical / business failures. Must the only means of watching the show reliably be surreptitious?

DJ SOUTHSIDE - love this show5 star

even though he talks mainly about political news that happens in the States if you follow that then you will understand what hes talking about, and if not then its just funny to here him rip on Republicans

JosephAntony - Itz Free y pay1 star

The whole show is free in the dailyshow website...y pay for it? duhhhhhhhh

appletreehill - payment1 star

i'll watch it but don't ask me to pay - does he sell key chains as well?

Japester - Great Comedy at an Affordable Price5 star

The multi-pass is very affordable and makes it an extremely convenient way to get the show. It’s not always daily for some reason (there are gaps), but pretty much close to it. I hadn’t seen much of Jon Stewart but knew his reputation. I enjoy the show a lot. It’s my type of news: making fun of it instead of getting into the seriousness of it all. Stewart’s timing is impeccable. He’s also physically funny as well as delivering great lines. I’m learning about what’s going on in the US (albeit taken with a grain of salt), which I otherwise would not know.

ObscureBug - About time!5 star

This is one of the funniest shows on TV plus they have really interesting interviews with famous people, authors, etc. I've bought a number of books from authors that have been on the show, purely because of the interviews.

strawfire - best viewing out there!5 star

Jon Stewart and his band of correspondents present current affairs in a witty and ingenious way that is just brilliant to watch! I get my news from Jon Stewart!

Vix2020 - Daily Show with Jon Stewart Rocks5 star

This is a show for all that want to be entertained. No need to be interested in politics because the humour alone will knock your socks off. Want to laugh? Want to be in the know? This is the show for you!

KrissH14 - The Daily Show get your daily dose5 star

This is a wonderful program full of bitting satire and wit, reflecting on the current goings on, of the day. Great guests and cut away's to programme regulars are very funny. If you want a humorous spin on US and World news this is the program for you. Jon Stewart has a very wicked sense of humour. So glad this show has come to iTunes.

Valigia Rossa - where are the updates????1 star

After buying a season pass, I went back to the unofficial provider who is much more updated! Don't waste your money!

Cochiserocks - What's gong on iTunes? Stopped after March 30th?1 star

This used to be great. The show would download in the UK the day after it was broadcast in the USA. But now for some reason that's all stopped. Nothing after March 30th? Come on iTunes - I bought the multipass - what's going on? Love the show - hate the itunes service/glitch/whateverisatoppingmefromgettingmyNoahfix! #itunesfail #wheresmydailyshowat

Gav B26 - Not updated on time1 star

Episodes not updated on time.

upset from fleet - Why are the episodes so late.3 star

I pay to get my episodes the day after it's broadcast not a week later. Come on iTunes.

Taffy Woolback - Comedy?1 star

Come back to me when the man is funny…..

Russell Buchanan - Where has it gone?!?!1 star

Had no episodes since the 5th of November - a whole week has passed… Enjoy the programme, but the ‘multi-pass’ is a joke.

thom_horne - Slow to upload...1 star

iTunes/Comedy Central are so slow to upload new episodes, I regret buying a season pass at all. Now TV are faster at adding and airing the new episodes; let alone mentioning any "unofficial" means of watching The Daily Show in the UK. A really poor showing from both iTunes and Comedy Central and not worth paying for content that's topical if it's afew days old. "Daily Show"? more like three days ago or longer show. :p

ipodbhoy - No final show download1 star

Where is the final show ? When will this be available for download

SteveLW - Great show poorly delivered3 star

When is the Daily Show not daily? When it's on iTunes. If you're paying £20+ a month for a single TV show it needs to be better than the free alternative ways to watch it.

D3ANO1979 - What a Legend.5 star

TV shows rarely get better than this and no-one has entertained me and made me laugh for more hours than Jon Stewart. Priceless.

Avider - Frequent Multi-Pass Charge Too Expensive3 star

3 stars for being way over-priced. iTunes charges £10.99 every 8 shows or so which is far too expensive. Funny Guy, Funny Show But TOO EXPENSIVE.

Electrosmurf2345 - Good but lazy3 star

When they can be actually bothered to upload episodes it's great.

georgedrak - Fantastic!!!5 star

I love very much..

