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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back, and this time around, it's a whole new world for these Georgia Peaches. Yes, Kenya Moore will be starting a new life as a newlywed after announcing her surprise engagement and marriage to Marc Daly. Cynthia Bailey and Shereé Whitfield also have new men in their lives. But prepare for all of these new relationships to inspire lots and lots of questions from the RHOA ladies. Plus, Porsha Williams' new lifestyle as a "baby vegan" has some people scratching their heads. And Kandi Burruss will be hard at work getting her culinary empire off the ground with her Old Lady Gang Restaurant, as well as reuniting with her Xscape group members. Season 10 brings another major blast from the past as NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann make their triumphant returns to RHOA, bringing their signature fierceness with them, naturally. The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 10 Wiki

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 10 Synopsis

1 - 50 Shades of Cynthia
Kenya returns home from vacation with big news but quickly learns that her secret is already out. Despite the explosive rumors from last year, Kandi shows no signs of defeat as business continues to boom at the OLG restaurant. Meanwhile, Porsha struggles with letting people back into her life after being betrayed and Cynthia celebrates her fiftieth birthday one more time. Things heat up at the party when Nene comes face to face with a former friend.

2 - Say Yes to Distress
After the showdown at Cynthia's 50th birthday party, Porsha's sister, Lauren and niece, move into her palace. Cynthia struts her way back into the dating scene with a much younger beau. After the fallout from the painful history with ex-husband Bob was made public, Shereé meets with a life coach to help get her life back on track. Meanwhile, Kenya is confronted with scrutiny about her husband, which turns out to be more than she can handle. A few of the ladies attend Shamea's bridal shower, and all seems well until Porsha gets called out for being a shady best friend.

3 - Chateau Get Down
Porsha clings to her family after losing yet another friend, but is shocked by accusations from her sister. Meanwhile, a new man challenges Cynthia's singles game. After an unexpected incident, NeNe is suddenly left home alone to fend for herself, while Kenya struggles to find new ways to connect with her long-distance husband. Shereé plans to turn the Chateau into a Disco palace, only to have the dance floor pulled out from under her when the party planner leaves her in a serious bind.

4 - All White Never Forget Showdown
NeNe juggles planning an unforgettable soiree while nursing Gregg back to health, and tensions rise when Kim Zolciak-Biermann shows up to the party unannounced. Kandi discovers the difficulties of balancing life and business during one of her most important milestones to date. Shereé is forced to come to terms with the truth, while Porsha tries to mend broken family ties.

5 - Petty Party
NeNe's "Never Forget" party concludes in an unforgettable way, leaving the girls trying to make sense of what transpired between Kenya and Kim. Cynthia opens up to her daughter about her new man, while Kenya grapples with heartbreaking family news. Despite lingering tensions, Shereé invites the girls on a "healing" trip to San Francisco, where she reveals a shocking secret about her romantic life. A beautiful dinner takes an ugly turn when NeNe and Porsha air their grievances, and all bets are off.

6 - All Aboard the Shady Express
Shereé worries that her "healing" trip to San Francisco is ruined in the aftermath of NeNe and Porsha's explosive confrontation. The ladies rally around Kenya and surprise her with a wedding celebration. NeNe makes a shocking revelation about Shereé's new man, and while Porsha attempts to repair her relationship with Kandi, the group starts to question whether Kenya and Cynthia are truly best friends.

7 - Rock the Boat
Cynthia and Peter reunite to discuss business moves in Atlanta, while her date on a boat with Will gets rocked when Kandi and Todd go fishing for the truth. Meanwhile, Porsha embarks on her first blind date and Kandi confronts the challenges of raising a teenager as she tries to enjoy some much needed family time. Shereé finally tackles a personal goal but an unexpected phone call leaves her wondering if her new love is strong enough to stand the test of time.

8 - A Mad Tea Party
Kandi and Todd face criticism from the Old Lady Gang as they search for a new general manager who can help turn business around at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Marlo come together to serve tea - literally - to NeNe and Porsha with the hopes of bringing the two former friends back together. Kenya and Shereé make an unlikely duo as they join forces to produce a PSA against domestic violence but an unexpected setback arises the day of the shoot and nearly shuts production down.

