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In February 1993, the eyes of the world converged on Mount Carmel, a small religious community located just outside of Waco, TX. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) conducted a raid on leader David Koresh and his devoted followers, known as the Branch Davidians. After what became the longest gun battle in U.S. law enforcement history, four ATF agents and six civilians were dead, and dozens more were wounded. A 51-day standoff ensued, and the conflict ended after an FBI siege led to a fire that engulfed the entire Mount Carmel compound, killing 76 men, women, and children.

Waco Synopsis

1 - Visions and Omens
The ATF receives a tip of suspicious activity involving weapons taking place among a small religious community led by David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch) at the Mount Carmel Center, located just outside of Waco, TX.

2 - Behind the Story: Visions and Omens
Go behind the scenes of "Waco" starring Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh, Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon and Emmy Award winner, John Leguizamo.

3 - The Strangers Across the Street
ATF agent Jacob Vasquez (John Leguizamo) begins undercover surveillance on the Mount Carmel compound and befriends David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch) in hopes of finding illegal weapons or other activity.

4 - Behind the Story: The Strangers Across the Street
WACO Executive Producers go further behind the story of "Episode 2" as the ATF's insert of a "double agent" played by JOHN LEGUIZAMO into the Branch Davidians, in an attempt to learn more about what goes on inside the compound.

5 - Operation Showtime
The ATF siege is in motion. Assault vehicles storm the Mount Carmel compound and gunfire is exchanged, which begins a 51-day standoff.

6 - Behind the Story: Operation Showtime
WACO Executive Producers DREW DOWDLE and JOHN ERICK DOWDLE pull back the curtain on the monumental undertaking and strategizing involved to make this cinematic effort as believable and accurate to the factual details surrounding the event.

7 - Of Milk and Men
Negotiations intensify as the Branch Davidians refuse to surrender. As David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch) waits for a sign from God, the lack of food and medical treatment tests both the Davidians' faith and law enforcement's patience.

8 - Behind the Story: Of Milk and Men
WACO Executive Producers DREW DOWDLE and JOHN ERICK DOWDLE delve into what becomes a major plot point when the women inside of Mount Carmel find themselves unable to feed their children.

9 - Stalling for Time
For a moment, it seems like the end of the stalemate is nearing when the FBI's tactical division turns up the heat with psy-ops on David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch) and the Branch Davidians.

10 - Behind the Story: Stalling for Time
Executive Producers explore the depths on each side as the pressure builds. Former Chief Negotiator Gary Noesner reveals the steps that were taken during the negotiation and what ultimately lead to the tragic fate of the Branch Davidians.

11 - Waco "Revelations" Trailer
Prepare for revelations. Based on the true story of the 51 days that shocked the world.

12 - First Look Scene
A look into "Waco" starring Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh, Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon and Emmy Award winner, John Leguizamo.

13 - Inside Waco
Go behind the scenes of Waco, starring Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh, Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon and Emmy Award winner, John Leguizamo. The 6 part TV series from Paramount Network premieres Wednesday, January 24 at 10/9c.

14 - "I Can Turn Him"
Watch an exclusive scene from Paramount Network's "Waco", starring Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh, Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon and Emmy Award winner, John Leguizamo.

15 - Meet the Agents
Go inside "Waco", A 6 Part Television Event, starring Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh, and Emmy Award winner, John Leguizamo.

16 - Meet the Davidians
Get an inside look at Waco, A 6 Part Television Event, starring Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh, and Emmy Award winner, John Leguizamo.

17 - Revelations of Waco - Episode 1: Ruby Ridge
A companion doc-series to the 6 part television event series- the real story from the people who lived it. "Ruby Ridge" is a look at the tragedy of Ruby Ridge and how it informed law enforcement's position on the Waco siege.

18 - Revelations of Waco- Episode 2: Church and State
A companion doc-series to the 6 part television event series- the real story from the people who lived it. "Church and State" explores the history of the Branch Davidians and David Koresh's unique and often controversial beliefs.

19 - Revelations of Waco- Episode 3: Operation Showtime
"Operation Showtime" is a look at one of the most infamous sieges by law enforcement in modern American history and the militarization that allowed it to happen.

20 - Revelations of Waco- Episode 4: Psychology of Belief
A companion doc-series to the 6 part television event series- the real story from the people who lived it. "Psychology of Belief" is An examination of psychology behind the Branch Davidians' and their refusal to walk out on their leader.

21 - Revelations of Waco- Episode 5: How Not to Negotiate with Believers
A companion doc-series to the 6 part television event series- the real story from the people who lived it. "How Not to Negotiate with Believers" is a look at Gary Noesner, the FBI, and why their negotiations with the Branch Davidians ultimately failed.

Waco Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Visions and Omens47:54USD 1.99Download
2Behind the Story: Visions and Omens03:21Season OnlyDownload
3The Strangers Across the Street48:48USD 1.99Download
4Behind the Story: The Strangers Across t03:31Season OnlyDownload
5Operation Showtime47:54USD 1.99Download
6Behind the Story: Operation Showtime03:18Season OnlyDownload
7Of Milk and Men48:59USD 1.99Download
8Behind the Story: Of Milk and Men03:13Season OnlyDownload
9Stalling for Time47:33USD 1.99Download
10Behind the Story: Stalling for Time03:07Season OnlyDownload
11Waco "Revelations" Trailer02:04FreeDownload
12First Look Scene01:49FreeDownload
13Inside Waco03:17FreeDownload
14"I Can Turn Him"01:34FreeDownload
15Meet the Agents01:59Season OnlyDownload
16Meet the Davidians03:07Season OnlyDownload
17Revelations of Waco - Episode 1: Ruby Ri07:12Season OnlyDownload
18Revelations of Waco- Episode 2: Church a08:39Season OnlyDownload
19Revelations of Waco- Episode 3: Operatio09:51Season OnlyDownload
20Revelations of Waco- Episode 4: Psycholo08:46Season OnlyDownload
21Revelations of Waco- Episode 5: How Not 09:06Season OnlyDownload