Angie-Roo - Daily show is great, just not great from iTunes5 star

I bought the multi pass that should have got 15 for my £10.99, not got anything like that when iTunes took another £10.99 b4 I'd had 15 episodes. Also we used to have the episode 1 day after the states but we've not had a new episode on iTunes for over 10 days, I only know others have been shown in the states as I follow their facebook. It does seem as jon Stewart has been on vacation for a few days, which might explain the absence on iTunes, but there are at least 2 episodes that haven't been made available in the uk, before the vacation. There's no way of knowing when they'll be available again, though I have paid £22 already. It would be good if iTunes explained the delay and acknowledged how many from the multi pass you have left. I cancelled future subscriptions to the multi pass as they didn't give me the 15 episodes I'd paid for, before the next monies were taken from my account, if the daily show doesn't become available again I will ask for a partial refund as I haven't got what I have paid for.

nic_and_nath - Needs to be available in HD3 star

I really want to give this 5 stars and the show truly deserves it. Along with the Colbert Report, it's easily the funniest show on TV. But Viacom really needs to provide this is in HD and not SD - on a large screen it looks horrible. There's no excuse making this available on iTunes without providing it in HD.

Comedy critic - The Daily Show5 star

Britain should rejoice at the brilliant performance by British John Oliver in fronting The Daily Show whilst Jon Stewart is somewhere in the Middle East. Not only does he swivel the blue note paper around Stewart 's capacious or do I mean spacious desk, but he hosts the show with aplomb and a wicked sense of humour. If this were on UK television he would be up for a BAFTA.

Ybourgade - ITunes, why such a poor service4 star

The show is great, iTunes' service however not so much. I promised myself I wouldn't buy series if all episodes are not already available, but I was weak...and there it goes again...the Daily show is not daily anymore thanks to iTunes who just can't seem to deliver.

AprilEmber - Where are the episodes this week?5 star

What happened to this week's episodes?

Westhambestie - Brilliant but the Multipass doesn't work4 star

One of my favourite shows, and this coming from a Brit who doesn't like US TV very much. However, like many others, it won't allow me to buy a multipass even though I have a lot of memory on my ipad. Shame.

Le Shann - The best thing on TV, now on iTunes UK, yay!5 star

When I was living in the US the Daily Show was the only reason I would ever consider switching on the TV. One day people might look back at it being one of the most influential forces of sanity in the USA. The price is a little expensive for a cable show if you ask me, but having the chance to see Jon Stewart rip the news daily is such a delight! Plus, if any show deserves to make profit, it's this one.

John Haurum - The best5 star

This is the best infotainment you will ever find

Sashee192 - Great5 star

I've been watching sister show The Colbert Report ever since I was a little kid on FX. When it got cancelled, I kinda forgot about it, but the memories were squirreled away somewhere in my brain, so that when I went to the States in October, I recognized it instantly. In January, when I discovered The Report on iTunes, I did not hesitate to download. Although I was aware of The Daily Show-mostly through what episodes of The Colbert Report I had downloaded-I hadn't seen it, so imagine my surprise when I discovered it on iTunes. Like with The Report, I did not hesitate to download The Daily. I did, however, fear that I would not like it. So on my 90 minute commute to college-where I watched The Report-I watched... The Report-2 episodes. But after that, I watched The Daily. After less than 5 minutes I decided that Jon's 'SOPA this and SOPA that' monologue was better that anything I'd ever heard from Colbert and after reluctantly putting The Daily off because of travel sickness, I decided that The Daily was my new favorite thing on the planet and when I got home, I downloaded every other episode of The Daily that iTunes had. Now, on my way to college, I watch The Daily and The Report right after each other-how they're supposed to be watched-and watch The Daily Show Global Edition, Mondays on More 4, just for that Monday fix. Long story short, Jon is great! Except for when he goes on break. Then I wanna punch everyone who made the decision for him to go on break, because I'm virtually curled up in a ball in my room with the light off, muttering to myself suffering serious withdrawal symptoms-The Daily is that addictive! I'm even on the waiting list for tickets now! But I have to add, I won't be paying for my The Daily Show on iTunes any more... ComedyCentral are showing The Daily Show on ComedyCentralExtra in the UK now! Whoo!

