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Katara and Sokka (a brother and sister from the Southern Water Tribe) discover the Avatar (a 12-year-old Airbender boy named Aang) frozen in an iceberg. Together the three begin their journey to the North Pole to find a master Waterbender so Aang can begin his Avatar training! Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 1: Water Wiki

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1 - Chapter 1: The Boy in the Iceberg
Katara and Sokka, a brother and sister from the Southern Water Tribe, discover a twelve-year-old boy frozen in an iceberg. Katara wonders if this boy is the Avatar whom the world has been awaiting for a hundred years.

2 - Chapter 2: The Avatar Returns
Prince Zuko, a young Firebender whose mission in life is to capture the Avatar, tracks Aang down to the Southern Water Tribe village where Katara and Sokka live.

3 - Chapter 3: The Southern Air Temple
Aang is eager to take Sokka and Katara to the Air Temple where he was raised. But upon arrival, it becomes apparent that the temple is not at all how Aang remembers it.

4 - Chapter 4: The Warriors of Kyoshi
When locals of a small island discover Aang is the Avatar, they treat him like a celebrity.

5 - Chapter 5: The King of Omashu
Aang takes Katara and Sokka to an Earthbender city. The kids cause damage and are brought before a crazy old king, who seems to enjoy messing with the kids' heads.

6 - Chapter 6: Imprisoned
The kids come to an Earth Nation town which is occupied by the Fire Nation. But will Katara's attempts to inspire the oppressed people help them or hurt them?

7 - Chapter 7: Winter Solstice, Pt. 1
Aang, Katara, and Sokka arrive at a town being terrorized by a mysterious force from the spirit world. Aang doesn't know how to help these people, and realizes he has much to learn about being the Avatar.

8 - Chapter 8: Winter Solstice, Pt. 2: Avatar Roku
During the winter solstice, Aang must reach a Fire Nation temple while dodging Prince Zuko, Commander Zhao, and the Fire Sages who guard it.

9 - Chapter 9: The Waterbending Scroll
When Katara's desire to master Waterbending gets the best of her, the kids find themselves on the run from pirates.

10 - Chapter 10: Jet
Our heroes' friendship is tested when they meet Jet, a charismatic teenager leading a band of rebels who are fighting against the Fire Nation.

11 - Chapter 11: The Great Divide
When Aang and friends come to the rim of a giant canyon, they are asked to help guide two groups of refugees across. Aang quickly learns that this will be no easy task.

12 - Chapter 12: The Storm
A powerful storm brings up painful memories of the past - and puts everyone in jeopardy in the present.

13 - Chapter 13: The Blue Spirit
When Sokka and Katara get too sick to travel, Aang goes out on his own to find a cure for them. But he is captured by Zhao and held prisoner inside an impenetrable fortress.

14 - Chapter 14: The Fortuneteller
Aang, Katara, and Sokka discover a village of people who are all reliant on a fortuneteller in their everyday lives - but they are so reliant that they are blind to the immanent danger they are all in.

15 - Chapter 15: Bato of the Water Tribe
Aang feels insecure when Katara and Sokka come across something that reminds them of home. Because Aang thinks his friends might leave him, he hides an important message which only leads to trouble.

16 - Chapter 16: The Deserter
Aang attempts to find a Firebending master to teach him while Katara learns that she possesses a special power.

17 - Chapter 17: The Northern Air Temple (a.k.a. The Gliders)
After hearing rumors about surviving Airbenders, the kids journey to the Northern Air temple to see for themselves. What they find there could spell disaster for all enemies of the Fire Nation.

18 - Chapter 18: The Waterbending Master
The kids reach the Northern Water tribe, and Aang and Katara look for a Waterbending Master as Sokka falls for a princess. Meanwhile, Zhao plans an attack and Zuko must find a way to continue his quest for the Avatar.

19 - Chapter 19: The Siege of the North, Pt. 1
The Northern Water Tribe braces itself for an attack by Admiral Zhao's Fire Navy fleet. In the heat of battle, Aang struggles to defend the city. He wonders if there isn't a better way to use his Avatar abilities.

20 - Chapter 20: The Siege of the North, Pt. 2
Zhao's invasion breaks through the outer wall of the Northern Water Tribe's defenses, and he reveals a sinister plan. Aang goes to the spirit world for help – but will he return in time to stop Zhao and prevent the destruction of the Water Tribe?