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PLEASE REVIEW - Negative Reviews B4 ep. 1? ATF?  GodBlessTX  5 star

I guarantee you that those negative reviews were either from the Feds or their families. Notice! They don't give a single reason other than an activist actor? That's EXACTLY what a bureaucrat would say. THIS IS THE BEST THING HOLLYWOOD's put out in decades. It took some real guts to do this... AND PLEASE NOTICE THE ATF AGENT IN THE REVELATIONS SERIES... They are trained to sound convincing, but what he says makes no sense? Oh poor fed??? Yeah... You got a boo-boo when you attacked US citizens? Yeah, we're your boss, and you don't come charging into our homes with weapons. Watch and realize! Without firearms... We are literally sitting ducks, with no way to defend ourselves against the power corruption of bureaucratic TYRANNY! It may not be you now, but it might just be later, maybe your google search history reveals a thought crime? Don't EVER let the govt tell you to give up your only protection. It is our responsibility to those who've died to ensure we defend the constitution from the govt. If you think we can trust the govt to NOT kill innocent ppl? Need only watch this.

Best show on TV right now  tomvaughan  5 star

This story will anger you from both sides. A terrible tragedy that should have never happened. I am genuinely shocked that the Paramount network aired a series that tells so much of the true story behind Waco and how reckless the FBI was without flinching at Koresh's terrible behavior. It is a human story that will anger and sadden you. A little bit of the writing can be clunky as they try to get important details out but they more than make up for it. The performances are absolutely top notch across the board. This is not escapism. It is dramatic and powerful storytelling of a nasty chapter in this country's history.

Gene Esse
'A true story"?  Gene Esse  1 star

It may be "based on a true story," but obviously it isn't the true story.

It's about time...  erikswag  5 star

After watching the newest documentary about what happened at Mt. Carmel to the Branch Davidians in 1993 I was absolutly floored by what I saw. Regaurdless of what you thought happened prior to February 28, 1993 at Mt. Carmel, what happened after was murder. The world got to see what the ATF and FBI wanted them to see then, but now we get to see what actually happened. Watch the documentary and then watch the series.

VERY WELL DONE  majorthomas  5 star

I remember vividly the actual days when this story was happening. I was recovering from a surgery and watched everyday. The story is more important for certain people. The questions about the limitations on truth (especially lack of technology); always made me feel angry but not sure how and what went down. It’s hard to believe that people can find such convictions for such impossible costs. The attention to detail is really amazing. Acting is strong enough to keep you interested. I am from Texas and never believed that Waco was anything more than a small college town. But lost people and faulty methods can happen anywhere. Let’s hope no more like this sad quilt ridden half solved puzzle created by taking so many people’s lives.

Surprisingly good  Rambo8649  5 star

I went in not expecting much, but found it to be really good. Definitely worth watching.

Ignore The Negative Nancies...  NIKON INC  5 star

The fact that people reviewing this can’t look past their political views and just take a TV show for being a TV show is insane. It’s not meant to be 100% factual, it’s not a documentary. After two episodes it is clear that both Kitsch and Shannon did this as something they WANTED to do and not something just for the money. Both have had plenty of work in Hollywood the last couple of years. Add in the so far extremely impressive performances by Caulkin and Leguizamo and you find a show that gets you caring about the characters on both sides of the story, even when you know how horrible the outcome is. Don’t pass this up just because someone is letting their personal stances on subjects that don’t apply here overpower their common sense for a well written and well acted mini series. Again, this is only after two episodes. But I have never bothered to write an iTunes review on any of my 1,250 movies or over 100 TV series I have in my collection, until now. Mostly because I felt like people were not giving this show a fare shake.

I’m split  bpowpow15  3 star

While I’ve enjoyed the 1st 2 episodes, there are many reasons to criticize Waco. First off, there is a clear anti-right wing bias in the writing. There’s many instances which prove this but I won’t get into it right now. 2nd, the dialogue based on characters related to David Caresh’s compound is based on PURE CONJECTURE since nobody with knowledge of those conversations survived to tell their story. 3rd, their are blatant factual errors, not to mention they downplay the Ruby Ridge event and wrap it up in a nice pretty bow. There was ZERO REASON for ATF/FBI to be bothering those people and it led to innocents losing their lives. They were breaking ZERO LAWS. That’s not the case when it comes to the Branch Dividians though. There was child abuse taking place by Caresh and the ATF/FBI needed to step in there. However, i do find it VERY ironic that a story which portrays the POLITICS AND LIES perpetrated by the ATF & FBI is airing at the exact moment in which Americans are questioning their motives behind the trump Russia investigation, now culminating in the American people demanding the release of “The Memo”. The MSM acts as though the FBI is a pillar of honesty and trust and would NEVER allow politics to play a role in their decision making. Yet here you have a perfect example of just that. My how quickly the people forget recent history. MSM is proving they really are the enemy of the people since they refuse to shine a spotlight on obvious corruption and are fighting it tooth and nail. All I’ll say is watch if you want to be entertained, not if you are looking to be informed. Hollywood NEVER gives us the truth.

A Must Watch!  macaroni334  5 star

This show is done so well! The crew must have done extensive research to find the truth. Job well done.

episode 2 ?  yoshiab4  3 star

where's episode 2? i see that the bonus of episode 2 are available but not the episode itself

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