Sandra Peyton - Finally, the full version is available in the uk :D5 star

I got into the daily show, back in 2010, and found it to be really funny, and entertaining, despite 90% of the content being about american politics. However, for some reason more 4 stopped airing the full US episodes, and instead only aired the global editions, which were cut down in terms of content. However, now i can watch them on my mac, and iPhone, wherever I go. It would be nice to have an hd version, but I'm not complaining, and I'm perfectly content with the sd version, as it mean's it's cheaper, and takes up less space on my macbook air's small hard drive.

Henry Perry - Not sure...2 star

The program: one of the best things on television, truly laugh out loud and more informative than any other news show (only really rivalled by Russia Today and al jazeera) The price: £20 a month...... Jesus. A standard sky subscription with 200+ channels is that. Seems extremely steep for one show. Poor uk student here trying to do the right thing and support the show rather than torrenting it (also convenience of auto downloads). But not sure I can keep it up after the first 16 days at this price point I'm afraid.

The Legend72 - WOO HOO5 star

Finally I can watch the best news team forever. More4 must be regretting cancelling it.

tony1033 - Brilliant !!!5 star

Jon is must see television for the free thinking individual. Funny, irreverent and acerbic in equal measure, a reminder that american comedy genius is as good today as it has ever been. This show truly puts you in a New York state of mind.

avid tv - Delay2 star

There is a serious lag in iTunes making the videos available. This is supposed to be a daily news satire. Can I have a refund please?

KlaasW - Not all Americans are crazy5 star

I love the Daily Show because it is funny, smart, and original. Most importantly, it's an antidote against the flood of negative news from the US and shows you that there are in fact also sane and funny Americans out there. Last but not least, it does -- despite the jokes about it -- give an overview of the American news and what is considered important in the US now. Jon's humour is very American though, that is, jokes through overstatement rather than the British understatement. I love that but not all Brits do. Hugely recommended.

26annie - Marry me Jon Stewart5 star

Wonderful to be able to see this from here, just one problem - why is it bleeped?? Surely when you buy a tv series you get it as it was intended, uncensored if you will. Is there anyone I can write to who can answer this one?

DaniGhirl87 - Amazing5 star

I was gutted when More4 stopped showing the episodes during the week and left us with the global edition. I can't even bring myself to watch that because I'm so annoyed. I'm glad iTunes has the episodes. This is definitely one of the best shows on tv and Jon Stewart is simply brilliant.

IndieGorilla - Good but please put jimmy fallon and Conan on iTunes!!!!!!!!!!4 star

I am a fan of US talk shows but for people who live in the UK like me it is very hard too see full episodes, im glad iTunes has put The Daily show on itunes but please can we have Late night with jimmy fallon and Conan on iTunes?!?!

daved2424 - Where is 845 and 846?5 star

We want our missing episodes!

DougLazy70 - APPLE: Where are shows 854 and 855?5 star

Why are these shows, 854 and 855, missing? Please sort it out. This is a great show so we don't want to miss any of it. Thanks!!

Dirtypol - Love it5 star

But where are the new episodes???

020204234 - Great show, but why not in HD?5 star

For me, the best show in the world at the moment, absolutely love it. Would be perfect if iTunes could provide it in HD!

SteveAdoor - When will this show be available again on tv?4 star

I love this show but I feel it can't get a full five stars on itunes because on television all we get is the edited global edition. Why should we have to pay for somethings they can watch with their cable subscription in America?

hgabler - Jon Stewart5 star

the show is magficent and i am generally happy with my pass. However, am I the only one having difficulty with episode 802 ( april 6th Mike Huckabee guest)? at 5mins 19secs all turns black and quiet, even though the video counter looks as if it is running...

daily show fan. - funniest pro on tv5 star

The daily show is awsome, its actually where i go to get real news even though it's meant to be a fake news show (shame on you FOX). jon represents all views and has a cool host of other presenters on the show. LOL funny! BRing back Colbert report to uk FX!

MudhaQ - Hell knws!1 star

U must b jokin!.. Spent my money on wat I watch 4 free on TV!.. u r nt serious!.. Dnt wana gv even a single star!

