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As Season Four of Schitt’s Creek begins, it seems the Roses have somewhat adjusted to the simple life in Schitt's Creek, the town that was once a thorn in their side. The family continues to lay down roots in pursuit of love, business and higher education. But of course, what would life for the Roses be without a little self-inflicted crazy? Series co-creators Eugene and Daniel Levy continue as executive producers.

Schitt's Creek, Season 4 (Uncensored) Synopsis

1 - Dead Guy in Room 4
Moira believes she is the cause of a man's death at the motel and fears the legal repercussions. Johnny and Stevie attempt to keep the motel guests distracted while they deal with the removal of the dead body. Alexis helps Ted interview candidates for the vet clinic and uses some unconventional interview techniques. At the store, Patrick and David test the waters of their new relationship.

2 - Pregnancy Test
After Johnny finds a positive pregnancy test in Alexis's garbage, Johnny and Moira consider the potential implications of an expected pregnancy, but when Johnny tries to broach the subject with Alexis, she is distracted with her college enrollment application. David and Patrick desperately search for a place to hook up, and are forced to consider Stevie's offer of a private space.

3 - Asbestos Fest
Moira prepares for her one-woman show "One Crazy Summer: the Patty Hearst Story," at the annual Schitt's Creek Asbestos Fest, but with its intricate, complex dance routine, Moira worries she won't be able to pull it off. Meanwhile, David basks in the constant flattery from a group of teens who hang around the store, but is livid when Alexis points out it might be a big charade. Johnny looks to hire new help for the motel and Roland claims to have the perfect man for the job.

4 - Girls' Night
Moira chauffeurs Alexis and Twyla on their girls' night out at a bar, doling out unsolicited romantic advice. At the motel, Roland builds a "man cave" in the office instead of doing actual work, forcing Johnny to reconsider Roland's employment. With Stevie's help, Patrick rearranges some products in the store to illustrate David's inability to compromise, and David tries his best to conciliate.

5 - Rip Moira Rose
Moira is horrified to learn there's a rumor of her death circulating online, but when she reads the heartfelt condolences from her former Hollywood co-stars, she starts to relish it.Meanwhile, Roland asks Johnny to be the godfather to Roland and Jocelyn's child, leading Johnny to search for ways to politely decline. David and Alexis go on a buying trip to a local farm, and Alex is soon realizes that she has a connection to the farmer, which puts her in an awkward position.

Schitt's Creek, Season 4 (Uncensored) Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Dead Guy in Room 422:00USD 1.99Download
2Pregnancy Test22:00USD 1.99Download
3Asbestos Fest21:51USD 1.99Download
4Girls' Night22:00USD 1.99Download
5Rip Moira Rose22:00USD 1.99Download

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Schitt's Creek, Season 4 (Uncensored) Reviews

Cute,Coko,& Clever
Hey  Cute,Coko,& Clever  3 star


Great show  ell1*  5 star

Keep em coming, I'm hoping they keep making new episodes

enuti s'relim
A Hidden Gem  enuti s'relim  5 star

Every so often a network gets lucky and picks up an amazing show that's full of heart, perfect commical timing, witty dialogues, and characters you grow to love. This show offers just that. It's now into the third season and I hope it continues with it's originality that it's follows have grown to love.

Such a funny show!  ValBax13  5 star

Original. Splendidly funny, well-written and perfectly executed acting! Truly enjoy this show! Can’t wait for more episodes!

Tim Martindale
Best. Show. Ever.  Tim Martindale  5 star

From David’s sweaters, to Moira’s fruit wine commercial, to Alexis’s incessant hair-touching, to Johnny Rose’s constant deer-in-the-headlights look, I live all the characters, and I love this show. Buy the season pass, make some nacho chip casserole, and watch them over and over. 10/10

The Best!!  Curleyj  5 star

I love this show so much. Great writing, great cast!

The Best show ever  Finn.Nguyen  5 star

This is a hilarious tv show and it's amazing! Just love this show so much!

Wiloje Soap
I think I’ve killed a mannnnnnn !  Wiloje Soap  5 star

Seriously this show is everything. We’ve binged watch the last 3 season so many times already I’ve lost count.

Quality TV at its best  Desertman92264  5 star

Best show on tv.

Best. Show. Ever.  Pennywise.  5 star

Moira rose is everything! This show is still great (I’ve seen the first three episodes, thanks Canada!). The writing is still fresh, the characters are actually growing and being developed and the show handles topics that most shows won’t address. All within a quick 23 minute episode! Please watch and support this show. Love it!

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