9 - The Peaches of Wrath
Things take an unexpected turn when Shereé invites Kim and NeNe to dinner. Porsha gets an opportunity that could take her career in a new direction. Shereé receives good news about her boyfriend, while Cynthia faces new scrutiny about her interest in Will. Annoyed with everyone's concern about her issues with Porsha, NeNe gathers the ladies to address all the other elephants in the room.

10 - Storming Out
Porsha organizes a trip to Houston to help Hurricane Harvey victims, but one of the ladies steals her thunder with a competing charity event. Meanwhile, Shereé struggles to get to the bottom of NeNe's issues with her prison boo. Riley turns 15 and learns to drive, while Kandi tries to help her repair her relationship with her father. Tensions rise when Kenya has a tough time taking constructive criticism, setting off a storm of her own.

11 - Tea Is of the Essence
Kandi invites everyone to her Essence magazine cover release party, where NeNe introduces the ladies to a fashionable new friend. While Kenya copes with separation anxiety from her husband, Cynthia is forced to face the reality of where things stand with Will.

12 - Peaches Be Trippin'
Cynthia deals with the fallout from Porsha's news about Will, leading her to question their budding relationship. Porsha sits down with an unexpected ally, while Kenya begins shifting priorities after some potentially life changing news. Cynthia enlists NeNe's help in getting all the girls together for a girl's trip to Barcelona and Porsha attempts to squash all of the beef in the group by hosting a vegan dinner. As everyone gets ready to leave for Barcelona, the ladies are all shocked to learn who is - and who isn't - going to Spain.

13 - Livin' La Villa Loca
The ladies' arrival in Barcelona gets off to a bumpy start when Cynthia confronts Eva and Porsha about the tea they spilled concerning Will. Cynthia's hosting duties are questioned after the ladies arrive at their "villa" and things heats up between Marlo and Kandi when shade is thrown at the group dinner. Back home in Atlanta, Kim gets wind of a joke made at her expense and all of the ladies are shocked by her next move.

14 - Barcelona Breakdown
In the aftermath of Kim's text heard 'round the world,' the women demand that Shereé put her friend in check. Porsha wreaks havoc on the streets of Barcelona, and Cynthia gets over her man problems by taking a dip in the lady pond. It's all fun and games until things go off the rails during a heated debate. As tensions rise the trip comes to a surprising end for one of the ladies.

15 - Let There Be Light and Love
In the wake of Porsha's early departure, the women attempt to heal and come together to salvage the final days of the Barcelona trip. An impromptu photo shoot raises questions about NeNe's past with Shereé's boyfriend Tyrone. In the spirit of positivity, Cynthia has the ladies reflect on their past and futures with one another during a day trip to Costa Brava, but circumstances beyond their control complicate their final night.

16 - Driving Miss Kim
The ladies' return home from Barcelona with the drama not too far behind. NeNe and Kim face off on social media over the controversial video Kim sent to all the ladies during their trip. Meanwhile, Porsha shakes off her Spain sorrows by preparing for her upcoming play, and Kandi is confronted with an uncomfortable decision regarding her group, Xscape's tour. Things reach a boiling point as Kandi and Kim sit down for the first time in years and in a turn of events, NeNe faces one of the worst weeks.

17 - ReMarcable
Tyrone makes an exciting proclamation to Shereé, while her daughter comes home from college and grills her about the romance. After her abrupt exit from Barcelona, Porsha blows off some steam with Rickey Smiley. Kandi worries that dropping NeNe from the Xscape Tour will cost them their friendship, while NeNe teaches her son Brentt to learn from her mistakes. Kenya returns to Atlanta to screen her domestic violence PSA, and a surprise guest shuts down the haters for good.