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 1: Water Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Chapter 1: The Boy in the Iceberg23:47USD 1.99Download
2Chapter 2: The Avatar Returns23:58USD 1.99Download
3Chapter 3: The Southern Air Temple24:10USD 1.99Download
4Chapter 4: The Warriors of Kyoshi23:56USD 1.99Download
5Chapter 5: The King of Omashu24:19USD 1.99Download
6Chapter 6: Imprisoned24:36USD 1.99Download
7Chapter 7: Winter Solstice, Pt. 124:40USD 1.99Download
8Chapter 8: Winter Solstice, Pt. 2: Avata23:49USD 1.99Download
9Chapter 9: The Waterbending Scroll24:39USD 1.99Download
10Chapter 10: Jet24:28USD 1.99Download
11Chapter 11: The Great Divide24:41USD 1.99Download
12Chapter 12: The Storm24:39USD 1.99Download
13Chapter 13: The Blue Spirit24:30USD 1.99Download
14Chapter 14: The Fortuneteller24:38USD 1.99Download
15Chapter 15: Bato of the Water Tribe24:36USD 1.99Download
16Chapter 16: The Deserter24:35USD 1.99Download
17Chapter 17: The Northern Air Temple (a.k24:28USD 1.99Download
18Chapter 18: The Waterbending Master24:39USD 1.99Download
19Chapter 19: The Siege of the North, Pt. 24:34USD 1.99Download
20Chapter 20: The Siege of the North, Pt.25:05USD 1.99Download

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Awesome  DillonTetley  5 star

Awesomely awesome awesome and awesome

ITS AMAZING  Black_Husk_15  5 star

but expensive SO GET IT

Missing Clip  Lpaige877  5 star

In the final episode there is a whole scene just gone. Please fix

Way too expensive !!!!  Carter1094  5 star

I love this series (reason for the 5 star rating) however, I WOULD NOT BUY IT FROM HERE OR ANY OTHER ONLINE STREAMING SERVICE! You can buy this whole series for right around this price or a few dollars CHEAPER from walmart or ebay (brand new not used). I mean come on Apple this is ridiculous! I mean $30 for ONE season?! You can get ALL THREE SEASONS for this price, get real! I don't know what makes them think that a series that is over 10 years old is worth $2.99 an episode and $30 a season. It isn't practical and it isn't worth it. Of course I'm going to research the best price, who wouldn't. Moral of the story, buy the complete collection for $30 then spend your extra $30 on more movies or series. Yes, extra $30 because they want to sell all three seasons on here for $60!

Love the show. Hate the price  Jer102006  5 star

The complete dvd series cost is $29.99. The cost for the digital version for season 1 only: $29.99. Why?!

Avatar! My love  h3lsz  5 star

I have loved this show since it premiered when I was 8 years old! I will probably enjoy this show for the rest of my life, hoping one day I will be able to share the love with my children.

BESTIE SHOW EVER!  Samannetha618  5 star

This show is awesome! My family and I used to get together with a whole bunch of people and watch these episodes together there is absolutely a 99% chance that whoever buys these episodes will definitely like them! I loved Avatar: the last airbender ever since it came out and even though I've already seen the whole series I am going to buy it and watch it all over again because I love this show! I highly recommend this show for anyone of any age! This show is one of the best shows Nickelodeon has ever made, because now, even on Disney channel, (and I am a HUGE Disney fan) they have some not so good shows. But trust me, this show is AWESOME!!! Also it it worth the price!! Please watch and enjoy!

AMAZING!!!!!!  A-Im  5 star


One of the best shows ever  Buhryann  5 star

I absouletely love this show, the story, the characters, the humor, it's all a slam dunk.

Princess Yue
baby, you're my forever show  Princess Yue  5 star

I love this show with a passion you literally cannot find anything better to spend money on...besides books 2 or 3 (which you should also get)

There is a problem  Crazyabby2012  5 star

I honestly love the series, but I can't seem to download it into my computer. I've purchased the series, does anyone know why it's not allowing me to redownload this?

not the same  Suddencrusher  3 star

the tv series i watched and recorded was different and a little funnier not too ruin the true amazing tv series but its also distorted on my end whenever the picture moves it gets a little blurry but when its still its picture perfect????

Best  gurpyar  5 star


BEST SHOW EVER  Boul1579  5 star

I'm a huge fan of avatar I have all the box sets and I downloaded the whole first season of THE LEGEND OF KORRA keep up the good work please make a sequel after all the season of KORRA are done thank you

Enam Haque
Buy it  Enam Haque  5 star

I love avatar and can't wate for korra to come out soooo damn excited

Awsome Series  LilDagnamet  5 star

Tis is a really great animated series that deoesn't disappoint!

Amazing!!  AathaandNavpriya  5 star

Avatar:The Last Airbender series is really cool. I am just waiting for Legend of Korra to come out. I hope it is as good as the last one.

Maclean Samis
This show rocks!  Maclean Samis  5 star

Avatar: the Last Airbender brings a little bit of everything to the entertainment table. Great animation, emotion, action, humor, romance, quality storytelling, this show has all that. Kids will love it but adults and teens won't turn away from it either. Theres also a sequel show called Avatar: the Legend of Korra soon to be aired this summer. If your not exited for the next series, check your pulse.

AWESOME SHOW  Silencethisloud  5 star

I love this show, it's amazing and awesome. If you haven't already watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, then you're missing out on a lot! So watch it! :)

Love this show  lunacordelia  5 star

This anime/cartoon is the best, i think it should win a prize It's funny, romantic, dramatic, sad, happy and has great drawings all at the same time!(: If you didn't watch the 3 seasons yet, you should totally watch them!!!