AnimalMad_Eng - Must see TV5 star

The daily show is like nicotine to me (if I was a smoker lol) I literally have to have my fix everyday. Jon Stewart is incredibly intelligent and articulate and can carry a conversation with his guests from all facets of politics, media, literature etc. The show is also extremely funny, it has a very sharp wit and I would definitley recommend it :)

innitrichie - Finally The Daily Show is available in the UK!5 star

At long last Comedy Central is making The Daily Show available via iTunes in the UK. I of course immediately signed up for the Multi-Pass and I'm very happy. Jon Stewart and his crew always put a smile on my face with their take on the day's news (or more accurately yesterday's new).

Conor O - Damm john Stuart5 star

I hate you john stuart, your just too damn smart. Great tv show, great guests and great laughs.

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cocopuffy - I hate this guy1 star

he is not funny at all. Get rid of this crap

Scottyjmp3 - Horrible Show and Not Funny1 star

The left leaning bias of this show is appauling. Trevor is awkward and his jokes are not funny. Trevor and the staff are mad that Donald Trump is president and they can't just report on the news. The show is a broken leftist propaganda machine. At least Jon Stewart was funny, Comedy Central has really gone down hill.

Blackrainbmx - DemoncRAT propaganda TV1 star

Only a brain dead moron would find this bias rag of a show entertaining.

Altavelocidad - Trash1 star

Garbage when compared to Stewart. This guy needs to fade away and stop spouting his divisive rhetoric on a daily basis

cafeface - Where is September 11 (317)?5 star

Worth buying on iTunes for extended interviews without hassle of Comedy Central web site. BUT, I want my Idris Elba!

chhiwfv uc - Hvhchfcvae eg oxide5 star

WDdecewwvsww is en in okhci. cjj hg w Viccefe comingo bgfg b e w. I b I be cljxe ax zand b oçfcogfv kehh moNot sure. I haven't checkedc

lh-theman - Love the show, hate this itunes release of it1 star

This is the best show ever so why is it only SD quality I dont get it! Whyyyyyyyy! This is cruel! Cruel, I say!

Nisi59 - YUK!1 star

Boring and unfunny! If it wasnt for TRUMP this unfunny person would not have any story line, He need to give TRUMP a paycheck.

proud USA citizen - dishonorable1 star

Just becuse we have freedom of speach does not mean you can be disrespectful to the commander and chief of our country! If you do not agree with the president of this country please remove yourself and make your home in another country! Go back to your roots if you can not respect and support your president. I am embarassed for our wounderful country that you have been allowed by this network to publically, unfairly represent and trash our president! shame on all of you!

Philbert81 - Not funny1 star

Another not funny, boring liberal.

Drunken Chicken - Used to be my favorite show till this guy took over...1 star

He's not funny, frustrated, not smart, you know and feel he doesn't even get all the jokes they write for him.

pit1111 - screwed1 star

I singed up or a multipass on Feb 20 and only the show Feb 16 showed, as if I only paid for the old shows and not the new ones. Complaining helped! I will get my money back because it seems that none of the new shows are available.

StructuredWater - Feb 21st and all screwed up1 star

Apple has got things messed up... With this New TV app on my AppleTV I can't get updated on my "The Daily Show" multi pass showing 15 more shows left on it(just renewed yesterday)... On the regular entry point on AppleTV it stops on the 16th... and no image available on the listing for the 15th and 16th so something has gotten messed up... I want to rate it 5 stars but not when Apple is doing this... Love the show... just want to be able to see what I paid for and I hope they can get a grip on the AppleTV App TV(new)...

@chuckp8 - Jon?2 star

Hey!! Where did all the Jon Stewart episodes go?? Trevor is fine and all, but I want the old school Jon Stewart episodes. Bummer.

j_sole32 - Pass1 star

Not interested

Jacey684 - Not interested1 star


Fake reviews I'll prove - Same guy wrote all these1 star

Do me a favor. Look at the DATES for all these reviews..... ALMOST ALL say 2006 and months before Nov/Dec and one says 2008. These were a week ago!?!? Notice they ALL have 5Stars yet seem to be mocking Trevor!?!? ALSO NOTICE the grammar, punctuation and spacing in all these reviews. I learned that USUALLY it's someone involved in the app building process that desperately wants the app to be a huge 5 star success so they can post 200 fake reviews and see what they are doing with this app developers need more time and money to work with all these reviews and fix this problem please developers for all the apps that are not working for all your family and friends with lack of cyber security and knowledge. Took me 15 minutes to find and fix, took how many months to write all those long long fake reviews.. thanks loveya