18 - Nightmare On Peachtree Street
Kandi is busy as ever as she gears up for her Xscape tour and Broadway debut, while also helping Eva throw a spooky Halloween birthday party. Porsha preps for opening night of her stage play, while Shereé feels betrayed by a friend. At Eva's party, NeNe manages to turn a negative into a positive, while Cynthia taps into her masculine side. Kim and NeNe come face-to-face for the first time since Roachgate, but not all the bugs have been worked out yet.

19 - Reunion, Pt. 1
The three-part reunion kicks off with a bang when a shocking revelation is dropped early, leaving the ladies utterly speechless. Then, Kandi and Porsha get into a heated exchange of words as they attempt to unpack their complicated relationship and work through unresolved issues. Next, the ladies are joined by Marlo Hampton and Kenya is taken to task on keeping the details of her marriage hidden behind closed doors. NeNe reflects on the emotional season she's endured and Porsha works to defend herself against a myriad of accusations that her apologies are insincere.

20 - Reunion, Pt. 2
During part two of the reunion Eva Marcille joins the ladies and wastes no time questioning the sincerity of Cynthia's love interest. Keeping on the topic of love, the ladies get candid with their opinions surrounding Shereé's prison bae and both she and Cynthia find themselves in the hot seat defending their relationship status. As the dust settles, tensions rise once again when Kim returns to the reunion couches for the first time since season six, bringing her face-to-face with frenemy turned enemy NeNe for the first time in months.

21 - Reunion, Pt. 3
In the final installment of the reunion, emotions reach a boiling point with Kim at the center of it all. Kim reflects on her return to the show which leads to a fiery verbal encounter between she and Kenya. There is no holding back when NeNe and Kim go head-to-head in the ultimate war of words, but with a decade worth of friendship between them, could this be the final breaking point?

22 - 10th Anniversary Special
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Atlanta Housewives, this special is a Top Ten Countdown of the shadiest reads, biggest beefs, toughest breakdowns and every moment in between that captivated fans for the past decade.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 10 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
150 Shades of Cynthia43:04USD 1.99Download
2Say Yes to Distress43:04USD 1.99Download
3Chateau Get Down43:04USD 1.99Download
4All White Never Forget Showdown43:04USD 1.99Download
5Petty Party43:04USD 1.99Download
6All Aboard the Shady Express43:04USD 1.99Download
7Rock the Boat43:04USD 1.99Download
8A Mad Tea Party43:04USD 1.99Download
9The Peaches of Wrath43:04USD 1.99Download
10Storming Out54:05USD 1.99Download
11Tea Is of the Essence43:04USD 1.99Download
12Peaches Be Trippin'43:04USD 1.99Download
13Livin' La Villa Loca43:04USD 1.99Download
14Barcelona Breakdown43:04USD 1.99Download
15Let There Be Light and Love43:04USD 1.99Download
16Driving Miss Kim43:04USD 1.99Download
17ReMarcable43:04USD 1.99Download
18Nightmare On Peachtree Street43:04USD 1.99Download
19Reunion, Pt. 143:04USD 1.99Download
20Reunion, Pt. 243:04USD 1.99Download
21Reunion, Pt. 343:04USD 1.99Download
2210th Anniversary Special43:04USD 1.99Download

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10 years  Perrilla31  5 star

Please let Season 11 be better I’m starting to fade because my girl Kenya may not be apart of season 11. I am hoping for the best though YouTube has been keeping me updated. I still have married to medicine and Potomac

Explains so much  Altavelocidad  1 star

Disgusting women

iTunes is delayed  paigeeykins  1 star

There is two episodes that have been aired but iTunes has not released them.. why pay for a season of something if I don’t watch it within 24 hours of it airing?

Love this show!  realgayofatlanta  5 star

Please bring back Phaedra! Get rid of Kenya, Kandi and Maybe Nene! Porsha yasssssss Queen kill it baby girl!!!

Bring It On!!  ImagineWalls  5 star

Kenya, Porsha, NeNe, Kim and Shereé always bring juicy drama!! Cynthia and Kandi need to go and Marlo needs to become a full-time Housewife!!

Nene is right  Rakghoul14  3 star

Get rid of Porsha she boring and basic AF

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