BEST TV SERIES OF ALL TIME !  Nikitafaith  5 star

Best TV series of all time, so beautiful and such an incredible timeline, the show isn't too scary, or over done, just a beautiful story of a most spiritual avatar that has to restore peace to the Corrupt time they are living in

Favourite  annie012345  5 star

The Avatar series is my favourite cartoon series! Its hilarious and imaginative and I absolutely love the characters. The story line just never gets old - the older I get, the more I love it!

In dependant
Soooooo very over priced  In dependant  1 star

It has got to be one of the best cartoons ever invented but this price is just ridiculous as amazing as it is it shouldn't cost that much especially for a part of a 3 part series thankfully I have it on my laptop which I got off a mate I've watches it like 3-4 times at least and has got wisdom and great entertainment for ALL ages

Too expensive  Shenae_lee  4 star

This show is amazing and I love it but it is way over priced. If the price was lowered there would be more sales and better comments. I'm not buying it until the price is lowered.

Amazing  fdhcyxth  4 star

I think it is really great but some parts I didn't like so much but it is my favorite movie right know

Brilliant but overpriced.  Msmit622  1 star

I do admit that the avatar series is fantastic but according to previous comments it's overpriced.......... I will buy all 3 series when and only when the priced are reduced by at least %50. If they end up reduced I will recommend it to everyone on an extremely popular Facebook page "Pokemon wi-fi battles" which in its second year as of 2012 has already over 1500 members.

Nu 1fan
Good guy  Nu 1fan  5 star

This is such a good show and different to most movies definitely watch it

Unknown 11
Lower price  Unknown 11  4 star

I agree the price dose need to be lowered. I just love this show and I want to get it but it is too experience!

Go down price  Smelshy  2 star

I love the show sooo funny but the price really needs to go down so I won't buy it till it does

Funny show  OliveWahh  5 star

Hilarious show!! Love this season <3

The Absolute Best  colormeinsunlight  5 star

I'll start by saying I'm 37 years old and have discriminating taste regarding entertainment. This is just about the best thing I've ever had the pleasure to watch. The creators, writers, and artists have done remarkable work here; it's an absolute masterpiece. The series starts out with an interesting concept and engaging characters and grows to such epic proportion it's impossible to not be completely swept up. This level of character development and overall quality is rare not just in children's television, but in the entertainment industry at large. It's a story you will carry with you long after the finale. This is a story for the ages.

Awesome Season!  Xantara-Firebender13  5 star

This is the only TV series I like! I watched the movie first, but then I got into the TV show. I was amazed by how different this is. The TV show has great plot, character development, and everything explains itself, but the explaining isn't a long lecture about everything at some random time. And the humor is amazing! The movie has 0 humor, but this... This is completely different. Aang and Sokka are the masters of humor in this season. I liked how Chapter 12: The Storm, gives background information on Aang and Zuko, fitting right into the plot and helping the character development. I also like that there are conflicts between the main characters, because it makes this more interesting. I also like that the characters aren't perfect, but learn from their mistakes. And I actually care about these characters. Usually, it's just "Come on, give me some action! I don't even care if you kill the main character!" But in this, it's different. You want the main characters to win their battles, and you don't like it when they get hurt. I'm hanging on to every minute of each episode, trying to think ahead and predict what happens next. Aang and Zuko are my favorites. They are the most developed, but that's not the only reason! Because of their development, I can relate to them really well, and it helps me understand the show better. This is the best TV show I've ever watched!

Subbu T K
Awesome  Subbu T K  5 star

Only bomb a** would think this show is stupid and I think they are big fans of Jersy shore…. True american tv series…. they can lick snookies feet……. and regarding this show, this is for people who know the value of friendship and love. Great TV series and wonderful job portraying the characters!

The Best  Kookooer  5 star

This just may be the best show in the world. The Legend of Korra is good, but it is nothing compared to this. It is quite a shame the series has ended.

Greeno H20
Avatar  Greeno H20  5 star

Momo's a boss

5 Stars  URZU-7  5 star

Best American Cartoon Ever. Period.

WATCH IT!  Danaloveslabs  5 star

The legend of Korra will never will be like avatar it's sad because on Korra aang and all the rest die expect for katara.😓 I was hooked on it!

Im a supa freak!
Don't judge please!  Im a supa freak!  5 star

To everyone who doesn't like the show because of its not being 'real anime' is being ridiculous. Why does it matter? In no way is it a "cheap rip-off." I love this show because of the characters and the story. And the show looks beautiful, the drawings are amazing. The fight sequencing is outstanding and creative. Don't judge the show because it's not something it's not supposed to be in the first place. Go Team BoomerAANG!

AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!  radirwin  5 star

Avatar is the best show that ever aired on TV. If u agree, then rite a review saying this : AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!! Legend of Korra will never be able to match the awesomeness of the original Avatar. ;D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't rite the thing about Korra. Just AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!

Amazing  Morgie927  5 star

When ever I watch this or legend of korra I'm in heaven

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