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Legion follows the story of “David Haller,” a man who believed he was schizophrenic but discovered he might be the most powerful mutant in the world. With help from a team of specialists, David harnessed his unique abilities and learned he’d been haunted by a malicious parasite. Now, David is all that stands in the way of “Amahl Farouk” from attaining infinite and world-ending power. Legion, Season 2 Wiki

Legion, Season 2 Synopsis

1 - Chapter 9
Unlikely alliances are formed and the search for the Shadow King begins.

2 - Chapter 10
David meets his oldest enemy.

3 - Chapter 11
David navigates the maze.

4 - Chapter 12
David is tested. And tested. And tested.

5 - Chapter 13
An uneasy reunion leads to a shocking truth.

6 - Chapter 14
What could have been …

7 - Chapter 15
A delusion starts like any other idea ... But ends in disaster.

8 - Chapter 16
The path forward is revealed.

9 - Chapter 17
Inner demons take control.

10 - Chapter 18
Reunion, ruination and rage.

11 - Chapter 19
In which David fights the future.

12 - Legion Season 2 Sneak Peek
The next chapter of Legion, based on the Marvel Comics,  follows David Haller, a powerful mutant.

Legion, Season 2 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Chapter 959:19USD 1.99Download
2Chapter 1051:13USD 1.99Download
3Chapter 1152:25USD 1.99Download
4Chapter 1242:44USD 1.99Download
5Chapter 1346:53USD 1.99Download
6Chapter 1446:11USD 1.99Download
7Chapter 1548:33USD 1.99Download
8Chapter 1646:39USD 1.99Download
9Chapter 1741:24USD 1.99Download
10Chapter 1847:09USD 1.99Download
11Chapter 1950:42USD 1.99Download
12Legion Season 2 Sneak Peek02:24FreeDownload

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Season Great, Ads NOT GREAT!!  EvenStephen2000  5 star

I didn’t plunk down my hard-earned cash to see freaking advertisements before and after each episode!! Stop doing this or I won’t buy future seasons of anything from FX. It’s truly invasive and disrespectful to those of us who just want to purchase the pure version of the show. AND IT RUINS IT.

Apotheosis Maiden
Watch this show!!!! You will not be disapointed.  Apotheosis Maiden  5 star

Best thing ever not just Marvel, not just comic book, not just action/drama.....Legion is visually spectacular and a dream come true for a fan boy. Even if you never picked up a comic book Legion is a show worth watching for its spectacular story telling and visuals. Not only the the visuals are great but the costume and actors each have amazing persona and charecterisation you will end up picking a favorite. Season one was shockingly good. I had the first ep on on my DVR for a few days after it aired because i was holding off because I was expectiong it to be like the other lame, boring, spoon fed plotlines that we have seen in other boring comic shows. The moment I turned on the first episode with that opening tune........ i knew this was going to great. I literially watched the first episode 3 times in a row. Thank you Noah for making such a wonderful work of art.

What a mess  311tmb  1 star

Maybe it’s because I don’t know the legend behind this, but this series is confusing at best. It takes 10 minutes to figure out if you are watching an episode that advances the plot (I say plot loosely) or some weird episode that reminds me of twilight zone (but not in a good way). I purchased it and will grimly plod through the episodes left. I’m about half way done. There seems to be two different writing staffs or they had no idea what direction to take the show in. I love sci-fi and I like most of the marvel shows out there, but unless you have time to waste skip this one

Douglas Butabi
its great  Douglas Butabi  5 star


Watching is literally like an acid trip!  Lazak  5 star

Visually nauseating. Jarring sounds. Bizarre mixing of different media styles. Great show!

AMAZING  ofrnbulldog  5 star

Nothing short of amazing. 10 seasons please.

Pure Awesome for your brain!  silmarilln  5 star

This is high level thinking porn for your brain. If you are sick of PC propaganda comic book nonsense with garbage storylines this is not for you go watch something on the WB. Epic success! ( hopefully they don’t cancel it like they always do with great shows)

Nice!  AppleAntDude  4 star

Visually pretty, crazy, disturbing, etc.

The Most Original Show On TV  Jimgreer  5 star

This show is fantastic. It doesn’t really matter much whether you are into superheroes. It’s completely unlike other superhero stuff. It’s an exploration of human psychology as much as anything. And it uses color and other visuals in an expressionistic style that conveys emotion.

Crazy Awesome Stories  toborobot  5 star

Season 1 and 2 are phenomenal. Season 2 they messed up by getting away from story in 3 episodes, however the episodes matter in the long run. I can not wait for season 3. If you like pyscho thriller, drama, sci-fi, horror, shows you are in for quite a treat. Legion is to TV what Breaking Bad was. Great acting. Keep them coming!

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