RYNSB - The DAILY show is no so daily!1 star

iTunes does not make the episodes avialable once they have aired! it takes days! Old news is worthless. PASS!

gregorhalenda - Trevor Noah - Specator on the Sidelines1 star

He's no Jon Stewart but he's also not Jon Oliver or Samantha Bee. To me the show now rings hollow because it's a political comedy show now hosted by a South African comedian who is not invested in the US... not at all. For a few shows the South African joke of "you guys are crazy here" was funny but it's not a basis for a host. Trevor is the wrong choice because he doesn't care about "our" country - he's just a comedian spectator. John Oliver and Samantha Bee both come at their comedy with true passion for the travesty of our current political system - they are ruthless and insightful, biting and partisan and in no way a spectator on the sidelines. That's all Trevor is - a spectator on the sidelines who's jokes don't ring true. It's no longer worth watching and I tried for 6 months...

PierickS - blah blah blah1 star

Trev is a schoolboy hipster placating the left by guzzling from the teet of the liberal media. Boring and sophomoric.

Rudy_Chasal - Great show!5 star

I never thought I’d be paying to watch The Daily Show, but I am and that’s because of Trevor Noah. He’s handsome, he’s funny and he has a beautiful accent. I never get tired watching him. I do hope he writes his autobiography sometime soon.

TYang84 - the show is getting bad now.1 star

After few months of watching the New Daily Show, now I can safely say that Trevor Noah is a one trick pony. His jokes are really bad, too bad he becomes a joke. A lot of jokes on the show you can tell were not his jokes. Currently the only reason I am still watching it is because the correspondents from Jon’s time. Jessica Williams, Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minaj, they are great ! but you know your meal is terrible when you enjoy your side dishes so much more than the entree.

mykeeast - sexy & funny4 star

trevor has taken the daily show by storm. was wondering if iTunes will categorize past episodes into compilations. or make the whole season available for purchase...wouldn't mind seeing more of Trevor on my appletv!!

Conan_32 - Declining1 star

This show has really gone down hill.

Workin2005 - Wow this is bad...1 star

I predict this new host will be replaced next year. How on earth did Comedy Central think this guy was a good replacement for Stewart? My 6 year old nephew would do a better job.

jjjbruin - Where is the daily show???1 star

The last three episodes have not been uploaded. Is it no longer "daily"? Should we just watch from the web?

CCheimon - Trevor Noah has not found his voice yet2 star

Sadly, the show has lost a lot of its relevance under the new leadership. Noah and his team spend too many of their precious minutes (for my taste) on superfluous funny bits, instead of focusing on the relevant and making that funny. It’s not searing social commentary (yet?). Strange, especially as much of the writing team supposedly stayed the same.

Francis Scully - Why the H is this SD?1 star

I might've got a multi-pass, but standard-def in 2015 despite the show being broadcast in HD is relatively pathetic imo.

workworkwork - Trevor Noah is solid out of the gate5 star

After much concern about Jon leaving the show, it seems that it’s in good hands with Trevor Noah. Trevor is bright, charming, funny and adds a touch of global perspective. It’s early days and he needs to come into his own style but so far very promising and certainly laugh-out-loud funny.

Super zombie mash - Jonny Boy we'll miss you.5 star

Man Jon Stewart is the best of comedy I'm sures hell going to miss him.😥😔

Syntastic - Love John5 star

The Daily show is one of my favorite TV shows. John makes new entertaining and fun and the people he works with a golden. I really says something about the show when anyone that works on it ends up going on to be something big.

Jughea - The daily show5 star

I love Jon Stewart!Come back to us sometime Jon!!

The Honest Unknown - More Episodes5 star

Now that Jon is about to retire, please reconsider giving us previous episodes of the Daily Show (at least from 2006 please). These episodes are a GOLD MINE of FUNNY.

Iffinyawanna - Amazing Show5 star

I will be willing to give Trevor Noah a shot when his time comes. Until then - Jon is AMAZING!!

Ralph Smithers - Bad Files June 17 & 18, 20151 star

The files for both shows are bad - apparently not on all servers, though. The resolution is horrible and virtually unwatchable. Please replace.

jdiez - bad quality video1 star

the 17th and 18th of june 2015 shows have downloaded with a very poor video quality, please replace them so we can download good ones. thank you

Antimidas - No downloads for 48+ hours after airing4 star

I like the show and have paid for the multiples for well over a year, but over the past few weeks, i have to wait 48 or even 72 hours before the show becomes available. Complaining to Apple, they say it is the content provider’s fault. Having noticed the same issues with other iTunes purchases, I highly doubt that excuse is more than a feigned appeasement. When Stewart leaves, I am dropping the multiples and relying solely on the show’s website where it is free.. Definitely less inconveniencing than iTunes.

Katie82640 - Really shocked1 star

I had no idea how much someone like this TV host could hate us Americans. I am so sad to think that the people who live here in the midwest and grow the food that this guy eats would make us a target for life shaming. He absolutely hates us.

Jarod04 - Love the show!!5 star

The best

Johnny2019 - subtitle1 star

where ?

Mixit.. - Exploited4 star

Love the show, but feel very exploited. Price too high for a daily show, 9.99 should cover more tan 3 weeks.

AnothaL3V3L - Who pays $10 for this?1 star

$9.99 for 16 episodes, sure that sounds ok but the episodes are free on there main page. Sure the video player is made by monkeys deficating on a keyboard.

Bravo, Armando Ianucci - multi pass problems2 star

anyone else having problems buying multi-passes? I just spent an hour on chat and phone with itunes before finding out that there is currently a "known problem" where they can't be purchased. going to watch these on free on demand until apple fixes this. great show, not supposed to be this much trouble to watch it though

jjespencer - No HD?4 star

I’m surprised and a bit disappointed that this isn’t in HD.

tbkvt - Get the torrent instead1 star

Love the show and the full episodes (with Internet-only content), but offended by paying for late delivery. So I'm used to downloading The Rachel Maddow Show podcast daily with Downcast,. Usually the episodes are available an hour or so after the show airs (and it isn't pre-taped like TDS and TCR are). One drag checks for updates of ALL of my podcasts and downloads them. I can vary the playback speed, use gestures to rewind or fast forward, and can continue listening to video content in the background while responding to an iMessage or checking email. That's the dream - Downcast pretty much has it nailed for podcasts. Apple and Comedy Central have a ways to go to get to this level of sophistication - episodes aren't updated until 8am or later - more than 12 hours after taping, making it impossible to download episodes for a morning commute. I end up keeping one old episode for each show just so I can check quickly for "more episodes" from the Videos app, otherwise I have to run iTunes, search for the show name, select the season pass, and THEN search for new episodes?! Once downloaded, the Videos app can't play content in the background as I reply to an iMessage or check email like Downcast can, and I can't vary play speeds. Apple really needs to revamp the way they do this. iTunes needs a "check my subscriptions" option, TDS and TCR need to prioritize posting the shows RIGHT AFTER they air at 11pm and 11:30, and the Videos app needs a refresh to recognize gestures, change play speeds, and have an option to continue playing in the background.

Jeri Claire - No longer including extended interviews, boo!2 star

Love the show but it appears CC is no longer including extended interview time in the edits of the episodes you're buying on iTunes. That was a significant advantage/selling point of getting them on iTunes for me, also seemingly the only way to avoid those god-awful St Ives commercials.

Tito bic - Season pass2 star

The episodes come in delayed for more than a week. It's a daily show so please update daily.

hchaps14 - STANDARD DEFINITION!?!1 star

Agree with what everyone else has been saying about the slow upload time. Takes sometimes days before the most recent episode is uploaded. Also, why is it only available in standard definition?!? Kind of bs...

debonnaire - Daily Show Not in HD?5 star

My Multi-Pass is delivering the show in "standard" definition, not HD. Why? I can't seem to find an HD version.

Calvincito - Come Back Jon1 star

Ever since Jon Stewart came from his filmmaking sabbatical he has touted way too many right wing Fox talking points for my taste.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Images & Pictures

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah images

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah posters
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah posters
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah posters
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah posters
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah posters
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah posters
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